Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spain: Galicia - Another UFO

Noted Spanish UFO researcher Antonio Salinas posted this clip to YouTube a few hours ago with the following text: "Another entry from the wave of UFO videos in recent days. It was received at the newsroom of Terra Noticias on September 23 and shows a marine environment and sudden appearance/disappearance [of the object], which are reminiscent of the recordings made at Isla de la Toja. However, the witness's identity remains unknown (aside from his initials being J.F.) as well as the location (a point in Galicia)."

Spain: A UFO Over Asturias

Ever since the footage of the Ribadeiro UFO over Galicia a little over a week ago, Northern Spain has become the scene for some interesting newspaper accounts and interesting videos (including a "Blair Witch-y" one involving a fishing boat captain, a helicopter, two fighers and a UFO splashing into the ocean). This one comes from Asturias and depicts a strange object moving slowly through completely overcast skies. Skeptics will rightly say, "it could be anything", but the level of consternation of the witnesses and the wailing child in the background certainly make it worthy of consideration. A hoax? You decide.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chile: Bolide Allegedly Collides Against Volcano

Source: IIEE Chile (
Date: 09.28.09

Emilia Samur and Jose Alberto del Valle telephoned IIEE on Sunday, September 27 at 18:30 hours to report seeing an intense ball of phosphorescent fire plummeting out of the sky against the slopes of the Descabezado Volcano. The objects predominant colors were green and yellow.

The witnesses claimed having seen a tremendous light that lost itself in the Cordillera. What they left a vast wake of smoke, and even kicked up a sort of white cloud as it went. The couple also reports smelling a powerful odor of burning metal around 20 minutes after having witnessed the phenomenon.

The family in question has a small farm facing Descabezado, and it is not the first time that they have seen this sort of phenomena.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez)

Argentina: Video of Bolide Explosion over La Pampa

Alejandro Agostinelli alerted us this morning to the presence of this video on YouTube (and on his own Magia Critica) website. This impressive phenomenon occured on Sunday, September 27th 2009 and was seen from points as distant as the Chilean city of Temuco and Mar del Plata on the Atlantic Ocean. According to Dr. Richard Branham of the Centro Regional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas, the object was a bolide rather than a meteor or meteorite. Bolides, he explains, are large meteors that are incinerated as they enter the atmosphere and may attain significant apparent magnitudes, accompanied by loud reports.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Argentina: Woman Claims Visit By 14 "Extraterrestrials"

Source: Popular On-Line
Date: 09.28.09

Argentina: Woman Claims Visit by 14 “Extraterrestrials”

The event occurred at a house in Florencio Varela and the case promises to have worldwide repercussions

They were fourteen aliens in total. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, they were surrounding the bed she shared with her husband and small daughter. They looked at her silently, and at no moment did she feel fear. She wanted to wake up her husband, to have him witness what was occurring before her very eyes, but the Vistors advised her telepathically that he would remain asleep, as he was still not yet ready. Then, the beings revealed all of their secrets to her during a 40 minute time period. This is a “contact” experience between a young woman from the town of Florencio Varela and a group of aliens – a case whose mysterious elements have the research community on tenterhooks, and promises to become known worldwide.

The entire episode forms part of an impressive investigation undertaken by the renowned founders of Grupo OVNI – Jorge Marron and Daniel Valverdi – who managed to secure an interview last week with the young woman, 23, who lives in a house in Florencio Varela along with her husband and child. “The case is currently under investigation and the analyses have not yet been completed. We are working with a multi-disciplinary team of experts who have contributed their manpower to unravel the case. As we can tell right now, it is 90% true,” Valverdi told Expedientes Secretos.

“Karina” is the name of the protagonist, and the story is truly enthralling. Among other revelations, she said that the aliens visit our planet on six-month rotations, and are replaced by a new group. They also explained that the circles and shapes that appear on the fields are signals they employ among themselves, and finally explained that there are dozens of civilizations from other planets that come down and interact on Earth to study it (and surely to study us).

“I never had an experience of this sort. It happened two and a half months ago. We were in bed – my husband, my baby and me. They were asleep and I was trying to fall asleep. Suddenly I felt lights, and when I opened my eyes there was nothing there. I closed my eyes again, and the same thing happened. Like a flash of light. I opened my eyes, but all I could see was the [pilot light] on the stove,” explained Karina, on audio recordings broadcast on the Codigo OVNI radio show (FM Apuntes, Mondays, 22:00 hrs.)

