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Argentina: Decision to Create Official UFO Commission Confirmed

Date: 12.29.10

Argentina: Decision to Create Official UFO Commission Confirmed
By Paulo R. Poian

After another military man remarked only a few days ago behind closed doors, the official verbal communiqué has been issued.

According to the AFP and Terra news agencies, a spokesperson for the Argentinean Air Force (AAF) has confirmed today (Dec. 29) the decision to create a commission to record and investigate claims of unidentified flying objects in that country’s air space.

The Commission for the Research of Aerospatial Phenomena is in the process of being formed,” said Captain Mariano Mohaupt, the AAF’s media consultant. The officer disclosed that the Air Force has already recorded the unexplained experiences of some of its pilots, “and now things will be perceived from the formal, professional standpoint, contributing toward our mission, which is to control our air space.”

The team would be multidisciplinary in nature, including meteorologists, flight controllers, pilots and radar specialists, and shall receive reports made by citizens regarding phenomena seen in space. “There are many reports that are later investigated, and they turn out not involve unconventional events,” explained Mohaupt.

Organizations of this type already exist in other countries of the Southern Cone, such as Uruguay’s Commission for the Receipt and Investigation of Reports on Unidentified Flying Objects (CRIDOVNI), Peru’s Office for the Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Investigation (OIFAA) and Chile’s Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA)

In Brazil, around the 1960s, the Unidentified Aerial Object Research System (SIOANI), located in Sao Paulo engaged in such efforts. The SIOANI files can be downloaded from the Portal de Ufología Brasileira at The organization chart and details of the Unidentified Aerial Object Research Central (CIOANI) is also available.

The Brazilian Ufologists Commission (CBU) has proposed reactivating the extinct SIOANI, as a shared endeavor between Aeronautica and interdisciplinary researchers.

In August, Brazil announced that the Comando da Aeronautica shall officially record sightings of UFOS in the country’s airspace.

The authorities will urge civilian and military aircraft pilots, as well as national air traffic controllers, to tell their experiences to this agency, and also furnish any documentary evidence on UFOs.

(Translation (c) 2010 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Paulo R. Poian, Revista UFO Brasil)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Argentina: It's Official - AAF Will Research UFOs

Source:Diario Popular On-Line
Date: 12.26.10

Argentina: It's Official - Argentinean Air Force Will Research UFOs
By Pachi LaFata

Information about the upcoming formation of a group of analysts within the Argentinean Air Force emerged recently, and was well received by the country’s experts. “This is the news that all researchers of the UFO phenomenon expected, and it fills us with satisfaction to hear that this will come about,” said expert Silvia Perez Simondini of the Vision OVNI group, who is working to bring about in Argentina a goal that is common to other countries in the Latin American region, which have already declassified their files. “To this end, we created CEFORA (Commission for the Study of UFOS in the Argentinean Republic) to bring about the declassification that has already been achieved in many countries. The news about this commission gives us hope that it is a beginning, and that Argentina may also achieve it. It must be done with a critical attitude, and this is the most reasonable to our understanding. This way, we shall have the certainty of a serious and responsible scientific investigation,” Simondini maintains.

She likewise indicated that “the struggle over the years by so many researchers may be rewarded by seeing a dream fulfilled, and we hope that this commission is formed, can accept and analyze the work that has been made with great effort by the will and vocation of those who have pursued the phenomenon for so long.”

Another first line researcher, Mercedes Casas, explained “it is aimed, of course, at investigating this phenomenon in the most serious way possible and from a completely rational perspective.” She added: “I cannot deny that I am greatly satisfied at seeing the forward behavior of our Air Force, which will certainly mark the road d to be followed by other countries. Since 1978, when the case always meant so much to me, the collision of an object against Cerro El Zaire in Tarija (Bolivia), and which was looked for in the early days by the Argentinean Gendarmerie, as it was believed the collision had occurred within our borders, our official agencies have displayed an interest in knowing more about this phenomenon. In those years, the national gendarmerie, based in Salta, had classified the event as an “unidentified flying object case.”

Casas also said “over the years, there was an infinity of cases in which our forces were involved. CEFORA was created precisely for this, an effort to declassify files on UFOs in which official agencies took part.” She also added: “We’re on the right track. This news item, expected by so many researchers for so long, opens the door on a way of looking at this phenomenon with greater openness and seriousness, investigating in a scientific and responsible manner.”

“There are news items that, while expected, one imagines will not be astonishing, and merely a confirmation of something that is undeniable and inevitable. But reality shows that no matter how convinced we are that something will happen sooner or later, when it finally is confirmed, it shakes one to the core, releasing astonishment, joy and above all, hope. This is what happened to me with the news about the Argentinean Air Force creating a commission for the study of anomalous phenomena in our skies,” said Raul Avellaneda.

The researcher explained that “this announcement by the Argentinean Air Force has something special about it, and that it will be supported on men of science with a critical sense, something that true researchers have always promoted and demanded: a task developed with specialists in different fields of science and above all, far from mysticism, speculation and superstition.”

“In this field,” Avellaneda concluded, “the task rests on a triad: the Air Force as the custodian of our skies, science as the only method of seriously explaining the facts, and specialized researchers with a necessary outreach to the community. Above them, the decision by the powers of the State to place our country – once and for all – in the place it deserves for serious, responsible research, and above all, an interrelationship between officialdom and the citizenry.”

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E)

Argentina: Entire Family "Photographed a UFO"

Source: Diario de Cuyo (newspaper)
Date: 12.28.10

Argentina: Entire Family "Photographed a UFO"
By Susana Roldán - Diario de Cuyo

The event occurred yesterday, from their home in a district of Santa Lucia.

Returning home after a meeting involved an unexpected event for the family of Daniel Dominguez. As they approached the Jardín del Milagro district, where they live, around Calle Colón and 25 de Mayo, they saw multicolored lights in the sky, blinking and glowing with greater or lesser intensity. "We got into the house and took out the cameras to take photos and record. The lights remained in the sky for several minutes, and by their look, they appeared to belong to a semi-circular object in constant rotation," said Daniel Dominguez, the head of the family.

Far from being afraid, the eldest children (11, 9 and 7, respectively) were enthusiastic about the sighting. Dominguez said that he called the Police to see if they were seeing the same thing, but they advised him to call an astronomical observatory."We thought about going over to the observatory at the Ceferino Namuncurá complex in San Martin, and we made phone calls, but since no one answered, we thought it might be closed," he said.

The image taken by Dominguez with one of his cameras consists of a luminous dot and the wake left by its erratic movements in the dark sky. "To show the difference between something fixed and something in motion, I focused on the Moon every so often. The lunar silhouette was perfectly still, while the lights moved up and down and sideways. They followed no apparent order. They simply shined and moved," he explained.

The man said that this was not his first experience of this type. "Airplanes fly overhead every day, and I know the difference between an airplane and something else. To me, this was a UFO, because I'd seen one earlier in Alto de Sierra, in the countryside. Years ago I saw another in Barreal while in the home of some cousins. I was never afraid, and my children either. On the contrary, we were very excited to see what we saw, even if no one else was able to see it."

