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Costa Rica: UFO Over Tres Rios

Source: "La Teja" (newspaper)
Date: July 2007

Costa Rica: A UFO Over Tres Rios
Reporter: Jeison Granados

"I was working on a top floor when I saw something that looked like a star. I was very surprised because only a powerful light could be seen. That's when I started recording with the cellphone because the event was very intriguing. When I saw the video, I was startled at what I'd recorded, since it was a flying saucer, no more, no less."

This is how Angel Brenes describes how he recorded the unidentified flying object (UFO) that appeared over Tres Rios on Sunday, June 24, 2007

Angel is a security guard at the local ICE facility, particularly at the "Quebrada del Fierro" plant, where there are many antennas present and other co-workers had reported seeing strange things.

"Since it's an open field, I think the UFOs come over to siphon off electricity," he said.

The worker said that he didn't believe in such things. "I can tell you that I wasn't scared because I didn't believe in such things, but after seeing this, I can tell all non-believers that we are a country chosen by extraterrestrials," said the guard, who is still astonished by his experience.

Sightings in this country are very common, especially in the San Carlos region, due to the presence of the Arenal Volcano.

(Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid)

Mexico: Chupacabras Strikes Again in Reynosa

Source: En Linea Directa
Date: 07.15.08

Chupacabras Strikes Again in Reynosa, Tamaulipas (Mexico)

According to an article published by journalist Armando Garcia in the En Linea Directa newspaper, rural growers of Reynosa fear for the lives of their animals...and their own lives as well, since a strange animal has appeared out of nowhere to mutilate cattle.

A rancher from the "El Porvenir" collective farm reported the deaths of several animals on the property, since after a two day absence from the farm, the owner returned to find that part of his herd was also dead, while other animals were still dying. Alarmed, he informed the authorities in hopes of starting an investigation.

Ricardo Humberto Varela, 50, lives at Rio Alamo 61, Colonia Longoria, and filed his complaint before Gerardo Trevino, a public magistrate, who in turn reported what had taken place at the "Artecitas" ranch in the El Porvenir collective farm.

The statement said that the rancher was startled to see what was happening in his ranch, since after a two-day absence, he found part of his herd dead. He checked each animal physically and found two puncture marks on their necks through which something had exsanguinated them.

He then inspected each corner of the ranch to determine what had taken place. He found the print marks of two small feet or claws, seemingly those of a strange entity or animal that broke into the ranch several times, slaying the livestock. The rancher lost 14 sheep, 10 chickens and five goats.While this official report makes no mention of the Chupacabras, it is believed that the modern mythical entity is responsible for this attack.

Ricardo Humberto Varela noted that he would destroy the carcasses by fire, but before doing so, he took several photographs that were appended to the investigation, which was given the number 295/007, as evidence of what had transpired at the "Artecitas" ranch in the El Porvenir collective.

It will be up to the police to ascertain the nature of the mysterious assailant on the ranch. It should be noted that in previous years, similar cases had been reported. If a new "Chupacabras" wave is involved -- a creature believed by some to be an invention or pure fiction, the collective ranchers of Reynosa will fear for the lives of their animals and their own, as no one has been able to guess the creature's true nature.
(translation (c) 2007, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Argentina: Strange Creatures in San Luis
DATE: 07.15.07

Strange Creatures Seen in San Luis, Argentina

***Residents of Merlo claim having seen imps near a hundred year old eucalyptus tree***

*** A strange story from Valle de Conlara***

The Municipality trimmed the tree because its large branches were jeopardizing motorists traveling along Avenida del Inca. After work, some residents reportedly saw “little men coming out [of the tree] in single file from that location.”

The landscapes described by the prolific South African (sic) writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien – author of The Lord of the Rings – as the habitat of imps, elves, trolls and fairies that appear in his works do not vary all that much. These creatures enjoy living in forests, trees, small rivers and clean environments. They tend to dwell within trees or openings in the surface.

Described thus, an infinite number of similar landscapes can be described in a number of points throughout the country, and Merlo is no exception, even though humans may be accused of making these places fewer and fewer.

Days ago, the Municipality of Merlo, at the request of local residents, trimmed a hundred-year old eucalyptus that is next to the Leopoldo Lugones Library in Piedra Blanca, on a tight curve by Avenida de los Incas. The large branches obscured visibility for motorists and jeopardized light and telephone wires on windy days.

While the trimming operations took place on the avenue, adjacent to a stream, traffic was interrupted and once restored, locals driving through the area, lighting it with their car headlights, claimed to have seen the strange figures. They reportedly saw “some little men coming out of the amputated tree and walking single file toward the library. Most witnesses did not offer details, but one woman described their clothing as having a brownish hue,” said Cecillia de Gabrele, an employee at the library who fielded several phone calls at her workplace from locals who sought confirmation for what they had seen nearby. However, neither the employee nor her coworkers noticed anything unusual.