“The fourth time that this happened, I felt it closer. I opened my eyes and saw the beings standing beside me. I was lying between my husband and my daughter. I uncovered myself and sat up. They were around the bed, fourteen of them, all of them short except for one: this last one was beside my husband, staring at him fixedly. The small ones were all around, and measured 1.30 meters or so. They were slightly taller than my bed’s sommier, which is rather tall,” said the young woman.

In her description of the events to researches Marron and Valverdi, the witness explained that she tried to wake her husband, but was unable to do so. “I even dug my nails into him, but nothing. The baby was on the other side, on her stomach, but neither of them reacted. At that time, one of the beings told me not to wake up my husband, because he was not ready. I realize that they spoke to me telepathically, and I could answer them in the same way,” Karina explained.

They were practically alike. The only difference was the height of one of their number. They were skinny, with long necks and small heads. Their eyes were black, like almonds, slanted, and their mouths were also small. They had little wrinkles on their face and the head was oval. They had shoulders; their fingers were long and had no nails,” described the woman, who was standing beside a group of aliens who touched her hair, the palms of her hands and lifted one of her arms.”

“Five of them were on the left, four facing me and five on the right side of the bed. I was the only one who wasn’t paralyzed. We communicated for some 40 minutes, mouths closed. That is to say, I spoke by my mouth didn’t move. I managed to touch one of the little ones, and he touched my face. I just felt the need to touch him, and in fact I felt peaceful in their company. I never had the impression that they could harm my daughter or any one of us,” Karina insists.

“Suddenly he made a movement (sic),” said the witness. “He touched me with two fingers, and finally brushed a finger along my forehead. They told me they had come to give me answers about a black book (the Bible) and that what I was thinking was in fact true. When I asked them a question, they told me everything, with details.”

In her conversation with the researchers, Karina stated “the tall one was looking at my husband all the time. His head was slightly smaller than the others, because the small ones had rather larger heads. It felt like touching a baby’s skin – they had little wrinkles, but I couldn’t feel them when I touched one of them. The skin was cold and the color was odd, neither white nor gray. They had a skin tone that doesn’t exist here.”

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO, and Jorge Marrón and Daniel Valverdi, Grupo OVNI)

Spain: UFOs Over Ria de O Burgo?

Source: La Voz de Galicia

Spain: A UFO Over Ria de O Burgo?

Several witnesses report seeing intermittent lights over the bridge and phoned police to report it.

The say that the lights were small, vibrating and flashing. Those who saw them cannot say for sure what they were, where they came from or what their intentions were. They tried to unravel the mystery by phoning the police, but the only unidentified characters the police had any knowledge of were the poachers. The strange flashes were seen a few minutes past noon yesterday.

What was most upsetting to those who saw these lights in the sky were their strange, swift movements in different directions, an ability far beyond that of any object known to man. Miquel Pineda was one of those who were left “stunned” by the sight. “The lights were small and over the bridge. Suddenly there were two bright flashes and they vanished into the horizon,” he explained, minutes later. This Catalonian businessman was working in Galicia for a few days and was very frightened by [the sight]. He phoned the police, and at no time did he say that he’d witnessed a UFO, only “something odd.” He asked if there were military maneuvers in the area that could be responsible for such flashes.

Ana Segrelles was also petrified at noon when the strange lights caught her attention. “I’ve seen something odd in the ría. They were very strange lights and I’ve no idea what they could be,” she explained, still frightened. She dismissed the possibility that it could be an airplane because they don’t behave in that manner. Nor a helicopter. “It’s blown my mind,” she added.

Did aliens visit Ría de O Burgo yesterday at noon? Members of the Io Astronomical Society – Oscar Blanco and Borja Tosar – are always skeptical about such matters, and they have proved this in their book Como sacar buenas fotos de ovnis (How to take good UFO snapshots). Where some see Martians, they see weather balloons, satellites, bolides, planets that change hue when they are over the horizon, very high clouds receiving solar light even after sunset, “even a seagull flying at a certain elevation, reflecting the city’s light pollution, can pass for a UFO.” Their considerable skywatching experience has even allowed them to witness a gamma ray burst. According to Blanco, “this isn’t exactly customary, and while it had us disconcerted at first, we found an explanation for it in the end.”

