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Mexico: An Interview With Carlos de los Santos Montiel

[Perhaps one of the most shattering UFO events of the year 1975 involved the near-abduction of pilot Carlos de los Santos Montiel as he flew his small aircraft over Central Mexico. The case received worldwide attention and Mr. de los Santos told his story to a number of major researchers and at several UFO conferences. Thirty-five years after the event, Ana Luisa Cid reopens the case – SC]

Mexico: An Interview With Carlos de los Santos Montiel
By Prof. Ana Luisa Cid

I had the opportunity to chat with Captain Carlos Antonio de los Santos on May 17th. He very kindly invited me to breakfast in the company of his wife Carmen and my son Alan. We discussed a variety of subjects, but particularly the experience he underwent in 1975 when three UFOs seized control of the private plane he flew at the time. Without the constraints of a formal interview, very interesting aspects began to emerge.

First and foremost, Captain de los Santos sticks by his original account, which is a good sign for ufologists who have supported him. Then we have the human aspect: Carlos Antonio still shakes when he recalls the events; although he is saddened by the memory of the mockery he was subjected to. With his characteristic kindness, he replied to questions posed by this interviewer regarding the case. For example:

ALC: Did the UFOs cause you any physical harm?

Carlos Antonio: No, considering that they were only 2 meters distant from me, suspended over the small plane’s wings for 18 minutes.

ALC: Were you punished for going public with your experience?

Carlos Antonio: No. When someone said on TV that my pilot’s license had been revoked and that I’d vanished, it was all a lie.

ALC: Why did you fly to Zihuatanejo? The likeliest course of action would have been to stay at Lazaro Cardenas, your original location, before returning to Mexico City.

Carlos Antonio: Because I didn’t like that town and the nearest one (by private plane) was Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.

ALC: Have you been approached again by the so-called Men in Black?

Carlos Antonio: Never again. It only happened on two occasions. The first, when I was going to an interview with Mr. Pedro Ferriz, and the second on the stairway of a hotel, when I was about to meet with the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

ALC: Have you had further sightings?

Carlos Antonio: Yes, but not during flight. I even took some photos (they didn’t come out well, he adds). It was a large, luminous object, like a boiled egg split in half.

ALC: What are your thoughts about the incident, 35 years later?

Carlos Antonio: Well, it was something I experienced and it was real. An incident that I am still at a loss to explain. I don’t know where they [the objects] came from, or what their intentions were. Sometimes I think they were curious and that they approached us for this reason, although it could also be that they saved me from some unpleasant situation. The small plane looked good, but it was very old, from 1958. So who knows? Maybe it was about to stall in mid-air, or I was about to lose a wing or the tail section. Or have some other accident...I don’t know.

ALC: Did the objects remove you from your route?

Carlos Antonio: No. I remained within the air corridor. What they did was lift me higher, which is dangerous, since my cabin wasn’t pressurized.

ALC: What do you say to those who claim you suffered from hypoxia and that you “imagined” all of this?

Carlos: Well, they don’t know what they’re talking about. When you experience hypoxia you feel sick, naturally. You’re dizzy and your visual field shuts down, but you don’t hallucinate.

ALC: Furthermore, radar can’t suffer from hypoxia. The objects were detected.

Carlos Antonio: Just so. Two different air traffic controllers detected three unidentified echoes on their screens. Both the route controller and the approach controller.

ALC: In some illustrations of sketches that you allegedly made, I see that the 1975 UFOs had an antenna on their upper part. Is this correct?

Carlos Antonio: This is not correct. They had no antennae. They had opaque grey fuselages and a sort of windshield, but without rivets and completely smooth. I’m going to draw them for you (makes drawing). And don’t think that it’s the only incorrect item of evidence circulating around there. I’ve also seen the date set down incorrectly. Some put May 2nd and other May 13. Not at all – it was May 3rd, 1975. What I would like to make clear is that my personal and professional reputation is safe thanks to the testimony of air traffic controllers. They had the three objects on their screens, making 270-degree turns in a very tight radius of action.

ALC: Aside from UFOs, have you had other strange experiences?

Carlos Antonio: Yes (the discussion turns to paranormal phenomena and the encounters he had with a very short person, having human features but possibly of alien origin. Unlike the Men in Black, this being behaved courteously)

ALC: Is it true that you’re writing a book?

Carlos Antonio: How did you hear about it? It’s among my plans. We’re working on it.

(Translation (c) 2010, S.Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Mexico: A UFO/Airliner Close Encounter?

Date: 5/27/2010

Mexico: Letter from Aviation Mechanic Alfonso Salazar

Contributing editor Prof. Ana Luisa Cid shares with us a message sent to her by aviation mechanic Alfonso Salazar, whose reports on interactions between airliners and unidentified aerial objects have become known worldwide.

"Dear Ana Luisa - My best regards to you. This photograph was taken by Fausto Abaroa on May 21st as an Aeromexico 737-800 approached Mexico City along the San Mateo air corridor. The same image shows a black flying object that dangerously escorts the passenger jet.

"It should be noted that the allowed distance between one airliner and another is one mile (1209 meters) as per SVRM Regulations for passenger aircraft navigation in Mexican airspace.

"This incident can be added to another report made known at the Toluca Airport, which describes the sighting of an object as a white arrowhead, passing over the Nevado de Toluca volcano, at an altitude of approximately 10,000 meters, and triple the speed of an executive jet. We learned of this sighting because it was reported by deck personnel.

"This event also took place on May 21 around 11:00 a.m., as a Beechcraft executive bimotor flew over the area."

(Translation (c) 2010. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar)

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Venezuela: UFO Over Raul Leoni

Source: Diario La Verdad (Venezuela) and Planeta UFO
Date: May 21, 2010

Venezuela: UFO Flies over the Town of Raul Leoni
La Verdad – José Manuel Sánchez – MARACAIBO – 21/05/2010

“The time was after 7:30 p.m. and we suddenly heard the dog, in the back yard, bark incessantly. We thought there had been a break-in and we went to look. Since there was no one about, we stayed outside chatting. Suddenly we noticed a blue light in the sky making abrupt ascending and descending movements. We thought it might be an airplane, but I remembered that these use three lights: white in front, when they are about to land, and red and green at the sides. This wasn’t a plane; it was a UFO.”

Alfredo Villalobos, a photojournalist with 25 years’ experience, explained that at the time he was with Maria Romero, his mother-in-law, and he ran inside to get his camera to take a photo of the image. He succeeded, but the object vanished shortly after. “It gave me a chance to take two photos. When I developed them, I realized that a cylindrical object was involved.”

The image was taken by the photojournalist last Wednesday from the backyard of his house in the Altamira Urbanization of the parish of Raul Leoni, where another sighting was reported on December 21, 2007, but on that occasion it was over the La Floresta Urbanization.

At that time, Hector Escalante, a reporter from Caracas who runs the Ovnivenezuela blog with Rafael Gutierrez, collected for his website the impressions of Joelvin Villarreal, a witness to the event, who described a triangular object with perfectly aligned red lights, zigzagging between the roofs of the area’s buildings.


The skies over Latin American capitals have served as locations for countless UFO sightings since ancient times. Venezuela has not been the exception. According to Escalante, a minimum of 10 sighting reports are received from the entire territory, with peak events occurring in the last months of the year.

He explained that the states from which he receives the most information are the Capital District, Merida, Aragua, Carabobo, Zulia and Falcon. From this last location, a minimum of four reports are received every month, leading the researcher to classify the region as a “hot spot”

There are hypotheses suggesting that UFOs come from other dimensions and not other planets, as the popular imagination and Hollywood have suggested over the years. In spite of this, human beings keep looking to the skies, and one of the best examples of this is the SETI initiative (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) that endeavors to find alien intelligent life through electromagnetic signals picked up by various radio telescopes or else by sending messages of different kinds into space, in the hope that one of them will receive a reply. Another example can be seen in the Voyager I and II space probes, as well as Pioneer 10 and 11, which carry messages making known the existence of some of the human races most important advances, in the case that life should be found during their journeys through the cosmos.

