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UFO Matrix Magazine Issue #4

UFO MATRIX #4 packs a wallop this time around, kicking off with a feature on ancient astronauts (a subject near and dear to INEXPLICATA contributors, by the way), Paola Harris on the 1945 San Antonio UFO Crash, a new Rendlesham UFO and other items of interest. Our own ORBIS TERTIUS column is has been "beamed over" to Issue #5 with a survey of Latin American UFO cases. Please support UFO Matrix!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Argentina: A Swimming Pool Drained Dry

It never fails. The minute we went to print with article on "the missing water enigma", the water thieves struck again in Argentina. Synchronicity? Perhaps. But the story of the latest event is best told by UFO photographer and researcher Martha Nuñez in her own article for the "Estás en Posse" website .

Argentina: Swimming Pool Drained Dry in Justiniano Posse
By Martha Núñez

Residents of Justiniano Posse are dumbfounded by the report that a swimming pool was found dry in less than a day.

This was the case involving Lilo Garcia, owner of the Hotel Maykel, who informed local media of what happened in this back yard.

"When Lucio Ciotti when to clean the pool, he found there was no water. He called me and said: What did you do? There's no water in the pool!" I replied: "Yeah, right - there's no water." He said: "No, no, come on over" and well, I went was dry! There wasn't a drop of water. You could look around and there was no water. I don't understand, because when we drain the pool to clean it, such an amount of water takes a day and a half to drain. We flood the patio and the water runs down the street all the way down to the canal. But this time there was nothing! Not a single drop of water anywhere around."

Lucio Ciotti, responsible for the pool's maintenance, inspected it, swept it and ascertained that it wasn't split, and there were no cracks.

We're talking about a 60,000 liter swimming pool, relieved of water from one day to the next. Filling it requires six trucks, so anyone stealing the water would need at least 5 trucks, and would take at half a day to do the job, as a minimum, since there was no water splashed outside the pool. No trace of moisture whatsoever.

"If they'd dumped it on the patio or anywhere nearby, there would be a pond! I don't understand. The pool was dry enough to paint it. We laughed with Lucio and couldn't understand what was happening," Lilo remarked.

García says that the pool has no cracks, as he has filled it once more and the water has not leaked away. "I have no opinion! This is a mystery for history to resolve," says the owner of the Hotel Maykel.

Believe it or not, the 60,000 liters are gone, nobody saw anything, the patio is dry and there is no sign of trucks circulating anywhere in the vicinity.

So...who took the water?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Argentina: Strange Object in Carlos Tejedor

Source: Diario Noticias Pehuajo (Argentina)
Date: January 28, 2011

Argentina: Strange Activity in Carlos Tejedor

A well-known couple that operates a mechanic shop in the city described the strange manifestation of a glowing object over a country home in the Colonia del Toro area. The object was also seen on a photograph. From that point onward, upon inspecting previous photos, they noticed that the object appears to be patrolling the area for some time now. At night, it is possible to see very bright lights – red, green, blue and something like a fireball. The wife suffered experienced strong bodily tremors and a fever that faded away over a few hours. Some time ago, the woman and her two children even passed out, without any medical explanation being found. They now suspect that the phenomenon could be the cause, although she does not know how to go about researching it at the time. Other locals have also seen strange lights and fireballs.

Pedro Parera and María Rosa Velázquez and their children constitute a family of workers in [the town of] Carlos Tejedor. Both work day-to-day in their mechanic shop and spend weekends in a country property they own some 25 km from the city at Colonia del Toro. Their work is hardly over: there is painting to be done, grass to be mowed, repairs to be made – all of which delights the family. But something happened last weekend that changed everything for them.

María Rosa, a photography buff, does not waste any time in taking pictures, and she snaps away at her little digital camera, capturing every moment. It was in one of these photos of a growing soybean field, with the house visible in the distance, that she noticed something odd over the structure. Zooming in on her PC screen, she ascertained the presence of a shining object. Golden, resembling a bell, and of considerable size.

The strangeness quotient increased upon inspecting other photos. The object was visible in nearly all images taken in the same direction.

Not satisfied by this, María Rosa decided to look at pictures taken six months ago and even one year ago, and her astonishment was boundless: the object was always there.

At Night

Intrigue won out in the end, and after a conversation with a local engineer who told her that he’d seen something like a fireball – a story similar to one told by a fumigator, and other locals, who were unsure about the truthfulness of her story – she decided to return to field with her husband Pedro at night.

Her astonishment could not be measured, according to the report made to NOTICIAS at our newsroom last Tuesday, when they wanted the entire region to know what was going on. “There were very bright lights, green, red and blue. I took pictures of them, even though I was afraid. There was even one that turned into a true fireball and went away...”

María Rosa states that they were about to have dinner, but upon returning to the table, after taking as many pics of the lights as she could, until the fireball erupted, she felt a sensation of intense cold. “A very strange sensation, I don’t know how to explain it. I shivered. We went back and I had to cover myself with several blankets. I had a fever. But I was fine the next day,” she says, looking for an answer.

Everyone’s Sick

Today she connects this event with another that she and her children experienced last year, when she felt very ill one night and the boys woke up screaming, frightened, before fainting one after the other. This prompted the couple to return urgently to the city, with Pedro driving his family to the hospital. No abnormal health conditions were detected.

“Now, after what happened to me that night, I wonder if it was the same thing that made us feel so sick. I would like to go back to see if this is the case,” she says, her feelings an admixture of wonderment and astonishment, and fear about something she cannot explain.

Calls for an Investigation

Meanwhile, Pedro looks and listens, offering control and calm. Maria Rosa states that she “would like to have a large photo camera, to take higher-definition photos of all this, and to have someone tell us what it is, what it does, and why it’s there.”

Half-humorously, she adds: “The evidently “live” there, because they’re always there, they appear in nearly all photos. It’s a shame they won’t volunteer with the chores. Last week we mowed the grass, painted, made repairs, worked all day, but they didn’t offer much least none we could see.”

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Colombia: Diario del Huila's Alleged UFO Shots

Photographs appearing in Colombia's Diario del Huila on January 25, 2011, reportedly showing one of the mysterious vehicles attracted by the volcanic summit of Nevado del Huila. Photo credit: Ricardo Copia.

Colombia: UFO Responsible for Killing 2000 Fish?

Source: Panorama Diario (Colombia)
Date: 01.26.2011

Colombia: Death of 2000 Fish Blamed on UFO

BOGOTA – Residents of a community northeast of Colombia claim that 2000 fish have turned up dead since last week, following last week’s appearance of a strange, flashing object seen briefly over a local swamp.

The incident occurred at the village of El Llanito in the jurisdiction of the city of Barrancabermeja. Residents saw a flying object in the skies last Friday, according to local media.

Shortly afterward, dead fish were found floating in the swamp, but unlike other similar cases ascribed to the lack of oxygen, residents of El Llanito are startled by the fact that fish display burn marks on their scales.

According to Magaly Gutiérrez, director of a community organization, the phenomenon lasted some 20 seconds and was seen by many.

The RCN radio network pointed out that residents of the neighboring village of Puente Sogamoso, in the jurisdiction of Puerto Wilches, claimed seeing a round object flying “sideways” on the same day that the fish deaths at El Llanito occurred.

Juan Tercero, president of the Asociación de Acuicultores y Pescadores de El Llanito, said that the dead fish present burn marks and began floating since the “strange light was seen in the swamp” according to statements appearing in Bucaramanga’s Vanguardia Liberal newspaper.

Environmental authorities from Barrancabermeja visited the swamp to collect samples that will hopefully reveal the causes for the fish deaths, according to RCN.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colombia: UFO Sighting at Nevado del Huila

Source: Diario del Huila - Colombia
Date: 01.25.11

Colombia: UFOs Seen near Nevado del Huila Volcano

Unidentified Flying Objects have apparently been seen near the Nevado del Huila volcano, in the municipalities bordering the Cauca and Opita territory.

This information was made known by residents of the region, who are in possession of photographs and videos of what could be the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

The strange images or sightings, as they are called, recorded in recent weeks from the end of 2010 to the present, are apparently not the first, according to Ricardo Ayerbe, a "Huilense" expert in the subject, who says these episodes have repeated for more than a decade.

"Sightings of the unidentified flying objects known as UFOs (sic) have been recorded for some years now, and there are photographs that clearly show objects plowing the skies, particularly near the Nevado del Huila, and some municipalities bordering the Huila and Cauca, such as Belalcazar, Sebastián de Belalcazar and other communities," said Ayerbe, a researcher of the phenomenon. He explained that while the events are under investigation, he believes that the alleged alien beings have some kind of interest in the geological area, which is currently at a Yellow Alert 3 level, and the volcanic activity is trending toward reduction.

The state of alarm in the area, which began last year, is due to the reactivation of some volcanoes in the central Cordillera, such as Nevado del Huila, according to followers of the UFO subject.” It is very likely that these sightings are related to these geological events over the past months. At this time there have been sightings in high-risk areas, because they apparently have an interest in monitoring these hazards facing humanity, surely with the aim of intervening and saving the species from certain danger," Ayerbe noted.

The alleged Unidentified Flying Objects seen by residents of the Huila and Cauca border region have special characteristics in their movement, such as high speeds, making no noise whatsoever, and making themselves visible and invisible at will.

(Translation (c) 2011 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Mexico: A Blue UFO over MCIA

Date: 01.24.11

Mexico: Blue UFO over MCIA
A report from Alfonso Salazar

On the evening of January 5, 2011, the staff at MCIA (Mexico City International Airport) reported an unidentified flying object emitting an intense blue light.