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Bolide Explodes over La Pampa

Source: Diario Textual (Argentina) and CEUFO

Argentina: Bolide Explodes Over La Pampa

Dozens of residents of La Pampa and southern Mendoza reported a powerful explosion in the skies over the region at around 18:30 hrs (09.27.09). According to the first unofficial reports, it could be a meteorite that entered the atmosphere and fell in the area between the Pampean localities of Santa Isabel and General Alvear.

The weather bureau has still not provided any official information on the phenomenon seen in the atmosphere.

The explosion – and even a ground tremor – was felt in southern Mendoza.

“Since 18:30 hours there was a cloud and an explosion that was felt throughout almost the entire town,” said sheriff Julio Alcaraz of the community of Santa Isabel, 320 km west of Santa Rosa and 40 km south of Mendoza. “It was also felt at the filtration plant south of the Mendoza [provincial line], where the ground even shook, according to workers.”

In the town of Relmo, 100 km east of the provincial capital, Jose Luis Cuadrado also saw the phenomenon. “It was still daylight and a fireball could be seen in the horizon, like headlight falling from the sky. Before it hit the ground, there was an explosion that formed clouds. Something else kept falling behind it and in a matter of seconds, only smoke remained.”

If it exploded, it could be a bolide. The case is being investigated,” said UFO researcher Oscar “Quique” Mario.

“A powerful explosion was heard, and it caused windows to rattle. Then there was smoke, and according to some, tongues of flame, reported by people who came to the Sheriff’s Office, said deputy Riveros of the Carmensa (Mendoza) sheriff’s department to the MDZol. Com site.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Diario Textual at and Quique Mario at Photo credit: Pablo Cagnasso)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spain: UFO VIdeotaped Over Ribadeo

Source: COPE (
Date: 09.25.09

Spain: UFO Videotaped Over Ribadeo

An allged UFO flew over Puente de los Santos on September 16, 2009.

An amateur videographer who was recording the maneuvers of the customs barges and the Ribadeo port facilities at noon on September 16 managed to capture the motion of an object over Puente de los Santos on the Galician shore. It is a brilliant sphere that is first still and then moves slowly before vanishing at full speed toward Ribadeo.
The video can be seen at

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Alfonso Ferrer)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cuba: The Kid, The Kite and the UFO that Wasn't

Source: Agencia de Prensa Libre Avileña (APLA) and
Date : 04.13.2009

Cuba: The Kid, The Kite and the UFO that Wasn’t

Incredible but true. An eight-year-old boy caused police authorities in the town of Fallas, Municipality of Chambas, in the province of Ciego de Avila.

Ramon Hernandez or Ramoncito, as he is known by all, let loose the threads of his beloved kite in the early hours of the evening from the balcony of his humble apartment. He did this in all innocence; the kite had small lit bulbs running all round it – a feat of technology for towns in Cuba’s interior.

Frightened neighbors looked skyward and came up with a variety of exclamations: there was a UFO over Fallas! Gossips phoned the Police in the light of the alleged paranormal phenomenon.

Several jeeps from the service guard of the Enrique Varona (formerly Fallas) Sugar Mill and police cars from the adjacent municipality of Chambas created a commotion with their sirens as part of their ostentatious show of force, which included phone calls to the Army’s command posts in the province, alleging that the sighting could involve a U.S. spy satellite or airplane.

Ramoncito, oblivious to the noise and agitation in the neighborhood, and with the innocence of his age, calmly returned the illuminated kite to the balcony, much to the astonishment of the deployed forces and the meddlesome members of the Cederista guard, now the target of ridicule.

However, Ramon Hernandez’s parents must appear before the Provincial Delegation of MININT (Ministry of the Interior) along with the boy to elaborate on the details of the events that “jeopardized” the serenity of the citizens of the town of Fallas.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Tico Morales)

Argentina: More on the San Benito UFO

Source: Diario UNO
Date: 09.23.09

Argentina: More on the San Benito UFO

Yesterday, in Entre Rios

*Slow moving lights involved*
*UFO allegedly spotted over San Benito*
*Strange zig-zagging object photographed for several days at the same time*

Residents of San Benito claim having seen UFOs at night since mid-September. These are lights that move slowly, leaving a bright wake.

For several days and at the same time, they have photographed the strange zig-zagging object which they believe could be a UFO.

Betiana Presler approached the UNO newsroom to display the photographs taken by her twin sister during the second quarter of September, every night at 21:00 hours.