The existence of extraterrestrial life has not been found in space or other dimensions, but it was astronomer Carl Sagan who once said: “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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Sleight of Hand: Spyplanes and UFOs

Sleight of Hand: Spyplanes and UFOs
By Scott Corrales

On Thursday, July 2, 1998, the Spanish daily El País published a report indicating that an U.S. spyplane had crashed in the town of Barbate in southern Spain. The government denied having any knowledge of the incident and said as much to deputy Willy Meyer Pleite, representative from Cadiz and spokesman of the federal IU group in the Comisión de Defensa del Congreso.

The politican asked on May 11 regading "the collision of an unmanned vehicle in the vicinity of the town of Barbate's San Ambrosio neighborhood." The incident would have occured at some point during the summer of 1996. The Ministry of Defense assured the congressamn that "timely research has been performed by the agencies having competence in the matter" concerning air traffic over the area in question. The agencies in quesiton included the US Navy opertations center at the Rota Naval Base. No evidence concerning the crash could be found.

These political assurances did little to assuage the tempers of the residents of San Ambrosio in Barbate, where the putative spy plane crashed. The residents said they had been stunned beyond belief to see two large CH-46 helicopters disgorge their full complement of Marines--armed and warpainted--who sanitized the area and later vacated it at top speed without issuing any explanations. Neither the local police nor the Guardia Civil made any efforts to investigate the matter, which would have been forgotten but for the presence of a daring member of the public who, armed with a photo camera, captured the military clean-up operation in full swing. Congressman Willie Meyer furnished the photographic evidence to the authorities, stating: "We wonder if at the time there were records of secret military flights authorized over Spanish territory."

Countries like Spain and Argentina have proven ideal testing grounds for reasons best known to our military planners. Have these sophisticated test beds and prototypes been misidentified as UFOs in these locations?

Home-Made UFOs?

Since 1995, the U.S. has been conducting extensive tests on bomber endurance as part of the Golden Eagle exercises--these military operations are aimed at assuring that strategic bombers can easily manage to reach targets in the Middle Eastern or European theaters during any possible conflict. Activity around the Zaragoza air base became particularly intense during the summer of 1995, perhaps giving rise to a number of triangular UFO reports.

Spanish journalist Francisco Máñez investigated report of intense UFO activity linked to a series of wargames known as "Matador 96", during which aircraft activity between Italy and Spain increased to such an extent that it became one of the largest military readiness exercises ever held by NATO forces in Spain, with over three hundred aircraft belonging to the USAF alone. In his report, Máñez indicates that the majority of saucer reports took place "slightly before and slightly after" the duration of the readiness exercises.

The best example of this can be found in the extraordinary "Galician Wave" of 1995-96, whose spectacular initial event took place on the evening of November 27-28th at the As Gándaras aresenal, where two sentries spotted a triangular/rhomboidal object crossing the dark skies and which gave the impression of vanishing intermittently (see Manuel Carballal's overview of the subject in Samizdat Special Report--Spain 1996).

In 1994, hundreds of Galicians witnessed an object flying over Porriño, Vigo and Bueu until it impacted against the island of Ons (Pontevedra). "It looked like a giant suppository", "an iron cylinder spitting fire from behind", claimed the eyewitnesses. Portuguese civil aviation reports now clarify the mistery--the object was a missile launched from Portugal which penetrated Spanish airspace. This has not been the only instance. On a number of occasions, Galician sailors have seen bizarre objects in the sky and have collected the remains of metallic artificats in their fishing nets. From the diplomatic and political perspective, it would have been much more serious for the press to publish that a Portuguese missile had flown over several Spanish towns only scant miles from the Galician shore, rather than stating that Galician fishermen are seeing Martians.

Curiously enough, while TV crews from all over Spain went to Galicia on a Martian hunt, NATO forces gathered in the Atlantic Ocean to participate in the Task Force 96-1 exercises. This 16,000-man operation included the carrier USS George Washington, the Second Marine Expeditionary Force, the Air Mobility Command, and siilar units from the British, French and Canadian navies. During the course of the maneuvers, the Galician wave reached it critical point, with reports of all kinds of objects (and occupants) being registered throughout the region as well as in neighboring Asturias.

Certainly, the sheer volume of videotaped evidence and eyewitness testimony in this largest of European flaps since the 1990 Beligan wave cannot be discounted. "Traditional" CE-2 and CE- 3 were prevalent during the wave. Still, can the possibility that many of the CE-1 cases were in fact nothing more than misidentifications of military aircraft, or even sightings of highly sophisticated electronic countermeasures designed to create illusions in the night sky?

We know for a fact that advanced technology UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) such as the Dark Star and the General Atomics Predator were being tested and in one case, even deployed, in Europe at the time--specifically in the Balkans.

The international edition of the Miami Herald for July 23, 1995, stated in an article ("Spy in the sky? Albanians shrug, worry about jobs") that three state of the art surveillance drones were being flown from a secret base in northern Albania as part of operation Nomad Vigil, designed to provide information on hostile activity in Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia.

Journalist Máñez is correct when he wryly observes: "Ufologists should perhaps undertake some minimal investigation around UFO cases before leaping into the void and showing us videotapes of aircraft flying at night...this only serves to tarnish the reputation of ufology and causes more than one military man to smile."

"We're Being Invaded!"

On December 15, 1998, viewers of Spanish television's Andalucía Directo program were treated to the news that a rather spectacular UFO sighting had occurred that very night near the community of El Morche, a small coastal community located some 55 kilometers from Málaga on the Mediterranean Sea. Researchers José Antonio Martín and Antonio Salinas of the Sociedad de Investigaciones Biofísicas (Biophysical Investigation Society), better known as S.I.B. - Betelgeuse reported to El Morche the following day, hoping to glean as much information about the sighting as possible.

The investigators discovered that the El Morche event was not circumscribed to a single event, but rather multiple sightings of objects high in the dark skies. A local newspaper, El Diario, ran the following headline the next day :"Residents of El Morche State Having Seen UFO Fly Over Coast."

"The nights of the days in question (12/13-14) were dark and moonless," writes Antonio Salinas in his report on the El Morche event. "It would appear that what always attracted the witnesses attention was the buzzing sound of a powerful but distant engine. Locals are used to the noise made by jet fighters since they live in a military air corridor. However, they insisted that the sound in question was not similar to said aircraft: it was deeper. When I suggested the droning sound made by bombers in movies and they told me that it was more or less similar."

It then emerged that witnesses had seen multicolored lights--red, white, and strobes--flying in formation, moving very slowly overhead. According to the eyewitnesses, the average duration of the sightings was ten minutes, and that the lights moved in unison, "as if forming part of a single structure." There was the curious detail, however, that stars could be seen through the fuselage of the hypothetical structure.

Police officer Rafael González reportd seeing a formation made up of white strobe lights followed by a "V"-shaped formation of red lights at 04:00 hours on December 14th. "According to officer González," states Salinas, "another similar formation appeared two minutes later. Speed was normal, according to the officer, and their course and altitude made him realize these were aircraft from the base at Rota. According to González, if they were coming from somewhere farther away they would have been flying higher."

Salinas and his fellow researcher claim having noticed the presence of contrails in the sky the next day--typical of military aircraft, which would point toward the presence of military jets, more than likely heavy bombers with fighter escorts, possibly flying out of the Rota air facility. "Around 23:30 hours, while we conducted an improvised UFO alert in the event that the formation should pass by once again," continues Salinas, "we were alerted by a radio station that Baghdad was being bombed. This was later confirmed by numerous broadcasts."

