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Argentina: UFOs and Transmission Towers (2005)












Argentina: UFOs and Transmission Towers 

By Raul Oscar Chaves - CiufosLaPampa

 The person in charge of a farm located in the jurisdiction of Perú, Province of La Pampa, found himself witnessing the path of a low-flying luminous object that shifted colors constantly: from red to green and passing through an intermediate orange phase.

 It should be noted that the farm is crossed by a 132 KV high-voltage power line that links the towns of General Acha and Guatraché.

 The time was 19:30 hours and Alberto S. (the witness) noticed that intense sparks and electrical arcing was taking place over the high-voltage lines in question. Filled with fear, he decided to return to the farm’s residential area, where he discussed the event with other employees.

On the next day, he returned to the place where the sighting took place and found that a maintenance crew from the Administracion Provincial de Energia (Provincial Energy Administration – APE) was already on-site. The repairmen were searching for a failure detected by the control station and were trying to ascertain the precise location and cause of the interruption in the power supply. Having located it, they proceeded with the needed repairs.

 The repairmen found that one of the connecting elements joining two lines had melted and shrunk lengthwise, leaving behind only a small 7 centimeter chunk. These connectors, known as “puentes” (bridges) are metallic and are normally 1 meter long and 25mm thick.

 While no evidence regarding the cause of the power failure was found at first, they found a circle measuring approximately 5 meters in diameter burned into the grass. They also found that the soil presented a high degree of hardness and compactness.

 After being told of the farmhand’s experience the night before, the technicians concluded that a collision must have occurred between the electromagnetic field of the high-voltage line (132 Kv) and the energy field of the unidentified flying object.

 The transmission tower in question has an approximate height of 15 meters and features three spacers distanced from each other by 2 meters, two on the one side and the third on its own on the opposite end.

 Translation © 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).