The time was 21:40 hours when they saw that the UFO was flying at the same elevation as the air corridors (approximately 12,000 meters).

Aviation mechanic Hector Borja, along with supervisor Alberto Manzano, described the strange object's fly-over in these terms:"It traveled at a speed similar to that of an airliner, but did not have the three navigation lights (red, green and white). It flew from east to west over the airport and took some 10 minutes to vanish from sight. It was a clear, cloudless night."

Both witnesses are aviation professionals with over 20 years' experience.

This report is added to others that occurred in late 2010.

On December 29, 2010, qualified personnel at the Cancun Airport (Quintana Roo) saw a strange, luminous object resembling a discotheque light array stand over the airport before flying off to sea.

On December 30, 2010, duty personnel at the Toluca Airport noticed a flying object that emitted a light with a bluish tinge. The object later stood still, and after a few moments continued its trajectory before losing itself from view in the stars. Likewise, other viewers in the aforementioned airport saw two fireballs dropping from above onto property within the Toluca Airport. According to their description, the fireballs appeared to fight each other before falling into the airport's terrain (I will endeavor to find out where the fell, as this is Federal property and official permission is required to move within it).

(Translation (c) 2011. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Puerto Rico: UFOs over Cabo Rojo and Lajas

A report from contributing editor José A. Martinez (Enfoque X)

Several Objects seen in the Skies of Cabo Rojo and Lajas
By José A. Martínez

Several of us got together in the vicinity of La Parguera in Lajas, Puerto Rico, on the island's tourist southern shore and one of the most important locations for sightings of objects emerging from the sea. But on that night we moved from this point to another and headed toward Laguna Cartagena, a location known for many manifestations of objects of this time. We spent the night there, but the first sighting occurred at 7:40 pm. The witnesses included this author, Luiseppi Quinones and Mrs. Wanda I. Velez. Before the sighting took place, I saw a flash that reflected itself on passing cars. I tried to ascertain its origin and found that it could have originated at the nearby cell phone towers, and the flash of its lights was strong enough to reach the cars.

But it wasn't the antenna. It was something far more powerful in the sky that was emitting those flashes. When we located the source of light, the source stopped issuing flashes. That's when I turned on my camcorder and tried to scan the quadrant where the flash came from. But the object dimmed and we all entertained the possibility that it could have been hiding in the sky, with its lights darkened.

I made the mistake of turning off the camcorder: within seconds, the object lit up again, and flew toward Salinas de Cabo Rojo at breathtaking speed, leaving an incandescent wake that dissipated in a few seconds. A curious note: when it appeared for the last time, lighting up and flying off toward Salinas, the dogs from nearby residences began howling. I don't know if it was due to the object suddenly lighting up and flying off, but the dogs were affected by some sound inaudible to humans, and it probably disturbed the animals' hearing. The dogs subsequently calmed down and stopped howling.

A second sighting involving another object occured 45 minutes later, as it headed toward Salinas de Cabo Rojo, as if emerging from the sea. It rose and I was able to capture it on video. The object crossed the skies of Cabo Rojo and reached Lajas, continuing its flight to Monte del Estado (Maricao State Forest) where the TV, radio and police repeaters are located.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spain: The Defunct Spanish Society for Cryptozoology

Source: Criptozoologia en España
Date: January 15, 2011

The Defunct Spanish Society for Cryptozoology
By Javier Resines

The Sociedad Española de Criptozoología was born on a day like this:

It was created in Valencia on 15 January 2003 in Valencia. SEC was the first serious effort at creating a national-level organization aimed at concentrating researchers interested in this discipline.

The Society's goal was to popularize the study of mystery animals in a truthful and entertaining manner, seeking to promote cryptozoological research from a strictly scientific perspective, and with the hope of turning its website into the mandatory place of reference for all parties intereste in the subject.

The SEC's Board of Governors was captained by two renowned researchers: zoologist Carlos Bonet and journalist Angel Morant, along with Vicente J. Marin, acting as treasurer, and Jose Vicente Morant and Jaime Garcia, acting as boardmembers.

The roster was rounded off with three prestigious Scientific Advisors who further burnished the organization's core membership. We are referring to French biochemist and cryptozoologist Michel Reynal, Director of the Institut Virtuel de Cryptozoologie; paleontologist Alberto Prieto of the University of Talahassee, Florida; and Francois de Sarre, the Franco-German icthyologist, director of CERBI - Centro de Estudios de Bipedia Inicial.

It was thus, with a scant initial budget of twelve hundred Euros, that this pioneering association took its first steps in the world, disseminating numerous articles and documents of all kinds, mainly through its website.

This tool turned into the SEC's means of keeping in touch with its enthusiastic followers until without any warning (and for unknown reasons, at least to us), the website ceased to be updated and eventually vanished.

All traces of the Sociedad also vanished, departing noiselessly only a few years after its birth. This disappearance deprived us of what could have been a great opportunity to promote Cryptozoology's growth within our borders.

Maybe some other time...

(Translation (c) 2011 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Criptozoolgía en España)

Spain: Cryptozoology and Tourism

Source: Criptozoología en España
Date: January 11, 2011

Cryptozoology and Tourism
By Javier Resines

Cryptozoology seems to remain a good PR tool for attracting tourists. This, at least, appears to be the belief espoused byt the parties responsible for the Government of Navarre's new promotional campaign.

The Department of Culture and Tourism will display its new promotional ideas as from tomorrow, January 19th at FITUR (Feria Internacional del Turismo). Up to January 23, 2011, the IFEMA Fairgrounds in Madrid shall feature the stand created by the Reyno de Navarra for such an occasion, adorned with posters and images designed by the Kukuxumusu conceptual art and design studio.

Thus, among other popular characters, the Yeti will be the star of this campaing, which under the heading "Te quedarás" (a play of words between "you'll stay" and the slang term for "you'll have fun") provides a fun and innovative concept, basing itself on the surprise and appeal fostered among the public by the image of the not-so abominable snowman.

This isn't the first time that Kukumuxusu has employed the popular creature in one of its creations. Earlier, a kindly and enviro-friendly "YetiYak" (half Yeti, half Yak) was employed to ilustrate its well-known clothing line.

(Translation (c) 2011 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Criptozoología en España)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dr. Anthony Choy on the Peruvian "Mothership"

Mexican UFO researcher Yohanan Díaz has posted a video to YouTube featuring an interview with Peruvian UFO researcher Dr. Anthony Choy regarding the fascinating circumstances that led to the misidentification of the strange Peruvian light recorded from Barrios Altos, Lima. We have taken the liberty to transcribe the following from the recording, which can be seen at:

Says Dr. Anthony Choy: "The images were very, very compelling, and you've surely had a chance to see them. What we did was to be a little bit more cautious, due to the experience of having been in the field for some years now, and what we did was to visit the site of the events, and the Julia Gutierrez family. Julia Gutierrez was the one who recorded[the event] as I was telling you, from the center of Lima in Barrios Altos. She recorded the event from a third storey rooftop using a domestic camcorder, pointing at empty space. The object would have been some 20 degrees over the horizon.

"The very first thing we asked the lady was the direction in which she had recorded the UFO. We understood that something had been recorded -- an airplane, a helicopter -- and we consulted with CORPAC, the agency that regulates all commercial air traffic, and they told us that they had not picked up any traffic whatsoever. The air traffic control tower hadn't picked up anything either with in 8 miles, not even on radar. As part of the investigation, we made inquiries from the Direccion General de Aviacion Civil, in charge of regulating permits for balloons, aerostats, zeppelins for sporting and promotional purposes. They said no, that no permits of the sort had been issued. So as you can imagine, we were running out of hypotheses. We weren't willing to go straight for an ET hypothesis, so we went to the place where the events occurred during the day, which no one had done before. We took photos and asked Mrs. Julia Gutierrez [...] who told us: "Look sir, we recorded it straight ahead, looking forward, from the rooftop (the third floor) of my apartment." We took more photos [...] in an eastward direction. Later, once we were back in the office, we began to examine the photos, and true enough, there was nothing at all toward the east, thus corroborating the possibility that it was indeed a UFO. However, by analyzing the photo -- lightening and darkening it -- or "Photoshopping it", as we say, we came across a very revealing detail.

"We saw that not toward the east, but toward the northeast, there were some hills. Something may turn up here, we said. We superimposed a vidcap over the photograph, and we suddenly realized that where the UFO had been recorded, there were some hills, some low-lying mountains. We then posted to our own Facebook site the possibility that it could be a structure -- a civilian one upon which lights may have been placed. We understood that it could be a stadium, a social club, but that's where the question emerged: who in their right mind would build such a thing on top of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere? Where would they get the electricity, and to what end? Furthermore, if it was a structure that needed power, why would it be turned on for only minutes at a time? 30 minutes, 50 minutes, etcetera. So we resorted to our maps of Lima, the capital city, and to the northeast we found some hills -- Cerros de Campoy - and impoverished area. So without further delay, we took our team to the area, a somewhat dangerous suburb, a favela if you will, but we took our chances and discovered that there was a structure on a hilltop.

"When we got closer, we located an Evangelical church at the foot of the mountain. We knocked on the door and some people opened up. They belonged to the Montaña de la Santidad Divina church, and we asked them if something ahd been built on the hilltop. And they said yes: a 33 meter long Evangelical church with 24 high-powered floodlights. I asked them if they'd built it to look like a hotel and they said no, it's meant to look like Noah's Ark.

