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Argentina: Mutilated Horse Found With Bizarre Incisions in Santiago del Estero

Date: 07/23/2012

ARGENTINA: Mutilated Horse Found With Bizarre Incisions in Santiago del Estero
By Andrea and Silvia Pérez Simondini

Dead animal was found 30 meters away from its owner’s house.
Our thanks to Carlos Figueroa for this information.

Information concerning animals found with strange incisions is constantly received by our working group. This instance involves a horse – found and reported by its owner – in the locality of Fernández, Santiago del Estero.

The peculiar detail of this case is that the animal, an older specimen whose death was expected around that time, was found dead on the next day with a sharp cut around its eye socket and another around its anus.

We asked the complainant to provide us with photographs of the incisions, which we are sharing with you.

The photos received display an incision with a total absence of the ocular organ. Also visible is an incision in the hide around the eye (approximately 2 centimeters) with areas in which the incision is flush against the skin and others which present irregularities, similar to those presented by the use of a knife.

A flat, circular cut is visible in the anal region, measuring approximately 18 cm in diameter. Tail bristles have broken off, and there is a sort of “elevation” over the anus.
It should be noted that the typical kicking action of a dying animal is evident in the surrounding terrain, with an abundance of marks. There is no blood residue in the eye socket or in the anal area, or even on the ground. However, fresh blood can be seen in one of the nasal passages.

The owner of the horse displayed his astonishment over the eye socket incision, saying he had never seen the likes of it.
Moreover, no sounds of any kind were heard during the night, or evidence of carrion animal activity such as crows, which are very common in the area.

He says that they did not employ knives on the carcass, and if someone had tried to do so, they would have heard him, given the proximity of the animal to the farm house. There are dogs on the property that would have reacted to any movement.

The case betrays signs of strangeness that do not allow us to render a definitive opinion on the event. We are expecting further information from the animal’s owner and consultations with the local veterinarian.

(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO and Andrea and Silvia Pérez Simondini)

Argentina: An Anomaly Over Tucumán

Javier López Posse submitted the following photograph to Luis Burgos's Facebook page. "A strange formation of unidentified flying objects," he writes. "I was trying to capture the flight path of this airplane, which left a contrail that lasted a least an hour. Can the image of these UFOs displaying a "cross"-like formation be construed as some sort of message? It is very suggestive."

Please note the photo has not been submitted to any scrutiny and is merely presented as an example of what is being seen in the Southern Hemisphere at this time.

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Mexico: The Truth Behind "Cigar-Shaped" UFOs

Date: 07.26.2013

Mexico: The Truth Behind “Cigar Shaped” UFOs
By Jorge Moreno – SIPSE

A sighting on the Mérida-Tixpéual highway provides answers to this new mystery.

MERIDA, Yucatán – Cigar-shaped UFOs are less widely known than the traditional “saucer” shaped ones or those resembling spheres. This is perhaps due to the fact that in the Yucatan Peninsula, at least, their sightings and reports are less frequent.

Cigar-shaped UFOs look like a rolled-up cigar, as their name suggests. Their aspect is solid and metallic, often with windows on their sides, as in a commercial airliner, but without wings or a rudder. One of the earliest sightings of cigar-shaped UFOs occurred in the mid-70s, but also took place during the Belgian Wave of sightigings in 1989-1990, which led to an in-depth investigation by European governments in recent years.

These objects – able to hover in the air for many minutes and then accelerate to fantastic speeds, such as 500 km per second – are generally seen by radar units that monitor air traffic, and are also sighted by commercial aircraft over the sea. In many cases, these UFOs surround airliners as though investigating them, and subsequently vanish at prodigious speeds.


In Yucatan, one of the most reliable reports regarding a sighting comes from Captain Irving Peña Vidal (deceased) in the year 2003, who was able to see a flying object from his ranch, only a few kilometers from the western orbital road on the Mérida-Tixpéual highway in the company of some fellow pilots.

