Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Spain: The Algeciras Humanoids (1980)


Spain: The Algeciras Humanoids
On February 12, 1980, Rafael Tobajas, a resident of Algeciras, went off to visit friends with his wife. From the balcony of that house, Tobajas is able to see strange lights moving swiftly in the darkness at 9:30 pm. Returning home, he sees bright lights dancing around in a nearby garbage dump. Tobajas and his wife notice that two of the beams form part of a dark grey mass of uncertain outlines. Mrs. Tobajas sees a figure standing in excess of three meters tall leaving the object, filling her with fear. Rafael sees not one but two such entities, clad in 'khaki-green pressure suits and walking in slow motion'. The oversized humanoid figures appear to jump over scrub vegetation and their limbs are clearly visible. Fearing harm at the hands of these entities, the witnesses beat a hasty retreat.
(Cr: Ovnis en Andalucía by Manuel Ramírez, art by F. Gómez)