Cecilia added that for many years there have been stories of “imp” sightings for many years in that district. “Thats where Aguaribay Street begins, which has abundant native flora, and many claim having seen tiny beings between the branches and shadows.”

Once the trimming operation was over in what some believe may have been the dwelling of these little people,

the landscape “was devastating”, according to De Gabriele. The eucalyptus has a reddish wood and after

being trimmed, this shade became visible. Faced with the bizarre scene, some have gone as far as to

suggest that “the strong coloring gave the impression that the tree was bleeding.”

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Mario Bracamonte, Proyecto CATENT)

Chile: UFO over Lenga

Source: Crónica and Ana Luisa Cid
Date: July 23, 2007

UFO over Lenga, Chile

According to the Chilean newspaper Crónica for July 23, 2007, 18 year old Victoria Ampuero photographed an unidentified flying object.

The events took place on Thursday, July 19 at 14:49 hours as she was photographing the landscape visible from her home in Lenga (Chile).

According to Victoria, the UFO was not visible to her eyes and only became aware of their presence when she checked the images on screen, describing the object as a "craft".

Until now, no photographic expert has checked the material. However, the paper's newsroom contacted astronomer Paris Bustos of the Penco Observatory, who said that the image is interesting and that many UFO sightings are really astronomical objects, atmospheric phenomena or camera problems.

Cronica has not published the photo in question, although it does dedicate a segment of its cover to this news item.

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Costa Rica: Amateur Video Captures Alleged UFO

Source: Telenoticias de Costa Rica
Date: July 26, 2007

COSTA RICA: Amateur Video Captures Alleged UFO
by Luis Diego Quirós

Scientist neither confirm nor deny that the images appearing in an amateur video are those of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

As he does on a daily basis, Angel Brenes leaves his home for his job at the Tres Rios Electric Substation. But this June 24th would be different -- that evening he ws able to record a video of the two tallest electric towers, using his cellphone.

Although Angel says that the light moved in a way that he cannot explain, he did feel that it was an unidentified flying saucer (UFO).

However, Oscar Sierra, an expert in the UFO subject, believes that the video needs further study, although it presents characteristics that would make it real.

Jose Alberto Villalobos, a physicist, has a different opinion. He believes that it is a UFO because it is unidentified, but he cannot say that it is an extraterrestrial craft.

The amateur video is similar to a photo taken in France several years ago. In a similar fashion, an artisan from Aguas Zarcas managed to record one in 2006 over the Arenal Volcano.

Despite the fact that there is no officially acknowledged proof, UFO experts believe that hundreds of extraterrestrials visit our world every day.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Mexico: UFO East of Merida, Yucatan

Source: Ana Luisa Cid
Date: 07.31.07


According to the research of Emilio Cetz and the AUM and Ovni Merida groups, a very important item of UFO evidence was secured in the city of Merida.

These are the photos taken by Alberto Perez Valencia, who employed his cellphone camera to take a video of what he could see in the sky.

According to his report, he was sleeping in his room when he heard strange metallic noises which caused him to get out of bed and take a look. Looking straight ahead through the window, he saw a large object at some 50 meters over the ground over an abandoned lot. The witness says that the UFO was as big as a truck.

The cellphone employed was a Sony Ericsson K300 and recording took place at 3:00 pm

Mr. Alberto Perez, according to the Merida-based ufologists, is a cook from a humble background and has no computer image manipulation skills. They add that there is a "cenote" (a sacred Mayan well) near the place where the sighting occurred, and that very large carved stones were unearthed as the street was being paved.

Preliminary investigation suggests that this event is neither a hoax nor a prank and that the video, over a minute long, appears to be genuine evidence.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Emilio Cetz)

Argentina: Cattle Mutilations on the Rise Again

ARGENTINA: Cattle Mutilations on the Rise Again
** Sudden deaths concern local residents ***

A cattleman from Maciá showed his concern when he found one of his cattle "mutilated, with perfect incisions." As reported by Canal Once, this event is disquieting because similar cases have been reported in the area.

Alfredo Crettaz, a cattleman from the town of Maciá in the department of Rosario del Tala, Entre Rios, was "visibly concerned' by the strange appearance of a seven or eight month animal found dead. "The perfect cut on the jaw is striking," he says, alarmed, and describes that "the animal has its entire nape of the neck peeled off, the tail completely peeled," he stressed in the report offered by Canal Once in Paraná during the Semanario Entererriano de Noticias broadcast.