Peña Vidal told this author that he would get together with friends and collaborators of his group FIEPAL (Latin American Spatial Research Group) to look at the sky through various telescopes.

“We had already seen several cases of involving traditional UFOs, but on that occasion (May 2003) we were able to see a cigar-shaped one, which I also believe served as a “mothership”, as several spheres emerged from its interior, more than 15 of them. It was impressive and could not be seen with the naked eye, only with the telescopes.”
In ten years I have only received a few more reports (in Mérida and Valladolid) with regard to this sort of UFO.
Peña Vidal claims having seen a mothership, and the reports from Mérida and Valladolid appear to state the same. But how can we know for sure?

To answer this question it should be noted that “motherships” are at a greater altitude, cannot be seen readily, and the use of telescopes is required. Generally, smaller craft flying closer to the ground can be seen with greater ease.


(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo D. Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Jorge Moreno, Sipse)

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Mexico: "We Were Camping When My Nephew Suddenly Shouted: A UFO!"

Source: SIPSE
Date: 07.11.13

Mexico: “We Were Camping When My Nephew Suddenly Shouted: A UFO!”
By Jorge Moreno, SIPSE

MERIDA – UFOs have also been reported in the city of Hunucmá, but two of these cases have involved peculiar situations.

Several days ago I interviewed Ms. Rosario Caamal, 39. She says she’s been fortunate to see unidentified flying objects over her home city on three separate occasions.

“The first time was in my father’s ranch, about ten years ago. Several relatives were camping in the wilderness, and it was very odd, because my brothers and sisters-in-law didn’t want to, but their children and nephews wanted to have an “adventure”, and we accepted just to please the young ones. There were 12 of us (six adults and six minors) and we certainly did have an unexpected adventure.”

“Around 12 midnight we were seated around a fire, about ready to go to sleep in our tents, when my nephew suddenly shouted: “A UFO!” as he pointed to the sky. When we turned to look, we saw a light whose colors fluctuated between blue and white. It moved slowly, but what captured our attention was that it increased its speed at intervals and then slowed down, making zigzagging maneuvers without a single sound.”

“My siblings were shocked. They say it was a UFO, because satellites, for example, have no lights and move at an even speed. Much less airplanes, as they cannot fly in a zigzag pattern or go up and down in such a fashion.”

“I suddenly felt the need to look skyward, and there was a UFO there.”

“The second time I saw a UFO was over the main square of Hunucmá. It was also night and suddenly some kids shouted they were seeing UFOs as they looked skyward. I thought it was a joke, but little by little people nearby looked on in astonishment. I approached, scanned the sky and found it. It was a circular object with not very much light, yet clearly visible, as it flew relatively low. In fact, some of the kids ran to the town hall to tell the policemen, but they ignored them. Didn’t even bother looking up. They just said there was nothing they could do about it.”

“The sighting took over five minutes and before long, in front our startled eyes, the object either vanished or became invisible, well, maybe it took off at a speed similar to that of light, but vertical, and that’s why it vanished from our sight.”

“The last time I was fortunate enough to see a UFO was about a year ago, but very early. It was hardly dawn and I went to the roof of my house to get some things. Don’t know if it was chance or what, but I felt the urge to look to the sky (something I never do), and there was an unidentified flying object. Only this one was elongated, the “cigar” type as it’s called, and behind it were five small circular craft, as if following it. I wanted to go to the police to report it, but I thought better of it, thinking they wouldn’t believe me.”

It should be mentioned that there is no protocol or set of actions to be followed by police or municipal authorities when it comes to spaceships in the sky, since these are technically not committing any violations. Therefore, if you see a UFO, and want to take action, we suggest that you avail yourself of a photo camera to secure evidence, and/or find people near the site who can also witness the situation. The more eyes that can see it, the better.

