Friday, October 26, 2007

Mexico: UFO Over Vizcaino Power Plant
Date: 10.25.07

*** A report from Ana Luisa Cid ***

This photo was taken at the Guerreron Negro 2 Internal Combustion Station, alzo known as Vizcaino, located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.

It was taken on June 8, 2007 at 9:52 a.m. using a Sony DSC-P41 camera.

The image forms part of an advance report on the installation of equipment at CCI Vizcaino and was taken by an engineer who holds a senior position with the company. For this reason he has asked me not to release his name.

The gentleman seen within the frame is electrical technician Oscar Villavicencio, who was engaged in maneuvers above a transformer for a turbo-jet type power generating unit.

It should be mentioned that the photo was sent to me by a third party, through whom it was possible to learn of this fascinating case. He is also an engineer at CCI Vizcaino and wishes to remain anonymous.

It should also be noted that I spoke over the phone with the parties involved -- the author of the photo and Mr. Villavicencio. They were both very kind in replying to my queries and it is my opinion that these are serious individuals who are telling the truth.

UFos have been reported over CCI Vizcaino on repeated occasions, noting than in 2005, according to the image sent to me by a CFE attorney, a reduction in energy production can be noted precisely during the month in which three objects were photographed above a chimney.

Therefore,it would be worthwhile to reconsider the hypothesis that relates unidentified flying objects with power generating sources.

(Translation (c) 2007. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Peru: A Chance UFO over Islas Ballestas

Source: CIUFOS-LaPampa
Date: October 21, 2007

PERU: Chance UFO over Islas Ballestas
** A report from Raul Oscar Chaves**

The photograph was taken over Islas Ballestas to the south of Lima, in the vicinity of the Paracas Peninsula.

At this location, Mariano P. undertook an effort to capture the particular characteristics of these islands, where water drills through solid rock, creating tunnels and natural arches. This task was accomplished by boat, due to the difficulty of accessing the site on the shore, and more importantly, the ban on landing to avoid affecting the natural habitat of numerous animals and seabirds.
Upon returning to La Pampa and after having processed the photographic material, Mariano detects the presence of an unidentified flying object (UFO) on the upper right hand corner of the image. This photo was taken on July 8, 2007.

(Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Argentina: Orbs or UFOs?

Orbs or Chance UFOs?
**A Report From Raul Oscar Chaves**

The photo was taken at a rural property in the locality of Toay, some 10 km. southwest of Santa Rosa.

The image shows a specimen of the "caldén", the representative tree of the Province of La Pampa, and the natural habitat of this specimen, which can be found only in the Pampas.

After having developed the film, the authore of the photo detected the presence of an unidentified flying object in the upper right. A "sphere" with a clearly defined outline is clearly visible.

According to the witness, there was nothing at the moment that the photo was taken that lead him to suppose the presence of any "objects."

The possibility that the object could be a weather balloon was dismissed due to the time at which the image was taken (noon). The Santa Rosa Airport's weather station launches its balloons early in the morning (0700 hs.).

Photo was taken with an analog Vivitar camera using 100 ASA film.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Argentina: Chance UFO Over La Pampa?


ARGENTINA: Chance UFO Over La Pampa?

This photo, displaying a sunset in the Pampas, was taken on August 12, 2007. The photo was taken only a few kilometers to the south of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, employing a Kodak Easy Share camera (C643). The photographer's goal was to capture a lovely sunset, and he only discovered the presence of an Unidentified Flying Object later on. The object was not visible at the time the photograph was taken.

(Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves. Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU).

Colombia: A Chance UFO in Pasto?

Date: 10.10.07

Colombia: A Chance UFO in Pasto?

A photo taken on August 18, 2007 by Mr. Fredy Enrique Alonso Villamil of Pasto, Colombia.

The witness says he was taking photos of his young daughter Isabella and that the object that can be seen in the sky was not perceptible to him, adding that airplane and helicopter flyovers do not occur over the area.

A 5-megapixel Sony Cybershot was employed in taking the photos. The photo is clipped from the original image.

(Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid. Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU).

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Argentina:Unusual Tornado Activity

[To our readers: Upon occasion we have published information of the truly
unusual weather conditions taking place in parts of the Spanish-speaking
world that are unaccustomed to severe weather. The tornadoes and
hurricane-force winds in the Mediterranean last week - posted to YouTube for
anyone interested in seeing them - are proof of this change. Here we have
similar tornadic activity in Argentina--Ed.]

SOURCE: Diario La Arena
DATE: 10.02.07

A Tornado in La Pampa - Is the Weather Changing?

A tornado destroyed fields in the rural region of El Destino. Nature
unleashed its fury as a tornado toppled pine trees, caldenes and elms,
smashed water tanks, ripped the roof from a private home and even caused
cracks in walls. All of this in only ten minutes and in a stretch at least
10 kilometers long and a thousand meters wide on both sides of Provincial
Route 10.

Jeronimo Garcia Fiorucci was almos inside the eye of the tornado. Garcia is
the owner of the La Maternidad field, located between Luan Toro and
Winifreda and in the vicinity of the El Destino warehouse, some 65 km
northeast of Santa Rosa. "I almost didn't live to tell the tale," he
informed LA ARENA.

The farmer - married, with a 4 year-old child and living in Santa Rosa - saw
the tornado form a mere 500 meters from his house, watching its progress as
it tore up everything along its north to south path. It soon struck the
fields animal pens, where there is a hose and scale for weighing livestock.

"The time was 10:00 a.m. and I was alone in the house. I could see a storm
traveling from north to south from my window. It looked like any other
storm. But when I looked again, I saw the sky was turning dark. Not only
that - the clouds were starting to twist and move up and down quickly.
Within a second, the famous tornado funnel shape had formed. I wanted to run
to the water cistern to seek shelter, but I saw a 2500 liter tank fly past
and didn't have time to leave the house. I saw the tornado strike the floor
(sic) and move up and down. It appeared to go around the house," he

At least two panels flew off the side of the house, and the dining room's
dovetail joints were starting to come apart. "The house was dark and full of
soil. Everything shook. I didn't know what to do, so I decided to get under
a desk to protect myself," he added.