Far from being a fleet of alien vehicles flying at high altitudes, the objects flying over Spain's Costa del Sol were simply bombers and fighters on their way to the Middle East. The S.I.B. Betelgeuse researchers conclude by stating: "In spite of the first official declarations, it is now being said that no air bases on Spanish soil were employed as a launching pad or refueling stop for the attack. The statements made by civilian and official witnesses alike appear to indicate that the Rota Air Base could have been used as a take-off point." Again, if governments will deny the presence of recognizable aircraft in their airspace or using their facilities, can we expect them to be any more open about the testing of secret prototypes?

A Black-Winged Oddity

The photos were highly suggestive: a stretch of pristine, pebble covered beach at sundown; a recreational vehicle in the emptiness, and a fuzzy-edged triangular image in the sky above. The photographer had insisted on anonymity out of the fear that his camera had captured an image that could only spell trouble for him and his family.

"These are the photos I told you about," said Guillermo Aldunati, one of Argentina's most experienced UFO researchers and an inveterate world traveller. "The man who took them was on holiday in Patagonia, which is our Wild South," he grinned. "Much like your old Wild West."

Señor Aldunati was on his way to a UFO convention and had agreed to meet me on an August day in Buffalo, NY during a layover. "My country is experiencing a considerable amount of UFO activity, but we have come to realize that it consists mostly of ultra sophisticated USAF vehicles."

His newsletter "Mas Allá del Límite" (Beyond the Limit) had already published a number of fascinating accounts of U.S. military personnel directing operations during the 1991 UFO flap in Victoria, a city of 20,000 on the banks of the Paraná River in Entre Rios province. NASA (whose acronym has great prestige south of the border) allegedly fielded a number of scientists to assist the local government in an advisory capacity. Such was the activity that Navy Commander Daniel Perisée declared: "The subject of Victoria is a state secret and I am not authorized to discuss it." Argentinean ufologists had to run a gauntlet of hostile officials as they prepared for skywatches or conducted interviews; the involvement of the U.S. Embassy in the matter was also hinted at throught the presence of two physicists whose names were given as David and Sam Offman, reporting directly to a command center within the embassy.

While the events of the Victoria flap fell squarely within the subject of ufology (landings of unidentified craft, 7 foot tall occupants seen involved in soil removal activity, vitrified holes found at landing sites, etc.) some of the other Argentinean incidents weren't quite so alien.

In mid-August 1995, with the promise of spring in the air over the southern hemisphere, the residents of Salta, one of Argentina's most UFO-prone areas since the 1950's, were startled by the collision of an object near the town of Metán. According to a number of investigators, the unknown object was visible three hundred miles around in broad daylight. It disintegrated in mid-flight, and its remains smacked against the Andean piedmont with a force that set off seismographs in cities hundreds of kilometers away.

According to information published in the press, a team of rescuers from the town of Rosario de Lerma, almost 150 miles from the crash site, set off to the area to initiate operations. "We had no idea it could be, but we went there thinking we'd find injured people," stated Pedro Olivera, the leader of the rescue team. Olivera went on to state that officials later told his group that "an object had exploded in mid-air" but would add nothing further. The rescue team visited Cerrillo, La Merced, Carril and other towns, and in each stop, found excited witnesses telling them about the uncanny celestial event, the subsequent explosion, and the rumbling of the earth beneath their feet.

Olivera's team struck pay dirt when they reached the foothills of Mt. Crestón, a nine thousand-foot peak. They found themselves staring at an alien vista of charred vegetation and scorched rocks, and in the middle of this devastation, sat a metallic object which reflected the feeble rays of the sun. The rescuers radioed their superiors, advising them that the object had been located. Without any further explanation, the authorities ordered the rescuers to advance no further and to return to their base.

But the incident does not end there: on August 18, 1995, villagers and townspeople reported seeing four wheel drive vehicles manned by English-speaking personnel speeding toward the crash site. The testimony of an anonymous technician of the National University at Salta is particularly interesting: apparently, the foreign personnel was accompanied by university staffers and technicians from the local nuclear power plant. The foreigners, according to this account, took with them chunks of a thin, metallic material resembling aluminum. The fragments allegedly "assumed a concave shape when joined" and had an unusual consistency. The anonymous university informer claims that all present were instructed to say that fragments of a meteorite had been found, and that pieces of rock should be shown to the press.

A journalist from nearby Salta, interviewed by Buenos Airean newspaper newspaper on September 1, 1995 stated that "there is no doubt that we have NASA personnel here trying to conceal the truth, assisted by members of the National University at Salta, since it is already involved in the matter but refuses to publicize its involvement."

Nicolás Ojeda, writing in the Mas Allá del Límite newsletter put out by ORTK-Argentina, draws attention to the presence of triangular aircraft, such as the F-117A and even the infamous black helicopters, operating in the vicinity of the Setúbal lagoon, not far from the UFO-active Victoria region. Eyewitnesses had even reported seeing Russian Mig-29s over the area at an airfield in the Entre Rios province. "This all leads us to wonder what reasons could conceal the presence of these objects, and change [the witnesses] statements to reflect that the sighting involved non-existent interplanetary spacecraft?" His article goes on to indicate that F-117As have been routinely photographed and filmed in Victoria and sighted over the city of Rosario "by qualified witnesses".

Could the object that crashed at Metán been just one such elusive military prototype whose retrieval was "camouflaged" under the convenient shroud of mystery that covers the UFO phenomenon? Certainly NASA would have no business in such an affair, but the space administration, as has been noted elsewhere, has such high moral standing and prestige in Latin America that its functionaries--whether real or impostors--are afforded every courtesy. Might not such a cover not prove useful to parties with less sanguine intentions? Die-hard ETH advocates scoff at this suggestion, but the fact remains that advanced technology aircraft do exist and that they are often tested far beyond the U.S. border to circumvent domestic aviation restrictions and with the consent of foreign governments.

Chile: An Interview with Rodrigo Fuenzalida of AION

Given the important UFO and high-strangeness events taking place in Chile, we contacted researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida of AION to get a sense of the magnitude of the situation. Chile has an extended history of UFO sightings and was considered – for decades – one of the most reliable sources of reports involving ground traces and non-humans presences. Mr. Fuenzalida took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions posed by INEXPLICATA.

Hi, Rodrigo. What’s going on in Iquique?

The fact is that all of the symptoms of a UFO Wave are emerging in Iquique. Since the month of December [2009] we have been getting UFO reports – some of them very well documented, with photographs and even videos taken in broad daylight. In the months that have elapsed since, the amassed information has been more consistent, especially because a considerable number of cases have not been made known to the press, thus eliminating any “contamination” of the communications regarding sightings.

Do you think the current wave is in any way related with the earthquake?

The earthquake occurred over 1600 kilometers away from Tarapacá, although UFO reports have emerged from areas affected by the quake, and there’s even material collected by various sources, such as the CNN video on a fallen building in the city of Concepción. However, sightings were frequent in the city of Iquique. We know that an earthquake is coming to northern Chile, but we don’t know when. It’s a challenge to see the measure in which seismic activity could be related to UFO manifestations.

Is the wave currently experienced in Tarapacá greater than others in the past?

Yes, indeed. I believe it’s the most widely documented wave in the region. Several of these reports have included records, multiple witnesses, manifestations occurring at different times of day, and sometimes low-flying objects. We’ve received reports from truck drivers in the Atacama Desert who have been a short distance away from these UFOs. We also have coastal reports involving objects being seen over the sea. With such a track record, it’s possible to consider this as the most important UFO wave in northern Chile in recorded history.

What’s your take on worldwide movements that seek the “disclosure” of UFO information?

I think these movements serve the purpose of institutional legitimation of the UFO phenomenon, confirming the widely known secret that several of our world’s governments have expressed concern over the subject of UFOs. Probably as a subject tied to defense, aimed at sensing the degree to which these reports involved secret prototypes belonging to some world power or another. I think they should contribute toward the challenge we face at the moment: trying to ascertain what in fact are UFOs. In order to achieve this, efforts must be focused on bolder scientific research projects regarding the subject.