Crettaz suggested that "it wasn't possible that the animal was sick, "because he fell in this place and what is strange is that other creatures haven't come to feed off of it."

Cretaz found the animal during the first days of the week and according to him, "this is the first time that this happens in this field." The countryman made this clarification because similar cases have been occurring in the region and cases with similar characteristics continue to repeat over and over. In mid-May of this year, a Hereford cow was found in Macià by Moises Enrique, its
owner. In early June 2007, Felipe Weber, another local rancher, found a dead cow with the typical characteristics of mutilations: extirpation of genitalia, jaw muscles, eyes, tongue and udders. Weber had also experienced a similar occurrence a year earlier.

"Those who have seen this do not know what it could be," said Crettaz, looking at the animal and unable to dismiss his amazement in the interview with the Semanario Entreterriano de Noticias. He said that a local vet told him, after seeing similar cases, that it could be "an instance of sudden death". Faced with this, Crettaz did not doubt that it could've been a case of sudden death because "the animal fell dead and was stayed there." He added, however, that "the animal looked somewhat flayed - that's what doesn't make any sense."

As a farmer, he dismissed the possibility that "a red-muzzled mouse" could've been the cause of the death.

The strange factor in mutilations are the nature of the injuries: The cows had perfect, cauterized incisions on their heads and bodies, their tongues and saliva glands had been removed, and their mammary glands, rectums and large intestines were missing.

(Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)
ARGENTINA: Mutilations in La Pampa
By Raul Oscar Chaves (CIUFOS-LaPampa)
Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU
(c) 2007

As a fellow researcher once noted regarding ufology, this field of study does not grant a full answer to the phenomenon despite the efforts that have been carried out over the course of the decades. Why could this be? Perhaps because the phenomenon lacks any logic whatsoever, and it becomes necessary to understand this.

This opinion is the result of our experiences as field researchers and not mere speculation: the accumulation of information does not necessarily imply the understanding of knowledge, especially the comprehension of a phenomenon that is as atypical as it is illogical.

And I want to make reference here to cattle mutilations, since our experience has consisted mainly of engaging in field research in the province of La Pampa. Not having gone deeper into this research has not been due to a lack of will or ability, but rather, due to the lack of professional support, both veterinary and laboratory alike, institutions of higher learning, etc., with the exception of those who made a superlative effort to clarify the wealth of existing cases.

However, neither experts nor field researchers were convinced by the explanations offered by bureaucrats at the time, much less by childish answers that drew attention to the characteristics of the cases themselves. It was thus that the absence of the following became known:

Anatomical parts
Almost the entirety of blood (7% of the animals weight is the weight of its blood)
Absence of fetuses in cases of pregnancies ascertained by palpation, without detecting any labor
Absence of corneas
Absence of significant muscular groups in unopened bodies (longinis dorsis)
Absence of various glands
Visual confirmation of the nearly complete exposition of the uterus, circumstances that would ascertain the extraction/disappearance of the unborn animal, presumably through suction.
Verification of the existence of electromagnetic radiation over and around the animal.
Verification of the existence of unknown chemical compounds on the animals, impacting the carcasses’ span of preservation.
Discovery of bodies with severe burns (calcinations of the hard palate) both in digestive and respiratory tracts.
Discovery of unknown substances in the form of gelatinous drops over the carcasses, which could never be sampled. Why? Because when attempts were made to recover them, the substance changed its state to become liquid before crystallizing and vanishing altogether. This substance would be a necessary ingredient in the mutilations, with its impact depending on the degree of sublimation achieved.
Verification of the various preservation times, stretching up to 20 days before putrefaction sets in.
Verification through the use of clay ovens of temperatures of between 180 and 200 centigrade to cook meat from mutilated cattle, with 8 hours elapsing without the meat cooking at all, only emerging slightly toasted.
Discovery of carcasses showing signs of mutilation in various stages (up to 3 stages) in a short span of time.
Verification of the perfect preservation of a body in which 60% of its hide and hair were included, after a period of 3 years. Rigidity of the ocular orb due to exposure to a high source of light or heat.
Verification of extreme hardness in the hides, resulting from exposure to radiation.
Verification of states of deterioration and degradation caused in carcasses whose original position had been moved, without natural putrefaction ever occurring.
Verification of the existence of nearly conical imprints of unknown origin in the ground, proportionally distributed (with a depth of 15 cm, an upper diameter of 10 cm an a hexagonal format) and very close to the carcasses.
Discovery of carcasses beyond the perimeters of farms and ranches.
Discovery of animals in atypical postures: on their stomachs, on their backs (legs in the air), with depressions of 5-10 cm beneath them.
Verification of the existence of hematomas, internal bruising and fracturing in animals – facts that would suggest the animals being hurled or dropped from a height.
Discovery of animals with blue and emerald-green eyes; others displaying signs of blindness.
Verification of the existence of incisions that suggest the use of hitherto unknown technologies.
Verification of the existence of a pathogen in various parts of the body, greenish-blue in coming and of unknown origin.
Verification of cattle mutilation in unborn specimens that were still within the cows’ wombs.

