Thursday, August 31, 2006

Costa Rica: "Phantom Lady" Reported in Stadium

Source: EFE News Agency and El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua) -
Date: 08.30.06


Ghost frightened two sports officials before kicking off a game between Costa Rica's Saprissa and Nicaragua's Estel? Real

San Jose (EFE) - Two Central American sports officials were "frightened" on Tuesday night by a "phantom lady" who vanished before their eyes when they followed her to ask her to leave San Jos?'s Ricardo Saprissa Stadium.

The unusual event took place before the game for the Central American Soccer Union's Cup (UNCAF) between Costa Rica's Saprissa and the Real Estel?, which had to be played behind close doors due to penalties imposed by CONCACAF.

In a statement made to "Radio Monumental", Mario Escobar, the UNCAF delegate, claimed to have seen, while in the company of Jorge Alarcon, the Saprissa's general manager, nine people in the skybox. Among them was woman dressed in white, approximately 30 years old.

Escobar asked the people to leave the stadium as a closed game was about to be played, but the woman entered an empty broadcasting booth. The official followed her straightway, only to be startled by the fact that there was no one inside the booth at all.

"I don't know how to explain it. When we said that no unaccredited personnel could be there, she went into the booth (...). I was three meters away and thought that she was being concealed, but she went into the booth and there's no bathroom in which to hide."

Sports commentators broadcasting the event had fun with this "otherworldly story"; the game ended with a 1-0 victory by Saprissa over Estel? in what was a low-quality match.

(translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Chile: Renewed Chupacabras Attack in Calama

Date: 08.26.06

ORBE - (Calama) Some residents of Calama's Chunchuri Bajo sector are concerned following an alleged new attack by the now-legendary "Chupacabras" after a number of animals appeared dead in one of the sector's plots of land.
Notice of the event occurred after a local woman heard strange noises on her rooftop. The next day she discovered that over 10 animals were dead in their pens.
The report was made by paranormal researcher Jaime Ferrer, who stated that this is not an isolated event, in his opinion. With regard to the aforementioned creature's attack, Ferrer explained that after becoming aware of the animal slaughter, he visited the site and interviewed the owner of Plot No.4. "What is strange about the affair is that if starving dogs had been involved, at least one of the animals would have been devoured. But quite the opposite occurred: no signs of bite marks or tearing could be fount on the animals; one of the rabbits presented a deep hole on its left side, a trademark of a Chupacabras attack."
According to the information, the pen showed signs of having been ripped apart. However, no one saw anything on the night of the attack. Perhaps the only sign that something was amiss involved the behavior of one of the small dogs owned by the affected Calama resident: the pet appeared grief stricken and even "cried" at times. The paranormal researcher stated that this is not the first time that this person has lost part of her animals to phenomena like this.
(translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Virgilio Sanchez, Miami UFO Center)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Poland: Chilean took a photo of chance UFO over Suwalki

Source: NOL
Date: 08.24.06
Poland: Chlean National Takes Photo of Chance UFO over Suwalki
Our good friend Piotr Cielebias of NOL has sent us the following image, which was taken by Juan Carlos Troncoso, a Chilean national living in Poland. Says Mr. Troncoso: "Here find attached a picture that I took last week (August 18) at in the bridge of Stanczyki. No stain, no scratch in the negative so far. [...] The picture was taken with a Nikon F80 and 28/200 zooms during my holidays in the beautiful region of Suwalki (northern Poland)."

Argentina: San Isidro Exorcism Prompts Memories of Father Pierre

Date: Tuesday, August 22 2006


Argentina: San Isidro Exorcism Prompts Father Pierre Memory

Over 15 years ago, Santiago del Estero was convulsed by the news that several sessions of a special rite performed by the Catholic Church were being performed. At that time, an effort was made to expel the devil from the body of a young woman from the city of Clodomira. Beyond the stories of the gut-wrenching screams issued from the girl, or that her body convulsed uncontrollably, there was the figure of the priest who performed the rite behind the closed doors of a parish church in La Banda, facing the altar and with several persons assisting him in prayers and in controlling the young woman when the struggle for mastery reached its peak. It can be said that Father Fils Pierre was ? perhaps ? the last exorcist in Santiago del Estero, having released several young people from the power of Satan during the 1990s.