Any thoughts you’d like to share with your readers in the U.S.A.?

We are highly alert to what’s going on in Chile, and we are also monitoring the phenomenon’s behavior all over the planet in order to observe patterns of behavior. The Internet has become a major tool in obtaining information on UFO activity all over the world. We ask that ufologists give our hypotheses an adequate review and break with the dogmas that are often created around the subject, and which are not based upon reliable information. We invite our friends to visit us at

Argentina: UFO Declassification Request Reaches the President

Source: El Dragon Invisible
Date: 05.17.2010

Argentina: UFO Declassification Request Reaches the President

On Thursday, May 13, 2010, Argentinean presdient Cristina Fernandez opened the bicentennial festivities of Victoria, held at Plaza San Martin in the city of Victoria, Province of Entre Rios. Researcher Silvia Perez Simondini took advantage of this opportunity to present the first executive with an envelope containing CEFORA documentation regarding UFO declassification efforts in other countries, as well as the list of researchers that make up the organization that has been struggling for the declassification of the Argentinean Republic’s UFO archives.

The president’s chief of safety and ceremonies accepted the documentation and provided the researcher with the phone number to the President’s documentation area to stay in conctact. Minutes later, the President approached Ms. Simondini, who asked her to please read the contents of the envelope, which she promised to do.

Two days later, during communications with Casa Rosada, it was confirmed that thia documentation had been read. The promise of a reply via telephone and in writing was also confirmed.

This is the first formal contact with Argentinean authorities regarding a request for declassification, in the hope that the desired goal can be achieved.

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Mexico: Interview with Air Traffic Controller Enrique Kolbeck

An Interview with Air Traffic Controller Enrique Kolbeck
By Prof. Ana Luisa Cid, Mexico – Mexico, 2010

Enrique Kolbeck Vergara is an air traffic controller at Mexico City International Airport (MCIA). He performs his duties from the Mexico Air Center and has over 30 years of experience in the field.

He was a skeptic for many years until a single event caused him to change his opinion. And it was precisely an event involving a pilot in 1994, when an unknown object impacted against an Aeromexico liner and damaged the main landing gear – an event that took place of the World Trade Center in southern side of the capital city.

“We assume it was an unidentified flying object, because one hour earlier we had received reports from that sector. People said they were seeing something strange,” notes the expert.

Ana Luisa Cid: Going back to the 1994 case, was the strange object picked up on radar?

Enrique Kolbeck: No. Radar has a fixed echo elimination filter. Otherwise, it would do nothing but detect mountains and other things. We’re only interested in things that move, like aircraft, and if that object was suspended, then the radar itself saw it and erased it. It didn’t record it.

ALC: And this event made you cease being a skeptic?

EK: Of course. I realized that the UFO phenomenon is real and that it is a hazard to aviation. Imagine if that aircraft had plummeted as a result of the impact it received.

ALC: Aside from the 1994 incident, are there others that caught your attention?

EK: There are several. Some are older and others more recent.

ALC: What about the recent ones?

EK: Well, we have the Morelia and Aguascalientes cases.

ALC: What happened in Morelia?

EK: Something completely extraordinary: static spheres over the international airport. The first one to notice them was a pilot, followed by the air traffic controller -- my friend Emiliano Torres Macias – through his binoculars. It was a very famous case, and was even reported on television, but the media did not understand the seriousness of the situation. From a legal standpoint, we would be talking about an obstruction of the air lanes. Do you realize this? UFOs invade any air space without restrictions.

ALC: And the Aguascalientes case?
EK: That’s the more recent one, from 2008. What’s relevant here is that [the UFO] was physically seen by 5 airliner crews and it could have caused a collision. Five airplanes were in flight – an international one among them – when an object flew within 5 miles of an Aviasca airliner. The UFO came from above, from beyond 40,000 feet. This happened at a confluence of air lanes between Aguascalietnes, the Bajío and Guadalajara. The Aguascalientes air traffic controller saw it head-on and realized that it was not reaching the ground. The object remained suspended in the air and turned itself off. He took a photo of it. Civil Protection commenced a search, thinking something had fallen [from space] like a meteorite or space junk. They even thought an airliner had gone down. The army was also mobilized to no avail. From an aeronautical perspective, what’s fascinating is that the object was coming in neither straight nor leveled. It never touched ground; it stopped, even though it appeared to be in free-fall. And we go back to the same thing: unidentified flying objects put airliner crews in jeopardy, along with passengers and even people on the ground.

ALC: As an air traffic controller, will discussing these matters cause you any trouble?

EK: No. Besides, I’m speaking in my own right.

ALC: Have there been more incidents like this one?

EK: Unfortunately yes, in Mexico and in other countries. That’s why it’s important that serious study be given to UFOs. For example, if an airliner crashes because a strange object crossed its path, who’s to blame? The pilot or the air traffic controller? I hope this won’t come to pass, of course. However, it’s a fact. The phenomenon is a hazard as it enters our atmosphere.

ALC: Of course, even birds in flight have caused accidents, but what do you suggest?

EK: First, let [the phenomenon] be taken seriously, let it receive attention and have protocols established for any contingencies, with precise instructions as to how the pilot and the air traffic controller should behave in the event of a UFO encounter. But, as the phenomenon is not recognized in Mexico and it does not exist, of course, there is no way to promote legislation in this regard. I hope things change soon, for everyone’s sake.

ALC: What does a UFO look like on a radar screen?

EK: It resembles a white dot that moves very quickly, at impressive speed. They look like a primary echo, provided they are not motionless. Besides, they lack an identification code.

ALC: Is it possible to mistake them for an aircraft that does not provide identification because it’s engaging in illegal activities?

EK: No. No man-made aircraft can fly that fast. This is a parameter that leaves no room at all for doubt. They sometimes exceed the speed of one of our airplanes by a factor of three.

ALC: Thanks for your valuable insights, Enrique.

EK: Thank you! We can continue our chat at any time.

(Translation (c) 2010. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Argentina: A UFO over Lake Nahuel Huapi?

Argentina: A UFO Over Lake Nahuel Huapi (Bariloche)?

We’ve come to associate Argentina’s Lake Nahuel Huapi – the wild and mysterious inland sea fed by the snows of the Andes – with the cryptozoological mystery known as Nahuelito, and sometimes as the hidedout of refugees from the Third Reich who developed odd technology at Isla Huemul. But today’s story, courtesy of Inexplicata Contributing Editor Guillermo Gimenez, touches upon a “phantom UFO” that was not visible to the professional photographer as the shutter fell.

“In the early days of 2010,” writes photographer Fabian Romano, “summer appeared to have eluded the region. The Cordilleran cold made the day restless and one had to be on the lookout. Only hours earlier, a snowfall had covered the sumits and the skies were overcast at the moment. Strong winds out of the west shook the crystalline blue-green lake, creating waves that broke against the rubble and pilings of Puerto San Carlos. Many people approached the shore to witness the spectacle and a fellow photographer, drawn by the action, fell prey to the splashing. Drops of water and lake spray covered him and his gear head to toe, and he didn’t seem to care.

“Aware of the hazardous and meaningful nature of his actions, I decided to take a photo of him. Meters away, using a telephoto lense, I took several shots to capture the moment. Later I had a chance to speak with him, and learned that he was a foreigner. I showed him part of the sequence I’d taken and in amazement, and in poor Spanish, he kindly asked me to make him copies. He wrote down his contact information and told me that he would continue taking twilight photos, since the Argentinean landscape was fascinating to him.”