She said that she discovered the strange light by chance, looking at the night sky and deciding to track its movements. "My sister became very enthusiastic when she saw the strange light leaving a wake behind it, it moved a few centimeters slowly and drew various lines in the sky," said Ms. Presler.

Photos were taken from the San Martin district of San Benito, on Santa Fe and Libertad streets. Presler noted that her sister took the photos without flash "because when a flash is employed, something like bubbles can be seen. Since the camera has motion detection, she was able to focus the light properly."

NOTE: To see the photo, please visit and press the blue tab that says VER MAS FOTOS.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

Argentina: UFO Allegedly Spotted Over San Benito

Source: Radio LT14 (Argentina)
Date: 09.24.09

Argentina: UFO Allegedly Spotted Over San Benito

"They're a common sight around here." Ingrid Presler, a native of San Benito, explained that she was casually taking photos at the doorway to her home. She claims seeing "a blue light that lit the entire sky toward the east" and further explained that it is not the first time she has had experiences of this nature.

In statements made to LT14 Radio, Ingrid explained that she purchased a photo camera not so long ago and in order to try it out, began taking photos of her pets, relatives, etc. One night she left her home and saw "a blue light that lit the
sky toward the east." She said that she immediately pressed the shutter and saw "a strange object" captured her screen. Later on, due to her astonishment, she showed the object to her sister, who opined that "it might be a UFO."

Based on this experience, they decided to submit the photo to Licenciado Gustavo Fernández "so that he could provide us with more information."

Ingrid appears to be convinced of the existence of UFOs: "I believe because evidence has proved it. There are photos and videos."

At the same time, she noted that this is not the first time in which she has witnessed events of this nature. "I'm always on the lookout nowadays, just in case," adding: "They're a common sight around here."

The other experience, according to Ingrid, occurred a few years ago but during the day. "The [alleged] UFO flew rather close over my head." She added that on that occasion, she saw something resembling "a red light" -- an image she was not able to capture on any camera.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Argentina: A UFO Close Encounter in San Juan

Source: Diario Popular OnLine
Date: 09.22.09

** Object Hovered Over a Stand of Pine Trees and Illuminated Them**

UFO "Studies" Two Individuals during a Close Encounter in San Juan
By Sebastián Aranguren and Pachi la Fata

The woman was sharing a moment of rest and conversation with a friend in a stand of pine trees in the province of San Juan. A strong wind had left in its wake a peaceful evening with clear skies. Both protagonists chatted beside a car when suddenly, a light having an estimated 5 meters in diameter lit up over their heads. When they looked up, the saw a floating object that appeared to "study" them for 10 seconds before taking off. Startled, they could not believe the experience they had just undergone, but they weren't alone: witnesses to this phenomenon could be counted in the dozens.

The case was made known by the VISION OVNI research group within the context of a letter submitted by a woman living in San Juan, who provided a detailed version of the episode and even provided exact drawings of the mysterious encoutner. When all pointed to the encounter having been a particular and isolated situation, a local newspaper published an article days later that related the eyewitness accounts of many others who had also seen the UFO.

"All of the accounts agree on a single detail: a very powerful light suddenly lit up the sky. Those who looked up claimed that it was a large ball of fire that moved quickly, followed by a tail," began the article in Diario de Cuyo, which appeared in late August (2009). "We all saw the same thing and were frozen in place," said Martin, one of the witnesses mentioned in the article.

The story made known by one of the persons close to the object, made known by researchers Silvia and Andrea Perez Simondini, begins by saying: "During the afternoon of August 14, the Zonda Winds occured with their greatest intensity. That afternoon I arranged to meet a person with whom I have close ties. Around 20:30 we decided to take a trip to an area west of the city, as the strong winds had vanished, seeking the complicity of the evening. The skies were clear and the site was peaceful. We got out of the vehicle, which was parked on the shoulder of a road inside the wilderness, an open area, and remained beside the car at all times. Around 21:15, we were still at the site when we were startled by a powerful light, with a radius of 5 meters. We exchanged glances and looked upward toward the light. It turned itself off after a while," explained the woman.

She added: "We were able to see an object, calculated as being little over a meter long, and was at very low altitude. This object placed itself above us and lit us profusely. When its light went off, it accelerated hurriedly, leaving a luminous wake behind it whose colors were between orange and red.

