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Beast on the Move: The Chupacabras Returns

Beast on the Move: The Chupacabras Returns
By Scott Corrales

The Puerto Rican media approached the subject of the paranormal predator again in 2012, when reporter Yaritza Santiago wrote an article for El Nuevo Dia about the entity’s return to the scene, this time in the island municipality of Vieques. “A strange wild animal prowls the verdant fields and communities of this island municipality. This is the only way to explain the discovery of dead horses, hens and rabbits in situations that terrified Viequenses have ascribed to a panther that allegedly escaped from an American tourist’s possession. Others say it is a jaguar; still others speak of the return of the Chupacabras, whose existence they do not question for a second.”

Thirty chickens met an untimely demise on the property of José Martínez and his wife Jeami in Barrio La Hueca. The couple had gone off to a birthday party on the previous night, returning home an hour before midnight. They went to bed and Mr. Martínez woke up at half past five in the morning to feed the family animals. In cold glow of his flashlight, José was startled to find the roosters dead in their cages, with deep puncture marks on their backs, drained of blood. The couple told reporters that they had not heard any abnormal sounds in the night.

José, 26, and Jeami, 21, described the massacre of their animals as “a battlefield” where the unknown assailant had operated at leisure. She remained convinced that the perpetrator was none other than the mysterious being that spread fear throughout Puerto Rico during her childhood. “It wasn’t a dog. I think it could be the Chupacabras.”

Reporters from El Nuevo Dia found “sort of animal print” at the location as well as poultry carcasses and metal cages scattered around the premises. Mr. Martínez filed a complaint with the municipal police, which in turn referred the case to the Civil Defense and Emergency Management Bureau. Police chief José Belardo, however, was unmoved by the carnage at the Martínez household, citing a lack of specific evidence or physical proof. He did, however, manifest to El Nuevo Día’s reporters his awareness of a “radar image” of a strange creature taken by a U.S. Marines radar, and that fear among the island’s population was quite real. Unlike Mayor “Chemo” Soto’s gallant efforts to capture the Chupacabras in the mid-90s, law enforcement on Vieques was not planning any grand gestures.

On main island of Puerto Rico, news organizations were covering the “gargoyle” that supposedly haunted the vicinity of Guánica, the city with the magnificent bay on the Caribbean Sea. This nightmarish vision had attacked not only animals, but allegedly humans as well. Its patterns of attack resembled those of the Chupacabras, but not exactly the same entity. “Some identified it with the Chupacabras, but others believe it was a different creature, a sly and sinister one, using the ruins and tunnels of the [abandoned] Central Guánica sugar mill as its lair,” wrote Pedro Bosque in an article for El Nuevo Dia. It was in this warren of half-flooded, weed-choked tunnels that the skeletons of its victims were reportedly found.

Despite its predilection for lovely Guánica, the “gargoyle” had reportedly been seen in Lajas and San Germán, communities in southwestern Puerto Rico that acquired notoriety in the late ‘80s and throughout the 1990s as paranormal hotspots. And unlike those relatively distant years, eyewitnesses were reluctant to share their names with the media, particularly when it came to the attacks on humans.

These incidents were discussed in hushed tones. One witness interviewed by the press claimed seeing injuries on a man’s belly, produced by an “animal with large wings” whose claws had torn at his flesh “to the extent that his fat could be seen.” The unnamed witness spoke soberly of seeing the victim – nicknamed - lift his t-shirt to display the wounds received in his own backyard.

Police officer Miguel Negrón, on the other hand, admitted to hearing “a loud sound of flapping wings” while patrolling the abandoned sugar mill. Was an unknown avian taking off from the rusted cranes of the old mill? According to the officer, the “gargoyle” had been described by some as a very large bird reeking of sulfur or rot (hydrogen sulfide?), feeding on live animals such as dogs, cats and horses by exsanguination.

Four Thousand Miles Away

While the Chupacabras staged a return to Puerto Rico, its sinister kin were making news in Chile, where the national media latched on to a story that was as sensation as it was bizarre: while attacking a henhouse in Paine, on the outskirts of the city of Santiago, the predator had allegedly suffered what was described as a “miscarriage”.

Cristián Solís was sleeping peacefully when the frantic clucking of his hens woke him up at four o’clock in the morning. He ran outside to find fifty dead hens, arranged in circles, presenting no visible injuries, but without a drop of blood in their carcasses. Shocked and dismayed though he was, Solís was bowled over by what he found next.

He described the find as “embryos of something I had never seen before”. Describing them as miniature dinosaurs measuring some 30 centimeters long, they had hairy backs, thick, hard tails with sharp tips, arms shorter than their bodies, suggesting bipedal motion. “They were rather horrible,” he was quoted as saying. “I think the dead hens were attacked by the mother of these embryos, who must’ve had a miscarriage due to the strain of the attack.”

The specimens were turned over to SAG (the notorious Agriculture and Wildlife Service that hindered research into the Chilean mutilations wave of the year 2000). The ministry reported that it had been unable to determine the species to which the specimens belonged as they were “too dehydrated to be properly analyzed.”

Chupacabras activity had gone into abeyance for a number of years in these latitudes, with the most recent cases dating to 2007, when reports of attacks in world-famous Viña del Mar appeared in the press.

During the month of May of that year, the Ugalde family had its own close encounter with the unknown at four a.m., when a loud noise woke up the entire household – the sound of something very large and heavy suddenly landing on the roof, dragging its wings. The chickens behind the family property erupted in chaotic noises, extinguished one by one.

According to an article in the La Estrella newspaper, Mrs. Ugalde ran out into the darkness to save her poultry farm and face the unknown intruder. "I went to the backyard and I saw it. It was like a large bird, standing about a meter, with the bearing of a dwarf. It has feathers, wings and left footprints like those of a goat. It was looking for food, and I think it must've been hungry," she explained. The entity had already broken the henhouse door and helped itself to the farm animals. Upon being surprised by the woman, it flew off toward the hills.

Seven hens were lost that evening, and the family did not hesitate to place a call to the Carabineros (the Chilean state police) to report the attack. "They told us it was that (the Chupacabras) and that they had never seen anything like it. They were overwhelmed as well," Mrs. Ugalde added.

When the strange animal passed over the roof and reached the backyard, it broke the henhouse door and extracted the birds one by one, for a total of seven. When he was surprised by the homeowner, the Chupacabras took off, flying toward the hills.
Argentina, Chile’s neighbor on the opposite side of the towering Andes Cordillera, was not free from these strange attacks and sightings. In March 2007, El Ciudadano (www.elciudadano.net) reported on seven mutilated and exsanguinated bulls in Santiago del Estero, decrying the fact that farmers and ranchers had automatically leaped to ascribing responsibility for the killings to the Chupacabras. It is true, however, that there are significant differences between Chupacabras attacks and the “traditional” cattle mutilations, characterized by their fine incisions and the removal of certain internal organs, as was the case in the Santiago del Estero incidents.

A Mystery in Spain

On 23 February 2013 – as this article was being written – news arrived from Spain regarding a bizarre goat mutilation in the northwestern region of Galicia, specifically in the town of Fene. The story, which appeared in La Voz del Ferrol, described the mutilation and exsanguination of the goat as the work of “parties unknown”. The animals owners, understandably irate, ascribed responsibility to a “satanic cult”, stressing that “a number of people must have been needed to carry away all of the goat’s blood.”

No mention of involvement by the Chupacabras, of course, but a reminder of the long and silent history of encounters with the paranormal predator that have occurred in Spain since the ‘80s, resulting in the deaths of thousands of animals. Traditionalists blame wolves, especially in the Pyrenaic region between France and Spain, but reports and investigations carried out by the judicial system invariably mention the presence of aberrant entities, sometimes described as mandrills, baboons, or giant canids.