"Then all that was left to do was a contrast test, which we did yesterday around 7 pm [...] placing ourselves at a distance of 8 kilometers, directly from Barrios Altos, where the UFO was recorded. We called [the Evangelical church] by cell phone and asked Siervo de Dios -- that's what the church leader called himself - if he could please turn on the lights, and they started turning on the shrine's lights. So before our very eyes, and the lenses of our cameras, a distant UFO emerged. We then asked them to please turn off the lights, and the UFO then vanished."

Peru: The Mothership That Wasn't?

Source: Nuestro Peru
Date: 01.20.11

Peru: The Mothership That Wasn't?

The spectacular image of an elongated, brilliant object in the night sky, videotaped by residents of Barrio Alto in Lima, the Peruvian capital, was not a UFO "mothership" according to some.

A report on Radio Capital, and an entry the Nuestro Peru website, state that the women who excitedly shared their find with the rest of the world were in fact videotaping a structure on a distant hill: a "Noah's Ark"-shaped place of worship being built by an Evangelical congregation.

According to Nuestro Peru: "The object was recorded for half an hour on one day and for 50 minutes the next, but is only the lights of the construction site."

The structure is 33 meters long, state sources.

Any further updates will be posted to INEXPLICATA

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Missing Water Enigma

The Missing Water Enigma
By Scott Corrales (c) 2011

During a segment of the Montel Williams Show that aired in 2004, namely a segment featuring controversial psychic Sylvia Browne, a member of the audience asked the seer if she could provide the answer to a nagging question: One morning she awoke to find that all of the water in her swimming pool was completely gone, with no signs of cracks in the cement or tell-tale puddles of water around the structure. Without missing a beat, Browne replied: “Oh, honey, those were aliens!”

A frivolous subject to some, but a no-nonsense situation to cattle ranchers and property owners in South America. For a very long time, reports have emerged from isolated farms and suburban residences involving the complete and utter absence of water from in-ground pools and large open water tanks for the sort seen on farms. Very rarely do the victims of this “exfiltration” leap to the conclusion that saucer pilots have stopped by for a sip of H2O: conventional explanations have invariably been sought first – leakage by sudden cracks appearing in pools or the seams of water towers, for example. But the liquid vanishes far too quickly – overnight – for this to be a normal occurrence. An average in-ground swimming pool with a ten thousand gallon capacity will require electric pumps and many hours, perhaps even a day, to empty completely, with the inevitable flooding of the grass surrounding the structure. A mammoth water tank holding five times the amount might take days. Yet the disappearances always occur overnight, or in even less time.

The Phenomenon Attracts Attention

In June 2002, as Argentina reeled from a history-making wave of cattle mutilations (casually dismissed by the government as the handiwork of the “red-muzzled mouse”), the Nuevo Día newspaper of the town of Coronel Suárez in the Province of Buenos Aires noted that a new high-strangeness situation had emerged as a corollary of sorts to the gruesome mutilations: “Inexplicable lights, and the disappearance of large volumes of water that cannot be rationally explained.”

The unexplained nocturnal lights – believed to be extraterrestrial craft by some, “witches” by others – were reported frequently during that year’s mutilation wave. Descriptions of these sources of light varied, but they were invariably seen on clear nights with out a hint of stormy weather. Most reports agreed that the lights were white orbs that would turn blue during their high-speed maneuvers, making abrupt starts and stops before whizzing out of sight. Fear of ridicule, and even greater fear of having their lives disrupted by curiosity-seekers, kept eyewitnesses from making more of these experiences known to the media. A witness interviewed by “Nuevo Día” said that the lights’ behavior was so out of the ordinary that her daughter, who now lived in the city, was afraid to come out into the countryside to visit her parents. People were going to bed early and barricading their doors, just in case.

But in April 2002, cattlemen from the town of Salliqueló told reporter Rodolfo Borrego that several thousand liters of water had vanished from their tanques australianos – large open water towers seen in farms throughout Argentina – without the slightest evidence of spillage. A third case had occurred during the mutilation wave. No damage to the tanks was found upon investigation, and any evidence of puddles or waterlogged terrain was absence. “No water was lost – someone came and took water from the place,” noted the journalist.

The village of La Adela, which at the time had the dubious honor of being the location most affected by the cattle mutilation epidemic, had also reported missing water from its water towers. This was perhaps the more mind-bending anomaly to the local ranchers, as the magnitude of the water held in these containers was between twenty and thirty-five thousand liters (5300 and 9300 US gallons respectively) -- oceans of water that would have taken a number of tanker trucks to empty and cart away, and the average tanker truck has a three thousand gallon capacity. In any case, there were few vehicles of this size were to be found in these rural areas.

Nor was the town of Balcarce overlooked by the strange water thieves during this time period. A report from Proyecto Condor ( Two water tanks were relieved of their contents and refilled after a detailed inspection. The report states: “From that moment onward, nothing unusual was reported again, with both [ranchers] jokingly stating that the same thing was happening to the tanks as was occurring with the mutilated cows.”

The same report by Proyecto Condor mentions an interesting side note: “Another remarkable thing that occurred last Sunday and Monday (week of July 28, 2002) was that a lemon tree near [the site] was found completely devoid of leaves. This could have been caused by the wind or a heavy frost, but these causes were discarded upon ascertaining that the remaining trees were intact.” While unrelated to the water disappearances, it is reminiscent of a case mentioned by Spanish ufologist Salvador Freixedo in his book Visionaries, Mystics and Contactees (Illuminet Press, 1992) involving an unidentified object that hovered over a tree, causing it to wilt and shed its leaves within hours.

Perhaps little attention would have been given to the weird disappearances if the phenomenon had not occurred in suburbia as well. The residential outskirts of the communities of Ugarte, Toay, Miguel Riglos and Macachín, among others, began reporting cases of “missing water”, but this time from in-ground swimming pools. On June 23, 2002, the city of Jacinto Arauz – well known to readers of INEXPLICATA as a frequently mentioned area for strange phenomena – reported cattle mutilations and the draining of several water towers. In July, a rancher the wilderness of San Germán in the Province of Buenos Aires found that his water tank, stocked with water the previous day, was completely empty the next. Another farmer had noticed “intense lights” in the sky during that week.

The upshot of the high-strangeness wave of 2002, according to statistics gathered by the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO), included a grand total of eighty instances of “missing water from Australian tanks”, with the city of Goyena, Buenos Aires Province, in the lead with 6 tanks drained of their contents. Stranger still was the case from the community of Buena Vista near the “Pacifico” wilderness, where two large tanks were found drained, were subsequently refilled, and then drained again by mysterious forces. Luis Burgos of the FAO had also noted that cases involving mysterious “ground marks” -- apparently left from above by unknown forces – invariably took place beside small swimming and wading pools. He cited a number of cases, including a 1991 case in Paraná and an earlier one in Yerba Buena (Tucuman Province).

During a presentation at the II Congreso Internacional de Ufologia held in the city of Victoria, Entre Rios in 2009, distinguished researcher Oscar Mendoza presented an in-depth examination of the affinity between unidentified flying objects and water, particularly small bodies of water such as pools, ponds and tanks. He noted that the small, bright lights reported during the 2002 cattle mutilations wave could best be described as drones remotely operated by another craft, with a predilection toward lagoons and estuaries, singling out such locations as the Esteros de Iberá in Corrientes and the Setúbal Lagoon in Santa Fé among other locations.

Mendoza theorizes that the putative “drones” are engaged in sample-collecting missions (a 1960s and ‘70s notion that may sound quaint to us nowadays) but that the still waters of the “Australian tanks”, estuaries and swimming pools, which are perfectly still and unused in the winter months, contain types of algae that may be of interest. Water would be drawn up through the “tractor beams” reported in many cases and subsequently dumped in an unknown location after the algae had been separated. Blue-green algae, particularly spirulina, he theorizes, would be of particular interest to alien visitors for its medicinal and curative properties.

A 2006 Disappearance

But incidents involving the mysterious removals of water did not end with the cattle mutilation wave. In early January 2006, close to twenty thousand liters of water disappeared overnight from a water tower in Cañada de Luque in northern Cordoba Proivnce. The tank’s owner, Domingo Ordóñez, had checked on the water supply the previous day, and could not understand how such a massive loss could have occurred in less than twenty-four hours. No traces of water seepage were found on the tank upon subsequent investigation. Although the prevailing temperature had been in excess of one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, the rate of evaporation could not account for the disappearance of the fluid, particularly when the tank was equipped with a pump device that would re-supply it if the water went below a certain level.

A report provided by the Circulo Ovnilógico Riocuartense (C.O.R.) indicated that barely ten centimeters of water remained in the tank. No traces of disturbed sediment were in evidence and the tank showed no outward signs of humidity. Researchers from the organization canvassed Ordoñez’s neighbors to see if any unusual objects had been seen in the sky the previous evening, but their efforts were in vain.

For the sake of completeness, it should also be mentioned that large glacial lakes in the Andean Cordillera were also drained. This was the case of the Témpanos lake in southern Chile, whose waters disappeared in 2007, leaving icebergs stranded on the rocky lake bottom. Scientists explained that the water had vanished through crevasses. Similar phenomena, however, had not been reported before or since.

The Military Base’s Story

Pachi LaFata, a reporter with Argentina’s Diario Popular, uncovered a missing water case that had been concealed by the military since it took place in November 1999 at 12th Infantry Regiment Base in the city of Santa Fe. The armed forces succeeded in covering up the fact that a one hundred thirty foot flying object had not only hovered over the facility, but that an aboveground water tower and two underground cisterns had been left without a drop of water.

The story finally emerged in 2010 through the efforts of the Visión OVNI research group and its investigators Luis Brussa, Ariel Maderna and Fabian Rossi. Brussa, the lead researcher, managed to secure permission from the base commandant to conduct an investigation, even after having plainly stated the nature of the research and the conclusions that would be published.