According to the experiencer, "the object's speed was such that it vanished into the darkness in an instant," adding that "this event left us immobilized for a few seconds, after which we boarded the car anew and left the area, asking each other what had happened and what had we seen. A few minutes later we decided to stop and analyze our experience. My companion and I have a good knowledge of the area, and with the certainty of being alone there at the time, we dismissed the possibility of any natural phenomenon or caused by something like a flare," said the witness.

She further added: "Given our relationship, we decided to remain silent about our experience. At midnight, my companion heard a local radio program (Telesol's BNBD) that someone had seen something like a comet and wondered if it had to do with some pheomenon involving the two moons (sic). The journalist replied that it could be a flare. I know something about flares and what we saw was not a flare. What we saw stopped over us and illuminated us directly for about 10 seconds. My hypothesis is that it was a UFO exploring us."

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez)

Argentina: A "Firestaring" UFO in Calamuchita?

Source: Ciencia OVNI
Date: 09.22.09

Argentina: A "Firestarting" UFO in the Calamuchita Valley (Cordoba)?

Readers of INEXPLICATA will remember the prevalence of accounts involving "fire-starting" UFOs in Argentina.

Whether these blazes are deliberate, malicious acts or a result of materialization into our reality remains unknown.

UFO photographer and videographer Martha Nuñez managed to take an impressive photo of one such "firestarter" at noon on August 29, 2009. Amid the dense gray smoke it is possible to make out a strange, spindle-shaped object among the hills, maintaing a horizontal position and apparently emitting light. An analysis was made by Jorge Luis Figueras.

"This sighting," writes contributing editor Guillermo Gimenez, "is reminiscent of the other UFO photographed during the 5000 hectare fire of January 24, 2008 in Villa Ventana (Province of Buenos Aires) and which appeared in the "Noticias Tornquist" local newspaper."

(Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Luis Burgos and the FAO Team)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Strange Panamanian Creature is a Sloth

Strange Panamanian Creature is a Sloth
By Paulo R. Poian

The animal was already dead and decomposing, and the story was concocted by teenagers. The case was debunked last week by members of Brazil's Equipo UFO.

The story became widespread last Thursday, with a subject initially identified with Panama's location of Cerro Azul, involving the alleged death of a creature stoned to death by four adolescents near a lake. The unidentified creature was described as an alien, as if this classification offered an exlpanation. According to Panamanian papers, the youngsters were frightened by its appearance and fearful of being attacked, stoned it to death and then left it in a lake. The worst aspect of the story is that a so-called wildlife expert said that the case was under investigation and that the creature had very odd characteristics.

Events of this type, which fall like parachutes (sic) into the hands of ufologists, have given rise to a new specific area of study in ufology, which will be very useful, employed and treasured: exozoology, that is to say, the study of supposedly alien animals. In this Cerro Azul incident, all that was needed was a comparison of images between the alleged ET and the fauna in the region in question. Observe the creature's mammaries, muzzle, and the arrangement and disposition of the legs.

Yes , dear readers. It is a Preguiza (sloth), more commonly known as bicho preguiza, with a habitat that ranges from Central America to Brazil in six different species. It is a mammal and a member of the families Bradypodidae (three-fingered) and Megalonychidae (two-fingered). The absence of fur and the clearly distended abdomen show that the creature was in an advanced stage of putrefaction, which completely blows away not only the story -- concocted by the teenagers and swallowed whole by the media -- but any extraterrestrial hypothesis. At most, a second hypothesis would involve the possibility of a fetal Preguiza, but judging from the images circulated, it appears to be too large for a fetus, unless the images were retouched and enlarged to obtain the desired effect. The expert in question probably rendered an initial opinion in a state of surprise (sic). Unfortunately, these situations have nothing ufological about them and can be swiftly and efficaciously explained, yet they wind up in our Inboxes, obstructing our path, as if we were the oracles -- or trashbins -- of any passing type of "unexplained" material.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Paulo Poian and G1 Noticias. Photo Credit:|Ceretti/Telemetro

Friday, September 18, 2009

Argentina: A UFO in Rosario

Source: Diario Rosario
Date: 09.18.09

Argentina: A UFO in Rosario

Strange things are going on in Rosario: a UFO photographed by the river. A reader of claimed having witnessed the manifestation of an unidentified flying object, a sort of ball of light that appeared in the Port area and vanished 20 seconds later.

