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Argentina: The Beam UFO Returns

Date: 01.31.09

ARGENTINA: The Beam UFO Returns
By Silvia Pérez Simondini, Visión OVNI

At 1:00 a.m., Elias Kolev, a member of Visión OVNI, called me by phone to inform me of the spectacular UFO sighting taking place in Rosario. It reconfirmed what I presented earlier this week with the light that shoots beams against the surface, and it occured at the same exact spot. On this instance, however, three (3) UFOs were seen. We have the information, witnesses and recordings, which we will make known to you when our research is organized. The following e-mail message is among the ones received which clearly explains the events. You wil be able to read one of the eyewitness accounts that best describes what took place:

"Good morning! I don't even know how to explain it -- yesterday, or rather today in the early morning (31 January, 1 a.m. approximately) we were driving along with two friends and people suddenly began getting out of their cars, leaving doors open and engines running, pointing skyward. It looked like a scene out of a Martian Invasion moive. This occured near the Alto Rosario shopping center. I don't know what it was, but it moved up and down while gyrating on its own axis; white lights were clearly visible and its shape could even be made out. It maneuvered for approximately half an hour before going away and vanishing suddenly.

"It left all of us with a very strange sensation that I can't explain, and then there were several details that drew our attention, such as ALL of the traffic lights turning red in unison, in other words, no street or lane could move. When we took out our cellphones, the screens went gray and turned off. When we turned them on again, the batteries had practically drained out. I have no idea what it was, but it was something odd in our skies, without question...I'd be delighted if you could tell me something more about it...many thanks.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Silvia Pérez Simondini)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Venezuela: The Merida UFO

Grupo G.A.B.I.E. writes: Carlos T. of the city of Merida (Venezuela) submits this photo for analysis. It was submitted at 12/13/2008 at 11:30 a.m. at the monument to Our Lady of Peace (Virgen de la Paz) in the state of Trujillo.

The photograph was taken with a Kodak Retinar 8 mpix camera and shows an oval, cigar-shaped object will well-defined edges and contour. It was almost motionless when the photo was taken (as demonstrated by the out-of-focus analysis). Contour is significant, as well as the solarization contrast.

Carlos also says that numerous sighting reports are emerging from Merida.

(Translation (c)2009, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E and Planeta UFO)

Mexico: Beam-Projecting UFO in 2007

Mexico: A Beam-Projecting UFO in 2007
By Ana Luisa Cid

Researchers from Grupo Lamat and Enigma 900 describe the sighting that took place on February 8, 2007 at 18:57 hours alonge Bocoyna-San Juanito Highway in northwestern Chihuahua. The witness is named "Alejandro", although is identity has been concealed.

He was driving in a company car (belonging to the company for which he works) when he saw some unknown lights in the sky. He noticed that it was a strange object projecting a beam of light in one-minute intervals, approximately. He then stopped the car and pulled over to the shoulder. Remembering that his cellphone was equipped with a video camera, he realized that he had a means at his disposal to secure evidence.

When he stopped recording, the UFO approached him and that's when he was able to observe the device in detail. It had portholes and was similar to a two story building, he explained. He also heard a sound reminiscent of the ocean's waves. He does not exactly remember what happened in the span of an hour, and this detail has caused researchers to believe that a "missing time" episode is involved. Another important detail is that Alejandro claims that the truck he was driving "switched places", in other words, when the phenomenon was over (and he tried to return to his vehicle) it was on the opposite side of the road, not on the shoulder where he'd left it, and more importantly, 4 kilometers away from his original position.

After this impressive experience, the witness sought help from Grupo Lamat so that they would carry out the investigation. It should be added that these ufologists are not in agreement with "mystery peddlers" who indiscriminately sell stories and material, so this speaks very highly of their ethics and makes their purpose very clear: to disseminate UFO case histories in a very serious manner. Curiously enough, this case dates to 2007, the same year that a young Argentinean man recorded a beam-projecting UFO.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo Lamat and Enigma 900)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Other Beam-Firing UFOs

Scott Corrales writes: The beam-firing UFO captured on video in Rosario, Argentina in late 2007 is hardly unique. There have been cases involving unidentified flying objects firing rays of light against the ground (USA), against each other (Colombia, Brazil), against mountainsides (Mexico) for reasons that can only be speculated about. Charles Berlitz's classic work The Bermuda Triangle contains the drawing -- shown above -- made by Dr. Manson Valentine of a UFO drawing water through a beam in the state of Florida. Incidents involving removal of water from swimming pools and storage tanks have been common in Argentina for nearly a decade. The science-fiction minded are readily reminded of Star Trek-type tractor devices, used to draw water, cattle...or perhaps even hapless human beings?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Spain: A Lighter Touch

Spain: "Los que vienen en platillo volante"

UFO researcher Angel Carretero sends us this photo of a "comparsa" (carnaval season group)that performed yesterday in the Andalusian city of Cádiz. They called themselves "Los que vienen en platillos volantes" -- literally, "The ones who arrived by flying saucer". Carretero notes in his message that the crew's members hail from Barbate, a town near Cádiz that is a notorious UFO hotspot.

Argentina: UFO Fires "Rays" Over Rosario

Date: 01.26.09

Argentina: UFO Fires “Rays” Over Rosario

A video shows a UFO that fires rays over Rosario. It was recorded in late 2007 by a young man who exited the Alto Rosario Shopping Center and was made known by a prestigious researcher from Victoria. The expert stated that similar phenomena had been seen in Germany and England.

The video shows a light in the sky that releases flashes against the ground every so often. “I recorded it with a friend’s cellphone in Rosario, outside the Alto Rosario Shopping Center. The object made slow movements at first, beyond my unsteady hold of the cellphone. But when I saw the video in detail, I saw that the strange light, which several people took for a satellite, was flashing lights toward the ground. I calculate that the light was some 200 meters away, not very far. After recording it for a long time, it began moving toward the Monument to the Flag until it vanished. Personally, it was fantastic. Something that I discuss and people won’t believe. In short, the subject is that the same light, or a similar one, was seen again late at night later that week.”

This was the note that accompanied the video, sent to Silvia Perez Simondini, a renowned UFO researcher who works in the city of Victoria, Entre Rios.

The recording was made on December 7, 2007 and Perez Simondini received only a few days ago, when the young man who took it learned of the existence of Vision Ovni, the center with which she works.“We were aware that these UFOs fire rays against the ground. It had occurred in Germany and England. Therefore, when he sent me the recording, I couldn’t believe it. It’s different to what we’re used to seeing. They’re laser-type beams. The boy managed to film five such beams,” said the researcher to the Diez Puntos Radio Program on Radio 2.Perez Simondini maintained that specialist Salvatore Carta, whose expertise is sought by researchers world-round, certified the authenticity of the phenomenon. The researcher added that the increase in phenomena of this sort is remarkable, adding that she has received 50 UFO reports in January of this year alone.(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks Guillermo Gimenez, Silvia Perez Simondini and Salvatore Carta)

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Argentina: Is it Live or is it Photoshop?

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 01.23.09

Argentina: Is it Live or is it Photoshop?

Guillermo Gimenez writes: "Here is a webcam vidcap taken on January 22 of this year at 17:58 hours over Mount Uritorco in Cordoba, Argentina. It shows an object whose movement across the sky was picked up by the webcam. Many thanks to Martha Nunez and Luis Burgos for this information."

Argentina: Daylight UFO Over Buenos Aires

Source: Planeta UFO and Solida Evidencia
Date: 01.22.09

Demian Heras of Solida Evidencia writes: “This phenomenon repeats itself yet again over the city of Buenos Aires. This is the impressive video capture by researcher Cristian Soldano, showing a mutable object. It shows beyond a doubt the type of phenomenon that is appearing in our skies. Soldano has repeatedly recorded this type of phenomenon from the town of Ramos Mejia, but on January 20th, he managed to make an extraordinary shoot in broad daylight over the eastern coordinates of the sky. The object, therefore, was also captured by others from various points all over the planet, recorded in other countries appearing in the reports appearing below [...]

