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Spain: "We'd Never Seen a UFO Before; Our Hair is Still Standing On End"


Source: Periódico Mediterráneo (Castellón, Spain)

Date: September 9, 2022

Article by F. Aznar

 Spain: "We'd Never Seen a UFO Before; Our Hair is Still Standing On End"

 Juan Pedro and Toni recorded strange images at the port of Grau de Castelló: "It looked like a space alien movie. We saw a light in a cloud and it vanished shortly after."

 Juan Pedro and Toni are neither UFO buffs nor paranormal enthusiasts. They are two fishermen from Grau de Castelló who were startled yesterday morning by "a light that appeared in a cloud barely 500 meters from our position before turning off. Our hair is still standing on end," they told this newspaper when evaluating this peculiar encounter.

 The two fishermen are unable to explain what they saw. To them, it is clear that it was a UFO, which remains an unidentified flying object, submitting photos to Mediterráneo's newsroom for this purpose: "We would like to have someone tell us what this could have been, because it was clearly not an airplane, a drone or a reflection. Surely someone else in Castelló has seen it."

 Juan Pedro, recalling that the phenomenon took place around six o'clock in the morning yesterday, is still shaken by the image. "We have fished all our lives in Grau de Castelló and never saw anything like it before. I recorded it to find an answer, because at the time we felt that we were in a space alien movie."

 The daring photographer says that "the only cloud in the sky at the moment was the one covering the mysterious light," adding that "if it was an aircraft, it was noiseless. At first I thought it was a shooting star, but it did not movie until it vanished."

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