With regard to the draining of water tanks, it has been possible to find evidence of effects on sub-aquatic flora growing within the tank – notorious changes in coloring, flattening and spiral shape, suggesting the possibility of their disappearance through suction.

The impact of burns on insects and toads within the same water tanks was also ascertained.

With regard to the condition of the pastures in locations where the mutilated cattle had been located, these areas showed a distinct change in coloration presumably resulting from the impact of electromagnetic radiation. The disappearance of microfauna was also observed.

The foregoing arises from the research conducted by Ciufos-La Pampa in over 300 cattle mutilation cases that have occurred in La Pampa and western Buenos Aires province. This was made possible through the collaboration and advice of experts from a number of fields of endeavor.

The first chemical compounds detected outside of Argentina in mutilation cases suggested the existence of Oxyndol in very high, atypical concentrations. It is believed that the sedative properties achieve positive results through gradual applications, rather than immediately, and would not produce severe burns such as the ones detected (except for unknown states of sublimation) and which would result in sudden death due to heart attack.

The cases from La Pampa and neighboring areas revealed the presence of formaldehyde--a chemical compound that manifests itself as a colorless gas with a penetrating odor—on the animals. This chemical can be compressed until it achieves a liquid state.

Much like oxyndol, formaldehyde would lack the capacity to yield immediate effects with definite results, under normal circumstances. It can be lethal in higher concentrations. It has aseptic/disinfectant properties and is used in the preservation of samples and cadavers, and can produce skin, eye, nose and throat irritation in humans.

These pathologies were detected by witnesses and researchers alike when approaching the carcasses. Odors similar to ether and formaline were detected, and their presence would have kept vermin and carrion animals from coming close. It should be noted that in two specific cases of consumption of meat from mutilated animals, the flesh had an acid and bitter taste, and could only be eaten after boiling.

In one of the cases in which the parties involved are a witness and the pack of dogs he employees for small game hunting, [consumption of the meat] resulted in a soporific condition that went from 22:00 hours on one day to 17:00 hours the next, continuously.

Opinions posited by professional veterinarians at the time suggested that given the presence of formaldehyde, human involvement could not be dismissed. These chemical agents or compounds, having narcotic and preservative properties, provide a heightened degree of aspepsia which affected witnesses and researchers alike, causing them to manifest such pathologies as impact on the eyes and airways, allergies of undetermined origin, significant weight loss, alteration of melanin levels, lack of bodily stability, liver and intestinal trouble, hair loss, weight increase in muscular mass, intense muscular aches, alteration of normal values in clinical tests, etc. While the mutilation phenomenon centered largely on cattle, it has also affected horses, sheep, dogs, cats, hens, rabbits, domesticated pigs, wild pigs, deer, llamas, guanacos and even humans, as evidenced by the case histories.

Finally, it should be noted that there were specific cases in which the animals involved could survive [the mutilations] but had to be put down due to the extent of their injuries.

In closing, we can remark that the presence Intelligence with a thorough knowledge is at work. The existence of various stages of genetic manipulation would undoubtedly become evident as well.

Raul Oscar Chaves

Puerto Rico: UFO Over Guanica

DATE: August 2, 2007

Puerto Rico: UFO Sighting Over Guánica

A report received from José A. Martínez of the ARGUS-PR Project

An Unidentified Flying Object was seen overnight in the town of Guánica on Puerto Rico's southern coast. Several witnesses spending the night at one of the many beaches in this community, commonly known as "el pueblo de la amistad" (the town of friendship) reported seeing the object from a beach known as El Tamarindo, located near the Copamarina Hotel. The witnesses numbered some 17 people, some of who were enjoying the cool seaside breeze, others fishing.

At approximately 21:00 hours (9 pm), a strange light reportedly emerged from nowhere, described as a multicolored object shaped like a spinning top. Witnesses Maritza Martinez and her husband Geraldo Cuevas contacted this researcher to say that a smaller light emerged from the object and fell into the sea; another witness who did not want to be identified said that this was not the first time that he had seen lights exhibiting similar behavior, and he had had other experiences as a nocturnal fisherman in the vicinity of the Guánica beach area.

(Translation (c) 2007, IHU. Special thanks to Jose A. Martinez)