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Cuba: A Pre-Historic Giant?







Cuba: A Prehistoric Giant?
By Orestes Girbau

"[The illustration] is a copy of the near-statuesque phenomenon that once existed in the Manuel Lomba cattle pasture in Guane, Province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. The height differences between the stone formation and the human figures surrounding it can be easily compared. Were there giants in Cuba once upon a time? Manifestations of extraneous Pre-Columbian art? There are more questions than answers and mystery seems to prevail.

Source: Etching and information appearing in the Cuban newspaper "Diario de la Marina" (Navy News) in the early 20th century.

Acknowledgements: Mr.Edilio E. Sanchez, former president of the board that promoted and transacted an epigraphic society in Cuba.

[Translation (c) 2023 INEXPLICATA with thanks to Orestes Girbau]

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Argentina: UFO Caught on Video Over the Santa Elena District







Source:La Capital - Mar del Plata (website)
Date: March 15, 2023

Argentina: UFO Caught on Video Over the Santa Elena District

Did a UFO turn up in the middle of a storm? A woman from the Santa Elena district of the locality of Mar Chiquita recorded a video showing a strange light that appeared in the sky and moved in an odd manner.
According to what the woman told LA CAPITAL, the object "changed colors all the time - it went from red to green and hovered in the air before making a sudden drop," she said.


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Argentina: Farmer Claims Having Seen UFO and Occupants (2003)












Source: Diario El Tribuno (Salta, Argentina)
Date: January 11, 2003\

Argentina: Farmer Claims Having Seen UFO and Occupants
***In Cachi, on the Tin Tin road***
***He traveled with 7 other people on a bus.
***All of them witnessed the strange and fantastic event

"It was incredible. We could see an object with impressive lights,  side by side, spinning in a circle at high speed. Then other lights appeared which came and went over the same spot. It made our jaws drop," were the first words uttered by Julio Espinoza, a farmer and shepherd from La Poma.

It all happened on the Tin Tin road on December 16, 2003 at  midnight, some 120 km west of Salta, the gateway to Cachi which crosses the Los Cardones National Park.

This location was not only the site of a new UFO sighing. This time,  according to the eyewtiness, the phenomenon was accompanied by the strange manifestation of humanoid creatures walking stealthily amid the scant vegetation of the Puna.
They Were on the Road to Puna
Eight people traveling in a bus were among the witnesses to the phenomenon, among them a 5 year-old girl. But the main witness to the events, Julio Rafael Espinosa, 39, told his experience to El Tribuno only last Friday.
That Tuesday, the passengers on the bus were Benito Salva and his father, Ricardo, four other men, Espinosa and his young daughter Tamara, age 5. At the entrance to the Tin Tin road, some 400 meters to the right in the direction of Cerro Negro, Benito Salva, the vehicle's driver, said: "Hey guys, look over there" before parking the bus, while the travelers looked through the window toward the indicated spot. Espinosa says that he managed to climb on top of the bus, but curiosity got the better of him and led him jump off and walk toward the luminous phenomenon.

A Stunning Tale

 "Upon reaching a bramble, in spite of the darkness, the landscape was very well-defined. I couldn't go on any further; i was moving away from the road and I was getting scared when my eyes started to see something that couldn't be made out clearly at a distance."
"There was a device measuring some 100 meters wide resting over some kind of struts or legs which kept it some 10-12 meters off the ground. Some sort of hoses emerged from its middle, with lights on their tips. Suddenly, the lights on the object went out and these strange beings appeared. They walked slowly in single file, they were thin and their glow was so powerful they blinded me. At that moment I hid behind a bramble and I could see when one of them jumped onto a bramble--don't know how he did it--and began to pull pieces off it, as though taking specimens."
Some twenty minutes had gone by. It was then that Espinosa decided to return to the truck to report what was going on. "When I told them what I'd seen, they told me that they couldn't see the creatures because they were very far away. However, they saw the luminous phenomenon, which was visible from the roadside," he concluded.

[Translation (c) 2004, 2023 INEXPLICATA with thanks to Gloria Coluchi]


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Spain: A UFO on the Algeciras to Ronda Highway (1958)








From Andalucía Misteriosa (Mysterious Andalusia)
By Angel Carretero Olmedo - GEIFO

YEAR 1958


Reference 19580000 between Algeciras and Ronda.