VIDEO: Embedded at

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Argentina: Object Over Castelar

Photo of an object over the city of Castelar, Argentina, taken by Ricardo Cordero, courtesy of the El Derviche Errante blog.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Argentina: A UFO Over Cañuelas?

Source: InfoCañuelas & Grupo G.A.B.I.E
Date: 12.15.10

Argentina: A UFO in Cañuelas?

A boy from Barrio Hipotecario claims having seen an unidentified flying object that engaged in oscillating movements over his housing complex. The recording is shown here.

“I wasn’t scared. I was very excited – this is the first time I’d seen something like it!” said Gustavo Rasquetti, a boy from Barrio Hipotecario who claims having seen a UFO floating over his housing complex.

On Wednesday last week, after watching the CQC program, he was about to shut the window to his bedroom when he saw “a powerful white light, with colors at times, that made undulating movements.” Furthermore, “it made a buzzing sound like a bee.”

It remained like that for a while, crossing the neighborhood from one end to another before vanishing at high speed.

Little Gustavo made a brief recording of the object and even made a drawing to remember its shape. “I believe in UFOs, but I never thought I’d see one, much less here in my own neighborhood,” he told InfoCañuelas. Gustavo is 12, a student at the Escuela Técnica, and lives in Sector 4 of Barrio Hipotecario.

He claims that he wasn’t the only one to see the strange light. “A bald gentleman from my sector also saw it from his window, but he said that it was an airplane or jet. He didn’t give it much importance.”

The Cañuelas sighting coincides with some strange lights that were seen that very same day in the Ensenada and La Plata areas.


(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.)

Argentina: The Light That Emerged from the Ground

Source: CEUFO
Date: 12.14.10

Argentina: The Light That Emerged from The Ground
By Quique Mario, CEUFO

Four people suffered a strange experience on the evening of 17 November and discussed it live on the PUENTE 2001 program on Radio Ciudad, Antena 10, from 23:00 to 00:00 hours, and over the Internet on

1st case: Witness Juan Ignacio, accompanied by a friend, both of them raised in the countryside and with a good knowledge of its ways, were getting ready to have dinner on 17 November on the shoulder of Provincial Route 14, some fifteen kilometers east of the El Durazno wilderness. Geographically, the area features tall vegetation with some valleys suitable for agriculture. There are no communities nearby, except for the wilderness, which features a Vialidad Provincial (provincial traffic control) post, a police station and some isolated houses. The time was 23:00 hours and both men readied themselves to eat on the hood of the car when they realized that a caldén (a traditional tree of the Pampean wilderness) was completely illuminated...but the light emerged “from below” as though coming out of the earth. Attracted by the spectacle, they decided to approach the tree within a few meters and noticed that the same phenomenon was taking place behind another caldén, a hundred meters distant. They felt afraid, and immediately began hearing as sound described as “consisting of two notes” – a very loud sound to the extent that, overwhelmed by terror, [Jose Ignacio] realized that if something was about to happen to him, there was nothing he could do to prevent it. Two separate beams of light pointing upward emerged from the light sources of both trees. The beams merged with a light that remained suspended overhead. “It looked like a star”, he said, and thus a sort of triangle was formed, which caused him even more fear, when added to the strange, unknown sound. The whole event lasted 40 seconds, which were “an eternity” to both men. Suddenly the beams were raised to the “suspended light” and it vanished into space at a stunning rate of speed. The sense of anguish and helplessness brought on by the spectacle shook both men to their core, and the following week, they decided to share their experiences on the PUENTE 2001 broadcast.

2nd case: Shortly after the phone conversation, there was a second eyewitness account from someone identifying himself as “Eduardo”, a hunter, who was hunting some 10-15 km west of the El Durazno wilderness with a colleague. He reported a phenomenon similar to the one made known by Jose Ignacio and at 23:30 hrs, that is to say, with a half-hour difference. He cautiously approached the source of light emerging from the ground and claimed that it measured some 20 meters in diameter, although lacking regular borders. He didn’t dare venture into the illuminated area and acknowledged that the phenomenon “is frightenable” (sic) according to his own definition. Accustomed to traveling at night in rural areas, and not believing anything related to the UFO phenomenon, he said that he remembered a few stories and was also afraid. He heard no strange sounds, nor did he see beams of light. He claimed that the light “did not come from above”, but out of the ground itself. After several seconds, the light vanished and all became normal. The next day, they returned to the site and surveyed it, but found no traces of anything unusual.

These, then, are the reports of both experiences, which constitute a new sign...a phenomenon different from the ones we’ve grown accustomed to hearing about, don’t you think? However, as we have said at the Centro de Estudios Ovni, the phenomenon is out there.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spain: Cryptozoology Meets Movie Making

Date: 13 December 2010

Spain: Basajaun, the Motion Picture
By Javier Resines

Basajaun, the Basque Lord of the Forest, is featured in a new short-subject film. Creator Sergio Morillo Echavarri is currently involved in the post-production phase of Basajaun y las lindes de los bosques (Basajaun and the borders of the forests), his first motion picture project.

In order to narrate the story of this eldritch creature, halfway between cryptozoology and legend, Morillo has chosen three dimensional special effects and characters to be merged with the presence of human actors. Exteriors were shot in Urbasa, and the chromakey technique has been employed for interiors - actors film their scenes before a green screen which can later be worked upon digitally.

The plot, according to the director, “tells the story of how this mythological creature refuses his fate, which is to vanish, and will find himself swept into confrontations with humans, the miscreants who chop and destroy without any concern for the woods loves and protects, and that are his home.”

The short-subject film, which received 15,000 euros in funding from the government of Navarre through the Instituto Navarro de las Artes Audiovisuales y la Cinematografía (INAAC) was presented at the Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Temática Social de Berriozar (FICBE) on October 16, 2010.

A three-minute demo on the composition of some of the film’s scenes was presented, and it can be seen at

We would like to congratulate Sergio Morillo for having successfully carried out his project and for having chosen such an interesting subject as the cornerstone of his work. Anyone interested can follow the day-to-day progress on Basajaun y las lindes de los bosques on Facebook, where the director narrates all current events regarding the film.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU)

Argentina: Unprecedented UFO Wave in Victoria

Source: Diario Junio Digital

For over a month, the department of Victoria has experienced an unprecedented wave of sightings involving unidentified flying objects and lights. According to reports, lights of various sizes are reported practically every night, following different directions and having varying intensities, and others that vanish suddenly. As if this wasn’t enough, there is now an eyewitness account from an inspector with the city’s office of natural resources, who saw a strange creature on the evening of Wednesday the 8th in the municipal campgrounds while conducting a routine tour of the area.

Silvia Pérez Simondini, a specialist in the investigation of prodigies and unconventional events, and the director of the Victoria UFO Museum, said that “the number of things appearing in the sky is impressive. We have never had as many sightings as in 2010, especially concentrated in this last month.” She said that it is very hard to keep statistics on the amount of sightings of such phenomena, as they are a permanent feature in Victoria.

She did say that “we are experiencing an intense wave of sightings, and its occuring not only in Victoria, but elsewhere in the world, such as Mexico and Brazil, for instance.”