Nora Gonzalez was working at the El Destino general store, some 10
kilometers east of Garcia Fiorucci's field. "We saw the tornado and decided
to grab the kids and take off at full speed to Winifreda in our pickup
truck," she says. "We had never seen anything like it."

Graciela Gatica had seen simular things, but only on TV. "It was like those
documentaries and films from the United States. All that was missing was a
cow flying through the air," she told this newspaper.

Graciela was driving along Route 10 from Winifreda heading westward. She was
heading toward a field with her husband. "Things suddenly went dark around
El Destino. It was like driving into a tunnel. That's where the strong winds

The couple thought that they could beat the tornado before it crossed over
the road surface of Route 10. "We thought we could beat it and reach the
field, where one of our grandmothers lived alone. But we didn't, and the
tornado caught us."

"The tornado funnel was plainly visible," she says. "It seemed a thousand
meters wide to me. When we drove past the La Caldenada ranch, we saw plants,
wires and pine trees topple. They fell and fell, and wouldn't stop falling.
We even saw an elm fall across the road. There were also cows on the road,
running. Dirt swirled around. We then drove slowly along the side of the
road, thinking our car would overturn. I was terrified, but it didn't
overturn. A stronger wind emerged from the field facing us and it changed
direction, changing from north to south. We then had a hail storm around the
Pampa Redonda field, leaving everything white," she says.

Meanwhile, Jeronimo Garcia Fiorucci remained under his desk. "Nothing could
be heard. There was so much noise that it was impossible to hear anything.
All I could feel was the sound of the panels [being torn off] and the trees
breaking. When it calmed down, I went out for a look. Everything was
shattered, but I felt reborn," he explains. The house suffered cracks to its
walls while paneling outside the dining room and one bathroom were torn off.
The cattle scale was ripped out of the ground, flew over an electrical wire
and landed 15 meters away. A
battery charger was also torn away. "I had never felt so much fear. Luckily
it didn't hit a town, because it would've been a disaster. I definitively
feel born again."

(Tranlsation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Lucas Grossi,

Argentina: Expert Discusses Jujuy Sightings

Source: Jujuy al Dia (on-line newspaper)
Date: 10/15/2007 - 00:01

In an exclusive interview with Jujuy al Dia, Oscar Galindez, a UFO researcher in this province, discussed the perspective of science with regard to this phenomenon, speculations, and explained what was believed in other times. Among other subjects he discussed the myths and truths contained within the subject, UFO sightings in Jujuy and the time periods in which they normally occur.

Galindez stated that “official agencies, non-profit civilian associations made up by professionals, meteorologists, physicists, astronomers, digital photography specialists [exist] to determine whether the alleged film or capture of the phenomenon corresponds to a real object. It is necessary to be prudent when it comes to appraising phenomena of this sort that could escape physical laws. For this reason there is a branch of contemporary science that recommends that such phenomena not be investigated, due to a belief that nothing can go against the laws of nature.”

He added: “The most modern and sophisticated aircraft of the great powers cannot generate effects similar to the ones that people claim having seen in UFO phenomena. There is a branch of science that states that these manifestations are impossibility, because they violate traditional physics. I have always maintained, humbly, that the laws of nature are determined by man, the researcher, and have not been handed down by divine revelation. They are not dogmatic laws, and can be modified over time.”

Likewise, he noted, “Science has often had to acknowledge errors in the phrasing of its laws, concepts, criteria...there can be no dogmatism in science. Phenomena of this kind are not a matter of belief or faith. They are a matter of information, and if one is properly informed, at least one must admit the existence of the phenomenon.”

“To the degree that official bodies in the USA, Russia and recently France, have acknowledged that the phenomena studied have no reasonable explanations in terms of contemporary science, this does not detract from the event. Not enough to say – since we don’t know what it is, we won’t look into it. Science has the passion for inquiry, the need to find out other types of physical manifestations that are perhaps unknown to us.”

Oscar Galindez observed that “people, the witnesses of this type of phenomena, choose not to disclose their experience beyond a closed circle of friends and family, as disclosure can lead to ridicule.”

With regard to sightings, he said: “Yes, I have witnessed manifestations that match the parameters of the UFO phenomenon. Official agencies have vanished almost throughout the world, but research continues in a cautious manner. Basically, the security agencies are interested in the phenomenon because during the Cold War and the World Wars, both Americans and Russians believed that these manifestations were spy planes belonging to the opposite superpower.”

He continued by saying that “laws dictating the freedom of information, of classified data, concerning these sightings are supplied to the researcher but lacking important parts of the story, because some secrets still remain classified.

With regard to sightings in the province of Jujuy, he said: “One of the cases here in the province occurred during the appearance of Comet Halley, when many people went up to Tilcara, Humauaca. Two well-known Jujuy professionals would travel with their respective wives, and upon reaching the Tropic of Capricorn Monolith, saw a very powerful light in the sky, flying very slowly. At first they thought it was the comet, but later realized that this wasn’t the case, because it began descending and coming closer to their position. It came to within a distance of 50 meters and an altitude of 10, allowing them to see that the object had an unconventional configuration. In other words, it was a silver object that they described as icebox-shaped, approximately 3 meters tall by 10 meters wide. It had impressive and powerful lights, flew over the road slowly, tilted 45° and rose 200 meters. It stabilized, crossed the road again, descended and vanished.”

He added: “The first thing they wondered was: are they watching us, is it manned, is it a robot device? It was never known. No answer has been found to this very day.” He added that the professionals involved confirmed that there was absolute darkness over the area. “This is from the electromagnetic effect, which is like a force field generated by the phenomenon’s propulsion mechanism. Its radius wound appear to be very large, being that it is in the air at a considerable altitude. Sometimes lights go out and radios die when one is close to the source of this phenomenon.”

