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UFO Crashes and Blackouts in Northern Argentina

UFO Crashes and Blackouts in Northern Argentina
By Scott Corrales

Google Earth is one of those Internet-age novelties that have made the world smaller and more accessible for the armchair explorer, relegating the old atlas and travel guide to the bookcase. Typing in a few words will take you to places that you’re unlikely to see in a lifetime, or even in many lifetimes (ninety per cent of us are tied to our jobs!). This surely applies to the vast spaces of Northern Argentina, where satellite images present the viewer with lonely roads, the odd farmstead, endless cultivated fields or wilderness areas bordering the vast and unforgiving Andean Cordillera and its tributary mountain chains. These brown, black, grey and sometimes green spaces are relegated by human cartography as brightly colored provinces with names that do not quite connect to the barren landscape – Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán – and towns whose nomenclature ranges from native toponyms to those of brave settlers who gambled their lives in colonizing the area.

This strange land is made stranger by the disquieting presence of the unexplained.

In August 1957, less than twenty kilometers from the town of Quilino, Province of Cordoba, a serviceman with the Argentinean Air Force heard a very loud and acute buzzing sound. He got out of his tent to take a look and was startled to see a disk-shaped object coming in for a landing, causing a whirlwind that shook surrounding trees and grass. Frightened, the airman reached for his sidearm but was unable to draw it. “It appeared to be welded to its holster,” he would later say. A voice issued from the unknown craft, assuaging his fear and informing him “interplanetary visitors already had a base in the region of Salta” and would soon make their presence known all over the world.

Readers of Coral Lorenzen’s 1960s books on the UFO phenomenon were exposed to the case histories that were being collected in these early, memorable years. Cities like Salta became known to readers not just for “flying saucer” sightings, but for mysterious disappearances as well, much like the small towns of La Pampa would become familiar names to readers of the ‘90s and the ‘00s, especially those interested in cattle mutilations. Gordon Creighton’s Flying Saucer Review presented even more detailed accounts of high strangeness in Argentina: giant multi-eyed entities emerging from glowing saucers, a family trapped in their farmhouse by six heat-ray emitting UFOs, the heroic escape of truck driver Eugenio Douglass from twelve-foot tall helmeted aliens--matching their heat-rays with bullets--and the abduction of Dionisio Llanca, with its startling posthypnotic command implanted by the UFO entities. Argentinean investigators, while little-known in the United States, have distinguished themselves for their scholarship in Latin American ufology: Guillermo Roncoroni, for instance, conducted the first statistical analysis of the myriad cases that have made Argentina famous, thus compiling ARGENCAT, which aided in proving that the BAVIC line indeed had as much influence over Argentina as it did in Spain or France. He went on to publish UFO Express, which was considered for years to be one of the most important journals available on the subject in Spanish.

When Objects Fall From The Sky

Reports on UFO crashes make two demands from the reader, the first being a belief in extraterrestrials engaged in visiting Sol 3 for reasons that we cannot possibly imagine, and the other being that their technology is vulnerable to our own. Both beliefs must be in abundance, to judge by public interest in the Roswell Incident. Perhaps there’s room at the table for believing in another, even more spectacular affair: the 1995 crash near Metán.

According to researcher Guillermo Aldunati, an object fell from the sky on the sunny afternoon of either the 17th or 18th of August, 1995 near the mountain known as El Crestón, neighboring the city of Metán. His report suggested that “thousands of people” had witnessed the UFOs maneuvers, and that it had apparently been shot down “by air-to-air missiles” from another, unknown type of aircraft, described as being triangular in shape (an F-117 Stealth fighter?)

“ Hours later,” read Mr. Aldunati’s report “ a small private plane flew over the crash site and it too fell to the ground. The pilot later said that source of electromagnetic energy caused his plane to crash.” Although his name was not featured in the initial communication, the pilot in question was crop-duster Antonio Galvagno, whose experience and near-collision as a result of this incident led him to become a valuable member of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía, and his name has been mentioned prominently in reports on the 2009 incident involving a UFO “mothership” flying over the city of Joaquin V. Gonzalez.

The fact remains that something happened near Metán, and that an effort was made to cover it up. The landscape displayed clear signs of the impact of an object that had been dragged for many kilometers, leaving a wide, burned scar on the ground, which allegedly remains cordoned off to this very day. The force of this impact was such that seismometers were set in motion some ninety miles away.

Government agencies responded to the collision as any official authority would, sending out rescue and recovery teams from the town of Rosario de Lerma in the belief that badly injured survivors would be found from an object that “exploded in mid-air”— according to the residents of small communities who excitedly described the incident, the deafening explosion and the resulting earthquake sensation.

The rescue and recovery team, led by Pedro Olivera, reached the foothills of 9000-foot El Crestón and found the ruined landscape of charred vegetation and blackened rocks. If newspaper accounts are to be trusted, a metallic object was at the center of the ruined terrain (whether an alien probe or terrestrial rocket booster was never established). Olivera’s team reported their finding and was inexplicably told to abort their mission and return home.

In subsequent days, local residents reportedly witnessed all terrain vehicles driven by “English-speaking personnel” heading toward the crash site. An anonymous report from an employee of the Universidad Nacional de Salta claimed that the foreign personnel was escorted by University personnel and technicians from a local nuclear power plant (not mentioned, but possibly the CNEA conversion plant at Pilcaniyeu near Bariloche or the Canadian-built Embalse plant in Córdoba)

The unnamed source made a further claim that hearkened Roswell: the outsiders had recovered pieces of material – slivers of a material resembling aluminum that “assumed a concave shape when joined” with an “an unusual consistency” – and that orders were given to characterize the event as an meteorite impact, displaying the appropriate chunks of rock to the media. On September 1, 1995, journalist Raúl Córdoba stated his belief that “NASA personnel” had visited Northern Argentina in an effort to conceal the truth, finding willing cat’s-paws in the administration of the Universidad Nacional de Salta.

Parallels were soon drawn with the 1979 crash near the Bolivian city of Tarija, which received coverage in the UFO press, both national and overseas. But only a year early, the sleepy community of Villa Mercedes had experienced its own brush with the unknown, jamming the switchboard of the local radio station with calls reporting “a procession” of fifty UFOs across the night skies in May of that year. Broadcaster Otto Gall was able to see the wedge-shaped formation of blue-green objects between 22:15 hours and midnight.