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The Enigma of UFO Beams

You Light Up My Life: The Enigma of UFO Beams
By Scott Corrales
(c) 2010

Allegations of injuries caused by the presence of unidentified flying objects go back to the very start of the contemporary manifestations of the phenomenon in the 1940s. Readers with a thorough background in the field are probably thinking right now of the Stephen Michalak case (Canada, 1965) or in Aracariguama case (Brasil, 1949), or far less lurid incidents like the patrolman whose injury – a pet alligator bite – was allegedly healed by a beam from a UFO Groups of humans have been victims of these beam attacks, as in Argentina’s Trancas case, where a family was besieged within their home by beam weapons that caused a drastic increase in temperature, or Brazil’s Ilha Colhares, where townspeople fell prey to the predations of the box-like – and still unexplained – chupa-chupas.

Older cases can almost surely be found, going back as far as the Bible, when the explanations for these beams were usually associated with the punishment of the wicked or manifestations of extreme divine displeasure. It may sound a bit cavalier to say “physical effects are the least of it”, but humans have also undergone profound psychological changes as a result of these projections: changes in religious philosophy, dramatic IQ increases and other mutations are known, although they remain largely anecdotal. In olden days, we would refer to this phenomenon as “illumination” – perhaps with good reason. Much like Paul on the way to Damascus, a non-human presence crosses our path and changes our lives forever in a blaze of light.

Developments in the study of electromagnetic radiation have given us new insights on the effect of the various types of "rays" emitted by UFOs. We know that low-frequency microwaves can cause irreparable damage to the human nervous system, and other wavelengths can actually be proven beneficial to humans in moderate amounts. Normally, 10 to 30 milligauss of exposure is considered to be acceptable, and it is what we receive from computer terminals, television sets, microwave ovens, etcetera.

The "benign" rays issued from unidentified flying objects are few and far between when compared to the lethal ones which have been the topic of a dozen studies. The deaths of witnesses on account of exposure to unknown radiation are the discussed in the book Confrontations by Jacques Vallée, in which he recounts alarming unprovoked attacks upon humans in northern Brazil. At the book's core are the attacks by machine-like devices referred to as chupa-chupas by the natives. Vallée leads us through nightmarish accounts in which the protagonists--who have limited exposure to a "space minded" culture—provide candid descriptions of injuries inflicted by beam and gas weapons, the deaths of friends and relatives in such attacks, and the aftereffects of such experiences.

On Saturday, December 30, 1972, Ventura Maceiras, the 73-year-old watchman of a property located in the Angel Cabañas Municipal Park of Tres Arroyos, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), was calmly sipping tea one evening when a brilliantly illuminated object appeared out of nowhere in a nearby clearing. He could make out the forms of two beings clearly within the glowing object, and with the rustic courtesy of the gaucho, Maceira proffered his cup of "mate" – the traditional Argentinean infusion – to the new arrivals. His cat, having just given birth to litter of kittens, ran away from the unnatural light, forsaking her young.

Events following the apparition of the alien craft proceeded quickly. Maceira saw the beings depart in a flash of light, and immediately began to feel ill, with slight vomiting and incontinence. Strange tendrils of fine, thread-like material (a form of Morgellon’s Disease?) streamed from his eyes and his blood cell count dropped precipitously. Researchers were startled to find that fish in an adjacent pond had died of unknown causes. Maceira's cat returned, displaying patches of burnt fur as if from extreme heat, and would later die mysteriously, along with Maceira’s dog, who is seldom mentioned in the numerous retellings of the case. But a totally unforeseen event began to transpire: Maceira began to acquire thoughts foreign to his experience and meager education. He was able to discuss the finer points of history, philosophy, medicine and astronomy with experts come from the capital to see him. To the amazement of his attending physicians, Maceira was growing a new set of teeth. It should be noted, however, that subsequent investigations called into question the dental development and the alleged improvement to his eyesight.

In the early evening hours of October 1, 1977, a 8-year-old boy named Martin Rodriguez was allegedly injured by a UFO on the outskirts of the Spanish city of Tordesillas (perhaps best remembered as the place where Spain and Portugal signed a treaty in the 16th century, partitioning the entire planet between them). Young Martin had left school and headed to a deserted part of town to play hide-and-seek with his friends, always within earshot of each other. Accompanied by his inseparable buddy Fernando, they came to a ruined building. Picking up a stone from the ground, Martin tossed it over the fence into what should have been a vacant lot, but was startled to hear a metallic clang on the other side. Unable to resist their curiosity, the boys entered the derelict structure only to face a blinding source of light at the far side of the ruined property.

The object had the shape of a teardrop, and hovered over the bits of broken brick and loose stone. Mesmerized by the incredible sight, Martin did not react when a seemingly solid beam of light emerged from the teardrop and impacted against his solar plexus. He would later say that he felt “hooked” by the beam and unable to break free from the light. Fernando, dazed by the situation, tried to help his friend by tugging at him – it was at that point that the beam was cut off and the teardrop-shaped light source ascended slowly into the dark skies. Martin slumped helplessly to the ground.

Subsequent days brought visits from family doctors, friends and townspeople who had heard about the event. Martin experienced headaches and dizziness; his narrative was dismissed as “childhood fantasy” even though his father had collected strange black ashes from the site above which the teardrop-shaped light had supposedly hovered. Perhaps more disturbing for the frightened lad and his parents was his partial loss of vision a fortnight after the incident, foreshadowing worse to come.

For indeed, the previously healthy eight-year-old developed life threatening medical symptoms after falling into a coma that reportedly lasted several weeks, then being subjected to surgical procedures whose purpose was never made clear to the boy or his desperate parents (beyond a casual diagnosis of hydrocephaly) and which would lead to ten more operations.

In 2009, Martín was invited to Spanish UFO journalist Iker Jimenez’s Cuarto Milenio television show to revisit his experience, assisted by a chilling dramatization of the events, and to describe the object in greater detail, down to its struts, hatchway and its “dull leaden color”. TV viewers were treated to a sketch of the object, showing a three-pronged “projection device” that was the source of the beam.

Martín Rodríguez’s brush with the unknown did not give him superpowers or boost his IQ. It simply ruined the life of a healthy, vibrant child who was discreetly accused of being “mental” as a result of the ordeal. When asked during the interview if he would like to see the object again, Martín was ambivalent. He hesitated, and replied that it would be good show others what he had seen that night, just to dispel any doubts as to the reality of his story.

Martín would have perhaps found some comfort over the years in knowing that he was not alone. Other humans have found their lives ruined by emanations from unknown objects: look at what happened to “Pedro”, the protagonist of a tragic case from Luis Ramirez Reyes’s Contacto: México (1977)

On a given a weekend in December 1988, Pedro and a friend had gone to play an early morning game of tennis at the clay courts facing a large auto assembly plant on the outskirts of Mexico City. While waiting for other colleagues to join them, the two men suddenly felt that "the sun was rising behind them." Turning around, the were absolutely floored by the sight of a descending circular vehicle that irradiated formidable amounts of white light, illuminating the entire area. The saucer-shaped craft touched down on a nearby field.

Pedro and his friend suppressed a strong urge to flee and forced themselves to remain and see what further incredible developments would occur. Their courage and patience were rewarded with a glimpse of two creatures, described as clad in tight-fitting grey outfits and standing some four feet tall. Pedro added that "the creatures didn't look like you ufologists describe them", indicating that their heads had normal proportions, had small mouths and noses and slanted eyes.

The astonishing experienced lasted approximately 20 minutes, in Pedro’s estimation. The diminutive aliens returned to their craft, which then rose into the air and disappeared "like they do in the cartoons". The witnesses decided that the wisest course of action was to share their experience with no one.

The following day, Pedro returned to his job at the car assembly factory feeling confused and dejected. He told investigator Ramírez that he feared that his co-workers would take him for "a lunatic or a drug user" if he related his story. While carrying out his duties, the UFO witness was suddenly gripped by unexplained seizures, convulsing on the assembly line. He was whisked off to a medical facility, where the doctor on duty decided to send him to a psychiatrist, given that Pedro "ranted about aliens during his seizures."

