Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Argentina: More on the UFO in the Road

The following is just in from Luis Eduardo CarreƱo

"The news item in question was published today by INFOBAE.COM reprinting what was published by the El Liberal newspaper from Santiago del Estero.

"It should be made clear that the ANDESMAR bus line has not issued at this time any communiqu, nor was one issued by the Cordoba or San Luis police authorities. It is not possible to conduct any further investigations because the information does not specifiy the exact place that the sighting occurred. In spite of this, I sent a message to the ANDESMAR bus line, headquartered in the city of Mendoza, asking if the crew of the bus in question had filed a report. As soon as this information is obtained I will pass it along.

"The only information available at the time is the account furnished by Miryan Coronel, a passenger aboard the vehicle, who was heading toward the town of Loreto in Santiago del Estero, planning to spend New Years Eve with her relatives. If anyone has any additional information, it would be interesting to have it made known in order to have more specific data on this sighting."

Inexplicata will continue to report any follow-up to this alleged UFO landing in Argentina.

Scott Corrales


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