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Chile: Another Flying Disk Seen Over Santiago (1948)


Source: Las Ultimas Noticias (Chile)
Date: January 31, 1948

Another Flying Disk Seen Over Santiago

Strange phenomenon described as "a body of extraordinary brilliance"

Shortly after 9:30 last night, Mr. Orlando Vergara visited us to say that at that hour, he and his friends Manuel Meneses and Edgardo Manríquez had just witness the transit of a flying disk while talking on the corner of Brasil and Andes streets.
Mr. Vergara explained that what they saw was a body of extraordinary brilliance, circular in shape, crossing the sky at breathtaking speed from east to west, or rather, from the Cordillera to the sea.
What impressed them most was that the strange object left a dotted wake in its path, which later dissolved in space. They assured us that [the object] did not bear the slightest resemblance to an aerolith, as it size was much greater, as was its brightness.

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