Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Argentina: Photos of a Possible UFO in Chubut

Source: FAO--Luis Burgos
Date: 02.26.2008

Argentina: Photos of a Possible UFO in Chubut

UFO researcher Luis Burgos of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO -Argentinean Ufological Foundation), has provided us with pictures taken by Marta Fourcade, a native of Buenos Aires who captured an alleged UFO over Lago Menendez, located in the Los Alerces National Park near the Torrecillas Glacier (province of Chubut).

Ms. Fourcade employed a Kodak Easy Share 1003 in taking the photo, for which a date of 23 January 2008 is given. According to Burgos, Ms. Fourcade did not see anything out of the ordinary in the landscape, and was only aware of the object after downloading.

"Our photographic consultant, Jorge Luis Figueiras, has submitted the results of his analysis from Alto Valle, Rio Negro," writes Burgos. "What we suspected from the start was confirmed - a spectacular UFO was flying over that magnificent geography!"

(Translation (c) 2008 IHU. Special thanks to Luis Burgos)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ecuador: UFOs and Volcanoes

Photo of a possible UFO taken by a member of the CIUFOS-LaPampa group during a holiday in Ecuador. The object is shown high above that country's Tungurahaua volcano. Image courtesy of Raul Oscar Chaves.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mexico: Triangular UFO Photographed During Eclipse?

Ana Luisa Cid has sent us this photo of a possible triangular UFO taken during the recent Lunar Eclipse. UFO activity in Mexico remains unabated: please read Prof. Cid's on-the-spot report of the Mezcala CE-2 and view the interviews for yourself on at

Inexplicata TV

You are cordially invited to sample Inexplicata's annual roundups of UFO photography from Latin America and Spain at both and now at! Also featured are the documentaries "Chupacabras: Fact or Fiction?" and "Cattle Mutilations in Argentina".

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Argentina: Laguna Don Tomás

Another photograph from the same sequence, taken in January 2008 at Laguna Don Tomás on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, Province of La Pampa, Argentina.

Photo courtesy Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOSLAPAMPA.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Argentina: "Chance UFOs" in La Pampa

Raul Oscar Chaves from the "Ciufoslapampa" organization has very kindly provided the attached images to INEXPLICATA.

He writes: "These photos were taken at the Don Tomas Lagoon, located on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, La Pampa. They were taken by one of our group's collaborators who is also an enthusiast of photography. At the time that these images were taken, nothing led the photographer to suspect the presence of "chance UFOs", which were detected when the photos were downloaded to the computer. These images were taken using a 5 megapixel Sony camera and were taken during the month of January of this year."

INEXPLICATA would like to thank Raul Oscar Chaves not only for these photos, but for the startling images that have been obtained in the province of La Pampa for a number of years.

Mexico: Video of the 2008 Mezcala CE-II

By Ana Luisa Cid

The "La Cronica Vespertina de Chilpancingo" was the first newspaper to make the sightings in Mezcala known as an article signed by Lic. Francisco Rangel on January 10, 2008 with photos by Mr. Heladio Hernandez.
The article stated that a strange light accompanied by others of smaller sizes had caused panic among the residents of Mezcala, stressing that the event had a duration greater than 30 hours, witnessed by the entirety of the town's residents, ranging in ages from children to senior citizens.
The first reports indicated that the phenomenon started in the early hours of 31 December 2007 and was present until the first hours of February 2, 2008.
It is especially noteworthy that the electric power supply to the town was affected by this event.
Some residents state that the strange light passed over the main square and then landed at Cerro Pie de Minas, where it remained, putting forth powerful flashes, especially at night.
Given the long duration of the phenomenon, the residents of Mezcala had the opportunity of recording the unusual event on still cameras and video cameras, so that dozens of images are available.
One resident told the press that he had seen a mark on the hill where the UFO had landed. He claims having found an area in which the grass was flattened into a circular shape.
There is no further information in this regard. It should be noticed that in the photos taken with my own camera, I did not notice any marks on the ground. Journalists, however, shall continue researching and trying to find the alleged mark on the hill.
Mezcala is a community in the State of Guerrero (Mexico) located in a valley surrounded by the Sierra del Sur and the Cadena de los Filos; it is the location of the mine that boasts the largest gold deposits in Latin America and there is abundant mineral wealth in the region.