Sergeant Carlos Villano, who had been present at the 1999 experience, told the Visión OVNI crew that it all began with a phone call from the director of the grade school that operates within the base’s perimeter. The administrator indicated that the building’s rest rooms were out of water, and the subofficer had been dispatched to look into the situation. He discovered that both the cistern and water tower were devoid of fluid (the researchers noted that the cistern was 50 feet deep and eight meters in diameter). At the same time, the subofficer noticed a strange circular impression on the ground.

More importantly, the Visión OVNI researchers managed to speak to direct witnesses of the incident: one was a twenty-five year old custodian at the time, and was playing soccer at the base’s soccer field. After 21:00 hours, the custodian and his cousin noticed a bright light in the water tank’s direction, but thought it came from the headlights of a heavy vehicle coming down the street. It turned out that some local residents had also felt strange buzzing sounds and electrical interference at the time, with brown-outs throughout the area. Others reported seeing a circular light flying at low speed and with an estimated diameter of 98 to 130 feet.

Fill’er Up!

UFOs (unidentified flying objects in the strictest sense of the acronym, not alien spacecraft) have reportedly helped themselves to water all over the world, mainly from open sources like lakes and seas. Perhaps the reader will be most familiar with the 1966 UFO sightings over Pompton Lakes in Northern New Jersey, where local authorities received phone calls from frightened local residents reporting “shining lights flying over the Wanaque Reservoir” and exerting a strange influence over its waters, causing it to be “drawn upward...sucked upward” an estimated 250 feet into the air, according to a police report.

Among the better known cases we also find Australia’s Gosford incident (1994) which was witnessed by local residents and law enforcement officers alike, all of them describing the object as emitting “rays of light” while the water roiled beneath it. Carl Feindt’s invaluable UFOs and Water lists cases going back as far as 1914 (in the vicinity of Georgian Bay, Ontario) and as recently as 2009 (Cinderford, UK). Addressing the layman’s description of an unknown object “sucking up water”, Feindt offers the following explanation: “This column, I believe, is caused by the rotation of a field in a vertical plane that encompasses the UFO.” The rotation of the object’s magnetic field would be perceived “as a horizontal rotation of one part of the UFO, causing a swirling vortex to be formed below the UFO. This can be equated to a vortex similar to a person rotating a finger through still waters in a pot of water at a rapid rate – eventually causing a maelstrom to occur.”

Australian researchers Bill Chalker and Keith Basterfield investigated a case in Rosedale, Victoria involving water absconded by a UFO from a water tank in September 1980 ( The main witness to the case described the object as a “domed and with a white top” with blue and orange lights, and an estimated diameter of 26 feet. The object, according to the report “progressed over a paddock, passed by a haystack and appeared to rest over a distant, open-topped, 10,000 gallon concrete water tank for an estimated minute before moving to a stationary position apparently on the ground to the left of the tank, as viewed from the house.” Upon inspection it was discovered that the tank’s ten thousand gallon supply of fluid was gone, leaving only a knee-deep accumulation of mud, with algae stuck to the walls. “It was estimated that it would take 72 hours or so to empty the tank by normal pipe means.”

We can see that despite claims to the contrary, the "missing water" enigma is not exclusively an Argentinean situation and has been with us since the early days of the UFO phenomenon. As for a satisfactory answer? There is none. We are left with the hypothesis that alien spacecraft zooming in and out of our atmosphere need water to power their nuclear fusion reactors (or as Fabio Zerpa has suggested, a complex electrolytic process), non-human researchers engaged in collecting algae for their own purposes (one is reminded of the recent Battlestar Galactica television series, where harvesting algae was essential to feed the starfaring population)or simply the Great Universal Trickster prompting us to look away from our mundane concerns and up to the sky...

Argentina: Object Photographed During Storm

Source: Rosario3
Date: 01.17.11

Argentina: Object Photographed During Storm

If UFOs are unidentified flying objects, then that comes closest to describe what "Samy" captured with his camera this Sunday as a storm was unleashed over Rosario. Or at least that's what the user of the Periodismo Ciudadano (citizen journalism) section of believes.

The message with the particular image only describes "a strange object seen between the storm clouds" and which can be seen in the submitted photo. An airplane? A failure in the camera lens, a reflection of the light? As always occurs in these cases, there is now room for debate over what the "strange object" in the sky may prove to be. Or is there something better to do on a grey Sunday afternoon?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Argentina: Another Water Tank Mysteriously Emptied

Source: Ciencia OVNI
Date: 01.10.11

Argentina: Another Water Tank Is Mysteriously Emptied

[One of the most perplexing anomalies in Argentina – tied to UFO and cattle mutilation phenomena – is the emptying of large water tanks (locally known as tanques australianos – “Australian tanks”) from one day to the next. Water is also drained from other sources, including ponds and swimming pools. This report from Luis Burgos of FAO concerns the latest in such developments – SC]

“We were having lunch on Sunday with a cousin who owns a field in the vicinity of the “La Vidriera” salt flats. In order to spend time with us, he left another relative alone in the field in charge of the animals. Just as we were done eating, the relative phoned him in a state of near-derangement. The previous day he had filled up the water tank shut the windmill down because the tank was full. It has a capacity of 60,000 liters (16,000 gallons) of water more or less.

But there was not a drop to be found on Sunday morning. No sign of puddles or spills around the tank. No cracks on the tank’s floor either. He told me, furthermore, that it has a 6 inch flood cap and when they drain it, it takes more than half a day to empty it out completely.

The temperatures were in excess of 36 centigrade at the time, and I put off further research until the next day (Monday morning). But by then, the other relative had filled up the tank, because the animals had been left without any drinking water. Therefore I no longer wanted to go in person.

This is the second time that this has happened. The first time was some 15 years ago. A bit of information I forgot to mention is that there were no missing animals. It should be ascertained if any neighbors were missing livestock.”

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Chile: Undersea UFO Activity at Bajo Molle (Iquique)

Source: NOUFA (Noticiero Ufológico Autonomo)
Date: December 20, 2010

[Readers of INEXPLCATA will recall the redoubling of USO activity that occurred shortly after the Chilean earthquake of 2010, which even included reports of tall humanoids emerging from the water. Such activity has by no means ended, judging from the following report – SC]

Chile: More Reports from Bajo Molle

According to Alejandro Dávalos, [NOUFA] correspondent in Iquique, sightings are ongoing and increasing in Bajo Molle, Iquique – UFO activity that NOUFA has been reporting on for quite some time.

On this occasion it was night watchman Ricardo González Monrroy who saw a shining white light emerge from the sea on the night of Tuesday the 14th at 12:50 p.m.. The light blinked a few times, suspended in the air for a few moments, and then began moving horizontally toward the south before vanishing in the horizon. These strange lights do not make any sound whatsoever and are very bright. Moreover, on Friday the 17th of this month [December 2010], Mr. Edison Coronado, a draftsman for a company, left his office late at 10:00 p.m and became aware of a very bright light approaching land from the sea’s horizon. Given that it wasn’t a commercial airline route, he was startled by the light and stayed behind to look at it. As it grew closer, he was able to describe the light as a large moving star. When it was overhead, it stopped for a few seconds before accelerating, vanishing in a matter of seconds. Next, three luminous spots appeared in the place where it had disappeared, forming a triangle that blinked for a few moments before fading away.

The antecedents of the UFO case histories for this specific area (Bajo Molle) are quite old, and include luminous spheres that emerge from the sea. All of this has been confirmed by Alejandro Dávalos, who has been a privileged witness to this phenomenon. He adds that since the area is high up, looking down on the ocean, he has seen luminous spheres under the water more than once, which would make them USOs (unidentified submarine objects). Furthermore, he adds that more than once he has thought – as have many local residents – that there is a base or meeting point for these lights under the sea, making these sightings even more fantastic and bizarre.

Dávalos hopes to conduct a watch in the area, employing specialized cameras and people interested in the phenomenon, in the hopes of creating a high-quality record of these mysterious luminous spheres that emerge from the sea.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez)

Chile: A UFO over San Fabián

Source: Diario La Discusión (Chile)
Date: 01.10.11

Chile: A UFO over San Fabián
By Edgar Brizuela – La Discusión (newsroom)

A somewhat suspicious image of an unidentified flying object was taken by sheer chance at San Fabian by a group of tourists from Chillán.

In the balsa area, where the north and south banks of the Nuble River meet, a family group was taking photos of the Cordilleran area. After inspecting the shots, the noticed the presence of an unusual spot on the image captured by the digital camera’s lens.

After this, the event was remarked upon throughout the commune, where sightings of objects of unknown provenance are not strange in the least.

The photo was taken by tourist Alejandro Sandoval, from Chillán, who circulated it among friends and acquaintances, who passed it along to others in turn, forming a network of contacts that finally submitted it to this newspaper.

Similar images have been taken, especially in the region adjacent to the Chillán Volcano. In fact, photos of this sort were taken in Pinto in previous years.
Thus, there exists a series of visual documents that attest to the existence of a little-known phenomenon, according to Cristian Fernandez, the mayor of San Fabian, who furnished the material obtained by sheer chance in the Cordilleran commune.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Peru: A Mothership over Lima?

Source: RRP Peru
Date: 01.07.11

Peru: A Mothership Over Lima?

Residents of Barrios Altos claim having witnessed what could well be the first UFO sighting of 2011. With the video in hand, one expert has already attested to the authenticity of the homemade recording.

The shots were taken on Tuesday, January 4 from Jirón Wari in Barrios Altos, where a group of neighbors equipped themselves with two camcorders and taped -- from different angles -- the oscillating movements of an unidentified flying obect for nearly 30 minutes.

