Monday, December 28, 2020

Mexico: Anomalies in the Sky over Todo Santos, Baja California


Source: and PLANETA UFO \ Date: December 26, 2020

 Mexico: Anomalies in the Sky over Todo Santos, Baja California

 UFO and paranormal researcher Gilberto Ortega Avilés gives us some impressive images taken in the magical town of Todo Santos, which was seemingly visited by unknown being flying aboard unidentified flying objects.

 In this instance, Gilberto tells us that he managed to speak with a resident of Todo Santos, who reached out to him in order to show him some photos he had taken. At first glance, there was nothing there. However, once the files were in the computer, he saw something startling.

 "Invisible UFOs" is the name given to objects not perceived by the human eye, yet substantiated by radar, photos or videos. They are imperceptible to the human eye, perhaps by means of special camouflage or through the use of another visual frequency.

 At 4 pm on December 26 2020, Adolfo Sánchez Reséndiz, our friend a UFO hunter, took photos of the lovely horizon of Todo Santos [where such objects] were substantiated later, after looking at the photographs.

 Another important UFO case involved the discovery of a crystal near a UFO sighting location. Upon analysis, the discoverer realized that the crystal disclosed the presence of invisible UFOs on the horizon.

 Nothing further has been heard about the matter. Perhaps the person was silenced, or the crystal taken from him/her? Discussions of invisible craft are no longer outlandish, since even current aircraft include camouflage against radar and the human eye.

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Argentina: Farmer Took Photo Only to Find a UFO


Source: Planeta UFO and (Argentina)
Date: December 10, 2020

Argentina: Farmer Took Photo Only to Find a UFO

A farmer was finishing his chores when he decided to take a photograph exactly when a UFO crossed the skies.

Unidentified Flying Object sightings have been on the rise throughout the lockdown period. A photograph recently went viral, taken by a farmer who captured a UFO without realizing it.

The photo was taken by Jorge Burgat in Colonia San Jose del Monte. The UFO can be seein against the blue sky and Jorge realized this upon reaching home.

The farmer customarily takes photos with his professional level camera and said: "There is no way that the object captured can be the result of a failure or lens dirt, much less a hoax."

The photographs were taken in a rural area along Route 20, where a tractor can be seen on the dirt road. There is flying object in the sky which, according to Jorge, "Whose exact nature I am unable to determine. It seems to be hanging in the sky and at relatively low altitude."

The photos wer taken from on top of his car, through the windshield, and others outside the windows. Upon returning home, he paused to inspect them and discovered something odd in the sky.

He published the images to social media, and they went viral immediately. Residents of Entre Rios say it is an unidentified flying object, but others have questioned its authenticity.

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO. Photo courtesy of Jorge Burgat and La 100]

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Argentina: Farmhands Disappear in Paraje Las Brujas - Hallucinations or Evil Spirits?



Source: Clarín (Argentina)-  Date: 12.13.2020 - An Article by Carlos Guajardo

 Argentina: Farmhands Disappear in Paraje Las Brujas - Hallucinations or Evil Spirits?

 Farmhand Raymundo Pino left his home nearly ten years ago to work at an "estancia" (cattle ranch). The year was 2011, when the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcanic system had covered everything with ash. Nothing more was ever heard from Raymundo. A search has been ongoing for Narciso Pino, 50, since November 5 this year. He left his home to set up a barbed wire fence, and there's no trace of him. Raymundo and Narciso are cousins, and both earned their living doing the same thing - setting up barbed wire fencing. All of this close to the same village, El Embrujo (The Enchantment).

 The search for Narciso is being conducted using all possible means, much like with his cousin: horses, drones and hounds are involved. Specialized police personnel came in, but everything has been hitherto fruitless. "He can't have suffered the same fate as his cousin. He must he hiding in a cave somewhere. He almost surely got lost. He was drinking a lot of liquor lately," is the word around town.

 To add another bitter note, Gan Gan, a hamlet of the Patagonian plateau with scarcely six hundred inhabitants, free from any COVID-19 cases, suddenly erupted in cases, coinciding with the arrival of people searching for the farmhand. Gan Gan now has 40 active cases and over a hundred people in isolation. Too many, for a community so small that it was safe from the pandemic for almost nine months.

 "The search will not stop," said Andrés Oscar Ibáñez, the sheriff. Narciso Pino is a resident of the plateau region. He went missing from Estancia Los Gurices in the Talagapa area, to the north of Gan Gan, a rural locality 400 kilometers from Rawson.

 "This happened on November 5. The manager of the Los Gurices ranch appeared before us, reporting that he had driven to the ranch, 50 kilometers from Talagapa, to bring Narciso Pino merchandise, only to find that he wasn't there," Sheriff Ibánez told Clarín.


 "There were no signs of violence on the premises that might suggest a criminal act. Search operations commenced, but he has not been found so far," added the sheriff, saying that hound dogs followed Narciso Pino's scent for 30 kilometers to the area known as Bajo Hondo or Guanaco. Pino is being searched for by canine search personnel from Trelew and Puerto Madryn, people on horseback, on motorcycles and on foot. "We've found footprints. He was wearing sneakers, we found the prints, and steered the hounds in that direction. But he has not been found," said Ibáñez.

 The sheriff added that the area poses hazards for the search. "Talagapa - the area where he was lost - has areas with ravines, caves and troughs. The surface is a challenge."

 The search is ongoing with personnel from Gastre, Telsen and Gan Gan. "The Gendarmerie's helicopter conducted a search, and drones were also requested for an aerial view. Unfortunately, no trace has been found, but this will not halt the search," added the police.

 One theory is that Narciso Pino suffered from hallucinations and went into the wilderness. "Pino had set out to work on a barbed wire fence. What's striking is that there was food already on the table at the Los Gurices ranch. There was also sulfur in the wood burning stove. During the course of the investigation, when interviewing the missing man's sons, they said he would [burn sulfur] whenever he heard voices or saw things. He used sulfur to chase them away," explained Sheriff Ibáñez.

 "The place is known as Puesto Las Brujas ("The Witches' Post") where residents say voices and noises can be heard, and that they make locals or workers want to leave and refuse to work. This justifies the presence of sulfur on the stove. “He used sulfur to chase away evil spirits."

 Pino is an alcoholic and the hypothesis favored by the police, confirmed by his sons, is that lack of drink brought about hallucinations, prompting him to rush into the wilderness. "This person is native to the area, he knows it well, is given to walking, doesn't use horses. He walks 20-30 kilometers a day," explained Ibáñez. Raymundo Pino, Narciso's cousin, also vanished without a trace in the same area, ten years ago.

 Raymundo had left Gan Gan on his way to the same cattle ranch and was never heard from again. Like his cousin, he worked at setting up and repairing wire fencing. The disappearance could have an explanation: it occurred at the time in which ash from the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle eruption covered the area. The ash was deeper than two meters (6 1/2 feet) in some locations, causing cattle deaths and many losses. It's possible that Raymundo Pino, who isn't a rider either, became disoriented.

 That search was also harrowing, and Narciso is still missing. Now the town believes that Estancia El Embrujo has a lot to do with it. The strange noises and voices of unknown origin are the talk of the town. "It's witchery," they say. The search for Narciso is ongoing, and it will not stop until he is found, in the words of sheriff Ibàñez.

 [Translation (c) 2020 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Andrés Salvador]


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Argentina: The Great Alberti Mothership (1963)








Source: Luis Burgos (FAO/ICOU)
Date: 10.27.2020

Argentina: The Great Alberti Mothership.

At 18:30 hours on 7 February 1963, Felix Carrizo was driving in his car, accompanied by his wife, along National Route 5, running from Buenos Aires to the province of La Pampa. In the vicinity of Alberti, he slowed down and pulled to a complete stop. His wife was pointing nervously at "something" enormous and bright that hovered to the right of the road.

There was, in fact, a cylindrical grey object hovering over a stand of trees, motionless and slightly tilted. It appeared to 'float'. Both witnesses could not believe what they were seeing. "It could have been larger than 200 meters, and perhaps 20 meters in diameter," they said. "There was a blinding light issuing from its central area, strong enough to hurt the eyes. Four rectangular lights resembling portholes blinked on its fuselage, one of them above the immensely powerful light and the remaining three below."

Felix Carrizo remembered that he had a photo camera in the back seat of the car, and took a shot without a moment's hesitation. Upon lowering the camera, the object began to move. A cloud-darkened sky filled the backdrop. "Before I was able to take a second shot, the luminous cylinder rose at high speed and with successive pulses. It then assumed a horizontal position and vanished into space." The experience lasted little over a minute. Carrizo was using a Schneider Alpha-Xenar 1: 3,5/75 zoom lens, a shutter speed of 1/250 and an f16 stop. He used Kodak Plus X Pan (Type B, 35 mm).

These, then ware the specifics of the event. During a 2020 visit, we were unable to locate the exact location of the incident and later resorted to Luis Bianchi (FAO Central) to create an artistic rendition and Patricio Barrancos (FAO Baires) to color enhance it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Argentina: Two Fishermen Witness Strange Lights Near Fortín Lagunita








Researcher Luis Burgos draws our attention to the following news item:

Source: Ultimo Momento Noticias // Date: 10.20.2020

HUERGO - Two Fishermen Witness Strange Lights Near Fortín Lagunita, Claim They Were UFOs.

[X-Files theme begins]

Reporter: "The event occured between 8:30 pm and 9:00 a.m., just as the internet went down in the entire locality. They wanted to photograph what they were seeing, what their eyes were showing them, but their cellphones went dead. Their car battery was dead, and it was necessary to push the car in order to start it up. Another incident took place not far from this area, thirty meters from Fortín Lagunita in the La Balsa Lagoon. As we all know, events of a similar magnitude occured here years ago in the vicinty of the Balneario Viejo (the old beach), where two people in a car claimed having eluded becoming victims of a UFO abduction."

"One of the fishermen is will to share his experience with all of us...what happened to him yesterday in the river area."