Upon being consulted about the reason for which the department of Victoria is so prone to UFO sightings, as opposed to other localities, the researcher from Victoria opined that sightings always occur where there is raised ground, whether mountains, hills, summits or bodies of water concentrated in seas, rivers, lakes and even water tanks. Apparitions occur where both elements are found, and Victoria has them.

Perez Simondini insisted that “about a month ago, sightings increased in Victoria. We have received reports practically every night, or else we’ve seen them ourselved. It’s permanent.”

She explained that what people have seen are lights of various colors and sizes, taking off in different directions. “It’s evident that something’s watching us. We don’t know from where and how they’re coming, or what for.”

Unquestionably, the most shocking account comes from an inspector of the offfice of natural resources, who said that on 8 December at 21:30 hours he was engaged in a routine tour of the area with a co-worker, and came across a creature with very strange characteristics. After hearing the story, Perez Simondini and her team immediately reported to the site, keeping a watch over night to see if video or photo evidence could be secured. “[...] when creatures appear in a pre-determined location, we have to go to that site to see if we can obtain some kind of evidence, whether its photographic or film.”

The researche states that the entity seen by the inspectors has also been witnessed elsewhere in the world, mentioning Brazil among them. “In Brazil they call it the chupa-chupa, not chupacabras, and the difference between both is that the latter has wings like a bat, and the former doesn’t. Here in Argentina it is incorrectly termed the Chupacabras,” she said.

Aside from this case, which shook the “City of the Seven Hills”, the VisionOvni team is having photos analyzed in both La Pampa and Mexico showing three-UFO formations over the city. “All researchers ask me about the case histories in Victoria. We have no case histories – this is something that happens on a permanent basis. Sometimes waves of these sightings in the sky occur in winter. In this case they’re occuring during this time of year, and for that reason we cannot have given pattern to say if they are going to appear now or when.”

Perez Simondini further remarked that lights emerge every year from a place known as Laguna Grande. They start appearing after December 20 and extend through the first days of January. “Sometimes we see up to nine lights coming out by one. This year, the manifestations came into view much earlier, and have been visible for at least 20 days now.”

At Rincón de Nogoyá

Rincón de Nogoyá (Department of Victoria) faces Laguna del Pescado, one of the sites where most sightings occur. Lately, the place has become an ideal scenario for seeing UFOs.

A bricklayer took a photo of one of these objects in the sky. The construction worker stated that on 19 November, only minutes before 1:00 a.m. and while he was in the rural area of Rincon de Nogoya, he decided , as he did nightly, to drink some mate before going to bed. Then he sat down a few meters from a shed that was being refurbished at a ranch. That’s when he saw a light in the sky that grew larger and larger.

The worker said that the light was approaching his position, illuminating him completely. He managed to take a photo, and the light vanished moments later.

Another sighting occurred on Sunday in the Arenal/Cerro de la Matanza region, where residents claimed seeing a light in the sky. They could not identify it.

The Department of Victoria and city of the seven hills are an energy point to some. Others say that its topography and location make it a suitable spot for landings, but without question, and in view of the documents and witnesses that have emerged over time, it is the place in Argentina that boasts the largest number of unidentified lights and objects.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Transcript: Interview with Creature Witness

[Video interview conducted by Silvia Perez Simondini with creature eyewitness "Mario" in Entre Rios, Argentina, on 12.10.10 - transcription by Scott Corrales]

We are at the home of a person who has witnessed something very strange. The fact is that this is very convenient,as creatures of this sort are being reported elsewhere in the world. He is showing us his back and he is nearly in shadow, given that the job he performs keeps him from identifying himself. We are not going to reveal his name, we shall simply call him Mario. Good afternoon, Mario.

Good afternoon, Silvia.

I would like you to tell us about your experience and how it occurred.

Well, this event occurred this week on Wednesday night, 21:30 hours at night, it was something that startled me as I did not expect it. I was not alone: one of my co-workers was with me on duty, due to his own schedule. It happened behind the municipal campground.

And what's your job, Mario?

I'm a natural resources inspector.

Perfect. And what were you doing that night?

Well, we were just about to make our daily nocturnal survey of the area, a function of my job, we usually cover the camping and also the old port. That evening, we were getting ready to go out, carrying our work tools, we started up the vehicle, and, well, we headed out to the area behind the campgrounds. We know that the area behind the campground is one where many people go fishing, so a function of our job is to go and insure that there aren't any irregularities involving wildlife. So when we went in, following the street that leads to the back of the campground, where the municipal stables are located, my colleague was casting light with his flashlight along the right side of the road, and we both looked to see if anything was visible. When I returned my attention to the road again, I noticed -- and it was very noticeable -- a pair of feet that were...were...very long...

Long like what?

Um...long like, um...not as thin, but as long as those of a cow, but with strange fur.

Were they upright legs?

No, they were shaped like an inverted "Z"

Like a "Z"?

Yes, the foot, from what little I could see, had a raised heel, as though it supported itself on its toes. That's what I could see. Not only that - this paranormal thing I'm looking at, because I don't know of anything in the world that
is similar, or has those characteristics, had grayish brown fur and I could see a shape, a black shape like a person. Well, when I shouted to my companion: "Did you see that?!" The strange thing began to sort of disappear, to lose itself, running through the vegetation...

Did it run normally like a person?

No, not...not normally, it was as had a very strange way of walking or running, it was very strange, as if lifting its legs

As if it were jumping?

Jumping, that's right. Well..I was startled, I took the flashlight from my companion, I could hear the creature making noise in the vegetation, I pointed the beam at it, theoretically at the place where I thought it was, and well, I pointed the beam, tossed stones, didn't hear anything. It was as if it had vanished. Well, then...we kept going, wondering what it could have been, because as we know, the municipal stables are there, and there are other animals, but it wasn't a horse or a cow. It was something strange. But anyway, the adventure wasn't over yet. We finished the tour of the campground, where there were people, many people, which startled us too. We stopped, and then returned to where we'd seen the creature. We decided to stop and comb the area a little more, to see if we could find at least something similar to what we'd seen, or possibly see it again. But no, no. We didn't find anything. It was a very dark night, so....I know that what I saw...was nothing that exists...

Nothing known?

Nothing known at all.

Mario, thank you very much.

Argentina: Odd Creature Seen in Entre Rios

Source:Diario Victoria (Argentina)
Date: 12.12.10

Argentina: UFO Sightins Ongoing; Odd Creature Reported

During the course of this week, numerous persons claimed having seen lights in the night skies and unidentified flying objects overhead in broad daylight. The most intriguing fact, however, is the story told by an inspector for the municipal natural resources office, who encountered a strange creature on the premises of the municipal parking lot.

In recent weeks, the department of Victoria has become an unprecedented area for sightings. On a daily basis, residents from various points of the communal lands and the rural areas have described how and why they saw an intense light in the sky, or objects that suddenly vanish as though by magic.

In many of these sightings, people have managed to use their cellphones to take photos. But on Wednesday, the repercussions of these unidentified flying object sightings were minimized by public opinion when an employee of the office of municipal natural resources claimed having seen a strange creature behind the campgrounds as he conducted a routine drive-around.

