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Spain: UFO Sighting at Sea (1981)







GEIFO (Spanish UFO Phenomena Research Group)
Case No. 007
Case Name:

Sighting at Sea, Huelva (March 25, 1981, 19:00 hours)

Description of Events:
According to statements made by Eugenio Burgo Gómez, master of the fishing vessel "MOGUER-5", based out of Punta Umbría, Huelva (Spain), his vessel and six other fishing boats were returning home on March 25, 1981 around 19:00 hours. It was at that time they became aware of a greyish object, measuring approximately 50 meters at the base and as many in height (rough estimate). The object was static, rotating around its own axis. It had a double row of yellow lights.

Its proximity to the water caused it to become agitated, following the rotation of the object in question.
The sighting lasted some 20 minutes, after which the UFO rose vertically and at high speed into the heavens, vanishing from sight. The object's distance from shore was some 500 meters, approximately. The fishing vessel's bearing was 000 at a speed of five knots, one mile from the mouth of the harbor.
Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Large number of eyewitnesses
  • Object had a metallic apperance
  • Object was of considerable size
  • Proximity to the harbor
  • Proximity to the witnesses
  • Grazing the sea's surface

A conical object of considerable size, with a double row of yellow lights, hovering at low altitude, almost brushing the surface of the water, rising into the air at high speed.
References and Sources:

  • Case investigated by GEIFO
  • Diario de Cadiz (newspaper)