According to a sergeant at the Villa Reynolds airfield, not far from Villa Mercedes, the objects traveled at approximately fifteen thousand feet and resembled oval-shaped craft without any signs of portholes, and making no noise whatsoever. Argentinean “ham” operators were able to monitor communications from Chile, across the majestic Andes, announcing that a massive fleet of “platillos voladores” had just penetrated their airspace

Allegations of a UFO crash also followed in the wake of this 1978 incident. A tremendous explosion, suggesting a ground impact, prompted the National Gendarmerie to send out forces to comb the region that includes the communities of Las Pavas, Baritú and Los Toldos in the hopes of finding whatever it was that had fallen out of the night skies.

Newspaper stories claimed that the unknown object had fallen to the bottom of a ravine known as Bolsón de los Fantasmas near the community of Santa Victoria – information that was corrected by military sources, who indicated that the collision had occurred near the town of Orán. The Argentinean military conducted a fruitless search along the Bolivian border, only to learn that the Bolivians were also looking for another downed object.

In the words of UFO researcher Mercedes Casas, based in Salta, Argentina “Ever since the famous 1978 crash on the border between Bolivia and the province of Salta, UFO activity never ceased in the Tarija region. Reports of nocturnal lights moving in odd patterns – zigzags rather than straight lines – continued for months after the crash when everything had ostensibly quieted down. There is a tremendous influx of Bolivians into Salta, looking for better opportunities,” she continues. “They all have stories to tell involving bizarre nocturnal lights, particularly those hailing from the rural areas.”

A History of Blackouts

One of the most fascinating and disturbing aspects of UFO activity in Latin America, from Mexico down to Tierra del Fuego, is the effect of unidentified craft on the power grid. Entire cities have witnessed strange objects over their streets before blackouts, and others have written detailed reports on their impact on specific power stations. One of the most important characteristics of the November 2009 incident at Joaquin V. Gonzalez centers around the electromagnetic effect exerted by the cigar-shaped “mothership” over a turbine at the El Tunal power station and a number of light posts along a highway – spaced at regular intervals on a road that appears to have visited by the enigmatic object.

This “EM Effect” can be traced back to cases 40 years in the past. Argentinean author Roberto Banchs mentions the July 4, 1968 blackout that darkened the entire sector of Tigre (province of Buenos Aires). During this incident, a number of witnesses reported seeing a UFO. A woman named Isabel Gómez stated that the object "seemed to emit light. It was the only lighted object at the time." The unknown object was reported at 2300 hours that evening, and described as a “large, splendid source of light”.

A few months later, the city of Chascomús was plunged into darkness. Mrs. Blanca Davis witnessed a UFO measuring some 7 or 8 meters in diameter hanging motionless in the air, directly above the town square. "When we looked toward the west," she reported, "we saw two [more] discs and another one which gave the impression of being ready to land. Suddenly the UFOs headed toward the lagoon area, from which twenty more objects appeared, flying from north to south at fantastic speeds." Banchs reports that electricity was restored the moment the objects disappeared.

Not even majestic Buenos Aires was spared these sudden power failures. On December 26, 1965, the city and all of its suburbs in a 40-mile radius were left in the dark. Hours turned into days before service was restored – even as the country experienced one of the great UFO flaps of the decade.

In 1974, it was the city of Cordoba’s turn to light candles as unidentified flying objects flew overhead. Marcelo Lublinksy, a correspondent for the defunct CEFAI research organization, reported that a 30 minute, city-wide blackout had taken place on the 16th of October even as people reported having seen luminous objects flying overhead toward the northeast. “The electric company reports that no defects were found in its equipment.”

Back to the Present

Early on November 26, 2009, while Northern Argentina endured the rigors of an unusually hot summer for the Southern Hemisphere, people either tossed and turned in their beds, waiting for the expected relief of a thunderstorm that would never come in the end, while others sought relief in the open air, whether from eating frozen desserts or simply sitting at outdoor restaurants open at that late hour. This, at least, was the scene in the community of Joaquin V. Gonzalez (Lat. 25.0833, Long. 64.1833), named after the famous Argentinean educator. Most reports coincide on 0200 hours as the time when over a hundred witnesses, at last count, were treated to the awe-inspiring sight of an otherworldly object, described in newspaper articles as “a strange, gigantic luminous creature, elongated and weightless” embarking on a precise trajectory toward the hydroelectric power station at El Tunal on the Juramento River, twenty-one miles distant toward the southeast, part of the massive Cabra Corral system, perhaps the most important in the Argentinean Northwest. The object made flew over the bemused onlookers, making intermittent flashes of light and with a fixed red beacon on its forward structure.The unknown visitor faded away into the darkness and within minutes – some say five, others fifteen – the entire region surrounding Joaquin V. Gonzalez and its soybean farms was left dark, a sure sign that the object had reached El Tunal. Power would not be restored for another nine hours, and other services had also been affected, such as vital phone service to this remote community.EDESA, owner of the 132 kV Cabra Corral system, confirmed the lack of electricity only minutes after the blackout, adding that it was impossible to find the failure, which had occurred at the main power station located at El Tunal. The problem? “A burned-out generator”

According to UFO researcher Luis Burgos “the blackout occurred some fifteen or twenty minutes after the object was sighted over Joaquin V. Gonzalez, and right when it hovered over the generating plant at El Tunal.” To Burgos, the protagonist of yesterday’s episode was “what we call a mothership, a sort of space aircraft carrier measuring no less than 200-300 meters long, and which usually issues smaller UFOs measuring between 8 and 10 meters in size, which later return to the [mothership].”

This will be neither the last nor most spectacular incident involving unknown craft in this part of the world. Only time will tell.

Argentina: Another Photo from Lanús

INFOBAE de Buenos Aires has published another image of the unidentified object photographed during a religious event in the suburb of Lanús.

Argentina: UFO Recorded Over Lanús

Source:Fuente: 26 Noticias
Date: 11.29.2009

Argentina: UFO Filmed During Religious Ceremony in Lanús

A couple from Lanús recorded the transit of an unidentified flying object (UFO) while a religious ceremony was being held at this Buenos Aires district.