A psychiatrist determined that while he could find nothing wrong with Pedro, his disclosures of the sighting and the aliens might indicate schizophrenia. The hapless experiencer was sent to a mental health facility where he claims he was injected with a substance that made him "look like nut", thereby making it easier for everyone around him to dismiss him as hopelessly insane. Despite the drug's influence, Pedro tried telling his parents that he wasn't crazy, but he was not believed.

The UFO witness was committed to a mental health facility where he witnessed the most atrocious abuse of the inmates by their keepers. One of the asylum's orderlies suspected that Pedro was clearly not insane, and told him to "behave like a paranoid" to avoid further problems during his stay at the institution.

Fortunately for Pedro, his companion at the tennis court had chosen to disclose the UFO experience in its entirety, despite having promised to conceal it. This ultimately proved to be the key that secured Pedro's release from the mental health facility. "But upon my release," he told Ramírez,"I was still not free from criticism by my fellows. People clearly did not believe me or my friend, to the extent that I was refused employment in [the car assembly plant] or in other area factories."

Lest the reader begin to think that these incidents are somehow confined to Latin America and Spain, there are several European cases that also present similar situations. A rather dramatic Scandinavian case comes to mind: Aarno Heinonen and Esko Viljo’s brush with the unknown in January 1970 in the forests of Imjarvi, Southern Finland. These two cross-country skiers had stopped for a break and noticed the approach of a very powerful light, enveloped in a rotating red mist. The object disgorged a diminutive occupant who fired a pulsating beam at Heinonen amid the thick red mist. The object, the ufonaut and the red mist vanished at once, leaving nothing but emptiness. The injured human was unable to walk and had to be assisted by his companion back to the nearest village. Symptoms of the unwarranted beam attack included throbbing headaches, vomiting and black urine. This initial experience apparently unlocked a succession of what we may term “contactee” activities involving both men.

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Chile: The 1965 Pelluco Sighting

Source: El Llanquihue de Puerto Montt and NOUFA
Date: N/A

Chile: The 1965 Pelluco UFO Case

A resident of Puerto Montt was an eyewitness 32 years ago.

The year was 1965 and in the early hours of July 29th, a group of people attended the wake for a young woman from Puerto Montt, in the Pelluco region. One of the attendees was Arnaldo Flores, who at the time worked as an officer for the Health Service and also managed a youth home, also located in Pelluco.

“The time was approximately 4:00 in the morning when we heard a deafening noise that grew in intensity. It was really loud. We thought it was an earthquake, and it was very strange as we were in the middle of a wake, sharing a family’s grief, yet most of us ran away from the place as fast as we could,” says Flores.

“Upon leaving the house we realized that it wasn’t an earthquake. Rather, there was a very large object in the sky. We had it before us for some three seconds, but it’s an image that one doesn’t forget easily. Besides, it was very near – some 80 meters over our position. It was circular, completely circular, with many flashing violet and yellowish lights. It passed very slowly before our eyes and traveled approximately one kilometer toward Puerto Montt. We had the impression that it landed.”

But this wasn’t all. The day after the event, at a property belonging to the youth home managed by Don Arnaldo, “which was nothing but shrubbery and brambles, was completely burned 50 meters around. In fact, scientists came to visit the area after the event. They conducted an investigation that lasted months, but we never learned of their conclusions. They conducted several tests, some of them involving radiation, but nothing more.”

Arnaldo Flores is one of many people in our country and around the world who have seen an unidentified flying object. How many more people will see something similar over the years? This question has no answer, and this applies to all the UFO sightings that occurred in the past, and will presumably occur, in the future. There is no explanation. All we can do is wait.

Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Noticiero Ufologico Autonomo and IIEE-Chile.

Argentina: A UFO Base in Sierra de los Padres?

Source: (Diario Popular)
Date: 05.09.10

Argentina: A UFO Base in Sierra de los Padres?
By Sebastián Aranguren

“We are perhaps receiving evidence of a fourth dimension, and it’s necessary to sharpen our senses, especially when interaction with other intelligences is often telepathic,” said Marron.

A UFO researcher disclosed an impressive experience he had while conducting field research with a colleague. It has enabled him to infer the likelihood that Sierra de los Padres, barely 15 kilometers from Mar del Plata, may harbor “a nest of extraterrestrial craft” in the rocky heights, and that he was able to maintain “close interaction” experiences with their occupants.

Jorge Marron, a member of the CODIGO OVNI research group, explained that the manifestations occurring in that region cannot be framed within activities involving terrestrial technology and are, on the contrary, firmly linked to an alien presence.

However, the most shocking detail-- of many that emerged from last February’s sighting, witnessed by Marrón himself and researcher Graciela Donalisio – is the one that brought them face-to-face with to a “Close encounter of the 4th kind” with entities from outer space.

During an interview with Expedientes Secretos, Marrón described the main elements of research that is now being continued under laboratory conditions, carried out by the group he forms with Daniel Valverdi, scanning visual and sound files with the hope of delving into enigmatic electronic voice phenomena recordings. “CODIGO OVNI is open to science, and what we are after right now, before going any further, is to define the elements recovered from our field research in February,” Marrón explains, making reference to “timely sightings” at what he believes is “a nest or base” employed by extraterrestrials.

The researcher emphasized that the group has worked in the Sierra de los Padres area since 2005 when the so-called “Tapia Case” became known, involving a series of ground prints and markings that suggested strange visits, preceded by powerful light displays that terrified local residents during the night.

Sightings, according to Marrón, are common currency at Sierra de los Padres, day or night. This fact reinforces his hypothesis that the area serves “for the ascent and descent” of spacecraft that leave their visual or physical mark in the region.

This member of CODIGO OVNI believes “what matters is that this is occurring now” and while he delves into an analysis of the collected evidence – including some 500 photos taken by Ms. Donalisio – he vehemently denies the possibility that these startling manifestations are linked to “Nazi experiments from the 1940s or current tests by NASA”

From his perspective, the events he described are the results of elements that can travel “at the speed of light” and do so in such a fleeting manner that “when manifesting themselves, total silence engulfs the countryside, to the extent that neither frogs nor crickets can be heard. At first blush, this seems impossible.”

But what exactly did Marrón and Donalisio experience on the cool February night, standing in a soybean field and some 600 meters from the nearest foothills?

“Graciela asked me to look at the Southern Cross, which was just rising. When she marked the position with her fingertip – explains Marrón – a flash of light fired from the spot she had indicated.” According to the researcher, this event was a sign of interaction with other intelligences, which also occurs with lights that acquire a mobility that cannot be replicated by a heavenly body.”

A storm was brewing over the area at that time of night, but despite the constant lighting, no thunder could be heard at all. The most interesting was yet to come: “A magnitude one or two star attracted our attention at first, because it had changed position several times in less than five minutes.”

“Suddenly,” he continues, “a greenish light washed over us from the Sierra, and some 600 meters away. It vanished in a few instants. The mysterious star we were watching suddenly detached itself in a fraction of a second and once more, from the Sierra – but now diagonally – a phosphorescent green light as wide as two automobiles came within 30 meters of us.”

There was more to come. Marrón and Donalisio were already agitated by facing such an intense and unpredictable manifestation alone and in the dark. Its outcome was uncertain. Thus, two balls of light – one red, one white – descended from the Sierra to join the display.

Immediately, “a perfect phosphorescent circle, some 20 meters in diameter, lit up. It slid toward us for about ten seconds. We decided to get into our car and head toward another field,” explains Marrón.

When asked about the feelings they experienced, Marrón acknowledged that “the initial one was terror” and that in his case, the second consisted of “feeling pressure in my head and a sort of feverish state, while Graciela suffered a secondary reaction – she was disoriented for a few minutes, as though she’d lost her concept of space.”