(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Jorge Moreno, SIPSE and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Mutilated Cattle Appear in San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires

Source: VISION OVNI (Argentina)
Date: 07.12.13

Argentina: Mutilated Cattle Appear in San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires
**Over 20 Animals Have Turned Up Dead Since June, Presenting Strange Incisions**
By Andrea Pérez Simondini

Mutilation cases in 2013 have multiplied perhaps with the same intensity as they did back in that incredible year 2002, when everything turned to madness around the cases.
In this instance, we are availing ourselves of a report by Cesar Alomar, a user of the Vision OVNI page on Facebook, who informs us of the number of animals turning up in San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires Province.

We received an e-mail from Cesar with the following information:

“Something may have occurred in a field around here. The owner told me he found it very strange in recent days. When he arrived, he found a thick quebracho post buried in the wire fencing – it was tilted, nearly touching the ground, as though considerable force had been exerted upon it, lifting the soil. He also found five rods of the same wire fence broken, missing a piece of the upward-pointing barbed wire. These details drew his attention. The animals were very frightened, but they didn’t have the appearance of having been “spooked”. He goes there every day and there was no animal hair to be found on the barbed wire. Stranger still: there are notches on the posts that appear to have been made by a disc. There are no machines nearby or prints of any sort. What could have killed it? Let’s see if we can take some photos.

We quickly looked for more information on the case and managed to find a news report that briefly mentions the situation at San Andres de Giles:


The most interesting aspect of the case, despite the fact that it has been ongoing for over a month, is that it is accompanied by sightings of lights. The first account goes back to June 1st of this year, stating the following:

Three dead cows were found in this location. The latest one was found on Thursday and the cause of death is hitherto unknown.
The animal was found without its entrails or blood, these having been extracted through it anus. The very same happened to the other two, but the point of extraction was one of its eyes.
Days ago, a local claimed seeing a powerful light in the sky. The cause of death, and the reason for the way in which they were found, remains a mystery.
Similar cases have been recorded repeatedly elsewhere in the country.
These first three animals were followed by subsequent reports. On Thursday, June 20th, it became known that over 20 animals had been found dead and mutilated.

THE TUYUTI MYSTERY IS ONGOING: Today we learned that the animals found in a field in Tuyuti amount to over 20 and the losses are significant. Some have already stated that the phenomenon is of an extraterrestrial nature. The photo is of one of the mutilated cows discovered.

We hope to have more information on the site and we are readying our teams, as this promises to be an interesting case.


(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Silvia and Andrea Pérez Simondini of Visión Ovni and Guillermo Giménez of Planeta UFO)

Argentina: Jujuy Worker Claims Having Stood 20 Meters from “Water-Sampling” UFO

Source: El Intransigente (Jujuy, Argentina)
Date: 14 July 2013

Argentina: Jujuy Worker Claims Having Stood 20 Meters from “Water-Sampling” UFO

JUJUY – “I never told anyone, only my family, and I want people to know that this is something I’ll never forget in my life. I’m 72, and this is something that exists,” said Roberto Moreira, a retiree who took the decision to retell in detail his close encounter with a UFO following a series of very strange episodes in Jujuy, all of them linked to sightings of unidentified flying objects.

It is believed that these objects “study” the area’s water. It all started when Jujuy’s El Tribuno newspaper published accounts from local residents claiming having seen lights in the sky. Moreira read the articles and wanted to tell his own story. “When I read a report from Mrs. Angela de Ponce I decided to tell my story,” said the witness, who lives in the locality of Mariano Moreno.

“It’s true that when people hear my story they laugh or don’t believe it’s true, but what I’m about to tell you is what happened. If I had a Bible, I’d place my hand on it and swear to it. I will not lie to God,” said the man, saying that one night in March 1997 he was on duty at the Barrio Norte soda water plant. At the time, the plant was involved in bottling and there was an effluent plant in service, with a pool measuring 20 meters long and with inlets and outlets. It was near the river and illuminated. This is an important piece of information, as the witness feels that the UFOs crew was specifically interested in the water.

