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Argentina: Phantom UFO over Buenos Aires

Raul Oscar Chaves writes: During the second half of January 2008, David V. toured the city of Buenos Aires. From the total number of images obtained, he noticed that some of them contained unknown objects that were not detected at the time that the photo was taken. He employed a 7.1 mpix Kodak EasyShare.

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Argentina: UFO Sightings in Necochea and Quequén

Argentina: UFO Sightings in Necochea and Quequén
By Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO

NECOCHEA –January 2000

The city of Necochea on Argentina’s Atlantic seaboard found its hotels crammed with thousands of foreign tourists who come to enjoy the long beaches known as the “soft slope” which run in excess of 300 meters from the sea to Avenida 2 (Costanera), their fine sand and the purity of its waters, refreshed by constant waves. This is one of the factors which among others ( their width, which makes them unique in Argentina) and Parque Miguel Lillo, covering over 700 hectares and including a million trees, largely pines and firs which provided shelter to the birds living in the area, have aided in keeping temperatures in excess of 30 degrees every day during the month, making Necochea beach a safe and enchanting place for tourists.

Once again, the UFO phenomenon did not delay its appearance.

On January 20th, a wedding feast took place in the ballrooms of the Complejo Nuevo Casino, located on the shore at Avenida 2. The young couple of Maria Paola Murua and Sergio Marcos had married at said location.

After nightfall, while enjoying their wedding dinner, the couple decided to go to the beach in front of the Casino to take video shots of the festivities among the newlyweds and their gests. While standing at the beach belonging to the Automóvil Club Argentino (A.C.A.) at 02.00 hours in the morning (21 January), the guests saw a luminous whitish blue object crossing the skies along the coast. Visibility was good, and the skies were clear and starry with only a few clouds.

The object’s transit lasted less than 40 seconds and was completely silent (at least no sound could be heard in the distance).

One of the female guests noticed the phenomenon and informed profesional cameraman Roberto Nebot, who was shooting the wedding video, and managed to record the object’s transit on a Panasonic 9500 Zoom x 12 / GAIN + 7 camera.

Not all of the guests paid much attention to the event, and even others chose to ignore it. Even the cameraman himself only recorded a few seconds before returning to the wedding celebration.

Some of the witnesses’ names remain anonymous at the request of the parties involved—however, all of the information has been recorded as part of my research.

The images in question show the antics of all the wedding guests on the beach as well as the presence of the UFO being detected by a female guest. The UFO can be clearly seen in the darkness of the coast, flying at low speed and at a great distance toward the south before vanishing in the clouds (according to the main eyewitness).

The UFO is very bright and at times varies its whitish-blue intensity (or as it passes through the clouds).

The film with the images obtained of the object is currently in my files and forms part of a new sighting supported by video evidence, substantiating the local case histories.

Another incident also took place in mid-Januray 2000 on the Necochea coast.

The witnesses in this case were several fishing boats commonly knowh as the “Yellow boats.”

In early hours of the morning, at approximately 02:30 or 03:00 a.m. and under complete darkness, the fishermen—a total of seven—observed a white light approaching their vessels and headed for the Necochea coastline.

At first they all thought it was a helicopter, but were surprised by its strange, completely silent movement, as well as its reasons for such behavior. Furthermore, there are no helicopters patrolling the coast so early in the morning.

Their astonishment was undescribable as they realized that what they were seeing was a large vesse, similar to two soup plates, which placed itself above the fishing boats, emitting a great beam of white light which “lit the night as though it were day.”

The fishermen radioed other vessels in the area; the crews of these other ships also became witnesses of the phenomenon (amounting to a total of over 40 fishermen).

The phenomenon itself inspired fear, according to one of the eyewitness, especially the UFO’s approach and the firing of the beam of light. The object remained present for some minutes before vanishing, moving away in the darkness of the night across the sea.

Regrettably, the names of the eyewitnesses and other accounts remain undisclosed, since they would rather not tell their stories out of fear for the ridicule they might experience in the court of public opinion. (This is due to the fact that they have already “suffered” similar reactions in other experiences they’ve had).

This story reached me directly from other co-workers in the fishing business, attesting to the truthfulness of the events. The witnesses are highly reliable and credible people.

The witnesses added that it was common the unidentified aerial phenomena in this region of Necochea and Quequen, not only flying along the shore or over the city, but emerging or plunging into the ocean.

Several other cases similar to this one can be shown for comparative purposes.

For example, we can also cite the case which took place in Necochea on 11 July 1968 when four persons driving along the coast saw a UFO at 01:05 hours. The startled onlookers noticed that the object was 800 meters inland from the shore.

The event immediately gave rise to remarks among the startled youngster while they object could be seen from an Argentinean merchant marine vessel.

The UFO was apparently stationed at some 100 meters altitude; it had an ovoidal shape and was extremely bright, resembling “a fireball”, according to one of the witnesses.

It appeared suddenly over the Atlantic, moved swiftly and made a sudden stop while issuing a beam of light which covered a radius of approximately 50 meters.

The strange object disappeared shortly afterwards, as mysteriously as it had first appeared. But witnesses were able to see that prior to setting in motion, the beam of light was “swallowed” back into the UFO, rising into the object.

The next morning, a press conference was held at the Prefecture of the Port of Quequén-Necochea. The speaker was the captain of the domestic registry vessel “Rio Grande, Jorge Alberto Bóveda, 24, accompanied by radiotelegraph operator Manuel Jorge Fotini and helmsman Manuel Silva do Santos.

During the event, a report was given as to the presence and detection of the UFO along with certain observations made from the ship.

The sailors said that “its color was hard to describe. It had orange tinges, and appeared to be coming for the ship but suddenly stopped and began to issue a powerful beam of light toward the water, which acquired a hue similar to mercury".

They admitted having felt fear due to the UFO’s presence and the fact that it was almost soundless duiring the minute it was almost directly over the vessel.

The news agencies gave the case national coverage, reporting that an Argentinean merchantman waiting to enter Port Quequen and less than 1 kilometer from the bulkhead limit had seen a UFO at 174 degrees, between 3 and 5 degrees of the city of Necochea.

Capitán Bóveda stated: "that no electrical or magnetic alterations or desiturbances were recorded while the object remained present near the ship.”

It is worth noting that the account given by the four Necocheans who saw the object from land coincided perfectly with the details given by the sailors.

The witnesses on land were three young ladies Bella Blanca Zubillaga, Diana and Aurora Etcheverry and Mr. Francisco Pazdera.

It should be noted that on the morning of Wednesday, July 10, several residents of Quequen startled public opinion by claiming to have witnessed the maneuvers of a UFO over their city. This case was widely circulated in the local newspaper, which included the eyewitnesses’ accounts.

At this point we must make clear that the January 21, 2000 event involving the sighting of a UFO during a wedding, aside from the one involving the fishing crews of the “yellow boats " received no publicity whatsoever, remaining unknown -until now- by the public at large and the written/televised media, since the parties involved preferred not to comment on the event. It was only a few days later that I received knowledge of these events, and that gave rise to my research.

This is the first time that any information has been released regarding these two significant UFO events. "One doesn’t lie about this kind of thing. You say what you saw and that’s it.” This was the opinion of Mr. Orlando Ostrobski, 69, who witnessed the transit of a silent object on Wednesday, March 1, 2000 over the city of Quequén, Buenos Aires Province (Argentina) .

"To me, it was a UFO," says Ostrobski, a custodian at the Pinocho Bathing Facility at Quequén, one of Necochea’s neighboring cities. At around 21:15 hours he saw an oval-shaped object “sumounted by a dome and with a blue colored light.”

"It was no hallucination—I saw it very clearly." The witness tells us he was on the building’s deck at 502 Street, from which the two reefs of Puerto Quequén can be clearly seen.

"I was somewhat startled, because I could see this light coming". He pointed out that while he had seen UFOs earlier, he had never seen anything similar so close.

The object was moving from the South (coast of Necochea) toward the north some 120 to 150 meters in the air, approximately, at an estimated speed of 50 kilometers an hour.

The Events

On Wednesday, Orlando Ostrobski and his wife were watching TV at their home located at the rear of the Pinocho building, located at 1355 Calle 502, facing the shore. This is a heavily visited tourist area in the summertime and a very good location for surfing events. This is the place where large numbers of young people gather to engage in such marine activities, as they do in Necochea—the only two places in Argentina that attract surfers due to the quality of their waves. The mos perfect “curls” in the country can be found here.

Upon looking southward (toward the Necochea shoreline) he was startled to see the strange object. The time between 21.15 to 21.20 hrs.

He tells us that “it wasn’t an aicraft. I think it was a UFO. It was oval-shaped, similar to 2 soup plates joined at the edges, very bright, and had a dome with a little blue light.”

"By the time I called her it was already gone. Only a few seconds had elapsed since his sighting of the object, whose size he was unable to ascertain, although adding that it was “very large.”Cuando la iba a llamar ya había desaparecido". Sólo habían pasado unos segundos desde que avistó el objeto, del que no pudo precisar el tamaño, aunque afirmó que era "muy grande".

Having consulted the Necochea Airport for flights in that area, we were given a negative response: no airplanes flew over the shores of Necochea or Quequén at that time.

The object moved in silence. There was no sound of engines or injectors. “Nothing could be heard,” states Ostrobski.