Driving in the early hours of the morning, the witness was accompanied in his vehicle by his wife, his father and a friend with the goal of spending a few hours hunting. In the vicinity of Cuevas del Becerro, they began to see a light that they believed at first was that of a patrol car.

As they approached the light, they realized that it was a strange object resting in the middle of the highway, covering it from end to end.

It was a circular artifact resembling an inverted soup bowl, fiery red in color, with a dome on top, lighting up everything around it. It measured approximately 7 meters in diameter by some 2 meters in height.

The driver stopped his car some 200 meters from the aforementioned object, waiting for the road to become empty again.

After a while, seeing that the UFO had no intentions of budging, the driver decided to approach slowly. At that point, the object began rising steadily into the air, eventually reaching an approximate altitude of 1000 meters. It flew over the car and landed again, this time some 200 meters behind the witnesses.

This behavior stimulated the curiosity of those aboard the vehicle. The driver turned around in the road and made an effort to approach the mysterious object once more. In this instance, the artifact rose silently into the air again, but unlike its previous behavior, it made a quick zig-zag and vanished at high speed.

Remarks: No investigation was conducted at the time, and therefore, rendering an objective opinion on the event is somewhat difficult.

[Reconstruction of the object and car done by GEIFO]

[Translation (c) 2023 INEXPLICATA]

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Bolivia: Curiosity and Amazement over UFOs in Eastern Region (2005)







Source: La Patria

Date: October 14, 2005


* Channel 39 Managed to Capture Images of Five Unidentified Objects

Five unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were seen last Wednesday night over Eastern Oruro, causing curiosity and amazement in thousands of witnesses who managed to directly see those unknown images, which were also captured by Channel 39 of the Corporación Orurena de Comunicación (COC).

The flying objects appeared in the sky at 22:30 hours. They were two strange objects located in the eastern region that drew people's attention due to their red, green and blue lights, sequentially, and they also appeared and vanished in the firmament.

The most notorious one was a silvery, circular UFO that presented two circumferences -- a smaller one located inside the object and another outside the circumference, spinning at an impressive speed.

The spectacle drew the attention of local residents. Channel 39 staff managed to record the UFOs presence as citizens phoned the television station to describe what the could see from their respective areas.

Abel Flores Mujica, one of the witnesses, manifested his surprise at having seen the unidentified object in space.

"I refer to it as an artifact, since I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My daughter went outside and I told her: "That's a UFO. She replied that it it wasn't a UFO, that it was the planet Mars that was delayed in covering space (sic). But that object had lights and it wasn't a star. Last night's event startled me and then my daughter said: "Look, it's not the only one, there are others there", and it was evident," he said.

Channel 39 journalist and show host, Pedro Rubin de Celis, said that Wednesday night's sighting confirms the theory that we are not alone in the Universe. "This has been a marvelous presence of UFOs in the firmament, and many people stepped out onto their balconies to observe this spectacle. The camera zoom has shown us, beyond the vehicle's flashes, a circle making concentric movements within other circles around the vessel and with a black dot at the center. The objects also had their own movement," he explained.

Translation (C) 2005, 2023 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO.

Argentina: UFOs Over La Pampa (2005)












SOURCE: CIUFOS-LaPampa and Planeta UFO

DATE: 09.07.05


 The time was approximately 18:00 hours on October 16, 2004 and Gustavo Jose Montiel and his family was heading to Santa Rosa along Circunvalación Sur avenue from east to west. Upon merging with Ameghino Av, from north to south, he observed toward his left, some 45 degrees over the horizon and at an unspecified altitude and height, a "Flying Object"

 Faced with this circumstance, he alerted his wife and told her the object was not an airplane. The witness is linked to the aeronautical world through his activities involving electronics and radars. He stopped the vehicle and upon getting out, he looked on in amazement as "two devices, clearly visible, dark in color, shaped like inverted soup plates, were suspended in the air, venting long streams of vapor or white smoke from their lower surfaces."

 He immediately contacted the local airport control tower with his cellphone to ask whether "they had any aircraft in that sector". Tower personnel replied they did not, and that they could "not check that sector due to a lack of radar coverage." Finally, the witness remained along with other people, observing the phenomenon for several minutes, watching how the "long streams went up and down from those aerial vehicles."