Faced with this, UFO researcher Silvia Pérez Simondini, startled by the news, stated: "If something was missing in Victoria, it was something that all researchers dream about, and it has just occurred. One always thinks that these things happen to others, in other countries, and that we will never have the possibility of encountering something like what just happened. Now our work is redoubled - we not only have to chase after the lights, appear in this locality year after year. Now we're faced with another type of research."

"On 10 December 2010, while listening to the Caminando program (102.1 FM) I heard my name being mentioned, and they were calling me about something very strange that was taking place. I went to the station immediately, in the understanding that it was just that important. Upon arriving at the station, they told me the story quickly, adding that the percipient was not only credible - he was frightened and wanted to tell me what occurred on the evening of Wednesday, December 8."

"They showed me a drawing made by the father (an excellent illustrator) and I was astoudned, since it is the same figure that is currently been seen in many countries. They gave me his phone number to arrange an interview. I visited at 16:30 hrs. and he told me his experience. He only asked me not to show his face, since he is a natural resources inspector. Could I photograph him from the back, he asked, and he would tell me everything. And so we did. And you can hear his story. There is a small mistake - I say its the sixteenth, and it was in fact the tenth of December. I am clarifying this to avoid confusion."

VIDEO: (in Spanish)

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Argentina: From Victoria to Puerto Esther

Source: OvniVision
Date: 12.08.10

Argentina: From Victoria to Puerto Esther
By Silvia Pérez Simondini

[Is Argentina on the verge of yet another UFO mini-flap? The number of reports received in recent weeks suggest that it is a distinct possibility. Researcher Silvia Perez Simondini has kindly provided us this information today with photographs. An unidentified object or a sundog? - SC]

We are facing a new UFO flap in the area. Lights are being seen at all hours, and which at night appear particularly large, with manifestations lasting up to 2 hours, commencing more or less around 22:15 hours. We are holding vigils every night from Cerro de La Matanza in order to secure the best references possible. All that is being seen in Victoria is subsequently being seen in the Rosario area, and since we have correspondents there, we can be on top of everything that is seen in the skies of Entre Rios-Santa Fe. The attached photos were taken by Sebastián from Puerto Esther, Santa Fe.

These are the witness's own words:

Hello Silvi - this is Sebastián from Rosario. I'm turning these photos over to you, depicting a sphere I photographed over Puerto Esther...this was on Sunday at around six in the afternoon. We were at the summer home of one of my uncles, the one you know, and as usual we went outside to drink mate. I had my sunglasses on and at first I didn't notice anything unusual, since the house is located near the canyon, and the river is there, I decided to take a walk. Upon returning, I don't know why, I took off my glasses and suddenly saw a sphere of light inside that cloud. Its size was noticeable and it was very bright. It remained there for a good while before vanishing.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Silvia Pérez Simondini)

Argentina: An Object Over Tupungato

Source: Mendoza On-Line
Date: 12.07.10

Argentina: An Object Over Tupungato

Mendoza On-Line writes:

"A reader of Mendoza On-Line submitted this photo to our newsroom, with the attendant surprise the case merits.

"We took this photo on Sunday, over the Tupungato Winelands polo fields. We were surprised when we downloaded it to the computer. I do not know if its a UFO, but the "spot" is rather strange," reads the e-mail.

"For this reason, we contacted Jorge Suarez, director of the Centro de Informes OVNI, who responded swiftly and effectively, saying it was an Unidentified Flying Object."

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Puerto Rico: A Skeptical Look at Gargoyles

Source: Primera Hora (newspaper)
Date: 12.07.10

[Contributing editor Jose Martinez Echevarria is keeping us updated on the latest developments in the “sugar mill gargoyle” affair. This is a rather skeptical look at the situation by three eminent authorities. – SC]

Puerto Rico: Creative Imagination or Delirium?
By Barbara J Figueroa / Primera Hora – newsroom

The story behind the belief that a gargoyle flies over the southern section of the island with a view to attacking and exanguinate various animal species remains hitherto a mystery – one that has set some on the warpath and left others bemused, as they are convinced that it is a fictitious character.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Canóvanas – José “Chemo” Soto, dusted off his hunting uniform to enact his plan to capture the strange flying animal, which many have reported in communities such as Guanica, Lajas and San German. PRIMERA HORA analyzed the subject from the viewpoints of a historian, a psychologist and a sociologist: they all agreed that the phenomenon does not exist.

Historian Ricardo Alegria, for example, says that stories of gargoyle “attacks” – whose characteristics bear a certain resemblance to those of the mythic Chupacabras, as they both share nocturnal activity and the exsanguination of their victims, are another story within our folklore. “The subject of the gargoyle seems like a fantasy and foolishness to me. Its another among stories of apparitions that have formed part of our folklore.” Alegria is also an anthropologist and archaeologist.

Don Ricardo – the first director of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, said that the country has always shared a belief in ghosts, and that many of these traditions are the legacy of Spain and Africa. “Religions have supported them to a certain point, especially the Catholic Church, when it makes statements regarding the belief in the devil.”

As an archaeologist, Alegría was struck by at the phenomenon being referred to as a gargoyle, classifying it as foolish. “I’m surprised by this detail, because the term gargoyle refers to an architectural element of medieval structures in Europe, specifically seen in cathedrals. They are monstrous stone figures placed on rooftops to collect and channel rainwater through a variety of orifices,” says the educator about what at first was a decorative figure. As far as it is known, there is a gargoyle in a chapel in Miramar, in Santurce.

Details offered in Wikipedia state that myths concerning gargoyles go back to the middle ages and are related to the increase in bestiaries and the torments of hell. Others say that at night, the architectural gargoyles turn into beings of flesh and bone, becoming stone once again at dawn.

Perhaps this is the route taken by Chemo and his hunting companion, Reynaldo Rios, who dared find the Puerto Rican gargoyle among the ruins and tunnels of the old sugar mill at Guánica, where they claim its victims’ skeletons are to be found. “I find it very odd that they should seek something whose existence is unknown, and which rather appears to be a myth or urban legend,” opined psychologist Lissette Acevedo.

This insistent detail is what concerns the expert in human behavior. “It appears to be more of an a delirium on the part of a group of people who want to prove something existence of something about which there is rational doubt. That is when reality becomes distorted,” said Acevedo.

To the psychologist, imagination and the ability to be creative is common to all of us. But the line is crossed when an individual “tries to convince others, by shouting or actions, that something exists, or that it is something lacking meaning to others. The line is crossed when the person’s ability to function is affected, and other areas of their lives are overlooked due to their obsession.” Acevedo urged Chemo and those who participated in the process of hunting the gargoyle to evaluate whether “they sacrificed their health or safety in the effort to attain a goal.”

If so, says the doctor, “something is not right” in the way the behave.

To sociologist Jose Luis Mendez, the belief in phenomena such as the gargoyle “has much to do with the immaturity of many people or groups. All these things excite the imagination when we’re children, but in the modern world, they are left behind and not dragged along.” Mendez is also the Chair of Sociology and Anthropology of the Universtiy of Puerto Rico (UPR).

