Monday, March 09, 2009

Argentina: UFO Over Playa Garipe

Source: Diario Unico de Madryn
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009
Date of Event: 02.24.09


A local resident claimed seeing strange lights in the sky, and after giving the matter much thought, decided to alert the press to his sighting. Marcelo Clavero, baker and owner of the “La Juan B. Justo” bakery, happened to a camera with him when the event occured. What really drew his attention were the very powerful haloes of light made by this object in the sky in two separate instances.

At approximately 22:30 hours on Sunday, February 24, he was fishing in the company of his wife, son and brother, who were able to witness the event and capture it on a digital camera.

Marcelo remarked that they were fishing at Playa Casino and since the fish were not “biting”, they decided to go to Playa Garipe, north of Madryn, to try their luck. They made all their preparations to accomodate their fishing lines and when they were about to cast them into the sea, Marcelo saw an intense light in the company of his brother and son.

The three spectators agreed at first that it was an airplane, as the halo turned on and off, resembling the lights of an aircraft. Later, the flying object covered a certain distance in the sky before returning to its original position. Clavero remarked that the event “was of no great importance to those present.”

When they were behind their pickup truck, in the process of cooking a barbecue, the same powerful beam of light appeared, and at that moment Marcelo Clavero believed that it could be some kind of flying object. He asked his wife to take a photo of the powerful light with the family camera, without hoping that the image would be captured by the camera.

Marcelo showed El Diario the two photos taken on that occasion without any kind of zoom or closeup. The photographic records show Marcelo’s back (in one photo) looking at the sky, and brilliant spot in question. He showed that when that brigth spot is held close to the observers’s gaze (sic) it transforms into a sort of disk that stands out over the stars that can also be seen in the photo. It is possible to see green, blue and red colors in the alleged object.

Somewhat surprised, the baker remarked that this is the first time that he had seen lights and movements of this kind in the sky, adding “I’ve seen planes crossing the sky at night, in fact, when fishing at night, seeing airplanes is a common sight.” Whenever he’s engaged in night fishing, he surveys the area’s beaches and has never seen anything in the southern skies that drew his attention. Marcelo remarked that while talking to another local businessman who also goes fishing at night, “he had seen exactly the same kind of movement adn bright light at the same beach,” but rather than see it over the ocean, as happened to Clavero and company, the man “was able to see it over the countryside.”

In closing, the baker stated that he does not know exactly what he saw in the night skies on February 24, but the bright light and its movements, corroborated by the four persons present, he does not think it is a known aircraft. On the contrary, he believes that the flying object was unidentified, and even checked airspace records for that day and time.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.)