We must defer to the extensive work carried out by Ramón Nava Osorio and members of his Instituto de Investigaciones y Estudios Exobiológicos (IIEE) whose Chilean branch – spearheaded by Raúl Núñez – has become known to readers of INEXPLICATA over the years.

In March 1996, writes Nava Osorio, a shepherd in northern Spain by the name of Guillermo Miral Cordesa had an unexpected encounter with a strange animal as he led his flock from one mountain slope to another. “That day,” explained Miral, “I had left the flock on high and was headed downhill with two magnificent dogs. I descended quietly and normally and suddenly found myself confronted by an animal I had never seen before, and whose description I’d never heard from other shepherds. It was neither a wolf nor a dog. It looked like a huge dog, an unknown mixture, but it’s an unknown creature in the end. Neither a mastiff nor a wolf….I cannot describe its eyes, but I did focus on the enormous width of its muzzle (describing it as flat and nearly square), and for that reason I can tell you it wasn’t a wolf. It was an unknown animal with large flat ears; its fur was grey and spotted, with abundant short hair. A short tail, large paws and looking like a dog, yet not a dog. It didn’t run. It took two impressive leaps and vanished.”

While clearly a predator, the entity did not growl or bear its teeth. Miral’s own dogs followed the intruder, only turn back after traversing a brief ten meters’ distance.

In his study on the Iberian mutilations phenomenon, Chupacabras: Un Verdadero Expediente X, Miguel Aracil explores the strange simiots which have been a constant feature of Catalan legend since medieval times. The simiots are described as "strange, hairy creatures having semi-human features" and a group of woodsmen were attacked by one such entity a few decades ago: the hairy monster engaged in an orgy of destruction, smashing vehicles and forestry equipment, even hurling logs at the terrified tree-cutters (similar behavior has been reported in cases occurring in suburban Maryland during the 1970's). Although Spain's Guardia Civil looked into the matter, they conveniently "cannot remember", as Aracil notes rather dryly in his treatise. A number of armed posses were formed to explore the environs of Peña Montañesa (Huesca) where the events occurred, but "nothing was ever found, perhaps due to the large number of immense caves in the area, and the rough terrain." Medieval statues of the simiots depict them as devouring children or being trodden down by the Holy Mother: while he does not offer specifics, the author mentions that these supernatural entities were allegedly responsible for slaying entire herds of animals and on certain occasions were even responsible for some attacks on humans. Could the simiots have cousins across the ocean?

Navia Osorio contributes a “high strangeness” detail to the situation that raises the stakes: the possibility that the anomalous entity (or IEA, the Spanish acronym for “Spontaneous Aggressive Intruder”) had been brought along by a human or humanoid presence, unleashed at selected locations. Also in October 1996, José Miguel Trallero, a member of the IIEE, appeared on a local television program in the town of Barbastro to discuss the mutilation crisis. In the wake of the broadcast, a local woman approached him to tell him about a sighting near Barbastro’s shrine of Pueyo: she had seen two figures, described as “atypical”, with a very strange dog between them. The two figures had “greyish skin” and their arms were longer than usual.


If reality resembled the world of fiction more closely, monsters would be put down with the finality of Lieutenant Ripley purging the hideous alien xenomorph out of an airlock, consigning it to vacuum of space. The sense of finality and justice delivered by a wooden stake through the undead heart of a cinematic vampire imparts catharsis, but we find none of that with the monsters and visions that persistently manifest themselves in our reality. After eighteen months of depredations in West Virginia in 1966-67, the Mothman disappeared into legend and the uneasy dreams of those whose encounters changed the course of their lives. Hunters and scientists emerge from forays after the elusive Bigfoot with little to show for their efforts, save the tell-tale strands of hair and plaster casts that have become a trademark of their avocation.

The same can be said for the Chupacabras. The protean creature manifested for the first time in Puerto Rico in the mid-90s, followed by a rash of sightings throughout Latin America, each time described a little differently than before. Media burnout and the trivialization of the subject by popular culture – the cascade of t-shirts and bumper stickers, rap and ranchero songs, cheap plastic memorabilia sold in marketplaces – resulted in a loss of interest in the creature’s exploits in Brazil and Chile later that decade.

But the Chupacabras keeps coming back like a prize fighter, unmindful of the fatuous pronouncements of skeptics, efforts at fitting it into the UFO totem-pole by researchers bent on seducing the media once more, their prize a conference invitation or the lure of a television show. The demon is triumphant.

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Puerto Rico: Guayama Animal Slaughter Pinned on Strange Creature

Date: 02.20.13

Puerto Rico: Guayama Animal Slaughter Pinned on Strange Creature

Following up on a phone call placed by Agent Carrasquillo of the Guayama State Police, advising us of new attacks by a strange creature in the area. My wife Ilbis and I decided to return to the site for a more thorough investigation of the facts.
We took Route 53 to Guayama and inadvertently missed the exit, reaching the end of the expressway – on other words, we were in the town of Guayama itself, which was even better, as we managed to stop by the police headquarters and interview the agents that had originally gone to visit the complaints placed by affected parties.

Once there, we were lucky enough to find that Agent Waleska Santiago was the duty officer. She and Agent Ana Morales filled us in on the strange events that have been taking place in the area. They also told us that reports of mutilated animals had surfaced from the towns of Juncos and Arroyo. In one of these instances, a horse was attacked and suffered exactly the same wounds as the mare “Lucero” owned by Mrs. Osmin Ramos.

More significantly, they managed to secure photographs of pig mutilations on the property of Mr. Jose Oscar Melendez in the Vista Hermosa sector, neighboring Urb. Jardines de la Reina, where the attacks on a mare and two hens occurred in late January.
The photographs are impressive, as they show the carcasses of three small pigs attacked by some strange creature. While we have been investigating animal mutilations belonging to the mythic “Chupacabras” since they started in 1995-1996 and have seen incredible things, I must confess that I’d never seen anything like this.

The photographs show piglets, barely 40 days old, with deep wounds and signs of tearing made by the sharp claws of some animal. What impressed us most was that it shows one of the piglets sliced in half, missing its legs and front legs. We had never seen anything like it.

After extending our thanks to Agents Santiago and Morales, we returned to Urb. Jardines de la Reina, as I carried some hydraulic cement with which to make casts of the prints we had seen in our previous visit, and could now make measurements of them. We stopped by the home of Ms. Osmin Ramos and Mr. Angel Joel, who welcomed us warmly.

Don Angel was very enthusiastic, saying, “Don José, we’re so happy that you stopped by. We had been calling you and were unable to locate you. Strange things keep happening in this area.”

He went on to tell us (briefly, as he was about to go out with his family) about a strange series of events. Among them, a gentleman from the Vista Hermosa sector had seen a strange creature that day that at first looked like an ape, fighting with a cat. At first, he could only see its back, but when it turned around, he says he truly lacked the words to describe what he was seeing. He kept staring, and the creature simply floated into the air, taking the cat with it. We hope to return to secure more information on this case.

Don Angel also tells us that other local residents have seen the creature. It has also attacked other animals, such as cows, goats and dogs.

We bid farewell to Doña Osmin and Don Angel and went on to the sector where we had seen the prints during our previous visit to make casts and take measurements. Unfortunately they were no longer as fresh due to the passing of time, but we still poured cement to try to make a cast. We later decided to continue our visit to the Vista Hermosa sector to see if we could find Jose Oscar Melendez, the owner of the property where the dead piglets had been found.

