Saturday, July 04, 2009

Argentina: Nogoyá, 2002

From the July 3, 2009 posting, it seems that cattle mutilation activity has returned to Nogoyá in Argentina’s province of La Pampa.

On June 26, 2002, two cases were reported in this very same area and made known in the city of Paraná’s “El Diario” newspaper. The authorities were no more certain then about what was going on:

“Two new cases of bovine mutilation became known at this time in the Department of Nogoyá. One of the animals was found in Laurencena, and another in the Urquiza Sector.

“Pablo Seeling, a veterinarian for the Police Department’s Cattle Theft Unit, indicated his astonishment at the find. He recalled that the Laurencena case involved “a bull missing its testicles, and its tongue had been removed in a very special way. These are very special characteristics, given the fact that it is necessary to have a specific scalpel or something similar to make a cut as clean as the one that appeared on that animal. I do not wish to believe in extraterrestrials or anything, but I wonder how such a perfect incision could be made. I made an cut of my own with my scalpel right next to the existing one, and it was completely different.”

“Regardless, the expert believed that tne animal must have been dead for at least five days, yet its flesh “looked like what one sees in a butcher shop. This certainly caught our attention.”