The yellow light that appears in the photo is a streetlight, but the one above and in the middle...what's that?

It's not necessary to go to Cordoba. Strange events are also recorded here in Rosario, inexplicable ones, the ones that test one's reason, faith and eyesight, of course.

Something similar occurred to a reader of who submitted a photo to Periodismo Ciudadano as he traveled from Monumento a la Bandera to Villa Gobernador Galvez, near the entrance to the harbor on Calle 27 de Febrero.

"It was like a floating sphere," he explained, but the phenomenon was brief. "Later it headed for the river area and couldn't be seen anymore. It lasted approximately 20 seconds," he added.

"While it lasted, I was able to take this photo of it, then it was gone," said the reader, perhaps still suprised by what he'd experienced. Perhaps they installed new streetlights without telling anyone?

(Translation (c) 2009, S.Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Costa Rica: UFO over Alajuela

Date: September 14, 2009

Costa Rica: UFO Over Alajuela

A photograph taken on February 8, 2009 by Gerardo Quesada Mayorga.

The witness happened to be taking photos of aircraft taking off from the Juan Santamaría Airport in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

When he downloaded the files to his computer, he noticed an interesting object among the clouds.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD750.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mexico: A Ufological High Noon

Source: Info 7 (Spain)
Date: 09.09.09

Mexico: A Ufological High Noon

The following information was received from our contributing editor in Argentina, Guillermo Gimenez, and originally appeared on INFO7 at
http://www.info7. php?id=128275&secc=19&subsecc=0. and we have the approval of Prof. Ana Luisa Cid to make it known to INEXPLICATA’s readership.


The UFO-researching journalist was sued by a renowned investigator due to a baseless accusation of fraud. It appears that she refused to lend her support to a case that he claimed was real, and which now, according to many, turned out to be a hoax.

(INFO7) – Jaime Maussan, journalist specializing in the UFO phenomenon, was sued for having accused researcher Ana Luisa Cid of being a fraud on several television broadcasts.

The conflict emerged on May 8, 2008, when Jaime Maussan accused Cid of being a fraud during an interview on the Realidad Punto Cero radio show, repeating his attack against the researcher on a TV magazine show on May 11, repeating it yet again on his own show on May 18.

Differences between Maussan and researcher Ana Luisa Cid supposedly emerge from her refusal to support the case known as the “Alvin, Texas UFO”, which she believed may be the product of computer trickery.

Curiously enough, the journalist said that the UNAM (Mexico’s National Autonomous University) participated in the investigation, a claim rejected by the staff of this institution of higher learning. As if this were not enough, the UFO case is considered a hoax from the standpoint of several respected researchers of the phenomenon, and the same video presents several issues that place its credibility in doubt.

Presentation of evidence shall take place on Thursday, September 10 at 10:00 a.m. Jaime Maussan will have to make a personal statement before Civil Judge No. 55 of the Federal District. The lawsuit is on the grounds of moral damages against researcher Ana Luisa Cid. Maussan must appear in person to make a statement, not through attorneys or representatives, and he was officially advised of this fact.

All that remains to be known is the judge’s ruling, as [Prof. Cid] says she has sufficient evidence to cause the damages caused by the journalist.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to INFO7 and Planeta UFO)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Argentina: Man Photographs Aerial Engima

Source: Diario San Rafael (Argentina)
Date: 09.01.09

Argentina: Man Photographs Aerial Enigma

The man in question decided not to disclose his identity due to the very real fear of being mocked when events of this sort occur. While he refused to go public with the event, a friend convinced him to go public in Diario San Rafael and after being promised that his identity would not be made known, he provided the information to the paper's newsroom.

According to Diario San Rafael, it all began last Saturday around 15:00 hours in the vicinity of the Nautical Club, when the protagonist approached the shoreline to ascertain fishing conditions, as he is an avid fan of the activity.

"I stopped the car that I drove to the location and some 200 meters away, I saw a strange object hovering above the lake surface. For this reason I decided to get out of the car and take a picture of it with my cell phone. It was suspended in the air, barely a meter over the surface, and was completely silent," said the witness in a handwritten note.

He added that while he tried to photograph it with his cellphone, the object began to emit a buzzing sound and, blowing powerfully over the water's surface, stirring it, began to ascend. At that time, and while the object rose into the air, he took photos of its strange silhouette.