To the professor, all mobilization after the creature is “out of proportion with Puerto Rican necessity and social realism. “I think it is a superficial way to face the reality that surrounds us in a society with problems that merit greater attention.”

Finally, many will wonder if the gargoyle is a new urban legend, or if a new monster is truly flying over our island and attacking it.

Chile: The Llaima Volcano Object

Mr. Eric Martinez of Chile's CIFAE organization presents a spectacular photo of an unidentified object over Chile's Llaima Volcano. The image was taken by Flavio Miranda from the city of Temuco and has been analyzed by CIFAE.

Puerto Rico: Guánica Mayor Concerned Over Gargoyle Hunt

Source: El Vocero (newspaper)
Date: 12.06.10

Puerto Rico: Guanica Mayor Concerned Over “Gargoyle Hunt”

Martin Vargas Morales, the mayor of Guánica, asked the general population to remain calm and cautious, while at the same time making [UFO contactee] Reinaldo Rios and Canovanas Mayor José “Chemo” Soto responsible for any accident or mishap that may occur on the premises of the old sugar mill during the “gargoyle watch” convened for this evening.

“The site is very dark and is a structure in ruins from which pieces are braking off daily. Neither Rios nor Soto will be able to halt the flow of persons to the interior of the facilities and I fear that an accident may occur, given that the there are easy points of access that cannot be controlled. It’s an irresponsible act by both of them,” said the Mayor in a written statement.

The municipal leader highlighted that there are persons seeking headlines and benefits from exposure in the communications media. “Allegations by people who have supposedly seen strange things in the old mill are taken seriously, but they must be clarified responsibly without creating spectacles that endanger the lives of persons whose curiosity may lead them to the site,” he stated.

A Gargoyle in Puerto Ensenada

Mayor Martin Vargas Morales further noted that he found the subject of alleged apparitions in the sugar mill curious, as they have occurred after the Planning Board approved the Puerto Ensenada project.

“There are people who have stated their reservations about the project. Others know that construction of Puerto Ensenada represents a giant step for our administration, and would not like to see it carried out, with the economic benefits that its construction and operation would bring, creating over 12,000 jobs,” notes Martin Vargas.

Vargas says that project investors are on the planning board and are very interested in transferring their capital to Guánica. “The actions of these two characters will not cause the developers to waver. They will not deteriorate the image of that historic location. The project is a reality that will benefit thousands of families, not only in Guánica but in the entire area.”

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luiseppi Quiñones)

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Argentina: Family Faces the Dreaded Chupacabras

Source: Diario Popular OnLine

Argentina: La Pampa Family Faces the Dreaded Chupacabras
By Pachi LaFata

This is among the most traumatic and complex episodes of UFOlogy in recent times, and it took place in the Pampean locale of Santa Rosa on a 70 hectare field belonging to a cattle ranching family. One afternoon, the Giménez family witnessed strange movements and upon looking closely, the came face to face for ten seconds with a strange being they identified as the infamous “Chupacabras” as it fled the area after mutilating a cow.

In an interview with Expedientes Secretos, Andrea Perez Simondini of the VisionOVNI group remarked that “the La Pampa episode is among the most complex that we have had to investigate, given the fact that it contains many elements that link the phenomenology popularly associated with the Chupacabras to everything concerning the UFO phenomenon.”

Pérez Simondini also provided an important clue by highlighting that “in the La Pampa case, as in many others, there are direct links with the last study carried out in the Misiones incident, with the mass mutilation of ten sheep.”

A Detailed Report

Regarding the La Pampa event, Simondini recently published a document written by the protagonists themselves – the Giménez couple – making evident yet again the need for investigating these cases in depth. “We are Alberto and Alicia, and we are writing to tell you about our somewhat startling experience, involving a close encounter with the alleged Chupacabras,” said the couple in the document about the 2008 incident.

“We are from Santa Rosa, La Pampa Province, west of Buenos Aires Province. We live in a small seventy hectare field where we keep 30 cows and general livestock. Our country has recently suffered the strange phenomenon of cattle mutilations, attributed in great measure to this bizarre being,” stated the protagonists.

They explained: “Our cow pasture is approximately two kilometers away from our home. We tend to release them from their pens at eight in the morning, a task carried out by our three farmhands, and we bring them back ourselves in the afternoon, aided by our eldest son.

Among the Trees

Winter was just starting when the events occurred, and the couple was getting ready to bring in the cows around five o’clock in the afternoon. At that moment, Alberto saw three of his cows running some 200 meters from the stables. “This surprised us, because the cows have learned their daily routine. It should be noted that the pasture is located near a very dense patch of vegetation. This prompted us to jump into our pickup truck and head toward them in a hurry, feeling concerned.”

“The closer we got, the more we were alarmed as the cows were scattered. Our son jumped out of the pickup to round up the cattle, when were struck by a pervasive and disagreeable smell. We tried find out the source of the smell, and after walking 300 meters into the wilderness, we found the mutilated carcass of a cow missing its internal organs and genitals,” they said in the document.

According to the story “there was no trace of blood, which was surprising.” But that wasn’t all, because after combing the area for 10 minutes, Alicia heard strange noises from the pasture near the brush. He thought it was someone trying to sneak away. “We approached thinking we’d find a cattle rustler or an animal responsible for the cow’s death. We were scant meters away when we saw a being with the Chupacabras’s characteristics. We could see it for approximately 10 seconds, as it vanished into the trees,” they stated.

Simondini explained about the case that “it is very serious, confirmed even further by interviews to the family unit and with field work performed in the area.” She added: “the episode can be added to a long chain of events of similar characteristics. The latest was in Misiones, with the mutilated sheep that are still under study.”

An Uncommon Entity

Tales of encounters with the chupacabras are uncommon. In general, cases become known when mutilated animals are found. For this reason, the Gimenez family’s report in La Pampa is special. “The witnesses had the chance to run across the chupacabras, defining it as a 2-meter tall being with abundant fur, a face similar to that of a dog, claws, and great agility when it comes to leaping or climbing.” Simondini seeks “the close relationship between these cases and the UFO phenomenon, including events where the creature’s manifestations are tied to apparitions of lights.”

Andrea Perez Simondini is one of the country’s best-known researchers. Both she and her mother, Silvia Simondini of the VisionOVNI team, carry out a number of studies on cattle mutilation cases and their link to the UFO phenomenon. With regard to the La Pampa incident, and the Gimenez family’s story, she remarks that “mutilations occur all the time, throughout the country,” explaining that “not only the discoveries are involved: there are strange episodes before and after the animal attacks.”

“For example, we’ve recorded episodes of cattle attacks which also left hens in the area sterile, unable to lay eggs, within the framework of biological consequences that probably share the same origin,” notes Simondini. She also commented about the case involving “a rooster in Misiones that had to be put down in the area where the mass sheep mutilation occurred, due to its abrupt change of behavior.”

The La Pampa incident is associated with many episodes. In the locality of Colonia Elia in Entre Rios, in 2004, the creature was also seen by witness, in this case the son of the owners of an industrial chicken farm. He fired four times at the entity, but never managed to wound it. We carried out in-depth field work in the area, and we even found hairs in a trap that the family had placed to catch the entity.” As part of the report created around the event, the protagonist made a drawing which highlighted the “visitor’s” main characteristics.