He further added that “airplanes have tails, where their beacons are located, and this object lacked both tail and beacon.” At this time, the night was starry and clear.

"I was on the deck and could see this large light coming. I thought: It’s not a plane, nor a chopper, because I couldn’t hear any engine noise.”

Which is why he says: " One doesn’t lie about these things. You say what you saw and that’s it."

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1995: Chupacabras on the Airwaves

Puerto Rico: Chupacabras on the Airwaves
By Scott Corrales

I recently came across a radio interview that formed part of my original writings on the Chupacabras phenomenon in 1995, and which provided a good deal of insight on human reactions to the sudden appearance of the predator – responses ranging from iron-clad skepticism to unquestioning acceptance. The name of the show was “Senderos” and was a call-in program hosted by parapsychologist Jose Enrique Acosta. His guest on that particular installment, which aired in the summer of 1995,
zoologist Edwin Velásquez, who stated that his study of Puerto Rico's "vampire" problem went back twenty years, when he was employed with the now defunct Safari Park Zoo. The zoologists tone was skeptical throughout the broadcast, as was that of the host, but witnesses and journalists held the line.

This transcript appeared in “The Chupacabras Diaries” but was omitted from “Chupacabras and Other Mysteries”. It nonetheless constitutes an interesting “outtake” that many readers may not have had a chance to see before.

Transcript of the Show

Host: many people have said that the creature drags itself along the ground, lives in caves...is there anything to this belief?

Zoologist: Not everyone can describe a creature they see at night, and their imagination fills the blanks by association with other things. It happens very often in the Laguna Cartagena region, where feral monkeys escaped from a research institute. A person seeing one of these apes in twilight would believe they had seen a little man, thus mistaking the real for the fantastic.

Host: [...] people must learn to banish their fears, as can be witnessed by the situation created around vampires, bloodsuckers, and an entire array of creatures.

Zoologist: This is dangerous, because when the humble, ignorant people of our rural areas hear that there is a bloodsucking creature on the loose, they believe it. Hysteria sets in. We should not be so sensationalistic. The media, for whatever reason, only gives one part of the story rather than the whole story.

[After a commercial break, the host returned with another guest on the line: Arnaldo Ginés of Channel 11 on the telephone. The reason for his having been invited on the show was that he had of course investigated the Orocovis "vampires."]

Journalist: Who said they were vampires?

Host: The callers to our show who've been saying that vampires or extraterrestrials are to blame...but since you're a scientific journalist, we'd like you to tell us exactly what transpired.

Journalist: Well, I always try to produce an objective report by having people say exactly what it is they've seen. I cannot testify to something I haven't seen, or that my cameraman hasn't filmed. All I can say is that there were indeed dead animals with wounds on their bodies which can be attributed to any creature, in all the time that we've been going to Orocovis. We did see a bull die before our very eyes, which was a very impressive sight, but aside from that, I can't lay claim to having seen anything unusual. Some of the people who've agreed to be interviewed before our camera claim, allege, having seen something strange and have even produced a number of drawings of what they saw.

Host: But your cameraman hasn't picked up anything strange?

Journalist: Not at all. We have gone out at night with infrared film in the camera and haven't come up with anything.

Host: What about these strange marks on the animals' bodies? Do they appear to have been made by dogs?

Journalist: Well, that's where I draw the line, because I'm in no way well-versed in the subject. I understand that a when a dog bites, it tends to tear at the flesh, but I'm not by any means an expert in their behavior. It is curious, however, that the dead bull and the dead sheep had wounds that were similar to each other, and the animals that were wounded but didn't die displayed the same wounds.

Host: [...] Our guest Edwin Velásquez has some questions for you...

Zoologist: Yes, I would like to know if the persons in the regions remarked that there were dogs in the area, or if the wounds could be attributed to feral dogs.

Journalist: Well, at least one witness says that wild dogs could have been responsible, particularly around the property belonging to Quique Barreto, where the dead sheep were found. There is a waste dump in the area where wild animals of all kinds could have bred. It's possible, therefore, that dogs could be involved. I think in fact that Tito Chávez from Natural Resources has said that dog bites or bites caused by some other animal are more than likely the explanation, as opposed to some extraterrestrial creature as some parties have tried to make it seem.

Host: What about the dead heifer? Was it ill before it died? Was its owner treating it with some medication?

Journalist: I really don't know if it was sick. I understand that, as in Don Quique's case, when they found the animals lying there, they were injected with substances at the recommendation of a veterinarian. I suppose the same happened with the bull. It's possible that a reaction or overdose brought about the death--but I'm speculating. I understand that lab results are being expected. I would like your listeners to know that I enjoy this kind of reporting and that when it is an unusual matter, it is highly attractive for purposes of the print media and television. I become concerned, though, when hysteria begins to spread, for which reason I made a report twelve days later showing that no animal deaths had taken place. We cannot say the witnesses are lying, but it cannot be denied that something has been seen causing the attacks.

Zoologist: There is always possibility that an exotic animal is on the loose and has caused these deaths. It could have been released accidentally or on purpose, causing the damage in question.

Journalist: Well, what matters is that there have been no more attacks over the past 12 days, and the people of Orocovis can begin feeling calmer about the situation. Trust that the authorities will clear up the matter...I recall that in Camuy, a few years ago, certain pigs died mysteriously, and I'm not sure if it was ever cleared up. For many years people spoke about the Moca Vampire, but I understand that it was all a hoax...

Host: It was a hoax...

Zoologist: It was fabricated...

Journalist:...they took a bat and inserted false fangs into its mouth, or something like that.

Host: No, the fangs were inserted in a bird that was photographed in the newspapers, and it allegedly sucked blood. It turned out to be a guabairo, a bird native to Puerto Rico, into which the spurs used by fighting roosters had been inserted.

Journalist: Now, during all my time in Orocovis, no one has told me anything about animals being bloodless or having their blood removed.

Host: Of course, of course, and you've just made an interesting point. Blood specimens were drawn on the dead animals.

Journalist: Sure.

Host: But the story is that the extraterrestrials landed and left them without a single drop of blood, and this isn't true.

Journalist: Correct. No one has told me that they have no blood. I believe that there are people here and around the world who believe in extraterrestrials and have studied the matter for years, there are folks in different parts of the island and of the world who allege having seen strange lights and animals. I respect these peoples' beliefs, in the same way I respect religion and politics. But as a journalist I must stay objective, even though I have my own point of view of this situation. But I can tell people that it is a UFO only if I've captured it in my camera lens. For this reason I insist that these deaths could have been produced by an exotic animal, and that the people of Orocovis were unable to describe an animal they had never seen before...not so long ago I went to Cabo Rojo to report on some apes that were on the loose, in an area where there are no apes to begin with.

Zoologist: They're still there, you know.

Journalist: Its a highly complex matter, and the problem is that the people of Orocovis have taken it very seriously, and it has affected many local children. They can't go to school, they're restless in their sleep, and I feel that although we have a responsibility to inform people about what's going on, we're also responsible for urging them to remain calm, without having to cause an alarm.

Host: That's how it is, and Arnaldo, we would like to thank you for being on our show...everyone knows the serious and scientific approach you've taken in all your stories.

Journalist: You're very welcome. Good night.

Host: We will now begin taking phone calls on the line, only calls related to tonight's subject. Noti-Uno, hello?

Caller #1: Hello, good evening. This is Tita M. calling...

Host: Doña Tita, excuse me for a minute...aside from the callers already on the line, I'm inviting our listeners from Orocovis to call us as well. I feel they deserve every chance to comment on what's going on in their community. Please go ahead, Doña Tita.

Caller #1: As I'm talking to you, The Learning Channel, I think it's Channel 30, is showing something on flying objects, UFOs, and there's a Harvard professor who alleges that they exist, and a whole lot more. My question is this: where do the UFOs seen over Orocovis fit in? Where do the...

Host: Excuse me, Doña Tita, who said anything about flying saucers?

Caller # 1: Well, according to the reports...

Host: There were no reports, photos, films, or any evidence or proof.

Caller #1: I'm sorry, but I heard on WKAQ that there are two witnesses who did see flying objects. I'm not making this up as I go along.

Host: No, no, I understand. Scientifically, there is no proof that any sightings have taken place, only sightings of lights, which are common...

Caller #1: And the decomposition [process] of the animals, which didn't take place, was something I also found strange. Furthermore, all I could say--and Don Edwin knows that I know quite a bit about animals...

Zoologist: Yes.

Caller #1: Do you remember, Edwin, the Tasmanian Devil that escaped from el Monoloro? [defunct zoo]

Zoologist: The one in Carolina, you mean?

Caller #1: No, not the Monoloro, the other one...

Host: Safari Park?

Caller#1: That's the one! That was years ago, and it's the only thing that could...I'm looking at this objectively, but the flesh didn't rot with the tremendous heat we've been experiencing. Once, I took two geese which had been found in Cabo Rojo, with no blood and puncture marks, to a vet, who was well known here. He did the autopsy and everything, but after it was done, he refused to sign the autopsy protocol. The geese didn't have a drop of blood between them.

Host: I'm going to jump ahead of Edwin here. I'm not a scientist or a doctor like he is...

Caller #1: I think that the protocols or the Federal paperwork granted to veterinarians or importers, people having to do with fauna and flora, are afraid to receive a sanction from Federal authorities, but I'm sitting here watching extraterrestrials on channel 30, and I'm wondering what's going on?