"It's a UFO. You'd have to be somewhat thick to deny it," said Julia Gutierrez, one of the witnesses, who further added that it is common to see such sights in the area, which tend to leave local residents shaken.

"It's definitely a UFO. It's only necessary to corroborate with the Jorge Chavez airport to see if any unidentified radar contacts were picked up at the time," notes UFO expert Mario Zegarra in a statement to ATV.


(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Ana Luisa Cid)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Argentina: UFO at the Dakar Rally

Source:Diario Victoria On-Line
Date: 01.06.11

Argentina: UFOs from Victoria Escorted the Dakar Rally

A racing fan managed to take a picture showing an unidentified flying object following the competitors through the city of the seven hills.

A "gualeyo", passionate about hot-rods, headed to the city of Victoria to follow the Dakar Rally competition through the area. As he photographed Camion Man Nros 804 and its driver with his photo camera, he noticed the presence of a UFO up in the sky, behind the vehicle.

This phenomenon has become commonplace to residents of Victoria. On several instances, members of the community in various points of the department have managed to see these objects and photograph them. But it was a surprise to the Diario de Gualeguay (, which published the photos.

The photo was taken in the vicinity of the Dakar Campsite, and as the photo shows, an unidentified flying object is visible behind the massive truck with stunning clarity.

Without a doubt, these perennial visitors to the Seven Hills didn't want to miss the event, and as is customary, allowed themselves to be photographed to show they exist.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Argentinean UFO Cases at a Glance 2010

Compiled by Luis Burgos and members of the FAO

Sorted by:

01-Vicente López,Bs.As-17.00-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Bibiana Bryson)

01-Temperley,Bs.As-18.41-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Hector Sly)

02- Castelar, Bs.As- 09.34- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO-Ricardo Cordeiro)

02-S.R.Calamuchita,Cba-12.22-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Marina Cuadrado)

02-Berisso,Bs.As-15.06-PHANTOM UFO Photos-(CICOA)

02-Berisso,Bs.As-21.00-RED UFO sighting-(FAO- José Igoa)

03-Temperley,Bs.As-10.14-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Hector Sly)

03-Laguna de Padres,Bs. As-18.00-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-David Ruiz)

04-Malargüe,Mendoza-01.37-Probable BOLIDE- (Mdzol on line)

04-Salsacate,Cba-Early Morning-Suspended Object-(FAO- Pablo Prece)

04-Vicente López,Bs.As-18.43-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Matías Mannara)

04-Vicente López,Bs.As-19.14-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Bibiana Bryson)

05-Macachín,La Pampa-17.21-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Fabián Romano-CEUFO)

Pr-Cosquín,Cba-Nocturnal Sighting-“Flying train”- (FAO-Claudia A.)

06-La Cumbrecita,Cba-15.36-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Sebastián Ochart)

07-Ranchos,Bs.As-18.29-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Hector Sly)

10-Pigué,Bs. As-13.24-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Laura Babyaczuk)

10-Ensenada,Bs.As-13.51-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

11-Ensenada,Bs.As-14.00-Sighting/Mothership-(FAO- Fernando Mengui)

12-S.R.Calamuchita,Cba-22.15-Parallel sighting-(FAO- M. Cuadrado)

13-Temperley,Bs.As-15.31-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Hector Sly)

13-Ramos Mejía,Bs.As-Daytime Sighting /Video-(ORBITAL VISION)

14-Firmat,Santa Fe-16.52-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

14-Córdoba ciudad-Afternoon-Sighting/Video/Signs-(Gaby Decall)

14-Castelar,Bs.As-17.50-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO-R. Cordeiro)

Me-Villa.C. Paz,Cba-NIGHTTIME- Video.FRAUDE (Martin Campilongo)

15-San Clemente,Bs.As-13.19-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Natalia. R)

16-Magdala,Bs.As-10.39-PHANTOM UFO Photo.DOUBTFUL-(FAO- Hector Sly)

16-Valle de Lerma,Salta-21.30-Sighting with maneuvers-(El Tribuno)

16-Venado Tuerto,S.Fe-23.00-Sighting “rectángulo”-(CODIGO OVNI)

17-Necochea,Bs.As-16.00-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Bibiana Bryson)

18-Capital Federal-05.05-Pulsating UFO Sighting-(ORBITAL VISION)

18-Pueblo Liebig-E.Ríos-10.45-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(COLOVNI)

19-S.R.Calamuchita,Cba-12.20-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO- M.Nuñez)

19-El Hoyo,Chubut-15.34-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Hector Boetto)

20-Concordia,E.Ríos-Noon-Video FANTASMA/Flota-(El Sol)

22- Sta.Teresita,Bs.As- 06.11-PHANTOM UFO Photo/NEGATIVE: bird sighting (

24-Castelar,Bs.As-11.19-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO-Ricardo Cordeiro)

24-Bandera,Sgo.Estero-11.20-Sighting/Spindle-shaped/Photo-(Nuevo Diario Web)


24-Mendoza ciudad-NIGHTTIME-PHANTOM UFO Photo-DOUBTFUL-(FAO- O. Karseno)

25-Loreto.Sgo.Estero-Afternoon-Sighting/Photo-(El Liberal)

25-Delta de Entre Ríos-Día-Sighting/Video-(Visión Federal)

28-Playa Unión,Chubut-Afternoon-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Luis Burgos)

29-Villa Ballester,Bs.As-13.39-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

29-Cap.del Monte,Cba-15.30-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Mariana Goya)

30-Pigué, Bs. As- 18.51- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Laura Babyaczuk)

31-Los Terrones, Cba- 16.35- PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(GABIE)

31-Chascomús,Bs.As-21.30-Sighting-(FAO- Eduardo Galeano)

sf -Arroyo Leyes, S.Fe-Día-Sighting/Maneuvers-(GABIE)

sf -Bariloche,Río Negro-Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Fabián Romano-CEUFO)

sf -Ciudad de Salta-Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CODIGO OVNI)

sf- Trinidad, San Juan- Morning- Sighting- VIDEO- (Diario de Cuyo)

Total reports for JANUARY.................... 53
POSITIVE provisional cases......... 48
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases......... 05
UFOs sighted........................ 17
PHANTOM UFOS........................ 31
Recorded GROUND PRINTS..................... 00
HUMANOID Reports.................. 00

DAYTIME Reports....................... 42

NOCTURNAL Reports..................11

Province in the lead................... 25 (Buenos Aires)

Remaining provinces........................28


01-Villa Ballester,Bs.As-18.33-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

01-Cap.del Monte,Cba-Afternoon-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Sebastián Camellino)

02-Capital Federal- 03.00-Concurrent sighting-(FAO- Inés Sabanés)

03-Vicente Lòpez,Bs.As-18.15-PHANTOM UFO Photo-( Bibiana Bryson)

03-Ramos Mejía,Bs.As-NIGHTTIME-Sighting/Video-(ORBITAL VISION)

03-Santa Fe ciudad-21.05-Sighting-(FAO- Walter Lescano)

04-Córdoba ciudad-Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Web Ana Luisa Cid)

Pr-Concepción,Tucumán-Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo.NEGATIVO-( La GacetaTman)

05-Gral. Pico,La Pampa-12.30-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CEUFO)

06-Tolosa,Bs.As-10.46-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

06-S. R.Calamuchita,Cba-12.17-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO- Martha Nuñez)

07-Pigué,Bs.As-17.53-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Laura Babyaczuk)

07-Ramos Mejía,Bs.As-19.00-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(ORBITAL VISION)

07-Arroyo Leyes,S. Fe-19.21-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(GABIE)

08-Castelar,Bs.As-Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

09-Temperley,Bs.As- 08.41-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Hector Sly)

09-Capital Federal-Día-Video FANTASMA-(JUNEr Silva, de Brasil)

10-Delta de Santa Fe-00.30-Sighting/Maneuvers-(

11-Temperley,Bs. As- 08.18-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Hector Sly)

11-Pigué,Bs.As-17.24-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Laura Babyaczuk)

12-Pigué,Bs. As-16.31-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Laura Babyaczuk)

17-La Plata,Bs.As-13.01-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO – Roberto Sívori)

18-La Plata,Bs.As-12.33-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO – Roberto Sívori)

18-Capilla del Monte,Cba-17.40-PHANTOM UFO Photo-( Andrés Reynoso)

20-Castelar,Bs.As-Dìa-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Ricardo Cordeiro)

20-La Plata,Bs.As- 18.18-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO- Roberto Sívori)

21-Río Hondo,Sgo. Estero-GREEN-colored print/Buzzing Sound-(El Liberal)

21-Río Hondo-Sgo. Estero- 19.15-Sighting/Photo-( Web Termenses)

22-Ramos Mejía,Bs.As- 15.00- Obs. FLOTILLA- (ORBITAL VISION)

23-Pigué,Bs. As-18.00-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Laura Babyaczuk)

24-Pigué,Bs.As- 11.48-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Laura Babyaczuk)

24-Castelar,Bs.As-Afternoon-Sighting/Photo-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

25-Neuquén ciudad-NIGHTTIME-Continuous sightings-(Canal 7 Neuquén)

27-Azul, Bs. As- Noon- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(

27-Castelar,Bs.As- 17.13-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Mothership-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

27-Temperley,Bs.As-18.11-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Hector Sly)

28-Plottier,Neuquén-00.30-Sighting/ Video-( Canal 9 de Bs.As)

Fi-Gob.Ugarte,Bs.As-NIGHTTIME-Sighting/Video-(FAO-Luis Burgos)

sf- S. de los Padres,Bs.As-NIGHTTIME- Repeated sightings-(CODIGO OVNI)