Last Tuesday, in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, another priest ? Father Juan ? preformed the fifth and final exorcism session on a 33 year-old woman who, along with her husband and six assistants from the parish of San Andres Avelino, underwent one of the Church?s oldest rites.

As La Naci?n mentioned in its report yesterday, the ?weapons employed by the priest in the coming combat: holy water, oil a crucifix and photocopies of prayers? were the same ones employed by Father Pierre in the Cristo Rey Parish of La Banda.


When Father Pierre Exorcised a Young Mother

?This woman is mine, and I?m taking her,? cautioned a powerful and intimidating male voice that appeared out of nowhere in the house of a young mother from Clodomira 22 years ago.

The announcement alarmed the relatives, along with the woman?s aggressive behavior. Without hesitation, they resorted to Father Pedro Fils Pierre, parish priest of Cristo Rey, in the city of La Banda.

In this state of affairs, the priest found himself dealing with his very first exorcism, a matter in which he lacked previous experience, aside from his renowned talent as a practitioner of the Charismatic Renewal, which was incipient at the time.

There was no doubt that a case of demonic possession was involved, and the priest, with the aid of a group of lay practitioners, performed the exorcism successfully. Nowadays, the woman, identified only as L.L. leads a normal life.

One of the participants in the rite of exorcism was Hector Sayago, a bachelor of communications, along with other young volunteers.

When consulted, Sayago?s memory went back to the start of the event on January 2, 1984, when Liliana, a 21 year-old teacher, married with a 2 year old child, living in Clodomira, began to present radical changes in behavior.

Grief-stricken, her relatives went to the town doctor, who also witnessed the changes when he heard a heavy, macabre voice issue from the young woman?s mouth and intimidate everyone present. The same voice ordered her to set fire to all her clothing while the words ?Ya sos mia? (You?re already mine) appeared on her abdomen, along with crosses.

Confused, both the physician and L.L.?s parents decided to appeal to Father Pierre.

This, remembers Sayazo: ?Was a circumstance that involved him, because he had hitherto had nothing to do with exorcisms. Some people from Clodomira came to find him early one morning , saying that something strange was going on with a lady. They were recommended by Dr. Juri.?

The charismatic priest had his first contact with the young woman and from that moment on, Father Pierre summoned a group of people to support him with prayers.

With the intention of healing the woman?s spirit, the volunteers prayed within the Cristo Rey church while Father Pierre prayed the release from exorcism prayers in the presence of the victim. However, the most dramatic situation took place on a Sunday, during the nocturnal mass, when Liliana was brought in.?

According to Sayazo: ?She made it just fine to the Church?s entrance, but when she went inside, there was no controlling her. She transformed. What shocked us the most was that she entered dragging herself through the pews until she reached the altar, to the feet of Father Pierre. It was a very shocking thing. Those of us at the mass weren't expecting it, and the church was full of people.?

After many private masses, Liliana?s behavior started to change, although the treatment lasted some three months with daily morning prayers.

During the healing process, inscriptions would often appear on her abdomen?sometimes in response to the sacramental rites of holy water or the oils for the sick.

Sayago adds: ?It was a very powerful case. It must?ve been a possession. An emblematic case ? the first and strongest that Father Pierre had to face. There were lesser cases of obsession and disturbance; there was a girl from Santiago that took us some six months, but [the process] couldn?t be completed.?

Sayago maintains that to bring possession to an end, all depends on the individual. ?It depends on the type of life led by that person. It isn?t a vaccine that can be applied to drive the demon away. No, it always turns around and comes back in.?

(translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Argentina: Newspaper Witnesses Exorcism in San Isidro

SOURCE: LA NACION (newspaper)

DATE: Sunday, August 20, 2006

Church Ritual: La Nacion Witnesses Exorcism in the San Isidro Diocese

The Mysteries and Secrets of Exorcism ? Cases are on the rise, say priests who carry out the Vatican-approved practice.

