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Healed by a UFO: The Flores Family's Odyssey

Healed by a UFO: The Flores Family's Odyssey
By Ramon Nava Osorio and Raul Nunez

An experience such as this is uncanny, and certainly more than one reader will question its authenticity. They are in their right to do so. We can only say that as a policy, we never publish anything without having confirmed the original sources, and in this event, the protagonists themselves restated their experience. A fact that leads us to believe once more that we know very little about our surroundings, much less about ourselves, and leads us to think that on certain occasions, higher intelligences manifest on our earthly plane.

The news item was short and brief. It appeared in the press in the city of Concepcion in 1998 and this small clipping was sent to Spain to our headquarters, receiving by way of reply a visit from Ramon Navia Osorio, President of the IIEE, who in the company of this author, traveled to the 9th Region of our country (Chile) to confirm, add, and compile more information on this and other cases in the area to reinvestigate them and learn what had happened to the protagonists nearly 8 years after the experience had occurred. But first, there was a visit to Mr. Raul Gajardo Leopold, former Major of the Carabineros, a researcher based in the city of Angol. He provided the infrastructure for our research trips and above all, very important data with which to locate the people involved in this case. His personal UFO files constitute an overlooked gem, and greatly facilitated the task of meeting with this people and attest to the authenticity of what had appeared in the press a long time ago. Of course, in order to do this, it is necessary to conduct field research, and that is when this archive comes to life and achieves full validity.

In the initial report -- having a nearly police-like quality to it -- Mrs. Asbel Ortega Flores stated, verbatim:

On 28 September 1998 I was driving from Los Angeles to Purén, accompanied by my mother, Alicia Flores Reyes, 61, and by my son Gabriel Alfonso Martinez Ortega, 4, whom we had taken to the office of physician Lorenzo Bustamante Lalane, who sees his patients at Clinica de Los Andes in the city of Los Angeles. The diagnosis indicated that my son apparently suffered from "rheumatoid fever to the heart" with high temperatures and a marked decline. He should neither become agitated nor cry, as this could bring about a heart attack at any moment. He was asleep in the car.

The time was approximately 22:30 hours, and the night was completely clear, with visible stars and no moon.

We had already passed the locality of Triten by 7 or 8 kilometers. This locality is 22 kilometers south of Angol, halfway to Los Sauces.

Upon rounding a curve, a saw a radiant, white, luminous object at a 45 degree elevation. It had well-defined edges, darkened or lead grey in its middle and circular in shape. It moved vertically over the pine forests. While surprised and disquieted, I wasn't afraid. I continued driving at some 80 miles an hour, and upon reaching a straight segment 300 meters ahead, and driving through it, where it slopes downward, I was able to see the luminous object or UFO that remained motionless in the same vertical position, some 20 meters over the road. I kept approaching it and came with 70 to 100 meters of the unknown object. I was able to estimate that it was some 6 meters in diameter, and that's when I started to fear the unknown, much like my mother, but at no point did we scream or cry. I lowered my speed to the minimum. The vehicle did not shudder nor was there any vehicle interference, but both me and my mother felt something along the lines of internal heat...from our heads down to our legs, and also down our backs. Our hair did not stand on end.

My son Gabriel woke up at that time. He was very animated and chatty. Before that, he had been limp and even unable to raise his head. I could see other vehicles approaching from the opposite directions. I saw a car and flashed my lights at it, and the vehicle drove right under the UFO. The UFO began moving to the right, perhaps because I flashed my lights. It traced a broad curve without changing its altitude with regard to the ground. It started to rise just as a bus approached from the opposite direction. I also flashed my lights at it, but without any result. It didn't slow down. I think they didn't see the UFO, and were not aware of what we were seeing.

The UFO passed to our right some 70 meters away, at an elevation of some 20 degrees over the treetops, slowly, in the same vertical position. We always saw it like that. I'm certain it wasn't a sphere. The sighting lasted some 15 minutes, and then we lost sight of it.

At no moment did I stop or park. I proceeded at a normal speed of 80 KMH. We reached Purén without further delay.

The next day, we returned to Los Angeles, as my son needed to have an EKG and other tests. But the doctor was able to ascertain that my son was completely healthy. The doctor admitted to me that he couldn't find any explanation to the situation.
Finally, I remember seeing a layer of dark mist at the place where the UFO remained motionless, parallel to the highway. It's unusual in that place. It was the only place where we saw that fog. It was truly strange.