We were lucky to find him in the area, as he doesn’t live there permanently, and he was checking out affairs at his ranch. Don Oscar is a very kind and modest man, and he took us to the site where the pig mutilations had occurred.
He told us that on the morning of 9 February 2013 he had checked in on his pigs, and as he approached their cages, he saw some bundles on the floor. Upon getting closer, he saw that these were the carcasses of three of the piglets (they were really 4, one of them didn’t turn up) showing strange lacerations on their bodies and some large puncture wounds. When he saw the third one, he was startled as it appeared to have been beheaded. Its front legs had been removed with incisions as sharp as one might expect from an expert butcher or a good surgeon. He explained that there was no blood to be found anywhere, and the flesh was as clean as one might find in supermarket chickens. The internal organs were intact, as if someone had made perfect incisions. There was no sign of anything entering the area. He told us: “It’s as if it came down from the sky.”

We spoke to Don Oscar for a while and he told us more strange stories from the area. When we decided to go back, passing by the entrance to the farm, we went past a house at the gate. Don Oscar told us: “Look, that gentleman has also had his dog attacked.” We stopped for a moment to chat briefly with the neighbor, who confirmed that his dog has been attacked by a strange creature and that the injuries had been significant, much like those of the mare “Lucero”, and had also required stitches.
A curious detail is that the witnesses tell us that the injuries are similar to the ones inflicted by the character “Wolverine” in the X-Men movies.

When I went back to get the print casts, they were not dry (I had poured an excessive amount of water) and had to leave them behind.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to José Martinez E.]

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Mexico: Mass UFO Sighting Over Opopeo, Michoacán

Mexico: Mass UFO Sighting Over Opopeo, Michoacán
By Claudio Mora, La Esfera Azul

One of the most impressive and interesting UFO sightings ever witnessed and recorded in the state of Michoacán took place on 15 February 2013 over Opopeo., where the aerial maneuvers of nearly 49 objects of unknown origin were captured on videotape for nearly three minutes (a sighting that lasted nearly seven minutes beyond what was captured on camera).

Around 3 p.m. on the afternoon of 15 February, Sandra Saenz, an acknowledged journalist with CUASAR Noticias, was in the company of cameraman Sergio Guerrero, driving a vehicle along the road leading to the town of Salvador Escalante, Michoacán. It was when they drove past the town of Opopeo that they were able to witness 49 unidentified flying objects near the antennae crowning Cerro Burro hill.

Seeing this, they pulled over to videotape these UFOs, securing in the process some of the best evidence of the phenomenon that has been obtained in our state, since the video shows the varied and strange formations that make up these unknown objects.
On that same day, Sandra Saenz published her evidence in an interesting report through CUASAR TV as well as various internet sites, such as www.mimorelia.com, making the intriguing event known.

Those of us at La Esfera Azul proceeded to carry out an in-depth analysis of the original video (and we extend our sincerest thanks to Sandra Saenz and Sergio Guerrero, as well as the CUASAR Noticias agency for their courtesy and making the full original video available to us exclusively). We were able to reach that conclusion that the recording shows unidentified flying objects, which cannot be labeled as birds, balloons or anything similar. Some of the images of this analysis are attached to this report.
It should also be mentioned that given the eyewitness accounts of local residents -- as well as the fact that the sighting took place in a basically uninhabited location, and observations such as the intelligent movement seen in the object – and the research, analysis and testimony of Sandra Saenz herself, we can dismiss the likelihood that know objects were involved, reiterating our full certainty that genuine UFOs were involved.

We therefore present the video containing the initial report on this case, made by CUASAR Noticias, as well as the original video of the same case in its entirety, along with the highly interesting interview granted to us by Sandra Saenz, and the in-depth video analysis.

Genuine research into these subjects, as we have always said, must always be accompanied by objectivity and seriousness to reach genuine answers. You, dear reader, have the last word.

VIDEO at: http://youtu.be/5ZeD74ILc6U

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Claudio Mora, La Esfera Azul]

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Chile: World-Famous Abductee Changes Story

Source: www.24horas.cl and Planeta UFO
Date: 19 Feb 2013

Chile: World-Famous Abductee Changes Story

** Corporal Valdés was Never Abducted in Northern Chile **

Corporal Valdés was the protagonist of one of the better-known and strangest cases in the history of ufology. However, his story was completely untrue.

In 1977 a group of Chilean soldiers claimed having lived through a paranormal situation. This has become known as the “Corporal Valdés” case, well-remembered by the public, because the soldiers claimed extraterrestrial contact.

The story was handed down for generations until the present, when its protagonist decided to tell the truth.

Among the things the claimed to have seen was an enveloping mist, followed by a spaceship. Armando Valdés, in charge of the patrol performing its duties 5 kilometers away from Putre, said at the time that he was abducted by the spaceship.

Thirty-six years later, the former sub-officer and evangelical pastor acknowledges that they never thought the intruder was extraterrestrial, and only saw something that frightened them. Furthermore, he explained that at the moment he vanished from the group of soldiers, he had stepped away to urinate.

Despite his confession, some of the soldiers who lived through the experience insist that the visions were real.

VIDEO (in Spanish) at http://www.24horas.cl/nacional/cabo-valdes-nunca-fue-abducido-en-el-norte-de-chile-517815

[For more information on the Valdés Abduction, please see earlier features in INEXPLICATA, such as "Original Recordings of the Valdés CE-3 at http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2012/08/chile-original-recording-of-corporal.html]

[Translation (c) 2013 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Planeta UFO and 24 Horas]

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Chile: A Hitherto Unpublished Military Narrative on Easter Island

Chile: A Hitherto Unpublished Military Narrative on Easter Island UFOs
By Raúl Núñez – IEEE
NOUFA No. 20
February 2013

The most reliable sources at the moment regarding the presence of the UFO phenomenon on the island is the information provided over thirty years ago by a unique character: Ignacio Valdes Jaña. The information gathered by this Chilean military man has remained in private files for a very long time, as the inquisitive soldier was “unable to convey his concerns to the Chilean military, since they involved the slippery subject of UFOs.” Who, then, was Ignacio Valdés Jaña?

Don Ignacio was a career military officer. He arrived on Easter Island as a Staff Sergeant, radiotelegraph operator, in the year 1953. He was assigned to the initial construction work at Mataveri Airport on Easter. In those early days he was forced to perform all manner of duties, although he also had knowledge of surface meteorology and nocturnal and diurnal weather balloon operations. Moreover, he had many years of experience in air traffic control. He retired as a Chief Warrant Officer in the Chilean Air Force (FACH) and died in Santiago de Chile in 1992. It is precisely this officer, with highly perceptive skills, who reported a series of anomalous incidents that have not been made known in this country until today. Thanks to chance, this officer’s information reached this author’s hands, and after ascertaining his statements and writings, were made known in Spain, since the according to Valdés, “no one had paid the slightest attention to his sightings, neither the military nor Chilean ufologists contacted in the year 1987.”

Superstition is latent among residents of Easter Island. Venturing to certain locations at night could lead to an encounter with an aku-aku.

One night, Ignacio Valdés Jaña, accompanied by Juan Anakena (who would go on to become an authority on the island) ventured into the sector known as Maunga Pui, as wild horses were destroying the few crops grown on the island. The all-terrain vehicle made its way along a dusty road when a powerful light became visible some 500 meters ahead on the road they traveled. It approached swiftly, and when it came within 100 meters of the vehicle, both men could see that the intense light was in the air, two meters over the ground. Ignacio and Juan reacted differently. While Ignacio tried to remain calm, Juan immediately yelled that the aku-aku had come for them.

Juan escaped, running in the opposite direction down the highway. Ignacio backed away on foot, since it was impossible to get the vehicle in motion. The light hovered over the vehicle and Ignacio, the sole witness at this moment, saw how the all-terrain vehicle was lifted several meters above the ground, abruptly falling back when the light made a sharp turn, vanishing toward the Rano Aroi volcano.