The pair of researchers, however, still had one more incredible experience ahead. The car in which they left the soybean field was pursued and overtaken by a white light that lost itself in the mountain walls, bringing the mind-bending experience to a close.

“What exists in Sierra de los Padres could be a UFO base,” explains Marrón, adding: “In fact, they can be photographed during the day and seen at night, as occurred in our case.” The recordings made during the event also represented another valuable contribution. All of Marrón's and Donalisio’s experiences were captured on videotape, which upon being played back in Buenos Aires, allowed researchers to discover the presence of strange voices that filtered into the recordings.

These electronic voice recordings, as was said earlier, are the reason for the research currently being carried out by CODIGO OVNI in the hopes of deciphering what the human-sounding yet distorted voices are saying, and once this goal has been reached, to determine their origin.

The outcome of this adventure is defined in Marrón’s statement that the entire experience “adapts to a close interaction between the entities and the researchers, and what emerges from the Visitor’s message is that they are telling us that they are indeed here.”

Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.

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Unseen Neighbors: Intimations of Another Reality?

Unseen Neighbors: Intimations of Another Reality?
By Scott Corrales

There is no doubt that television programs and cinematic features have gone a long way in shaping our understanding of the occult, and conversely, many shows have benefited from a thorough knowledge of speculative matters. A recent example is the series Fringe, which offers its viewers the possibility of a “parallel Earth” in which the Twin Towers still stand -- and in which the Hindenburg never exploded, or so it seems. Even more suggestive is the presence of entities that are unmistakably the “Men in Black” or MIBs of ufological lore, depicted here as disinterested observers of the events that move the shows plot. But the creators of Fringe leave their viewers with an unequivocal message: some of the people in our midst, who look like us and sound like us, share our bus and subway rides, may look human, but are not fully so.

Let us explore this notion further. Would agents of another reality, on a mission to our own, bring their own devices or have to make do with ours? Would their senses of vision, sight and hearing be equal to our own, or more or less acute? And if they brought devices from their own reality, would they risk losing them to the authorities of our law enforcement agencies, or would these simply not function once whatever hypothetical barrier had been crossed? Aside from having to develop a taste for our fast food, our hypothetical interdimensionals may have other issues on their hands. Communications between their numbers might be achieved by rustic, old-fashioned methods such as the ones suggested here.

In the fall of 1985, the Washington, D.C. City Paper featured a small ad in its "Personals" column which read: "O.T.O, A.A.: where are you, brothers and sisters?"

Readers of this section of the free paper state that the bulk of the messages in the personals are communications between members of the gay community, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, etc. dealers. The aforementioned ad, however, hailed the attention of anyone able to recognize the initials for the Ordo Templo Orientalis and Argentinium Astrum--occult lodges of the early 20th century, which might perhaps be experiencing a rebirth toward the latter decades of the same century. On the subject of these hidden messages in our cities' newspapers and journals, Jacques Bergier, the prolific French author and scientist, commented: "I've often wondered if certain strange classified ads in the newspapers are in fact messages between superintelligent beings." Bergier, coauthor of The Morning of the Magicians, dedicated a great deal of study to the problem of cryptology as a branch of paranormal research, and he also believed that even more detailed secret messages could be conveyed under the guise of specialized works, novels or even philosophical tracts.

Bergier wasn’t alone in this. As far back as 1958, according to French author Patrice Gaston, no less prestigious a source than the New York Herald Tribune published a study on a series of disconcerting messages found in the paper’s classified section. The messages were apparently subjected to the scrutiny of several cryptographers, and despite their best efforts, were ultimately unsuccessful. The concern was understandable, as these messages were appearing during the chilliest moments of the Cold War.

If the existence of enigmatic, ciphered messages were confined to the newspapers, it would be possible to dismiss them as merely the pranks of a particular group of people, drug runners, or those soliciting companionship. The riddle posed by occult messages goes far beyond foolscap and into stone carvings on European monasteries, carefully etched metal tablets given to the founders of religions and the cuneiform-like messages given to the contactees of our UFO age by the denizens of other dimensions or worlds.

Would non-humans – interdimensional agents, superintelligent beings or simply human secret societies – avail themselves of such concealed messages to contact each other? It has been suggested elsewhere that the ever-present crop circles are intelligent messages, not necessarily aimed to humankind as a whole but to specific, mysterious groups. Others have discussed strange television commercials or interruptions in TV broadcasts that show a specific image for fleeting seconds – long enough to make an impression on the viewers brain before returning to normal programming. Some of these images include cartoons, odd symbols or text, or nonsense words. Simple gaffes of the television industry, or calls to action to a specific group of individuals? Oddly enough, the “Fringe” series referenced earlier features some enigmatic and out-of-place images in its breaks that hint at this. Perhaps it is a nod to Philip K. Dick’s novel VALIS, in which the author states: “in 1974 a cipher was sent out as a signal that the Age of Iron was over; the cipher consisted of two words: KING FELIX, which refers to the Happy or (Rightful) King. The two-word cipher signal KING FELIX was not intended for human beings but for the descendants of Ikhnaton, the three-eyed race which, in secret, exists with us.”

Patrice Gaston, mentioned a few paragraphs ago, also delved into the nature of mysterious television signals and suspicious TV programs. He concluded his study on the matter thus: “Television is a strange means of communication. So strange that one might as well wonder if human activities are being received and studied by unseen entities in order to keep abreast of developments.”

There is a case involving parahumans (or cryptoterrestrials, to borrow the term coined by the late Mac Tonnies) that has always resonated with me over the years. It comes from the endless casebooks of Spanish paranormalist Salvador Freixedo and is deliberately vague when it comes to details. He simply refers to it as the “Lula” case and it is featured in his 1989 book La Granja Humana (the Human Farm). During his years in Venezuela, Freixedo made the acquaintance of a woman named Lula, a society hostess who had left her husband to marry a parahuman, if not outright supernatural, individual named Jorge. Upon the latter's untimely death; a medical exam revealed that the man had lived without lungs! Jorge's uncanny talents and his jokes of coming from "another world" were no longer a laughing matter. An autopsy was forbidden at the time, but the enigmatic personage was known to hundreds of witnesses. When Freixedo returned to Venezuela in later years to attend the exhumation of the body, he learned that Lula had disappeared off the face of the earth. The story is much more involved than this brief synopsis suggests, and goes into the physical feats that “Jorge” the parahuman was capable of: tremendous endurance as he ran the length of the beach at Barqiusimeto for hours and hours back and forth at high speed, to the astonishment of the crowd; his eerie sixth-sense, and what is perhaps the only physical proof of all these claims: a small crystal jar that he kept with him at all times, and seemed to aid his labored breathing. When Jorge died, the jar shattered of its own volition.

This case is clearly anecdotal. We neither have the x-rays that startled the Venezuelan technicians, nor Lula at hand to be questioned. Despite “Jorge’s” good natured remarks about his otherworldly provenance, there was no suggestion that he was extraterrestrial – he was perfectly at home in his reality, was a successful businessman, didn’t shy away from contact with others. Yet his entire existence suggests that he was among us, yet not one of us. On the other hand, he did not belong to the same order of beings as the Men In Black – the socially inept characters described by the late John A. Keel in The Mothman Prophecies. Freixedo’s “Jorge”, on the other hand, was adroit and very engaging. Did he belong to a parahuman/cryptoterrestrial/ultraterrestrial group that has moved among us for centuries, keeping in touch with one another through a variety of means?

