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Spain: Incident at the Tablada Aerodrome

Spain: Incident at the Tablada Aerodrome (Seville)

Date: 29 September 1986
Time: 3:30 a.m.
Duration: Approximately 15 seconds
Report by: M. Filpo

The report was made by a police officer at the base and was furnished to the author of the report.

Having commenced the take-off operations for a C-130 cargo plane from said air force base’s runway, a white, flashing light, resembling a very large flare and made up of two tangential spheres, one of them somewhat larger than the other, landed and rose from the head of the runway. It caused astonishment among the personnel stationed at the control tower.

However, the cargo plane did not stop, and proceeded to take off when the light was high the air. The object immediately placed itself behind the aircraft’s tail before losing itself in the distance.

The police force was put under alert and assembled to receive instructions. The force consisted of some thirty men, and twenty of them had witnessed the phenomenon partly or completely. The witness was able to see the end, that is to see, when the light placed itself behind the cargo plane’s tail section. The base commander cautioned the men that if any one of them dared utter a word about the event, they would be liable for severe punishment, given that the matter was considered a military secret. Naturally, other threats were leveled in true military fashion, possibly a result of the nervousness caused by the event.

The next day, they witnessed the arrival of a group of U.S. military men. Their presence was not common, and it was quite logically associated to the previous evening’s events.

[Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to J. Manuel García Bautista and the files of Grupo Gerena]

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Spain: A Paranormal Event in Linares (2005)

Source: GEIFO
Date: 07.28.12

Spain: A Paranormal Event in Linares (2005)

Case No. : 20020000
Date: Year 2002 Time: ? PLACE: Linares PROVINCE: Jaén
Witnesses: Antonio Pérez, age 22 (son)
Subject: Alleged Paranormal Phenomena (sees shadows and dead people)
Available Documentation: Correspondence exchanged and summary of transactions
Researcher(s): Fernando García, Marcos A. Benitez and Angel Carretero

Miscellaneous: The witness contacted the researcher(s) in the year 2005, stating that he has been seeing shadows and people whom he believes to be dead for over 3 years. The case involves a well-to-do family with its own business. Phenomena commenced when they moved from Villacarrillo to Linares. Witness is writing a book on speleology with his father.

Notes: The person contacting us is ANTONIO PEREZ RUIZ, father of Antonio Perez, 22, who claims seeing shadows and people who he believes to be dead for over 3 years.

Given that he has a younger son, he preferred to discuss the matter from the family business he runs with his brother, and which is a carpentry establishment.

The family consists of the couple and three children. The father is a speleology enthusiast and has been the president of an association dedicated to this sport in Villacarrillo (Jaén), and is writing a book on the subject with his son.

His son, Antonio Perez, 22, studies technical mining engineering with a specialization in fuel and explosives. He is hoping to earn his degree this year (2005) and wants to pursue a further two years of study to obtain a higher degree.

As a result of his studies, the young man moved to Linares (Jaén) in 2002, living in housing occupied mainly by students. This building was constructed approximately around 1975 near a church, Santa María la Mayor, and a convent. The father believes that the construction took place over an ancient cemetery that could have belonged to the church or the convent, and the church was partially destroyed during the Spanish War of Independence. He also believes it played a role during certain episodes related to the Spanish Civil War.

According to the father, the young man began to see shadows in the house, but they are merely that: shadows. Over time, the shadows begin to speak, asking for help. Also over time, deceased individuals start joining the shadows, among them the young man’s grandfather, who died in late 2004.

The young man attended the grandfather’s burial with the rest of the family, but had to leave the cemetery, saying he was seeing dead people everywhere.

He stopped seeing the grandfather. The rest of the ghosts tell him he will no longer see him, as he is now elsewhere.

At the urging of a friend and his own girlfriend, a joint prayer session was held at the dwelling, and the phenomena diminished for a certain period of time.

The last episode that the father is aware of took place on Easter Sunday, 2005. They were driving on the highway with the young man and his girlfriend; he became anxious, saying he could see the dead everywhere.

One of the shadows, he believes, corresponds to a portrait that hangs on the walls of the convent church mentioned earlier.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Rodriguez, GEIFO)

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Spain: Unidentified Flying Object Cases from 1998

Source: Andalucía Misteriosa (www.andaluciamisteriosa.es.tl)
Date: 07.24.2012

Spain: Unidentified Flying Object Cases from 1998

Case #1

Researcher: Joaquín Mateos Nogales
Available Documentation: Enigmas, Year VI, No. 6, 1998
Source: Mundo Parapsicologico

Sighting of Three Greenish Oval Lights by Four Witnesses Around 00:30 Hrs. on 24 April 1998 at El Garrobo, a Hill Near Aznalcollar (Seville)

Around 00:30 hours on 24 April 1998, four witnesses of whom only their initials are known were driving back home along the Gerena-El Algarrobo road heading toward Huelva. They became aware of the presence of three green-hued lights appearing over some hills near the municipal limits of Aznalcollar.

As they approached the sight, they ascertained that three objects of considerable size, oval in shape, were hovering some 20 meters over the fields. When the car drove around one of the curves nearest to the objects’ location, the witnesses were clearly able to see a row of “what looked like portholes” surrounding each of the objects.

When the objects seemed to bob in mid-air, the witnesses became frightened, increased their car’s speed, and abandoned the area.

Case #2

M.Z.D., 24, employed with a supermarket belonging to a well-known international chain (name omitted due to anonymity considerations) says: “It happened during the World Cup, I’d say around 11 June 1998, at around 11:00 p.m. approximately.” According to the witness, he was able to see the object over the sea. “Looking straight at the sea, the object was to the NE. I was alone; I had agreed to meet some friends and became aware of a very strong white light. I stared up and realized that other people were also looking. The object began changing color from yellow to green, red, blue...it seem to shoot of sparks as it changed colors. It made noise as it sparked. Then it turned white again, but since the light wasn’t as bright, a disk-shape was visible, and part of the disk moved and seemed to wobble. Then it turned off and wasn’t seen again.”

The witness didn’t notice any abrupt temperature changes, nor did he experience any physical symptoms. This is all he saw, which was significant. Is this the first time that something like this has occurred in this city? The answer is no.

Case #3

Three Unidentified Submarine Objects (USOs) at Matalascañas (Huelva) – Early September 1998 at Sunset.

In early September 1998 and around sunset, a strange luminous formation made up of three luminous spheres, leaving a visible luminous wake underwater, was seen. Gradually, the objects emerged separately from the depths, remaining visible above the surface. Subsequently [the witnesses] F.J.G and I.D.S. were able to see how the three strange spheres rose above the surface and, shifting colors beautifully, headed toward Huelva and Portugal on the Western reaches of the Iberian Peninsula.

Case #4

Flying Platform and Four Other Objects Reported Over Lepe (Huelva) in September 1998

Around 23:30 hours on a given day in September 1998, the witness, whose initials are G.P.M., saw a sort of flying platform surmounted by another lens-shaped object, even as several triangular objects flew beneath it.

The lens-shaped object made a parabolic maneuver, and when it was over the town, it engaged in zigzag movements, issuing intermittent white light.

The lens-shaped object was black with red and white lights, while the triangular one was silver with white and green lights.

The five (5) objects made all kinds of movements during the 75-minute duration of the event. They had uniform speed of approximately 200 kmh. The first object was at an elevation of some 500 meters and the second one at 15 meters.

The witness employed binoculars throughout the entire sighting.

Researcher: Fernando Garcia.
Available Documentation: “Misterios” Bulletin No. 10, Jan. 2002 and copy of the investigation performed.

[Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Carretero Olmedo, Andalucia Misteriosa]

Spain: UFO Buff Sets Off Forest Fire

Source: Lainformacion.com and Informe U.F.O.
Date: 06.13.2012

Spain: UFO Buff Sets Off Forest Fire

A 29-year-old held in custody by the Guardia Civil (state police) as the alleged culprit in a forest fire last Sunday in Sierra La Muela (Cartagena) confessed to having visited the site to see UFOs with some friends, and when he was left alone, he lit a signal flare, which supposedly ignited the fire that devoured eleven hectares.

According the Benemérita, the detainee, A.S.A., a resident of Cartagena, had arranged to meet several people in this area to try and see unidentified flying objects, but when he could not find his companions, he tried to signal his position by firing off a red flare used for sea-going vessels, causing the forest fire.

Hours after the initial fire, personnel from the Military Emergency Unit reporting to the site to help fight the blaze, found the remnants of the flare in question, while the Guardia Civil found the flare gun not far from the site, calculating the point from which it was supposedly fired.

The fire took place within an area of community-wide importance and the bird sanctuary known as “La Muela and Cabo Tiñoso,” affecting nearly 11 hectares of trees, bushes and grass.

[Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Leopoldo Zambrano, Informe U.F.O.]

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Spain: A Humanoid Parachutist in the High Seas?

Source: Andalucía Misteriosa
Date: 23 July 2012

Spain: A Humanoid Parachutist in the High Seas?
By Angel Carretero

I have always been interested in close encounters, landings and cases in which there is the presence of entities, whether there is a related object or not. I have endeavored to restrict my research to the Community of Andalusia, but every so often I’ve become interested in phenomena from beyond those confines.

One of these struck me, as it took place some 24 nautical miles away from Finisterre (La Coruña) and from that moment onward I referred to it by the name I’ve given this feature: “The Parachutist Humanoid”.

A merchant vessel, “La Marietta”, of Maltese registry, was sailing on 7 July 1997 some 24 nautical miles away from Finisterre. An officer and a sailor were on watch in the bridge. The watch was elapsing without incident until they saw a man dropping out of the sky, wearing a green outfit and lacking a parachute.

Word spread quickly over the Galician-speaking radio waves. The merchant vessel’s watch crew had seen a man drop out the sky (“A Martian,” as the radio communications described him) clad in green and with no parachute. The vessel advised the Marine Rescue Unit in Finisterre of this fact and changed course to effect a rescue.

The area was scanned by two helicopters, a boat and tug that found nothing whatsoever.

José Lesta and Miguel Pedreo published the story in Año Cero and in the “Teleindiscreta” TV news magazine, not knowing if any investigation had been carried out.

When the case reached my ears, interviewing the witnesses had become somewhat more difficult. God only knew where the merchantman was. However, if the Marine Rescue Unit had intervened, they would have some knowledge about it.

Efforts in this regard proved fruitless. The case struck me as odd and picturesque from the get-go: an entity falling out of the sky, with nothing from which it could have jumped or fallen out of. Personally, I tend to think in terms of a weather balloon of some sort, or one of the natural phenomena often seen in the high seas.


[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Carretero, Andalucía Misteriosa and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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The Brunelli-Porchietto Teleportation (1972)

Source: Planeta UFO & “Ovnis, Desafío a la Ciencia” (No.8, Córdoba, Arg. 1975)
Date: 07.20.2012

The Brunelli-Porchietto Teleportation
By Dr. Oscar A. Galíndez

Date of the Event: July 16, 1972
Location: Arroyito, Cordoba Province, Argentina
Summary: Two men driving in a car were startled by a dramatic nocturnal lightning bolt, after which they drove past a sort of “train” with large orange windows. Subsequent effects: time distortion, travel amnesia, scant vehicle fuel usage and psychophysical effects.

The protagonists of this case were two well-known men from the city of Cordoba. One of them was Mr. Atilio Brunelli, 55, a music professor, composer and concertmaster; the other, Mr. Severino Porchietto, 61, was a retired industrial worker. Two meetings were held at Mr. Brunelli’s home, while a third took place at Mr. Porchietto’s. Personal contact with the witnesses allowed us to weigh their advanced educational background, the sincerity of their narrative and the unquestionable strength of their convictions.

The Narrative

The experiencers are long-time residents of the locality of Balnearia (185 km. distant from the city of Cordoba). Mr. Brunelli lived in that community for 24 years, moving to Cordoba in 1954. Mr. Porchietto lived in Balnearia for 30 years, also subsequently moving to Cordoba. This feature is of importance to our study. These are people who, linked by family and friendship ties to residents of Balnearia, travel 4 or 5 times a year to that community, with the result that they both had a detailed knowledge of the road traveled.
In their younger years, both formed a musical group, and for that reason they were invited on Friday, 14 July 1972, to participate in a get-together aimed at reliving those memories and others. Having accepted the invitation, both men traveled to Balnearia in a 1968 Ford Falcon belonging to Mr. Porchietto.
A recital involving several orchestras took place at the time, and it lasted into the early morning hours of the following day. The get-together took place at the Club Atletico Independiente Union Cultural de Balnearia, with around 1,500 people in attendance. On the evening of Saturday the 15th, our interviewees were given a farewell supper and dance at the same club. During the occasion, Mr. Brunelli was given a commemorative plaque while Mr. Porchietto received a commemorative scroll, which speaks to the high degree of esteem in which our interviewees were held.
At 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, 16 July, they left the meeting place to embark on the return trip to Cordoba.
They are aware of the time, since at 2:00 a.m. they had told their hosts of the need to leave the party, given the lateness of the hour and the need to face a two and half hour return trip to Cordoba. Faced with the insistence of their hosts, they chose to linger a few more minutes, and they estimate this time period took 20 or 30 minutes. After the obligatory farewells, they left the event. They had consumed no alcohol whatsoever. Before leaving for Cordoba they filled up the car with gasoline (tank capacity = 65 liters)

The Phenomenon

The drive was regular and sustained, with speeds between 80 and 100 kmh, according to the features of the highway itself. Mr. Porchietto was at the wheel, and 3 or 4 minutes after having passed the town of Arroyito, they were startled by a tremendous flash of white light that lit the area as though it were daytime. Mr. Brunelli managed to see a dark shape in the sky at the apparent height of the upper frame of the windshield, but was unable to make out its outlines with any clarity, since the car’s roof prevented any further visibility. He paid no mind to the incident (which he took for a cloud at first), as he uttered the word “Storm!” after seeing it. The time was 3:10 a.m. and they were 76 km away from Balnearia.

Moments later, they noticed a row of rectangular lights on the left side of the road – some 50 meters away from the paved surface and on completely flat terrain –shortly after the sighting. They attributed the lights to a motionless railcar convoy (the train tracks run parallel to the pavement). The lights – dim orange in color – appeared to correspond to a structure 50 meters long and whose outline they were unable to determine, as it dissolved into the darkness.

Mr. Porchietto paid no greater attention to the “train”, although he perfectly recalls the light’s characteristics. Mr. Brunelli, on the other hand, turned to look as the car drove past, while admitting that he looked on with an unconcerned air. The sighting lasted 10 seconds.

Once the “train” was out of sight, Mr. Brunelli concentrated his attention incessantly on the sky, trying to locate the storm. He saw no clouds that confirmed his concerns. The night was clear and the stars shone with pronounced luminosity (he remarked to us that he had seldom seen such a clear and starry night).

More Surprises

Only a few minutes later, they realized that they were approaching a community whose lights led them to suspect must be Rio Primero, although they were bewildered, since they had not yet passed other no less significant communities, such as Tránsito and Santiago Temple. Suddenly they found themselves facing a curve to the left that evidently had nothing to do with the characteristics of the sit. Both men were surprised, as they did not expect such a detour, being so familiar with the road.

They continued their drive, ascertaining that it was the town of Montecristo, 25 kilometers after Rio Primero. Aside from their fleeting bewilderment, they gave the incident little importance, feeling that the nature of the nocturnal drive itself had created in their minds the impression of much shorter trip. They were glad to find themselves in the vicinity of Cordoba.

They covered the remaining 28 km. in some 15 or 20 minutes. Mr. Porchietto drove his companion to his home and then headed for his own residence two blocks away. Upon entering his house, Mr. Brunelli noticed that his bedroom clock indicated 3:30 a.m., but admits having not been surprised at having covered 185 km in barely an hour (Mr. Porchietto, on the other hand, told us he reached home at 3:35 a.m., stating that it was quite likely that the time was 3:30 a.m. when he dropped Mr. Brunelli off).


In order to facilitate an analysis of the incident’s general context, we think it would be helpful to highlight some details of interest that the protagonists of the case certified after reaching Cordoba.

a. Both men agree that they felt an unusual state of euphoria upon reaching Cordoba. They didn’t feel any fatigue whatsoever after their festive evening nor due to their return trip. Mr. Brunelli admits that he felt the need to waken his wife and daughters immediately to tell them about the honors he’d received in Balnearia, but curiously enough, never told them about the unusual aspects of the return home: the luminous phenomenon, the “train” and the inexplicably abbreviated trip. On the other hand, Mr. Porchietto told us that he was awake at 8:00 a.m., not feeling in the least bit tired. But unlike Mr. Brunelli, he told his family of all the vicissitudes experienced on the trip home.

b. One of Mr. Porchietto’s sons was getting ready to travel to the city of Rio Cuarto in the family’s Ford Falcon. When he checked the amount of fuel, he noticed that the tank (with a 65 liter capacity) was half full. He asked his father if he had added fuel after returning from Balnearia, to which Mr. Porchietto said no. Stunned by his son’s statement, he hastened to confirm the fact. The vehicle had indeed consumed only 12.5 liters of fuel, when it usually burns 25 liters on that trip.

c. As of that morning – aside from the unusual state of euphoria and contentment that overcame him – Mr. Brunelli began to notice a tingling sensation in the right dorso-lumbar region of his back. He described the sensation as a numbness that made itself increasingly noticeable, being limited to a circle measuring 1.5 centimeters in diameter. The area was completely numb, and then two minutes later, he would feel a growing tingling sensation until natural sensitivity was restored. This sensation repeated itself over four days, and four to five times each day. His wife told us the phenomenon at no time displayed somatic manifestations. No spots, warts or unusual discoloration of the skin were in evidence. She recalls, however, that whenever the symptoms appeared, her husband would ask her if she could see any particular discoloration in the affected area.

d. Mr. Brunelli always suffered from high blood pressure and often felt dizzy. Despite disobeying doctors’ orders, his blood pressure was lower from the date of the incident to the last day of our interviews (18 September). We do not know if significant variations have occurred subsequent to this. Mr. Porchietto, on the other hand, did not experience any similar sensation aside from the sense of contentment that overwhelmed both men.

e. At noon on Monday, 17 July, one of Mr. Brunelli’s daughters (who had been in contact with Mr. Porchietto over the phone, and had heard the details of the return trip from him) asked her father if something odd had happened to them during the return trip. It was only at that moment did he discuss the phenomena mentioned earlier. Despite the importance of the issues, Mr. Brunelli himself admitted that he didn’t know why his mind had “sidelined” the incidents for nearly 33 hours. Despite their significance, and his considerable memory, he did not remember them after reaching Cordoba. He only remembered them when prompted by his daughter.

f. In any event, Mr. Brunelli felt the need to contact Mr. Porchietto once again in order to exchange impressions on their experience. As a result of this, they confirmed that characteristic of the “illuminated railcars” and the departure and arrival times from and to Cordoba. They both agree that they are startled by the lack of curiosity they felt about the strange train, whose windows were not square, but rectangular (the experiencers estimate that each window was some 3 meters tall by 0.70 meters). Furthermore, there was no light or reflector on any corner of the object. Even more remarkable is that the train tracks are 10 meters away from the road and not 50, the estimated distance between the road and the “train”. Nor could they find a satisfactory response to the motives that kept them from realizing that they had seen something truly abnormal, and going back to ascertain its true nature. Mr. Brunelli considers himself remarkably curious, and admits that he acted out of character.

g. Another detail of interest is represented by Mr. Porchietto’s behavior. Despite being a chain smoker (we ascertained this during our interviews) he did not smoke a cigarette for the remainder of the trip after seeing the “train”.

h. In Mr. Porchietto’s opinion, moments after seeing the object, he had the odd impression that the car was balancing only inches over the pavement. Mr. Brunelli, on the other hand, admits having felt no such feeling, but acknowledges that they both noticed how smoothly the vehicle was running despite the characteristic bumpiness of the road. The radio was off. No interference with the engine or lights were observed, nor were their wristwatches affected. They perceived no fog or any odor whatsoever. They did not experience any muscular or cutaneous sensations at all during the sighting of the “train”.

i. During a subsequent daylight trip to Balnearia, they were unable to locate the exact spot where the incident occurred. They believe, however, that it was a few kilometers after Arroyito, the last town they remember passing. The landscape is completely flat in that area, without buildings of any sort. Furthermore, they did not see anything along the road that could be associated with what was seen in that instance. Whatever it could have been was evidently no longer there. After this survey, and after dark, they had the fortune of seeing a passenger train go by. This sighting was extremely useful, as they were able to contrast the difference between this train and the “train” they observed. The passenger cars rolled a short distance from the pavement (remember that the train tracks run parallel to the road, barely 10 meters away from it) and its windows looked very small, with a white light that allowed them to see the railcar interiors clearly. The strange object, on the other hand, had notable differences with regard to its distance from the road (50 meters) as the size of its “windows” (3 meters by 0.70 cm) and the soft orange glow emanating from them, as well as the absence of details corresponding to its interior.

The Time Shrinkage Issue

Aside from the unusual characteristics of the Brunelli-Porchietto sighting, it is obvious the most significant detail hinges on the notorious shortening of the trip. Here are some useful details that will help in understanding the episode:

1. The mean distance between Balnearia and Cordoba is 68 kilometers. Up to Arroyito it is 76 km; between that locality and Rio Primero, 56 km; and 53 km. between the former and Cordoba.
2. The witnesses only recall passing the town of Arroyito. The immediately noticed the “train” sitting still on the side of the road. 5 or 7 minutes later they saw the lights of what they took to be Rio Primero (132 kilometers from Balnearia and 56 km from Arroyito). However, it turned out to be Montecristo (157 km. from Balnearia and 81 km. from Arroyito.
It strikes them that they did not remember having gone through Tránsito, Santiago Temple, Rio Primero (the road passes through the center of town, which has excellent lighting) and Piquillin. Evidently, there is an 81-kilometer segment that the experiencers have no memory of.
3. If this impression was not complemented by other major details, it would obviously be irrelevant. These details are:
a. One could assume that they did not notice the towns they passed (which is unlikely, especially in the case of a town like Rio Primero) due to distraction, yet the sense of simultaneous astonishment felt by both men is significant. Both reacted in surprise to find a curve on the road to the left. It is interesting that people who knew the road so well would have become disconcerted at the same time. Mr. Porchietto acknowledges having felt somewhat nervous after seeing the object (therefore, he was not able to drive so distractedly as to not recall the towns they would have passed). Mr. Brunelli says that after seeing the “flash of lightning” he spent his time trying to find the alleged storm (this would have kept him alert, and he should have therefore noticed the towns along the route);
b. The vehicle consumed only 12 ½ liters of fuel from Balenaria, when the trip regularly demands 25 liters.
c. Mr. Brunelli entered his home at 3:30 a.m., ascertaining this with his bedroom clock. Mr. Porchietto reached his home at 3:35 a.m., acknowledging having dropped off Mr. Brunelli five minutes earlier. This means that they covered 185 kilometers in a single hour. Mr Porchietto’s Ford Falcon is not only unable to achieve such a speed, but being a cautious driver, he seldom drives beyond 115 kmh. When Porchietto was asked if he thought of looking at his mileage counter, he says that he didn’t do so, because he doesn’t keep track of the kilometers for each of his trips.
d. One of Mr. Porchietto’s brothers, who was also at the Balnearia meeting, confirmed that both experiencers left that city around 2:30 a.m. Others who attended the celebration corroborated the hour in question. Relatives of both men certified their arrival in Cordoba at 3:30 a.m. (Brunelli) and 3:35 a.m. (Porchietto).
e. Beyond the itinerary followed by the experiencers, there is no shorter route linking Balnearia and Córdoba.

Other Witnesses

The experiencers did their best to keep the experience a secret, discussing it with a limited number of friends (bear in mind that the interviews took place a month after the incident, and the press had not become aware of the subject). However, a schoolteacher friend of Brunelli’s made the case known to the correspondents of the La Razón newspaper in Cordoba, whose reporters interviewed Brunelli and published an article about it in the aforementioned afternoon paper. Disclosure of the event – at least in its broader sense – had some positive outcomes: the Isala family, also from Cordoba, contacted Brunelli to inform him that they had seen a lightning bolt, that very same evening, with the same characteristics he’d mentioned.

We interviewed the Isala family on 21 October with a view to obtaining the details of either experience.

They departed Balnearia between 2:35 and 2:45 a.m. on 16 July 1972. There were five people aboard a Ford Falcon (consuming 20 liters of fuel every 170 to 180 km): Mr. Tito Aldo Isala, Enrique Isala, Ludovico Isala and two acquaintances, Mr. Ricardo Baile and a young lady named Estela. After 15 or 20 minutes they were in the vicinity of Frontera (23 km from Balnearia) when they saw a bright flash of lightning to the SW that lit up the sector in a matter of seconds. The flash was exceptionally bright. They also thought it was a storm, but saw no clouds that would confirm their supposition. The night was cold, the skies were clear and full of stars. The time of their sighting is approximate to the one provided by Messrs. Brunelli and Porchietto. They had no further experiences and did not see the “train” after Arroyito. They reached Cordoba at 4:15 a.m. – that is to say, a travel time of between 90 and 100 minutes, according to the approximate departure times provided by the Isala family.

An Unlikely Train

We have confirmed with the Ferrocarril Nacional General Belgrano that there were no trains in the area at the time that the alleged Arroyito “train” was sighted. The last train departed from Cordoba at 22:00 hours on Saturday, 15 July, so it is unlikely that 6 hours after its departure it would still be 109 kilometers away from that station. Furthermore, safety guidelines require that the dispatch office be advised immediately of any problem with the train, by any method available. There is no record of anything untoward having taken place with the 22:00 train, which reached its destination without further remarks.

Comparative Ufology

a. The Cuesta de Vacas (San Juan) “Train”
On 7 July 1968, while on a road trip from the town of Difunta Correa to the city of San Juan, Mr. Francisco Zamora, 40, an industrial worker living in that city, had a strange experience. His wife, Martha Frias, his sister Trinidad Zamora, his brother-in-law Carlos Muñoz and two children accompanied him.
After passing Cuesta de las Vacas (San Juan Province) they came across a sort of “train” crossing the road. They stopped the car until the “train” finished passing. When they resumed their trip, they were startled to find no train tracks. Looking around disconcertedly, they determined that they were on a plain. No train tracks had ever been seen there, since they recalled other tracks further along the road. They were certain of this and they confirmed it, finding the tracks outside Pozo de los Algarrobos.
In gathering the details of their sighting, they claimed having seen a railcar with windows measuring some 30 meters long. It gave the impression of being suspended in the air as it moved, about a meter over the ground. Visibility was perfect within the area of light projected by the car’s headlights.

b. The Colonia Helalcó “Train” (Santiago del Estero)
In the early days of July 1972 (some 15 days before the Arroyito Incident), the Director for the Frias Industrial School witnessed a similar event. Mr. Emilio Albaire was at his country home at Colonia Helalcó (Santiago del Estero) with his family when they saw an enormous elongated object – resembling a train – standing in the middle of a wilderness one kilometer away. A steady greenish-blue light illuminated its windows. It measured some 50 meters in length. Minutes later, the object projected a blinding light and rose vertically, turning itself into an immense ball of fire.

c. The Lavalle “Train” (Santiago del Estero)
On 8 July 1972 (eight days before the Arroyito Incident), Mr. Carlos Altamirano, assistant manager of the “Bonafide” branch of the city of Tucuman, was driving toward Frias (Santiago del Estero) with Aurora Bracamonte, secretary at the Frias Teacher Training School and Maria Angelica Bracamonte, both residents at that city in Santiago del Estero.
They had left shortly before 11:00 p.m. from Santiago and minutes later saw a fiery orb the size of a football drop in front of the car – supposedly a bolide – that exploded before it touched the ground. They saw the phenomenon as they crossed the Guayasan Mountains.

Further ahead, driving along Route 157 near Colonia Achalco between the localities of Tapso and Frias, near Lavalle, they saw something unusual. The time was 11:45 p.m., and after passing a curve in the road, some 800 meters to the right, they saw an object on the ground that Altamirano would describe as “a train among the trees.” It was a series of greenish windows about as tall as a common door, arranged along an object measuring some 50 meters long, resting on the ground.

The driver – alarmed by the phenomenon, as there are no train tracks in the area – chose to accelerate and drive off at high speed. Ms. Aurora Bracamonte stated that there are no towns or houses in the vicinity, and therefore, the bright light projected from the window could only emerge from a foreign object, since there is no electricity in the area.


For the benefit of scientific clarity, which must prevail when considering such phenomena, we have highlighted the most relevant aspects of the Brunelli-Porchietto Incident, abstaining from providing speculations that would do little to disentangle the problem.

One can only make an interesting distinction between the individual and common effects that both men suffered as a result of the sighting. Thus:

a. In common: Both Brunelli and Porchietto saw the flash and the object. They do not recall covering the final 81-kilometer stretch of their itinerary, felt no curiosity about ascertaining the nature of the element, and were overcome by a strange sensation of complacency.
b. Individual: Only Mr. Brunelli felt unusual psychophysical sensations, such as the numbing of a part of his right dorsal-lumbar region, having forgotten the incident for 33 hours and the normalization of his blood pressure.

We have the impression that something truly uncommon took place in that 81 kilometer stretch, where Mr. Brunelli, to judge by the individual effects, was the most affected. How and why? We do not know. We believe, however, that this investigation is far from over. We have taken the liberty of suggesting separate hypnotic regression sessions to the experiencers. They promised to check with their respective physicians to evaluate the adequacy of such verification.

[Translation (c) Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO, and Ruben Morales, Mitos del Milenio]

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Argentina: Thoughts on the Concordia Aerodrome MIB

Source: Planeta UFO and Visión OVNI
Date: 07.17.12

Argentina: Thoughts on the MIB at the Concordia Aerodrome
By Andrea & Silvia Pérez Simondini

Many years have gone by in search of evidence that could give us a minimal glimpse into the reality and existence of the UFO phenomenon and all that the phenomenon entails. The Men-in-Black form part of the stories associated with the UFO phenomenon, and they appear every so often in isolated incidents. There were numerous cases in Argentina in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, resulting in truly interesting cases.

Let me start by telling you as story that affected us closely, since it was an experience that befell my husband, Jorge Pérez Simondini: On one occasion, while performing a audit for the Perez Companc company’s fishing fleet, he came a cross the crewman, or more properly said, the ship’s machinist, who told him that during a personnel transfer trip from the Port of Golfo San Jorge (a broad semi-circular gulf located on the Argentinean Atlantic, in Patagonia facing the waters of the Argentinean Sea) to the YPF undersea drilling platform, halfway there, something got the crew excited, prompting sailors and oil rig personnel to look over the sides of the vessel. One can imagine their surprise when they looked over the side to see a light underwater, running past the ship at high speed. A few kilometers ahead, it broke the surface, rising vertically and swiftly before vanishing into the skies.

The story is in itself remarkable, but what happened days later, when the personnel reached the port with the relief crew, they encountered some men dressed in black waiting to interview each of them, using harsh and intimidating measures, threatening them with job loss should they attempt to share their experiences with others. This story, from 1968, was buried for years and it is the first time it is being told, given the number of years gone bay and the fact that majority of the witnesses died several years ago.

On August 29, 1962, the event that has become known as the “Necochea Incident” took place. The main witness, Osmán Alberto Simonini, saw a UFO and was chased by it along the road linking La Dulce with Necochea as he traveled toward this seaside city.

Senior Officer Juan Jose La Terza investigated this case on the day after the events occurred. He submitted a report on the presence of a strange device, describing the witness as a man “of fine reputation and perfectly reliable in his statements.” He ended his memorandum by certifying the event as a REAL INCIDENT, as told by the witness. It details the sighting of an object, its transit over the countryside, causing physical and/or physiological impact on the witness, the possible chase among other details. This case was investigated by [INEXPLICATA contributing editor] Guillermo Gimenez years later, who interviewed Simonini. The latter was afraid to discuss the events from 1962 because only days after the incident, and the investigation performed by Senior Officer J.J. La Terza, two men dressed in black appeared at his workshop. They warned him to forget all about the event, admonishing not to tell anyone else about it, since something might happen to him. The witness recalls that he was struck by the color of their clothing (black) and the similarity of these garments. They stood approximately 1.70 meters, were dark-haired, “foreign-looking” due to their Eskimo-like features. I wanted to set down these cases as examples, so readers who are encountering this description of the entities for the first time can have an idea that they represent a significant part of many of the stories that come across our desk.

We could define the Men-in-Black (MIB), according to a segment of UFO culture and the work done by UFO researchers, as alleged secret government or non-government agents, in charge of concealing a hypothetical extraterrestrial presence on Earth. It is sometimes understood that the MIB could be the aliens themselves.

Researcher Bill Moore believed that the Men-in-Black formed part of the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI), an internal security department of the U.S. government established in 1948 and later adapted by the FBI to investigate criminal activities within the USAF and its arms contractors, given that one of AFOSI’s missions it to protect technology, programs and staff against “external threats.”

Hypotheses and theories on the subject are countless and remain so, but beyond marks in fields, lights in the sky and lights in the countryside, and a scattering of (apparently unknown) entity sightings, there is no evidence that attests to their nature.

Today we are facing a case that for the first time (and it is only my personal opinion) makes me consider a possibility, one that has been repeated often, especially in Spiritist circle, that all of these sightings that we see with increasing frequency are not materially before us, but rather in another dimension. I have never perceived this so clearly as in this case. The fact that [the entity] appeared out of nowhere, walked only a few meters from the witnesses, who realized that he could not see them (or their large dog), that it moved robotically as if alone in the world, standing nearly 2.50 meters tall (clearly beyond human height), noticeably white skin, completely dressed in black, bespeaks a character that has little to do with our own reality.

All of these elements, when brought into my analysis, prompted a door to open. Through that door I was able to see things so clearly that not even I could believe it: the fact was that the entity wasn’t really there. It was in another dimension. I don’t know if it was due to the same nature that somehow allows humans to peer into that other world at a given time. Perhaps they bring it about themselves. It has no explanation, as far as I can tell, but I want to express my feelings, because never before – in the vast number of investigations I’ve been on – was I ever as certain of something as I am of this. I’m conveying here as I always do, because communication is also part of my history. it’s a need I feel, to mark the progress I’m making, and above all, to share a vocation that will allow us all to discern the possibility of real evidence. As I said earlier, this has been discussed many times, but never did I feel it or see it as clearly as now. Perhaps Claudia’s testimony made it so clear that I was unable to see it otherwise. Thank you for reading this, even if it’s only a personal truth.

Up to this point we have made available to our readers the various elements that involve sightings of the infamous Men-in-Black, who are in some cases linked with the UFO phenomenon.
While the sighting of the strange being in Concordia does not involve a sighting of any strange aerial craft, its strangeness quotient resides in the entity described by Claudia and her husband in the vicinity of the city’s aerodrome.

Aside from seeing the tall individual (standing 2.50 meters) with a very pale complexion and robotic movements, another of the singular aspects of the case is the observation by witnesses of the airplane [the entity] boarded, carrying two briefcases. However, the witnesses are unable to describe how the airplane vanished, which adds to the high strangeness.

The essential item of information, then, was to confirm the traffic in and out of the aerodrome on that day and time.

Silvia managed to contact Manuel, the operator on duty at the control tower on the day of the event. He confirmed that no aircraft operated in the aerodrome’s vicinity on that day. This is to say, no aircraft had taxied, taken off or landed. None whatsoever, on the date that Claudia claims having had her experience.

However this was not the only source of confirmation. Journalist Matías Hojman of the “Las 5 Patas” program he hosts with Noelia Lage on Fridays from 9 to 12 o’clock on 88.9 Mhz in the city of Concordia, and who brought the case to light, confirmed he had contacted Police Chief Sergio Mendoza requesting Claudia’s contact information, in the likely event that she had made a police report. Faced with a negative reply, Hojman then asked Chief Mendoza about the information he had been able to gather, confirming that no aircraft operated in the region on the day of the event.

This information clarifies and confirms a relevant point. However, it adds to an increase in the high strangeness quotient, especially when faced with a highly reliable witness. Let us hope that we will able to speak with the police chief, who may be able to give us some more precise information.

We would like to thank: Claudia, for coming forth with her experience; researcher Debora Goldstern for her interview with researcher Guillermo Gimenez
http://cronicasubterranea.blogspot.com.ar/; researcher Guillermo Gimenez for his research into the “Necochea Case” http://ar.groups.yahoo.com/group/planeta_ufo; Matías Hojman for making available all his information on the case, and Vicky Zeigler and Martín, Vision Ovni’s Correspondents in Concordia, who made us aware of the earliest information on the case.

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Our thanks to Andrea & Silvia Perez Simondini and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Monday, July 16, 2012

Argentina: Mysterious Events in Western Buenos Aires

Source: Diario Popular
Date: 15 July 2012

Argentina: Mysterious Events in Western Buenos Aires
By Edición Impresa

Lights streaking swiftly across the sky, strange flying objects that draw the attention of local residents at different times of day, remarks from other residents claiming abductions by intelligences from other worlds and even a little girl who states that small, big-eyed children come to get her to play with a person she identifies as Jesus – these are some of the enigmatic circumstances that can be found in the so-called “Western Corridor” of Greater Buenos Aires and, which according to one researcher, constitute a glimpse into a mysterious and undefined situation.

Fabián Torti, a member of the Grupo Tecnico de Asistencia Psicológica OVNI (GRU.TAP – Technical Group for Psychological UFO Assistance), a support team for UFO research that provides a psychological and sociological focus for the events reported, told MAS ALLA DEL MISTERIO that the succession of events recorded in a vast area of Western Greater Buenos Aires are a sign that “something is going on.”

Torti pointed out that he is in no position to specify exactly “what” is going on, but noted it was evident that “many strange situations are being recorded, and not only in the Western Corridor, particularly Castelar, Ituzaingó and Moreno, but I would even go as far as to include other points within the Province of Buenos Aires.”

From his perspective, the not yet fully explained explosion of 26 September 2011 in Montegrande, attributed to a pizza oven, “was really the hinge”, according to Torti, in a proliferation of manifestations to which we can find flesh and blood witnesses, who in some cases have not yet recovered from the initial impression.

GRU.TAP, he explains, assists with research conducted by other groups in the area, such as Nicala and Aurora, “but we study the person, not the object” meaning that what is placed under their magnifying glass are the eyewitness accounts of those who saw or experienced a strange situation.

While acknowledging that his original standpoint was an incredulous one, when these phenomena started becoming known, the various episodes recorded, the eyewitness accounts collected and even sightings that the researcher and members of his group have had, has led him to conclude: “these events evidently contain a logic that GRU.TAP, at least, has not been able to determine.”

However, studies on the testimony of eyewitnesses and direct experiencers of these manifestations enabled him to get in touch with a young mother who lives in the area, and whose identity he keeps confidential, who claims being an abductee. “When you speak to her, you realize she provides details that that cannot be invented,” says Torti, such as when she noted that the intelligences taking her “did not stand on the floor, but were suspended over the surface, and that she saw a human being with wires connected between his head and a monitor that displayed his thoughts.”

“There are things that cannot be made up, because common perception always bears a relationship to known events. When something different or unusual is contributed, that’s when the scenario acquires another characteristic.”

What the anonymous resident of the Western Region did say regarding her abduction – and she is known not to be the only person mentioning such an experiences – what her little five-year-old daughter has to say is no less significant. With childish innocence, she says that “small, big-eyed kids come to get her, and take her to play with Jesus,” in her own words.

Beyond these mysterious episodes contributed by the young mother and her daughter, members of GRU.TAP never imagined that while analyzing sightings from the psychological profile of the witnesses, they too would become subjects in their own research.

“One of our members photographed strange objects in the sky, and in my particular case, whenever I leave home early on a Saturday morning I see a round object in the sky. It’s a matter of standing around looking at the sky, and you’ll always see something.” adds the researcher. “I don’t know if it’s a UFO with Martians inside it, and I can’t tell you exactly what it is, but, there’s clearly something going on.”

Among the cases recorded, one of them took place last week when a resident of the Parque Aeronautico area in Ituzaingó witnessed the maneuvers of a strange object in the sky.

A group of youngsters barbecuing outside a house witnessed – around midnight – an intense luminous orb that irradiated shades of yellow and red. The father of one of these witnesses, Alberto Barrera, told MAS ALLA DEL MISTERIO that the mysterious object “broke down into little balls” shortly after flying over the area.

But to members of GRU.TAP, the events surrounding the mysterious Monte Grande explosion last year, and which was officially explained away as the explosion of gas tanks in a makeshift pizza parlor, contains the clue of a series of enigmatic events recorded both in the Western Corridor as well as various points of provincial Buenos Aires.

In this regard, Fabián Torti told MAS ALLA DEL MISTERIO that “the event was the sign that something was about to begin,” insisting that “the cover-up of the evidence left behind, and the scarce information provided about the event, only serve to multiply suspicions.”

The researcher recalls that the morning after the explosion, “one could see black Pathfinder-type SUVs, people speaking English and German, and teams working behind screens as they took away chunks of metal that were left behind after the explosion.”

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Luis Burgos: 4 Out of 10 Argentines Have Seen a UFO"

Source: Info News
Date: 07.12.2012

Luis Burgos: Four Out Of Ten Argentines Have Seen a UFO
By Ulises Rodríguez

These are the statistics kept by the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía, which has been investigating the phenomenon for 43 years. “Argentina ranks among the best and most significant UFO activity cases,” Luis Burgos, the organization’s president, told INFONews.

In most cases, people say they saw “something in the sky” with many lights, but are unable to say what the “something” happened to be. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have always been enshrouded in mystery. Their origin remains an enigma.

The hypothesis circulated for centuries is that UFOs, or at least some of them, are a means of transportation employed by beings from other worlds or parallel worlds.

Luis Burgos is the president of the Argentinean UFO Foundation (Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia – F.A.O.) and has been researching the phenomenon in the country since 1969. “Aliens don’t land just anywhere. They have hot spots or active areas. In our country, the provinces of La Pampa, Córdoba, some regions of Entre Rios and Salta are hot zones, and in Buenos Aires we find the area known as El Nido, dubbed the “western corridor”, he explained to INFONews.

This expert on the subject stated: “4 out of 10 Argentines has seen a UFO at some moment in their lives.” Luis Burgos, who performs this task with passion, noted that: “We are not interested in proving all of the cases, nor rejecting them all, and within this context we find an overwhelming number of cases that have occurred over 61 years and have no “rational” explanation. Without going into ships from outer space, cosmic messages or good or evil creatures. If we can’t identify it in flight, it’s a UFO. It’s a USO on the water, a “phantom” UFO if it appears in pictures, a UFO landing when related prints are found, and so forth. So what’s the problem? In the final analysis, we’re not speaking of UFOs made by Ets or UFOs made in the USA. Simply objects whose origin cannot be ascertained.”

FAO is an open group. It includes office workers, physicians, engineers, businesspeople, police officers or mere enthusiasts. They meet every week in a small store at Calle 10 y 59 in La Plata. They submit photos and videos to analysts, receive e-mails and phone calls about sightings all the time and travel at their own expense when the sighting justifies it. “We don’t profit from the phenomenon; we’re not interested in that,” Burgos says.

UFOs in These Pampas

Burgos, who documents all his ufological information at www.ciencia-ovni.blogspot.com, states that Argentina holds the world record in UFO landing marks. “In 1985 we detected 150 landing marks in a single field in Atalaya, Magdalena. Never again has there been a similar event.”

Moreover, FAO’s president states: “We rank second among the world’s countries when it comes to cattle mutilations.”

Mass sightings of these flying objects in our country took place in 1965, 1968 (the biggest year), 1978, 1985 and 2008 (Over 550 cases reported). In 43 years of research, Luis Burgos reported the presence of UFOs on eight distinct occasions.

Which of these instances impressed you the most?

The one on 4 March 1986, when seven members of FAO witnessed an amazing sighting. It involved two lights that looked like stars, but larger. Their color shifted from blue to white to read. We were some 50 kilometers from La Plata, in the El Espinillo field. When we crossed the cattle gate and stood on the Rio de La Plata side, two objects performed an aerial dance from 9 p.m to 9:45 p.m.: they came, they went, one above, the other below. It shattered all conventional possibilities. In a given moment they came near the group, getting closer and closer, and we didn’t like that at all. “Fellas, let’s run!” I said, in the group, one member who engaged in survival training, said: “Hit the dirt!”. We all dropped to the ground, but the photographer managed to take a photo showing two luminous dots.

Burgos stated with conviction that according to his statistical computations, “the next great Argentinean wave will take place in 2015.

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFo]

Chile: Alleged UFO Over La Cisterna

Source: Radio Santiago (Chile)
Date: 07.12.12

Chile: Alleged UFO Over La Cisterna

The strange sighting of a flashing object in the skies over Iquique continues generating great expectations. Neither the Civil Aeronautics Office (DGAC) nor the ONEMI, not even the Air Force, have been able to accurately explain the nature of the strange UFO.

Eighteen hundred kilometers from Iquique, Ricardo Videla, a reader of the La Nación newspaper, provides images showing something that he wasn’t able to explain either. Yesterday at 19:30 hours, from his home in the La Cisterna commune, he was able to see a strange light flying far more slowly than an airliner, making no noise whatsoever and with a strong orange glow.

“I’d say it was an airplane. Many airplanes fly overhead on their way to land, but this one made no noise whatsoever. I live in a quiet pedestrian area, and unlike airplanes, which are readily felt, this object was silent and remained visible for nearly 2 minutes toward the Cordillera. It looked like a small, shiny orange bulb,” he summarized.

He says that in one occasion, some 25 or 30 years ago, he saw something similar but the object was not flying alone, but rather in groups of three. “I estimate that it was at a distance of some 100 to 150 meters, I even went as far as to think that it was an airliner on fire.”

His wife, who brought him a digital camera to capture its movement, also saw the object. “If they ask me what it was, I’ll say that I haven’t the slightest notion. I only know that it didn’t look like an aerostat or a satellite or an airplane. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like it,” he said.

Don Ricardo, 60, brings his tale to a close by saying that he doesn’t drink, and that he followed the object with his eyes until it vanished behind the lights of Gran Avenida.

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Radio Santiago, Diario La Nación and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Chile: Retired General Declares "UFOs Exist"

Source: La Gran Epoca (Chile)
Date: 07.12.2012

Chile: Retired General Declares “UFOs Exist”

General Ricardo Bermudez (Ret.), Director of the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA, in Spanish) explained yesterday in statements made to Chile’s Radio Cooperativa that his team has indeed witnessed UFOs, that they exist and are being investigated in accordance with their mission, but that these objects do not necessarily include “little green extraterrestrials” inside them.

“A specific case took place in Punta Arenas late last year, where the radar picked up an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) and the air traffic controller told the airplane that it had said UFO in front of him at a distance of four miles, which is equivalent to three steps away for a person on land, and the pilot indeed saw it,” said Bermudez.

On that occasion, explains the General, after being picked up on radar, the air traffic controller sent out a warning to the unknown aircraft, and the pilot also witnessed, along with ground personnel at Porvenir and another air traffic controller.

“This is one of the most solid cases in our files, and it’s an objective one, because one can say that a pilot may be confused by clouds, or that people on the ground could hallucinate at any given moment, but here we have witnesses plus instrumentation,” argues Bermudez.

“The anomalous aerial phenomenon described as unidentified flying object exists, is present here and all over the world, but it must be understood within scientific etymology. The term unidentified flying object is employed and the immediate thought that comes to mind is “flying saucer with little green aliens”, which is not at all correct.”

With regard to the Porvenir object last year, it was classified by CEFAA as an unidentified flying object, but the case documented at 23:30 hours local time on 9 July in Iquique, in northern Chile, is believed to be a typical meteorite incident. Bermudez explained that it was not a FACH (Chilean Air Force) airplane, and while they are not certain that it was a meteorite, it has all the characteristics of being one. “It has yet to be verified,” he concluded.

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Argentina: VISION OVNI Investigates a Horse Mutilation

Argentina: VISION OVNI Investigates a Horse Mutilation
By Andrea Pérez Simondini

Once again we are bewildered by news of a strange animal death. In this particular instance, the case involves a white horse belonging to José González, who was surprised not only by the animal’s death, but by the strange injuries it presented.

He was able to see a 35 centimeter perforation between its two front extremities, one of them revealing a clear absence of the heart. Another injury could be found in the lower section of the animal, which was missing the entirety of its genitals.

The rancher also noticed the scarcity of blood at the site, noticing that there were spots of watery blood in the region of the chest injury, as shown in the photo.

This case still lacks analytical elements, but gives us a chance to see the patterns of the incisions and wounds that we have seen in other cases.

One such case involves the mutilated dog in Villa Giarindo, Córdoba, an investigation conducted by Elias Kolev of Visión Ovni. [The animal’s carcass] presented a “punch biopsy” type incision, very similar in its measurements and characteristics to the ones seen in this case.

Researcher Salvatore Carta (Visión Ovni), after an exhaustive analytical job on the images, was able to detect incisions and mars that coincide with the patterns of this equine case.

Another similar case, which took place on the same date as the Villa Giardino dog (28 July 2008) involved a goat in Santiago del Estero. It was found in the Almirante Brown district of the capital and presented the same incisions that caught the attention of local residents and veterinarians alike, at the time.

Seeing incisions of this sort is shocking. However, from the investigative standpoint, they represent valuable points of reference that will perhaps allow those of us who investigate the strange phenomenon of mysterious animal deaths to identify similar events. We are perhaps facing one such event here.

We hope to be able to provide more information on this case.

The news account appears below.

A dead horse was found during the last days of the previous month In a field in the Montoya region (Department of Nogoyá) belonging to José González. The animal was found with its heart and genitals removed for unknown reasons. This case renews the mystery of several similar events that have taken place throughout Argentina and which for the moment remain a great enigma. (Credit: Entre Rios Ya)

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Andrea & Silvia Pérez Simondini and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Chile: "UFO-Meteorite" Lights the Sky in Norte Grande

Source: La Cuarta (newspaper, Chile)

Chile: "UFO-Meteorite" Lights the Sky in Norte Grande
By Carlos Súñiga V.

The cuckoo clock rang 23:21 hours last night when a surprising flash of light turned the night skies over Iquique practically into daylight.

Bar goers who were walking along the streets of that northern city at that time of night craned their necks and gaped at the stellar spectacle, which was even seen as far away as Calama.

The light – a flash of azure color – as it was described by some people were able to see it, crossed the sky from the east before vanishing into the sea.
The event obviously caused a certain degree of concern among residents of Iquique, who even associated the light with the presence of a UFO.

Mario Hernandez, director of ONEMI in the city of Tarapaca, who saw the powerful light, said that “it could be associated with that of an electric storm, but of far greater magnitude.”

He noted that the origin of the luminous object has not yet been established, as it was not picked up on the FACH (Chilean Air Force) or DGAC (General Office of Civil Aeronautics) radar systems.

(Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Friday, July 06, 2012

Chile: Uncertainty Over The Paihuano Case (1998)

Source: NOUFA (Noticiero Ufologico Autonomo)
Date: 5 July 2012-07-06

Chile:Uncertainty Over the Paihuano Case (1998)
By Hector Fuentes – El Mercurio de Chile

A grey, cylindrical flying object crashed against a hillside in 1998 before numerous eyewitnesses. Hours later, the entire area was placed under military interdiction.

On Wednesday, 7 October 1998, around 16:00 hours, a rather unusual event shattered the customary peace of the placid location of Paihuano. Several local residents – including peasants, schoolteachers, housewives and municipal employees – were witnesses to the impact of silvery unidentified flying object against the slopes of Cerro Las Mollacas.

According to their testimony, the object had split in two, with one part remaining near the summit while the other fell a few meters below. “The object was similar to a metallic disk, irradiating an intense metallic glow as it reflected the sunlight. Never in my life had I seen something so strange. Of course, I wasn’t the only witness. Many other people saw it too,” said Raul Flores, a resident whose house was located at the very base of Cerro Las Mollacas.

To add to the mysterious nature of the event, radio and television broadcasts faced interference at the moment the collision occurred. Repeaters at Paihuano and Pisco Elqui reported transmission difficulties due to electromagnetic phenomena.

The Recovery Effort

Half an hour after the crash, a second event shattered the locals’ placid existence. The entire area was placed under military control. The public relations officer for the municipality of Paihuano, who had planned to discuss the crash incident in a press conference, received a phone call from an alleged NASA official, begging him – in broken Spanish – to cancel the press conference and abstain from providing any information while more data was collected. This background information, as could be expected, was never furnished.

In the morning hours of that same day, most residents of Paihuano – disturbed by recent events – found their sleep interrupted by the unmistakable sound of two military helicopters, one of them black in color, like a U.S. Blackhawk chopper – that flew over the area until sunrise. The next day, a taxi cab driver looking for passengers told his compatriots that he’d seen three green trucks driving along an alternate route and dragging a large ramp. On this ramp was a large metallic object with a curved structure, grey in color, with phosphorescent tones, partially covered by a tarp.

Nothing more was ever heard about the alleged UFO that crashed Paihuano following this report. Two days after the collision, a group of neighbors, accompanied by Carabineros (state police) personnel from the local station, made the rough ascent to Cerro Las Mollacas on their own initiative and risk. After six hours of travel, they reached the impact site to behold the remains of the mysterious object with their own eyes, but they found no traces whatsoever beyond soil and many rocks.

Many theories to explain the object’s provenance were put forth after the incident. It was said at first that it was a weather balloon, then a lost probe, then a remotely-guided flying vehicle. It was even said that it was a bolide or meteorite from the depths of space, and finally, rumor had it that it was a secret U.S. vehicle sent aloft within the framework of the UNITAS exercises held that same year on the Coquimbo littoral (but which ended on 26 September, eleven days prior to the Paihuano Incident).
Today, 14 years later, residents of Paihuano will tell anyone who cares to listen that something very strange fell from the sky that afternoon in October 1998, and that a large cover-up was set in motion to conceal the event. For this reason, many do not hesitate in describing this as the Chilean “Roswell”, alluding to the notorious alleged collision of a manned spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

There can be no question that an unidentified flying object crashed into Cerro Las Mollacas in 1998, and that hours later, a singular and secretive operation was set in motion to recover its remains (the air traffic controller at La Serena Airport subsequently confirmed the arrival of specialized equipment by air to perform some sort of “downed object recovery” in the Paihuano area).

All that’s left to do is figure out what the object was. A meteorite? A secret U.S. vehicle? Or a vehicle from another world? The mystery endures.

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: Man-in-Black (MIB) Reported in Concordia

Source: Diario El Entre Rios (newspaper) and Planeta UFO
Date: 03 July 2012 13:06 hrs.

Argentina: Man-in-Black (MIB) Reported in Concordia

Discussed at the Museo OVNI in Victoria; interest was shown in the “strange being” seen by a listener of the “Oid Mortales” (Hear Ye Mortals) radio show from Concordia. It was said that similar incidents have also been recorded.

“It was a rather significant story for us, as we are a research team, the Vision OVNI team. The fact is that what you’ve mentioned is the classic Man in Black phenomenon. In 1998, we had a case identical to what Claudia (the caller) has mentioned, right in downtown Victoria,” remarked Silvia Perez, proprietor of the Museo OVNI de Victoria, during the “La Quinta Pata” radio broadcast. She said that the case drew their attention and that was their reason “for being interested in speaking with Claudia. There are some details that she perhaps didn’t mention and would be important to our investigation.”

“Lately there are many things going on in Entre Rios. I’m not a native of Entre Rios, but I’ve been living in Victoria for 22 years precisely due to this subject. It’s a special place for field research,” she stressed to Oíd Mortales, the radio broadcast belonging to El Entrerios.com

“The presence of these characters has been known since the subject of UFOs came about. The Men-in-Black are notorious by being very tall, very pallid, dressed in black and always holding a briefcase. These events have occurred worldwide. They are individuals that have no contact with human beings and truly stand out due to the manner in which they walk, above all else, and their attitude. They vanish as easily as they appear. When we see something like that, it’s impossible not to realize that they bear no relationship with us at all. While human-looking, they behave in an entirely different manner,” she remarked.

“There is nothing conclusive yet, but we do know that they are connected with extraterrestrial matters. These characters turn up whenever UFOs are present,” she highlighted.

In Claudia’s case, “they didn’t see how the vehicle disappeared. They say it was there, because they make use of holograms, showing things that don’t exist. It would be very complicated and lengthy to explain all of this. They make constant use of holography to distract people’s attention; it’s the method they employ for concealment.”

Sightings in Entre Rios

“Two spheres were seen ascending in parallel, vanishing in the sky. This is happening at various times, afternoon, morning and night. We were able to obtain two photos of this event from Cerro de La Matanza in Victoria some 3 or 4 weeks ago. From March onward, these sightings have become permanent in Entre Rios. This also reaches the entire area of Rosario, Pueblo Ester and even Zárate. It’s a region of considerable sightings at the moment,” she said.

“Our website is www.visionovni.com.ar. As soon as you’ve obtained a photo, please submit it to the page. Our phone numbers and all of the museum information can found there. All the work we’ve performed is there so you can see that there is some very responsible work being done, with analysis and everything that a person would need to believe in this,” she concluded.

[Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Wednesday, July 04, 2012