Host: Well, you can have anything you want going on, But let me tell you from experience that I'm not an authorized embalmer, but I have done embalming of bodies during years, and blood is the first thing to decompose. When something has bled to death, there is little blood to be found. With no blood in the body, the decomposition process takes longer to come about. I imagine that the same applies to animals. Edwin can challenge me on this point if it isn't so.

Zoologist: It is so, and both the climatological and soil conditions play a role in determining this matter. Many animal corpses do not show the decomposition one would expect after many days.

Caller #1: I'd like to add that a few years ago, along with 42 other people at the Caguas Drive-In, I saw a mothership which was later featured on the first page of the old El Mundo newspaper. Among the witnesses there were judges, psychologists...

Host: I'm not saying extraterrestrials don't exist, but the animals are the subject tonight. I have to let you go, since the board is full. Noti-Uno, hello?

Caller #2: Good evening. Do they [extraterrestrials] exist or not?

Host: Look, the subject tonight isn't whether extraterrestrials exist or not, and I still haven't met anyone who has photographed them or filmed them. The day that happens, I'll do like my friend Arnaldo Ginés and respect the person who took the photo or film, which I would then present to you. I don't doubt it. My concept of extraterrestrial is different from that of most people. Someday we'll do a special program on the subject. To me extraterrestrials and Marian apparitions are the Gods which have been deified over the centuries.

Caller #2: But my question has to do with tonight's...

Host: No. As Dr. Edwin Velázquez has said, the wounds are caused by dogs. Got it?

Caller #2: So now it's dogs.

Host: No, it's not a matter of "now it's dogs." It has always been dogs that attacked the animals because the waste dumps were close. Wild dogs were seen in the area. There are no extraterrestrials in Orocovis. It isn't true.

Caller #2: Well, now there's a neighbor saying they saw dogs, and it's really confusing...

Host: No, no. There were people who claim having seen an animal skulking about, another [person] was performing a biological necessity and saw an animal climb up a tree...

Caller #2: And he made a drawing of it...

Host: Aha. Why didn't he make a drawing of it before? We're just going through a period of collective hysteria, fear. If we were living in the Puerto Rico of the 1920's, I would have believed the man who appeared on the newscast, but in the age in which we live, with toilets available, anyone who tells me they went into the woods to defecate, I can't believe...these cases are entirely different. They are not the same. [break in dialogue]...We cannot compare what happened in Mexico or in Canada with what happens here in Puerto Rico, specifically what's happening in Orocovis. Do you understand?

Caller#2: Ummm.

Host: Okay? Thanks for your call and good night. Noti-Uno, good evening?

Caller#3: Good evening, this is Jorge Berrios from Bayamón.

Host: Yes, what is your question for Doctor Edwin Velásquez?

Caller#3: My question is: why, if he categorically states that we're dealing with dogs, did the same dogs not attack in the same area earlier?

Zoologist: These things have always occurred. Dogs have always attacked animals and the people who live in the area and have been interviewed can attest to it. However, in this matter, for whatever reason, there is a lapse of a few years and new wave of stories emerges about UFOs or attacks on animals. It's a seasonal affair. It just so happens that now it's in Orocovis...

Caller #3: Okay, but what I'm saying is that with the sheer volume of dogs that we have in Puerto Rico, it just so happens that the dogs from Orocovis are the ones going after steers?

Zoologist: It isn't a coincidence. It happens every day.

Caller #3: With the same characteristics?

Zoologist: With the same characteristics. In other words, it's nothing strange. What's strange is that there are people who want to give it connotations of an unknown phenomenon.

Caller #3: But I ask you again: have you gone to the area?

Zoologist: Orocovis? Yes, I've been in Orocovis. And I've been to many other places on the island.

Host: Don't forget, friend, that Dr. Edwin Velásquez is a zoologist and independently from this, the government has hired him to perform this kind of work over the past 20 years. For that reason I asked him to come on this show: not just to tell you that dogs were responsible, but to give you faith in that it's a scientific matter, OK?

Caller #3: I know, but excuse me: Noticentro Cuatro just interviewed a biologist, and the man said that in no way could vampire bats have caused such damage to the animals.

Host: We're not talking about vampires here. We're talking about dogs.

Caller #3: In closing, I would like him to tell me what kind of exotic animal can cause wounds of that nature, and bring about an animal's death?

Zoologist: Well, there are several kinds of carnivores that can cause that kind of damage. What do you want me to tell you? There are felines, and we're not talking about lions or tigers here..

Caller #3: Who won't tear their prey?

Zoologist: You have to have a certain amount of knowledge. When a feline attacks its prey, it doesn't tear at it. It suffocates it by crushing it, leaving two neat fang marks. Therefore, there is no rending of flesh.

Caller #3: Then what's the purpose of inflicting the wounds and nothing else?

Zoologist: Well, the wounds...

Caller #3: Excuse me, but when an animal attacks it's because it's hungry.

Zoologist: Usually. But these attacks by packs of dogs don't always eat the animal. For some reason, they kill the animal, become frightened, and leave the area. They don't always eat the kill.

Caller #3: Well, you haven't convinced me, but all right.

Host: But friend, I urge you to find more information at [name of bookstore]

Caller #3: But in that case--what's your name?

Host: José Enrique.

Caller #3: In that case, José Enrique, I would have to ask you to do the same. If there is no proof about UFOs, then what proof is there about what you're saying? Scientific proof on the subject.

Host: You know what happens? No UFO was ever seen, but the dogs were seen.

Caller #3: No, no, I mean about the subject you're dealing with.

Host: Well, the subject we're dealing with tonight...

Caller #3: What scientific proof is there?

Host: Well, visual [proof], for one.

Caller #3: I mean about your field, parapsychology. What proof is there?

Host: Hey, we can talk all you like about it. I've been a year and a half on Noti-Uno and have 28 years of experience behind me regarding the powers of the mind and the psyche. It's nothing religious, just the mind.

Caller #3: But I mean scientific proof.

Host: Well, the scientific proof would be proof that I've been a year and a half with Noti-Uno, have 28 years experience, and I have a really, really professional office, and I'm doing really well for myself.

Caller #3: Well, okay then. Thank you.

Host: The reason I'm telling you this is that I'm good at what I do, you know?

Caller #3: Great. Thanks again.

Host: I'm at your service whenever you'd like to stop by my office, and I'll give you all the proof you want...The reason I'm saying this to the caller is because there are many people who try to say: what proof do you have? But as you've said, Edwin, it's something real, something that has been proven, these animals are dogs. And it's our subject tonight. Good evening, Noti-Uno?

Caller #4: Good evening.

Host: What's your question, please?

Caller #4: My name's Ricardo...

Host: Quickly, because we're running out of time.

Caller #4: I'm not a zoologist, but I've been bitten by dogs.

Host: Aha.

Caller #4: There's an observation I would like to make. I'm concerned that someone who hasn't seen these bite wounds is saying that it's a dog. I didn't go to Orocovis, but I recorded everything with great care because I'm a medical photographer. I've seen the bites of many animals, including humans.

Host: What does a medical photographer do, friend?

Caller #4: A medical photographer photographs everything having to do with medicine in order to show it to students.

Host: Do you work for some agency?

Caller #4: I'm employed by the College of Medicine. There's an observation about animals I'd like to make. Animals--if you've ever seen a documentary on hunters--that bite other animals respond to their self-preservation instincts. Bulls have one of the strongest self-preservation instincts. This bull allowed itself to be bitten, yet did not respond to the attack by its aggressor. This is a concern for me, that a zoologist hasn't explained up to now why this didn't take place.

Host: Well, look here, friend--Edwin is going to answer your question.

Caller #4: But before he answers, let me ask him a question...

Host: Let him answer you first, then you can ask the second question. Don't go away.

Zoologist: Yes, in the bull's case, it did not display any particular type of wounds or punctures, except in one of its legs. Therefore, we can't really say that it was even a bite, and I would say that it had stepped on a nail or something similar. There wasn't even a bite, in the case of the bull in question.

Caller #4: But I'd like to give you a detail provided last night by the Director of Parque de las Ciencias, who performed an autopsy with some biologists and veterinarians on the bull.

Zoologist: Yes.

Caller #4: This bull had certain incisions on its neck, and had other incisions reaching down to its lungs, okay? After eight days, the dead animal was entirely flexible, it wasn't stiff. Those who raise cattle for commercial sales know that after eight days, no animal is going to be flexible. That's the first surprise...

Zoologist: Let me ask you something. Was the autopsy protocol...who was the person who performed the autopsy, did you say?

Caller #4: I don't recall the name, but I know that it was authorized by the mayor of Bayamón at Channel 4's request.

Zoologist: Yes, but is there an autopsy protocol? Does one exist?

Caller #4: Sure it exists.

Zoologist: And who has it?

Caller #4: The director of Parque de las Ciencias in Bayamón.

Zoologist: The director of Parque de las Ciencias performed an autopsy?

Caller #4: Yes...

Zoologist: To the best of my knowledge, the director of Parque de las Ciencias isn't a vet.

Caller #4: Well, he went there with a biologist and a veterinarian.

Zoologist: Ah.

Caller #4: I heard these words from his own mouth in a recording featured on [a UFO]program last night. It was aired with his own words. They got there, they opened the animal, they checked its heart, noticed the animal had died in agony, there were blood clots, eight days later the animal's blood was still liquid, and it was flexible when it shouldn't have been. They even thought, before laying a hand on the animal, that the temperature had kept it from decomposing, but at midday the heat became unbearable. I'm sure they'll communicate the results [of the autopsy] to the people in their own time. It's not normal.

Zoologist: I think that the person whom you're describing is a friend of mine, the vet at Parque de las Ciencias, Dr. Bientot. If the autopsy protocol exists, you can be sure that I'll examine it, and I'll talk to Dr. Bientot to see what's really behind all this.

Caller #4: Honestly, you should really inform yourself well, because talking without having visited the site, is a bit...

Host: But friend, what you're trying to do is--sorry for interrupting you--is make it seem as if what our friend says...and I've heard his show...is that these are extraterrestrials...

Caller #4: No, I'm not talking about extraterrestrials...

Host: You're trying to create the impression that...

Caller #4: For a human to have done that would require...

Host: It's that you, you--the autopsy you're referring to is impossible. Its impossible to make such determinations in a split second. You're giving us conclusions that you yourself don't have in your hands

Caller #4: Yes, but it's evident. There is no aggression, there's nothing...

Host: But this isn't...

Caller #4: Look, when a dog bites it tears...have you ever been bitten by a dog? I've been bitten by dogs and...

Host: It's not the same thing to be bitten by a dog as by a human.

Caller #4: Look, a dog has teeth...

Host: Aha.

Caller #4: It'll stick its fangs into you and the other teeth as well.

Host: If you listened to the show from the beginning, you heard Edwin Velásquez comment that the bull may have been ill to begin with. Its death was not necessarily caused by a dog bite.

Zoologist: In fact, the animal's owners remarked to someone who was present that the animal had indeed been sick around that time, and that many of the owner's animals had been sick and were being medicated. Possibly one of the medications given to it brought about death.

Caller #4: But did you see the puncture marks on it? I've got tapes with close-ups showing that it was an animal that bites with a single fang. There are no one-fanged animals.

Zoologist: Yes, but keep in mind that these farm animals can scratch themselves against barbed wire...

Caller #4: You mean to say all the animals, so many cows and goats?

Zoologist: Tell me why can't it be so?

Caller #4: They'd better get the nail out of wherever it's stuck!

Zoologist: But tell me why can't it be so? Why can't it be barbed wire? Why?

Caller #4: Because how are you going to drive barbed wire down to the lungs? He said this himself, and you can ask him if he's your friend, that whatever pierced down to its lungs didn't damage any viscerae, which surprised him. How could something pierce a body without...

Host: Let's do something, friend. Let's--

Caller #4: I'm only asking that...

Host: Let's take up this matter with Dr. Bientot, so that Edwin can talk to him this week, discuss the autopsy, and then next Friday we can comment on it, all right?

Caller #4: Sure, of course.

Host: We're running out of time. Thanks for your call.

Caller #4: So long.

Host: Our last call. Noti-Uno, good evening?

Caller #5: Good evening.

Host: Your question, please.

Caller #5: Yes, I had the same thoughts about the Orocovis situation since it first started, and I've been against anything having to do with extraterrestrials, vampires...

Host: We should always look for the scientific aspect first.

Caller #5: To me, it has to be a dog...either a dog or a lion.
There's nothing else.

Zoologist: Yes, well...an animal, you're correct.

Caller #5: A wild dog or a lion.

Host: It may be, but we can't rule out extraterrestrials so as not to offend our friends, like the one who just called, claiming that he has photographs, and whole-heartedly believing in extraterrestrials. The history of the gods discusses extraterrestrials as backward spirits who live off the blood of human beings or animals. However, the lungs were extracted from the bodies and burned...for this reason, the aspect he wanted to discuss and insinuate as extraterrestrial just because he said so, I feel is incorrect. The day he sees an extraterrestrial I hope he'll come here and show me photographs, because he's simply a scholar of these matters; and I respect him greatly for it, but he is neither a contactee nor has he ever seen an extraterrestrial. He's merely a scholar, of course, and he has a magazine, and if he's gone as far--which I doubt--as to conclude that it was an extraterrestrial who caused the situation he is very wrong, and both myself as a parapsychologist and Dr. Edwin Velázquez as a veterinarian invite him to tell us the contrary. All right?

Caller #5: Well, I only called to tell you that.

Host: Thank you for your call.

Caller #5: I've always thought that it was a wild animal like Armando said...was that his name?

Host: Arnaldo Ginés, that’s correct, from Channel 11. As Arnaldo said, the people he interviewed spoke about wild dogs. The problem is that if one goat is killed, it soon becomes ten, or twenty. Like our friend the caller said, he exaggerated that there were twenty goats when it wasn't true. The owner of the farm has gotten in touch with Edwin and the animals were ill, you know? But, thanks for your call.

Caller #5: Bye.

Host: It'll be until next...the board is still loaded, but we're out of time...


The recording ended abruptly. I rewound the tape and played it
once more, this time in the car, on an hour©long journey to a
nearby town. I played it once more on the way back, and still
couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Translation is my profession, and transcribing tapes from one
language to another to produce a written record is a routine task.
In preparing the transcription you have just read, I couldn't help
wondering if the skeptics realized that they had been pinned
against the ropes from the very first call (NOTE: I have gone over
the tape once more after the transcription to insure fidelity. I
deliberately omitted ad-libs for the sake of felicity in
communication and because of the numerous overlaps in conversation
between host, guests, and callers. I understand Drs. Acosta and
VelÀ Àsquez's points of view, and hope they realize no disrespect is

The "feral dog" theory in the Chupacabras wave would soon
become the equivalent of "swamp gas." As has been observed
elsewhere, the thought of one©fanged, bloodthirsty Fidos roaming
the countryside is enough to make the most snowbound tourist cancel
a planned and paid vacation to the Continent of Puerto Rico, as the
ad agencies call it. Contradictions, which can be observed in the
transcript, were forcibly invoked to support the dog bite theory;
last©minute solutions (the animals being sick) sought to rescue the
skeptics from the deepening water in the radio studio. As Frank
Herbert has Muad'Dib say in the memorable banquet scene in Dune: "I
never saw a man drown around a dinner table before."

The callers represented a cross-section of the island's
demographics. Caller #1 was a middle-aged woman, obviously
knowledgeable about the subject of unidentified flying objects, but
quite willing to concede that animals such as the legendary
Tasmanian Devil could cause such havoc among bovines. The host and
guest mounted an ineffective defense when they sought to deny that
any UFOs had been reported in the Orocovis area, when the networks
had been broadcasting such testimony for over a month.

Caller #2, another middle-aged, soft-spoken woman, triggered
the skeptics' defenses in a spectacular way, prompting the host to
become just a touch discourteous. The insistence that it had never
been anything but dogs (with sharp canines, excuse the pun) behind
the Orocovis slayings became a mantra rather than a theory. The
situation fell apart with the ultimate non©sequitur concerning the
existence of latrines in rural Puerto Rico.

Caller #3, a middle-aged man, asked the sensitive question
regarding the reason why dogs, feral or otherwise, hadn't caused
similar damage before. Rather than limiting himself to answering
the question, the zoologist took the offensive, challenging that
the belief in UFOs, previously described as a safety valve or
mental alibi for a distressed population, caused these periodic
manias. The pitfall lay in the fact that no mutilations were ever
reported during the refractory periods when people weren't
"hallucinating Martians," so to speak. The host responded to the
demand that he furnish proof of the validity of parapsychology by
making an arrogant remark aimed at putting the caller down.

But the coup-de-grace clearly belongs to Caller #4, the
medical technician who challenged the zoologist's expertise by
saying that a televised autopsy had prompted experts to say that
something was definitely unusual about the bull that remained both
uncorrupted and free from rigor mortis. Reeling from the verbal
punches, there was nothing left to do but issue a vague threat of
verifying the story with the veterinarian who performed the

Caller #5, a grandmotherly woman, appeared to be the only
caller to go along with the pooch-oriented scenario the skeptics
had set up, only to whimsically add that "a lion" could have made
the single puncture mark. Chagrined, the skeptics were forced to
agree with her, but took advantage of the conversation to direct a
few blows against believers in any extraterrestrial intervention in
the Orocovis scenario.

We do not know if Dr. Acosta revisited the subject on the next
installment of his show. Only Arnaldo Gines’s statement that the
killings appeared to have abated in the Orocovis region rang true:
After a brief lull, the killings would begin anew.