By Silvina Premat ? staff

?What?s going to happen is that it will try to distract us from prayer. I want to ask you, no matter what happens, that at least two people continue praying the Rosary. The others must insure that Carmen doesn?t injure any par tof her body, but especially her head,? instructed Father Juan.

Kneeling before an image of the Virgin and a monstrance with the Eucharsit in the parish hall of San Andres Avelino, Villa Adelina (Diocese of San Isidro), Carmen, 33, joined her hands in prayer. She was surrounded by her husband, six collaborators from the parish and Father Juan. At a table near the wall were the priest?s weaposn for the coming combat: holy water, oil, a crucifix and photocopies of prayers.

The time was 17:10 hrs. last Tuesday and thus commenced the fifth ritual of exorcism that this woman would undergo ? and whose real identity is kept secret ? in an effort to free her from what the Church acknowledges as demonic intervention. Five of the exorcists consulted by LA NACION stated that in recent years the number of people seeking them out has increased, as people claim to hear voices, see shadows were there are none, hear doors open and shut, or other phenomena for which no explanation can be found.

?The Church is concerned about the subject and for that reason it updated in 1999 the ritual that had been in use since 1614. Last year, the Pontifical University of Rome held courses for exorcist priests,? said Father Alberto Ibanez Padilla.

Carmen?s exorcism, witnessed by LA NACION, is the sixth case diagnosed this year by Father Ramon Morcillo, parish priest of San Andres Avelino and an expert in new religious movements. Since he began performing exorcisms in San Isidro 5 yeas ago, Morcillo recognized the presence of a strange power in only five cases.

?We Can?t Keep Up?

The priests who deal with this are too few and we can?t keep up. There should be one per ecclesiastical jurisdiction,? said the priest.

In the hall, five minutes after commencing the prayers, Carmen experienced a kind of swoon and immediately began breathing with difficulty, panting, roaring, screaming and writhing every time the prieste mentioned Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or made reference to the lies and works of demons.

Now, lying down and held by her husband and four of the women present, Carmen did not look at anyone and moved her head in circles. She wailed when Father Juan brought the crucifix near her body.

?Do you renounce Satan?? asked the priest during a part of the ritual.

?No!? was the hair-raising cry that came from Carmen, who began speaking with clenched teeth in a deep, rasping voice, similar to that of Gollum, the hideous character from ?The Lord of the Rings?

Lolling her tongue, she moved, laughed and cackled enough to chill anyone listening as she struggled to stand up. The priest continued praying and now spoke to Carmen, who replied as though she were someone else. Without losing his calm or his kindly tone, Father Juan was also addressing ?someone? other than Carmen, commanding them ?in the name of Jesus? to depart from that woman.

?No, I?m not going. I want her more than Jesus. I chose her. She?s mine. Mine. I do what I want. I?m not leaving. Leave me alone. I will say nothing. Go with your God,? said the voice, which at this point could hardly be attributed to the identity of the woman who had arrived on her own an hour earlier, seeking relief.

Before finding Father Morcillo, she and her husband had consulted 35 priests, including four bishops, regarding the strange symptoms that had plagued her for several years: at times she would see her reflection deformed in mirrors, she could move objects by just looking at them, or would suffer uncontrollable outbursts of laughter that cause intense pain in her jaws.

Carmen?s husband, 37, attributes the origin of these ailments to the practices of Umbanda and spiritism in their respective families when they were children.

Father Carlos Mancuso, parish priest of San Jose, La Plata, and an exorcist for over 2 decades, estimated that the majority of those who approach him for consultation are people who ?were spiritually affected after having participated in satanic cults or Afro-Brazilian religious groups, or else in sessions involving trance mediums, faith healers or witches.?

Marist brother Emilio Garione and another priest from Lanus ? who asked his name to be kept confidential ? agreed with him. All of them mentioned the rise of the occult as the main cause of the increase of ?people with spiritual problems.?