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Argentina: “Alien Spaceship” Allegedly Lands at Arroyo Leyes

[Photo: Nestor Rivoira standing in the dead center of the strange marks that appeared near his property in Arroyo Leyes, Santa Fe, Argentina]

Source: Diario UNO (Santa Fe, Argentina)
Date: 01.21.09

Argentina: “Alien Spaceship” Allegedly Lands at Arroyo Leyes

Nestor and Sara were asleep at home when “a very loud report” woke them up. Hours later, they found strange holes in the ground; experts are looking into the case.

The event occurred on January 14 at approximately 3:00 a.m. while the owners of the property, Nestor Rivoira and Sara Fernandez, his wife, were asleep. It lasted for ten minutes.

They claim that “a very loud report” woke them up. “It was similar to [the sound] made by a flamethrower. I tried getting out of bed to see what was going on, but something kept me from moving,” Nestor told Diario UNO. Sara also added: “I heard the same thing, and I also heard one of our eight dogs, but what surprised me the most was that instead of jumping over the fence and heading to the source of the disturbance, the dog either remained very quiet or else was scared on the other side of the fence.”

Neither Nestor nor Sara had the will to to see what was going on from their bedroom window: something was keeping them from “getting out of bed”, as they told Diario UNO. It was for this reason that they only heard the thundering sounds from the bedroom. It was only two days after the event, in the morning, that they ventured out to see if there was something near the site, just to assuage their curiosity, and to see if some animal may have been involved. It was there that they became aware of some marks at the edge of the river.

“I was greatly surprised. We thought at first that the marks could’ve been made by an ATV, as there are many in the area. But then we dismissed this idea, since they weren’t prints, but rather something created with an object that irradiates heat. If you look at them closely, there is no vegetation in the circumference, only dry, dead soil, different to what we can see around,” added Mr. Rivoira.
The marks that can be seen on the soil are two perfect circles, measuring a total of three meters in diameter and three centimeters deep (according to Carlos Villegas, who specializes in the science of paranormal phenomena)

Another characteristic is that there is no vegetation on the circles. It was totally burned, with nothing but dessicated soil left behind. “When we saw the marks and thought about extraterrestrials, we were afraid to say so, lest we be considered mad. We decided to call our friendliest neighbors and show them the prints. When everyone told us the same thing, we discussed it in the community and that’s how everyone started showing up,” explained Sara.

Experts in this discipline are currently studying the phenomenon, but have already said that an extraterrestrial object was involved.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Colombia: Alleged UFO Over Isla Baru

Source: Diario El Tiempo (Colombia)
Date: 01.20.08

Colombia: Alleged UFO Over Isla Baru

A photograph of Arminta Gutierrez, taken in the isle of Baru by her granddaughter Gabrielle Calderon, shows an unidentified flying object in the upper left hand corner. Another photo was taken by Milton Diaz, a photographer for El Tiempo, while on assignment in the town of Cumaribo (Vichada). Both photos were taken within the past six months – the Diaz photo was taken on June 26, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. on a clear, starry night.

“The greenish object was shaped like an inverted diamond and moved slowly. It took about 2 minutes to come down from the sky and lose itself in the horizon,” says Milton. Ufologists determined that this was indeed a UFO.

The photo taken by Gabrielle Calderon, 9, is dated the 3rd of January. She was taking a snapshot of her grandmother Arminta next to a small sailboat that arrived on the beach of the island of Baru (Caribbean Sea) where the girl and her grandmother had been camping for 10 days. The photo was taken at 12 noon in broad daylight.
Although the sky was completely blue, neither Arminta nor Gabrielle felt or heard anything moving in the air above them. “All you could hear was the sound of the waves,” recalls Arminta.
Days later, after developing the photos in Bogotá, grandmother and granddaughter found a strange object hovering very near them. “When the photos were enlarged, one could clearly see a lentil-shaped object, completely golden underneath and dark above. These things confirm that we’re not alone in the world and that there’s life to be discovered in the universe,” says Arminta.
“Using a special program,” says researcher William Chavez, “we learned that it’s an object of unknown provenance, measuring approximately 5 meters long by 2.5 meters wide.” Chavez is the director of Contacto Ovni para America Latina.

”I don’t like to speculate, but the photo taken in Baru shows an wingless, rivetless artifact. It could be a monitoring probe launched from a larger object in Earth’s atmosphere. It would be very hard to state that it’s manned by some kind of entity.”

The Baru UFO brings up to three the alleged UFO sightings in 2009: The first was in Mexico on January 2nd; on the 7th, a group of eyewitnesses saw another in Los Angeles, and on 24 December 2008, an unidentified flying object was photographed over Milan, Italy.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mexico: A Mysterious Object Flies Over Progreso

Source: Diaro Poresto
Date: 01.20.09

Mexico: A Mysterious Object Flies Over Progreso
By Julio Jimenez Mendoza - newsroom

PROGRESO, Yucatan, 19 January – Around 20:30 hours on the 18th, residents of the port and part of the coast were bewildered by the presence of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the sky moving from west to east.

The object, which had an intense glow similar to that of an airliner spotlight, was seen at low altitude, but without making any noises suggestive of an engine. The object was moving into the wind and its light was very powerful; no one was able to explain what really flew over the port on the night of the 18th.

Reporters witnessed the phenomenon along the Progreso-Chicxulub highway, as they covered the story of a runaway motorboat, as reported in a separate article. Several persons emerged from their dwellings to witness this phenomenon as it moved eastward.

The event was the talk of the evening at cafés and several areas of the port, and will certainly be the source of comments during the day.

POR ESTO! requested information from the Pescador fire station to see if any calls had been recieved, but the smiling dispatcher dismissed the whole situation as a prank, when in fact, the unidentified flying object was seen by dozens of witnesses.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez. Photo courtesy Ana Luisa Cid)

Argentina: Strange Object Over Buenos Aires

Guillermo Giménez sends us a photo taken by Bibiana Bryson on January 9, 2009, showing a strange object over the Argentinean capital.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Argentina: Strange Creature Lurks in Moreno's National Park

Source: Diario Popular ( Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Date: January 18, 2009

Argentina: Strange Creature Lurks in Moreno’s National Park

*** Lights and prints reveal intense extraterrestrial activity***

A strange succession of phenomena attributed to the extraterrestrial presence, manifesting itself through lights, prints, vehicle sightings and the unique presence of a strange animal that preys in the region, frightening locals and fishermen alike, has its epicenter in a biosphere and dam located in Moreno, barely 40 kilometers from downtown Capital Federal.

The intensive work performed by a group of researchers of this sort of phenomenon delved into the facts as part of an arduous fieldwork process. While no conclusive results were obtained, it was possible to ascertain that the area has a propensity toward the alien activity captured on images, and traces that suggest an otherworldly presence.

Daniel Valverdi, Jorge Marrón and Daniel Szauter, members of Código Ovni, began investigating the events surrounding the “Reserva Natural Los Robles”, a biosphere belonging to the municipality of Moreno, and the Roggero Dam, with the hope of unraveling the mysteries recorded at this location.

The researchers set their magnifying glasses to work to the West of the connurbated area nearly 2 years ago, convinced that this was an ideal location to expand their UFO research. It was here that the came across signs and eyewitness accounts suggesting mysterious activities of a possible alien nature.

In a conversation with Expedientes Secretos, Valverdi set forth the details of the investigation, which remains active and has had two outings aimed at unraveling the hidden secrets at the heart of the nature park, but which evidently, have their origin in the skies above.

“The first prints we started working with at the site were left behind by something that didn’t quite manage to land on the ground, but did leave circular marks on the grass, and apparently released a magnetic material on which we continue to work,” said Valverdi, who believes that these marks are the remains of UFO visitations.