Back to the enigmatic signs: The infamous Voynich Manuscript constitutes a perfect example of such encoded documents that are meant to be understood by exactly the right person or persons, to the chagrin of cryptologists and those bent on unlocking its secrets. Allegedly, it was originally the property of Roger Bacon, the medieval Franciscan friar, and found its way into the hands of many Renaissance occultists, such as the infamous Dr. John Dee. The Vatican eventually acquired the manuscript, and some of its best minds attempted to crack the illustrated manuscript's coded mysteries. Some eighty years ago, an American antiquarian, Wilfrid Voynich, purchased the bizarre text which now bears his name and circulated it among the most learned minds of the time: some believed that its illustrations depicted the flora of another world; others hinted at charts of the constellations as they appeared thousands--or millions--of years ago. After World War 2, a scholar claimed to have deciphered part of the manuscript and obtained the instructions for a viable contraceptive method. The Voynich Manuscript could well be the factual basis for H.P. Lovecraft's accursed grimoire, the Necronomicon.

Professor Juan Rocha de Azevedo, author of En Los Límites de lo Inexplicable, relates the tale of Eugéne Canseliet, who belonged to the circle of adepts surrounding the shadowy figure of the "alchemist" Fulcanelli in the 1920's. At the time, members of the inner circle boasted that their master was on the brink of cracking the Philosopher's Stone. But as decades passed, Canseliet stated that Fulcanelli had long since disappeared--although he claimed to have visited him in Seville, Spain, in the 1950's, and that Fulcanelli had undergone extensive physical changes as a result of having ingested the Elixir of Life. Azevedo states that the nature of these changes was an overall androgynous appearance.

What we know for sure about Fulcanelli is collected in his books Mysteries of the Great Cathedrals and The Philosophers' Dwellings. Apparently, he was conversant in the matter of the secret symbols employed among those "in the know": "In the Middle Ages, the masters whose treatises have survived until our times would decorate their homes with esoteric signs and images". The reader is advised that one such symbol is that of a lion rampant and a dragon biting its own tail.

There is no dearth of "secret societies" to blame for the many coded messages in existence. At one time or another, the culprits have ranged from the Illuminati to the Catholic Church. The accusation? Being a cabal of dark "superminds" ruling the fate of a plodding, unsuspecting mankind. Obviously, any group capable of sustained existence from the depths of antiquity to the present must surely be remarkable, if we consider the ups and downs of human history and the propensity of organizations to come unraveled--unless we make the prodigious leap of faith that would lead us to accept that there could be "immortal" humans, or paranormal beings in human guise that guide the hidden groups throughout the ages. A few characters fitting the bill come to mind:

Apollonius of Tyana, a sorcerer/scholar from the city of Tyana in what is now modern Turkey. If what tradition is to be credited, we are faced with a man who was capable of teleportation, was most certainly immortal or extremely long-lived, and who was a master of Pythagoric doctrine and geometry. Apollonius traveled to Tibet led by his guide, Damis, arriving at a land of Greek-speaking people with an "unreal", mutable landscape (another dimension?). The dwellers of this hidden kingdom had mastered levitation, robotics and the artificial illumination. The errant philosopher learned that this land existed "in the world, but beyond it".

Returning to the Mediterranean area, then controlled by Rome, Apollonius was accused of treason against Emperor Domitian. Brought before Caesar, Apollonius declared: "You may imprison my body, but never my soul, and I will add, not my body, either!" In a burst of light, witnessed by Roman courtiers and a stunned Domitian, the captive vanished into thin air.

In esoteric circles, it is believed to this day that Apollonius is the same entity known as the Count of Sainte Germain, who was active in the 1700's and was renown for his great wealth and insight. Sainte Germain and Apollonius had certain powers in common: bilocation (the ability to be in two places at the same time--probably the ability most coveted by 21st century man!), the power of healing the sick and the ability to decipher "the language of birds". Fulcanelli could be merely another guise of this everlasting being.

Even if we do not give credence to such an idea, it could perhaps answer the question as to who or whom is the source for the cryptic messages and codes hidden in works of art and architecture. Furthermore, the years in which St. Germain operated were also those in which a number of scientific developments--some which were never followed through--became apparent. He could have been the catalyst for the Enlightenment, as others have suggested.

Roger Boscovitch, in 1756, circulated a tract on time travel, anti-gravity and bilocation, matters which are still unattainable to modern science. James Price, who was reputedly able to change mercury into gold in less than 15 minutes, lived roughly around the same time. Before he vanished from the 18th century, St. Germain allegedly informed a guest at a dinner party that he had to leave, in order to bring about more inventions that would be useful to humanity in the future: the steam engine and electricity. It would be this "secret society" of inventors and experimenters, then, that
would leave behind symbols and references that could only be understood by a peer or equal.

Lionel Fanthorpe, author of The Secret of Rennes-le-Chateau hints that one of the items whose location could probably be hinted at by the coded symbols are the Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus, the Egyptian deity Thoth, patron of magic. Possession of said tablets could have aided the medieval alchemists in attaining their goals. History reminds us, however, that the alchemists were merely proto-scientists, and that their life-extending elixir and the Philosophers' Stone were merely the stuff of dreams. Yet, could some alchemists have stumbled upon the secrets, and made use of them? Fanthorpe suggests that these symbols are still in use today, and make sense, naturally, only to the target reader or viewer. He considers the highly elaborate drawing of the Gates of Moria in J.R.R. Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring to be one such device.

The reader might well feel cheated at this point--we are no closer to solving the mystery of cryptic messages than we were at the outset. Yet we are deluged by such messages, perhaps even more so in our television age, in which these mysterious communications could be broadcast subliminally to the intended receptors, or overtly –as we have seen-- through strange or unusual advertisements. Salvador Freixedo received a personal communication from the sources behind the controversial UMMO documents--a group of extraterrestrials allegedly on Earth, originating from the star Wolf 424, nowadays thought to be a mere disinformation exercise--and told to signal his interest in continuing communication with them by placing a classified ad in his local newspaper. Freixedo went ahead and placed the ad, which contained the "Ummite" word for "man" (OEMII). To avoid hassles from the paper's editor, Freixedo claimed that the unusual word was a brand of radionics machine! If we bear in mind that such messages do exist, perhaps we will find ourselves giving everything, from odd TV commercials to the graffiti on our streets, a second thought.

Ghosts Reported After Chilean Earthquake

Source: El Mercurio (Chile)
Date: 05.04.10

Chile: Ghosts After Chile’s Earthquake
By René Olivares and Ernesto Plaza

Shadows Heard and Screams Reported in the Early Morning Hours
Ghost Stories Begin to Emerge in Tsunami- Devastated Areas

Shadows cross the Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez Bridge in Constitucion; Cell phone screens light up suddenly, as if trying to receive phone calls. The moans and tears of children and their mothers resonate throughout the wooded Curanipe camping grounds, where thirty people lost their lives on February 27th.

Situations such as these are being reported by residents of Region de Maule, who claim that they repeat over and over in the early morning hours. “It’s the people who died here. They’re asking to be found and be given a burial,” says Juan Morales Morales, who works nights doing repairs on the Constitución Bridge. Dozens of people died in this area while camping at Isla Orrego, at the mouth of the Maule River.

In the coastal village of Curanipe, half an hour away from Cauquenes, people reportedly hear sounds issuing from the forest where thirty people vanished. “We can hear the cries and weeping of children at unusual hours, and people are greatly distressed by it,” says Magdalena Rodriguez, who owns a nearby business. She lost a sister in the tragedy.

Ricardo Figueroa, a psychiatrist specializing in disasters at the Catholic University Hospital, explains: “When unexpected deaths or states of grief exist, it is normal for people to report experiences that may catalogued, in quotation marks, as supernatural.” He adds: “But this is a normal occurrence that increases during catastrophes.”

Hugo Zepeda, a doctor of Theology and university professor, adds that these events occur “because people are psychologically injured. This has a collective projection that makes the see more or less the same thing.” He adds that if these events continue to occur, they may soon have a “paranormal” meaning.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to NOUFA (Noticiero Ufologico Autonomo and IIEE, Chile)