As shown in the image (the low resolution is due to the fact that a cellphone was used to take it) the man must have applied the camera's zoom to get a closer look at what was going on. Four pictures later, the object vanished into the skies above.

"The apparition didn't frighten me," added the startled local. "In fact, I liked it because these things interest me. I beleive that there must be life on other planets."

As far as repercussions that may have been created by making this strange episode known, he stated that: "the matter is left to people's individual opinion. Let everyone draw their own conclusions. I saw it and was lucky enough to photograph it."

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Laura López)

Spain: El Ojo Crítico Releases 62nd Issue

Those of you who have come to know Manuel Carballal as an INEXPLICATA contributing editor are probably also aware of his own publication: the El Ojo Crítico (The Critical Eye) journal, one of the few non-magazine UFO periodicals still publishing in print form. Spanish readers may enjoy perusing EOC #62's extensive content for an eye-opening approach to the concept of mystery as a whole. Manuel has made a name for himself over the years as an avowed foe of paranormal frauds (fake psychics, bogus mentalists and questionable UFO-related claims) and every issue of EOC contains at least one exposé. An enlightening, highly informative publication.

Issue No. 62 of El Ojo Crítico may be downloaded from
and 62.pdf

Or in Megaupload at:

Mexico: Hey, Hey We're the Squirrel Monkeys

Alejandro Franz is the director of Mexico's ALCIONE research organization and a veteran airliner pilot with Mexicana de Aviación, with a number of impressive UFO sightings from the flight deck (including one over the Altar Desert which was described in SAMIZDAT newsletter of the '90s). Capt. Franz's organization has shared its the images of the "alien baby" with the rest of the UFO community along with the following text:

"The veterinarian [who researched the case] said that the animal was submerged in liquid to cure its hide; the proprietor of the ranch says the animal swallowed a poisoned rat. Why can't they get their lies straight? [This] is history-making physical evidence. The story of a "strange being" that a simple analysis - within the reach of any primary school child doing a 30 minute web search - would have confirmed as the carcass of a "squirrel monkey" caught in a trap [...] This is another deception brought to you by "intelligent television"

In the strange and convoluted Aughts, it's entirely possible that believers will still see in these bones the remains of a mission specialist from Epsilon Eridani, deserted by his fellow crewmembers when he fell into one of the cruel snares set by bestial homo sapiens. One must admit, though, that it's a good story -- better than anything on TV right now.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

1999: Dr. Lara vs. Mexico's Foam Rubber Alien

Not all "alien babies" are infants. In this article from Issue # 3 of INEXPLICATA, Dr. Rafael A. Lara Palmeros, Director of Research for Mexico's now-defunct CEFP organization and co-founder of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology, describes the furor caused by the discovery of a foam-rubber doll that was immediately given extraterrestrial significance, although looking back at the event, it was a nine-day wonder. Fortunately.

Lest readers think that this is a move toward skepticism or naysaying, separating the wheat from the chaff is of utmost importance in this field, and we have always endevored to do so. Dr. Lara's report represents one such early effort:

[Editor's Note: Dr. Lara has very kindly allowed us to reprint the text of his personal letter to our office. It is a vivid example of the pitfalls of UFO research outside the U.S. and the inescapable problem of "popular delusions and the madness of crowds"]

"I am writing to inform you about what transpired here a few months ago.

"Since April of this year (1999), persistent rumors made the rounds regarding the fact that a worker at the IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social--the hospital at which I work) had discovered a being with uncommon characteristics. One Sunday during the month of June, this person, whose name is Jesús Rivas, reported to said hospital bearing with him the "entity" in question, causing an uproar among physicians, nurses, staff, etc.. The man had brought the alleged creature to the Emergency Room in order to have it "examined". The commotion was such that I was called in along with biologist Arturo del Moral, another person named Daniel Monge and even TV Azteca to have the situation aired over television.

"Fortunately, I wasn't home at the time and it wasn't until the following day (Monday) that I received the news. Personally, I believed absolutely nothing about what I was being told. Three weeks went by until Don Jesús appeared with the "extraterrestrial" in the department in which I work. We spoke for a while about how his son had found the being in a coffee plantation not far from his house and took it. Without any hesitation on his part, he said it was an "extraterrestrial" and further added that the "being" had so much energy within it that it was "able to engage in telepathic communication...". Furthermore, strange sounds could be heard in the house.