However, these marks on the ground are also the result of another type of activity that is being studied by the group, based on the graphic accounts of fishermen, local residents and policemen who took a while in recovering their breath after the events they experienced.

One of them is Hector Losa, responsible for guarding the Roggero Dam. He explained how the cabin located above the dam became the target of a singular experience in which a buzzing sound heralded a monumental bath of powerful white light that washed over the building.

Losa became aware of the light – and associated buzzing – as his TV set lost reception and two policemen patrolling the area approached the cabin to find out the source of the glow, which suddenly went out.

Strange Things

Adrian Lopez also informed researchers of how an incandescent light took over a stable during another incredible event, worthy of the best chapter of the X-Files tv series.

But there’s more. Valverdi and his team obtained the story of how a group of fishermen, returning home after an unsuccessful outing, were surrounded by a dense fog. Within the foggy mantle was a light that vanished at the same rate it moved upward.

Aside from the prints and lights, however, there is another mystery in the nature park that members of Codigo Ovni are trying to unravel based on information collected: it involves an animal-like entity that engages in activities ranging from pranks to farm bird depredations in the depths of the nature park.

According to Valverdi, the information gleaned by his group suggests the existence of a strange-looking, unique creature responsible for the deaths of chickens, ducks and geese throughout the nature park.

”If we had to define it,” says Valverdi, “we would say that it’s an animal-like predatory entity,” described as having a hairy, simian appearance, standing 1.20 meters tall and endowed with claws.

This detail is one which multiplies the degree of mystery: there is no known animal in the local fauna whose claws would leave the type of marks found by the researchers in the depths of the nature park, where a figure of uncommon appearance lurks in the bush, stealthy and suspenseful.

A Prowling, Predatory and Prankish Creature

Forest ranger Cacho Ferrer contributed a disquieting story for the investigation conducted by Codigo Ovni’s members in October, involving the strange creature that frequents the area and who is responsible for predations and even pranks.

Ferrer and Hector Losa, mentioned earlier, witnessed a series of curious and unexplained events near the entrance of the Archaeological Museum located near the nature park, where someone methodically unraveled a chain that fastened the iron gates to the establishment. Whenever they heard noise coming from that location, and witnesses turned their eyes to the gate, they were never able to see anyone; however, when approaching the museum entrance, they would always find the chain on the ground, meaning that whoever unraveled it had to engage in very discreet movements to achieve its purpose.

Eyes in the Dark of Night

One of the most direct contact experiences with the cryptic creature dwelling in Reserva Los Robles involved a group of fishermen who were getting ready to spend a night at the shores of the Roggero Reservoir. They witnessed a figure completely different to anything known: an erect figure covered in hair, seen behind the bushes.

The creature stood some two meters tall, had a very large head and somewhat luminous eyes. The shock of the moment kept the terrified fishermen from properly focusing their flashlights on it, and the creature disappeared into the combination of night and vegetation.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales,IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

UFOs Reported in Southern Argentina

Source: El Periódico Austral (Rio Gallegos, Argentina)and Grupo G.A.B.I.E
Date: 01.17.2009

Argentina: UFOs Reported in Southern Argentina

*** Witness was traveling between Tecka and Esquel ***
*** Says he was not frightened by the situation and that “the vehicles vanished” after a few minutes ***

Last Monday, a family from Caleta Olivia was heading for the cordilleran region of Chubut and managed to photograph a UFO, according to the protagonists of this unusual event.

Horacio Bordón, a municipal employee of Caleta Olivia, highlighted that he was in his car with his family headed for the city of Esquel. On the road between that city and Tecka, he saw the objects.

“We were driving along peacefully with my family and as we passed Tecka on National Route 40, something drew our attention in the sky. There are no explanations as to what it was. We only know that it was an unidentified flying object that protruded through the dense mantle of clouds covering the area. The time was around 13:00 hours,” he said.

Bordón says that he saw “at least four saucers in motion. At that moment I slowed down and asked my son to take pictures of them with his cellphone. We did that, and that’s why we decided to send you the pictures,” he adds.

Bordón says it isn’t the first time that he’s seen these strange objects, stating that “in previous years, on the road to Comodoro Rivadavia, we also witnessed strange lights,” he added.

The tourist from Caleta, who also contacted a Cordilleran newspaper to report his experience, stressed that at no point was he frightened by the situation and that the “vehicles vanished” after a few minutes.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E)

Nicaragua: Strange Object Over Managua

Date: 01.18.09
Source: El Nuevo Diario – Nicaragua

Nicaragua: Strange Object in the Skies of Managua

The first thing he thought was that it must be a helicopter or something broken off. However, the phenomenon remained in the same place and appeared to be growing closer.

A sign from God? Representative Talavera believes that when phenomena of this sort manifest, they are “signs from God” and that good things are to come. Talavera also phoned the editor of EL NUEVO DIRIO, Juan Ramon Huerta, who was also a witness to the event.

“That thing was multi-shaped,” he says, and immediately took out his small camera, pointing its lens at the strange object.

Was it an unidentified flying object, a UFO? Huerta cannot say for sure. The fact is that he “feasted” on the heavenly apparition for several hours from his home in Colonia del Periodista, phoning friends at times to ask them to see it as well.

Huerta followed up on the possible UFO until 11:00 pm, when it vanished, according to his account. The light, he says, adopted several shapes: first that of a fetus, then a bone, and then moved and left a wake of smoke in its path. It also appeared to have a fiery tip.

“The [object] adopted an elongated shape and had fire in its tip, and that light appeared to come down to earth,” added Huerta.

The photos taken by the editor of END suggest that the object has a metallic sheen, while nocturnal photos taken by photographer Xavier Castro show a halo of light surrounding a seemingly solid object. It is also reminiscent of a fried egg.

There are no “ufologists” is Nicaragua, as there are in other countries, so we unable to double-check what we saw with experts who spend their time scanning the skies waiting for the so-called “big brothers” to appear.

Another witness was Lisandro Roque. He saw [the object] in the same area as Huerta. He said that “it was much too bright” and did not seem like a star to him.

END contacted Aeronáutica Civil, but one of the employees said that he had no information and that no reports had been received. An effort was also made to obtain information through the Instituto Nicaraguense de Estudios Territoriales, but the girl on duty at the time professed having a lack of knowledge on the phenomenon.

Perhaps the country’s astronomers will have a less extraterrestrial explanation to the event, such as perhaps some luminous afternoon star approaching its trajectory to that of the earth, providing the wonderful spectacle enjoyed by so many.

(Photo: Xavier Castro, El Nuevo Diario)
(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mexico: UFO at 12,000 Meters

Date: 01.15.09

Mexico: UFO at 12,000 Meters

** A report by Alfonso Salazar Mendoza **

Mr. Alejandro Montiel Olvera reported seeing an unidentified flying object at an approximate altitude of 12,000 meters over Mexico's capital city.

The event occurred on December 10, 2008, while the witness was seated an outdoor restaurant belonging to the Liverpool Department Store at the Parque Delta shopping mall (Av. Cuahutemoco corner with Viaducto).

The witness states that the object rose and descended in an oscilating motion, reflecting the sun's rays. It had an overall metallic appearance and drew the attention of several pedestrians. Mr. Montiel had had a previous UFO sighting from the Balbuena District.

It should be noted that Mr. Montiel is a serious and honest individual, therefore his account can be added to that of many other capital city dwellers who recently made similar reports from elsewere in Mexico City.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chile's Volcan Llaima Photo - Not a UFO?

Chile's Volcan Llaima Photo - Not a UFO?

Allegedly taken by Fernando Yañez Munoz, a staff sergeant in the Chilean army, on December 6, 2008, the Volcán Llaima photo presents a stunning volcanic landscape and a bright spot of light on its upper right hand side: an alleged UFO. While this image is remarkably attractive, and would make a fine cover for a saucer-related book or periodical, there is reason to believe that the digital photo's true nature is far closer to the mundane.