“Another case that took place here in the province involved a major businessman who was heading back from Paraguay with his wife, but already in Argentinean territory and in the vicinity of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, getting ready to enter the Metan – Ojo de Buey Expressway. They said that it was a very dark night around 22:00 hours in a place that’s very desolate with only a few animals along the route. They saw everything light up suddenly, as though it were daylight, but continued driving. They noticed that behind their vehicle, at a distance of 400-500 meters, were two luminous orbs in the sky, noticing that the two objects merged into a single one. This leads to another way of interpreting the phenomenon as manifestations of some unknown energy or truly material objects, but they are violating the law of the impermeability of matter. We don’t know. This is part of the questioning. The couple also managed to see, to their right, when the objects merged, what looked like a science fiction city with a bluish hue. But it lasted only a second. Upon merging, darkness returned. They went back the next day but only found desert.

He added: “Cattle mutilations represent another episode with a worldwide, universal pattern. These mutilations have nothing to do with satanic rituals. They follow a common pattern, involving a laser-type scalpel with immediate cauterization, since no blood is even present. What they do is take the entire right side off of a bovine, and even its nose on some occasions, but with technological perfection. The incisions are very precise. Hides have been removed, and tongues, genitals and anuses have been removed from the root with astonishing technology. There are no signs of trucks or other vehicles having driven by."

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis E. Pacheco, Proyecto Stratocat)

Mexico: UFO Sighting by Flight Mechanic

DATE: 10.02.07

MEXICO: Another UFO Sighting By an Aviation Mechanic

Photograph taken on September 21, 2007 by aviation mechanic Jose Camacho Cuevas during a test flight along the Mexico City - Ixtapa route.

The witness was flying on a Boeing 737-322, registration XA-MAI, belonging to the Magnicharters carrier.

Mr. Camacho advised researcher Alfonso Salazar that he had taken several photos on that occasion and that the luminous object was visible in only one of them. He was not aware of this until he examined the materials on a computer.

The photo was taken with a Nokia 3250 cell phone at 14:40 hours.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, Inexplicata. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar).

Peru: Meteorite Deemed a Latent Danger

SOURCE: EFE News Agency
Date: 09.18.07

PERU: Meteorite Deemed a "Latent Danger"

The meteorite that fell in Peru on Saturday is causing respiratory problems and headaches.

Lima (EFE) - The fumes prodcued by a meteorite that fell last Saturday in the Peruvian region of Puno on the Bolivian border has been a source of headaches and respiratory ailments among local residents, accoridng to official sources.

"There are fumes of a substance that we cannot determine, perhaps sulfur or ammonia," said Jorge Lopez, Health Director for the Puno area, to EFE, admitting that there is the "latent danger" that further health woes may be visited upon the locals.

Lopez explained that a team of seven doctors from Peru's Ministerio de Salud has been sent to the area to deal with the settlers. They will also take soil and water samples to ascertain the nature of the substance in question and the degree of contamination.

The meteorite fell last Saturday in the locality of Carancas, some 1300 km southeast of Lima, and which is the home to some 500 families. It produced a crater that measured 30 meters in diameter and 6 meters deep.

Given its composition and characteristics, Bolivian scientists maintain that the meteorite is harmless, according to the Bolivian newspaper "La Razon"

"We have received a sample of highly magnetic dust, which confirms the initial impression that [the object] is a meteorite. It also has a high iron content, which means that it could indeed be a meteorite," said researcher Gonzalo Pereira, quoted by the neighboring country's newspaper.

(Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luz Guzman and Ana Torres)

Peru: Meteor Crash in Puno Leaves Crater

Source: Agencia Andina, RPP Noticias,
Date: 09.18.07

Peru: Meteor Crash in Puno Leaves a Crater 30 meters in Diameter

An unidentified luminous object fell from the sky, leaving a hole six meters deep by 30 meters in diameter in the community of Carancas on the Bolivian border, according to the Puno based Direccion Territorial Policial (Dirtepol).

The alleged meteorite alarmed local residents. The community is located in the Desaguadero district of the Province of Chucuito.

At 23:45 hours yesterday, residents heard a stentorean noise that they believed was produced by an airplane, according to police sources. They then witnessed the impact of a luminous object in flames, which resulted in a loud explosion, according to the Agencia Andina news agency.

Remains of an unknown calcinated mass were found at the impact site. As it occurred in an unpopulated area, the incident did not affect any local residents. However, after the strange object gave off bits of lead and silver as it fell to earth, and the peasantry is worried that some illness may come about, according to RPP Noticias. Police and curiosity-seekers reported to the site.

Puno: Seven Policemen Become Ill After Gathering Meteor Samples

Puno, Sept. 17 (Agencia Andina) - Seven policemen took ill after collecting samples from the area where the alleged meteorite crashed in the community of Carancas (Puno) according to regional health director Jorge Lopez Tejada. He explained that the officers showed symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and dizziness and were sent to the Desaguadero Hospital and then to the Hospital de Sanidad de la Policia in Puno.

They were given oxygen and rehydration at Desaguadero, and were transferred to the other hospital after being stabilized, according to RPP Noticias.

[Tejada] also noted that a strong odor emanates from the impact site and which is not native to the area. This has caused commotion among settlers.

"Our cleanup crew has already reached the area and says that there is a hole filled with water. The odor is strong and (would be) affecting neighboring communities. There are some 500 families nearby and symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headache and body aches," he remarked.

He added that the has recommended that police authorities and the regional government should form a perimeter to keep people from coming near the site. He repeated that a medical brigade will set out from Puno and Julí tomorrow to perform the corresponding tests upon the locals.

Lopez Tejada called upon the authorities in Lima to send out a special brigade equipped with suitable equipment to gather samples from the alleged meteor more efficiently, as his office lacks such facilities.

He explained that according to the settlers, the object fell on midday Saturday and the hole it left behind has an estimated depth of five meters and a width of 15 meters.