Given the importance of this news item, I traveled to Mezcala to learn more about the mass sighting and the possible CE-2 event. I was in Mezcala and Chilpancingo on the 15th, 16th and 17th of February 2008, corroborating that the news item was legitimate and even more startling. All of the interviewed parties agreed in their accounts. No one denied the events or ignored them, including the elderly or children. Research on the Mezcala Case is being conducted as a team with Lic. Francisco Rangel and Mr. Heladio Hernandez from the "La Cronica Vespertina de Chilpancingo", whose valuable assistance I acknowledge.

At this time, I have two videos of the flying objects of Mezcala.
The first material was presented on television on 11 February 2008 and corresponds to the video taken by the Lopez Sanchez family. They gave me a copy outside the Televisa facilities on 5 February. The family lives in Mexico City and visited Mezcala during the winter holidays, staying with relatives. This allowed them to become witnesses to the event.
The second video was given to me by Lic. Rangel and its author is Alfonso Ramirez. The journalists -- who are aware of almost all of the videos taken in Mezcala -- believe that the Ramirez material is the best by virtue of the fact that it shows the three flying objects described by witnesses, and they can be clearly seen despite the nocturnal nature of the video.
Thanks to the Lopez Family and Mr. Ramirez, I was able to secure these images. I would like to thank them for the trust they have placed in my work.

The video can be seen at:

(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Argentina: More on the Alleged Firestarting UFO

Source: Radio Tandil and Planeta UFO
Date: 02.10.08

Argentina: More on the Alleged Firestarting UFO

According to a metallurgist eyewitness, last week's fire in the hills of Tandilia, Province of Buenos Aires, were caused by a UFO.

Newspaper reports from Tandil suggest that a worker in the Ronicevi metallurgical plant was reporting to his shift at 4 a.m., and he claims having seen a UFO that gave off a considerable brightness and had a size similar to
the full Moon.

"It was like a giant fireball and it fell behind the hill," said the local, whose testimony was corroborated spontaneously by other people. According to the story, this object fell around four o'clock in the morning on the summit of Cerro Las Animas.

The wildfire devoured a broad region, causing serious damage and the evacuation of homes and one hotel. It is said that the fire did not start on Monday, but rather on Sunday, when a new outbreak occurred.

Two weeks ago, a ufologist claimed that a UFO flap was underway. The fact of the matter is that the authorities have been able to confirm the source of the fire, and did not find the remains of the object seen by locals.

(Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Background on Firestarting UFOs

Argentina: Background on Firestarting UFOs
A fragment of the article "Fires of Unknown
Origin" by Scott Corrales (FATE Magazine, 2006)

When is a fire not a fire?

As night settles over the Pampa – the vast expanse of Argentinean flatland that transcends the confines of the province named after it – strange sights are seen by those who make it their business to be up after dark: hunters lying in wait for large boars to appear out of the darkness, lonely truckers making their way along unlit roads to make much-needed deliveries in small towns, and farmers looking for stray animals. The farms known as estancias pepper the emptiness much like stars filling the night sky, separated by many miles between and invisible to each other.

Sometimes, the impenetrable cloak of darkness is broken by an unearthly sight: the sudden appearance of a large dome of light that emerges from the short, scrub trees, casting a blood-red glow over the emptiness, suggesting the sudden start of a prairie fire that will devour the scrub vegetation in a matter of minutes, trapping the hapless observer in a wall of flames.

This is exactly what was reported by a group of hunters in the Pampa in August 1996: after witnessing the unearthly glow and the bloody flames, they thought their fate had been sealed by a rogue prairie fire, but as they sought a means of escape, they realized that they could not hear the trademark sign of a fire despite the approaching glow. This caused them to pause and look at the luminous dome at the center of the conflagration, which despite its reddish glow and yellow-orange core, did not produce any smoke: “the fire that is not a fire”, as it is known.

Julio Orozco, a deputy sergeant with the La Pampa police, witnessed many of these “unfires” throughout his life, mainly near his hometown of 25 de Mayo. In 1995, according to a report provided by Gaceta Ovni magazine ( Orozco and an assistant were patrolling some government offices in this empty region when both men noticed what appeared to be a large, raging fire in the distance. “…I saw a light that glared brighter than hell. Ordering my assistant to load shovels into the truck to fight the blaze, I phoned the firefighters in 25 de Mayo come to the scene. As I changed out of my uniform, my assistant came over to say the conflagration had put itself out. I thought it was a joke or that we had all gone crazy; a fire of that magnitude simply doesn’t snuff itself out.”

Yet Orozco struggled in vain to find the least ember of the massive dome of fire that had prompted him to call for help. After phoning the fire brigade once more to report a false alarm, he headed toward where the dome of light had been seen for a closer look.

“We went to Medanitos, to the oil fields, but saw nothing. We headed for the petrochemical plant to see if one of the burners had gone off, but nothing. No sooner did we get out of our pickup truck, a group of workers ran over to us asking if we’d seen the fire. According to them, it had been some six kilometers distant. They attested to the fact that none of the refinery’s burners were in operation at the time.”

Villagers have reported that huge trees known as ombús (phytolacca dioica) have been seen burning from their lofty crowns, consumed from above by a fire that does not involve combustion; one such tree in the province of Entre Rios was burned to the ground in such a manner, with no traces of a fire anywhere in evidence.

But strange objects have also been seen causing vast conflagrations: the fields on the city of Londres, Rioja Province, in the Andean foothills, were torched by the maneuvers of a “firestarting UFO” that disgorged a fireball on the fateful night of August 13, 1982 while two police officers looked on in utter disbelief from their patrol car. It was suggested that the unidentified object had deliberately waited for gale-force winds to blow down from the mountains before releasing the gout of flame, causing fire to devour the vineyards and groves of this largely agricultural region. The Buenos Aires’ Clarín and La Crónica newspapers covered the shocking story. Curiously enough, the ancient cultures of the Andean valleys had worshipped the fire god Pachacamac. Could the deity have come to collect his long overdue share of the harvest?

Startling though it may seem to us, the phenomenon of sudden fiery masses descending from above has been going on for centuries: La Visión de los Vencidos, the compilation of Aztec chronicles that recounts the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and the strange omens that heralded the end of Aztec civilization include a strange account involving a "tongue of flame" (not a lightning bolt) descending from a clear night sky onto the straw-roofed temple of Huitzilopotchli, leveling the shrine and spreading panic among the citizens of Tenochtitlan. The Bible also offers us episodes in which sudden torrents of fire would descend from the heavens-- either consume a sacrifice or destroy an enemy.

In Chile, during a UFO flap that lasted from the April 25 to May 25 1977, the residents of the village of Vilcún looked on in terror as an immense "flying saucer" approached their homes at low altitude. The vehicle spun furiously on its axis and launched tongues of flame at the ground, making an "unbearable din" as it did so. The case's authenticity was verified by the GIFE (Grupo Investigativo de Fenómenos Extraterrestres). The investigators detected a sharp rise in radiation throughout the area.

In April 2006, the Institute of Hispanic Ufology reported a case involving a UFO – allegedly witnessed and photographed by police officers – that hovered over a scorched region of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi that burned to ashes as a consequence of an overwhelming conflagration.

Cattle ranchers in the vicinity of Tamuín were bewildered by the saucer-shaped craft, which hovered in plain sight for an unspecified number of minutes. Whether the unknown object was inspecting its handiwork or just happened to be attracted by the devastation is unknown; the fact remains that the blaze on March 10, 2006 torched a thousand hectares of pastures and the small peasant settlements with their respective small farms and ranches. The losses in livestock and farm equipment were equally high.

Strange fires were also unleashed that day in Valles, San Vicente, Tamasopo, El Naranjo, Ciudad del Maiz and other municipalities, causing temperatures to rise to nearly 45 degrees Centigrade.

There was no loss of human life in any of the cases mentioned above. This, however, has not been the case in every single event of this nature…

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mexico: UFO Over Chiapas

Prof. Ana Luisa Cid has just sent INEXPLICATA two photographs taken in the Mexican state of Chiapas in December 2007. They were submitted by Roberto Flores Miranda and were taken by his younger brother, Gustavo.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Colombia: UFO Over Antioquia

Source: Caracol and Noticias UFO
Date: 02.03.2008

Colombia: UFOs Over Antioquía

Residents of western Medellin and regions to the east of Antioquía claimed having seen an unidentified flying object on Sunday morning for several minutes.

In telephone calls to the newsroom of Caracol Radio in Medellin, several citizens confirmed having seen a luminous "flying saucer" with green, blue and red lights that remained static and later disappeared.

The sighting was reported by residents of the San Javier, 20 de Julio, Belen and Altavista districts and subsequently by summer tourists from Rionegro in eastern Antioquía, who also claimed seeing an oval, silvery flying object.

Officials at the radar stations in the Olaya Herrara Airport of Medellin and Jose Maria Cordova Airport in Rionegro denied that the devices recorded any abnormal activity whatsoever attributing the phenomenon to the sighting of weather balloons.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales. Special thanks to Lucas Grossi, Noticias UFO).

Argentina: A Firestarting Bolide?

Source: El Eco Digital
Date: 02.06.2008

Argentina: A Firestarting Bolide?

Witnesses claim that a strange object started the formidable fire in the mountains
Presence of a strange object in the sky - theory gains increasing strength

Another fire was recorded last night near Rancho de Popy, which was controlled by local firefighters, who explained that it was normal for fires to restart. For this reason they continued monitoring the area. However, witnesses claim having seen a strange object in the area ravaged by flames.

At the same time that the firefighters struggled to quench the flames, the rumor spread along the Tandil sierras that "a UFO was to blame." Others said : "It was a fireball," and still others insisted: "No, no, it was a ball of many colors that fell right in the middle of the hill."

Thus, hours have gone by and eyewitness accounts have added up right after another, increasing in sensationalism and being added to other possibilities amenable to the popular belief system, considering what could have been responsible for starting such an early morning bonfire.

El Eco de Tandil had the chance to chat with a local who preferred to remain anonymous: "Otherwise I won't be able to go outside due to the joshing I'll be subjected to," he apologized, while recounting his amazing story which led us to Route 30 on the way to Buenos Aires.

"I was with my companion on a business trip to Buenos Aires. The sky was starry on a calm early morning, almost on the verge of sunrise. We felt privileged to be able to see the phenomenon that was taking place -- all lined up we could see the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. It was remarkable to see and we felt privileged." But all of this suddenly changed when a red light -- that did not fall into anyone's plan and had not been described by the local newspapers, who had announced the alignment phenomenon --- crossed the sky at high speed.

"It all lasted between five and ten seconds. The red light travelled at great speed toward Tandil and descended toward the ground, until it vanished from our sight. It all happened so quickly that we didn't have a chance to react. As soon as we saw the light we hit the brakes and pulled over in an effort to take photos or film it with the cellphone, but I didn't even have enough time to draw the cellphone from my pocket."

At this point, the traveler suggested that "it could have been a piece of space junk, because it wasn't a star or an airplane. And I don't believe in UFOs," he said in closing. But one must add the same thing that is said of witches -- they don't exist, but they're there.

Meanwhile, the national media has also picked up the story about the events that could have started the fire that blazed a thousand hectares of the Tandil landscape. On the internet, one of the most popular news mediums, we find the digital page of renowned journalist and broadcaster Chiche Gelblung, who put up an article on his website entitled: "Is it True That A UFO Caused the Fires in Tandil?"

The article goes on to say that "only two weeks ago, a researcher interviewed by had forecasted it: A UFO flap was in the works. And this is what appears to have kicked off in Tandil. Various eyewitnesses alerted the media to the fact that they had seen an enormous fireball shortly before the fire that devastated hundreds of hectares in recent hours."

Wintesses claimed over the air that an unidentified flying object crashed on Cerro de las Animas around 4 a.m. on Monday. This was the hill that caught fire this morning. To these callers, the skyfall was the cause of the fire that caused severe damage and the evacuation of homes and a hotel."

"It was like an enormous fireball and it fell behind the hill," another local told this program. Immediately, others emerged to corroborate the report, among them a worker for a local metallurgical firm, who said that the UFO gave off an intense glow and its size was similar to the that of the full Moon.

With the coincidence of the start of the the most intense fire, many felt the temptation to tie up these loose ends. However, firefighters believe that the fire began before this odd phenomenon was reported. Meanwhile, the event has become the sole topic of conversation in the town," says the otherworldly report.


(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)