Mexico: The Guanajuato UFO of 1987

By Gustavo Nelín Floren

Science cannot allow itself the luxury of prejudice without prior investigation, to the greatest possible extent, of phenomena that are not readily understood within its frames of reference.
This article aims at presenting the facts just as they occurred, including personal investigation which took place 18 months after the event, in order to maintain the case's impartiality.
During the second and third weeks of April 1987, Mexico's most important news broadcasts carried the story that a spectacular heavenly phenomenon had been observed in the city of León, Gto. during the night and early morning hours of the 10th and 11th of April. This phenomenon had been accompanied by fires and other tell-tale signs pointing to the landing of some unknown object or objects.
The story presented in the newsmedia was the following: In a place known as Mesa de Ibarrillas, some 10 kilometers north of the city of León, some very large and intense lights had been detected over the city's northern end, followed by forest fires. The first news story declared that 25 elements of the police force in different squad cars had reported to the area in question, aside from other witnesses of the event from the locality and from León itself. The heavenly phenomenon lasted some two hours, but the fires raged through the night.
Many believed at first that they were dealing with an ordinary fire in some point of the plateau, which is scarcely forested, and with a vegetation consisting largely of cacti, small trees, and wild grass, since the area is used as a cattle pasture. However, the police report indicated that the fire occured in the form of two circles with a perimeter of 100 meters and a diameter of 30 meters. The fire burned on the ouseide of this perimeter yet not at its center, and it did not extend beyond this perimeter. An equilateral triangle, with 4.5 meter sides, was also found in the area.
One of the eyewitnesses mentioned in the newscast, industrial engineer Leonardo Chagoya Amarao, stated that what was truly odd about the pasture was that it was entirely carbonized, along with the cattle dung on the ground and some thick tree trunks. However, intact trees and dung piles could also be found in the same area. Some of the trees which appeared outwardly intact were in fact entirely carbonized within.
Another newscast mentioned three luminous objects in the sky, seen hovering above the plateau, giving off multicolored lights. Others stated that the objects had in fact landed on the plateau
itself. The six policemen who testified before the TV cameras gave the following different versions:
· They saw glowing objects in the sky which exhibited movement. The first one to observe them was Commander Juan Manuel Cabrera (who spoke on their behalf), stating that the objects emitted a variety of colors. Another officer thought they were dealing with a prank, but upon reaching the site, noticed that there were signs of a tripod-like object (in the middle of the burning circle). Another officer indicated that the fires had a circular shape. Yet another policeman declared having seen an immense, circular flying object descend and later rise from the site described on the plateau. Further descriptions stated that at least eight stars, larger than true stars, had been seen over the plateau, shifting from one color to another.
Concepción Jasso of León was among the civillian witnesses interviewed on TV. She claimed to have witnessed the descent of a large, well-defined object on Mesa de Ibarrillas. In order to get a better view, she went to Puente de Hidalgo (north of León),
but upon reaching that location, found that a number of persons were already there, taking the phenomenon in. By then, there were several flying objects in the sky, all of them resembling "precious stones" in red, white, and green. The also witness presented a drawing of what she'd seen.
Among the other interviewees was José Guadalupe Chagoya, who explained that the flying object, in spite of its size, did not have a very intense light. It was endowed with two "headlights"

Research Methodology

Due to the importance given to the case by mass media, the decision was made to carry out an "in situ" investigation aimed at examining the facts, interviewing first-hand witnesses, officials, and private persons, performing a bibliographical search of all news items appearing in local and national newspapers and magazines, in order to gather the true facts in an objective, rational manner.
Mention was made of the case in the editorial page of a magazine dealing with paranormal phenomena (Duda No. 829 and 831).

Site Inspection

Mesa de Ibarrillas is a plateau located at 2250 meters above sea level (350 meters above the altitude of the city of León, Gto.). Its geographic coordinates are 21 degrees, 41 minutes latitude north, 101 degrees, 38 minutes latitude east (approximately 10 Km in a straight line from the center of León). The plateau can be reached by a paved road leading to the village of Ibarrillas, and from there on by climbing terraces to summit. This road is transitable during the dry season (October to May). The site is located to the south, and its base lie the villages of Ibarrillas and Los Castillos. To the east lies Mesa de los Reyes, which is divided by the Ibarrillas canyon which runs from north to south from La Campechana hill. The city of León (pop. 1.5 million) can be seen to the south from the plateau.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mexico: UFO Over Nuevo Leon (2006)

Source: www.analuisacid.com
Date: 04.18.08

Mexico: UFO Over Nuevo Leon (2006)

Ana Luisa Cid gives us a photo of a glowing object taken over the Sierra Madre Oriental in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. As has occurred with other cases of "phantom UFO" photography, the witness took a picture of the majestic mountain range only to discover upon downloading that a strange object was visible.

Peru: UFO Over Machu Pichu

Date: 04.20.08

Peru: UFO over Machu Pichu

INEXPLICATA correspondent Raul Oscar Chaves submits this impressive photograph of an object on one of the ridges leading up to the Inca stronghold. The photographer, "Mariano", never noticed the image until it was downloaded to his computer. The skies were overcast with stratus-type clouds. The photo was taken in December 2007 using a 6.2 Sony digital camera.

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Spain: Sightings Were a MEDIA HOAX

Source: Planeta UFO

Spain: UFO Sightings a MEDIA HOAX

Internet forums have made it their task to call into question the work done by journalists. The latest proof has emerged when many media such as Telecinco and 20 Minutos reported a mass UFO sighting reported via e-mail. This information was no more than an Internet hoax promoted by Forocoches, which has again "pulled a fast one" on the press.

The popular Internet forum Forocoches decided to fill the e-mailboxes of various Spanish communications media, reporting sightings of lights in the sky that could correspond with UFOs in various parts of Spain's geography. It was thus that newsrooms began receiving e-mails from different parts of Spain reporting the sightings.

"20 Minutos", "Anda Ya" (Los 40 Principales) and "Esta Pasando" (Telecinco) all took the bait, publishing the news item as an actual story. Evidently the story was a fabrication and was disseminated by bloggers belonging to the forum, who have once again called into question the contrast with information received from traditional media. Telecinco even transferred a reporter from "Esta Pasando" to the web newspaper's newsroom to provide greater coverage on the story.

(Translation (c) 2008. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis Eduardo Pacheco).

Spain: Strange Lights Seen All Over Country

Source: 20MINUTOS.ES
Date: 4.14.08


Readers report seeing the same strange lights all over Spain.
They believe they saw yellowish or orange lights that traveled in a zig-zag pattern at full speed.
Lights were visible in A Coruna, Burgos, Valencia and Huelva

Readers of 20Minutos.es have submitted several e-mails from various cities throughout spain reporting that they believe to have seen strange lights that could be UFOs on Sunday evening.

From Valencia two readers remark that "we have seen lights moving in zig-zag while going along Valencia's Avenida del Puerto. Le lights came from the west more or less. They were yellowish lights and I thought it was an airplane, but they repeated and moved very quickly. We have informed the authorities and we hope information is made available, as we are somewhat scared."

Pablo describes a similar case: "Only a few minutes ago did I see a light, [although] I can't tell if it was yellow or orange. The fact is that it moved from side to side in a rapid zig-zag motion. Several of my friends also claim to have seen it. It doesn't seem to be a shooting star. I found it curious, although I must admit that I'm scared that it could be an asteroid about to strike the Earth."

Jorge Luis, in Burgos, claims to have seen" something that moved at blinding speed. It wasn't an aircraft, it moved in an uncontrolled manner and had intermittent orange lights. It made no noise. People are very nervous by this development and there is confusion out on the streets".

Sergio Trueba also writes: "I was on my way home in the car when I saw some lights that flitted by me in the sky on Sunday. When I got home, they told me that they'd also seen something, but didn't give it much thought."

Also seen in Huelva, A Coruna and Madrid

Another reader in Huelva states that he saw "a spacecraft flying over the city. It had yellow and orange lights. It moved quickly and was heading north (I saw it from the east). We're very concerned about it around here."

The same yellow lights were seen glowing brightly over A Coruna, according to another reader." We are sure that they weren't airplanes because they made no sound at all and made strange movments, like a zig-zag. We have informed the authorities."

A Madrid resident also says: "I saw an object in the sky. It was like an airplane with very bright yellow lights. In fact, it could blind you if you looked at it closely. It made some very strange effects and movements. It flew much too fast."

Additional Information: http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/369109/0/luces/espana/ovnis/

(Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Universo Prohibido)

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Brazil: High Strangeness Creatures

Strange Creatures in Brazil: Highest Strangeness
by Dr. Rafael A. Lara, CEFP

[Dr. Rafael Lara is the co-founder of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology. This is one of his many articles covering "high strangeness" events in the Americas - Ed.]

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world: spreading over an extension of 8,511,965 square kilometers, it is the fifth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China and the USA. Most of it is made up of jungles that remained unexplored to this very day, great savannas and a number of mountain ranges which remain enveloped in dense vegetation, without mentioning the vast swampland of the Amazon, which harbors an infinity of creatures and beings, some of them known to science and others known only through tradition and sporadic sightings made by explorers and aborigines.
Our research shows that two groups of entities may be taken into consideration: 1) Strange beings linked to the apparition of UFOs (bearing in mind that Brazil is foremost among the nations with the greatest number of sightings, landings, contacts, abductions, etc.; 2) Giant cats, winged creatures, hairy humanoids, dwarves, sea monsters, gigantic serpents, etc, which steer the investigator toward a cryptozoological or paranormal phenomenon.