A morning paper reported today that on November 7 [2009], when the tenth anniversary of the manifestations of the Virgin Mary were being conmemorated at a town square in Lanús, a teenager witnessed the slow transit of the craft, while dozens of participants in the ceremony looked on.

It was then that Julio Guillermo Farkas and Adriana Cetroli recorded images of the object on their camcorder. Once the object had gone, Farkas and Cetroli provided details of the event to researchers Daniel Valverdi and Jorge Marrón from the prestigious Código Ovni group.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales IHU, special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Chile: UFO Reported Over Iquique (with video)

Source: La Estrella de Iquique
Date: Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chile: UFO Reported Over Iquique

(Video) The strange body remained suspended and motionless for several minutes before moving in a south to north direction.

The manifestation of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the skies over Iquique was a source of consternation this afternoon.

The unusual event was noted after 18:00 hours today, when a group of workers at the harbor became aware of an object moving over Cerro Esmeralda. They immediately alerted journalists from La Estrella de Iquique, who corroborated the presence of the figure in the city’s skies.

Cylindrical and white, green at its core and purple at its base, the odd structure remained static for several minutes, then engaging in a south-to-north direction.

The object displayed bright colors at times. While spectators tried to explain that this was due to the sun’s reflections, many speculated that this was on account of the object’s movements.

After half an hour of flight, the UFO lost itself among the afternoon clouds.

While it was not possible to determine the size or altitude of the UFO, some observers believed it to be above the 2000-meter mark.

When experts with the Dirección General de Aeronautica Civil (Civil Aeronautics Office, or DGAC) were consulted, they dismissed outright any reports of flying objects over the area.

Hector Correa, director of the Diego Aracena Airport, stated: “We have no reports on aerostats or objects at the indicated place and time.”

The expert added: “We have control over anything that flies, and we have no records of it at this time.” He insisted that they even have up-to-the-minute records of meteorological devices or military craft flying over the area.

Mario Pizarro, a member of the Chilean UFO research group, upon seeing the images picked up by La Estrella, confirmed that the object belongs to the category of “Paracaidistas” (parachutists), alluding to a series of bodies detected in the Colina Sector of the nation’s central region in 1999. He explained that during that year, a fleet of UFOs having similar characteristics was reported near a military airfield.

Pizarro explained that the “Paracaidistas” are polyuniform UFOS – that is to say, they change shape according to their movements in the air. He added that it is even possible to see nozzles or propulsion elements in the lower part of the object. Pizarro remarked that manifestations of these objects are cyclical.
He was already alerted to the presence of UFOs in Huayquique and strange objects over Alto Hospicio yesterday.

Mario Pizarro dismissed the possibility that weather balloons or aerostats were involved, as these are launched from Antofagasta and traveling eastward. He even theorized that the UFO moved at over 500 kilometers an hour, at an altitude of 5000 to 7000 meters.


(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Salta UFO Update (7:38 am, 11.28.09)

The following information was just received from Luis Burgos, director of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO):

1) The number of witnesses to the event now surpasses one hundred.
2) All of them agree that the object was "cigar-shaped", was self-luminous and of considerable size.
3) No photos or videos are known to exist AS OF YET.
4) 40 kilometers from town, a row of 5 low voltage street lights were found completely carbonized in their upper section, their wires burned and shorted out. The light posts have 35 meters (114 feet) of separation between them, which suggests that the element causing the situation acted over a strip of no less than 140 meters (1500 feet) across.

Many thanks to Luis and the members of FAO for the update!

Salta and the 1995 “UFO Crash”

It’s very hard to impress upon readers the level of UFO and high-strangeness activity that has characterized the Salta region for over half a century. A cursory glance at any of the maps provided with the news items provided with the most recent UFO blackout of Joaquin V. Gonzalez and its environs will reveal the names of adjacent communities that have appeared again and again in connection with the phenomenon: cattle mutilations, monsters, ghosts, UFO sightings, landings and contact experiences, human disappearances...far from being merely a “hot-spot” or a “flap area”, the province of Salta is a place where the line between the mundane and the extramundane has been permanently blurred.

In 1997 I wrote an article with information kindly provided by researcher Guillermo Aldunati concerning UFO activity in this region, and particularly an incident that is referred to (as recently as this week, in relation to the blackouts) as the “Argentinean Roswell”, as one of the incident’s protagonists has gone on to become a respected researcher in his own right, and a key member of the FAO organization. You have seen his name mentioned in these dispatches: Antonio Galvagno.

On August 17, 1995, Mr. Galvagno was having lunch with his wife at a quarter to two in the afternoon when a deafening explosion shattered the silence of the otherwise peaceful region. Thinking at first that it could be a massive earthquake, he and his fellow townspeople were startled to see a column of smoke rising into the air. This made them think immediately of an airliner collision or a meteorite impact.
As a civilian aviator involved in crop dusting, Galvagno did not hesitate to avail himself of his ultralight biplane to take a closer look at the impact area and check for survivors. The source of the smoke was in a vast, mountainous area known as the Serranía Colorada, and as he approached he was able to see that the pillar of black smoke was sooty and contained metal particles. His flyover was fruitless and he returned home. But far from being a quitter, he renewed his surveys of the collision area for two weeks.

Shortly after the event, according to his story, Mr. Galvagno had meeting with members of the National Gendarmerie, who sternly cautioned him to desist from his research. The warning was also extended to other local residents involved in getting to the bottom of the strange affair. But by now, the Argentinean news media had taken an interest in the matter, and journalists had been dispatched from Buenos Aires to distant Salta to cover the story. No official explanation was ever issued by the authorities and all that remains is a five hundred meter wide, five-kilometer long burn mark. According to a recent statement by Mr. Galvagno, “vegetation never grew in the area again, and it remains cordoned off to this day due to national security reasons,” in the words of both the Gendarmerie and the Argentinean Air Force.

Meteor fragments and military space debris have also found their way to this peaceful and remote part of the world. Southern Bolivia, to the north of Salta, is also remembered for the 1979 crash near the community of Tarija.

Argentina: Speculation about UFOs Over Salta and Perú

Source: Diario Urgente
Date: 11.27.2009

Argentina: Speculation About UFOs Over Salta and Perú: Is First Contact Imminent?