This incident has been considered by the locals as a bad omen.

(Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Planeta UFO).

Mexico: Research on Mexico's Balloons

"Research on Mexico's Balloons- September 2007" by Ana Luisa Cid

While reviewing videos at the YouTube site, I found some recordings that I found interesting, particuarly because they present objects that resemble "worms in the sky"

Upon reading the explanation offered by the author, his honesty comes to the forefront, as he specifies that the objects in question are balloons.

Given the importance of these images to the study of ufology, I got in touch with the author -- Mr. José Castellanos, who kindly told me that the video is dated June 29, 2007 and was recorded at 4:22 in the afternoon in Rosarito, Baja California (Mexico).

After learning about Mr. Castellanos's recording, some questions about "worms in the sky" have been answered, since this ratifies that their origin stems from human creativity, manifested as long wreaths of balloons, by virtue of the fact that a high percentage of [these unexplained images] display similar characteristics.

According to another researcher, who has asked me to withhold his name, clusters of these balloons are released over Mexico City with certain regularity, from the Museo del Papalote in Chapultepec Park.

Recently, José Castellanos uploaded another fragment of his video to YouTube, where aside from elongated structures, the viewer can see dozens of individual balloons making up a cluster or "flotilla"

It should be noted that its is possible to detect the "string" of the balloons in certain scenes, as the author himself explained, highlighting that they form a triangle in the sky and that some ascend while others descend, without even movements, suggesting that these maneuvers may be commonplace in a cluster of balloons.

In closing, I would only like to thank Mr. José Castellanos for his authorization and collaboration in this report, while expressing my admiration for his work, since there is no question that his research is of considerable value for the study of unidentified flying objects.

Prof.Ana Luisa Cid

(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)
By Scott Corrales
(c) 2007

The story begins, as most accounts of this nature tend to do. A child, on his or her way to school or work, comes across a beautiful lady with a request of a religious nature. This was certainly the case when Juan Collado, a 7 year old from Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, reported seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary (in her manifestation as Our Lady of the Rosary) standing beside a well not far from his school. It was Thursday, April 23, 1953 and his life would never be the same.

Juan Collado told his story, without embellishments, to reporters to Puerto Rico’s El Mundo newspaper: “That Thursday, around 12 noon, I went to the artesian well near the school with Jose Rodriguez to get water. While I was standing next to the gorge, I noticed a whirlwind shaking the dry sugarcane stalks that were there. Suddenly I saw the image of the Virgin, dressed in white, emerging from the whirlwind. When I saw her, I fell silent. The shape grew until it reached the branches of the mango tree that grows there. When I returned to school, I told my classmates and they all ran out to see her, not feeling the least bit afraid.”

The newspaper adds that adults who were unable to see the apparition accompanied the children. Police officers from Sabana Grande, as well as the town mayor, visited the site for a glimpse of the divine patroness. Young Juan Collado, however, would see her clearly during every single one of his visits to the site; the other percipients added that the patroness held either rosary in her hands or scapulars. Adult visitors were at this point beginning to draw water from the well or take leaves from the “holy” mango tree.

By April 29, 1953, a hastily built altar could be found at the foot of the mango tree, covered with flowers and branches. Entire families were now visiting the well to consume its water. The next day, according to the young witnesses, the Virgin moved from her usual spot to the school’s interior, sitting at the teacher’s desk. At this point all of the youngsters began to pray. One of the girls said that the apparition – invisible to Josefa Rios, the school teacher – touched the religious medallion she wore before drifting out of the classroom and back to the mango tree, but not before placing her hands on Juan Collado and Bertita Pinto, who was quickly going to the forefront of all the other percipients. A few days later, Josefa Rios told the press “I’ve noticed the restlessness among the children as the time approaches eleven o’clock.” This was the time that the youngsters reported seeing the apparition on a daily basis. Every time the children reported seeing the divine figure, adults reported seeing a whirlwind, as well as a rainbow forming around the sun. No less peculiar was the detail that the tips of the mango tree’s branches were beginning to burn. According to the children, “a cloud that only they could see” was responsible for the damage inflicted to the fruit tree.

On May 2, the children reportedly asked the Virgin to perform a miracle to prove to their friends and parents that they weren’t lying or imagining the whole situation. The apparition agreed, setting May 25th as a date for the manifestation of her divine power. The newspaper reported a curious side note to the entire situation – a 96 year-old woman who had lived in Sabena Grande since childhood told reporters that long ago there had been a house at the site where the Virgin was allegedly appearing, occupied by a devout young woman who would go to the well every day, and that the children were more than likely seeing her ghost.

Church authorities took a dim view of the matter from the onset: the local parish priest refused to approach the site and Vicente Murga, the Bishop of Ponce, paid the town a visit to interview the priest and counseling a strict policy of non-involvement. He clergyman admonished the faithful to “have great care” with what they did and saw regarding the apparition. This stern instruction perhaps had to do with the sense of desperation permeating the air as believers from other cities caused traffic accidents in the rush to have a glimpse of the Blessed Virgin. Some of them were flying in from New York City for this opportunity.

Miracles were beginning to occur at this point: Jose Matos, 64, had been carried to the well by relatives to have some of the miraculous water poured on his feet. Reportedly, the man stood on his own, proclaiming: “Thanks be to God and the Virgin” while Maria Irizarry, suffering from an unspecified stomach ailment, proclaimed herself healed after drinking water from the artesian well. Bertita Pinto now reported that “an angel” escorted her as she went to a playmate’s house, vanishing before she got there.

By mid-May, the girls reported having an encounter with “the Devil”, who had appeared at the school to punish one of them for having “disobeyed” the Virgin. The evil apparition tried to seize Margarita Baez, the disobedient child, as she wrote on the blackboard. The girls described the negative presence as “a skinny man dressed in black, with long, ugly hands and long nails. His face was long and ugly, with some horns on his head.” Nor was the mango tree faring any better. It was by now completely leafless, prompting the faithful to take “holy soil” from its surroundings.