This eyewitness account, confirmed by the protagonists themselves, leads us to think that the case histories on Easter Island are similar to those elsewhere, even more so, confirmed by the sightings made by Ignacio Valdés during his stay on the island. From that moment on, the military man engaged in a relentless quest for answers, frustrated more than once by his superiors, to whom the subject of UFOs is taboo and a cause for derision.

In the documentation provided in his own handwriting, the description of a sighting made on 13 February 1988 between 0230 and 0245 in the morning, facing the Rano Raraku volcano, involving six perfectly reliable witnesses, there is a frank discussion of a large moon, or enormous light, changing shapes and putting forth other moonlets from its interior, counting a total of twenty lesser lights. These traveled alongside the large moon or luminous disk. The meteorological analysis, wind conditions and geographical situation of the sighting make it hard to believe it could have been an atmospheric phenomenon, due to its complexity.

Ignacio Valdés J., counseled by a civilian meteorologist, Neftali Pallero Rojo, was able to analyze the most common atmospheric phenomena occurring in the skies over Easter in order to make a comparative study of the anomalous events recorded on a day-to-day basis during the several years he remained on the island. Sightings in the skies of Easter Island occurred not only at night but day as well, which begin to yield interesting results. An average of nearly ten monthly sightings of unusual cloud movement is recorded. These clouds acted as screens to cover the glow issued by certain discs that spun noiselessly on their own axes. On other occasions, these cloud movements were accompanied by loud thundering sounds – completely unusual under completely clear skies, and with no cloud types that would justify the approach of a storm.

Information on the customary cloud types that cover Easter Island is obtained during these sightings. Astronomical, aeronautical, meteorological analyses are made of certain anomalous events in the sky. The discovery that these “special conditions” in the skies of Easter Island have accompanied their inhabitants since antiquity appear in valuable comments by the natives (who see these events from a completely different perspective from our “civilized” analyses), who are familiar with them.

Certainly, if we look to the past, we would see that many events on this island have their explanation in contemporary anthropological studies. But many explanations are still pending, especially when it comes to their truncated history. Relying on the theory of the Polynesian origin of the Easter Islanders is comforting, but their ideographs (rongo-rongo) have still not been properly interpreted despite that every so often a scientist will claim to have uncovered their true meaning. An actual fact is that in 1953, when this Chilean soldier made his observations, he would have surely been considered insane if he had elevated them to his superiors or to the press. In our times, such “eccentricity” would go unnoticed, but we can console ourselves with knowing that despite the intervening years, his interest has become public knowledge, and his curiosity may yet bear fruit someday.

In late September 1954, the Chilean military man gave us a detailed description of another sighting that we can describe as unpublished in all of the UFO case histories of Easter Island.

He writes, verbatim:

“We had had a completely clear day. After lunch, three “fractus” began to form at three different locations, forming something like the vertex of a right triangle, separate from each other by some 20 kilometers. In the afternoon, these three cloud formations grew in size extraordinarily. They gradually turned into “fair-weather cumulus” clouds…large cumulus clouds…powerful cumulus clouds…large, powerful cumulus clouds. I would go as far as to say extraordinarily large, powerful cumulus clouds.
“It wasn’t a normal meteorological landscape, but its abnormality wasn’t readily detectable. The corresponding weather observations were made hourly and nothing special was detected throughout the day, aside from the capricious location and development of the three clouds. Weather balloons did not perceive any alteration of upper atmospheric wind patterns. What then?

"Then, around seven in the evening, the enormous clouds began to travel slowly, very slowly, converging at a point located a kilometer west of the island, facing the grounds set aside for the future Mataveri Airport. They completed their movement more or less around ten o’clock, becoming stationary at the indicated point. It was a cloudless night, but not fully dark. Nothing else could be seen in the heavens aside from the clouds. Surface winds were “calm” – in other words, the electronic anemometer did not read any wind whatsoever.

"Juan, my islander companion, did not cease asking me why the clouds moved if there was no wind. That was the question, of course, but what disconcerted me the most was why they were converging toward a collision point?
The clouds completed their approximation around ten in the evening, unleashing a storm as had never been seen before or since on the island. The display was terrifying on account of the immeasurable electric power exchanged by the clouds.
If what has been stated thus far can be considered a highly strange experience, we have yet to mention the sighting that puzzled us the most. I cannot say how many minutes elapsed since the outbreak of the lightning storm, but suddenly one of those present noticed a light in the sky unrelated to the lightning bolts. We all turned to the indicated direction. A light having the apparent size of the full moon, yellowish white in color, could be seen near the clouds. It appeared to be motionless slightly higher than the base of the cumulus clouds, which was some 400 meters.

"The observation lasted a long time, as long as the storm persisted. We were able to see that it wasn’t just a light. Rather, it seemed to be an object that glowed with its own light, or reflected the light of the lightning bolts. Within the intense half hour of the storms, we had the sensation that the object and clouds had something in common. Moreover, when the storm suddenly ended, the object flew away majestically in the opposite direction.”

The sighting by the Chilean military man was analyzed from astronomical, aeronautical and meteorological perspectives by military personnel on the island at the time, without any satisfactory conclusion being reached. It went on to become part of Ignacio Valdés Jaña’s personal stock of anecdotes as the strangest and most inexplicable storm he ever saw on Easter Island.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez, IEEE]

Chile: Chupacabras Startles Suburban Couple

Chile: Chupacabras Startles Suburban Couple
NOUFA No. 20 – Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo
February 2013

Incredible though it may seem, and in spite of countless hypotheses that endeavor to explain the manifestations of the Chupacabras in our country, we constantly find a series of anecdotes and reports that shatter our frameworks, in one way or another, constituting an enigma that refuses to vanish.

The appearance in recent days of news items regarding the IEA (Spontaneous Aggressive Intruder, in Spanish) or Chupacabras have prompted those who have had sightings of an entity with simian characteristics, an elongated muzzle and considerable agility, to step forth and explain their experience for the very first time. This instance has given us a new “verbal Identikit” provided by the witnesses’ own descriptions.

Thanks to the collaboration of a valued contact, averred by twenty years of service with the Chilean Air Force (FACH) we finally made contact with the Hernandez family, who late last year were holding a family get-together in their property at Padre Hurtado (a commune of the Metropolitan Region) involving an appetizing cookout – an event that would provide them with the strangest experience in their lives.

The Hernandezes were in the back lot of their property. The time was 23:30 hours at night when suddenly Mercedes Hernandez, who was concerning herself with the meat roasting on the grill, felt “someone” tossing cherries at her. Her first thought was that a family member was playing tricks on her, but faced with the shower of cherries that were falling around her; she managed to determine that the action emerged from a nearby tree.

The tree was no more than 10 meters distant from the place where the meat was roasting, and she approached it. Her initial impression was to feel that someone was chewing, making noises as they ate something. But upon coming closer, she noticed a pair of shiny, reddish eyes looking at her from the middle of the tree. The being – or whatever it was – rested in a seating position, settling between two branches in a “T” shape. Given the strangeness of what she was seeing, she immediately called her husband, who also saw the being and thought to grab a water hose to scare it away with a well-aimed stream.

While this action was taking place, the alleged IEA leaped from the tree with tremendous strength, jumping over a wall or partition adjoining a neighboring property, containing pens with geese and ducks. Being that it was a splendid, moonlit evening; Mercedes was able to make out the details of the being’s physical characteristics.

Mercedes’s “oral Identikit” disclosed characteristics similar to other sightings made elsewhere in the world, although here, according to our witness, there was a larger corporal mass, which she noticed when the strange being leaped from the tree to the nearby partition. This sudden action caused several tree limbs to shatter right to the top, even giving the impression that the tree had split in two. Furthermore, Mercedes added: “The leap and the creature’s dropping to the other side of the wall was very forceful, and the sound was perfectly audible.”