Daily newspapers of the Salta locality of Anta stated that in the early hours of Thursday, witnesess claimed seeing a flying object shaped like a luminous cigar. In Perú, a UFO flotilla showed itself over Lima.

CITY OF BUENOS AIRES (Urgente 24) - Daily newspapers of the Salta locality of Anta stated that in the early hours of Thursday, witnesess claimed seeing a flying object shaped like a luminous cigar.

The publication reports that “the Department of Anta was plunged into darkness in early morning hours yesterday following an interruption of electric power produced at the same time that dozens of witnesses claimed having seen a UFO plowing the skies over Joaquin V. Gonzalez.”

Similar statements were received from the districts of San Nicolas, San Cayetano, Malvinas Argentinas and the downtown area, and witnesses appealed to the news media at noon yesterday, once services had been restored, to provide their version of the events.

Daniel Barboza, director of Radio UNO, told Diario El Tribuno that “the lights went out around two in the morning. The night was hot, cloudy and the lightning bolts threatened to unleash a storm that never came, as only a light drizzle fell. For this reason we initially attributed the power interruption to weather conditions.”

“But today (meaning yesterday morning) residents from all of the districts came to the radio station to tell us about the sighting of a strange craft just at the same time that the electricity and other services were interrupted.”

He further reported that “according to all accounts, the craft was enormous, shaped like a cigar and completely illuminated. Residents claimed that it flew over the power plant area for a few seconds. The fact that people from various points of the city agreed on the description of the UFO attracted our attention, so we commenced our own investigation.”

Barboza added: “At first, we explored the reasons for the power outage, which is unusual in this locality, and rarely happens. if it happens, the power company provides advance notce for residents to take measures. Until today at noon (meaning yesterday), the local branch of the company had no explanation whatsoever. It is necessary to add to this the interruption of other services: water, phone, etcetera.” He further noted: “According to witnesses, the interruption could be due to the action of an electromagnetic field emanating from the craft, and which affected the station. But these are only conjectures.”

Antonio Galvagno, a commercial pilot and a member of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO), explained to local media that “according to all accounts, [the sighting] involved a mothership, cigar-type, elongated, completely illuminated by flash-type lights that ranged from white to red, which is unusual in this sort of craft. The UFO was seen in the northern part of the locality, toward El Tunal. What was most curious about the event was that this is the place where the electric utility detected a burned-out turbine, according to the information that was disseminated by the local media.”

UFOs Over Lima

Eight alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were seen in the skies over Lima and were a source of astonishment to dozens of people going about their business in downtown Lima.

According to Peru 21, three luminous objects were involved at first, forming a perfect triangular formation in the sky.

The dots then began to move and multiply, eliminating the possibility that stars or balloons could be involved.

In the end, eight luminous objects formed an octagon in the sky. People stopped to look, raising their heads and looking at the bizarre spectacle in amazement.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Argentina: UFO Turns Out Lights in a Salta Community

Source: INFOBAE (
Date: 11.27.2009

Argentina: UFO Turns Out the Lights in a Salta Community

The luminous flying object cross the skies of a town in the province of Salta. After it vanished, the locality was plunged into darkness and telephone service was interrupted. Service was restored nine hours later.

Yesterday at 2:00 a.m., a town in Salta with a population of nearly 20,000 residents known as Joaquin V. Gonzalez was left without electricity and cut off from telephone service. Local residents claim that it was all caused by an unidentified flying object (UFO)

At that time, and in that distant region of Salta, a luminous, elongated UFO crossed the skies with a southeasterly heading toward El Tunal. The object had intermittent, flashing lights and a fixed red beacon. The area was plunged into darkness shortly afterwards.

“It was terribly hot. Some people were eating ice cream while others sat around the outdoor tables of local restaurants,” said one witness.“Suddenly everyone saw a strange vehicle plow across the sky, completely illuminated, and a little bit later, there was a power failure. The phone lines were also rendered inoperative.”

Luis Burgos, a UFO expert, told Diario Popular that the “blackout occurred 14 to 20 minutes after the object was seen over Joaquin V. Gonzalez, and just as it hovered above the El Tunal power station. He explained that the object was “what we call a mothership, a sort of space aircraft carrier measuring no less than 200-300 meters long, and which usually issues smaller UFOs measuring between 8 and 10 meters in size, which later return to the [mothership].”

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special Thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Argentina: Giant UFO Causes Commotion in Salta

Source: Diario Popular (Salta, Argentina)
Date: 11.26.09

Argentina: Giant UFO Causes Commotion in Salta

Perhaps the most chilling detail of what happened yesterday morning in Joaquin V. Gonzalez, a town of 20,000 residents considered by traditionalists as the “heart of the province of Salta” is the abundance of eyewitness accounts and the manner in which they are so perfectly synchronized with each other. This little town is also known to the ever-watchful gaze of science for the fact that its heights are regularly swept by the passing of UFOs.

The entire town – or at least those who were awake at 0200 yesterday – agree that it was hot, an unbearable heat that kept people from getting a good night’s sleep, their eyes wide open under treacherous, menacing and stormy skies. Outside, people drank cool drinks or ate ice cream hurriedly, before these were reduced to sticky confections.

This was the fate of many residents of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, engulfed by nearly 300,000 hectares of soybeans, when at 2:00 a.m., with heat still burning under their skins, they saw a strange, gigantic luminous creature, elongated and weightless, heading southeast to El Tunal, some 35 kilometers from the town. It plowed the dark skies, lighting everything around it, visible to everyone.

The “cigar-shaped UFO” (as it is known to specialists) crossed the Saltan night suspended under a spongy ceiling of clouds, and according to some of the numerous witnesses, “with intermittent, flashing lights and a fixed red beacon”. As the object disappeared from view, those who watched the sky as though expecting something more, saw it disappear into the darkness toward El Tunal. Minutes later (some say 5, others 15), all of Joaquin V. Gonzalez experienced an electrical blackout that submerged a 200-kilometer area in the deepest darkness possible.

“It was terribly hot. Some people were eating ice cream while others sat around the outdoor tables of local restaurants,” said one witness to Salta’s El Tribuno. “Suddenly everyone saw a strange vehicle plow across the sky, completely illuminated, and a little bit later, there was a power failure. The phone lines were also rendered inoperative,” said the excited witness. “Things went back to normal at 11:30 a.m., nine hours later.”

