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Spain: A Giant UFO at Tarifa (1989)










Spain: A Giant UFO at Tarifa

GEIFO (Spanish UFO Phenomena Research Group)

Case No. 010

Case Name:

UFO sighting at Tarifa, 01 August 1989, 22:45 hours

Description of the Events:

Shortly before August 1, 1989, a Navy noncom watchman received a phone call at his family home in the town of Tarifa, Cadiz. He happened to be on duty that evening.

The noncom, who was having a peaceful family dinner at the time, answered the phone, not knowing that he was about to become the protagonist of a story that would scar him for life.

The voice on the other end of the line was a member of the Guardia Civil (Spanish state police) advising him that some children had reported lights at sea, not far from shore.

Fearful that the lights could be signals from a ship in jeopardy, they advised him of the event so that he could look into the origin of these lights, being the Navy's representative in such matter.

The protagonist hung up the phone and left his hose, following the Castillo de Santa Catalina highway, being the highest elevation on the Tarifa coastline from which observations could be made.

His vehicle was rising toward the castle when he reached a plateau halfway up and stopped dead, amazed at the sight his eyes were showing him. He was unable to properly explain the sensations coursing through his body, coming face to face with something completely different from what he expected.

An enormous disk, some 200 meters in diameter, was cruising down the coastline from the direction of the city of Cadiz, and at high speed. While the size may be an overestimation, it had the shape of a bi-convex lens, made no sound whatsoever, and gave the impression of 'floating as if gravity were of no consequence'.

The giant UFO was lit like a huge, white phosphorescent lamp; looking at it did not hurt the eyes.

It appeared to be solid, with well-defined edges, without any visible doors or windows, or any noticeable structures or markings. Nothing but the immense, beautiful lens swaying slightly, following the shoreline to the isle of Tarifa.

The object came to rest directly over the isle, as if questioning which direction it should follow. The witness thought it would head for Alborán, crossing the straits, but this was not so. The disc renewed its journey, crossing the sea in a straight line toward the African coast, near the city of Ceuta.

At renewed high speed, the UFO followed the shoreline in a direction contrary to the original, making for Cape Espartel, and then southward, toward the Canary Islands, losing itself from sight. The astonished witness took several minutes to recover from the shock.

The military man returned home, thinking about how to best inform his superiors of the situation. A report detailing the event could cause him trouble, as the higher-ups might call into question his mental stability and his aptitude for performing the job.

The next morning, the noncom visited the Guardia Civil headquarters, and without mentioning his own sighting, asked the officers if they had heard anything more about the lights reported by the children.

 Points to Consider

  •  Sighting was made by a career military man.


 Unidentified Flying Object

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