Total reports for FEBRUARY................. 39
POSITIVE provisional cases......... 38
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases.... .....01
UFOs sighted.........................11
PHANTOM UFOS....................... 26
Recorded GROUND PRINTS..................... 01
HUMANOID Reports................... 00
DAYTIME Reports....................... 30
NOCTURNAL Reports................. 08
Province in the lead.................. 24 (Buenos Aires)
Remaining provinces...................... 15


01-Castelar, Bs.As-08.48-Varias PHANTOM UFO Photos-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

03-Vicente López, Bs.As-18.26-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Bibiana Bryson)

04-Villa Ballester, Bs. As-13.05-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

05-Firmat,Sta. Fé- 18.18-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

06-Monte, Bs.As- 13.48-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CODIGO OVNI)

07-Gob.Ugarte, Bs.As- 02.30-Nocturnal Light Sighting-(FAO – Luis Burgos)

07-Gob.Ugarte, Bs.As- 09.41-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Horacio Riquelme)

07-Lomas de Zamora,Bs.As-13.40-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Hector Sly)

07-Villa Ventana, Bs.As-15.39-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(GABIE)

07-Pigué,Bs.As- 16.01-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Laura Babyaczuk)

07-Carhué, Bs. As. -Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(

07-Monte, Bs.As-18.06- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Nazareno Olguin)

08-La Plata, Bs.As-10.52-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

09-Vicente López, Bs.As- 17.44-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Bibiana Bryson)

Pr-Victoria, E. Ríos-GREEN-colored print-(VISION OVNI)

13-S.R. Calamuchita,Cba-12.25-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Martha Nuñez)

13-La Plata, Bs.As-19.25-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

14-Cosquín,Córdoba-13.52- PHANTOM UFO Photo/Flotilla-(GABIE)

14-Monte, Bs. As- 15.56 – Photo de HUMANOIDE-(FAO-Iván D)

17-La Plata, Bs. As) -17.13-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Olga Paz)

18-Del Campillo, Córdoba-Sunflower field PRINT- (Puntal, de Río IV)

20-Gral. Rodriguez, Bs. As-17.35-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Sergio Boeykens)

21-Ensenada, Bs. As-11.10-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Probe-(CICOA)

21- S. de la Ventana, Bs.As- 15.01- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO-Laura Babyaczuk)

23-S. R. Calamuchita, Córdoba-11.11-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Martha Nuñez)

23-San Marcos Sierra, Córdoba-Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CODIGO OVNI)

23-Capital Federal- 19.30-Sighting/Video-(Mariano Lattes)

24-Salta ciudad-02.30-Likely BOLIDE/DOUBTFUL-(El Tribuno)

25-S. R. Calamuchita,Cba-16.26-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Spindle-shaped-(FAO- Martha Nuñez)

25-Castelar, Bs. As-16.35-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Flotilla-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

26- S. R. Calamuchita, Cba-10.57-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Spindle-shaped-(FAO- Martha Nuñez)

29-Castelar, Bs. As- 08.28-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Ricardo Cordeiro)

30-Merlo, San Luis-22.00-Sighting/TRIANGLE-(El Diario de República)

Total reports for MARCH................... 33
POSITIVE provisional cases......... 32
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases......... 01
UFOs sighted........................ 03
PHANTOM UFOS........................ 26
Recorded GROUND PRINTS.................... 02
HUMANOID Reports...................01
DAYTIME Reports....................... 28
NOCTURNAL Reports................. 03
Province in the lead................... 21 (Buenos Aires)

Remaining provinces...................... 12


02-Sierra deVentana, Bs. As- Día-PHANTOM UFO Video-(Bruno Nielsen)

02-Necochea, Bs. As- 21.15-Sighting Luz Nocturna- (Guillermo Giménez)

03-Necochea, Bs. As- 02.20-Sighting Luz Nocturna- (Guillermo Giménez)

03-La Plata, Bs. As-17.11- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(CICOA)

04-Punta Lara,Bs.As-15.39-PHANTOM UFO Photo- (CICOA)

06-Castelar, Bs. As-12.46-Several PHANTOM UFO Photos-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

07-Castelar, Bs. As- 07.59-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

08-Castelar,Bs. As- 09.53-Varias PHANTOM UFO Photos-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

09-Ensenada, Bs. As- 20.00-Concurrent sighting-(FAO-Fernando Mengui)

10-Castelar, Bs. As-11.25-Varias PHANTOM UFO Photos-( FAO-Ricardo Cordeiro)

11-Salinas Grandes-La Pampa- 18.40-Sighting/Photo-(F. Romano-CEUFO)

16-Temperley,Bs. As-13.10-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Hector Sly)

18-Capital Federal-Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Web

18-Lago Epecuén, Bs.As-15.12-PHANTOM UFO Photo/DUDOSO-(FAO -L. Babyaczuk)

19-La Plata, Bs.As- Día-PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO-Roberto Sívori)

23-Cap.Federal- 12.30- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (

25-Lago Gutierrez, Río Negro- 20.00-Sighting/Triangle-( Patagonia OVNI)

26-Venado Tuerto, Santa Fé- 09.58- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Hector Sly)

26-S. R. Calamuchita,Cba- 15.37-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Spindle-shaped-(FAO- Martha Nuñez)

28-Berisso, Bs. As-15.30-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(El Mundo de Berisso)

30- Pocito, San Juan- Día- Sighting/Photo-( El Diario de Cuyo)

30-Capital Federal-16.17-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Víctor Sequeira)

30-La Plata, Bs. As- 17.00-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- David Ruiz)

Total reports for APRIL...................... 23
POSITIVE provisional cases.......... 22
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases......... 01
UFOs sighted......................... 06
PHANTOM UFOS........................ 16
Recorded GROUND PRINTS.................... 00
HUMANOID Reports.................... 00
DAYTIME Reports........................ 19
NOCTURNAL Reports................... 04
Province in the lead.....................15 (Buenos Aires)

Remaining provinces ...................... 08


01-Morón, Bs. As-14.22- Strange rings/DOUBTFUL-(ORBITAL VISION)

01-Morón,Bs. As-15.14-Video FANTASMA-(FAO- Sergio Boeykens)

01-Pigué,Bs. As-16.38-PHANTOM UFO Photo/Spindle-shaped-(FAO-Laura Babyaczuk)

01-Punta Lara, Bs. As)- 16.45 –Sighting/Photo-(CICOA)

02-Bahía Blanca, Bs.As- 17.10- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Laura Babyaczuk)

07-Pocito, San Juan-12.08-PHANTOM UFO Photo/DOUBTFUL-(Juan Barney)

07-Villa Elisa, E. Ríos-14.43-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

08- San Isidro, Bs.As- 15.14- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Hector Sly)

09-Lobos, Bs. As-14.03 -PHANTOM UFO Photo –(FAO-Pablo Lopez)

09-Vicente López, Bs. As-16.42-Sighting/VIDEO-( Bibiana Bryson)

09-Gral. Villegas, Bs. As-18.33 -PHANTOM UFO Photo/ DUDOSO-(Sergio Ferrero)

11-Parque G.S.Martín, Mza-12.17- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Daniel Carnevale)

11-Libertad, Bs. As.- 13.35- FILM- (CODIGO OVNI)

13-Villa Elisa, E. Ríos-14.00-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

14-Villa Elisa, E. Ríos-14.15 -PHANTOM UFO Photo/ Spindle-shaped-(Roberto Rebord)

14-Mar del Plata, Bs. As- 23.33-Sighting/TRIANGLE-(Martín Malaspina)

16-VenadoTuerto, S. Fe- 02.30 -Long-lasting sighting-(Lista Planeta UFO)

16-Ensenada, Bs. As- 16.43-PHANTOM UFO Photos- Spindle-shaped-( CICOA)

16- Pigué, Bs. As- 17.45-PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Laura Babyaczuk)

18-Castelar,Bs. As- 14.16- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

20-Castelar, Bs. As- 13.32- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO. Ricardo Cordeiro)

20-Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.20- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

23-Huerta Grande, Cba- 10.30 – PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Hugo Vadori)

25-Pigué, Bs. As- 13.04 – PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Laura Babyaczuk)

25-Capital Federal- 14.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Nazareno Olguin)

26-Chos Malal, Neuquén- 20.50-Sighting/Video/Spindle-shaped-(Canal 7 Neuquén)

30- Pigué, Bs. As- 14.21- PHANTOM UFO Photo-( FAO –Laura Babyaczuk)

30-Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 17.04-PHANTOM UFO Photo-( Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

31-Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.3-PHANTOM UFO Photos-(Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

Total reports for MAY..................... 29
POSITIVE provisional cases......... 26

NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases..........03
UFOs sighted......................... 05
PHANTOM UFOS......................... 21
GROUND PRINT Records.....................00
HUMANOID Reports.................... 00
DAYTIME Reports........................ 26
NOCTURNAL Reports.................. 03
Province in the lead....................17 (Buenos Aires)
Remaining provinces ...................... 12


Pr- S. Luis del Palmar- Corrientes- 19.30- Bolide/DOUBTFUL-(El Diario de Curuzú)

05- Federal, E. Ríos- 21.00- Sighting at low altitude-(La Capital de Rosario)

06- Punta Lara, Bs.As- 17.05- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (CICOA)

06- Colón, E. Ríos- 17.41- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Roberto Rebord- COLOVNI)

06- Carhué, Bs. As- 18.02- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Anabell Jacquin)

07- Ramos Mejía, Bs. As-Día- Sighting FLOTILLA- (ORBITAL VISION)