The power failure was confirmed by the EDESA Company, which confirmed the lack of electricity only minutes after the blackout, adding that it was impossible to find the failure, which had occurred at the main power station located at El Tunal. The problem? “A burned-out generator”

UFO expert Luis Burgos told DIARIO POPULAR that “the blackout occurred some fifteen or twenty minutes after the object was sighted over Joaquin V. Gonzalez, and right when it hovered over the generating plant at El Tunal.” To Burgos, the protagonist of yesterday’s episode was “what we call a mothership, a sort of space aircraft carrier measuring no less than 200-300 meters long, and which usually issues smaller UFOs measuring between 8 and 10 meters in size, which later return to the [mothership].”

Burgos noted that yesterday’s episode is significant “due to the large number of eyewitness reports” to be found, although he added that he was familiar with this small Salta community because “the most significant case of last year occurred in the nearby town of Chicoana.”

In October 2008, “dozens and dozens of witnesses saw lights hovering over planted fields, and the following morning found strange, gigantic geometric figures.”

Meanwhile, other specialists added to the discovery of a “mothership” the fact that after the enormous device was seen over El Tunal, several UFO flotillas were reported in Peru. “It is almost certain that they had departed from the Mothership that passed over Salta,” they affirmed, and that in coming days, “we will surely have more developments.”

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

BREAKING NEWS: "Mothership" Causes Blackout in Argentina

We have just received word from our colleagues Guillermo Gimenez and Luis Burgos that a UFO “Mothership” may be responsible for a blackout in the notorious hotspot city of Salta, in the Argentinean northwest. The story is developing, so we expect to post several updates today. This is the first item received by Inexplicata today.

Did a Mothership Cause a Major Blackout?
By Luis Burgos

The fact that my organization, FAO (Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia) can rely on the assistance of over a hundred people distributed across the country, whether as collaborators, consultants or correspondents, places us at a great advantage in securing instant UFO information. In earlier times, we would learn of cases by mail weeks later, or by phone when the service was operational. An example of this can be seen in the Province of Salta, where researcher and private pilot Tony Galvagno, known for spearheading investigations into the 1995 Salta UFO Crash, which prompted his small plane to plummet from the air [...]

This morning we received an urgent call from Tony, saying that the transit of a “flying cigar” overhead with flashing intermittent lights and a red beacon on its structure, had caused an enormous BLACKOUT in the town of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, where he lives, as well as in adjacent communities, some 20 minutes after having appeared. Practically the entire department of Anta had “collapsed” as far as its power grid was concerned. Dozens of residents reported seeing the UFO after 0100 hours today (Thursday, November 26) on a hot and stormy night. The final trajectory of this object was south-southwest, in other words toward El Tunal, some 35 kilometers from Joaquin V. Gonzalez and bordering the Pasaje Juramento River. As hours went by, Salta’s power company (ENDESA) could not find a cause for the blackout until the light returned around noon yesterday, but telephone service remained out of order. Early in the afternoon, a “burned-out turbine” was found at the El Tunal power station. In other words, along the UFOs heading.

In this state of affairs, and given the magnitude of the events, we made the pertinent contacts with [INEXPLICATA contributing editor] Guillermo Gimenez being among the first to learn of the situation. Phone calls were made to and from Salta, confirming the manifestation of a large UFO. The regional and national press was informed, and their morning editions have probably prepared new information as communications are reestablished. Certainly El Tribuno and Salta’s Diario Popular will carry the story.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU - special thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Peru: UFOs Over Lima - Photo

Lima's La República published a photo of the unusual objects photographed over the city at around 1400 hours on 11.25.2009. Enigmatic, fast-moving "dots" such as these account for a considerable number of the UFO photos taken in South America in recent years. Extraterrestrial, man-made or interdimensional? The jury's still out...

Peru: Astonishment Over Alleged UFOs

Source: Diario de la Republica de Peru, & Alex Sender
Date: 11.26.2009

Peru: Astonishment over Alleged UFOs in the Skies over Lima

LIMA ( – Eight alleged Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) appeared in the skies over Lima and caused astonishment among dozens of citizens walking along Lima’s downtown area.

According to Peru.21, three objects in the sky formed a perfect triangular formation at first.

Later, the dots began moving around and multiplying, dismissing the possibility that they could be stars or balloons.

A total of eight luminous objects ultimately formed an octagon in the sky. People walking the streets stopped to lift their heads skywards, witnessing the strange spectacle.

Thousands of city residents emerged from their dwellings, offices and workplaces in Lima’s Historic Center to witness the strange lights in the sky. It was an unusual phenomenon – a mysterious grouping of lights that could be clearly seen in the cloudless skies over Lima. The event occurred at around 2:00 p.m., just as Francis Allison offered curious explanations to a complacent Chema Salcedo.

A reader managed to record the event with a cellphone from one of the courtyards of Compuplaza, but the strange phenomenon prompted passerby from the Palace of Justice to the Plaza Mayor to stop in their tracks while they did their best to watch the four or five lights shining in the clouds. “The lights would gather and separate with unusual speed, approaching and separating effortlessly,” said one of the thousands of witnesses to the phenomenon.

UFOS? Balloons commemorating the No Violence Against Women Day? Or the high price of Christmas cake? Or perhaps the international price of gold? See the images and judge for yourself.

For more information:

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Alex Sender)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It hardly seems a year since we last wished all our readers a happy day with their friends and families! This is the opportunity we always take to THANK YOU for your readership and support -- we're here for you, and couldn't do it without you. Thanks again!

-- Scott Corrales

Monday, November 23, 2009

Argentina: The Rebord UFO Sighting

Source: Planeta UFO & El Dragón Invisible
Date: November 23, 2009-11-23

Argentina: The Rebord UFO Sighting
By Julio Degeneve & Roberto Rebord (COLOVNI)

In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 8 (0220 hrs), 2009, the Rebord family returned hme to Barrio Sanatorio. The family, consisitng of Jorge Pedro (Pepe) Rebord, María Isabel (wife) and Laura Rossana (daughter), had toured the area before returning home. As they exited their truck on the street in question, Pep looked skyward over the building (Barrio IAPV, 40 dwellings) and was able to see an object moving in a south-to-north direction. Examining it more closely, he was able to see two additional objects in loose formation.