In conversations with our collaborator Eugenio Bahamonde, Mercedes abounded on her impressions, saying she was certain that there was a sign of intelligence in the creature’s pitching cherries at her back, and she even thought for a moment that it was interested in the meat being roasted.

She also added that on that day, her favorite pets – a Maltese dog and a cat – were restless the entire day, and that at the time of the sighting, ran and hid under a washbasin, whining and growling in true fear and dread.

Mercedes’s husband confirmed his spouse’s impressions. He confessed that this initial intention was to hose it down with the garden hose, but he didn’t get to do this, as the strange creature’s leap was sudden and startling.

Members of the IIEE have collected new background information on this case, pertaining to the alleged IEA’s behavior, which will be added to other sightings in order to come up with a common pattern. It should also be noted that the statements proffered by Mercedes and her husband were motivated by a link of friendship, which is how we secured the information. The couple told us that they had decided not to speak of the matter, fearing ridicule and the constant levity with which these situations are treated in the media. We thank them for placing their trust in us.

[Translation (c) 2013 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to NOUFA and IEEE)

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Argentina: The Museo del Ovni Reopens

[INEXPLICATA extends its best wishes and congratulations to Vision Ovni as it reopens the Museo del Ovni at a new location and under improved circumstances! – SC]

Argentina: The Museo del OVNI Reopens
By Andrea Pérez Simondini
6 February 2013

The Museo del OVNI (UFO museum) of the city of Victoria has reopened at its birthplace.
New rooms, new items and a spacious auditorium for the benefit of our visitors form part of the new facilities. All that’s left is for you to visit us, so you can learn about all the different aspects of the UFO phenomenon through the research materials of renowned Argentinean researchers and the teamwork of Visión OVNI.

It is said that one must pursue dreams. It is also said that obstacles must be overcome and that one must not flag when making the effort. They say the best is always yet to come and that life always gives you another chance. We saw all of these things come to pass when we opened the doors to the museum on 26 January at the very same place where it was born, and we found people waiting to come in. That moved us greatly and gave us the impression that so much effort had been worth it.

Many of these people are friends who had visited us before, covering several kilometers to be there with us. Others were travelers who came to Victoria and who learned of the museum’s existence, stopping by to see what it was all about.
Those who knew the place from its early days of operation at Silvia’s house were startled by the new arrangement of the facilities. A new room, the widening of the conference room, the expansion of the sample room, the sanitary facilities, an exhaustive library and a complete video collection with titles to please all tastes in matters of UFO and extraterrestrial subjects.

The Museum’s Façade

A debate ensued over the kind of façade the UFO museum should have. We were clear on one point: the museum, having been known during its transfer to the center of time, all agreed that it had to have an artistic display. We also agreed that it needed to be different and very associated with extraterrestrial culture, research and significant cases. Thus, we contacted Javier Stagnaro, a good friend and Argentinean researcher, to make this vision a reality.

After working for fifteen intense and hot days, the masterpiece achieved fruition.

The New Infrastructure

The project contemplated the expansion and remodeling of an auditorium for 70 guests, with suitable technology for viewing videos, samples and conferences.

The library – christened El Dragón Invisible in honor of the work performed by researcher Carlos Iurchuk on his website – presents a new arrangement with a reading room for the visitor’s comfort. The true novelty is the video library, with offerings to suit all tastes, filled with material on the genre, with an important contribution from researcher Roberto Banchs, documentaries and documentation on Visión Ovni’s research.

Photographic evidence, displayed thematically, enables us to observe research conducted on the subject of landing marks and cattle mutilations.

Institutional activity regarding the declassification and work performed by the continent’s air forces and the Argentinean Air Force also has an exhibit, along with materials from the CEFORA project, the Argentinean organization that concentrates researchers from the entire country with the goal of requesting declassification of files in government custody.
The Victoria Room is the new space that collects the city’s most important case histories – investigations carried out since 1991 by various researchers and members of Visión Ovni. The room also houses fragments of objects that have fallen from space, perhaps the most sought-after items by visitors.

Another novelty is the mini-lab for samples, where items are displayed with their respective analytical reports. There you will also find samples of plants and vegetation from circles associated to the phenomenon, elements of cattle mutilation research. There is also evidence from the Monte Grande explosion.

Special Acknowledgement

There is a person who merits being singled out as an inseparable companion, willing to make an effort when needed, assume responsibility and commitment for every development undertaken. He is a founding member of Visión Ovni and he has shared all our experiences, both good and bad: Pablo Puchet, who has worked harder than anyone else to make this a reality once more.


While the museum opened its doors to the public at 10:00 a.m., we had a small inaugural cocktail party at 19:00 hours, inviting municipal authorities and personal friends. Among them was Darío Garcilazo, the Intendant of Victoria, who was among the people who asked us not to drop the ball, and who offered us significant assistance with materials for the project.
Marcela Lujan, Victoria’s Director of Tourism, was a source of encouragement throughout, and in charge of conveying our needs to the authorities. She is an acknowledged professional in the area of tourism, understanding from the start the importance of the UFO museum as a generator of visits to the community. Among others present were businessman Fabián Lima, general manager of the Victoria del Agua hot springs, who offered his support at all times.

Finally, the toast, signaling the dawn of a new stage that we hope will please all visitors to the Museo del Ovni in Victoria, Entre Rios, Argentina. It is the only one of its kind in the country and one of ten of its kind in the world. Acknowledged for its exhibit materials, photography and audiovisuals, but essentially for its information and research, based on science and knowledge.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU]

Old School: The 1956 Ferraudi Contactee Experience

Old School: The 1956 Ferraudi Contactee Experience
By Liliana Flotta and Eduardo Grosso

Many years ago – perhaps 20 – our director, Fabio Zerpa, introduced a likable gentleman in his forties to the members of the ONIFE (Organizacion Nacional de Investigacion de Fenomenos Ovnis) group. He described him as: “the gentleman who’s been inside a flying saucer”. The reader can imagine our surprise at receiving this information, particularly coming from Fabio, who was never known to rush to judgment. The protagonist’s name is Orlando Ferraudi.

Despite the years that have gone by since his abduction experience, elements have emerged to confirm and enrich his story. At first, our fellow ONIFE members – Hector Antonio Picco, Jorge Cosso and Eduardo Rando – were put in charge of investigating and confirming through the pages of the “Mas Alla de la Cuarta Dimension” magazine, the surprising recollections of the Orlando’s experience. The case was also made known through the Buenos Aires newspaper “Cronica” in a feature by Hector Picco.
We ran into Orlando Ferraudi only a few days ago – 15 January 2013 – and questioned the experiencer once again in our offices over cups of coffee.

His adventure started one cold night in August 1956. Orlando, 18 at the time, was an avid fisherman. At the time, his favorite spot was a remote area on the edge of Rio de la Plata, on the northern shore of the City of Buenos Aires, where today (years after the experience) we find a college campus belonging to the University of Buenos Aires. At that time, the area was frequented by “linyeras” (the homeless). Orlando had become accustomed to taking them small packs of cigarettes and mate in order to befriend them and keep them from “harassing” him during his fishing nights.

Around 23:30, Orlando was sitting on the shore with his fishing rod, and felt that someone was behind him. At first he thought it was a “linyera” who had come to ask him for something or to rob him. However, what he saw was shocking. The character, similar to a human being, was much taller than Orlando ( who stands about 1.85 meters) – at least 2 meters tall, dressed in a yellow/orange one piece outfit that gave off small “sparks”. The suit ended in a hood that fell over the neck. The humanoid was very blond, with cropped hair, very white skin, athletic build, amber eyes (the classic “Adamski”-type alien). The being took Orlando by the arm and mentally conveyed the thought that he should remain calm and not be afraid. No evil would befall him and that they had a long journey ahead.