07- Ciudad de Tucumán- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(La Gaceta de Tucumán)

08- Capital Federal- 19.20 – PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Laura Babyaczuk)

09- Castelar, Bs. As- 17.04- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Ricardo Cordeiro)

10- Juana Koslay, San Luis-22.15-Sighting-(Albert Rosales-CODIGO OVNI)

19- Capital Federal- 17.45- Sighting FLOTA-FILM- (Mariano Lattes)

Me-Lima, Bs. As- NIGHTTIME- Repeated sightings- (ORBITAL VISION)

20- Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.34- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R. Rebord-COLOVNI)

21- Rosario, Santa Fé- 07.11- Sighting- (Cinthia Fernandez)

22- Villa Elisa, E. Ríos-15.40- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

22- Esquina, Corrientes-19.00- Followed by cellphone- (

23- Villa Elisa, E.Ríos- 14.02- PHANTOM UFO Photo- Spindle-shaped- (R.Rebord-COLOVNI)

24- Macachín, La Pampa-14.00-PHANTOM UFO Photo (

24- Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.09-PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

s/f- La Plata, Bs. As- 3 Unrelated “dry” PRINTS-(FAO-Nelson Polanco)

Total reports for JUNE..................... 20
POSITIVE provisional cases......... 19
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases.......... 01
UFOs sighted......................... 07
PHANTOM UFOS......................... 11
GROUND PRINT Records..................... 01
HUMANOID Reports..................... 00
DAYTIME Reports......................... 15
NOCTURNAL Reports................... 04

Province in the lead.....................06 (Buenos Aires and Entre Rios, split)
Remaining provinces ....................... 08


02- Villa Elisa, E.Ríos- 14.10- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R.Rebord-COLOVNI)

02- S.R. de Calamuchita,Córdoba- 17.52- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO-M.Nuñez)

03- Metán, Salta- 14.15- PHANTOM UFO Photo- NEGATIVO- (Diario Contexto)

03- Villa Elisa, E.Ríos- 14.24- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R. Rebord-COLOVNI)

04- Villa Elisa, E. R-16.50-PHANTOM UFO Photo- Faros- (R.Rebord-COLOVNI)

04- Río Quequén, Bs.As-17.54-Sighting-Video (Fabio Zerpa)

06- Villa Elisa, E.Ríos- 14.11- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R.Rebord-COLOVNI)

07- Villa Elisa, E.R-14.07- PHANTOM UFO Photo-Cigarro-(R.Rebord-COLOVNI)

08- Salta capital- 19.13- Sighting FLOTILLA-Video- (El Tribuno)

09- Villa Elisa, E.Ríos-17.21- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R.Rebord-COLOVNI)

11- Capilla del Monte, Cba- 18.25- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Webcam Uritorco)

13- Villa Elisa, E.Ríos- 14.09-PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R.Rebord-COLOVNI)

Me-La Toma, Jujuy-Morning- Witnessed- Photo-(El Periódico de Jujuy)

16- Villa Elisa,E.R-14.02-PHANTOM UFO Photo-Luminoso-(R.Rebord-COLOVNI)

17- Castelar, Bs. As- 14.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo- Flota- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

17- La Plata, Bs. As- 16.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo- Flota-(FAO-David Ruiz)

19- La Plata, Bs. As- 15.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Andres Reynoso)

19-Chascomús, Bs. As- 22-30- Sighting of HUMANOIDS -(FAO)

20-Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.05- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R. Rebord-COLOVNI)

21- Monte, Bs.As- 13.01- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO-Laura Babyaczuk)

21- Santa Fe ciudad- 21.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Diario Uno)

23- La Plata, Bs. As- 12.07- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (CICOA)

25- Lago Pellegrini, Río Negro- 17.47- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO)

26-Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.05- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R. Rebord-COLOVNI)

27- S.R de Calamuchita, Córdoba- 10.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo (FAO- M. Nuñez)

27- Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.12- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (R.Rebord- COLOVNI)

28- Junín, Bs. As- 21.00- Sighting- (

31- Iguazú, Misiones- 10.46- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Alejandro Isoba)

Total reports for JULY..................... 28
POSITIVE provisional cases......... 27
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases......... 01
UFOs sighted......................... 04
PHANTOM UFOS........................ 22
GROUND PRINT Records.................... 00
HUMANOID Reports.................... 01
DAYTIME Reports........................ 25
NOCTURNAL Reports................... 03
Province in the lead................... 11 (Entre Ríos)
Remaining provinces ...................... 17


01- Temperley, Bs. As- 14.07- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Hector Sly)

02- Chivilcoy, Bs. As- 08.16- PHANTOM UFO Photo-( Cecilia Bassi)

02- Bariloche, R.Negro- 20.00-Video- NEGATIVO: ISS- (La Morning,Neuquén)

03 Rio Gallegos, S. Cruz- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo (

03- Riglos, La Pampa- 22.00- Sighting- EEM - (La Nueva Provincia)

04- Mte.Hermoso, Bs.As – 20.15-Observ. NEGATIVO: ISS- (La Nueva Provincia)

07- Chascomús, Bs. As- 20.22- Sighting- Video- (FAO- F. DeCicco)

08- Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.15- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

08- Ramos Mejía, Bs. As- 14.30- Sighting y video- (ORBITAL VISION)

08- Olivos, Bs. As- 18.10- Sighting- Seguimiento avión- ( FAO- E.J. Leiva)

08- Quilmes, Bs. As-22.15- Sighting 45 minutos- (El Sol, de Quilmes)

09- Vicente López, Bs. As- 13.59- Photo- Mothership- (Bibiana Bryson)

09- Villa Elisa, E. Ríos- 14.08- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Roberto Rebord-COLOVNI)

10- Oliva, Córdoba- Día- Sighting y Photo- (

10- C. Olivia, S.Cruz-Día-HUMANOID Video - DOUBTFUL (Canal 2,Sta.Cruz)

Me-S. M. de los Andes, Neuquén-NIGHTTIME- Repeated sightings- - FAO- Andrea S)

Me-Lules, Tucumán- Día- Sighting- Video- (Usuario You Tube)

Me-Quequén, Bs.As- NIGHTTIME-Sighting -OSNI- (

15 Puán, Bs. As- 15.46- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Hovart)

19- Necochea, Bs.As- 09.24- Sighting- Photo- (

22- El Cadillal, Tucumán-17.26- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(

24- Ramos Mejía, Bs. As- 16.00- Sighting y video- (ORBITAL VISION)

28- Rosario, S. Fe- 18.39- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (CODIGO OVNI)

Fi- Tandil. Bs. As- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (La Voz de Tandil)

s/f- Famaillá, Tucumán- Día- Sighting- Video- (

Total reports for AUGUST................. 25

POSITIVE provisional cases......... 22

NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases......... 03

UFOs sighted........................ 13

PHANTOM UFOS........................ 09

GROUND PRINT Records................... 00

HUMANOID Reports................... 01

DAYTIME Reports...................... 18

NOCTURNAL Reports................. 07

Province in the lead.................. 13 (Buenos Aires)

Remaining provinces ......................12


01- Oliva, Córdoba- 3 HUELLAS no asoc.- DUDOSO (

02- Balcarce, Bs. As- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO-Claudia Magnani)

04- Córdoba, Cba-Afternoon- Sighting-VIDEO (

04 Doblas, La Pampa- NIGHTTIME- Sighting (

06 Ramos Mejía, Bs. As- 12.15- Observ. Video- Activity (ORBITAL VISION)

07- Anguil, La Pampa- 21.55- Sighting-(

08- Lago Epecuén, Bs. As- 21.30- Repeated sightings- Flotilla- (FAO)

09- Macachín, La Pampa- 20.00- Sighting (

11- S. Rosa, La Pampa-00.15- Observac. FLOTA(

13- Suco, Córdoba- 22.30- Sighting esfera roja- (FAO- Raúl Gregorat)

Me-Santa Fe ciudad- 03.00-Observacion 45 minutos- (FAO-Rocío Arismendi)

17- Temperley, Bs. As- 13.22- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-Hector Sly)

17- Munro, Bs. As- 18.30- Witnessed- Esferoide- Photo- (FAO- Matías Mannara)

19- Sta. R. de Calamuchita, Cba- 12.23- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-M.Nuñez)

19- Escobar, Bs. As- Afternoon- Fotos FANTASMA (2)- (Alejandro Borrelli)

20- Norte de La Pampa- 20.15- HUMANOIDE-Contacto- (CEUFO)

21- Villa Elisa, Entre Ríos- 14.10- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(COLOVNI-R. Rebord)

22- Gob. Ugarte, Bs.As- 22.00-Sighting of nocturnal light(Flia. Videla)

23-Castelar, Bs.As- 12-15- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Ricardo Cordeiro)

23- Victoria, E. Ríos-23.00- Sighting-VIDEO- (

24- Vistalba, Mendoza- 21.00-Sighting Triangle-VIDEO (Ana .M. Zapata)

26- Castelar, Bs.As- 12-01- Varias PHANTOM UFO Photos- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

26- San Fernando, Bs. As- Noon- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Alejandro Borrelli)

27 Llavallol, Bs. As- 08.43- Sighting- Video (CODIGO OVNI)

31 Cap. del Monte, Córdoba- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Marcos Pazzarelli)

S/f Comod. Rivadavia, Chubut- NIGHTTIME- Sighting-(Crónica, de C.Rivadavia)

Total reports for SEPTEMBER............ 26

POSITIVE provisional cases......... 25

NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases......... 01

UFOs sighted........................ 15

PHANTOM UFOS........................ 09

GROUND PRINT Records.................... 01

HUMANOID Reports................... 01

DAYTIME Reports....................... 13

NOCTURNAL Reports..................12

Province in the lead................... 11 (Buenos Aires)