The foregoing report clearly stated that the press had published the event substantially close to the truth, although without much detail. Our mission was to find that family: the mother, young Gabriel, and to have them explain to us and confirm if we had allowed ourselves to get carried away by a burst of enthusiasm or if the facts were indeed as stated.

After locating the family - they lived in the community of Los Sauces - but not having a specific address, we commenced a random blind search, concentrating on some streets pointed out by people who might have known them years ago, but without much certainty. At the end of the day, and as the sun went down, our door to door search asking neighbors -- who looked at us with a mixture of surprise and skepticism, thinking we were "pulling their legs" -- this author had the good fortune of knocking on the door of a modest home that somehow reflected the lifestyle of a family from the southern regions of our country.

I am writing in the first person, because it was to me that a young woman with a pleasant smile and eyeglasses opened the door. This gave me the necessary enthusiasm to ask her, without hesitation, that I was looking for a family who had had a UFO sighting in 1998 while traveling from Los Angeles to Puren, having it nearly 70 mters from their car, and resulting in the healing of a boy named Gabriel who was in a precarious condition. The reply was: "Here's my son Gabriel, completely healthy to this very day...and she opened the door to her home broadly, and I was able to see a thin, intellectual-looking youth seated before a computer. He shook my hand and greeted me formally. I quickly summoned my fellow searchers, who joined the group, and we commenced a very pleasant conversation in the living room with the entire family.

Mrs. Asbel Ortega Flores told us exactly what she had stated in her original testimony, which was later presented in the manner indicated above. She spoke enthusiastically, glancing at her son Gabriel, who confirmed his mother's words. Our visit lasted a few hours, during which we were able to extract some interesting information with which to make comparisons with other similar cases around the world. The family seemed tightly-knit, young and forward-looking, and logically, with Gabriel's health in a very stable condition.

We won't go into the extensive interrogation posed by our colleague Ramon Navia-Osorio, where some very personal details of the family were broached. We believe that out of respect for their privacy, and to keep from hindering their lives, as we are publishing the main part of their experience, we shall omit some information, nevertheless mentioning some parallels that emerged: the kind generally known as "coincidences", which have been present in their lives to assist them in difficult moments. Such effects have already been recorded in other cases and are under investigation.

Once our encounter had drawn to a close, we were still unable to place ourselves in the reality of a healing caused by a light issuing from a UFO, and which apparently has an unquestionable significance in Gabriel's healing. We needed a document, something that a specialist in the child's diseases could provide as an improvement of his condition. In this regard, we knew from experience that professions such as medicine and others are hesitant to sign such documents, much less when faced with something they do not know or understand.

In this situation, and thanks to the meritorious efforts of our companion, the former Carabineros major mentioned earlier, who patiently overcame bureaucratic hurdles, managed to obtain -- after a series of insistent letters to the physician -- a "brief but hastily written" medical report in which the doctor ends his writing confirming that something special indeed took place that evening.

The phrase was: " that time, events occurred for which there is no known logical explanation."

The document said it all. We were left with the same questions we raised at the beginning and repeated time and again. Is it possible that Gabriel's sudden healing had a direct connection with the incredible light that accompanied his mother's car that evening?

Although we are always reserved and expecting some other type of explanation, which we have not found up to this moment, we believe that it was the effect of this light that not only affected Gabriel, but his mother and grandmother as well, as both women felt themselves invaded by an intense feeling of heat from head to foot. This tells us that "something" was going on at the time on that dark road near the town of Triten on the way to Los Sauces.

During subsequent efforts, we have located more cases along the same road involving similar lights. Curiously enough, they follow car drivers. Checking through newspaper archives, we have discovered that the Cronica newspaper of the city of Concepcion for Monday, 21 October 1968 features a story about an ambulance being chased by "a brightly-lit UFO" carrying Dr. Jaime Reyes Aroca, director of the Piren Hospital, ambulance driver Humberto Ewert and statistician Jose Marangel Burgos. This event took place on the hill known as "Los Caracoles" on the road linking Los Sauces to Pirén. This event cause set the local authorities into action to establish what really happened; on the following day, several locals living 10 kilometers distant from Piren reported seeing a strange artifact landing on rural fields. The peasants did not try to approach it, adding that around six o'clock in the morning, the device took off toward the Nahuelbuta Mountains. Subsequent investigations were unable to confirm this last fact, nor did they find physical evidence of what the locals were discussing.

We thus conclude our report on what we have available to the moment. We can only present the documents we have acquired, attesting to the incident, but they do not explain what actually happened to the Flores family that evening.

(Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez and Ramón Navia-Osorio, IIEE)