The apparition of the unholy figure at this point in the apparitional experience matches similar interventions in other famous cases: during the Marian apparitions in the Spanish town of Ezkioga in 1931, one witness claimed to have seen the devil himself, describing the fearsome apparition as tall, red-headed and black, with fangs like those of a wolf. The man wanted to scream out of sheer terror, but managed to make the sign of the Cross and the apparition vanished. Headless figures of the type common to paranormal cases are also reported.

But the Devil’s cameo appearance did nothing to affect the list of miraculous healings: a man was cured from a paralysis affecting his right leg, a woman who took some of the burned edges of the mango tree to consume in an infusion, was completely healed from an unexplained malady, a truck driver who drank an entire pitcher of well water to cure the blindness in his right eye, was rewarded with almost immediate estimated twenty-five thousand people had by now visited the location, resulting in the mango tree vanishing completely, as desperate believers pulled up its roots to take home. This desperation was due to the fact that May 25th – the day slated for the miracle, was quickly approaching. Speculation as to the nature of the miracle was rife: some believed that it would be a tremendous earthquake that would last two hours, and which, inexplicably would only be felt by Adventists. The Catholic church was forced to shut its doors on May 20, 1953 to processions of believers led by little Juan Collado.

According to the newspapers, Bishop Jaime McManus had ordered all of the parishes of his diocese to ask parishioners to refrain from going to Sabana Grande to see the apparitions, especially the alleged miracle. But his wishes fell on deaf ears: on the morning of May 25th, a crowd of one hundred thousand people fell on Sabana Grande to wait for the miracle. No apparitions occurred as worshipers began to faint from the extreme heat. The miracle came to an end as the thousands began to leave Sabana Grande, whose streets were blocked by three thousand cars. Days later, even after no miracle had occurred, the believers were still on hand to drink from the artesian well and collect money to build a chapel where the mango tree once stood.

Church authorities reported that no report would be sent to the Vatican, since the apparition had at no point issued a message as in Fatima or Lourdes, reaching the conclusion that “the children had indeed seen a ghost”, which was a remarkable statement in itself. Work on the chapel was finished in 1955 and masses began to be held in the late 1960s.

Father Felix Struick, O.P., Ph.D discussed the subject of Marian Apparitions during his presentation in 2001 at the Primer Simposio de Investigadores OVNI y Paranormal en Puerto Rico, highlighting that so many parishioners had experienced apparitions, almost always involving the Virgin Mary. Not wanting to appear dismissive, the religious said that “I believe this phenomenon corresponds to the “hallucination” genre in the sense that it is a living, very real visual or auditive experience by a given individual, without any external physical cause being evident.” He added that in al fairness, it was impossible to dismiss that a condition “alien” to the individual could be the cause for the apparitions – a good or evil spirit, an angel or saint, or perhaps even God. The spiritual advisor therefore faces a fork in the road: on the one hand, there is the need to respect the subjective experience, which is undeniable except in cases of obvious hoaxing and “cautioning the person against self-deception.”

The Magic Tree

Marian apparitions have not been restricted either to Puerto Rico or to the mid- 20thcentury mark: A tree played a pivotal role in the manifestations that occurred in February 2000 in the Argentinean town of Laprida, after a local woman reported seeing a likeness of the Blessed Virgin on a tree at the intersection of two busy streets.

In this case, there was no argument over whether or not a divine figure could be seen; only as to which manifestation of Our Lady had chosen to appear. Some argued that it was Virgin of the Miraculous Medallion, while others maintained that it was Sacred Heart of Jesus. As occurred in Puerto Rico half a century earlier, an improvised altar was set up at the base of the tree, covered with the usual devotional items, such as flowers, rosary beads, votive cards and candles.

Whether they were motivated by piety or simple curiosity, the street corner became a gathering place for large numbers of visitors, causing a traffic hazard. An image of a cross was discovered on a streetlamp located two meters away from the tree. In this regard, the operator of the local power utility (EDES) was consulted. The company spokesman indicated that at no time had a signal of that nature been made on the post by their crews, and was therefore unable to venture a guess as to its origin.

Another event, which has caused even greater curiosity, is the fact that the same tree reflects another image of the Virgin as a child.

One devotee of the Virgin remained at the tree for 24 hours when the image was first discovered, accompanied by a group of young people. "One of my nieces made this discovery,” she told reporters. “ She had seen it for almost a month, but didn't say anything for fear of being called a lunatic."

As occurred in the Sabana Grande case, the Church refuted the apparition’s validity. Parish priest Carlos Garciarena reflected the church's policy on such things during a sermon. After contacting Msr. Emilio Bianchi DiCarcano, he was told “the Church does not attest to the truthfulness of this apparition, and further assumes no liability over any events which may take place at the site.”

The Virgin Weeps

Toward the end of 2000, the faithful were stirred once more, this time in the Uruguayan city of Rosario, by an image of the Virgin that shed tears “running from her right eye down to her chin,” according to a report from the ANSA news agency. Most believers did not hesitate to qualify this event as “miraculous.”

The tears were discovered on the day of the Immaculate Conception, on the face of a statue kept within a glass box in a grotto. The story spread quickly throughout Rosario, and hundreds of faithful began making their way toward the location in the province of Colonia to see the manifestation. Among them was Monsignor Carlos Collazi, who advised caution and told the media:” the Church is always very prudent in such matters."

The artisan who had been entrusted with restoring the statue shortly before the “miracle” told reporters that his assignment had consisted mainly on repainting the venerated statue and at no time did it extend to any work on its features. The sculpture--the Virgin holding the baby Jesus in her left arm--was made of wood, but the faces on both figures' faces were coated in a porcelain-like substance. The artist did not hesitate to reject that this could be a case of "water coming out from within...” but that he couldn’t think of a rational explanation.”


The Marian apparitions at Sabana Grande lacked the more sensational elements associated with such apparitional occurrences. There was no “miracle of the sun”, no shower of rose petals upon the crowds gathered to venerate the divine figure, and as Church authorities observed, no message of repentance or call to action. The perception that the apparition was near a tree or hovering around its branches, however, was reminiscent of other cases (trees play a prominent role in the 1917 Fatima manifestations and in the Escorial apparitions of 1984). The healing properties of the “blessed water” from Sabana Grande’s artesian well would have probably turned the location into a Caribbean Lourdes, if the Church had looked favorably upon the event.

Skeptics, of course, will put it down as another example of “popular delusion and the madness of crowds”, but to the tens of thousands who made the pilgrimage to a small town in southern Puerto Rico nearly sixty years ago, a divine presence visited with mortals for a total of thirty-three unforgettable days.

Mexico: Alleged UFO Crashes in San Luis Potosi

SOURCE: El Mañana de Valles (newspaper)
Date: August 21, 2007

*** A Report from Ana Luisa Cid ***

According to a news item published on August 21 2007 by the El Mañana de Valles newspaper, two unidentified flying objects allegedly fell in Valles and Xilitla (San Luis Potosi).

The first of them was reported on the evening of Sunday, August 19 and the second during early morning hours of Monday the 20th.

Reporters Antonio Martínez and Maribor Villalobos state that the initial report was received by Jose Angel Avalos, an officer on duty at the Centro de Control y Comando (C4) through the 066 call line. This report was from Rubén Velázquez, who stated that a silver object measuring 20 cm long had fallen from the sky in a plot of land of the San Miguel collective farm.

Another witness, high school student Oscar Gonzalez Mar, a resident of the El Sidral collective farm, told the "El Mañana" newsromm that he had seen a shining object streaming across the skies toward the Gulf of Mexico between 8 and 9 p.m. on August 19 before he lost it from sight, not knowing whether the object crashed or not.

Nearly two and a half hours after the San Miguel incident, Mrs. Saturnina Castillo reported from Xilitla that an object resembling a fireball had impacted a tree in a property located near the "Montoya" metal shop, owned by her husband Juan Montoya, adding that the tree had caught fire.

Joaquín Hernández was a direct witness to the sighting. He and his family prepare zacahuil and live next to where the object hit the ground. In fact, Hernández was preparing the zacahuil batter and he saw the "fireball" as it came down over the tree. Afraid that no one would believe him, he screamed for Juan Montoya and his wife to witness the tree bough catching fire.

He added that it was a highly unusual thing to see, as there was no thunder or storm activity that could lead anyone to think it had been a stroke of lightning.

The incident was reported to the Municipal Civil Protection unit, but no investigation was conducted.

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid)

Date: 08.17.08

Mexico: UFO Photographed Over Mexico City International Airport

The following photograph was taken from Mexico City International Airport by aviation technician Jose Camacho on June 8, 2007 at 7:43 a.m.

The witness was standing in the eastern region of the aforementioned airport and was taking photos of the sun on a cloudy day with 15°C temperatures.

He saw no objects in the sky when he took the photo and was only aware of its presence when he downloaded the image to a computer from his Nokia 3250 cellphone.

The photo presented is a clipping of the original, courtesy of Mexican researcher Alfonso Salazar, who adds that operations were currently taking place at the airport.

(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid)

Argentina: New Cattle Mutilations in La Pampa

DATE: 16 August 2007

*** A Report from Raul Oscar Chaves ***

On July 30, 2007, two beef cattle specimens were found slain and mutilated at the "San Jorge" ranch located on Provincial Route No. 28, between rural routes 11 and 13 and between the locality of Cuchillo Có (some 250 km south of Santa Rosa) and the Sierras de Lihue Calel.

The mutilated cows were black Aberdeen Angus specimens with missing ears, tongues, incisions to their jawbones and missing udders. One of them was lying on its side and another on its back; the carcasses presented signs of extreme hardness in the limbs and hide. Upon being struck with a stick "...they sounded hollow, like a drum..."

Witnesses to the find were Marcelino Martinez and Hector Ruiz, a rural contractor and his employee, who were refurbishing and building rural homes.

It should be noted that there is no rural electricity in this region, and electrogenous units (generators) are employed for power. This circumstance keeps the locals from having access to television or radio (battery units excluded) and the only residents in the area are either transient or temporary.

At midnight on the night prior to the find, Ruiz decided to go out of the place he shares with Martinez to walk and smoke. It was here, and unexpectedly, that he saw a bright source of light at low altitude. It remained static "and gave out lights on all sides--red, green, blue, yellow..."

The light, whose width was equivalent ot the length of a cattle cage used for transporting livestock (some 10/12 meters), according to Ruiz's comparison, vanished after a few seconds and another smaller light appeared on the ground, but this time an intense bright green. Within this light was " small being standing some 50/70 centimeters tall, who remained motionless...". At this point Ruiz specifies "...I cannot say if it had a head and ears, but it was humanlike, since two legs could be seen..." This sighting lasted only a few seconds before the entity vanished altogether. The witness was deeply impressed by what he had seen, and decided to go back to bed and sleep.

Subsequently, and as is customary during work breaks, Ruiz and Martinez decided to explore the vicinity. Martinez found one of the cows in the proximity of a cutwater; the other cow was also found near another cutwater, both located within the rural premises. At this point they decided to inspect the place where Ruiz had seen the lights, some 40 meters from the place they spent the night. On the ground they located four holes measuring 2 cm in diameter and some 20 cm distant from each other, forming a square.

This ranch (San Jorge) was also the scene for several cases involving cow, horse, sheep and goat mutilations between 2002 and 2004. Both Martinez and Ruiz live in General Acha, some 120 km south of Santa Rosa, stating that in the area where the animals were found, it its quite common to see lights of various types and colors.

(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves)

Chile: Coquimbo's Phantom Train

SOURCE: El Día (newspaper) Coquimbo edition
DATE: August 11, 2007

CHILE: Coquimbo's Phantom Train

On a dark night, some all-terrain vehicles made their way along an unpaved road. Their drivers had just gotten off the shift at the Vulcano mining concern and were on their way back to Coquimbo and La Serena.

The first vehicle was driven by Mario and the second by an anonymous geologist. Both vehicles carried mining personnel who were ready to enjoy a few days of rest. The total complement was eight, some of them from Cerro Blanco.

The atmosphere was serene and the personnel at ease, since they were looking forward to their furlough. Mario was driving at some 70 km an hour along a perfectly straight, 15 km. stretch of road across a flat landscape. The Andean cordillera was behind him and the shoreline was in the distance ahead of them.

They were about to get on the Pan-American Highway, where they would make a left turn and head south. No one recalls the exact time, but it was agreed that it must have been around midnight.

"Suddenly I heard a loud noise, similar to when an earthquake is about to begin, only without any movement. It was like a subterranean noise, and then a powerful light appeared in the darkness. I braked, but not abruptly, and Aldo (the driver of the second vehicle) did the same. A locomotive pulling three cars crossed our paths. The cars had their lights, were well-lit, and we could hear the sound of people, as if engaged in conversation," said Mario.

This story was analyzed and the conclusion was reached that no such train could have existed, as it had been eliminated years ago. The case, dating from the year 2000, is still in the hands of the Instituto de Investigación y Estudios Exobiológicos.

(Special thanks to Raul Nuñez, IIEE)

Mexico: UFO Reports from Airliner Personnel

Date: August 10, 2007

Reports from Airliner Personnel
By Ana Luisa Cid

According to information provided by researcher Alfonso Salazar, aviation technician Domingo Caballero observed three objects having a metallic appearance on Sunday, August 5, 2007 at 12:00 p.m. as they flew over Mexico City International Airport at an estimated altitude of 10,000 feet. They flew from north to south and displayed an intense glow as they wove in and out of the clouds. Subsequently, two of the objects remained stationary while the third flew away toward the Mount Ajusco region.

Another report is dated August 4, 2007, when the crew of a Boeing 737 flying the Manzanillo-Mexico City route, witnessed an unidentified flying object with the shape of a horseshoe and having a metallic appearance on the San Mateo air corridor (north of Mexico City).

The airliner's first officer - who said it was the first time he'd seen a UFO - says that the object remained static next to the air corridor at an approximate altitude of 9000 feet (2700 meters). This happened as they made their approach to MCIA at 5 p.m. and with good visibility. The skies were clear and cloudless.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar)

Argentina: Growing Concern over Mutilated Animals

Source: Territorio Digital
Date: 7 August 2007 -16:46 hours

Entre Rios Province: Growing Concern over Mutilated Animals

Cattlemen from the department of Paraná, Entre Rios, reported finding strangely mutilated animals in fields in this province.
The animals, all of them beef cattle, have had their genitals, tongues and udders removed, according to peasants.
The circumstance repeats itself relatively frequently in rural locations of this province and occurred this time in fields near Tabossi and Viale, to the northeast of the provincial capital.

Abel Gunter, one of the affected cattlemen, described the situation as "strange" and claimed that rural dwellers are displaying "concern" and intrigue over the mysterious animal deaths.

"We say that extraterrestrials are coming to mutilate our cows," said the cattleman in an interview with a local station. He insisted that there is "something odd" in the animal deaths, because dogs and wild animals in the area generally feed off of the dead cow remains, but refuse to approach the mutilated specimens.
"This is very strange, because no wild animal comes close to eat the remains of the dead cows," he said. Gunter explained that he found a mutilated cow in a densely wooded region in his fields and added that "the animal has such a perfect cut on its jaw that it inspires bewilderment."
The cattleman added that similar events have occured in neighboring fields and disclosed that the cow found dead on his property "has a burn on its hind leg that extends up to the knee," and whose origin he cannot explain.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez,
Planeta UFO

Puerto Rico: UFO Over Guanica

DATE: August 2, 2007

Puerto Rico: UFO Sighting Over Guánica

A report received from José A. Martínez of the ARGUS-PR Project

An Unidentified Flying Object was seen overnight in the town of Guánica on Puerto Rico's southern coast. Several witnesses spending the night at one of the many beaches in this community, commonly known as "el pueblo de la amistad" (the town of friendship) reported seeing the object from a beach known as El Tamarindo, located near the Copamarina Hotel. The witnesses numbered some 17 people, some of who were enjoying the cool seaside breeze, others fishing.

At approximately 21:00 hours (9 pm), a strange light reportedly emerged from nowhere, described as a multicolored object shaped like a spinning top. Witnesses Maritza Martinez and her husband Geraldo Cuevas contacted this researcher to say that a smaller light emerged from the object and fell into the sea; another witness who did not want to be identified said that this was not the first time that he had seen lights exhibiting similar behavior, and he had had other experiences as a nocturnal fisherman in the vicinity of the Guánica beach area.

(Translation (c) 2007, IHU. Special thanks to Jose A. Martinez)

Argentina: Mutilations in La Pampa

ARGENTINA: Mutilations in La Pampa

By Raul Oscar Chaves (CIUFOS-LaPampa)

Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU
(c) 2007

As a fellow researcher once noted regarding ufology, this field of study does not grant a full answer to the phenomenon despite the efforts that have been carried out over the course of the decades. Why could this be? Perhaps because the phenomenon lacks any logic whatsoever, and it becomes necessary to understand this.

This opinion is the result of our experiences as field researchers and not mere speculation: the accumulation of information does not necessarily imply the understanding of knowledge, especially the comprehension of a phenomenon that is as atypical as it is illogical.

And I want to make reference here to cattle mutilations, since our experience has consisted mainly of engaging in field research in the province of La Pampa. Not having gone deeper into this research has not been due to a lack of will or ability, but rather, due to the lack of professional support, both veterinary and laboratory alike, institutions of higher learning, etc., with the exception of those who made a superlative effort to clarify the wealth of existing cases.

However, neither experts nor field researchers were convinced by the explanations offered by bureaucrats at the time, much less by childish answers that drew attention to the characteristics of the cases themselves. It was thus that the absence of the following became known:

Anatomical parts
Almost the entirety of blood (7% of the animals weight is the weight of its blood)
Absence of fetuses in cases of pregnancies ascertained by palpation, without detecting any labor
Absence of corneas
Absence of significant muscular groups in unopened bodies (longinis dorsis)
Absence of various glands
Visual confirmation of the nearly complete exposition of the uterus, circumstances that would ascertain the extraction/disappearance of the unborn animal, presumably through suction.
Verification of the existence of electromagnetic radiation over and around the animal.
Verification of the existence of unknown chemical compounds on the animals, impacting the carcasses’ span of preservation.
Discovery of bodies with severe burns (calcinations of the hard palate) both in digestive and respiratory tracts.
Discovery of unknown substances in the form of gelatinous drops over the carcasses, which could never be sampled. Why? Because when attempts were made to recover them, the substance changed its state to become liquid before crystallizing and vanishing altogether. This substance would be a necessary ingredient in the mutilations, with its impact depending on the degree of sublimation achieved.
Verification of the various preservation times, stretching up to 20 days before putrefaction sets in.
Verification through the use of clay ovens of temperatures of between 180 and 200 centigrade to cook meat from mutilated cattle, with 8 hours elapsing without the meat cooking at all, only emerging slightly toasted.
Discovery of carcasses showing signs of mutilation in various stages (up to 3 stages) in a short span of time.
Verification of the perfect preservation of a body in which 60% of its hide and hair were included, after a period of 3 years. Rigidity of the ocular orb due to exposure to a high source of light or heat.
Verification of extreme hardness in the hides, resulting from exposure to radiation.
Verification of states of deterioration and degradation caused in carcasses whose original position had been moved, without natural putrefaction ever occurring.
Verification of the existence of nearly conical imprints of unknown origin in the ground, proportionally distributed (with a depth of 15 cm, an upper diameter of 10 cm an a hexagonal format) and very close to the carcasses.
Discovery of carcasses beyond the perimeters of farms and ranches.
Discovery of animals in atypical postures: on their stomachs, on their backs (legs in the air), with depressions of 5-10 cm beneath them.
Verification of the existence of hematomas, internal bruising and fracturing in animals – facts that would suggest the animals being hurled or dropped from a height.
Discovery of animals with blue and emerald-green eyes; others displaying signs of blindness.
Verification of the existence of incisions that suggest the use of hitherto unknown technologies.
Verification of the existence of a pathogen in various parts of the body, greenish-blue in coming and of unknown origin.
Verification of cattle mutilation in unborn specimens that were still within the cows’ wombs.

With regard to the draining of water tanks, it has been possible to find evidence of effects on sub-aquatic flora growing within the tank – notorious changes in coloring, flattening and spiral shape, suggesting the possibility of their disappearance through suction.

The impact of burns on insects and toads within the same water tanks was also ascertained.

With regard to the condition of the pastures in locations where the mutilated cattle had been located, these areas showed a distinct change in coloration presumably resulting from the impact of electromagnetic radiation. The disappearance of microfauna was also observed.

The foregoing arises from the research conducted by Ciufos-La Pampa in over 300 cattle mutilation cases that have occurred in La Pampa and western Buenos Aires province. This was made possible through the collaboration and advice of experts from a number of fields of endeavor.

The first chemical compounds detected outside of Argentina in mutilation cases suggested the existence of Oxyndol in very high, atypical concentrations. It is believed that the sedative properties achieve positive results through gradual applications, rather than immediately, and would not produce severe burns such as the ones detected (except for unknown states of sublimation) and which would result in sudden death due to heart attack.

The cases from La Pampa and neighboring areas revealed the presence of formaldehyde-- a chemical compound that manifests itself as a colorless gas with a penetrating odor—on the animals. This chemical can be compressed until it achieves a liquid state.

Much like oxyndol, formaldehyde lacks the capacity to yield immediate effects with definite results, under normal circumstances. It can be lethal in higher concentrations. It has aseptic/disinfectant properties and is used in the preservation of samples and cadavers, and can produce skin, eye, nose and throat irritation in humans.

These pathologies were detected by witnesses and researchers alike when approaching the carcasses. Odors similar to ether and formaline were detected, and their presence would have kept vermin and carrion animals from coming close. It should be noted that in two specific cases of consumption of meat from mutilated animals, the flesh had an acid and bitter taste, and could only be eaten after boiling.

In one of the cases in which the parties involved are a witness and the pack of dogs he employees for small game hunting, [consumption of the meat] resulted in a soporific condition that went from 22:00 hours on one day to 17:00 hours the next, continuously.

Opinions posited by professional veterinarians at the time suggested that given the presence of formaldehyde, human involvement could not be dismissed. These chemical agents or compounds, having narcotic and preservative properties, provide a heightened degree of aspepsia which affected witnesses and researchers alike, causing them to manifest such pathologies as impact on the eyes and airways, allergies of undetermined origin, significant weight loss, alteration of melanin levels, lack of bodily stability, liver and intestinal trouble, hair loss, weight increase in muscular mass, intense muscular aches, alteration of normal values in clinical tests, etc. While the mutilation phenomenon centered largely on cattle, it has also affected horses, sheep, dogs, cats, hens, rabbits, domesticated pigs, wild pigs, deer, llamas, guanacos and even humans, as evidenced by the case histories.

Finally, it should be noted that there were specific cases in which the animals involved could survive [the mutilations] but had to be put down due to the extent of their injuries.

In closing, we can remark that the presence Intelligence with a thorough knowledge is at work. The existence of various stages of genetic manipulation would undoubtedly become evident as well.

Raul Oscar Chaves