At that instant, Orlando knew that the entity (despite its appearance) wasn’t terrestrial. The witness tells us that he lost his will, that it was impossible to refuse the extraterrestrial’s mental commands. At that time, the being took out a device from his suit that Orlando described as a woman’s “makeup compact”. The little device (which would cause Orlando to feel faint whenever it was held aloft) issued a very intense light. The experiencer then saw a vast dark shadow coming from the river, shaped like an inverted soup bowl and measuring some 70 meters in diameter. A ramp suddenly appeared from within the craft and another being (similar to the first) helped Orlando to walk along the narrow metal gangplank (the witness says that he was afraid of falling into the water as he did so).

Escorted by the two beings, he entered a small domed room without any straight edges, where the light appeared to emerge from the walls themselves. Orlando tells us that the air seemed luminous. Also within the room was a small girl who identified herself as Elena, an eleven-year-old. She told him that she had been taken by the UFO from her home in Villa Mercedes (Province of San Luis – Argentina), when she heard noises on the terrace, thinking something had happened to her cat. The girl told Orlando not to be afraid, that no harm would come to him.

Next, a tall blonde woman, wearing a bodysuit similar to those of her male counterparts, entered the room. Her hairstyle reminded Orlando of the “Prince Valiant” character made famous by the comic strips and a movie starring Robert Wagner and her athletic build was also notable. This crewwoman led Elena out of the room, presumably to another part of the ship. Subsequently, one of the beings told Orlando to take off his clothes. The startled experience, bereft of will, obeyed the order, although he kept his underpants and socks on. The being then told him he must strip naked, since the garments are contaminated and could cause them problems due to terrestrial bacteria and viruses. Having complied with the request, the being took the clothes and placed them in a bag which was subsequently tossed into a device similar to a television set. Upon closing it, the device became filled with thick, greenish smoke (at this point it is hard not to recall the Villas Boas case in Brazil). According to the entity’s explanation, it was being sterilized and would be subsequently returned to him. Meanwhile, he was given a “little outfit” measuring no more than 30 centimeters long. A curious telepathic dialogue ensued, with Orlando asking the being: “How do I put this on?” He then discovered a small hole on the upper part of the garment and was surprised to see it stretch and fit his body perfectly. He told us it was impossible to feel it, and gave him the sensation of wearing shoes even though he had none.

The female entity returned with little Elena (dressed in a similar outfit). They were told – always telepathically – that they would take a small trip, first underwater through the Bay of San Borombón (south of Buenos Aires) to the coast of Uruguay and would subsequently cross over to Africa, from which they would go into space. This, they explained, was to avoid detection and be considered hostile.

This stage of the story is very compelling, as they told our protagonist that the UFO would generate a sort of particle field, employing electromagnetic energy for their maneuvers, both within the atmosphere and beyond it.

Within what could be called the “bridge” were instruments, screens and windows in the entire perimeter. A minimum of nine beings (according to Orlando) operated the entirety of the ship. At a given moment the made him look at one of the screens, seeing they were rising and the Earth was now being left behind. There was no sensation of movement. They were struck by the Earth’s blue color (although the first human to officially see this lovely color was Yuri Gagarin). They were also shown the moon, which Orlando described as dull grey. Beyond lunar orbit, they were asked to look at the sun (always through the screen). There is an interesting bit of information here, as Orlando, much like in another case to be mentioned later, says that “the Sun is black”. I remember asking him how this could be, much as he was asked during our initial meeting, saying that surely must have seen the sun through a filter. Orlando insisted that the Sun was dark, from what he could see. Surely – we thought – the image had been through a polarized filter or with certain wavelengths filtered out.

At that moment, the ETs told both humans that they were heading back to Earth, this time at a breathtaking speed, watching it through the screen. They became frightened and feared they would crash; the beings advised them of the zero likelihood of such an occurrence, thanks to the fields employed. In fact, the exact thoughts used to explain this to Orlando and Elena were: “Do not be concerned. When we are near, we shall form a field with the Earth and will not collide with it.” Here, we presume, they would use the Earth’s magnetic field and inverting polarity would also dampen the craft’s inertia – an concept held by many scientists involved in UFO research.

They penetrated the atmosphere and plunged into the Caribbean. Seconds after doing so, they beheld a sort of transparent dome with several craft (Orlando estimates the structure covered some five or six hectares). When asked, the entities replied that “it was a maintenance station”. They entered a sort of tunnel and are told they are to be returned, but must first undergo a series of physical examinations.

Another room had two cots and strange instruments. The humans were given a thick beverage to drink (similar in density to honey and flavorless) and some tablets (described by the protagonist as “small eggs of various colors”). They were told that these would make them sleepy and not to be concerned. Subsequently, they were placed in the respective cots, which had “U” shaped instruments above them, with lights matching the colors of the pills taken. Orlando does not remember when he fell asleep, or how long the examination lasted.

They were wakened and taken to separate rooms, being asked to dress in their normal clothes. At that time, Orlando, who was physically well, was told that work had been done to his pineal gland. Orlando recalls the being’s explanation perfectly. “You will be useful to us in the future, because this gland is the only heritage of ours that remains here. The five races that populate this planet are not native to Earth; they are merely the vestiges of civilizations from other worlds. Earth has long been known as the solar system’s zoo. The current races have undergone genetic mutations through their own fault, but all that remains of what you were is the pineal gland. For that reason, we have reactivated this gland in both of you, and when we think about you, you will feel a sort of buzzing inside your heads.” The existence of a phenomenon common to all contactees should be noted here: the so-called “adjustment signal”, an intense buzzing that is normally heard in the right ear and which heralds a telepathic message. This symptom is common in world case histories.

Orlando was full of questions, and the beings agreed to show him the workings of the UFO. Our protagonist says that he saw two decks – the command bridge and the various rooms in which they had been, and a lower one with the “motor” which he describes as circular (covering the entire diameter of the craft) with large coils and walkways between them. These coils were operated or controlled by creatures similar to the ones described, but dressed in blue overalls and with a sort of transparent mask. Males and females were involved in these operations.

Regarding the vessel’s operation, he was told: “The craft glides along a force field using three energies – cosmic, solar and magnetic. We can travel through space with all three or only one.”

Orlando also tells us that there was a weapons demonstration, in this case, the small compact that has several uses, like a Swiss army knife. Through a porthole, he was shown a small cube-shaped object. The being pointed the compact at the target and it vanished. He was told: “This is pure energy. When it finds its mark, it disintegrates it completely. Nothing is left. Neither smoke, nor odor. This weapon breaks down everything it touches. We want you to know that this power shall be brought to bear against you, much to our regret, if you jeopardize interstellar harmony.” We ask ourselves: is this device an example of Vril Energy? The old Bulwer Lytton novel rears its head in ufological reality.

He doesn’t know how, but he woke up in the same place from where he was taken. It was now sunrise and six hours were missing from his life. What happened to the lost time? What became of young Elena? What is the meaning of a symbol he has in his mind?

Comparative Ufology

We had mentioned that the case has some markers that over time lead us to conclude it is indeed exceptional.
In 1990, we were able to investigate the so-called Cerminara Case. Mr. Luis Cerminara was the manager of an insurance company in Pergamino (southern Buenos Aires Province). We found him by chance while researching a CE-3 incident. Luis was 50 at the time and was newly married. His experiences went back to his childhood in his hometown (Arroyo Dulce) where, as he told us, a “little white airplane” would come and fetch him at night with a “tiny little being”, taking him on journeys through the Earth’s interior. Upon reaching adulthood, he began receiving telepathic contacts. During one of these contacts in 1981, he was asked to go to Caleta Olivia (in southern Argentina). He did so with several friends, although the ETs told him to go alone.
It was there, on a cold night in a deserted beach, that two beings appeared, clad in light colored one-piece outfits. They led him into a UFO shaped like an inverted plate, which silently approached from the sea.