Chile's IIEE presented an analysis of the Volcán Llaima photo performed by renowned Mexican analyst Leopoldo Zambrano. Zambrano was one of the directors of the now defunct of Fundacion Cosmos, A.C. and currently spearheads Informe UFO. His analysis suggests that despite the claim that the photo was taken at 11:15 a.m.,” the camera's flash was triggered.”

Zambrano offered the following technical information to the IIEE:
File type: JPEG; File size: 259.3 KB; Date created: 12/06/2008 11:15; Last modified: 12/30/2008 00:41: Make: FUJIFILM (; Camera: FinePix Z10fd; Software: Picasa 3.0: Focal length: 6.3 mm Actual; Aperture: F8; Exposure time: 1/300" Flash: Flash fired, compulsory flash mode, red-eye reduction mode.

Employing EXIF data provided Zambrano, Jorge Luis Figueras, photo analyst for the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO), determined that the technical data for the FinePix Z10fd camera "confirms that [the UFO in the picture] is in fact a reflection of the camera's flash against glass, as the shape corresponds exactly to the FinePix's rectangular flash bulb," and attached a photo showing a superimposition of the elements involved.

Argentina's 2008 UFO Wave - The Summer Months

[Scott Corrales writes: Readers of Inexplicata must forgive the unconscionable delay in bringing the reports of Luis Burgos to a wider audience, but we've decided to divide the 500 or so cases of the Argentinean wave into more digestible chunks. The first installment appeared last year in INEXPLICATA, covering January through April '08. This installment covers the summer months (or rather, winter months for our friends in Argentina)with a fall/winter installment to follow. The reader will notice repetition in the sighting locations (Salta, Toay, San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Macachín) which have been UFO/paranormal prone for many years.]

Argentina's 2008 UFO Wave - The Summer Months

By Luis Burgos, Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO)

Early May 20008-San Miguel Tucuman

Over the course of several nights, Alvaro Sandoval and his family witnessed the strange maneuvers of objects flying at low altitude toward the south of the city between 830 and 10:30 p.m. This was reported to the FAO, and the possibility of conventional airport maneuvers was dismissed because many of the sightings occurred when the airport was already close closed.

Early May 2008-Ferrari (Bs.As.)

Juan Pablo Ruiz received a direct information from a resident of this town regarding the appearance of 20 circular marks on the ground measuring three meters in diameter each, in the vicinity of the Samborombon River. in this area, numerous strange marks had been found in previous years, scattered in the fields.

May 3, 2008 : Calamuchita, Córdoba

Martha Núñez submitted a photo of a phantom UFO this time egg shaped, and flying over the valley at an elevation relative to the 1230 position. This photo was analyzed.

May 4, 2008: Azul (Bs.As.)

Alejandro Inza detected the passage of La Luciernaga the firefly at 1947 hours following a satellite trajectory and blinking, this object stopped in a corner of the sky for several minutes, before vanishing suddenly without continuing its journey. This behavior is customary.

May 4, 2008: Sampacho (Córdoba)

Information was received from various locations toward the south regarding “blue glow in the sky” residents of Sampacho, Rio Tercero, San Basilio, etc. witnessed this unusual spectacle. The absence of coincidence in the hours makes this event even more enigmatic. But what is most significant is that at 2145 hours the same glove was seen from La Plata BS As some 600 km east of for these events were taking place. There are suspicions about this case.

May 5, 2000 8 Capital Federal

Taller Glaucoart videotaped the transit of a regular object flying south at 2039 hours. According to the tables consulted no satellites passed over the area at that time.

May 7, 2008: Calamuchita (Córdoba)

Martha Núñez submitted a photo of a phantom UFO, this time showing at this shaped object taken at 09 15 hours. This photo was analyzed.

May 8, 2008: Calamuchita (Córdoba)

For a change, Luis Gigena, a friend of Martha, has also submitted material involving phantom UFOs taken in the valley region. Photos show corpse and a distant delta wing object, this time at 1500 hours. Photos were analyzed .

May 9, 2008: San Carlos (Salta)

According to the digital agency, Roberto Bravo witnessed a fleet of strange luminous objects, elongated shape, at 04:10 hours in the morning. This formation, made up of between nine and 12 objects, stopped, turned south, and then westward again until it lost itself in the distance. According to Bravo, its movement was rather slow and closed. Dogs displayed great agitation during the event.

May 9, 2008: Calamuchita (Córdoba)

Martha Núñez continues to submit material to us, and there is an easy answer: people who have doubts, traveled to the area, spent several days, perform their tasks with Martha or without her, and then analyze the results obtained. In this instance, we have another disk shaped objects photographed at 1000 hours. Jorge Luis Figueras (FAO) analyzed the photo.

May 9, 2008: Arguello (Córdoba)

Rodrigo G. Submitted material obtained from his own house, taken at 1841 hours, and showing objects moving at speed on the videotape and displayed individually in photographs. This material was analyzed.

May 10, 2008: Temperley, Bs. As.

Hector Sly submitted a sequence of three photographs taken in three seconds each at 1754 hours using his Kodak C 743 camera from the southeastern section of the city. The photos show the flight of a solid " phantom " object in an ascending trajectory, rising vertically and stabilizing itself horizontally in the final image implying great speed and maneuverability.

May 11, 2008 : Pueblo Liebig (Entre Rios)

Roberto Rebord (COLOVNI) submits some new material showing to possible UFOs taken at a distance with the Samsung S 630 camera at 1642 hours. Photo analyzed with reservations.

May 12, 2008: Macachín (La Pampa)

Fabian Romano (CEUFO) advises FAO that the phantom UFO has appeared in a sequence of three photos taken on the high highway toward the northeastern section of the city at 14 09 hours. This photo was taken using a Minolta Z1 camera. Photo analyzed by Jorge Luis Figueras.

May 12, 2008: Capitol Federal

Taller Glaucoart reports and videotapes the transit of an object with regular movements at 1945 hours heading southwest. No satellites were visible at the time.

May 13, 2008 : La Plata (Bs.As.)

Adalberto Maciel reports having witnessed the transit of three flying objects in close formation, teardrop shaped, in an east-southeast direction at 0730 hours. The objects were yellow in color and traveled at moderate speed.

This sighting had duration of 10 minutes. Numerous listeners contacted local media reporting the presence of these objects in the skies. The phenomena in repeated itself at the same time the next day. We reached the conclusion that these are Inter-Continental aircraft that fly over Argentinean skies around this time of the year.

May 14, 2008 Buenos Aires

Once more and intercontinental air plane has generated the same confusion as before among residents of La Plata, Ensenada and Berisso, as it flew east toward at 0730 hours. Fortunately, Fernando Mengui, an FAO photographer, saw the object as it flew overhead in Encinada and was able to take six photographs, thus confirming that aircraft fly overs are involved.

Mid-May 2008: San Carlos (Salta)

Residents of this region informed the press including Channel 9 from Buenos Aires, that a strange entity similar in size to a child had been reported at 1330 hours. The police were also informed. By sheer coincidence, mysterious lights in the sky were seen in previous nights. 3 D image of the being was published by a local news

May 18, 2008: Libertador Gral. San Martín (Jujuy)

Young Florencia Pereira, age 12, managed to photograph to flying objects at 1111 hours in the morning. These objects were disc shaped and flew at a regular altitude toward the Calilegua Mountains. This information, and the photograph, appeared in the El Tribuno newspaper.

May 19, 2008: Santa Rosa

According to an investigation conducted by CEUFO, a pig was founded mutilated at farm located 15 mi. northeast of the capital. The strangest part of this event was the discovery of strange friends suggesting three-toed tracks, very similar to the ones detected in another mutilation case dated March 24th in Rosario (Santa Fe).