Among the common characteristics of those affected by these ?diabolical interventions? they mentioned that most are women under 50, from a variety of socio-economic and educational backgrounds. According Padilla, women are the most affected ?without a doubt, but there are also farsighted and prayerful women.?

As with the case involving Carmen and Father Juan, who completed the encounter following two hours of ?combat?, Morcillo explained that five or six sessions would be necessary to ?fully release her? and that ?each exorcism is like a round [of boxing] in which the demon present in the person is weakened.?

Morcillo showed LA NACION a fax from another young woman who also underwent several exorcisms that ended last June. ?I feel the immense joy that a prisoner must feel upon being released,? the young woman wrote the priest.

The First Step: Dismiss the Possibility of Psychosis

To determine whether the person claiming to be obsessed by demons is not suffering from mental illness, exorcists perform interviews, request medical and psychological or psychiatric workups. Priests must dismiss the possibility of hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia or another pathology.

Cases of possession are considered by Father Mancuso ?a strange bird in society?. He does not keep a written log of pending exorcism cases, but stresses that he has six on his waiting list. All of the affected parties are women.

The ritual prescribed by the Vatican does not mandate medical and psychiatric workups before deciding to practice an exorcism, but it does recommend them.

The Church suggests that symptoms of demonic possession that allow a priest to perform an exorcism are: a vehement aversion toward God, the Virgin, saints, the cross and other holy symbols by the affected party; speaking in unknown languages; the ability to locate concealed or distant objects and displaying strength in excess of his/her physical build.

Among the remedies, the Vatican ritual describes the sacramentals (oil, holy water, the cross) along with confession, communion, prayer and fasting, the names of Jesus and Mary, and exorcism.

The Keys of a Growing Phenomenon

What is an exorcism?

It is a particular form of prayer that the Church uses against the power of the Devil. There are two kinds: public exorcism, when the presence a demon is verified in a person?s body, and priave, for cases involving other evil influences, such as oppression or obsession.

Who can perform it?

Public exorcism can only be performed by priests authorized to do so by their bishops. It is goverened by canon law. The private kind can be conducted by laymen. The Pope suggested that ?bishops should insure that unauthorized people do not hold meetings in which prayers are said to expel the devil.?

What is the ritual like?

Private exorcism has no ritual. In the public kind, the priest anoints the victim with oil, sprinkles him/her with holy water and recites prayers.

Who witnesses it?

Aside from the priest there may be between four or five people. Some allow the presence of physicians or psychiatrists and someone who can photograph or videotape the ritual.

Is it performed only once?

It is repeated as many times as necessary, depending on the person?s affliction.

Is the person affected afterward?

No. Generally he/she does not remember what happened during the attacks. Some psychiatrists say that the affected person suffers from post-traumatic shock, which can be treated with regular therapy.

What is the difference between exorcism and praying for release?

Exorcism is an order by which a demon is ordered to withdraw from the afflicted soul. Release is a prayer in which God is asked to release the person from certain problems.

(translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cuba: Were UFOs involved in the forced landing of a private plane?

Source: Miami UFO Center and El Nuevo Herald
Date: 08.20.06
CUBA: Were UFOs Involved in the Forced Landing of A Private Plane?
Note: This is part of an article that apepared today in Miami's El Nuevo Herald concerning a recording in which Raul Castro discusses the forced landing of a private plane by Cuban MIGs on February 24, 1996.

by Wilfredo Cancio Isla
El Nuevo Herald

The recording corroborates multiple information regarding the events that took place with regard to the incident and contributes details on the condition of high alert generated among the [Cuban] military hierarchy and the government in the days following February 24.

The tension surrounding the military commands at the time gave rise to special reasons for protecting the travels of Fidel Castro witihn the country and the presence of the highest government figures in mass political mobilizations, according to the tape.

In the tape, Raul explains that in recent days he had to issue a forced landing order to the airplane conveying Fidel Castro from Ciego de Avila, since the San Antonio de los Ba´┐Żos air base had detected "several contacts in the center of the Havana province."

"When [Fidel] was heading there [Havana], I gave the order to land him in Varadero. It was necessary to say that the order was mine," he says. "Make them land in Varadero! And he, [Fidel] ordered them to comply."

When mentioning the mid-air contacts, Raul says that "we called them UFOs" but does not explain if they were U.S. probe aircraft or artificial electronic interference on the radar screen.

For more information:

(translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Argentina: UFO Between Santa Rosa and Toay

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 08.11.06
On Friday, August 11, between 6:40 and 6:50 am, occasional witnesses have reported the sighting of a UFO from the Quintas de Toay district, located to the north of the city in question, which is 12 km distant from Santa Rosa to the southwest.
The eyewitnesses were getting ready to report to their jobs in Santa Rosa and were leaving their homes when they noticed a large triangular object with numerous lights running down its side, noiseless, giving off a kind of fog or otherwise enveloped in it it, at a visual angle of between 40 and 25 degrees respectively. The witnesses remarked that it flew high and relatively close to them until it lost itself from their sight.

The object's path went from southwest to northeast and always in the periphery of the cities of Santa Rosa and Toay. We may dismiss any possibility that the Moon was involved; while full, it was hardly "moving".
The object was also observed by toll booth and bus station workers along the avenue linking Santa Rosa and Toay.
(translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Salvatore Valentin carta)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Argentina: Return of Chupacabas Alarms Rural Santiago del Estero

Date: August 6, 2006

Residents of this province found a group of kid goats slain in a pen. The
case shares several similarities with events that took place four years ago
plus a new feature: the presence of strange lights. The ghost of the
"red-muzzled mouse."

Three years ago, several rural districts in Argentina produced reports
concerning the presence of mutilated cattle, causing INTI authorities to
intervene and find an answer in the presence of the carrion rodent better
known as "the red-muzzled mouse."

The narratives, which shared the same tone as those involving the
Chupacabras - a sort of extraterrestrial monster engaged in attacking
livestock in various parts of Latin America - appeared to vanish after the
official explanation and there was practically no further discussion of the

However, in a rural sector near the Santiago locality of Garza, Department
of San Martin, the story appears to have flashed up from the embers.

According to the El Liberal newspaper, goat carcasses were found mutilated
with surgical precision in a pen of the Quimilioj wilderness, 16 km from
the aforementioned locality.

The goats showed no signs of having been attacked by carrion animals, at
least not known ones, nor signs of putrefaction, much like the cows found
in the same region in 2002.

The strange animal deaths, according to locals, was preceded by the
sighting of strange lights flying over the area.

(Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center).

Monday, August 07, 2006

Argentina: Mutilated Animals and Strange Lights Reappear in Quimilioj

SOURCE: "El Liberal" de Santiago del Estero -
DATE: August 6, 2006
Unknown Santiago - Mystery Returns After a 4-year Absence
History repeats: In 2002, mutilated cows appeared in this locality of the Dept. of San Martin, as they did in many parts of the country. Today, four years later, history repeats. Mutilated goats were found in a pen. The previous evening, local residents reportedly saw "strange" lights in the sky.
A resigned expression and serene voice reveal the fact that Juan de la Cruz Paz is no longer startled by anything a all. In 2002, two of his cows were found mutilated near his humble ranch. There were no signs of putrefactions and carrion animals did not dare touch the animals' remains. Today, four years after that disconcerting experience, four of his goats were found with the same signs of mutilation and no one can explain -- again -- what happened to them.
"Don Juandela", as he is known by the locals, lives in the Quimilioj wilderness, some 16 km northwest of Garza in the Dept. of San martin. Four years ago, this province, as well as others, made national and international headlines when bovines began turning up with mutilated vital organs [removed] with a surgical precision hitherto unseen.

With these recent discoveries,the mystery returned to Quimilioj yet again. And although don Juan de la Cruz reported that he did not officially report the cases since "it will all be for naught" as in 2002, the inhabitants of this inhospitable wilderness are concerned by the new chain of strange events that is taking place in this site and which they already endured four years ago.
Although in 2002 they preferred to keep silent about many things they saw and experienced, on this occasion, interviewed by EL LIBERAL, several residents of Quimilioj decided to break their silence and tell us about the strange manifestations of "flying objects with unusual lights."
"We Couldn't Touch The Cows Because There Was Electricity"
EL LIBERAL visited Quimilioj's residents last Thursday. All of the locals consulted on the cases involving cow mutilation in 2002 and those whose goats met the same fate a week ago, coincided in their accounts. "Strange lights could be seen in the wilderness the night before the mutilations."
When several Argentinean provinces began reporting cattle mutilations in 2002, her husband was among the first Santiago residents who reported strange cases in this province.
"The first thing he found was a dead cow missing her eyes, guts and many inner organs, but he didn't pay it much mind because it's only normal for an animal to die every so often in the fields. But when we strated seeing on TV that dead cows were being found in the same way as ours, my husband decided to file a report, because it was very strange," Graciela Paz de Lemos told EL LIBERAL.
Graciela still has vivid recollections of that first encounter with the astonishing. "When my husband found the cows, all of the locals went to the site, which is about 2 km from my house. When we got to where the animal was, no one could approach it because the current would seize you. The truth is that it scared us a lot, and we're still scared today," she added.
Graciela agreed with her neighbor Ernestina about the strange lights that appeared in the wilderness always before cattle mutilations. "Every time we saw a large light in the wilderness, an animal would be lost the next day. Whenever we went to look for it, it would turn up dead and mutilated."
"The cows had their eyes well gouged-out, as if they'd removed them with a spoon. Furthermore, they would leave them like a bag, that is to say, nothing but hide, because they would remove all that was inside and left them with nothing. All of the locals felt frightened, because we still don't know what happened to them."
"We Always See Strange Lights in the Countryside"
Although four years ago, when the first mutilated cows turned up, the story did not merit greater attention by researchers, she insists. She does not doubt to ascertain that everytime that an animal is found dead under strange circumstances in the countryside, "strange lights going up and down can be seen in the wilderness the night before."
"You're the ones who published that time when the mutilated cows turned up. I remember because the animals turned dead near my house. My name is Ernestina Paz and it's a pleasure to see you here." That was how the woman who, along with her fellow residents of Quimilioj, suffered the experence finding mutilated bovines, presented herself to the team from EL LIBERAL.
Tpday, four years after that incident, Ernestina claims that "what happened at the time is also happening today." She added: "The other night we saw a very powerful light in the wilderness, several colors, going up and down. At the next day, over at Juan de la Cruz Paz's place, near my house, about four goat kids turned up dead."
Regarding these new discoveries, she remarked: "The goat kids were hollow on the inside, like the cows. It seems as though all their innards had been removed in a single go. Don Juandela didn't find traces of any other animal and there was no blood anywhere."
"That time with the cows, some people said it was Martians, because strange lights could be seen in the wild. It was as though some red-colored thing was burning. Until today, when one wakes up in the early morning, one can see something like giant lamps burning," she observed.
"But as far as I know, this isn't happening only in Quimilioj. When I worked in Garza, a little old man also had all of his sheep devoured. I say that it's something to be afraid of, because one doesn't know what it is. Even other animals are terrified, because when we found the dead cows, not even the crows would come near."
"Animals Were Left As Empty as a Bag"
A man from the deep countryside, Primitivo Paz never feared anything that could befall him in the wilderness, but the situations involving cows and mutilated goats changed his opinion. "All I can tell you is that one's afraid of what one doesn't know, or what you can't explain," he told EL LIBERAL.
This resident of Quimilioj also suffered the "terrible" experience of seeing - without knowing how their deaths occurred - dead and mutilated cows. "When the first mutilated cow showed up we were all alarmed, because we couldn't understand how it happened."
"The animals were down to pure leather, that is to say, empty inside. Furthermore, they were missing eyes and entrails. Even thought they came down from Santiago to investigate, we were never told what had happened to the animals. It's still a mystery to us today."
(Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.)