“It was around three in the morning and I had to analyze the liquid, its PH level. Near the plant there was a sink in which jars with liquid were prepared. I went outside with one in each hand and before pouring them out, I turned back, as if stretching, and that’s when I saw it. It was a flying saucer and it was right there, some twenty meters away, like from here to the house facing us, at a height of two or three storeys more or less. It was grey, darkish grey, large, as wide as a house or a little more,” said Moreira.

The retiree described what would be considered a spaceship, lacking openings or lights, and did not make any sound whatsoever. It was suspended in the air toward the Paraguay Bridge.“I looked to the sides to see if there was something more. First thing I did was run to the phone and call the security guard, a young man surnamed Huaranca. I told him to come downstairs in a hurry, to drop everything. Then I went outside again and it was no longer there. A few seconds had elapsed, ten, fifteen, I don’t know. Huaranca believed me. I was agitated, as if I’d run ten kilometers. I believe you, he said,” added the man, opining: “I think they come for something. The water must’ve attracted their attention, the aerators of the pool, which make a lot of bubbles. I don’t know. The pond was illuminated. Let’s believe that these things exist. It’s the first time that I’ve discussed the matter so that people will know about it.”

The story that triggered Moreira’s disclosure was the one offered to the newspaper by another resident, Angela Ponce. “When someone claims having seen them, the listener questions the story, laughs or doesn’t believe it’s true, “said the woman, prefacing her account of possible UFOs in Barrio Kennedy.

For over two years, she says, it has been possible to see “three moving stars” during evening hours, around 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., especially in the fall and summer, behind the hill near the Cerro Las Rosas district. At the place commonly known as Cerro de la Cruz, a gigantic star would first emerge – “very lovely and huge” – according to Mrs. Ponce, heading northwest to the Andean Range.

Half an hour after the star appears, the second and finally a third appears. According to Ponce, all of these objects are visible and give off colored rays of light: blue, red, orange white and yellow. “They pass right behind the other, and if one waits some 90 minutes, they vanish from sight,” she said, adding that the phenomenon occurs at the same time daily.

“I told my relatives, friends, neighbors and passerby of this situation. They all agreed that these were not normal stars, and they said they weren’t UFOs either, just airplanes…and they took it as a joke or a mistake,” said Angela. When the sky isn’t too illuminated by the city lights, that would be precisely the right time to witness the phenomenon, she added, saying she believes the lights come in from Los Alisos and head westward. According to her investigations, these would be UFOs searching for water in the reservoir.

(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

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Argentina: Witness Discusses 1997 Sighting

Source: El Tribuno (Jujuy, Argentina)
Date: 07.5.2013

Argentina: Witness Discusses 1997 UFO Sighting
By Gustavo Toconas

“When I read Mrs. Angela de Ponce’s letter to El Tribuno on 27 June, I decided to tell my own story,” said Roberto Moreira, a retired carbonated beverages worker who lives in the town of Mariano Moreno.

“It’s true. When people hear the story, they laugh or don’t think it’s true. But I would be willing to place my hand on the Bible for what I’m going to tell you. I am not going to lie to God.

“I’ve never told this to anyone, only to my family, and I want people to know it. It’s something I’m not going to forget about my entire life. I’m 72 years old. It’s something that actually exists.”

One summer night, in March of 1997, Moreira was on duty at the Barrio Norte soda factory. At the time, this factory was engaged in bottling operations and there was effluent treatment plant on the premises – a structure measuring 20 meters long with intakes and outlets. It was close to the river and was well-illuminated.

“It was around three o’clock in the morning. I was in charge of monitoring the pH level in the liquid. Near the plant was a little sink where I prepared the pitchers with the liquids. I went outside with one a pitcher in each hand, and before pouring the out, I stood back, as if to stretch, and that’s when I saw it: it was a flying saucer, right there, some twenty meters away, like saying from here to the house across the street, at an altitude of three floors, more or less. It was grey, somewhat dark grey, large, as wide as a house or a little bit more.”
Moreira describes what would be vessel, lacking openings or lights. It did not make any noise, either. It was suspended in the direction of the Paraguay Bridge.

“I looked to the sides to see if there was something more. First thing I did was run to the phone and call the security guard, a young man surnamed Huaranca. I told him to come downstairs in a hurry, to drop everything. Then I went outside again and it was no longer there. A few seconds had elapsed, ten, fifteen, I don’t know. Huaranca believed me. I was agitated, as if I’d run ten kilometers. I believe you, he said.

“I think it was something that brought them there. Maybe the water drew their attention, the aerators of the pond, which make a lot of bubbles. I don’t know. The pond was illuminated. Let’s believe that these things exist. It’s the first time that I’ve discussed the matter so that people will know about it, and I’m telling you so it will appear in the newspaper.”

At first, this reader was hesitant about his name appearing in the papers, due to the risk of pranks, but we discussed the importance of credibility and of credits. My name is on the article, I told him, and there are also other people who phoned me to tell their stories.

(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

Mexico: “The Lights Ascended Until They Vanished in the Sky”

Date: 07.05.12

Mexico: “The Lights Ascended Until They Vanished in the Sky”
Yucatán – Two incidents in Cobá, Quintana Roo, during the 1980s
By Jorge Moreno / SIPSE

MERIDA – Reader Raul Robles shares two experiences he shared a few years ago, which I found striking, as they were similar to other sighting reports in the municipality of Chemax, Yucatan, and on the road leading to Cobá, Quintana Roo, which could result in the witnesses having seen the same thing.

“Well, I would like to share my experience with you. I visited Cobá, Quintana Roo in 1980 and in 1983 I had two USO (unidentified submarine object) sightings, one within a 100 meters distance and another at five hundred meters. At the time, this little town only had a few palapas (shacks) and I came to work at a hotel facing a lagoon, 500 meters from the Cobá ruins -- covering ninety four square kilometers and four lagoons – and which are very famous today.

“The first sighting occurred in the lagoon facing the hotel at around midnight. It was witnessed by a local resident, who was the hotel watchman, and yours truly, since we were checking the surrounding area.”

“What happened was that a very bright light emerged from the lagoon, very quickly, and the waters rose into the air, as though it were raining. We just stood there looking, startled and not saying a word. Once we recovered from our fright, we said “no one’s going to believe us” and that’s how it was. But it was unforgettable for us. I told my girlfriend at the time – who is now my wife – about the event and she said I was a fool and insane, to keep my feet on the ground because such things did not exist.”

“In a matter of seconds, the water fell down like rain.”

“She didn’t believe in any of this, and well, it upset me greatly that she should doubt me, and time went by. So at the end of 1983 we went out of the hotel I worked at around one in the morning (we had a child by then, too) and there were no lights in the town. Only the hotel had a generator. Imagine our surprise, as we left, to find a light covering a good portion of the pyramids.

“The light looked like when you’re going into a city, and you can only see the glow, but very powerful. I thought I saw it between the two pyramids where we find the one called “El Observatorio” (the observatory). We were stunned, and I asked her, are you seeing what I’m seeing? Weakly, she replied yes. And we stayed like that for around ten minutes until we saw how the light withdrew, becoming smaller, and then it shot off into the sky at a high speed, vanishing into infinity, until we could no longer see it.

“I asked my wife again if she had seen it, and she replied yes with a certain amount of fear in her speech. Then I said: “Now you believe me?” “Yes”, she answered.

It should be noted that a few similar cases were reported in the municipality of Chemax, bordering Cobá, around the same time. I had the chance to interview some people a few weeks ago who said there hadn’t been any recent UFO reports, but that in the early ‘80s it was common to see “spaceships” flying over the wilderness, including at low altitude, heading toward Cobá. Some of them would vanish quickly into the air, speeding off vertically.

(Translation (c) 2013 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to J. Moreno, SIPSE, and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)