May 20, 2008 : City of Salta

According to researcher Gabriel Ruiz, a pair of lovers saw an intense green and orange light flying over the city's southern section. The object stopped for a few seconds before vanishing suddenly at 2330 hours.

May 21, 2008: Calamuchita

I knew photograph submitted by Martha and shows the movements of typical of phantom spheres that tend to cross the skies over the valley, this time at 1740 hours. This photo was analyzed.

May 22, 2008: City of Salta

A resident of the city's southern area witness the transit of a strange orange colored triangular object. The object moved quickly at times and very slowly at others.

May 25, 2008: San Carlos

The assistant commissioner of San Carlos witnessed the transit of a flying triangle with yellow or red and green lights at its tips are rounded. The object was seen with binoculars and at a given moment, it stopped in the skies over the valley. Another resident also witnessed the flight. Information appeared in the COPENOA News Service.

May 30, 2008: Villa Canas (Santa Fe)

Orlando fortune submitted his observation at 1440 hours to the FAO. At that time, he witnessed the strange glowing the sky and noticed an object flying from the northwest to southeast at high altitude, and reflecting the rays of the sun. The object was suspended in the air for some 15 minutes before turning north and vanishing at a speed greater than that at it which arrived. There were five other witnesses to this important sighting.

June 1, 2008: San Miguel de Tucuman

Alvaro Sandoval and his family informed the FAO that at 2000 hours they witnessed the maneuvers of a very bright flying object that remained suspended in the sky three minutes over the south of the city, at relatively low altitude, before vanishing toward the east.

June 4, 2008: Puerto Madryn (Chubut) disseminates the case involving two persons traveling in a pickup truck in a rural area at sunset, when they witnessed **5 small, horrible creatures** surrounding a sheep. Upon getting closer, the entities fled by large leaps and bounds. The animal was dead and eviscerated. Upon their return, they discussed the unusual case on a local radio station in Trelew.

Early June 2008: Pigue (Bs.As.)

Ester Urban (CIUFOS) photographed a "phantom" UFO with her Sony 8.1 Mpix camera in the "Las Grutas" estate, just as she was taking a photo of Raul Chaves during daylight hours.

Early June 2008: Capital Federal

Laura Ibarra sends us the photo evidence taken by her brother and his girlfriend from the 10th floor of a building in Barrio Urquiza, with a view of the River Plate, at 0730 hours. The photo shows a spindle-shaped object, white colored, very similar to the Inter-Continental aircraft we have mentioned earlier and which appear in Argentinean skies almost daily during this season. But the most striking aspect of the story is that the witnesses detected the presence of an enigmatic orb that followed the alleged airplane in its maneuvers.

June 6, 2008: Capital Federal

Taller Glaucoart managed to record the transit of five "flaming stars" toward the east at 0730 hours. One of these photos shows two of the Inter-Continental airplanes discussed earlier. Our specialist "is unable to see any means of conveyance for the objects", which adopt capricious unconventional shapes in the filters applied. This phenomenon is very similar to the one that occurred on April 2 in Villeguay (Entre Rios) and on May 14 in Ensenada (Bs.As.)

June 6: Concordia (Entre Rios)

The VISION OVNI group disseminates a video taken in that community by Jorge Locasso at 15:30 hours, clearly showing a white UFO flying from south to north for several seconds.

June 7: Ramos Mejia (Bs.As)

Cristian Soldano (ORBITAL VISION) manages to videotape the transit of "an enormous luminous sphere" that makes a sudden descent over the metropolitan area. No satellites were recorded at the time.

June 8: San Fernando (Bs. As.)

Carlos Turus (UFO INVESTIGACIONES) captures a "Rod" at 13:12 hours with his Sony Digital camera. A spindle-shaped, dark and solid-looking object is displayed.

June 9: Azul (Bs.As.)

Alejandro Inza submits new material involving a "phantom UFO" taken at 12:17 hours using his 6.0 Mpix Sony camera. A "cone-shaped" flying object appears in the distance. Photo subjected to analysis.

June 9: Necochea (Bs.As.)

Guillermo Gimenez reports on new "phantom UFO" material indirectly witnessed by Mr. Ricardo Corino as he took photos of a rainbow over the sea at 17:15 hours with a Panasonic FZ50. A very luminous UFO flying at an unusually low altitude emerges in the lab analyses. Analysis performed by Jorge Luis Figueras.

June 9: La Plata (Bs.As.)

Miguel Peralta (FAO-La Plata) witnesses the slow movement of a "golden sphere" from the balcony of a first-storey apartment at 19:30 hours. The object flew horizontally toward the northeast, that is to say, toward the River Plate.

June 10: Naico (La Pampa)

Fabian Romano of CEUFO has sent us a series of photos taken between 13:01 and 14:28 in this community to the south of Santa Rosa, on Route 4. "Phantom UFOs can be seen in two of these images. The sky is cloudy and a Minolta Z1 was employed. Photos analyzed.

June 13, 2008: Arguello (Córdoba)

Rodrigo G. submits new "phantom UFO" material to FAO. Photo shows image of a distant yellow flying object against the blue skies of Córdoba. Photo was analyzed with reservations.

June 14, 2008: Azul (Buenos Aires)

Alejandro Inza submits a strange "phantom UFO" photo taken at 16:38 hours with his Sony DSC camera. A strange flying object flying at low altitude, solid and yellow-hued, appears in the image. Photo analyzed by Jorge Luis Figueras with reservations.

June 15, 2008: Capital Federal

Adalberto Maciel informs FAO of his interesting sighting at 21:00 hours with two additional witnesses. A strange flying object "shaped like an inverted plate, made up of countless non-shining lights" moved slowly in a north-northwest direction. There appeared to be something moving in a straight line upward in its rear section.

June 16, 2008: Santa Rosa (La Pampa)

CIUFOS reports a sighting occurred in the southern section of the city at 23:30 hours. A couple describes the slow movement of a large orange light that turned purplish, some 70 degrees over the horizon. The witnesses were stunned by the clarity of the phenomenon.

June 21, 2008: Toay (La Pampa)

Fabian Romano (CEUFO) another one of the nation's "UFO hunters" managed to photograph two "phantom UFOs" at 17:02 hours near the town's RR station under cloudy skies. Photo analyzed.

June 21, 2008: Capital Federal

Adalberto Maciel informs again of the unusual low-altitude flight of a slow, luminous object over the south of the city. The witness saw the event from a 5th storey after 20:00 hours and was able to take 6 photos using a Zenith-brand camera, 100 ASA film.

June 22, 2008: Capilla del Monte (Córdoba)

Engineer Maria Ines Flores, Lt. Cmdr., Argentinean Navy, authorized us to disclose her case. During a visit with an official commission to schools on the Argentinean shore sponsored by the fleet, she took numerous photos, and in one of them, taken at 16:39 hours, she noticed a strange flying object in the landscape. When the photo was analyzed by Jorge Luis Figueras, a sizeable, solid "delta winged" object, with contour and edges, could be seen. A UFO, or a very large bird? Material examined with reservations.

June 23, 2008: Ramos Mejía (Bs.As)

Cristian Soldano of ORBITAL VISION and Demian Heras of SOLIDA EVIDENCIA managed to videotape the same luminous object as it crossed the sky at 06:28 hours. No satellite crossings were detected.

June 24, 2008: Calamuchita (Córdoba)

And as if to celebrate "World UFO Day", Martha Núñez sent us the photo of a "Phantom UFO" taken at 16:14 hours with a Casio EX-S7770 camera over the valley region. Photo analyzed.

June 26, 2008: Calamuchita (Córdoba)

The material obtained by Martha Núñez, first at 12:52 hours and later at 16:56 hours, displays the maneuvers of a UFO in three separate sequences and their subsequent disappearance at an angle in a duration lasting 4 seconds.
This supposes a remarkable speed for the flying object.

June 28, 2008: Bariloche (Rio Negro)

Young Juan Cruz Acosta reports that during a school trip to Bariloche, he witnessed a nocturnal light (NL) of considerable intensity for some 40 seconds while in the company of his peers. The light headed toward a nearby hill and vanished in the vicinity of Lake Gutierrez. The time was approximately 21:00 hours and its speed
surpassed that of an airliner. The ISS flew by with a -2.2 magnitude at 19:23 hours.

June 30, 2008: San Miguel de Tucumán

Alvaro Sandoval and his brothers witnessed the maneuvers of TWO luminous objects at 01:45 hrs. in the southern section of the city. The objects engaged in "unconventional" maneuvers for several minutes. The Airport had shut down at 22:00 hours on Sunday. As of 16:00 hours on Monday, airplanes carrying presidential delegations for the MERCOSUR summit meeting began to arrive.

July 2, 2008: Azul (Bs.As.)

Alejandro Inza (FAO-Azul) sends us new "phantom UFO" material taken at 14:07 with his Sony DSC-S500. The silhouette of a white object, with shadows and a classic "inverted saucer" shape, can be seen clearly against the sky. A most valuable document.

July 4, 2008: Calamuchita (Córdoba)

Among the numerous photos sent by Martha Núñez today, the ones sent to FAO and corresponding to 17:43 hours show a number of objects, mostly "birds in flight" according to our specialist. But even so, there are a few "phantom" objects of great significance, as one of them is in a vertical position.

Early July 2008: Ramos Mejia (Bs.As.)

For 4 minutes, Cristian Solando recorded from his home the transit of a very bright luminous sphere at night. No satellite or ISS trajectories were recorded at the time.

Early July 2008: Mones Cazón (Bs.As.)

According to Diego Sanchez of the DIB agency, local residents witnessed the maneuvers of a "strange blue nocturnal light" in the fields of this community in Pehuajó. Days later, a lamb was found mysteriously mutilated at the "La Pastora" smallhold. The mutilation occurred within a shed (?).

July 5, 2008: Morón (Bs.As.)
Fabian Cebey sends us a series of "phantom UFO" photos taken with a Kodak digital camera between 15:00 and 18:00 hours from his home. Separate metallic-looking bodies are recorded, reflecting light. Photos analyzed by Jorge Luis Figueras, our specialist.

July 6, 2008: Parque Luro (La Pampa)

Ester Urban and Raul Chaves (CIUFOS) submit photos of "phantom UFO"s taken at 15:11 and 15:39 hours in their region of the Pampas using a Sony DSC H3 8.1 mpix camera. Solid, spherical objects in dark colors can be seen.

July 7, 2008: Calamuchita (Córdoba)

Of all the photos sent by Martha Núñez, the one taken at 17:30 hours is very significant. It shows a "phantom" object seen from the front, with forward lights and a shadow behind it...against the blue skies of the valley.

July 8, 2008: Villa Allende (Córdoba)

Rodrigo G., another "UFO hunter" manages to capture a phantom UFO in a 2-minute film taken at 15:30 hours with a clear sky.

July 10, 2008: Vicente Lopez (Bs.As.)

Demian Heras (SOLIDA EVIDENCIA) manages to record the "crossing" between an airliner taking off from the metropolitan airport with a UFO flying slowly southward at a higher elevation and considerable brightness.

July 12, 2008: Villa Carlos Paz (Córdoba)

Rodrigo G. ( sends us new phantom UFO material obtained with his Pentax E40 at 15:13 hours. Object clearly seen against blue sky. Photo analyzed.

July 12, 2008: Morón (Bs.As.)

Carlos Calvi sends us a nocturnal photo of a phantom UFO taken at 19:56 hours using a Sony DSC-W90 with flash. A metallic body can be seen. Photo analyzed.

July 13, 2008:

The material sent by Martha Núñez is OUTSTANDING according to our analyst, as it shows the transit of what we have called the "squid UFO" (remember the medusa UFO?) as it had appeared in photos taken on April 20. At 16:27 hours, Martha took two photos of this flying body, first as it ascended and 10 seconds later, as it make a left turn. Remarkable.

July 13: Capilla del Monte (Córdoba)

Researcher Hector Picco, while driving from El Zapato toward the town, witnessed a strange light located to the left of Venus, but double the planet's apparent size. The object began moving slowly toward Mount Uritorco before vanishing. Time: 19:30 hrs. Report provided by Project CATENT.

July 13: Vicente Lopez (Bs.As.)

Demian Heras (SOLIDA EVIDENCIA) detects and records the transit of very bright, strange object s between 18:43 and 19:26 hours. They do not coincide with satellite paths in official records.

July 16: Capital Federal

Taller GLAUCOART reports and records the movement of a bright NL (nocturnal light) in an E-NE direction at 19:07 hours. No satellites detected.

July 17, 2008: Azul (Bs.As.)

Alejandro Inza reports flying objects near a park in the southeastern section, one of them reflects light. He clicked the shutter 15 times and a circular "phantom UFO" appears in the image time stamped 13:44 hours. It is circular, luminous in its midsection, dark above and below. Photo analyzed by Jorge Luis Figueras.

July 17, 2008: San Miguel de Tucumán

Alvaro Sandoval and his relatives report again the flight of a "white sphere" toward the south of the city. Sighting occurs during daylight hours at 14:25 hours. This observation coincides with the one made exactly a year ago. Photos were taken at a distance, but nonetheless analyzed.

July 18, 2008: Cachí (Salta)

Antonio Zuleta (commentator, mountain climber and ufologist) reports the passage of a gigantic UFO Mothership from South to North over the mountains. The object, silent and with colored lights, had the classic saucer-shape and was as large as "a soccer field" according to locals.

July 19, 2008: Rosario del Tala (Entre Rios)

VISION OVNI's website transcribes part of the text of the FM Puente radio show "Caminando", an interview with Don Ramon, owner of a field in that locality. Around 22:30 hours "a fireflash" is seen to fall from above in the eastern end of his property. The next day, two heifers are found mysteriously mutilated. The sunshades on the property showed signs of melting in their lead struts.

July 24: Between La Plata and Magdalena (Bs.As.)

Jorge Ruiz, a resident of La Plata, told us that he saw a "large source of light" as he drove along Route 11 heading north. Low clouds could be seen in the horizon. The witnessed pulled over to get a better view. The object remained static for 10 minutes before turning off its lights and vanishing, but not before turning a purple hue.

July 26: City of Mendoza

Norberto Luna (FAO-Mendoza) reports a sighting by Mrs. Edit Oyarce around 23:30 hours. She saw a luminous object with multiple colors flying slowly and at low altitude from East to West toward the Pre-Cordillera. The night was full of stars.

July 31: Villa Allende (Córdoba)

Rodrigo G. submits new "phantom UFO" material. At 15:30 hours he picked up what is known to ufologists as a ROD and another strange UFO that drew our analyst's attention.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mexico: The Daniel Sanchez Video

Is Mexico truly on the verge of another UFO wave, as Prof. Ana Luisa Cid suggests, possibly one to rival those of the mid-90s and the mid-70s? The video taken by Lic. Daniel Sánchez could be one of the most intriguing pieces of recorded evidence obtained so far.

Mexico: On the Verge of a New Saucer Flap?
By Ana Luisa Cid

Over the past month, from December 2008 to January 2009, there has been an increase in UFO sighting throughout Mexico.

Daniel Sanchez Rosales has been a witness to this activity. He recorded several of these objects over the Moctezuma District, a neighborhood adjacent to Mexico City International Airport (MCIA).

His video can be seen on YouTube at: The strangest UFO shown in this recording, in my opinion, is the one that occupies the fifth place in the sequence (at 2:22 minutes), as it presents a potent light that appears to divide itself after entering a translucent shape. A complex explanation, but this exists in the skies over Mexico.

Daniel Sanchez says: “I have seen UFOs emerging from a specific location, practically out of thin air. I’ve even come to think that a dimensional doorway may exist at that location. I’m referring to the area located above the Multivision antennae. I have the courage to say it, even though I’m a professional person. This is a fact; it’s not a subject for lunatics or fools. The UFOs I’ve recorded come from this location.” (circled in red in the photo) “I’ve also noticed,” he adds, “That the spheres emit synchronized flashes, as thought following a pattern—two flashes before contracting. Could this be some sort of code, like our own Morse code? I really don’t know, although I’ve pondered the option. I even told my nephew—who always accompanies on these skywatches—that we’ll signal them with mirrors to see what happens. We want to prove [the theory] that there is a purpose to these flashes, or discard it altogether.” UFO reports have been numerous, as though a mini-flap were underway. We will keep you informed.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Argentina: Impressive Red Sphere Caught on Video

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: January 12, 2009

Argentina: Impressive Red Sphere Caught on Video
By Cristian Soldano

[The object] lit up in the vicinity of the Moon around 23:32 hours with a notable aperture, after engaging in a descending trajectory to the west. At a given moment, the object stops and remains suspended for an instant. It later increases in magnitude and gives off three (3) considerable flashes, turning on and off until it ceases to be visible between each flash.
This impressive video, taken by Cristian Soldano, displays one of the facets of the so-called “UFO Flashes” during their apparition process. In 2008, researcher Asdrubal Acosta witnessed this same process recorded here by, and who remarked that was truly startling was to see an enormous “opening sphere” of a red color, a very intense, luminous shade of red.

The video was recorded just as Mr. Soldano was heading toward Rio de la Plata in the vicinity of Martinez, where he would meet up with other researchers to conduct a skywatch. Also in attendance were Carlos Turus, Demian Heras of Solida Evidancia, Mariano Lattes (known as YouTube user MEL3D, who recently obtained several excellent videos) and Juan Motta. The video was recorded with a Sony TRV 310 in a normal – nightshot – color- slow shutter 2 mode, without a tripod, from the town of Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires. Editing was done with the Sony Vegas Pro 8 program without no brightness or contrast correction.

A Witness to the Event

Roberto Muela Yañez, a veteran researcher, witnessed a UFO ascending vertically during daylight hours in the company of his father in Uruguay. He also witnessed this phenomenon from the locality of Tortuguitas with binoculars, and agrees with Cristian Soldano that it is not a conventional phenomenon; on the contrary, he believes this manifestation to be tied to the UFO phenomenon.

On Monday, January 5, he witnessed the phenomenon again, but this time with arc-to-arc visuals, at a greater elevation and following a different trajectory. An exclusive video also exists of the original story that Mr. Muela shared with Christian Soldano, when he witnessed the ascent of an object shaped like “a metallic egg” in Uruguay, an event also witnessed by his father. This is a case with considerable details from a UFO standpoint, one that Roberto experienced directly a long time ago.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Orbital Vision and Guillermo Gimenez)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Argentina: UFO over the Gualcamayo Mine

Date: 01.10.09

Argentina: UFO Over the Gualcamayo Mine

On December 20, the day on which the most powerful earthquake in 3 years made itself felt in San Juan province, some 20 persons witnessed a UFO that was photographed in Jachal at the mining zone where the Gualcamayo Mine is located, according to the Diario de Cuyo de San Juan.

It was in the air for a few seconds and took off at high speed. Moreover, at that very same moment, all of the machinery in service at the site stopped working. Images of another object were seen in Caucene in November. Feeling tired, 20 mine workers were heading back to their shanty at 18:00 hours on that day to get some food and relax. Suddenly, one of them, using his hand to shield him from the sun’s rays, saw something odd in the sky. He told his companions, and somewhat frightened, they took a photo of the object with a cellphone. They continued their journey, following the object with their stares, but the black spot that remained motionless for a few seconds over the landscape vanished quickly, according to the witnesses. At the same time, but in the area where drilling operations are conducted, a powerful buzzing sound was reported and machines stopped working with perfect synchronization, as if all of the operators had shut them down at the same time, say company workers.

Several photos have already been circulated via cell phone, but the sharpest images were those taken from the passenger van. Some accounts dismiss the likelihood of an interplanetary visit, claiming that it could have been the weather service balloon or even a garbage bag flying aloft in search of fame. However, aside from the passengers in the vehicle, it is said that 25 others saw it from the mine, and they only accepted the UFO alternative. After the strange object vanished, say operators, machinery returned to normal operation.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo GABIE and Guillermo Gimenez)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Luminous Feline Creature Seen in Northern Venezuela

Source: OvniVenezuela
Date: 01.09.09

Luminous Feline Creature Seen in Northern Venezuela
By Hector Escalante

Shortly after midnight on October 18, 2008, 5 people witnessed the movement of a large and strange luminous creature over the waters of El Supí Beach on Venezuela's Paraguaná Peninsula, located in the vicinity of the town that bears the same name in the coastal state of Falcón in Northwestern Venezuela.

"There was no moon that night, and it was all very dark," remembers Larry Gonzales, who said the events took place while he, his older brother, and other friends lit a bonfire on the edges of the aforementioned Beach, outside a house they had rented for the weekend.

"We reached the house late. One group stayed inside tidying things up while we took out some chairs and began lighting a fire. At that time, none of us had had anything to eat or drink, because we had just reached the site."

According to the witness, the being, which stood at approximately two or 3 meters tall, was brilliant white and transparent like a hologram. It ran swiftly over the water's surface, coasting the shore some 60 meters away.

Larry Gonzalez, his brother, and three other friends were spellbound by what they were seeing. However, one of them tried to cast light with a flashlight, but the brightness of the light caused the being to become a less visible. “Furthermore, it moved very quickly. for that reason we were unable to make out any details," said Gonzalez.

He described the entity’s bodily appearance and movements as generally resembling those of a feline. “My friend Rubén began shouting at it to see if it reacted, and in a matter of seconds, it accelerated to a prodigious speed, behaving like a feline,” explains González.

The water was not disturbed, nor was any noise generated other what was caused by ocean waves. The young witness claims “the being appeared to be so lightweight that it did not disturb the surface tension of the water as it moved over it. Not only that, the waves rolled in but were unable to even move the figure."

After reaching a certain distance out to sea, after traveling the beach from one end to another, the enigmatic creature vanished before the startled eyes of the witnesses. But the strange episode had not ended yet.

"After it took off running, we were in the total state of panic. Suddenly, shoals of fish began jumping all along the water's edge, as though they had been electrocuted. We could hear them flapping around, and when we pointed the flashlight at them, we could see them jumping around in the water. "

Despite of the fact that they all carried camera equipped cellphones, none of the witnesses were able to take a photo of the alleged creature. They were gripped by fear for several minutes, and their actions became confused. "We didn't have any time to take pictures because we did not understand what was going on. We only realized what was happening later, but it was all over."

"In the morning, we asked the fishermen if they had seen or heard at anything, but no one did," said Gonzales. Oddly enough, there were several blackouts throughout the area that night. Residents of El Supi, however, say that electrical outages are common not only in their town but in several communities throughout the state of Falcon.

Larry Gonzalez adds that two of the people who witnessed this episode are atheists and did not believe in the supernatural. This experience, however, has changed their point of view. Even he himself was skeptical about supernatural accounts presented on television. "When I would see people on TV discussing things of this nature, I would find it ridiculous, and say it was all lies. Now I think it's true. There are things out there that we still do not understand."

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Hector Escalante)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Puerto Rico: Strange Lights Reported in the Southwest

Source: Proyecto ARGUS-PR
Date: 01.07.09

Puerto Rico: Strange Lights Reported in the Southwest
By José A. Martínez

"On Monday, January 5, 2009 at 11:00 pm, several witnesesses reported the maneuvers of two red spheres coasting along the sea, parallel to State Highway 2, which connects the cities of Ponce and Guayanilla. According to several witnesses, both objects were traveling in formation, one following the other at prodigious speed and low altitude toward the West. On January 6 at 7:34 p.m. witnesses from Lajas, Cabo Rojo and Guánica reported three red spherical lights moving at high speed. When interviewed, these witnesses confirmed that the objects were noiseless and traveled from West to East along the sea. We shall be on the lookout for more cases involving these red spheres along Puerto Rico's southern coast."