The lights observed by the witnesses were light brown in color and had a slightly bouncing movement, with moderate speed, as the witnesses were able to see them for five (5) minutes approximately. It should be kept in mind that it was a clear, moonless night, which made description easier.

The objects were rather high in the air, and the witnesses were unable to express this in meters, and exact measurements are not possible at night.

The head of household added that this is the second time that he has seen something unusual in this community of San Jose. The other sighting occured in 2002-03 and in front of his house, but at 0030 hrs. (cannot recall the exact day or date). All local residents saw how the night turned to day, perceiving an object that he believes was a flying saucer. On the following day, the incident was the talk of the town.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Carlos Iurchuk)

Colombia: UFO Recorded Over Bogota

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 11.23.09

Colombia: UFO Recorded Over Bogotá

A fast-moving and unusual object was recorded in broad daylight over Bogotá, the Colombian capital, on November 20, 2009.


Chile: The Chacarillas UFO Photo Analyzed

Source: IIEE-Chile
Date: November 23, 2009

Chile: The Chacarillas UFO Photo Analyzed

The lens-shaped UFO captured on Monday, March 9th at 19:33 hours by persons connected to the IIEE and journalist Osvaldo Muray, according to preliminary analyses of the photographic sequence made moments before, focused on the same spot in which it appeared, display a possible materialization of the object prior to its final shape. NOUFA presents these images here.

Work is being conducted on these images at the time in order to relate what appears in these photos and their relationship to the final image presented. We shall share these with our readers shortly.

After consulting several international researchers, Canadian photo analyst Lexis M. Robinson stated that it was not the first time that photos of this type have reached his hands, and that he is increasingly convinced that these objects materialize moments prior to appearing and then vanish in the same way. What he does not know for sure is the origin and composition of these UFOs, a term very well employed in this case.

It should be mentioned that other phenomena were captured in the environment at that time, such as the controversial “ORBS” – another phenomenon that has commanded the attention of researchers in recent times.

For more information:

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez, IIEE)

Chile: Catholic University Holds UFO Colloquium

Source: IIEE Chile
Date: November 23, 2009

Chile: Catholic University Holds UFO Colloquium

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 marks the date on which the 1st UFO Colloquium was held at the Universidad Católica de Temuco. The event was titled “Ovni el enigma pendiente (UFO: A Pending Engima) and featured researcher Raul Gajardo Leopold from the city of Angol. He presented a broad selection of images and discussed the subject before 200 students at the college auditorium.

The event was organized by students of the School of Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences: Fernando Ruíz Quintana; Juan Manuel Neira Ferrada; José Eduardo Navia Solano, Karín Olivares Chávez y Gabriel Henríquez Añiñir Sagredo.

Discussions of the UFO subject in a university setting is always beneficial, as it broadens the established academic criteria, with every person in attendance being enjoined to draw his or her own conclusions. Furthermore, it is a subject that shares the daily lives of many people, who claim seeing the “unidentified”.

(Translation (c) 2009, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Nuñez, IIEE Chile)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peru: The Piura Lights

Source: El Dragon Invisible (www.
Date: 11.18.2009

Peru: The Piura Lights
By Alberto Laluk

The lights were amber-hued and of varying intensity. Some of them appeared alone, others appeared to travel in twos, but maintained a largely constant altitude. What was odd was that they responded to the light of my flashlight – when lighting them, they would dim, and then relight even brighter.

Luis Vásquez believes that this area is a UFO route. There are eyewitness accounts from people in Paita, Chulucanas and Huancabamba

The red circle (see map) shows the sighting area. A route from Paita, Piura, Chulucanas, Morropón and Huancabamba can be seen.

At the start of this parade of lights, I wondered if this could be an atmospheric phenomenon involving “Earth Lights”, unknown phosphorescent bodies or some quantum effect. But as weeks progressed, and more information was gleaned, I have faced the possibility of suspecting that these lights were not at all terrestrial.

(Translation (c) 2009. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Carlos Iurchuk - El Dragón Invisible, and Guillermo Gimenez – Planeta UFO)

Chile: Enigmatic Petroglyph Associated with UFO Presence

Source: IIEE – Chile
Date: 11.17.09

Chile: Enigmatic Petroglyph Associated with UFO Presence

Image of an oval-headed being causes surprise.

Impressive prehistoric evidence of the UFO presence in the region can be found in various manifestations of rock art in Talabre and the vicinity of Maria Elena.

A strange petroglyph in the Talabre ravine, dating back to the prehistory of the Atacama region, has stirred curiosity due to the presence of a strange, oval-headed being with large eyes and hands. Many have associated this image with a deity or extraterrestrial.

Petroglyphs are etched upon surface rocks worn away by time, and are associated to village centers near burial grounds or “gentilares”, as well as areas of worship in specific geographic areas in the vicinity of prehistoric trails, a typical characteristic of inter-regional traffic.

Sotero Armenya, president of the community of Talabre, has stated that this enigmatic petroglyph has drawn the attention of tourists and locals alike.

The official explained that it is an original item. “Whie we do not know what it corresponds to, the only problem is that its structure is being affected by the conditions proper to the climate and geography.”

Dagoberto Peña, a professor of Ecotourism at the Andres Bello University, a mountaneer who has even ascended Mt. Everest, stated that this particular image was found two years ago. It was photographed as evidence, and [the image] is accompanied by camelid patterns.

(Translation (c) 2009. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Nuñez, IHU and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spain: The Saucers of Yesteryear

Sauron, our "Man in Madrid", has reminded us in an e-mail today that the Castillo of San José de Valderas (Valderas Castle) is now the spanky new "Museo del Vidrio" (Glass Museum) of Alcorcón, one of Madrid's outlying suburbs.