Remaining provinces ......................15


01- Castelar, Bs. As- 11.48- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Ricardo Cordeiro)

02- Capital Federal- 15.14- Boomerang-PHANTOM UFO Photo(Laura Babyaczuk)

03- Tigre, Bs. As- Noon- PHANTOM UFO Photo- 2 OVNIS (Alejandro Borrelli)

04- Totoras, Santa Fe- 03.00- Sighting- (FAO- Luis Burgos)

04 Capital Federal- 17.44- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Laura Babyaczuk)

05 Necochea, Bs. As- 02.00- 2 UFOs sighted- (Guillermo Gimenez)

05- Castelar, Bs. As- 06.55- Witnessed- Foto- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

05 Salazar, Bs. As- 20.45 – Witnessed varios minutos- (FAO- Daniel Lopez)

Pr La Plata, Bs. As- Nueva HUELLA en LA ZONA 72 (-FAO-Nelson Polanco)

Pr Necochea, Bs. As- NIGHTTIME - UFO Witnessed over the sea -(Guillermo Gimenez)

07 Carhué, Bs. As- 13.48- Sighting y foto- (FAO -Vanessa Jacquin)

07 Sierra de Ventana, Bs. As- Noon -Sighting flotilla- (Graciela Sidari)

09 Castelar, Bs. As- 05.57- PHANTOM UFO Photo- 2 SPINDLE-SHAPED UFOs- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

09 Palmar de Colon, E. Ríos- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo- 2 OVNIS- (Sergio Boeykens)

10 Potrerillos, Mendoza- Día- Mothership- PHANTOM UFO Photo-( FAO-H. Sly)

11 Alvarez, Santa Fe- 11.37- PHANTOM UFO Photo (

12 Azul, Bs. As- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Alejandro Inza)

13 Viedma, Río Negro- 20.28- Sighting (FAO- Fernando Calquín

15 Paso del Sapo, Chubut- 12.30- Sighting-(

17 Monte, Bs. As- 09.19- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Horacio Riquelme)

17 Capital Federal- 20.29- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Laura Babyaczuk)

18 La Plata, Bs. As- 23.00- Sighting Boomerang –(FAO-Zeta Forest)

19 Castelar, Bs. As- 06.27-PHANTOM UFO Photo- 2 Ovnis (Ricardo Cordeiro)

19 Bella Vista, Bs. As –09.00-Sighting- Dividió en 3-(Gabriel Alaniz)

19 Quilmes,Bs.As-15.00-Sighting(

22 Azul, Bs. As- 11.40- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Alejandro Inza)

23 Castelar, Bs. As- 12.26-Mothership- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Ricardo Cordeiro)

24 San Fernando, Bs. As- 15.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Alejandro Borrelli)

25 Castelar, Bs. As- 15.41- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

27 Castelar, Bs. As- 07.44- Mothership- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Ricardo Cordeiro)

27 Azul, Bs.As. –18.16- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Alejandro Inza)

27 Rawson, Chubut- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (

31 Castelar, Bs. As- 08.32- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Ricardo Cordeiro)

31 Azul, Bs. As- 15.23- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Alejandro Inza)

31 Rosario, Sta. Fe- 16.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Nicolás Minkiewicz)

Total reports for OCTOBER................. 35
POSITIVE provisional cases...........35
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases.......... 00
UFOs sighted......................... 12
PHANTOM UFOS......................... 22
GROUND PRINT Records..................... 01
HUMANOID Reports.................... 00
DAYTIME Reports........................ 24
NOCTURNAL Reports...................10
Province in the lead................... 24 (Buenos Aires)
Remaining provinces ...................... 11


Pr – Chicoana, Salta- Wheatfield PRINTS- (Mercedes Casas)

Pr – Dique Cabra Corral, Salta- 02.00- Sighting- (El Tribuno)

02 –Castelar, Bs. As- 10.56- PHANTOM UFO Photos-Actividad- (R. Cordeiro)

03 – S. R. de Calamuchita- Noon- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(FAO-M.Nuñez)

03 San Fernando, Bs. As- 13.30- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Alejandro Borrelli)

04 Castelar, Bs.As- 05.42- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Ricardo Cordeiro)

05 Cap. del Mte, Cba- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Andrea Perez Simondini)

05 Dique Los Molinos, Cba- 12.37- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Hector Sly)

06 - Castelar, Bs. As- 13.30- Vs. PHANTOM UFO Photos- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

06- Mendiolaza, Córdoba- 18.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Sara Calovini)

07- Quilmes, Bs. As- 21.17- Sighting TRIANGLE-(Angel Garbugino)

09 Alta Gracia, Cba- Día- Sighting- EM Effect - (Martha Nuñez)

09 La Plata, Bs. As- 19.30- Sighting- (FAO- Olga Pace)

11- De la Garma, Bs. As- 19.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (FAO- Elian Coronel)

13 Capital Federal- 15.11- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Laura Babyaczuk)

14 Castelar, Bs. As- 17.13-Varias PHANTOM UFO Photos- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

16 Azul, Bs. As- 16.13- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Alejandro Inza)

16 Sta. Rosa Calamuchita, Cba- 18.17- PHANTOM UFO Photo (Martha Nuñez)

16 Capital Federal- 21.09- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Laura Babyaczuk)

17 Castelar, Bs.As- 19.15- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

17 El Durazno, La Pampa- 23.00-Observation- (CEUFO)

18 Castelar, Bs.As- 05.56- PHANTOM UFO Photo –(Ricardo Cordeiro)

19 Rincón de Nogoyá, E. Ríos- 01.00- Sighting-(Diario Victoria)

20 Capital Federal- 18.59- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Laura Babyaczuk)

21 Tandil, Bs. As- 15.21- PHANTOM UFO Photos- (Alejandro Inza)

24 Castelar, Bs. As- 06.20- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

24 Cañuelas, Bs. As- NIGHTTIME- Sighting and Video- (web Infocañuelas)

26 Castelar, Bs. As- 18.18- PHANTOM UFO Photo en arco iris- (R.Cordeiro)

28 Castelar, Bs As- 13.49- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Ricardo Cordeiro)

29 Castelar, Bs. As- 17.01- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

Fi S. M. de Tucumán- Early Morning Hours- Video- DOUBTFUL-(El Diario24com)

Total reports for NOVEMBER............. 31
POSITIVE provisional cases......... 30
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases......... 01
UFOs sighted......................... 07
PHANTOM UFOS......................... 22
GROUND PRINT Records..................... 01
HUMANOID Reports.................... 00
DAYTIME Reports........................ 20
NOCTURNAL Reports.................. 10
Province in the lead.................... 17 (Buenos Aires)
Remaining provinces ....................... 14


02 Castelar, Bs. As- 17.50- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

03 Mar del Plata, Bs. As.- 15.27- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Martin Malaspina)

04 Capital Federal- 20.36- Sighting TRIANGLE-(Laura Babyaczuk)

05 Tupungato, Mendoza- Día- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Mdzol on line)

05 Pueblo Ester, Santa Fe- 18.00- Sighting and photos (VISION OVNI)

06 Castelar, Bs. As- 17.51- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

08 Castelar, Bs.As- 17-10- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

08 Victoria, E. Rios-21.30- Sighting ENTIDAD- (VISION OVNI)

10 Castelar, Bs. As- 10.29- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

14 Temperley, Bs. As- 12.00- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Hector Sly)

14 Castelar, Bs. As- 17.05- PHANTOM UFO Photo- Sighting-(R. Cordeiro)

14 Cap. Federal- 20.10-Sightings -(Ines Torrejón/Laura Babyaczuk)

15 Vicente López, Bs. As- 19.22- Sightings and video- FLEET (B.Bryson)

19 Capital Federal- 17.22- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Laura Babyaczuk)

20 Castelar, Bs. As-16.36- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Ricardo Cordeiro)

21 Azul, Bs. As- 17.26- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Alejandro Inza)

22 Castelar, Bs. As- 13.21- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

24 Castelar, Bs. As- 18.09- PHANTOM UFO Photo-(Ricardo Cordeiro)

26 Castelar, Bs. As- 08.56- PHANTOM UFO Photos- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

27 San Juan ciudad- Early morning hours – sighting and video- (Diario de Cuyo)

28 Castelar, Bs. As- 06.30- PHANTOM UFO Photo- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

29 Castelar, Bs. As- 07.10- PHANTOM UFO Photos- (Ricardo Cordeiro)

Total reports for DECEMBER.............. 22
POSITIVE provisional cases......... 22
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL Cases......... 00
UFOs sighted........................ 05
PHANTOM UFOS........................ 16
GROUND PRINT Records.................... 00
HUMANOID Reports.................... 01
DAYTIME Reports........................ 17
NOCTURNAL Reports.................. 05
Province in the lead................... 15 (Buenos Aires)
Remaining provinces ...................... 07


Activity SUMMARY 2010

TOTAL CASES REPORTED.........364 reports
NEGATIVE/DOUBTFUL CASES.............. 18 (5 %)
SEASON WITH MOST REPORTS... Summer, 125 reports
MONTH WITH MOST REPORTS................ JANUARY, 53 reports

JANUARY ............... 53
FEBRUARY............. 39
APRIL.................. 23
MAY................ 29
JUNE................. 20
JULY.................. 28
SEPTEMBER.......... 26


TOTAL UFOs...................................... 336

UFOS SIGHTED................................. 105

”PHANTOM” UFOs................................. 231

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)