1. Strange creatures associated with UFOs

There are hundreds of reports in which one can find a direct relationship between UFOs and strange creatures. However, in this report we shall limit the scope to only the most relevant cases and those which present the most varied morphology. Likewise we shall concentrate on those events which transpired after the so-called "modern era of UFOs", which kicked off, as we all know, with Kenneth Arnold's sighting in 1947.
Bauru, state of Sao Paulo, July 23, 1947: Only 29 days after the Arnold sighting, Brazilian topographer José C. Higgins witnessed an enormous disk some 45 meters in width, whitish-grey in color, and supported by four metallic struts. Three beings, measuring some 2.15 meters in height (7 ft), stepped out of the craft wearng transparent outfits which covered them like "plastic bags". They had round eyes, bald heads and bulky round heads without eyebrows or facial hair; their legs were proportionally longer than a human's. The witness could not determine if they were male or female, but found that they had "a certain beauty" about them.
Near Santa María, state of Rio Grande do Sul, March 16, 1954. Rubén Hellwing encountered, on two successive days, with a number of different entities. On the first day, he saw two slender men, 1.60 meters in height, with dark complexions and helmetless. On the following day he encountered a tall blond man accompanied by two dark skinned women with long black silky hair, and dark slanted eyes. The three were dressed
in identical one-piece brown outfits. In both cases, Hellwing was able to see a flying object resembling "an inverted casserole."
Pontal, November 4, 1954. José Alves was out fishing when he met three diminutive creatures wearing white outfits and tight-fitting helmets. The entities had emerged from a discoidal vehicle some 3 to 4.5 meters in diameter.
Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, November 10, 1954. An agronomer from Porto Alegre allegedly saw two strange-looking men emerge from a discoidal structure some 5 meters in diameter. The figures were humanlike, with long hair, and wearing coveralls.
Linha Bela Vista, state of Rio Grande do Sul, December 9, 1954. Olmira da Costa e Rosa, a farmer, met three average-height humanoids described as: "broad-shouldered, with pallid complexions, slanted eyes and wind-touseled blond hair," who were gathered outside two discoidal objects enveloped in a kind of fog. The farmer believed at first that they were aviators from another country.
Sao Sebastiao, on Brazil's southern shore. At 7:10 p.m. on June 15, 1957, professor Joao Freitas de Guimaraes, attorney and professor of Roman Law at the Catholic Law School, observed two tall men (1.80 mts.) with shoulder-length blond hair, fair complexions, youthful demeanor and a look in their eyes which expressed wisdom and understanding. They wore one piece greenish outfits that were snug around the neck, wrists and ankles. Professor Guimaraes was able to see a luminous, hat-shaped object which descended not too far from his position.
Quebracoco, October 10, 1957. Spanish Navy officer Miguel E. and a companion were able to see a giant UFO whose portholes offered a glimpse of seven small humanoid beings, no larger than a child, with long hair and clad in luminous outfits.
Minduri, August 23, 1958. On August 23, 1958, two giants whose height was estimated at six meters (19 feet!), clad in brilliant red outfits, were seen close to Minduri by three witnesses who also claimed having seen a hat-shaped luminous object suspended in the sky.
Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, August 28, 1963. At 7:15 p.m., three boys were standing in the backyard of their home in Belo Horizonte's Sagrada Familha neighborhood when they noticed an large, transparent luminous sphere descending toward them. One of the occupants of the sphere was a tall, slender man, some 2 mts. in height, dressed in a "scuba diver's outfit" and with an entirely bald head contained within a massive helmet. The man was earless and noseless, red-skinned, and had a single large dark eye, withouth eyebrows or eyelashes, in the middle of its face. This case was not investigated until the summer of 1965, when it was brought to light by Brazilian researcher Hulvio Brant Alexio.
Cruzeiros, state of Sao Paulo, August 14, 1965. A ralilorad worker in Rio de Janeiro, Joao do Rio, had a close encounter measuring aproximately 70 centimeters in height, with large luminous eyes recessed in a large bald head. The singular creature had emerged from a flying saucer.
Sao Joao, state of Pernambuco, September 10, 1965. Antonio Pau Ferreira, a 45-year old farmer, was startled to behold two disk shaped objects no larger than 1.50 meters wide and 60 centimeters thick, which disgorged two small beings of a generally humanlike appearance, beardless, with reddish-brown skin and waxen complexions. They wore form-fitting outfits.
Alto Dos Cruzeiros, Canhotinho Municipality, Pernambuco. On October 26, 1965, José Camilo Filho, a 56 year-old mechanic, witnessed a UFO flying over his neighborhood. Minutes
later, driving along a highway, he noticed two small beings, less than a meter tall, with brown skins, wrinkled and furrowed faces "like those of old men", white hair on enormous heads, and slanted eyes. One of these dwarves wore a pointed cap made of dark material, and a patchy beard grew on its face. Both creatures wore silvery outfits and luminous belts.
Agua Branca, Quipapa, state of Pernambuco, Februrary 25, 1966. María Marluce and María Marilucy de Silva had an encounter with a disk-shaped object some 3 to 4 meters wide. Standing beside the object was a humanoid being some 2 meters tall surrounded by six small, large-headed creatures in coveralls. The creatures appeared to be talking among themselves.
Alexania, Brasilia, December 27, 1967. Wilson Plácido Gusmao, a resident of Brasilia, ran into five humanoid entities shortly after having witnessed a UFO. The creatures belonged to the oft-described category of long-haired blondes, with porcelain-like complexions and shimmering, form-fitting outfits. One of the humanoid, presumably the leader, had a light in front of him.
Sao Paulo, August 25, 1968. María José Cintra, a worker at Serafim Ferreira Hospital, was startled to encounter a strange woman with fair skin, wearing a light blue cloak over a silvery coverall with tight cuffs. The entity floated into a pear-shaped object which floated less than a meter off the ground.
Prefeitura de Lins, state of Sao Paulo, October 2, 1968. Turíbio Pereira witnessed 5 identical beings which appeared to be repairing a luminous object that rested on the ground. The witness described the creatures as being some 1.50 meters tall, wearing radiant blue tunics which covered their head, arms and torso. Two other individuals wore brilliant red tunics.
Fazenda Bela Aliança, Pirassununga, February 6, 1969. José Antonio Fioco saw a strange craft lying in one of his ranch's pastures. Three tall humanoids wearing brilliant silver outfits emerged from the vehicle. Their outfits had three large buttons on the torso.
Bairro Pinheiro, Pirassununga, February 6, 1969. Several residents of this community reported seeing the descent of a large luminous object around 7:30 a.m. Two small men emerged from the object. Witnesses described tham as having slender lips, flattened noses, dark eyes with neither pupils nor whites, wearing aluminized outfits that covered their bodies.
Colegio Batista, March 22, 1969. Two girls observed a small man wearing a helmet which projected a greenish radiance through bulbs shaped like "cat's eyes." Two hours earlier, the girls had seen a strange luminous object which appeared to be following them.
Itaperuna, December 20, 1971. Manuel da Silva Souza witnessed a strange discoidal object on the ground. Standing beside it were 4 diminutive humanoids with bare round heads, thin noses and slanted eyes, wearing emerald colored clothing. The beings appeared to be mouthless.
Baldim, Minas Gerais, July 12, 1972. Joao Alves Sobrinho saw 2 small beings along the roadside, wearing light-colored, long-sleeved clothing, standing beside a dark object with 7 luminous sources outside it. The witness did not hesitate to notify the corresponding authorities.
Londrina, January 5, 1973. Joao Marques reported seeing an airplane-sized object which disgorged a humanoid occupant, dressed all in white, wearing a helmet. The creature made a friendly gesture at the witness.
1973 (precise date unknown). Bernadette Gómez, adopted daughter of General Moacyr Ulloa, was taken to some location in the Amazon where she
witnessed an extraordinary blue light which produced a normal sized entitiy wearing a tight-fitting outfit. The creature cured the young woman of a disease known as Mal de Chagas -- a fact corroborated by Santa Lucía Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.
Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro, September 15, 1977. Antonio La Rubia allegedly encountered an unknown object resting in the middle of a football field. Upon turning away from it, he was faced by three robot-like figures measuring some 1.20 meters. The robots had antennae which extended over their heads like footballs, in whose center was a band of tiny transparent mirrors in shades of blue. They had thick bodies and appendixes resembling arms whic thinned out toward their ends (La Rubia compared them to an elephant's trunk). The witness claims having been abducted by these creatures.