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mexico: A UFO at the Birthday Party

INEXPLICATA contributing editor Ana Luisa Cid has sent us the following video with a note: "A video recorded on 26 December 2008 at 4 p.m. - I recorded this while the children (my daughter and her friends) were breaking a piñata. A UFO or a balloon?"

Argentina: Victoria Treated to a "UFO Night"

Argentina: A UFO Night Over Victoria
By Silvia Perez Simondini

Yesterday, January 2, 2009, we had a considerable number of sightings beginning at 2300 hours, involving Laguna del Pescado. A very large luminous object emerged from this body of water at incredible speed, heading toward the fields of Victoria until it vanished. Half an hour later, at 23:30 hours, an immense white light appeared in the sky, parallel to the moon, in the vicinity of Laguna Grande. It turned toward the west (heading toward the city of Santa Fe) and vanished in an upward direction.

Minutes later, another even brighter object appeared at the same location, making exactly the same movement. This occurred five times in succession. The only variation consisted in the various tones of the lights, which ranged from bright white to blue, red, orange, and finally yellow. We are attaching photographic samples.

A considerable number of witnesses were on hand from the summit of Cerro La Matanza, citizens of Victoria, and from the city of St. Nicholas in one Buenos Aires.

(translation 2009 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology)

Argentina: An Afternoon Sighting

Date: 01.04.09

Argentina: An Afternoon Sighting

Important peak activity recorded on Tuesday, December 30th 2008: several objects captured on video.

Yesterday afternoon at 15:50 hours Cristian Soldano managed to record several objects from a position at 2800 Juan de Garay Avenue, from which he recorded several objects (a total of approximately 10) engaging in highly localized maneuvers over the area. We can consider this to be a genuine fleet, as the video shows many objects that were not directly visible, unlike the ones that could be seen performing maneuvers of considerable interest, as well as displaying their customary mirror-shaped manifestation, which causes them to appear and disappear constantly. Later, and near the locality of Pompeya, Cristián was able to record another of these objects at 17:15 and 17:35 hours. Cristian, standing in the middle of Pompeya's town square, recorded the transit of three objects, all having the same characteristics, and in this case in greater proximity.

The vidcaps were obtained using a Sony TRV-310 camera in normal mode with adjusted exposure and zoom functions. Video editing was done using Sony Vegas software and the video was compressed TO WMV to be up loaded to YouTube.
(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Cristian Soldano and Guillermo Gimenez)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Argentina: A Father and Son UFO Sighting

The UFO sighting in Rio Cuarto, Cordoba
By Mario L. Bracamonte

Date: December 23 2008
Witnesses: they have chosen to remain anonymous at their own request. However all information is in the researcher's possession.
Location: Rio Cuarto, Argentina

These events occurred in the sky over Rio Cuarto on the night of December 23rd. Around midnight, the witness stepped out of his house to the backyard to do some stargazing, as he is an amateur astronomer, and is especially fond of observing the night sky through binoculars. The afternoon had been rainy and the night sky was partly cloudy.

But as is the case after a rainfall, visibility was very good, as the rain had swept away impurities that float in the air and the stars appeared with greater clarity than usual. There is considerable street lighting in this neighborhood and it was necessary for the witness to take several minutes to adapt his eyesight for observation.

As the clouds dissipated, the witness invited his two sons plus two friends -- a 15 year-old girl and a 17 year-old boy -- to join him in stargazing as the clouds dissipated one by one. To do this, they sat comfortably on cloth-backed chairs and leaned back to watch the skies.

At first, the witness and his guests observed the various shapes adopted by the clouds, as they constantly change due to the slight prevailing wind at the time.

As the sky grew clearer, the witness looked for his binoculars (Tasco 15 X 50s, that is to say, having a maximum of 15 magnifications with 50 mm lenses) to scan the sky. Observations were made looking toward the zenith and toward the south with the exception of a single opportunity in which they look at the stars located farther north. They could see Orion's Belt, but only for a few minutes.

They concentrated their attention on the Southern Cross and other constellations in the general direction southeast of the city of Rio Cuarto. Over the course of two hours they saw several shooting stars a few satellites, some clearly marked meteorites in the sky, as well as a flight of migratory birds traveling in a flock and in formation.

Around 115 in the morning only the witness and his son remained, the girl had gone to bed. Minutes later, at the precise moment that neither one of them was pointing binoculars at the sky (they were around the son's neck at the time) something happened which lasted no longer than four or five seconds, a fraction of time to many, but which left the witness spellbound.

The time was exactly 1:35 in the morning when the witness and his son looked east: At an altitude no greater than 45 degrees they saw the swift and silent movement of two objects traveling from the east in their direction.

The witness’s son was only able to exclaim: "What’s that?!" while the witness himself remains stunned by the sight. For a fraction of the second he thought it was a flight of birds, since the objects color was light brown, nearly caramel colored, as he later described them. They noticed that these two flying objects had flown in from the east toward the west at an altitude of 45 degrees and later flew over their heads, vanishing to the West at the same altitude.

No more than five seconds elapsed between the beginning and end of this sighting. Both witnesses agreed that the objects were teardrop-shaped, tips pointing eastward, caramel colored, with dim lights and a dark center.

Both witnesses followed the transit of the objects unaided. Not having binoculars allowed them to see the spectacle, which was over very quickly. The witness says that the objects were 10 times faster than the fastest satellites they recall seeing, and at a much lower altitude. Both objects flew side by side with one of them half a body ahead of the other. Their trajectory was at low-altitude, no greater than that of a propeller driven plane, although it was not possible to calculate the distance. Personally, the witness believes that the objects were no more than 2000 or 3,000 m above the ground. The witnesses did not observe any maneuvers, only a swift, straight-line movement.

The witness was reminded of military parades in the past, when Mirage fighters would fly a low overhead, vanishing between the buildings. Except that in this case, the altitude involved was higher, there was no noise, the objects were luminous, and their altitude was similar to that of a Cessna aircraft. The son asked the father if he too had seen them, and wanted to know what they had just seen. The objects had no similarity to any aircraft that they knew.

The boy was greatly excited by the sighting. The older witness says that he was astonished and pleased by what he’d seen. It could not be identified. Both father and son agreed that whatever they saw were neither birds, nor aircraft, satellites, meteorites nor anything known to them. The witness adds that he has been watching the sky for 30 years and has never seen anything similar. (Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Mario Bracamonte and Guillermo Gimenez)

Argentina: A UFO Photo Sequence from Córdoba

Jorge Luis Figueras of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO) writes: “These two images correspond to photos taken in the Province of Cordoba with a Nikon camera in burst mode (a total of 16 photos in 22 seconds). The objects can be seen in one photo and not in the other. I then opted for superimposing the images by taking as a reference the wake left by an airplane, and I did this in two parts of Photos 1 through 8 and from 9 to 16 in the second group of shots. The objects are numbered according to the photo in which they can be seen (except for the one numbered “24”, which corresponds to Photo 14. It was a mistake on my part).
The names of the protagonists of the images are safely anonymous.
There is no way that these sightings can be mistaken for out-of-focus insects or birds, nor can they be attributed to a star or planet, given that they are images caputred by a powerful, high speed camera shutter and in burst mode. Some of the photos are at a rate of 2 per second. What can be seen in one image is no longer visible in the next, or at least doesn’t look the same.
This is an example of the large number of cases recorded all along 2008 in this region. It should also be noted that the person taking the pictures was never aware of the presence of these objects until the photos were downloaded to a PC.”
(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)