(Translation (c) 2010 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planet UFO)

Argentina: Basketball Star Sees UFO

Source: El Nuevo Diario
Date: 12.05.10

Argentina: Manu Ginobili Came Across a UFO and Recorded It

“I thought I saw a plane in flames” was the first thing he said, unwilling to talk about aliens.

The strange phenomenon caught him while relaxing with a friend. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing up in the sky and in full view of everyone.

“I think I’ve just seen an airplane in flames plummeting! Unless I’m still asleep and its just a dream,” wrote Manu Ginobili in his Twitter account. A considerable number of his followers thought he was either joking or tipsy. But a day later he confirmed his remarks: “What did I see last night? Was there any news about it anywhere?”

From his home in San Antonio, the basketball player was startled by a strange phenomenon that could not be explained up to now: Right before his eyes he saw what could have been a UFO, an airplane catching the rays of the sun, or a meteorological phenomenon. Prompted by his Twitter followers, and because what he’d seen did not appear in the media, he decided to publish a low-quality recording showing part of what he thought was a stricken aircraft.

“Someone who saw it with me recorded it in poor quality, but it’s a recording. It isn’t HD, but that’s what we’ve got. The “fire” can be seen in the background,” he tweeted. We will have to wait for ufologists and specialists in the paranormal to analyze the images and find out what took Manu by surprise.


(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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Chile: The Pelluco CE-2 (1965) Revisited

Chile: The Pelluco Case (1965) Revisited
By Raul Núñez – IIEE

Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU

Among Chile’s most outstanding UFO cases we find the one dubbed “The Pelluco UFO” by the communications media. Much like life itself, world ufology undergoes many twists and turns: enormous hoaxes are unveiled in some cases, and new details and information emerge in others. These are essential for researchers and followers of this discipline, since they form part of the background of anyone interested in the subject, and enable the correction of existing files.

This, then, is the case known as “The Pelluco UFO” and on this occasion we shall allude to the excellent first-hand information provided by an authority of those days, who conducted on-site researcher in that bygone year of 1965. We are referring to Raul Gajardo Leopold, who held the rank of major with the Carabineros, and kindly gave us his opinion and hitherto unknown details that emerge to light four decades after the event took place.

For purposes of fidelity with Major Gajardo’s statements, we present a verbatim transcript of the private instrument in our possession. It reads thus:

The Pelluco Case, as this UFO incident is known, belongs to what is known as the “Great 1965 UFO Wave”, which ran from 18 June to 2 August 1965, as defined by authors Manuel Saenz and Willy Wolf in their book Los Sin Nombre (The Nameless Ones), now in its 5th edition, due to the interest it created in Chile. It was the first book of its kind in this country.

Today, after so many years, the case remains strong to those who experienced it so closely due to some unpublished details which I will make known. This “great wave” included UFO sightings in five Antarctic bases belonging to various countries, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Chile (Norte Grande), Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Puerto Montt (Pelluco) and Oklahoma, USA.

The studies performed enable us to deduce that the UFOs were moving northward on a day-to-day basis, having the South Pole as their point of dispersal. A point of entry for these spacecraft, avoiding the hazardous Van Allen radiation belts around the Earth, being perpendicular to the tropics. Only the poles are free of this radiation.

At the time of the Pelluco Case, I was already a lieutenant in the Carabineros (state police) at Puerto Montt, and my customary services included alcohol checks. Two weeks before July 30, 1965, that is to say, the date that concerns us, I was engaged in this task at the 2nd Commissariat at 00:30 hours. It was informed by the subofficer on duty that there had been a report of “strange lights in the sky” in the Pelluco sector. I was superficially aware of this phenomenon, as was customary in those years. I took this report mainly as an emergency and grabbed a machine gun, taking eight Carabineros with me who had just returned from their shift, but those were the only available men at the time.

Fifteen minutes, we reached the Pelluco sector, a tourist inlet some 4 kilometers distant, and found the home where the call for help had been made. They welcomed us excitedly, hugging us, as the fear or panic they’d experienced had been considerable. Brokenly, they told us that around 22:30 hours, “three immense lights” like car headlights had appeared over their house at no more than 100 meters overhead. They alternately grew larger and smaller, approaching and flying away from the house. This activity persisted for several minutes, and the enormous luminous objects flew away toward Piedra Azul in the north, following the coastline.

These preliminaries prompted us patrol the coastal road, which was in poor repair. We came across other local residents who had also endured the siege by the luminous objects, which gave off a bright white radiance before losing themselves toward the sea as they gained altitude. We subsequently returned to the base, having completed our mission.

A personal note follows: While we were on the truck heading off to the case, carrying an automatic weapon, I asked myself: “And we’re going to fight off aliens with this?”
Thirty-seven years have gone by since that experience and I have never forgotten the feeling of helplessness that overcame me in facing such a contingency.

And now to the incident that concerns us. I learned of it the next day, as the story spread throughout all of Puerto Montt at the same time, given its spectacular nature.

On the evening of July 29, a wake was being held for lovely Carolina Proschle, 16, who had died in a traffic accident. Some seventy people were gathered in the home of this well-known and distinguished family. Suddenly, the respectful murmurs of the participants was interrupted by a loud noise, like a nearby explosion, at 04:20 hours. Everyone rushed to the windows to part the curtains. The outside light “slid” off the glass without penetrating the interior. Curiosity overcame both fear and prudence, and people went out to the rear patio. Behind some tall trees some 300 meters to the east, they witness the descent of an immense mass of “throbbing” violet light.

Many people ran off boldly to see what was going on. Several held back on the rough rural trails, but approximately twenty came within 40 meters of the luminous phenomenon. I was subsequently able to speak to four of these brave witnesses, who included public utility directors and a retired colonel of the Carabineros. All of them were completely serious and reliable.

The minutes went by slowly, but no more than six minutes went by until there was another loud noise, but not quite as powerful as the first one. The oval-shaped mass of light began rising very slowly, tipping forward first, then backward. To everyone’s astonishment, it took off in a straight line to infinity at an indescribable, unimaginable speed. According to eyewitness reports, due to the intense light given off by the object, it was impossible to determine in shape, much less the details of its structure.

At daybreak, those present at the wake became aware of what had happened on the ground. The were able to ascertain that where the object had landed, there was now an immense clearing among the brambles. A surface area measuring sixty meters in diameter and one meter deep was now missing. Where had the dirt gone?

Tree roots and irregular borders were in evidence. No burned vegetation was found. Something tremendously powerful sucked up the soil in the landing area in a very even manner.

I was there. This was the event that set me off on my task as an amateur UFO researcher.

The Intendancy arranged to have a public agency conduct an investigation and submit a report on the case. Its conclusion: “Soil subsidence due to excess moisture.”

It should be remembered that 1965 was a very dry year, heralding the great drought of 1966. Despite clear evidence and the abundance of witnesses, the event was officially covered up. Such a report, with the prevailing prejudices of the time, is understandable. But the presence of hundreds of curiosity-seekers who visited the site that day and on subsequent days, destroying any remaining evidence with their footsteps, was unforgivable for any possible future scientific research.