2. Creatures of a cryptozoological or paranormal nature.

Under this heading we include all those creatures which have generated multiple reports, but whose existence science has as of yet been unable to determine. It should be pointed out that there are, in fact, "official" confirmations of their existence, but given the elusiveness of the creatures, reports are at best sporadic.
As with the previous heading, there exists an infinity of references concerning these entities, yet we consider it to be more expedient to mention reliable evidence exclusively, as well as those cases which portray the diversity of these manifestations.
Isla de Noronha, Brazil, 1905 (precise date unknown). Fernando de Noronha, a Luso-Brazilian sailer, witnessed a sea monster in the waters off the eponymous island. The creature's head was allegedly "as large as a cow" and its body spiraled away from its head to a distance of 9 meters (29 feet).
Rio Negro, Brazil, 1907 (precise date unknown). Commander Percy Fawcett, an explorer, killed an Anaconda measuring some 19 meters (62 feet). These reptiles normally measure no more than 7.5 to 9 meters.
Pernambuco, Recife, 1907 (precise date unknown). An officer on a merchant vessel witnessed a sea monster measuring some 55 meters long (180 feet). The creature reached the ship "...with the speed of a flying arrow..." It had two large dorsal fins.
Cordillera de Parecis, 1914 (precise date unknown). Commander P.H. Fawcett encountered savage creatures covered in hair which resembled apes. According to his testimony, they had knowledge of the bow and arrow. Locals refered to these beings as "maricoxis."
Cuenca del Urubu, 1930 (precise date unknown). For over 60 years, persistent rumors concerning the existence of a giant apelike being in this region have run along the length of the Urubu River. In this reference, a Brazilian who formed part of a ten-man expedition ran into a massive hairy creature which growled as it walked and left in its wake "..a bitter and penetrating odor..." Despite having fired at it a number of times, the animal escaped. The hunter believed that it was the Mapinguary, Pelobo or Pe de Garrafa.
Along the Araguaya River, 1940's (precise date unknown). An anonymous photographer took two pictures of the giant Sucuriju, a sea serpent measuring anywhere between 60 to 180 feet long, with brilliant green eyes, which reportedly lives in the Araguaya River.
Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, 1950's (precise date unknown). Luiz do Rosario Real and his wife Lucy Gerlach Real were walking through the forest one night next to the sea when they were startled to notice two flying shadows crossing the path upon which they walked. The couple
believed them to be two colossal birds until the creatures made a vertical descent, and the Reals were able to see that they were in fact six-foot tall winged humanoids. It is worth including under this item the experiences of British explorer J. Harrison while traveling along the Manaús River, a tributary of the Amazon, in February 1947. According to Harrison, the "birds" had a nine-foot wingspan, had the color of dark leather and showed no signs of having feathers. The top of their heads was flattened and they had a long neck and beak.
Amazon Jungle, 1966 (precise date unknown). A band of savages, standing more than six feet tall, hairy and very aggressive, raided neighboring tribes according to those who know them as the Kreem-Akakore. Elements of the Brazilian army tried to contact the giant raiders but did not achieve its purpose. A team of British scientists led by Alaistair MacKenzie, Ian Bishop and David Hunt was dispatched in hopes of finding the Kreem-Akakore.
Rio de Janeiro, August 1982. A group of fishermen claim having seen a sea serpent twice. The monster had an elongated neck and was covered in scales, measuring some 48 meters (157 feet).
Xurucus, Recife, February 3, 1983. A number of people claim to have seen gigantic green creatures, some 3 meters tall, with box-shaped heads and square legs, exiting a cave located near Xurucus. The main witness is farmer Geraldo Cordeiro.
Lagos do Aviso, Vitoria, July 21, 1992. A large number of people witnessed the presence of an extraordinary sea serpent, with an approximate length of 15 meters, swimming along the river. The creature did not attack any living beings.
Sao Paulo, February 21, 1994. David Oren, a Brazilian explorer, went in search of an enormous creature which traditionally roams the Amazonian jungles. The Mapinguary, Preguica Amazonica or Pé de Garrafa has been seen since before 1930 by a variety of witnesses. According to Oren, the time is right to send out a serious expedition to find it.
Tres Lagos, Matto Grosso do Sul, March 14, 1995. Wilson Dourado de Paula, a well-known soccer player, was attacked by a wolf man (lobizón) in Tres Lagoas at 1:30 a.m. as he left a family reunion. He described the creature as measuring some 2 meters in height and having fiery red eyes, a pointd tail and entirely black in color. He had to cast a stone at it, since it very nearly seized him. Witnesses to the event were Aníbal José Pedro, 43, and Dirceu Arruda, 52.
San Roque, state of Sao Paulo, October 7, 1996. Farmer Eduardo Roberto de Moraes stumbled upon a number of claw-shaped footprints deeply etched into dry, hardened soil. Some of the prints measured up to 40 cm. (13 in.) in length. Tufts of brownish-grey hair were found tangled in a local fence. To judge by the footprints, the creature would weigh some 200 kgs. (440 lbs.). According to the testimony of two witnesses who encountered the creature, it resembled a dog standing some 5 feet tall, with large black eyes, long fangs and a body entirely covered in dense yellow fur. A mane of sorts ran down its back. The entity was able to walk grotesquely on its two hind legs or on all fours. SAMIZDAT correspondent Encarnación Zapata García submitted the hair samples to the Universtiy of Sao Paulo to have them analyzed.

Argentina: Chance UFO at Quebrada del Condor

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Mendoza de Argentina
Date: 04.13.08

Argentina: UFO Wasn't Photographed on Purpose, They Say

Gaston Damia appears in the foreground, left. The unidentified object is in the upper right hand corner.

A group of friends spent the day at Quebrada del Condor. A day later, when they looked at one of the photos they'd taken on the computer monitor, they realized that a strange object was present in the sky. They claim that the photo, taken with a cellphone, is not a hoax. Gaston Damia and Patricio Pereyra are facing the hard task of convincing everyone that the photo is real, that it is not a product of trickery, that they have no intentions of profiting from it and were never aware of what appeared there until they noticed it on the computer screen. Yet there it was, out of focus and in the distance: an unidentified flying object (UFO).

The event occurred on April 6, 2008 at Quebrada del Condor in Tupungato, when a group of friends chose that location to spend the day. "We had wanted to go there for a long time, but just to see it. We never imagined this nor ever heard of anything like it," said Patricio, who despite having been the one who pressed the cellphone key to take the photo, is somewhat skeptical about the existence of flying saucers and alien civilizations. In any event, he is still at a loss to explain how the object got into the photo.

Gaston is more enthusiastic. He acknowledges that since he saw the photo, he has read as much ufological material as possible and has also received e-mails from people interested in hearing more of his experience. However, they told us that they didn't have an inkling until the saw the photo on their computer monitor. "I took several at that site, it was a sequence. And the fact is that we hadn't seen anything at all. The next day we got together to see the photos taken by a friend who went there with us, and that's when we saw it."

When he first saw it, Gaston thought that the UFO had been placed there by Patricio using Photoshop. And he didn't believe what he was seeing until his friend also swore that he was surprised by the whole thing. "I was told that there are may cases of "phantom UFOs" -- one doesn't see them at the site, but they subsequently appear in photos," he explained.

The group of friends included Facundo Olguin, Brenda Canizo and Bibiana Sanchez. All of them are currently receiving comments regarding the photo, as tends to occur in such cases. Most suspect its a trick, particularly because they believe that Patricio and Gaston have a masterful command of image editing software by virtue of being systems engineering students.

"The photo is right here. And if anyone wants to research it, no problem. It's available, because I'm not interested in making money on this either," said a defiant Patricio

Permanent link: http://www.mdzol.com/mdz/nota/41549

(Translation (c) 2008, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Argentina: The Malargue UFO

Source: Luis Burgos, FAO
Date: 04.03.08


Sighting, Photos and Analysis

Félix Fernandez, Omar Gonzalez and Virgilio Moreno, workers at the Direccion Provincial de Vialidad (Provincial Highway Authority) were returing from La Junta toward the city of Malargue in the south of the province of Mendoza after having worked on some machinery. As they journey elapsed, Fernandez took pictures of the landscape with his cell phone (of which no data is available to this day). At 18:50 hours, a strange flying object - disk shaped -- appeared out of nowhere and maneuvered in front of the sun and the witnesses. It flew over the area for 15 minutes until standing still for a moment and losing itself toward the west in the El Chacal region. This allowed several photos to be taken of it. The episode was retold by Fernandez himself on Alvear's Radio 1 and recently reached the media. Analyses performed by our specialist, Jorge Luis Figueiras, show a typical solid "saucer" shape with interesting contours and edges, similar to the ones photographed with cellphones at El Chocon and Santiago del Estero, both in 2008.

Argentina: More Phantom UFOs

The first photo was taken in mid-February 2008 during a sports training session. Two spherical "objects" appear in the background. One is larger than the other and with its upper section somewhat clearer. These were not detected at the time that the photograph was taken. A Soni 7.2 mpix camera was employed.
The second photo, from Alvear, Argentina, shows a lawn hockey practice session and was taken on February 8, 2008. The object was only detected when the image was downloaded to the computer.
Both photos courtesy of Raul Chaves and CIUFOS-LAPAMPA.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chile: One of Our Lakes is Missing

Source: ADN.es
Date: 04.11.2008

Lago Cachet vanished in the early hours of 7 April

Experts from the Center for Scientific Study in Valdivia (CECS) have reported the disappearance of another lake of glacial origin in the Aysen region after having been alerted by an "unusual swell" of the Baker River. It was Lago Cachet, which was located some 1,700 km south of Santiago de Chile, and occupied a surface of four kilometers long and one wide.

According to Radio Cooperativa, scientists explained that the new glacial voiding was confirmed by Jonathan Leidich of the Patagonia Adventure Expeditions company, who visited the area on Wednesday.

Last year, between the months of April and May, Lago Tempanos at Campo de Hielo Sur disappeared. This lake was 1.8 square kilometers in size. The CECS stated that Cachet is two and a half times larger and held a water volume five times greater.
These 200 billion liters of water emptied in a few hours on the evening of April 6-7. The research center added that the emptying caused the partial collapse of the Colonia Glacier, flooding significant parts of the river valley and the Baker River, but without causing any accidents or loss of life.

The frequency of this phenomena in Chile's southern region has us concerned, as it confirms that these events, which occur periodically in glacier basins, are probably becoming more frequent due to the increase in temperature linked to climate changes experienced by our planet," said experts. "This flood reminds us that event such as this may occur periodically and be magnified by the recent warming experienced by the zone," added scientists, referring to the high temperatures experienced southern Chile this summer.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Liliana Nunez)

Mexico: Crews of 5 Airliners Report UFO Activity

Source: www.analuisacid.com
Date: April 10, 2008

Ana Luisa Cid writes: On March 23, 2008, between 20:00 and 20:40 hours, five airliner crews reported UFO sightings over Mexico.

All witnesses agreed on the traffic being intensely brilliant, with lights resembling airliner strobes (white and intermittent). The objects were described as brilliant spheres that were also surrounded by lights.

One of the pilots, the one who flew closest to the UFOs, added that they had a pentagon-shaped base. The objects went up and down, making movements that could not be matched by an airliner. At that time they were flying at 25,000 feet, 70 miles northwest of Guadalajara (Jalisco).

The airliners followed different routes and according to the triangulation between pilots and air traffic controlers, the UFOs should have been at the center of the triangle formed by Guadalajara - Aguascalientes - Bajio.

Aircraft involved:
ATR42, Aeromar
Boeing 737-800, Aeroméxico
Boeing 737-200, Aviacsa
Focker 100, Click de Mexicana
Airbus A320, Mexicana de Aviación
Communication frequencies employed:
128.5 MHz
123.9 MHz

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid, air traffic controller Enrique Kolbek and aviation mechanic Alfonso Salazar)

Mexico: Hairy Creature Attacks Sheep in Pustunich

Source: Fundacion Cosmos A.C. and www.yucatan.com.mx
Date: April 11, 2008

Mexico: Hairy Creature Attacks Sheep in Pustunich

PUSTUNICH, Ticul, 8 April -- The bizarre deaths of four sheep in a small ranch of this community has caused trepidation among local residents, as there are those who claim that the "Chupacabras" is to blame.

Some locals claim having seen "a hairy animal standing nearly 2 meters tall" in the dark of night.

This situation has caused the town's habitual repose to be interrupted, especially that of the ranch's owner, who has even decided not to breed any more animals to avoid attracting the strange entity.

According to the facts, the strange deaths of four sheep occurred only a few days ago on the property of Ligia Couoh, on Calle 27 between 16 and 18.

"The animals showed no signs of being tortured, they only had two deep holes in the neck. There wasn't even any blood spilled on the soil. On that day the animal attached the three sheep and must've filled itself with blood, as the [fourth sheep] only had a scratch on it. However, on the next day, that last animal turned up dead . That was my last sheep, and that creature came back in the night to kill it."

"I told the police and a veterinarian came to inspect the animal. She said that the holes were deep and made by fangs that are curved, rather than straight."

Mrs. Couoh says that the animal that killed her sheep must fly, as she saw blood spattered in different locations.

"Perhaps it's the Chupacabras, as my neighbors have heard the screams of strange animals at night -- and seen them -- since my sheep were killed. That day I was overcome with fear. I was even paralyzed by the way in which my animals were killed. I've been living here for 47 years and had never seen or heard of animals being slain like this."

Ligia Couoh says that the several families have seen a strange entity standing two meters tall in the night, and they say it's like a bear.

Other residents of the locality say that ducks and turkeys have also been drained of blood.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Leopoldo Zambrano, Fundacion Cosmos AC)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Argentina: Meteorite Crash Confirmed

Source: INFOBAE de Buenos Aires
Date: 04-09-08

Argentina: Meteorite Crash Confirmed

Scientists have ratified that the remains found in the locality of Colonia Verdu showed signs of having entered the atmosphere, and dismissed the possibility that it could have been "space junk"

Five rock fragmnets found in an area beloning to the El Palmar National park were analyzed by scientists from the Asociacion Entrerriana de Astronomia (AEA) and yielded positive results. They stated that what fell in that province on Sunday night was in fact a meteorite.

The larger object -- the size of a fist -- and the 4 remaining ones, almost 3 cm in diameter, were subjected to magnetization tests that yielded positive results. The blackish color of the rocks was further corroborated as the hue generated by the ablation resulting from entry into the atmosphere, according to the La Republica de Entre Rios web portal.

AEA qualified the remains as "fragile". For that reason, they beleive that contact with the Earth's surface led to the meteorite shattering into hundreds of pieces, thus making the search for the missing parts much harder. Laboratory results are still expected, which will allow the origin of the rocks to be determined with precision. However, the possibility of "space junk" was discarded.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ecuador: Another Furtive UFO Photo

Date: 04.08.08

Ecuador: Another Furtive UFO Photo

Raul Oscar Chaves writes: This image was obtained in early January 2008 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, by Mariano P. while conducting a photographic tour of this country. He took a picture of the monument that displays the flags of various nations, and upond downloading the images to his computer, found to his surprise that an object not visible when he took the photo was plainly visible. He employed a Sony 7.2 mpix digital camera.

Ecuador: UFO Photographed between Cuenca and Guayaquil

Source: CIUFOS-LAPAMPA / Date: April 7, 2008

ECUADOR: UFO Photographed between Cuenca and Guayaquil

Raul Oscar Chaves writes: "This photo was taken on the road linking the cities of Cuenca and Guayaquil in Ecuador and was taken by Mariano P. who collaborates with our group. He employed a Sony 7.2 mpix digital camera and the presence of the object was detected when the images were analyzed on his computer.

(Translation (c) 2008, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, Ciufos-LaPampa)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Argentina: No Information on Alleged Meteorite

Source: Diario AP Noticias (Villaguay, Entre Rios, Argentina)
Date: 04/07/08

Argentina: No Information Regarding the Alleged Meteorite Crash

*** Meteorite Fell in Colonia Baylina and was Seen Throughout the Region***

Rumors have so far led to the belief that the “meteorite that fell in Colonia Baylina, Dept. of Colon, is located in the vicinity of the La Paulina ranch” but silence or denial have kept further information about this event from emerging.

Eyewitnesses to the extraordinary phenomenon have added details about what crossed the skies of Villaguay and the region. Aside from describing it as an immense red fireball underneath and sky blue on top, with a trail of small shiny particles like a tail, residents of the department have described smelling an odor resembling burnt wiring as the object went overhead.

One witness, Miguel Amoroto, currently president of the “La Rocka Moto Club”, described the event thus: “Last night we were traveling from San Salvador to Villaguay in a group of 13 people. Shortly after 22:00 hours, we were passing the entrance to Villa Clara and at that time, the sky literally turned to daylight. We could see the continuation of the road, the fields, even some chicken coops in the horizon, right in the middle of the night. The phenomenon didn’t last more than four seconds. [The sky] went from midnight blue and turned to sky blue (almost white) and then turned red for an instant, in the same way as some sunsets do, and suddenly turned off. After this, we pulled over to the curb to discuss the experience we’d been through. Most of believe that this phenomenon took place east-southeast with regard to our position. We regretted not having traveled in the opposite direction, since this would have allowed us to see the events more clearly. After having discussed the occurrence for more than 4 minutes, and as we nearly got ready to resume the journey, a powerful explosion was felt in the atmosphere and on the surface. This enabled us to deduce that some meteorite was involved.”

Some people confessed to feeling afraid and the majority was amazed at being able to witness something unknown that they may never see again in their lifetimes, given the distance at which it took place and the magnitude of the extraordinary phenomenon.

(Translation (c) 2008. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Pablo Lasa, Ariel Coppola, Fernando Lizardo of Grupo G.A.B.I.E)

Argentina: Object Falls From Sky in Entre Rios

Source: C.E.I Engimas – Parana, Argentina
Date: 04/07/08

Argentina: Strange Object Falls from the Sky in Entre Rios

On Sunday night, April 6, 2008 at around 22:00 hours (Argentinean time) a strange object fell near the center of the province of Entre Rios (Argentina) near the communities known as Villaguay and San Salvador.

According to locals, a powerful light was seen in the clear night skies, leaving in its wake a reddish-orange tail. A powerful explosion that caused the earth to shake was subsequently heard, and it even caused some windows to shatter.
The news media immediately stated that an immense meteorite was involved. This fact has not yet been confirmed.

The Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Enigmas sent three of its researchers (a professional aviator among them) to fly over the San Salvador area, the region with the greatest likelihood of having been impacted by a significant chunk of the (still unidentified) object that fell from the sky.

Meanwhile, Raul Avellaneda, Director of the Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Engimas, told local and national media that “our Center remains cautious about stating the nature of the object, as there is still no physical evidence that would allow us to ascertain that it was indeed a meteorite.”

He also added that there are other possibilities beyond the meteorite, adding: “While the greatest likelihood involves a meteorite, we are leaving a margin for the possibility of space junk being involved, similar to what fell recently in Goiás, Brazil.”

When consulted about the possibility that [the object] could be a spacecraft, he downplayed the possibility, while not discarding it. “For the moment we are dealing with an unidentified flying object (UFO) which is not synonymous with alien spacecraft, and in such a case we would be speaking in terms of a VED (Spanish for Guided Extrahuman Vehicle). For now it is a UFO, an unidentified object that has not even been located. Our Center prefers not to put forth any hypotheses until more specific elements are at hand.”

This information shall be expanded on in the Enigmas radio show on Tuesday as of 22:00 hours (Argentinean time) on FM 91.7 La Radio de Paraná and also online at its website, www.losenigmas.com.ar

(Translation (c) 2008 S. Corrales, IHU).