The remodeled castle of the Lords of Valderas played a minor role -- or a major one, if you prefer -- in the 1967 series of UFO photographs taken by one "Antonio Pardo" as part of world-and-generations-spanning UMMO Hoax, which endures to this very day. The monochrome images show the structure and the relative position of the Ummite Saucer (or OAWOOLEA UEUA OEEMM, if alien grammar floats your boat)

Curious about the castle? Visit

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Argentina: UFO Photographed Near Site of Classic Trancas Case

Source: Planeta UFO and Grupo G.A.B.I.E
Date: 11.10.2009

Argentina: UFO Photographed Near Site of the Classic Trancas Case

Grupo G.A.B.I.E. submits the following image and analysis from a UFO seen last year (2008) at the site of Argentina’s legendary Trancas case:

Mr. Juan Carlos Bardelli, a native of the province of Tucumán, sent us this magnificent image taken at San Pedro de Colalao, Tucumán on December 12, 2008 at 17:27 hours, showing a disk shaped object that was undetected at the time the shutter was pressed.

As the Feast of the Blessed Virgin was being held on that day, Juan Carlos decided to take some photos of the area to capture the location, never once being aware of the disk-shaped object that crossed the valley at a very low altitude.

According to our analysis, this is a homogeneous object at its ends, with an inverted saucer shape, having a metallic aspect, clear contour and edges on the image. Solarization reveals the metallic components of its surface, intensifying the reflection of light off its middle on account of the object’s profile. With regard to movement, we can say that it traveled at high speed, crossing the camera lens (lack of focus due to movement)

As had occurred during the first quarter of the year, the Valles Chalchaquíes, as well as northern and southern Tucumán province, are still areas of intense UFO activity with excellent case histories. The classic Trancas UFO case of October 21, 1963 occurred only minutes away from San Pedro de Colalao.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Chile: A History of Chilean Ufology

The IIEE-Chile has informed us about a new book that summarizes Chile’s extensive UFO history: Historia de la Ufología en Chile, written by Juan Guillermo Prado and the late Luis Altamirano. While the book has just appeared, and although no translation is in the works, it is nonetheless interesting to share the following interview conducted by IIEE-Chile with Juan Guillermo Prado regarding his new project:

Q: What is the main reason for compiling an Historia de la Ufologia en Chile, when many people believe that this discipline is already ossified?
Prado: Astonishing events related to this discipline have occurred throughout Chilean history. Hitherto unexplained events, such as the aerial battle described by the Jesuit missionary Alonso Ovalle in his “Historica Relacion del Reino de Chile”, or the emergence of a strange flying object from the waters of the Straits of Magellan, as described by Spanish explorer Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa. There are countless unexplained events that can be encapsulated into what is known as ufology.

Q: Please share your thoughts and your current stance toward “unidentified flying objects”.

Prado: Ufologists are largely to blame for the state of disrepute in which Ufology finds itself. They see a strange light, or a piece of paper flying around, and mistake it for a UFO.

Q: The book presents extraordinary historical events at the very dawn of our country. In your opinion, you believe that the ancient chroniclers mistakenly interpreted these events and were influenced by the superstitions or religious beliefs of the time.

Prado: The ancient chroniclers described what they saw. What superstition or belief could have influenced their accounts? Furthermore, in those days, the Inquisition could have taken measures had it been shown they were lying.

Q: Out of the phenomena in your book, compiled by researcher Luis Altamirano, which had the greatest impact and aroused your curiosity?

Prado: Just a note. I compiled the time period that runs from Pre-History to the Republic. Luis Altamirano only worked from the appearance of “La Aurora de Chile” up to our times. But much of the background information he provided had already appeared in earlier books of mine on the subject. I think what shocked me the most was the description of the aerial battle and subsequent appearance of a monster that was clearly not natural, and wiped out everything in its path.

Q: What do you foresee for Chilean ufology in the future?

Prado: As occurs with other areas of knowledge, it will have high points and others similar to the current ones. There will always be interest in the subject. We will have to see what phenomena may occur in the future.

[Questions posed to the late Luis Altamirano on the subject of contemporary ufology:]

Altamirano: There is a media-driven ufology, in which television and the few minutes of fame that can be gleaned are the most important thing. In the end, the cases do not matter at all, only the person presenting them. Contemporary ufology is full of actors.
Q: What became of the projected collective of Chilean ufologists?

Altamirano: The project was good, but only for one person. He wanted to appear on TV, in the press and logically, sell his books. A real shame.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez and IIEE-Chile)

Peru: Ufologists Claim Planet is "Monitored" by Extraterrestrials

[News items like this one cause me to think twice about posting them to INEXPLICATA, but the fact remains that contacteeism and mysticism still play an integral part of ufology in the Aughts, and show signs of growing rather than diminishing. Events with impressive titles such as the “4th World UFO Congress” should be scrutinized with care – Ed.]

Source: SDP Noticias
Date: 11.09.09

Peru: Ufologists Claim Planet is “Monitored” by Extraterrestrials

LIMA – 8 Nov (Notimex) – International experts in the unidentified flying object phenomenon (UFO) stated that the Earth is “monitored” by extraterrestrials and maintained that this would be a source of “concern” for the world’s most developed nations.

Specialists participating this weekend at the 4th World Congress of Ufology, held in the Peruvian capital, stated that the Peruvian coastal region of Chilca, as well as extensive areas of Argentina, are under “constant monitoring” by aliens.

Antonio Córdova, president of the Alfa y Omega organization, warned about the possibility that a “mass UFO invasion” could occur in 2013 and that an earthquake will “sink” the United States.

Córdova and a group of ufologists debated this weekend in Lima over aspects of “intergalactic foreign policy” and insisted that beings from other planets appear in our world.

Julio Chamorro, a retired commander of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), one of the presenters at the event, claimed that there is clear concern among the great powers regarding the growing presence of UFO sightings.

He noted that the subject has been a source of concern for the world’s most developed nations since the 1940s, although they do not make open statements in this regard.

Moreover, Peruvian “parapsychic” Giannina Bertoli claimed to have “ties” with beings of other worlds, but furnished no proof to substantiate this, and only remarked that she has managed to have the extraterrestrial presence captured on videotape.

Anticipating criticism from the skeptical segments of the population, Bertoli regretted the fact that authorities in diverse countries refuse to accept the UFO presence out of fear of public scorn.

The Lima conference was organized by the Asociación Misionera de la Orden Revelada Alfa y Omega and the “Viaje a Otra Dimensión” radio program.

In the meeting, Córdova indicated that an alien “invasion” of Earth is underway, and to prove this, displayed some pieces of paper on which the Bible is interpreted and the manner in which a “flying saucer” may be confected.

