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Spain: Case Histories for the Year 1939

[Angel Carretero’s “Andalucía Misteriosa” website ( is one of the most complete and updated repositories of information available on UFO cases in the Iberian Peninsula. His collected case files extend back to the year 1430; some CE-2 incidents in his collection cover the turbulent Spanish Civil War period (1936-1939) and we present two of them here – S. Corrales]

Case Histories for the Year 1939
By Angel Carretero – Andalucía Misteriosa

A UFO Lands at Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz)

Date: July 1939
In the summer of 1939, several children looking after cattle in Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz) witnessed a flying object measuring some 18 meters in diameter. When the UFO flew over them at low altitude, they had a sensation of heat. The object landed some 30 meters away, kicking up a dust storm. A door opened and two beings emerged – one tall and slight, the other short and stocky, lighting their way with a sort of flashlight, despite the fact that it was noon. After stepping some 20 paces from the UFO, they made an about face and re-entered the object. The entire event lasted 15 minutes.

Some witnesses and researchers state that the imprint was visible on the ground up to the year 1980.

(Source: and Enciclopedia de los Encuentros Cercanos by Vicente Juan Ballester Olmos)

A UFO Lands at Finca Los Majales, Sierra del Retín (Cádiz)

Date: Summer 1939
M. Jimenez Junquera, a child at the time, and in the company of five other goatherds, was known for his honesty. He told researchers in 1990 – having kept his experience a secret for forty years – about an object measuring between 15-20 meters in diameter, flying at low altitude and giving off intense heat and wind, metallic-looking and issuing an unpleasant whistling sound, that caused a stampede among the goats as it landed 30 meters from the eyewitness, who was standing on a small mound. The object looked like two soup bowls joined at their lips, surmounted by a conical dome with an antenna. Its perimeter featured a row of lights grouped two by two in red, yellow and green, with a “belt of lights” under each pair. A door opened and two occupants wearing coveralls and moving rigidly (as though in a plaster cast) descended to the ground. From their brows to the waist, horizontal blue lines crossed their moldy green outfits. Their faces were concealed by the coveralls and features were not discernible, but two round dark holes occupied the place of the eyes.

The entities wore belts and two “suspenders” to hold a large “suitcase” from which emerged a thin, silvery antenna. One of the beings was tall and slight, the other somewhat shorter and heavier.

In complete silence, the two beings removed unidentifiable objects from their belts, proceeding to fire “flashes of light” toward a nearby shed where animals were kept. They walked rigidly, extending their right arms to support the device. The taller being put the device away mechanically, but his counterpart continued firing flashes. Eventually, both beings turned around on their heels and retraced their steps. Upon nearing the UFO, the tall being flashed a yellow light that had remained at the spot on the object’s “hull” where the door had been. The door opened and the beings re-entered their object.

It rose into the air, kicking up dust and stabilizing 10-20 meters before flying close to the ground over the shed and the El Aguila farm, spinning on its axis and vanishing into the West. The witnesses told the story to the chief goat herder, who accompanied the boys to the site the next day and found prints. These were shown to the case researcher 41 years later, after hiking for an hour through the mountains. The landing had left two holes in a huge stone slab – now covered in soil and grass – suggesting a weight of dozens of tons to judge by the hardness of the terrain. Once the dust and soil covering them was removed (confirming that they were old and not “set up” for the benefit of contemporary researchers, as they were not visible, and not pointed out by the witness), the holes proved to be even and perfectly made, meaning that they could not be ascribed to erosion nor natural breakage. One side of an acebuche tree, facing the landing site, had turned ash-white in color and was leafless and dry, possibly from the jets of hot air issued by the object. The other half of the tree was normal, verdant and with leaves.

(Source: Catálogo General del Fenómeno Ovni by Gabriel Wuldennar Ortiz).

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Angel Carretero, Andalucía Misteriosa)