Fisherman: "Last night between eight thirty and nine o'clock I was fishing here with a friend, spending time, and well, something happened. Something we never expected to experience. Something I always laughed at, since I didn't believe in paranormal events. Well, it was our turn this time. Over there, we saw lights go on, looked in that direction and heard a sound, a very loud sound, but when we saw the situation, we tried to take photos of it with our cellphones, which were off. Ah, well...but they [the lights] hid between the willows, and we got scared. We got in the car, and it was dead, as were our cellphones. They'd shut everything down on us. Ah, well, that's all - it was all very strange,and when we wanted to get out, we couldn't with a dead battery. We had no choice but to give the car a push. The lights hovered ten meters over the water and then hid themselves over here (camera pans to willows) on that island...that's all."

[X-Files theme plays throughout then fades]


 [Translation and transcription: Scott Corrales (c) 2020 IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos and Walter Romero, FAO]

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Costa Rica: Anomalous Object Over San Isidro de Heredia (2018)












Inexplicata Contributing Editor Guillermo Giménez shares with us the following images from Costa Rica's CIAL Observación Ovni CR organization. The sequence of photos depicts an object recorded in March 2018 in the northern district of San Isidro de Heredia.

Mexico: Anomalous Objects Captured on Video








Source: Salvador Mora // Date: 10.18.2020

Mexico: Anomalous Objects Captured on Video

Our friend and collegue Salvador Mora writes: "On October 15, 2020, several unknown objects were seen and captured on 2 separate videotapes in Morelia, Michoacán (Mexico). The first of these cases ocurred that very same morning in the vicinity of Morelia International Airport, and the 2nd between 7 and 8 pm within the city limits.
A 3D analysis is enclosed to better illustrate the shape of these unknown objects.
Our thanks to Konrado Alvarez, director of the RED 113 news agency, for the videos and"


Sunday, October 11, 2020

High Strangeness: Argentina's Domselaar Case (1972)









Source: Planeta UFO (Guillermo Giménez) and Argentina Investigaciones y Reportes OVNI (Esteban Dylan)

Date: 09.25.2020

 High Strangeness: Argentina's Domselaar Case (1972)

By Esteban Dylan

 An Astonishing Case Forgotten by Time

The Domselaar Case, Parish of San Vicente, Province of Buenos Aires (32 km south of the city of Buenos Aires), 1972 - Witnesses: ROBERTO MANCO, CARLOS MANCO , MIGUEL ANGEL MANCO, CARLOS PONZIO

 It was winter in the wilderness of Domselaar when our friend Luis told us about the disquieting fact one evening. "My granddad saw aliens around these parts."

 His statement was met by the prescribed laughter and disbelieving adolescent stares. "So what were they like?" asked Ariel.

 "According to my granddad, it was a reddish being that walked by floating a meter off the ground, and who seemed to be herding cows." Uncomfortable laughter erupted, followed by the deadly silence of midnight, which was logical, since were all alone in that cold and cheerless place, and were starting to feel that 'something' was watching us from every corner. Our fishing trip had been turned into a night of endless drinking of 'mate' and insomnia. The fact was that Roberto Manco, Luis's grandfather, whom we all called "Don Tito", hand been the witness to one of Argentina's most startling cases, studied by Fabio Zerpa, and whose details appeared in the pages of the 1990 annual edition of the legendary "Cuarta Dimensión" magazine.

 The First Event.

On 11 September 2020 I managed to contact witness CARLOS MANCO, known in his neighborhood as "Kalata" and who currently lives in the locality of Claypole, parish of Almirante Brown in the Buenos Aires suburbs. He very kindly offered to retell his experience.

"It was the summer of 1972 and we walked, as we usually did, because we liked those open fields with small trees near the bridge located West of Rt. 210. We saw circles of various sizes with charred grass. The following day we went back and saw the rings were greenish and filled with large mushrooms. This why Fabio Zerpa took an interest in the case (Fabio Zerpa makes the following note: 'the subject of mushrooms was present throughout the 1970s, particularly in the Province of Santa Fe (the Caracaña and Correa cases, the fields of the Damiani family). The Calvatium Lilacina specimens grew to enormous size in perfect circles following a UFO landing, forming the so-called "fairy rings" or "witch rings"

The Second Event.

Mr. Roberto Manco ("Don Tito"), who died a few years ago in Jeppener, where he lived, once told me when I visited his home that around 1973 he witnessed a red-colored "ENTITY" that ran and floated about a meter off the ground. It wore a sort of floating cape, with several cows running behind it. He was stunned and did not want to get too close out of fear. He later added that the being and the cows ran toward a mill adjacent to a nearby wilderness, following the path usually taken by the cows. The cows and the being 'vanished' after making a bend on the trail. The next day, the estate's foreman said that 14 cows had vanished, never to be found again. There were no traces or signs of any truck having entered the area. The nearest road is 3 kilometers distant, which eliminated the theory of cattle rustlers operating in the area. Added to this was the disappearance of the mill and its water tank, leaving a 'crater' behind. Stranger still, 'everything was back in its place' as if nothing had ever happened.

 [Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Esteban Dylan, Adriana Ferreyra, Yoemi Gisele]