 At a given moment, one of the UFOs "cut the stream and initiated an escape toward the east and over the city at a prodigious speed, vanishing in a matter of seconds."

 The remaining object "remained static for a few seconds then began moving in a southwesterly heading, vanishing in an equally sudden manner."

 Translation (c) 2005, 2023 S. Corrales, IHU. Special Thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, Ciufoslapampa.


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Argentina: UFOs and Transmission Towers (2005)












Argentina: UFOs and Transmission Towers 

By Raul Oscar Chaves - CiufosLaPampa

 The person in charge of a farm located in the jurisdiction of Perú, Province of La Pampa, found himself witnessing the path of a low-flying luminous object that shifted colors constantly: from red to green and passing through an intermediate orange phase.

 It should be noted that the farm is crossed by a 132 KV high-voltage power line that links the towns of General Acha and Guatraché.

 The time was 19:30 hours and Alberto S. (the witness) noticed that intense sparks and electrical arcing was taking place over the high-voltage lines in question. Filled with fear, he decided to return to the farm’s residential area, where he discussed the event with other employees.

On the next day, he returned to the place where the sighting took place and found that a maintenance crew from the Administracion Provincial de Energia (Provincial Energy Administration – APE) was already on-site. The repairmen were searching for a failure detected by the control station and were trying to ascertain the precise location and cause of the interruption in the power supply. Having located it, they proceeded with the needed repairs.

 The repairmen found that one of the connecting elements joining two lines had melted and shrunk lengthwise, leaving behind only a small 7 centimeter chunk. These connectors, known as “puentes” (bridges) are metallic and are normally 1 meter long and 25mm thick.

 While no evidence regarding the cause of the power failure was found at first, they found a circle measuring approximately 5 meters in diameter burned into the grass. They also found that the soil presented a high degree of hardness and compactness.

 After being told of the farmhand’s experience the night before, the technicians concluded that a collision must have occurred between the electromagnetic field of the high-voltage line (132 Kv) and the energy field of the unidentified flying object.

 The transmission tower in question has an approximate height of 15 meters and features three spacers distanced from each other by 2 meters, two on the one side and the third on its own on the opposite end.

 Translation © 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).


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Spain: Mysterious Circular Object and Humanoid in 1935











Source: Angel Carretero Olmedo, Andalucía Misteriosa)

Date: 2013

Spain: Mysterious Circular Object and Humanoid in 1935

Year 1935.

Reference Number 19350405 Aznalcazar (Seville).


At around 19:30 hours on April 5, 1935, Mr. Manuel Mora Ramos, a farmer, was working at the “Haza-Ancha” farm at the municipal limits of Aznalcazar (Seville), when he witnessed the descent of a large, shining, round object descending at a distance  of some 450 meters

The object was barely above the surface, and some strange beings appeared to mill around it.

The eyewitness thought that he was seeing something “supernatural” –a vision that God had rewarded him with, and was the main subject of all his conversation until his death.

Case investigated by Manuel Osuna (1971)

Available documentation: El Fenómeno Aterrizaje, La Punta del Iceberg y Catalogo General del Fenómeno Ovni – Europa.

Remarks: In the book “La Punta del Iceberg” (The Tip of the Iceberg by J.J. Benítez) it says verbatim: “…his children (old friends of ours) remarked that the day after the event, the press reported that a new star had appeared. One supposes this was an ‘estrella nova’ phenomenon that the Sabadell Astronomy Association confirmed to us, thus marking the sighting by the witness. Reported by Manuel Osuna…”

The witness was a deeply religious man who took the event a reward bestowed upon him by God.

The story did not become known to researchers until 1971, and then through other parties.

The reference to Vicente Juan Ballester Olmos (transcribed from “El Fenómeno Aterrizaje”) there is a remark that states thus: “Unfortunately a more specific description of the humanoids is not given.”

Gabriel Wuldenaar Ortiz (General Catalogue of the UFO Phenomenon-Europe) dates the event one month later, on the 5th of May.

To our understanding, this case is more of a religious phenomenon than a ufological one.

[Translation (c) 2023 INEXPLICATA]