But not all evidence was lost. A little over a week after the incident, a U.S. scientific commission visited the landing sight. Later on, I would learn through a book whose title I no longer recall, they determined that the small bottom roots were intact in their upper section and were not carried off by the UFO, as they remain tightly rooted to the ground. In other words, the surrounding soil was detached without effort, rising weightlessly, attached to the bottom of the UFO. This confirmed once more the theory that UFOs can create an antigravity field around them, as many ufologists have established after analyzing numerous incidents like this.

The Pelluco case is a classic one, and will neither be forgotten nor debunked as the years go by.

(Signed) Raul Gajardo Leopold – 20 May 1998

This verbatim report by researcher Raul Gajardo Leopold contains some valuable attachments for future study, such as the only known photo of the great hole of Pelluco. All others vanished. The caption reads: “Where are the tons of soil extracted from the locality of Pelluco?”

This Chilean policeman claims that he returned to the site the next day, as it was his day off. He was able to enter the large hole without any hesitation. He spoke to many witnesses and local residents and found no contradictions. He only regrets lacking investigative expertise, as he would have compiled a list of names and persons who were close to the event, and he would not have stepped into the hole itself, and would have taken soil samples and taken many photographs. The non-existence of research groups in Chile at the time is the best example of how this case was treated.

Moreover, Gajardo has tried to find photos of the time in the archives of the El Llanquihue newspaper, but the images were removed. Nothing was found in the archives except for an internationally-known image, showing some children wearing white aprons within the soil depression itself.

His investigation has confirmed that the photos were taken by personnel from the American laboratory that visited the area, meeting the same fate as many photos and other evidence from small countries lacking research infrastructure. Possible samples are taken away by foreign powers for subsequent analysis, and the material is never returned to the country of origin. The reader will recall the Paihuano Case in La Serena, Chile, where the “black hand” of silence was also at work. Oddly enough, CEFAA (Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), a dependency of the Chilean Air Force in one way or another, did not dispatch any members of its organization to look into the case, despite the social unrest over the collision of a large object on the summit of the Las Mollacas mountain. CEFAA tried to save the day by providing explanations overseas, but in fact, it was the El Tololo Astronomical Observatory that took the initiative and issued all statements on the situation. Concerns regarding the Observatory’s behavior were voiced at once, especially since its funding comes largely from the U.S.

Anyone reading the foregoing will logically conclude that the Pelluco Case was a wasted opportunity, as these seldom occur. The phenomenon itself has evolved, and this is how the research conducted by Gajardo has led him to envision the fact that in 1965, the UFO phenomenon was a distant and strange one.

[UFO] cases came about very late in Chile, and the Chilean press covered only a few of them. Nowadays, the phenomenon is much more frequent and common. It can be said that it has come closer to populated areas, with waves occurring on their outskirts, as has occurred every year since 1999, when the Angol Incident transpired. Gajardo is bold enough to say that the phenomenon is “predictable” if a field researcher engages in constant and continuous work. Logically, an “intellectual” researcher, says Gajardo, “who is satisfied with the Internet, purchased videos and many books, cannot reach the same conclusions that I am providing after many hours of looking at the night sky.”

Setting aside the enthusiasm and cases collected by Gajardo in the Southern Cone, when we consult our own files, we see that enormous hollows of missing soil were reported in Europe in those years, allegedly removed by UFOs. One of the cases that best coincides with the Pelluco affair occurred in the French village of Poncey-Sur-L’Ignon.

This town of 140 residents suffered the experience of having a chunk of soil sucked up by “something” unexplained. The events occurred in October 1954 on a surface measuring 1.50 meters (...). The soil was missing after a sighting by a Mme. Fourneret. Her statement to researchers was as follows: “It was around 8 p.m. and night had fallen. I head toward the windows to close the bolsters and suddenly, as I glanced outside, I saw that thing. Some twenty meters away from the house, in a meadow belonging to Msr. Gazet, there was a luminous body swinging softly in the air to the right of a cherry tree, as though readying itself to land. As far as I could tell, the body was more or less three meters in diameter and was elongated, horizontal and orange-hued. Its light cast a weak glow on the tree’s branches and leaves. Frightened, I grabbed my son and sought shelter in Mme. Bouiller’s home, and we shut the door carefully. At that moment, Messrs. Girardot and Vicent arrived. Seeing our fear, they asked what was going on. When we told them, the grabbed their rifles and ran out to the meadow. There was nothing there. But when the examined the soil, they found a fresh print. This proved that what I saw wasn’t a dream.”


The fact of the matter is that all cases, no mater how solid they may seem, have their detractors. Raul Gajardo Leopold experienced these events first-hand and they marked the rest of his life, proof that the so-called UFO phenomenon leaves its mark not only on the ground, but also left a subtle print in the soul of this constant and enthusiastic UFO researcher.

The indentation is so large that new generations consider the case indisputable, but since life always has two faces, Chilean skeptics have also cast doubt on the case, and although it is a fact that the opposing team must fight as hard as it can, I believe that it is only fair to hear and discern the Pelluco events with an open mind.

The “Ufología en Chile” dossier, written by young journalist Diego Zúñiga, published in Spain by Cuadernos de Ufologia, compiles the information and makes a very interesting social analysis of the UFO phenomenon in Chile. We agree in many respects, but the truth does does not belong to anyone, and the best tool with which to investigate these cases in humility, applying objectivity to the fullest extent possible, especially where the UFO phenomenon is concerned, as it becomes more abstract and inexplicable. Furthermore, events of this sort mandate an essential on-site investigation to draw responsible and coherent answers. But who engages in field research these days? Anything else is akin to “phone sex” – the essential sensations are lost with out direct, real-time contact.

For the Pelluco Case, all we have left from those times are Gajardo’s direct impressions, and logically, his position of authority in the area confirms his initial impression of the facts. These impressions were up to now unpublished, and I thank him for his cooperation and trust. Unfortunately, time has erased the Pelluco imprints. Its witnesses are nearly impossible to find, and the photos vanished...has anyone else followed this case closely, just to find out what really happened on the night of a 16-year-old girl’s wake?

Another pending task for Chilean ufology, along with many others that have become lost in time.

Los misteriosos platillos volantes (author: Aimé Michel)
Los sin nombre (Manuel Sáenz and Willy Wolf)
Cuadernos de Ufología Nº 28 3ª Época 2002
Documentación provided by Raúl Gajardo Leopold
(personal correspondence and conversations)

Chile: An Pyrokinetic Outbreak in Melipilla

Source: Actas De Grimorio (Chile)
Date: December 3, 2010

Chile: Strange Fires in Melipilla

[Inexplicata readers will recall news items from the very early ‘00s regarding bizarre fires in Chile, mostly associated with haunted houses. These pyrokinetic incidents are ongoing, as we can see from this recent story. – SC]

MELIPILLA – Residents of a house in the locality of Chiñigue are completely dumbfounded by the strange events associated with pyrokinesis, that is to say, when objects inexplicably burn without any apparent cause.