Córdova, a 74 year old jeweler, hosts the weekly “La hora estelar de la divina revelacion Alfa y Omega” radio show, broadcast by the Union and Peru 880 radio stations.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Puerto Rico: Triangular UFO Over the Southwest

Source: ARGUS-PR
Date: 11.05.09

Puerto Rico: Triangular UFO Over The Southwest

The following report is just in from our colleague José Martínez Echevarría:

“Recently, Luiseppi Quinones reported the sighting of a strange artifact flying over Cabo Rojo, particularly close to Playa Buyé on the littoral. He managed to observe the slow movement of the object, believing at first that it was a helicopter in the area. When the object turned around, he sees what appears to be a very large triangular object initiating a slow descent. Luissepi notes that there’s nothing that area except for the sea, therefore deducing that the object became submerged. There was no sound or noise of engines or turbines, which would be common in commercial airliners; there were lights on three of its corners and a large one at its center. This event took place on Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 8:30 p.m.

“Now then, on November 4, 2009 at 7:25 p.m., after some rainfall over the island’s southern region, I was on the phone with Mr. Willie Durand as the sky became cloud-free, stepping out to the terrace to continue our phone chat. Suddenly, I saw an enormous triangular object appearing out of nowhere, emitting a very powerful light. The shock nearly caused me to swallow my cellphone. Mr. Durand asked me what happened, as he heard me utter an expletive (“what the hell is that?”) and I proceeded to describe to him what was going on.

“The object went by slowly without making the least bit of noise, completely silent, crossing the sky at low altitude before concealing itself in the clouds, from which it did not emerge. The skies cleared up a night and stars were visible, with a waning moon. On that same night – November 4th – a phone call came in from Luiseppi, reporting that the triangular object had flown along the same route as it had on Saturday the 31st, but at a different time – 10:00 p.m. on this occasion. His son tried to take a picture of it, but the camera did not capture the image. We are apparently facing a new series of sightings in Southern Puerto Rico. Residents of this area who have seen these objects are encouraged to contact us. More news will be forthcoming about these new cases.”

(Translation (c) 2009, S.Corrales, IHU)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Argentina: Resident of La Pampa Stood Under a "Flying Saucer"

Source: Diario Popular On-Line
Date: 11.01.09

Argentina: Resident of La Pampa Stood Under a “Flying Saucer”

*** Dozens of residents of Toay shared the event***
*** Resident of La Pampa said that aside from strolling under the UFO, he was able to see another vehicle in the same area, along with dozens of other locals. This all took place 25 years ago, but he is breaking his silence today ***

“I really got under the UFO and was able to see its eye.” This was the phrase that a resident of the Pampean city of Toay used to retell an experience that very few humans have had. The event occurred 25 years ago, but the witness chose to remain silent until now, encouraged by the large number of similar events occurring throughout the country. In his story, the man said that aside from walking under the UFO, he was able to see another strange craft in the same area.

Encouraged by a number of witnesses, the disclosure of the man’s experience was made known by the Centro de Estudios UFO (CEUFO) within the framework of an experience that occured to the north of the city of Toay, 10 km southwest of Santa Rosa, the provincial seat of La Pampa.

CEUFO’s experts explained that the “disk” was some 12 meters in the air, suspended and in silence, according to estimates made by the witnesses who use the flagpole as a reference, which stands some six meters tall. They also added that “the experience was registered by CEUFO on October 19 (2009) and it only seeks to illustrate the considerable number and quality of the cases that take place in that region.”

“A Giant Saucer”

As stated, the witness epxplained that “many people saw strange things and evil lights, but they generally keep quiet because they are afraid of being dismissed as nuts.”

With regard to his sighting one night in May 1984, he said: “I was leaving my sister’s house and I felt that something was going wrong in the back yard. I felt the sensation that something was pushing me down, or that there was a weight bearing down on me.”

“When I reached a corner, I saw a flying saucer over the neighborhood soccer pitch, over the flagpole. The saucer took up half the street,” he recalls, adding that he returned to the house and asked everyone to come out to see the flying saucer.

At that time he realizaed that two other locals were watching it. Their respective relatives came outside, and while some became frightened and ran back into their dwellings, others remained and discussed the event with their neighbors. “I was there for a while and had to get home, but my path forced me to go under the flying saucer.”

Overcoming Fear

“Having overcome my fear, I plucked up my courage and started walking, while some neighbors told me to keep still, because I could be taken. When I got to the edge of the disk, I glanced upward with some mistrust and that’s when I saw its eye. At its core there wars a circle that looked the sky, but it was very bright and had a certain fog to it. I stood thre watching for a little while adn then decided to continue, to call my wife so she could also see it.”

“I got home and we immediately went outside with my wife, but at that time, the saucer began to vibrate and vanished toward the church, which is at the center of town.” The man explains that at the time, both he and other locals witnessed “another flying saucer” some 300 meters from the site, over a water tank. This object also sped toward the church.

Local residents discussed other episodes involving saucer sightings in the area. He decided to make this episode public 25 years later. “I think this information may be useful to those who go around investigating this stuff,” he told CEUFO’s experts.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Sebastian Aranguren and Patxi La Fata of Diario Popular and Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Fabio Zerpa--Alleged UFO Has All the Makings of a Meteorite

Source: Diario Tucumanalas 7 (newspaper)
Date: 11.01.09

Argentina: Fabio Zerpa – Alleged UFO Has All The Makings of a Meteorite

A little over a month ago, Argentina was shaken by the news that a fireball has crashed in the Mendoza region. There was considerable speculation about the event, and now A LAS 7 brings you the version offered on the matter by Fabio Zerpa, a national expert on the subject.

Residents of General Alvera will never forget the evening that a “fireball” entered the skies and exploded in mid-air. They swore that what they witnessed was a UFO. In this interview, Fabio Zerpa dispels any questions that might still exist on the subject.

You’ve said that Mendoza is a land of UFOs. What is your opinion on the fallen meteorite?

Our foundation did not conduct on-site investigation due to a lack of time, on account of our cultural activities. Judging from our journalistic information and witness reports, the trajectory of the alleged UFO has the characteristics of a meteorite or the shell of an American rocketry effort, broken off from terrestrial space vehicles.

Is this the first time that such an event has occurred? When have they occurred before?

In countless cases, all over the planet’s surface.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)