"Upon examining it, I found myself looking at a crude foam rubber doll, made of the same material employed in making balls, certain types of gloves, etc.. Out of sheer courtesy I refused to tell him that it was phoney, but I did make it clear that it was terrestrial and manmade. In spite of this, the collective psychosis gripped the hospital in such a way that many "rationalist" physicians who had always held critical views of the UFO phenomenon suddenly involved themselves in the event, claiming that the doll moved, had a light in its chest (sic), was endowed with an aura, and so forth.

"We still don't know who "blew the whistle", as we say in Mexico, but on the last Monday in June, National Security and Mexico's Interpol agents descended upon the hospital, interviewing hospital director Dr. Joel Vela Sáenz and the medical assistant director, Dr. Rubén Torres. Finally they interviewed the chief of personnel, Dr. Roberto Hernández. After long, gruelling interviews with these physicians, the agents went out looking for Jesús Rivas, apprehending him and forcibly removing him to the Centro de Inteligencia del Estado de Veracruz (CIEV), where he was subjected to interrogation. I reported to said center to tell them that they were dealing with nothing more than a foam rubber doll, pure and simple. This apparently settled the situation, but on subsequent days, I found people with cellular phones monitoring my arrival and departure from the hospital; my phone calls were being intercepted and above all, correspondence was being monitored. It was for this reason that my mail to a number of places was so unreasonably delayed.

"Subsequently [a UFO TV personality] visited Jalapa and...headed for Mr. Rivas's house. The latter claimed that he was offered money and the opportunity to have the entity "analyzed" to determine its origin. The analyses took place and my original explanation was confirmed. It was nothing more than a paltry foam rubber doll. Even so, the public insisted on its strangeness and that's when contradictory information appeared on the Internet. What is most humorous about the case is that a doll having the same exact characteristics and called "Teocelo" was found near Jalapa, and there was the possibility that other similar ones might appear in other places. At one point, reporters for the Política newspaper interviewed me, elaborating on the points discussed earlier in this letter. This led to controversy and bad feelings among Mr. Rivas's family. The reporters still consider this case to be "open" (open, but to what?).

In short, I am sending you some documentation on the case as well as photos of the corpus delicti. Your comments on this are always welcome.

[It is worth noting that Dr. Lara's correspondence is apparently still under surveillance: his envelope arrived in the U.S. opened with a sharp instrument on two sides and the photographs had been removed--Ed.]

From "POLITICA", Thursday, July 8, 1999
Close Encounter of the Third Kind in Colonia Higueras
by Alberto Morales/Gisela Uscanga

An image. Its size: approximately 8 centimeters. Color: brown; Eyes: large; Arms: long. Inert. The story told hereabouts is that it has a wound on its skull which possibly brought about what we Earthlings call "death".

Politica was in touch with a cybernaut yesterday who showed us a number of graphic images. Distrustful and sullen, she didn't say much about the origin of the photos--what we do know is that there are two versions of how the alien was found. We are only telling the reader what is said here without making any claims for its authenticity. Here they are:

1) On the side of a football field located in Colonia Higueras, a man who was playing ball on the site noticed something amid the grass when he went to collect the ball. He picked it up, looked at it, then threw it back. But one spectator of the game was well aware of his gestures and of the object he dropped to the ground: the problem is that when it hit the ground, some sparks flew off it. The spectator went straight to the player, demanding to know what it was. The player riposted that he could have it, if he wanted it. The strange object that drew the fan's attention proved to be a sort of doll, almost the size of a hand.

2) A girl found the alien in a milpa (maize field) and took it to her father, who is only 17 years old. The girl's grandfather has been the one to face the media during this event.

What's being said about this creature is that it communicated telepathically. The alien claimed to be an "android" from the planet "Andromeda", who had come to Earth to carry out a mission which was now over. Being the only female among the crew, her companions decided to leave her behind...for unknown reasons. The person who had the "android" in his possession says that whenever he woke up, objects in the house had been inexplicably rearranged. He claims to having neither heard nor seen anything at all.

[A UFO television personality]contacted the creature's keeper upon learning of the phenomenon. He requested permission to take the being to conduct tests, and was refused. On the other hand, a specialist working at IMSS Clinic 11 took some photos of the "critter" which are circulating throughout the city.

Thus, so that the story won't end too soon, it is rumored that another unidentified being will be found in Xalapa 2000."