Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mexico: UFOs over Leon, Guanajuato

Mexico: UFOs Over Leon, Guanajuato
By Ana Luisa Cid

According to a newspaper article in MILENIO written by Marlene Santos, UFOs were reported in Leon, Guanajuato on Sunday, September 28, 2008.

While the article states that the sighting took place in the vicinity of the Leon Cathedral, it should be noted that on that same date, the traditional parade conmemorating the 198th anniversary of the capture of the Alhondiga de Granaditas (a turning point in the Mexican War of Independence - Ed.) took place.

According to the article, the sighting involved three unidentified flying objects looking like white spots in the sky, with the peculiar detail that one of them seemed to change shape and could occasionaly be seen as a horseshoe.

Were UFOs once again visible during a parade, or are we wrong, and the witnesses were merely confused by balloons?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Venezuela: A UFO Destroyed by Lightning?

Venezuela: A UFO Destroyed by Lightning?
By Héctor Escalante – Ovnivenezuela

On September 17 of this year, Jairo Esparragoza managed to capture the flight of an alleged unidentified object that appeared to vanish after being struck by a bolt of lightning.

The event was recorded between 6 and 7 p.m. using the camera of a Motorola Motoraz V3 cellphone as the witness drove along the Guarenas-Guatire Expressway in the vicinity of the Buenaventura Shopping Mall in the state of Miranda in north-central Venezuela.

“The human capacity for astonishment is unending,” was the initial statement that opened Jairo Esparragoza’s story. He explained that he began recorded the lightning bolts in the sky out of sheer curiosity, following a torrential downpour that drenched the Venezuelan capital and its environs for several hours. He became aware of the strange presence only a few minutes later.

“It rained heavily and there was considerable lightning. This drew my attention, and as I was stuck in traffic, I began recording what was going on. But after a while, I was able to see one or two orbs suspended in the sky through the telephone camera.”

Startled by what he was seeing through the screen of his cell phone, Jairo Esparragoza stopped focusing the device skyward to concentrate it directly on the strange phenomenon, but was unable to see anything. However, upon resuming focus, the object became visible once again on the mobile phone’s screen. “I wasn’t able to see it with the naked eye, but when I trained the camera on it once more, there it was, suspended and motionless. I checked to see if it was a light post and it wasn’t. It wasn’t the camera either,” he explained.

The situation remained thus for several seconds, and Jairo Esparragoza, seemingly the only witness to this unusual scene as it played out in the rush-hour tumult common to that time schedule between Caracas and Miranda, still couldn’t believe what his cell phone camera was picking up.

Suddenly, a lightning bold struck close to the UFO, causing its apparent and final disappearance.

“Even though there was only a little bit of power left in the cellphone, I kept recording and after a few seconds, a lightning bolt struck and the object vanished immediately from the sky,” he stated.

The still images drawn from the video show how this lightning bolt quickly chances color when it approaches the UFO, changing from bluish white to pale violet.

An analysis was performed on the stills taken from Jairo Esparragoza’s video shows that there was no trickery involved and that it possibly shows a technological device of unknown aspect and behavior, discarding the possibility of airplanes, helicopter or other known aircraft.

In the opinion of Jorge Luis Figueiras, a specialist in digital content for the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO) presided by Luis Burgos, “there’s not much that can be done with these photos, since their resolution is too low (0.025 megapixels).” He added, however, that after increasing the resolution level on the image, he was able to see two apparent objects that remain visible in several frames, where they can be seen as “luminous and having a spherical shape."

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mexico:Possible UFO During Mexican Military Parade

Source: www.analuisacid.com
Data: 09.17.08

Mexico: Possible UFO During Mexican Military Parade
By Ana Luisa Cid

A video taken by Lic. Daniel Sanchez Rosales over Mexico City on September 16 [2008] during the air show that conmemorated the 198th Anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain.

The equipment used was a Sony DCR-TRV190 camcorder

While we are not altogether dismissing the possibility of a logical explanation, it should be noted that the object descended and then ascended again on its own.

UFOs have been recorded during air shows in past years.

Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWXGr8jV3Gw

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales (IHU). Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Argentina: Mutilated Sow Report from 09.03.08

Argentina: Mutilated Sow Report from 09.03.08
By Silvia Perez Simondini

In the Abadia District, the time being 07:00, a female member of Mr. Marcelo Nievas's family went to feed the family sow, as is her custom at that time of day. The animal had last been seen in perfect condition at 18:00 hours on the previous day.

The woman could not believe her eyes: the poor animal [had been mutilated] but remained alive, missing the outer ear, although the entire auditory system could be missing. It is not possible to ascertain this at this time given the sow's aggressive state as a result of suffering from the injury produced.

These incisions are characteristic of the ones we have been seeing in mutilations since 2002: an excision of the outer ear, extraction of the eye and its socket, horseshoe-shaped incision on the face, and the inability to diagnose internal injuries to the mouth due to the suffering this inflicts to the animal. Elements of high-strangeness, common to other cases, are also present. There a seven dogs on the premises that bark at the slightest disturbance, but appear to have heard nothing in this instance. There are other sows in the pen, as well as piglets, but none of them experienced any harm.

We are trying to find a veterinarian to take over this investigation to establish a diagnosis. It is imperative to keep the animal alive, but this diagnosis would also tell us if the animal should be sacrificed to avoid further suffering. Antibiotics were administered after the event to contain infections and scar-forming medications and analgesics are being administered under the recommendation of Dr. Alberto Pariani, pathologist from the University of General Pico, Province of La Pampa. Dr. Pariani is following up on the case with Dr. Daniel Belot.

We visited the site with Pablo Puchet to conduct a survey of the area. A print was found on the ground next to the pen, having characteristics similar to the ones found in the Rosario and La Pampa cases, and sixty centimeters from the fence bordering the field.

No traces of blood were found inside the pen, nor were its structural components affected. We paid particular attention to the possibility of finding substance residue on the zinc roof, on the wooden struts or any heat alteration of the nylon that covers part of the pen, but with negative results.

A survey of the surroundings was conducted without positive results. The animal's owners were interviewed to ascertain if they detected strange animal behavior the night before or strange sounds, without positive results. The heard and saw nothing that night. Local residents were also interviewed without positive results. We will continue providing updates on this case.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mutilations: An Interview With Raul Oscar Chaves

An Interview With Raul Oscar Chaves of CiufosLaPampa

Readers of Inexplicata have become familiar over the years with the reports provided by Raul Oscar Chaves, one of Argentina’s most prominent researchers of cattle mutilations and UFO activity. He took time from his busy schedule this week to answer a few questions regarding the current wave of animal mutilations occurring in his country.

What is Ciufoslapampa and how did it come about?

This organization, whose visible heads are Rosa Ester Urban and Raul Oscar Chaves, was created in 2002 immediately following the manifestation of the cattle mutilation phenomenon in Argentina, particularly in La Pampa, playing a role in the research of early cases at the provincial level and in the province of Buenos Aires. The reason for this was the need to know the details of the phenomenon in its various manifestations, that is to say, its implications and even its consequences from the standpoint of research.

Are animal mutilations common in your area?

They were and are customary. Although they have decreased at the present time, having reached their peak in the year 2002, when over 1500 cases of large cattle mutilation were reported. Lesser species were also mutilated, such as rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs, pigs, wild boar, deer, foxes, sheep, etc. Cases are being reported at this time, although the number is not significant in this province, and they involve beef cattle and pigs. There is a certain concern among cattlemen regarding the particular characteristics displayed by the phenomenon this time.

Is there any connection between mutilations and UFOs?

In cases that have been detected since 2002, finding mutilated carcasses invariably followed sightings of strange lights, particularly in rural areas. The emerging theory indicates the intervention of other Intelligences operating over highly specific sectors or areas. Veterinarians and former members of the School of Veterinary Medicine of La Pampa were unable to find answers to the following during their research into the phenomenon:

· The precision and neatness of the incisions, both under cold and hot conditions, after having performed lab tests using electric scalpels and thermocauterizers, without being able to come “even close” to results similar to the ones obtained in mutilations. This was evidence of the use of unknown technologies and procedures, according to experts.
· The nearly total absence of blood in some cases, with the flesh itself being found bloodless.
· The absence of corneas, in certain cases.
· The absence of fetuses or neonates in cases of pregnancy established by palpation and in the final months of gestation, without any deterioration to the birth canal.
· Absence of muscular mass in unopened bodies, with minor incisions (jawline only) attesting to the absence of Longinis Dorsis in a 40 cm tract, with signs of exposure to microwave radiation.
· Preservation of mutilated carcasses for up to 20 days under death conditions occurring within 24 hours.
· Changes in the coloration and consistency of pastureland in areas adjacent to the animal, attesting that even microfauna had been affected, detection of very high temperatures or some type of radiation in the soil, which acquires a notorious compacting and consistency.
· Detection of a crystalline, viscous, gelatinous element on the animal that changed to the liquid state, followed by crystallization and subsequent disappearance, presumably of exogenous or unknown origin and playing a role in the mutilations.
· Detection of a bluish-green pathogen inside various parts of the mutilated bodies, without any origin being established.

It was also established that the flesh of a mutilated animal exposed to the open air was preserved up to some 40 days with evidence of a slight fetid odor, with only some flies present. The work of these experts was highly important despite the absence of results from a rational standpoint and given the lack of adequate technology for research of this nature.

What is the popular opinion about this phenomenon?

Although the most critical and vivid stage is behind us (2002-2003), which left a powerful impression on public opinion, the uncertainty is experienced by rural livestock farmers, especially those who had significant losses (12-15 animals) and are trying to glean more details about the phenomenon’s manifestation in this instance.

Many thanks, Raul. We look forward to more reports on this disturbing phenomenon.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Argentina: The Santa Rosa Pig Mutilation

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: September 4, 2008-09-05

ARGENTINA: The Santa Rosa Pig Mutilation
By Salvatore Carta

In the morning hours of Monday, May 19, 2008, a small farm located some 15 kilometers northeast of the locality of Santa Rosa was in a stir as several nervous pigs and their piglets were being placed in a truck for an early morning transfer to another field.

At daybreak, the farm’s occupants were stunned by the scene that confronted them: only a few meters away from the vehicle, they found one of the sows and her young, displaying deep incisions and with no apparent explanation as to how they managed to jump over the 1.80 meter tall siding that surrounded the truck.
The pig farmer contacted Quique Mario of CEUFO and the undersigned as well, and we visited the location. We are displaying photographs of the pig as well as a video that presents other details. At first sight, the incisions are completely different from the ones reported as part of UFO case histories in this region. They are not mechanical and appear irregular under the microscope. The entire rear section of the sow’s skull was missing, along with muscular mass and a piercing incision in the area within the legas, as well as strange scoring from what appear to be claws. Regarding this last detail, the pig farmer’s son found some strange prints similar to those of a ñandu or ostritch. He and his cousin photographed them with their cellphones.

This animal has been sent to veterinary experts. We shall be forwarding a report on the results shortly.

We compared photographs with our friends from VISION OVNI, comparing the characteristics of our strange case with one that occurred only days earlier in the city of Rosario.

A priori conclusions lead us to believe that the entities operating here are different from the ones that the case histories had presented us with.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Salvatore Valentin Carta)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Argentina: Sheep Mutilation Report by Andrea Perez Simondini

Source: VISION OVNI and Clarin.com
Date: September 4, 2008

A Sheep Mutilation Report from the City of Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina, March 24, 2008
By Andrea Perez Simondini and Elias Kolev

The case occurred on the premises of a marine company that does barge construction and repair work, located near the old facilities of the Swiff packing plant. The premises border on the north with a unit of the Naval Subprefecture, on the south with the Saladillo Creek and on the east with the Parana River.

The events took place on the evening of April 23, 2008 according to information furnished by Mr. Claudio Petri, watchman of the premises. Before leaving his shift at 20:00 hrs, he saw the sudden motion of what he defined as "a shadow" through his office window. When he went out to investigate, he saw nothing unusual. When the shifts changed, he turned over his post to his relief and went away.

Matters developed normally until 02:00 hrs., when then watchman saw a shadow through the window. Arming himself with a pistol for protection, he went out to investigate. He headed toward a light panel located between the vessels. At that location, he saw a shadow facing him, and according to the remark he later shared with his co-workers, he heard a voice that said: "Mátate" (kill yourself) over and over again, imperatively. At that moment, his wife reached the site (she had been keeping him company during the late shift) and she managed to pull away the gun that the watchman was pointing at his head. At no time did the wife see or hear any of the things reported by the watchman. Returning to the office, the watchman headed for the restroom, babbling "kill yourself" over and over. When the officer-in-charge arrived, he asked the watchman to taka few days off, in view of the state he was in.

Our witness, Mr. Petri, remarks that upon entering at 06:00 shift on 04/24/08, his co-workers apprised him of what had transpired the night before, adding that the sheep they kept at work had also died overnight. Upon seeing the animal, he became aware that it was a highly unusual event. The specimen was missing its upper lip and upper front teeth; its entire right eye was gone, along with the front right leg and muscle mass ner the upper joint nearest the body, forming a hole with a depth and diameter greater than 10 cm. Also gone were its right rear nipple and anus. There were signs of hair sheared off in the areas affected by the alleged mutilation, similar to the shaving done during animal sterilization surgeries, but missing all types of fur (sic). There was no tearing of the muscular mass, broken or splintered bones.

Also noteworthy was the fact that there was no sign of a struggle or defense on the part of the animal. Despite the magnitude of the phenomenon, there was no blood spilled on the floor, or traces of blood on the animal itself, or any sign that it was dragged. Even more surprising were the prints found at the site, which were photographed by the witness along with the mutilated carcass. The prints were approximately 15 cm long and have a rear base of support (the point of support that sunk 2-3 cm into the sandy soil) with a front part consisting of three fingers ending in nails or claws. The middle part of the print is not perceptible. The distance between one print and another is of approximately 50 cme. Following the corresponding analysis, it was determined that whatever left the prints walked erect and measured between 1.80 to 2 meters.

We consider this case to be very important by virtue of having occurred within the city limits, along with the chance to have found the "prints".

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Andrea Perez Simondini, Elias Kolev and Vision OVNI)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Argentina: Pig Mutilation in Victoria

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Victoria (Entre Rios, Argentina)
Date: 09.02.08

Argentina: Pig Mutilation in Victoria

It’s alive. Chilling photographs.

The animal was found with half of its face mutilated. There are no signs of violence in its pen, nor any bloodstains. The animal is alive. This case can be added to the cow mutilation cases discovered this morning in the town of Antelo. UFO researcher Silvia Perez Simondini is analyzing the event.

The Enrique family, residing on Avda. Esteban Lone, Barrio de la Abadia, was startled this morning when they awoke to find their pig had had half of its head mutilated. The animal was in perfect shape last night, according to the family. However, around 7:00 a.m. this morning, when they went to feed the animal, they were startled by its mutilated features.

The animal, a 6 month old porker, was locked in a small pen, walking around and showing no signs of violence or bloodstains. It did not complain, and half of its jaw was mutilated to reveal its teeth; an ear was also missing. This case is added to reports involving mutilated cows in Antelo. UFO researcher Silvia Pérez Simondini is looking into the case.

(Translation (c) 2008. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Argentina: Mutilated Cow Discovered East of Santa Rosa

Source: CIUFOS-LaPampa
Date: September 2, 2008

Argentina: Mutilated Cow Discovered East of Santa Rosa
By Raul Oscar Chaves

A dead and mutilated red Heresford cow was discovered some 45 km to the east of Santa Rosa on August 25, 2008, in the locality of Uriburu.

The owner of the rural propert indicated that the cow was in its last months of pregnancy. The animal was missing all of its udders and half of the cow’s unborn calf was still inside the cow, adding that the calf’s ears showed signs of having been mutilated.

It should be noted that numerous mutilation incidents have occurred at this location since 2002, and these new episodes have been a source of concern to the cattleman. He requested that his identity be kept anonymous.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOS-LaPampa)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Argentina: Mutilated Dog in Cordoba

Source: Diario Popular
Date: Sunday, August 31 2008

Mutilated dog enigma is added to a series of similar phenomena throughout the country.
Commotion in Cordoba over mutilated dog.
“It is very important for mutilation witnesses to gather up the courage to report these episodes – it is the only way to get to the truth,” says researcher Andrea Pérez Simondini.

ARGENTINA: A Mutilated Dog in Cordoba
By Pachi LaFata

The case was qualified as a true “oddity” by the foremost experts in cattle mutilation cases, on account of the “neatness of the incision.” This is a case that occurred in late July, but which remained unknown until now, involving a dog from the locality of Villa Giardino, Cordoba. The animal’s carcass presented strange claw-marks and surgical manipulation. The mysterious event can be linked to dozens of similar situations recorded in several provinces over the past few months, resulting in a permanent state of alert within the UFO community.
The incident involving the mutilated dog became known through a report from residents of Villa Giardino itself, who went as far as to file a report with local police authorities in the light of the “exceptional” quality of the situation. This was followed by a court-ordered investigation that included detailed analysis by a team of local veterinarians. Furthermore, contact was made with the specialist from the Vision OVNI Group.

Andrea Pérez Simondini, a respected member of this organization formed by researchers of UFO-related phenomena and paranormal subjects, said “aside from UFO sightings, the trend in 2008 has clearly been the discovery of mutilated animals, mirroring the peak number of cases recorded in mid-2002. Fortunately, we have a large number of experts and scientists committed to studying mutilations. They even work with a fixed protocol that enables them to react swiftly and not lose valuable evidence, which is the only thing that can lead us to the truth.”

Regarding the case of Cordoban dog, Simondini wrote a detailed report to which Expedientes Secretos was given access: The animal was discovered on July 29, when the local police became involved in the matter, and the case was forwarded to the veterinarian clinic of Dr. Maria del Rosario Ahumada. According to Simondini, “veterinarians advised us of the events, clarifying certain points about the canine’s death. They told us that the animal died from natural causes. The dog’s owners had been aware of its death the day before, but there had been no incisions performed on the body. On the 29th, the animal was found with visible incisions, which left local residents bemused.”

As far as the details of the necropsy on the animal, Simondini pointed out that “the carcass presents an incision measuring 16 centimeters in diameter on the right rib cage with no extraction of organs,” adding that “the expert believes that it was done in a single act, causing a rupture of the diaphragm (in the separation of the abdominal cavity and the thorax) as though a socket punch had been used, and its action caused the aforementioned disruption of the diaphragm.”

The researcher also said that according to the operation’s results “the dog has an incision between its 6th and 9th ribs, whose ends appear as though filed down in the visible ends of each nail, while in turn leaving a square with regard to the incision. It should be noted that the incision on the rib did not occur at the joint.”

Adding further mystery to the case, Simondini stated that “the veterinarian believes that the absence of three ribs are due to the use of a small saw, with a technique that he classifies as very good and masterfully executed.”

The incisions “were flat, but when informed that serrated cuts had been observed in other cases, the veterinarian believed that he could identify similar cuts in the dog, undertaking to provide a more detailed report in this regard.”

As to what was described as perforations to the body, the expert explained, “these were drops and stains of blood on the fur. No perforations, hematomas or any alterations other than what was described in the cut, were present. He mentioned that there are no injuries to be found on the opposite side of the animal’s carcass, or on the face or muzzle.”

Concluding her report, Simondini maintains “the veterinarian did not seem to have a clear opinion on what caused the animal’s injury, but emphatically stated that he was unaware of any similar cases, and that he dismissed the possibility of involvement by carrion animals from the area. He was emphatic about the use of a cutting element that he could not define, as it was unknown to him.”

It would now seem that the mutilation enigma has extended down to dogs.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)