The parallels with the Ferraudi case are startling. He was led to a circular room “where light emerged from everywhere,” according to Luis. He was subsequently taken to the “bridge” with its consoles and screens. He was asked to look through one of the screens as Earth was left behind. He saw our planet’s blue color, could see the Moon, its dark side, and the sun. Interestingly enough, he told us: “the Sun is black” – the same statement made by Orlando.

While having no great recollections of his experience aboard the craft, he remembered returning to Earth at breathtaking speed, subsequently entering a tunnel where he saw a sort of “transfer station” with several domes. They emerged in the locality of Tandil (400 km south of Buenos Aires). During a short flight – with no sensation of movement – the craft returned him to the deserted beach. After this experience, his telepathic contacts continued, announced by a buzzing in his right ear. He also had a bedroom visitation: on the night of 7 December 1985, after having sexual relations with his young wife, a being of the same morphology appeared at the foot of the bed and told them they had just conceived a child, a very special one. In fact, we saw a photograph of the boy, four years old at the time, touching a crucifix and causing it to glow. A hybrid, perhaps?

Oddly, Luis Cerminara began developing curative powers after his abduction, much like Orlando. Luis has an interesting mark behind his red ear, the place where he was implanted, as he tells us. Orlando has no recollections or signs of having been implanted.

The similarities are incredible, especially when Orlando’s case had not yet been published.
In 1968, we find the Julia Pretzel CE-3 at the locale of Carlos Paz (Cordoba Province, Argentina). In this CE-3, which occurred at the La Cuesta Motel (now the La Cuesta Hotel), a being with the same morphology described drew a small sphere or “compact” from his outfit and held it up, causing the human witness to feel faint. When lowered, the witness felt restored. Much like in the Ferraudi Case. [For more information on the Pretzel CE-3, see Argentina: The 1968 Night Visitor at http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2010/06/venturing-into-dark-vaults-of-south.html]

With regard to the pineal gland, we would like to mention that Spanish researchers recently stated the pineal gland is magneto receptive. Since antiquity, this gland has always been considered responsible for telepathy. We have now developed the theory, according our ESP experiments, that the possibility of communicating telepathically (at least among humans) is slight. We have also found that contactees produce a small number of phenomena, generally known as PK (psychokinesis), such as: recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (Poltergeist), breakdowns of electrical devices, electronic interference, photogenesis, etc. It is our sincere belief that there is some technology involved in communications of this sort, similar to the so-called “Pandora Project”, where it is possible to convey a message to the subject, perhaps through their pineal gland, by means of a guided electromagnetic pulse. The magnetic field created may possibly enable the manifestation of PK phenomena.

There is another interesting phenomenon in the experiences of Orlando, Luis Cerminara and other abductees, and it involves a symbol. An extremely simple one, that is repeated in all experiences, not only in Argentina but worldwide, and which we have seen repeated many times in our investigations: a circle with a triangle in the middle. Is this perhaps the symbol that identifies a particular species?

In the early 1990s, Orlando decided to try hypnosis in order to find out if additional details could be recovered. He contacted renowned researcher Orlando Suarez (also in the ONIFE group). Having made various sessions, no additional details were obtained. Fabio Zerpa confirmed that there exists an irretrievable amnesia, even under deep hypnosis.

Orlando Ferraudi Today

Orlando is now over 70 years old, and his story is exactly as it was 20 years ago.

We cannot help but notice that he feels frustrated, in the sense of his fruitless search for Elena over the years in the various provinces of Argentina. Also by his inability to share his experience with others, not even with new researchers who are more interested by a video of a distant object in the sky than collecting information from someone who has come face to face with “them”. In recent years, Orlando wrote about his experiences under the suggestive title “¿Por Qué Yo?” (Why Me?) in an effort to disseminate his experiences. All contactees ask the same question, which no one can answer.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Eduardo Grosso, Liliana Flotta, Angel Carretero]

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Argentina: Carhué UFO is the "Photo of the Year"

Argentina: Carhué UFO is the “Photo of the Year”
By Luis Burgos, Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)

28 January 2013

Carhué is a small city in western Buenos Aires whose main source of attraction can be found in its hot baths and sports fishing in local lagoons. Only a few kilometers distant we find Lago Epecuén, notorious for the fact that its waters abruptly flooded the entire town one terrifying night in 1985. Today, its sunken ruins also attract tourists, who leave astonished.

Since the 1960s and 1970s we have over 5000 cases in our database (1947-present) involving UFO activity in the entire region of linked lagoons, and due to its proximity to the “Ventania Corridor” – one of the most active locations in the country, spreading from Pigue and Cural Malal to Bahia Blanca – UFO sightings are common currency in the region. So it was that in 2010, four women experienced a UFO encounter that exposed their car to the typical “electromagnetic effect” (EM) as they traveled from Carhué to La Pampa. In October 2011, a flurry of reports involving “strange luminous objects” flying over Lake Epecuén became a source of intrigue among local residents and the subject of an investigation by our organization, the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO).

Anabel Jacquin, 22, a student and homemaker, lives with her family in a field located 12 kilometers from Carhué. Almost daily, she walks the dirt road to the country gate with her children and dogs in the late afternoon. On 23 January, before 20:00 hours and under somewhat cloudy skies, she walked with her 3-year-old son Tomás and three small dogs, seizing the opportunity to take pictures of them with a Nokia Asha 302 cellphones. Suddenly, the little boy ran in fright toward his mother, saying he had heard a “strange noise”. The mother calmed him down, but was also able to hear a sort of buzzing or vibration in the air. Minutes later, when focusing the cellphone to photograph her son, she noticed “a moving shadow” through the cellphone’s screen and pressed the shutter. She did not even look skyward. The time was 20:14 hours on the dot. Upon looking at the photo, she noticed that in the background, between the wire fence and a hill some 250 meters away, there is a clear “dark object, apparently taking off”. Upon returning home and downloading the file to the computer, she can attest to the presence of a strange flying object.

The photograph and the filtering analyses performed by researcher Laura Babyaczuk show a solid, metallic body, of considerable size while not yet a “mothership”, giving the impression of gaining altitude by its diagonal position. A significant takeoff speed prompts it to release a small fog from its aft section, an effect seen earlier in other photos through Comparative Ufology. If we calculate that it is halfway between the hill and the witness, we can say that it is some 100-150 meters from Anabel. Its altitude is therefore somewhat low, which is seldom seen in the subject of UFO photography. We must bear in mind that something can be seen to “hang” from the main body, visible in all the analyses, about which we can only conjecture.

The exceptional document obtained in Carhué meets all the conditions to become the “photo of the year”, one that is hard to match. Despite this, other significant details must be added:

1) Recurrence: The area where the event occurred has a significant history of UFO sightings, as we said earlier, in 2010 and 2011, with nocturnal apparitions month after month.
2) The reliability of the witness: in this case, there is no “ufological contamination” of any sort, and the uncertainty of not knowing what she captured on her cellphone.
3) Sound perception: by the boy and his mother alike, a clear sign that “something” was on the prowl only minutes before the photo. UFO case histories confirm this in several events. It should be noted that both mother and son and used to all of the sounds generated in the wilderness and this one was entirely different.
4) Physical traces: while the existence of ground traces has not been confirmed to date, future tours of the area may yield positive results, although we must bear in mind that 95% of the UFO landing traces found in Argentina do not involve any sightings whatsoever.
5) Animal behavior: very frequent in numerous UFO events. In this case, Anabel did not notice the dogs behaving abnormally.