According to the website, the events kicked off on the weekend of the national holidays, when several fires broke out on various items of furniture within the home: a dresser, an armchair, a mattress and other items. This prompted a response by the Pomaire fire brigade; after the corresponding investigations, no conclusion has been reached in an effort to ascertain the root causes of the phenomenon.

One of the most recent incidents, recorded only a few days ago, took place when a group of municipal officials visited the site to deliver materials. While speaking to the house’s occupants, a room became filled with smoke, arising from the sudden combustion of a wallet lying on a dresser, which was also damaged by the blaze.

The officials could not believe their eyes, as they could not explain how the wallet caught fire. It contained documents, cash and personal items that could not trigger a fire.

Unexplained fires have also affected other homes neighboring the initial site, causing greater distress among local residents.

Despite the fact that this family’s identity – a couple and their 10-year-old daughter -- is being kept confidential – the case is gradually becoming the subject of public discussion. Meanwhile, a more exhaustive investigation is being carried out by a specialized organization.

According to Wikipedia, pyrokinesis literally means “movement of fire”, alluding to the alleged capability to create and manipulate fire using the mind. Its manifestation is mainly ascribed to the performance of mental concentration exercises, although it is believed that unconscious mental activity during altered emotional states – such as depression or other psychopathological disorders – can bring it about.

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Actas de Grimorio)

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Argentina: A CE-3 in Tandil?

Source: El Quinto Hombre
Date: 12.02.10

Argentina: The Tandil Humanoids
By Marcelo Eremian

A luminous humanoid appeared in Tandil, Argentina – a unique case with many preliminaries in the region.

Tandil is located in southeastern Buenos Aires Province along the Tandilia mountain range. Over a number of decades, the area has been one of importance for the nation’s UFO activity, and is relatively near Mar del Plata, toward the marine littoral, which is also a UFO area, and near Olavarria, one of the most important locations for sightings of humanoid entities for many decades.

A recent encounter published in a Buenos Aires newspaper in October 2010 records the manifestation of tall humanoid beings in downtown Olavarria.

The Encounter

The initial idea centered around a planned outdoors weekend in Tandil, where a group of friends and cousins of mine got together. I was included in the group with my friend Ezequiel B. As it was now past midnight on a Saturday, we were walking along the road with Ezequiel when he thought he saw a bright light toward the left, up along the ridges. I was unable to see it.

Suddenly, about 150 meters away from us, on the soil of the mountains, we both saw a light which we at first took as a campfire. What caught our attention was that it didn’t cast any light in the surrounding area, because a campfire in the ranges and in the middle of the night should cast light. It was an initial odd observation. A further consideration is that we thought we could see a source of light as though seen through an x-ray – an opaque light, with its luminosity both concentrated and controlled within the same source of light.

Observing this strange phenomenon for some 3 or 4 minutes, we got closer and ascertained that the “campfire” was humanoid in shape. At that point we got to see the legs, arms, torso and head of a tall, stylized silhouette wearing a luminous suit that blinked intermittently all the time, turning on and off constantly (emphasis in the original)

Coming even closer, we noticed that the strange figure’s entire posture and behavior showed that it was intent on finding something on the ground, with its head tilted forward and its body completely rigid, arms outstretched downward along the sides of its torso. It walked in a systematic, “robotic” fashion, taking 3 or 4 steps before spinning on its own axis. It would take three or four steps toward where it had commenced its search. Without question, it was looking for something with a great deal of interest and concentration.

Regarding this being, its “luminous outfit” was worth noting for its strangeness. It looked like a coverall, but form-fitting rather than bulky. It also appeared to have a belt with a light in the middle, and something akin to a “transparent helmet”, fishbowl-type, covered its head. There was a small light in the middle of its face. Its height was greater than mine, and I’m 179 centimeters tall. We used a nearby tree in making this calculation.

Minutes later, Ezequiel made a clicking sound and the being instantly turned its head from the location it was staring at. It turned to look at us, observing us. Affected by the creature’s reaction, a shocked Ezequiel began repeating: “It’s not human, it’s not human! It’s not human!”

We headed back toward the cabin in which we were lodging at a running pace. I stayed behind only a few seconds, watching the “being” face to face, as we could look at each other mutually. Suddenly, the being began to ascend the mountain range, either by levitating or floating. I, too, broke into a run, following Ezequiel.

At a given moment, Ezequiel, utterly shocked by the experience, turned around to say that the creature was following us. This I could not corroborate, as I didn’t turn around. I kept to my path until the cabin was within reach.


I should make it clear that my friend Ezequiel has been a Jehovah’s Witness since childhood and his beliefs do not allow for UFOs, tall luminous beings or any considerations of extraterrestrial life. In fact, I always bore the brunt of his skepticism toward all of these realities, including the paranormal.

As a final curious detail, I should note that only minutes prior to this observation, it seemed that everything had gone quiet in our surroundings, as nothing could be heard. No nature sounds, or the sounds typical of an evening in the mountains, such as the crackling of leaves, birds in the treetops, nothing. The wind had died down, no cars went by. It could be said that a very “special” atmosphere surrounded us.


After several more visits to Tandil, I began interviewing people. I modestly began gathering information with eyewitness accounts, read books and publications, and consequently compiled several preliminaries:

· In 1950, the stunned residents of Tandil reported numerous anomalous sightings in the sky and surprising encounters with humanoids at any time of day and place.
· In September 1958, a child reported seeing a cylindrical object and its diminutive occupant, unmindful of the human witness.
· In April 1974, two men traveling along Tandil’s Route 226 toward Olavarria found a being looking downward at the edge of the road, as though inspecting the grass. The being was of average height, had short legs and an elongated head, encased in a “phosphorescent” metallic suit. Frightened, the driver kept going after the sighting. Ten kilometers ahead, they came across a very powerful source of light that cast its glow over them in a very specific manner.
· In April 1974, several people were camping in the municipal campground and suffered a rather traumatic experience, resulting from the “surprising” descent of two strange beings from the mountains.
· In June 1974, Mr. O. Poli and two co-workers reported coming across a strange, helmeted being in the vicinity of the rail station.

Later, in the 80s and 90s, there were reports of encounters with streamlined beings wearing “strange luminous outfits and helmets over their heads” and which “appeared of nowhere, in the words of multiple witnesses. It also happened that the witnesses were able to observe these creatures surveying the surface, or any part of it, “fully immersed in their task.”

It should be noted that there was a constant present of UFOs and nocturnal lights in these “close encounters” in the mountains surrounding Tandil - sightings that continue to this very day with a considerable “paranormal intensity”, as Professor Zerpa would say. His excellent research team also analyzed a series of photos I managed to take in 2009, showing the presence of strange vehicles in the skies over the hills in broad daylight.

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Mexico: Tubular UFO?

Contributing editor Prof. Ana Luisa Cid has sent us a photo taken by Christopher Rodriguez, showing an elongated, luminous structure over Mexican skies in October 2009. Mr. Rodriguez, skeptical of the subject, was informed by his grandmother of the object's presence, which she detected as she hung clothes to dry on the roof. Rodríguez was able to record it for over 20 minutes with a Sony TRV 351 camera.

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