All of this prompts us to catalogue the case with the very highest level of reliability, one that is well on its way to becoming one of the more striking UFO incidents of recent times in the country: A UFO taking off? The case remains under investigation.

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Julio González]

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Argentina: Residents of Santiago Alarmed by UFO

Source: www.contexto.com.ar
Date: 02.04.2013

Argentina: Residents of Santiago Alarmed by UFO

Veronica wanted to remember the day they were hit by a tornado.

A strange object suspended in the sky is visible in a photograph that has caused sleepless nights for residents of Colonia Dora (Santiago del Estero), still befuddled by what took place on 30 January.

It was a very special day for the locals, as two tornados had hit the community – something that had never occurred in the city’s history – devastating the settlement and the surrounding area, three to five kilometers around.

An intense rainstorm drenched the area shortly after the first tornado. This was the moment chosen by Verónica Luna to cool off a bit in her back yard, seeking relief from the prevailing high temperature.

Her brother availed himself of a camera to capture the moment and took the photo which was downloaded to their computer on the next day, when the electricity was restored to the city.

It was then they discovered a strange image in the sky, which was overcast at the time and rainy.

To see the enlarged version of the photo: http://www.elliberal.com.ar/ampliada.php?ID=77086

(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Argentina: A UFO Over Cosquín?

Source: Diario La Mañana de Córdoba
Date: 02.04.2013

Argentina: A UFO Over Cosquín?

Sandra Mina was posing for a photo at Pan de Azúcar. She subsequently uploaded the image file to a social network and her friends noticed an object in the sky.

On 30 January 2013, Sandra Mina was walking with her husban around Pan de Azúcar and decided to take a photo of herself with the mountainous landscape as a background. Later on, Sandra posted the image to Facebook at 16:30. Her friends told her they could see something strange in the sky. That’s when they magnified the photo and found a surprise. A UFO?

(Translation © 2013 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Strange Light Over Necochea

Argentina: Strange Light Over Necochea
By Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO

A videotape of another flying object over the city can now be added to the cases reported in Necochea on the Argentinean coastline. This video was obtained by the RIDERSTV NECOCHEA team, a film crew consisting of young residents of the city who film extreme sporting events (bodysurfing, surf, BMX, etc.)

The video can be seen on YouTube at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNsoSma5utY

Without question, the coastline of Necoceha has been fertile grounds for UFO sightings over the past month, with numerous cases and hundreds of eyewitnesses in various parts of the city.

Necochea, Argentina: Is a 2013 UFO Flap Underway?

Necochea, Argentina: Is a 2013 UFO Flap Underway?
By Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO

A massive UFO was seen over the coast of Necochea in the early morning hours of 27 January 2013, in the southeastern end of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hundreds of witnesses saw a large white light over the sea, facing the coastline, surrounded by an “S” shaped cloud and with a red light toward its lower left side that appeared to sparkle at times. After several minutes and at sea level, it rose into the air, vanishing at high speed among the stars. The time was approximately 0230-0240 hours on 27 January. Among the witnesses were Alejandro Gimenez Franzoni, Matias Silvi, Matias Bugnar, Franco Cuervo – all of them in their 20s, and readily localizable in Necochea and the city of La Plata, as some of them were tourists.
Given the time at which this event occurred, and since it was a perfectly clear and starry night, the witnesses are deemed to rise into the hundreds, according to the testimony furnished by the people named above, since they could see many others along the coastline, and the beach itself, casting their gaze on the phenomenon. It made no noise whatsoever and was scarcely a few meters over the sea’s surface, ahead of the ships waiting for clearance to enter the Port of Quequén.

A few minutes elapsed before the object – enshrouded in a very bright cloud – drifted upward, losing itself in the enormous expanse of starry sky.

Another Case

Albert Benitez is the protagonist of another phenomenon that occurred on 25 January 2013 at 23:30 hours, approximately, when he saw a large red fireball traveling at moderate speed from West to East over downtown Necochea. He adds that he could hear a squealing sound as it flew overhead, despite its distance. There may be other witnesses to this event. As we can see, UFOs keep spending their summers in Necochea.
Only a few days ago we published this case, which I myself witnessed.

At around 21:40 hours on 11 January 2013, a large number of onlookers saw a very bright red, strange object of considerable size and triangular in shape, flying south at a steady but by no means slow speed.

The object was seen by residents of Necochea and tourists alike, enjoying another very pleasant evening, since temperatures that day had been in excess of 36 centigrade.

Finally, the silent object lost itself in the southern sky among the stars. Its appearance was sudden in the airspace. I myself saw this along with other friends on the beach.

A Massive Nationwide Flap?

The Necochea UFO was seen at 02:30 and in Claromecó at 02:15 hours on 27 January. It was very likely also seen at Punta Alta. Was it the same one videotaped at Atucha (Buenos Aires) at 02:45? The case remains under investigation.

On January 29, 2013, Julio Gonzalez published the following report: On 01/27/13, minutes after two in the morning, a UFO was seen over the community, according to a tourist from Tandil. There were other cases on Friday and Saturday, as has emerged from eyewitness accounts.

An unidentified flying object was seen on Sunday in early morning hours from Claromecó and Dunamar (Necochea). This newspaper received a report submitted from a resident of Tandil, who provided exact information on the characteristics of the phenomenon. Sightings were also reported last Friday and Saturday.
The tourist told this newspaper that at around 02:15 on that day, “a strange object was seen in the sky over Claromecó-Dunamar, seen by at least 15 people. It was an intense light over the sea.”

He added that the UFO “gained altitude and began morphing into a sort of blue colored spiral (like a three-vaned fan) with an intense light at its core. It then began issuing smaller lights. When it was near our position, it appeared to be at high altitude and traveling at considerable speed. The spiral then vanished and the central light dimmed until it, too, disappeared.”

The tourist added: “We were with my nephews and some friends from Rosario at Dunamar, some 50 meters from the public bathrooms. There were more people at the beach. They saw it too.”

In his story, the tourist remarked: “This is the first time I have seen anything of this sort, although 12 years ago, when I drove a truck, I saw a pair of large lights in the sky that subsequently vanished.”

The summer visitor described his feelings after seeing the object in question: “I felt surprised. At one time we thought it was the moon, but we remembered that the full moon was right there behind us. Then the spiral shape became visible,” he said, adding: “I usually travel a few days during the summer to visit Claromecó, this time it was due to the weekend, and we got to see that interesting light.

Another similar case:

“I took the photo I am submitting to your attention on Sunday at Claromecó, Province of Buenos Aires, 70 km from the city of Tres Arroyos. It caught my attention. The small spot fell rapidly while the large one remained static for a long time. Before that, I noticed a kind of glow in the sky, but thought it was a jet. They lost themselves in the fog over the sea. Could they be UFOs?” asked Sol Echarry on our website.

Meanwhile, a resident of Claromecó who preferred to remain anonymous, also noticed the presence of an unidentified flying object. It occurred at noon on Saturday, approximately at 11:30, when she saw “a white object suspended in midair” in the Tercer Salto y Medio area. We were alone with my husband and shortly thereafter it vanished. It ascended at breathtaking speed and was gone in less than a minute. It jumped upward and quickly vanished.”

Claudio Menendez, a journalist for Radio Comunidad Claromecó and a contributor to this newspaper, said in his “Dias Distintos” program that an object similar to the one seen by the tourist from Tandil had also been reported in 1991.
Finally, last Friday at around 20:00 hours and hear the mouth of the creek, an unidentified flying object was reported, shining in the sky for several minutes until it was no longer readily visible.

(Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU)