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Argentina: Disappearing Paranormal UFOs

Argentina: Disappearing Paranormal UFOs
By Roberto Enrique Banchs
UFO Press October 1977

[Another gem from the October 1977 issue of UFO PRESS, courtesy of Alejandro Agostinelli. Mr. Banchs needs no introduction – he is one of Argentina’s leading and most respected researchers, director of the Centro de Estudio de Fenómenos Aéreos Inusuales (CEFAI) and the author of Las Evidencias del Fenómeno OVNI (Buenos Aires, RAE, 1976) among other works. We are pleased to present Mr. Banch’s opinions on the subject – Scott Corrales]

It is well known that the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) is among the most acceptable propositions with regard to the nature of the UFO phenomenon. However, there are those who feel that it barely offers an adequate explanation for certain aspects of the problem, such as the absence or scant detection of the phenomenon in space with astronomic devices, which contrasts with what occurs within our own atmosphere.

This may suggest that the phenomenon – interpreted as spacecraft – would not find it necessary to travel vast distances to reach our world, an absurdity if it is only observe us and study us for years or centuries.

Moreover, in numbers too great to be overlooked, many of these unknown artifacts have vanished suddenly or gradually into the air before the eyes of startled witnesses, in broad daylight, and under excellent conditions of visibility.

But is there a link between disappearances and the foregoing? Dr. J.H. Christenson, a tenured professor at the University of Columbia, mentioned a bold hypothesis that posits the existence of a phantom universe similar to ours, with a very subtle interaction between both universes, in such a way that we cannot see this other world that mingles with our own. It would be possible for UFOs to be denizens of this parallel universe, becoming perceptible in our universe through certain modifications, or being able to penetrate it.

However, the parallel universe hypothesis is rather recent and is only in the early stages of consideration, largely due to the difficulties posed by rigorous scientific verification.

Nobel laureates Lee and Yang discovered that the conservation of parity, one of the basic laws of physics, does not occur in certain K-mesons. In Dr. Christenson’s view, the strange behavior of the K-meson is due to a disturbance by the forces of one or several parallel universes coexisting with one another.

In our world, matter responds to physical constants, such as the speed of light, element charges, electron-volts, etc. Now then, if the constants were different in another universe, the thesis propounded by Jerome Cardan would be acceptable. He believed that “decisive scientific experimentation would consist of a special force field that would modify the universal constants of the matter of any object, causing it to vanish suddenly from our universe.”

I must point out here that the behavior displayed by UFOs shows a violation of certain natural laws. Apparent paradigms of the variation of physical constants, related to sudden disappearances, have led me to ponder on the possibility that we are facing ghostly objects that move in another order of matter.
In the summer of 1969, several people, including student Luis Esteban Martín, traveled by microbus through the locality of Florencio Varela in Buenos Aires. An oval-shaped object appeared before them suddenly, being of considerable size and following a rising trajectory to the north. Within seconds, the object, which emitted an intense bluish light, appeared to explode in the air, but without making the slightest noise.

It is likely that many of the alleged disappearances of UFOs are attributable to meteorites, cloud formations, refractions, etc., but a detailed study shows us that it is not possible to reduce the totality of cases presenting these characteristics to a natural interpretation.

Clérouin, the French captain, stated a theory that appears to be tied to these manifestations which are surely disquieting, but through which we may perhaps get to the core of the UFO phenomenon itself. He believes that these objects are not conveyances, in the strictest sense of the world, but rather vectors that exist in a dimension into which humanity will make future inroads.

As a supporting argument for this theory, Polish professor Valiksi lists a series of anachronisms that are similar to the ones helpfully mentioned in this article.

On 8 September 1958, military men witnessed a UFO in Offutt, Nebraska. It was cigar-shaped and surrounded by a thin black cloud. The portent vanished before inexplicably blending into the horizon.

On Wednesday, 14 February 1968, a device performing in a similar fashion was seen clearly and at length in the skies over Viña del Mar, in Chile, in broad daylight and by many people. The mysterious form, glistening in the sunlight, was suspended at a great height for moments, profiled against a clear sky. It was an elongated, silvery device that moved from north to south, emitting a sort of luminous smoke that spun in small circles. All of a sudden, the cigar-shape, which was perfectly horizontal, began to tilt, following an arc and plummeting toward the ground. As the phenomenon reached a low altitude, it began to turn invisible in the air. Thus, the befuddled witnesses who stopped to gaze upon the phenomenon at six o’clock in the evening were able to clearly make out the UFO as it evaporated from front to back, without leaving a single trace in the sky.

Months later, on 2 November of that year, in a community in Southeastern France, a respected physician witnessed an extraordinary event on a stormy day, from his home located on a hillside.

That night, summoned insistently by his young child due to the apparition of an intermittent light from the exterior, Dr. X saw two identical luminous objects at 3:55 hours. After a series of movements and strange structural modifications, the objects joined one another with a beam of light. They grew larger over the plain, until they turned into a single object, identical to the two previous ones, but of greater size. The UFO started to approach the witness in a straight line while the beam of light headed directly toward his home. The phenomenon’s disappearance was phantasmagoric. The first sound made itself heard at the moment that the UFO presented its red lower section, in a vertical position, giving the impression being incandescent metal or internal illumination: A sort of “bang” while “the object dematerialized,” according to the witness, leaving nothing but a whitish cloud in its wake. It immediately disintegrated and was swept away by the wind.

But let us return to Chile. On 12 February 1969 at 17:00 hours, four miles along the coastline facing Quintero, the crew of the fishing boat “Carol”, witnessed an anomalous object over the sea as a Chilean Air Force (FACh) Grumman jet maneuvered around the UFO before it vanished in an instant.

On the afternoon of 17 April 1970, a district of the Atlantic city of Mar del Plata was taking advantage of the languid autumn sun when “something like a round airplane, but giving off a greenish halo” appeared to the west. The unknown object “showed itself, remained for a few seconds, and suddenly became invisible,” according to witnesses.

Sudden disappearances of this sort occurred again on 2 September 1973 in Gobernador Galvez, Province of Santa Fe. Hugo Boló and his wife were traveling by car along National Highway No. 9 heading toward Pergamino. It was a UFO shaped like two inverted soup bowls, suspended in midair. It was highly luminous, with a smooth, silvery surface. It vanished suddenly.
There are other no less spectacular incidents that ascertain the sudden disappearance of the piloting entities, their artifacts or “sources”, in the words of a European investigator.

On 14 August 1947, Italian painter R.L. Johannis was in the vicinity of the Chearso canyon in Villa Santina, when he noticed the presence of a disk-shaped object, some 10 meters in diameter, around nine o’clock in the morning, as it landed in the vicinity. Johannis immediately noticed two small beings, dressed with dark blue coveralls or jumpsuits. After some maneuvers, the entities re-entered the craft, which rose into the air and remained stationary. The artifact, in a vertical position, tilted and suddenly became smaller and vanished.

On the morning of 1 July 1965, around 5:45 a.m., Maurice Masse was getting ready for work at his lavender plantation in Valensole in the Lower Alps. Suddenly, he heard a whistling sound and glanced at the mountainside, expecting to see a helicopter. Instead, he saw a vehicle shaped like a rugby ball, standing on six legs with a central pivot plunged into the ground. Small entities stood near the object, looking at a lavender plant. Masse moved toward them, but when he came within a distance of 5 meters he was stopped, unable to move. [The entities] returned to their vehicle. With a sharp sound from the main pivot, it took off to drift away in silence. When it reached a distance of 20 meters, it simply disappeared. Traces of its passage, however, were found toward the town of Manosque.

Cases in which UFOs and their entities vanish without explanation, in violation of the laws of physics, are numerous. Unable to go into detail, and in order to present a partial list of these cases to put forth some hypotheses suggested by these events, it is important to seek their final elucidation within the scientific framework, as the phenomenon richly deserves. A statistical study on worldwide sightings made by Dr. Claude Poher in 1973 revealed that the sudden disappearance of the phenomenon takes place in 7% of the sightings.

Other more recent lines of thought lean toward a parapsychological explanation for UFOS, which is rather acceptable in interpreting this peculiar aspect of the phenomenon under discussion. This can be seen in through the ghostly nature of their disappearances, linked to such phenomena as teleplasty and telepathic projection or hallucinations.

The science writer Pierre Devaux believes that it is possible to believe in teleplasty, which explained by the law of ideoplasty, which can be formulated thus: everything that the medium thinks, everything it represents, tends to occur through long-distance actions or materializations, called “targeted dreams”. These fantastic creations, therefore, would be objective projections of what an individual carries within him or herself. Ectoplasm would be the constituent material – a physical extension of the subject, a fluidic, psychic substance. In the opinion of Sudre, it would be possible for this fluid to materialize, charging itself with atmospheric gases, perhaps even organic material. The substance manifests as a luminous fog, moving onto an organized phase, whose dematerialization occurs in the same way.

Nevertheless, the most common ghostly images respond to the so-called telepathic hallucinator. It is “objective” to a certain extent, since it does not take place only within the subject’s spirit, but also in the agent, who has sent it toward a specific target. The phenomenon then inserts itself into our three-dimensional reality.
In the enormous mass of telepathic hallucinations that have been catalogued to date, most have occurred involuntarily, that is to say, though the mechanism of the unconscious. Therefore, unconscious projection of UFOs could arise from the symbolism given to it.

I must make reference here to the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, when he states that situations of collective anguish or a vital need of the soul could generate spontaneous psychic visions created in the dark chasms of the mind. The unconscious would then appeal for resources with which to make its content perceptible and projectable. Arising from this emotion, the “mandala” shape would come about, symbolizing totality, which in Sanskrit means “circle”. This symbol exists in the collective unconscious, being part of the common content, an archetype transmittable not only by tradition and migration, but also by inheritance – a latent form in the general substrate of the mind that transcends all differences in culture and conscience. It is a primitive image accompanied by vivid affective nuances.

In our times – Jung believes – this archetype could assume a solid and even technological shape. The round totality of the mandala, projected by man to his fellows, is identified with a fascinating exterior “something”. Therefore, lenticular formations may turn into space vehicles crewed by idealized figures instead of gods, as was the case in the past.
This would explain the wide diversity of forms described about UFOs and their entities, although almost always maintaining the circular shape for the object and the human appearance for its occupants. This gives rise to the need of exploring the phenomenon’s development over history, stressing its metamorphoses over time. It was Jung himself who anticipated the cyclic theory of mediumship. Could this correspond to the cyclic activity of UFOS?

However, the set of theories cannot dismiss the possible existence of a guiding intelligence for the phenomenon – of unknown nature, material, and in control of that which is beyond human understanding.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Roberto Enrique Banchs and Alejandro Agostinelli]

Argentina: Humanoids in Santiago del Estero (1979)

Argentina: Humanoids in Santiago del Estero (1979)
By Francisco Checchi
UFO Press #11, April 1979

[We have been fortunate to secure issues of Argentina’s UFO PRESS journal from the 1970s courtesy of journalist Alejandro Agostinelli, whose book Contactados we reviewed two years ago. I regret not having been able to include some of these amazing cases in “The Humanoid Conspiracy”, but I will nonetheless make them available to readers through Inexplicata. Our thanks to Mr. Agostinelli for sharing this information with us! – Scott Corrales]

During the first month of this year, two children from Santiago [Del Estero] lived through separate experiences that we shall describe below.
A 10-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy, both residents of the province of Santiago del Estero, although in different communities, were witnesses to the activity of several humanoid beings of small stature and unusual appearance who allegedly piloted a no less astonishing rectangular craft.

The First Incident

The event we will describe next took place on a Saturday, possibly 13 January, at 11:30 a.m. within a classroom in the primary school of the town of Loreto, where the boy’s father works as a porter.
Marco Rafael Suarez, 12, was in a small classroom which contained, among other items, a kerosene-fueled cooler, a wooden table used as a desk, some chairs, tables, boxes with medicinal preparations, a tape recorder that was not working at the moment, and with the electrical system shut down.

The boy was about to store a slice of melon in the cooler (at approximately 11:30 a.m.) when he heard a cardboard box full of newspapers fall to the ground. Upon turning around to see what had happened, he saw a strange rectangular machine, some 60 centimeters wide, one meter long and 1.40 meters tall, aluminum-colored and with a sort of black screen located in its upper front (like a TV screen), through which he could see what appeared to be a tank with wires added to it. Under the screen was a light, similar to a car’s headlights, and underneath it, some black vertical lines of equal length, spread out along the front of the “machine”.

The object was hanging in the air some 20 cm over the ground, making a sound similar to that of an electric fan.

Suddenly, two small doors located on both sides of the object opened upward and downward. A small humanoid being, standing some 80 centimeters tall and with dark complexion, emerged from the door located on the right flank. Some instants later, a being with a similar appearance exited through the opening on the left.

Both humanoids were dressed in a sort of bright, black, one-piece coverall uniform. They wore helmets made of the same material, featuring a darker band, as though made of glass, over their features, at the level of their eyes. On their backs they carried what looked like “a soda bottle” with a device similar to a clock on its upper section. The entities’ bodies were proportional to their height.

The being that exited on the left took the boy’s right arm. He noticed the being’s hand only had four fingers and tried to free himself from its grip, but the humanoid held fast while the witness heard a voice that appeared to come from the object, which ordered him in Spanish: “Siéntate y no te muevas” (Sit down and don’t move). The small being, at that moment, compelled the witness to sit on a chair.

While Marcos Suárez was unable to move, he remained aware and able to see everything that took place.

The other humanoid approached the outer door to the room and headed to an adjacent room. At the same time, the being that held on to the boy entered the object and turned on the light, which issued a powerful beam of reddish light. It blinded the witness and caused his eyes to water.

Unable to scream or move, the witness passed out.

When he awoke, he was on the chair and had recovered movement. Rubbing his eyes, he saw that the “machine” and the beings were already gone, although the room was in a mess and there was a smell of sulfur that saturated the air. The door, which one of the beings had closed, now stood open.

Marcos Rafael Suárez recovered from his initial confusion and, gripped by excitement, quickly abandoned the room, slipping and crashing to his knees in the attempt.

The witness’s 8-year-old sister, intrigued by the noise, headed to the classroom and arrived just as the witness tried to stand up. The boy’s father arrived shortly after, seeing that the child’s face was congested and had acquired a strange purplish-red hue. Despite the fact that his son was visibly affected, nearly in shock, Mr. Suárez questioned him about what happened, securing from his son the narrative we have reproduced in these pages.

The porter, aware of the young boy’s condition and fearing unsuspected side-effects, took him immediately to a local doctor, who gave him a check-up and prescribed sedatives.

The witness’s father reported the strange event to the Loreto Constabulary, which also received reports from other locals stating that their fans and electric coolers had stopped working between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., while transistor radios presented significant disturbances in their operation (static).

Finally, we can add that the witness of the incident described herein was about to enter middle school, being a lively boy with an interest in sports magazines. He had good physical and mental health, was extremely religious (Catholic) and served an altar boy at the Loreto Church.

The Second Incident

A case with similar characteristics took place nearly two weeks after the Loreto incident, this time in the locality of El Deán, some 50 kilometers from the city of Santiago del Estero, the provincial seat, located on the road to Termas de Rio Hondo.

On Thursday, 25 January at siesta time (between 2:00 and 4:00 pm), Marta Isabel Carbajal, 10, was playing with a 3-year-old boy in a pen somewhat distant from her parent’s house.
Marta witnessed the slow descent of a metallic and rectangular craft, which landed in the shade of a large, leafy tree, suspended only a few centimeters over the ground. “It was supported by a sort of canopy, and two little men came out from it. They were a meter tall, but in proportion,” she said.

Five more beings descended seconds later, smaller than the first ones. One of the humanoids, who appeared to lead the strange and incredible look, asked her to come closer in perfect Spanish, but she refused. The strange entity then activated a sort of flashlight fastened to its body, projecting a red beam that struck the witness directly in the eyes, blinding her and causing her to pass out. Following this moment, the witness only recalls that it saw how the two taller beings of the group entered the object, while the remaining ones were hoisted by a metallic arm, being introduced into the UFO seconds later. The object was still hovering only centimeters off the ground.

Moments later, the object rose into the air and lost itself in the distance, making no sound whatsoever.

The beings observed by Marta Isabel Carbajal were, in broad terms, very similar to the ones seen in Loreto: shiny black clothing, armbands covered brilliant orbs, black boots and elongated caps that covered their heads and faces. They bore cylindrical bundles on their backs and appeared to move by floating in the air, only centimeters over the ground.
As the UFO departed, the girl ran to her grandparents’ house and nervously told them what had transpired. Her eyes were red and tearful, burning unbearably, so much so that she had to wash them with cold water.

According to her relatives, the witness had never heard any discussions about “flying saucers”. It should also be noted that she is illiterate, thus discarding the possibility that her alleged sighting could have been influenced in some way by the Loreto incident.


The similarities observed in these Santiago del Estero cases are astonishing and in a certain way, strange and disquieting. Even the conditions in which they have occurred are strange, knowing the trend for CE-1 events (landings or semi-landings) to take place at night, especially when the incident includes the sighting of alleged occupants.

Another astonishing fact is similarity between the witnesses (young children from poor social backgrounds, although no less worthy of being believed).

Finally, a loss of consciousness is present in both cases, resulting from an alleged “aggression” (beam of intense red light) by the phenomenon. One may wonder what purpose was served by denying the witnesses an awareness of the events? An answer to such a question may well be found through hypnotic regression, allowing the witnesses to re-create the events they experienced after having been struck and stunned by the reddish beam.

Finally, the author would like to thank researcher Heriberto Janosch for the material requested about the Loreto incident and Dr. Juan Angel Gómez, who conducted the survey at the locality in question.

(Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Francisco Checchi and Alejandro Agostinelli)

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Spain: A Possible Humanoid at Mazagón? (1998)

Spain: A Possible Humanoid at Mazagón? (1998)
By José Manuel García Bautista

Information on the main witness, Luis Cuesta Trinidad, and his encounter with an alleged humanoid
[The article proceeds to the witness’s address and phone number, which we have omitted – SC]

The experience or encounter with the being of supposedly humanoid appearance at the beach of the locality of Mazagón (Province of Huelva) took place on 24 August 1998 between 20:30 and 22:30 hours. The sighting of the entity lasted between 3 and 4 minutes.

The encounter occurred on the shores of the Huelvan coast, with what could have been an oil tanker in far offshore. Luis Cuesta Trinidad was in the company of a friend named Laura, and both were staying at a campground near the town of Mazagón. Both witnesses felt a sense of curiosity about this being, wanting to know more about the strange character. Since the event occurred, Luis has felt attracted to the subject and wants to know more about the UFO phenomenon. He says he has no knowledge of sightings in this area, but this researcher was able to account for at least two sightings in the neighboring community of Matalascañas, in a direction toward Mazagón, on the 4th and 13th of September of the same year.

Weather-wise, it was a pleasant and warm evening with good visibility (even though they used a flashlight). The witnesses believe the phenomenon can be explained from a ufological standpoint and justify this line of thought by believing they had seen a being from “another world”.

“The alleged “alien entity” emerged from the water and began moving its arms in a strange and unsettling manner, as if suffering spasms, yet it neither screamed nor asked for help, and was therefore not a swimmer in danger. Its back was to us, and he turned around to face us abruptly. Upon seeing the light of the flashlight, it took off running quickly and in an odd manner, since it didn’t bend its knees. It had no hair on its head, but had a hairy body. It had round and slightly slanted orange eyes. Its height must have been about two meters all, and had very long arms and legs with strange formations that could have been joints (but why did it not bend its knees while running?).”

Throughout this experience, Luis was somewhat alarmed but calm (as much as he could be…) while Laura was very nervous. They hadn’t consumed either alcohol or drugs. They are healthy people.

Morphological Information on the Alleged Humanoid:

Height: 2 meters (approximately)
Non-Human appearance
Whitish skin with bulky formations in its joints.

Its head was shaped like an inverted pear. Round, orange-hued, slanted eyes. No nose, or one so small it was barely noticeable. They could not tell if it had a mouth. It made no sound whatsoever and they couldn’t tell if it had lips.

The being had a considerable torso and was thin. Its body was hairy with thick, round extremities. Two arms and two legs, although they couldn’t tell the size of the creature’s hands. It had no clothing beyond the hair that coated its body.

They did not speak nor communicated in any way with this being, which became frightened upon seeing them (or was it startled?)
Ever since this experience occurred, Luis Cuesta Trinidad has noticed an increase in physical resistance, especially when running.

Researcher’s Considerations:

Evaluating a possible encounter between two people and a being that one has not seen in person is always difficult. One believes that the witness is being truthful, but this does not preclude considering other possible causes that explain such an encounter. This is my theory:

Luis Cuesta Trinidad and his friend Laura were walking along the shore in the community of Mazagón, Province of Huelva, when they saw a bather emerge from the water. The person was nude, bald and with a hairy body, shaking their arms in an effort to dry off, causing his movements to seem spasmodic and violent. This person detected the presence of our protagonists and turned around in surprise (he was in the nude and there were persons who could see him). In that moment, he took off running to conceal his face and nakedness (and act of shame), departing the area with an unusual gait (perhaps he had suffered a cramp while swimming, or had some physical abnormality).

Yet I have my doubts about the description of the witness. If they saw the color and shape of the being’s eyes, how could they not see a nose or a mouth? If they say it lacked joints, how come they say it had bulky protuberances on them? Could it be that both became frightened and thought they saw what (a humanoid) wasn’t there?

I cannot say this for sure, but I think I may be closer to the truth.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to José Manuel García Bautista]

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Global Communications: Wicked This Way Comes and The Smoky God

Had the pleasure of being anthologized again - Tim Beckley has just sent me his two latest projects: UFOs - Wicked This Way Comes and The Smoky God. Yours truly shares space with such greats as Sean Casteel, Peter Robbins, Tim Swartz and Brad Steiger! Both are available from Global Communications (

Humanoid Isomorphism in the Santa Ana Case (1986) with Mythical Beings in the Creole Culture of the Argentinean Littoral

Humanoid Isomorphism in the Santa Ana Case (1986) with Mythical Beings in the Creole Culture of the Argentinean Littoral
By Andres Salvador

Facts of the Santana Case. A close encounter of the third kind = CE-3 (Hynek, 1979:37-38) took place on Monday, 17 March 1986, in the vicinity of the locality of Santa Ana in the Province of Corrientes (Argentina), witnessed by Mr. Rito Melgarejo, 42 years old at the time. The case was investigated by journalist Francisco Villagrán (1) who gathered the following eyewitness account:
“In fact, I was returning home after playing cards with some buddies at around 2 in the morning on Monday the 17th, after much rainfall. I saw a very powerful light that illuminated me completely, so much so that I could see my shadow projected onto the ground.

It was a highly luminous object, which practically came over me and stopped over the ground at a distance of 10 meters more or less. It was cold, but at that time I forgot about everything. Then I saw two little beings, about the height of a 6 or 7 year-old child, who exited quickly from the device. One of them gestured at me and spoke to me in a language I found incomprehensible. It wasn’t Spanish. He spoke very quickly. He made some hand gestures at me in a circular motion, but I told him that I understood nothing, and didn’t want to know anything. I turned around and tried to return to my house as quickly as possible. It seems these beings returned to their device and took off, because when I turned to look again, they were no longer there, and neither was their craft, which vanished quickly into the sky until it became very small. I didn’t look very long because I was somewhat afraid of being taken away and not brought back. They wore a sort of close-fitting black uniform and they were like us, human beings, only tiny. I figure that they were about a meter to one meter ten, more or less. They landed suddenly in the water, because it had rained a lot. I wandered around the countryside for a few hours, lost, because I became disoriented and couldn’t figure out how to get back. It left me with a very strong headache that still hasn’t cleared up. If it goes on, I’m going to have to see a doctor to cure me.” (Villagrán, 1986d: 32-33).

In order to establish the isomorphism between the humanoids in the Santa Ana case and the mythical beings of the culture that inform the societal conceptions of the place in which the incident occurred(2), and its supposed symbolic universe, we must previously examine the mythology of the Mbyá-Guaraní mythology as well as the creole culture of the Argentinean littoral itself.
To this end, we avail ourselves of the catalogue presented by Adolfo Colombres (2008), who has recorded for these cultures a total of eighty-nine mythical creatures, focusing our analysis on their phenomenological characteristics: Morphology (height), behavior (time), environment (rural) and cultural (clothing)3, with four of them corresponding to creole culture: Negros del Agua, Pombero, Y Porá and Yasi Yateré.

The isomorphism between the humanoids in the Santa Ana case (hereinafter HSA)4 and the indicated mythic figures (hereinafter MF), shall be established pursuant to one of the 3-way classificatory divisions of the symbol proposed by Charles S. Pierce and as done by Martha Blache (1982:44):

1. Iconic Level: The way in which the mythic figure is perceived with the senses. HAS: humanoids are described as “like us, human beings, only tiny”, “small beings, with the height of a 6 or 7 year-old child”, “I figure they had a height between one meter and one meter ten, more or less”, “they had short black hair and cut like colimbas (colimbas)”. MF: Negros del Agua are called by “Negritos del Agua” due to their size, and are “completely black and bald” (Colombres, 2009:72). The Pombero is described as “petiso” (short) or as “a brawny dwarf” and “black” (Colombres, 2009: 119). The Y-Porá “nearly always assumes the shape of a black person” (Colombres, 2009:187) and the Yasi-Yateré appears as a “dwarf” (Colombres, 2009:102).

2. Indicative Level: The way in which their actions are expressed. HSA: “They landed suddenly in the water”, “One of them gestured at me and spoke to me in a language I found incomprehensible. It wasn’t Spanish. He spoke very quickly. He made some hand gestures at me in a circular motion, but I told him that I understood nothing, and didn’t want to know anything. I turned around and tried to return to my house as quickly as possible.”6 Negros del Agua are “often seen emerging from a lagoon” (Colombres, 2009: 72) and the Y-Porá “appears in rivers, streams and lagoons” (Colombres, 2009: 187). The Yasi-Yateré may operate “in a stream” (Colombres, 2009: 102) and it is said to speak (Colombres, 2009:104).

3. Symbolic Level: The way it is evaluated by the reporter. HSA: “I didn’t look very long because I was somewhat afraid of being taken away and not brought back.” MF: Overall, the mythic figures examined arouse fear and are associated with the concept of abduction. Negros del Agua “drown children or boatmen, by upturning their canoes” (Colombres, 2009: 72). If the Pombero comes across children “it bears them away to abandon them far from their homes” or “sucks their blood until it kills them, and then hangs them from a tree.” (Colombres, 2009: 110). The Y-Porá “takes away children…and also stalks maidens, kidnapping them to sate its sexual urges.” (Colombres, 2009:187). The Yasi-Yateré abducts children or “drowns them in a stream”, “kidnaps girls…to sate its sexual appetites.” (Colombres, 2009:102).

The Night and the Weather. It is interesting to deal with the temporal context, since the HSA took place at night and “around 2 o’clock in the morning” and the darkness is a factor that coadjuvates the perception of the examined MF’s (Blache, 1982:52). Negros del Agua overturn canoes on “moonlit nights” (Colombres, 2009:72). The Pombero “may kidnap children at night” (Colombres, 2009: 119) and “if he is mentioned at night, it is necessary to do so in a low voice to avoid giving him offense.” (Colombres, 2009: 120). “It is necessary…to provide him offerings at night.” (Ambrosetti, 1947:52). The Yasi-Yateré “often comes out at night, particularly nights of full moon.” (Colombres, 2009:102). According to the witness “a lot of rain had fallen; they landed suddenly in the water, because it had rained a lot.” Now then, a coadjuvant factor in perceiving the Pombero is “an unstable weather condition or a sudden change in the weather.” (Blache, 1982:52).
After-Effects of the Encounter. The witness states that after the encounter “I wandered around the countryside for a few hours, lost, because I became disoriented and couldn’t figure out how to get back. It left me with a very strong headache that still hasn’t cleared up.” For this reason it is said that children captured by the Pombero are often abandoned “far from their homes…stunned.” (Colombres, 2009: 119). Let us note that the notion of misplacement is associated, according to Juan B. Ambrosetti, with the Petey, a name given to an MF identified with the Caá-Porá (Ambrosetti, 1947: 47-48).

Conclusion. While the HSA presents distinctive notes (the witness claims to have seen “a highly luminous object” = “device”= “craft”) regarding the isomorphism between humanoids and mythic figures, at least four recurrent themes are evident in mythology of the creole culture of the Argentinean littoral: 1) Anthropomorphic beings (“they were like us, human beings”); 2) low stature (“about one meter to one meter ten, more or less”); 3) the color black (“black uniform”) and 4), they inspire fear (“I was somewhat afraid”).


Ambrosetti, Juan. B, 1947:
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2 The case occurred in the vicinity of Santa Ana de los Guácaras or Huácaras or Santa Ana, located in the department of San Cosme, some 20 kilometers of the capital of Corrientes, in order that the background of the CE-3 falls within the scenic perspective of the physical-geographic unit known as “the capital triangle” (Meichtry, 1987) and with the so-called “initial frontier of Corrientes expansion (16th century) (Meicthry, 1987: 4 and 6), having originally been a reservation for non-native Indians. At the time of the incident, the Department of San Cosme was in a context of decreasing population growth (Meicthry, 1987: 16-17), with a density of 12.0 to 15.9 inhabitants per (1980).

3 In this regard we followed the variables indicated y Ballester Olmos and Fernandez Peris (1987:20-22) for the examination of a case.

4 We follow the eyewitness’s report as collected by Villagran in 1986d, unless indicated to the contrary.

5For illustrative purposes, we note that a French humanoid encounter case reported by Henry Durrant, located in Cussac (Cantal) on 22 August 1967 (10:30 hours, local time) in which “the presence of small humanoids and a machine” are described (Durrant, 1978:34), these are presented in the following terms: “While the height of the unknown figures was between 1 meter and 1.20, our two witnesses understood that they were not facing children like themselves, but rather what they later termed “little black men (…) . Their bodies seemed to be covered by black clothing, close-fitting, like that of a diver.” (Durrant, 1978:36).

6 With regard to humanoid speech, see “Communication” in Durrant, 1978: 186-191, particularly in cases in which the word “uranium” [term employed by Durrant without any reference to a specific origin (p.12)] was completely unintelligible to the percipient on p.188.

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Andrés Salvador (CEFORA) and Angel Carretero Olmedo, Andalucia Misteriosa]

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Ecuador: Soccer Defeat Blamed on UFOs (HOAX)

Source: La Cara Oculta de los Ovnis and Futbol Internacional (
Date: 09.09.13

Ecuador: Soccer Defeat Blamed on UFOs (HOAX)

Aeronautical researcher Paco Máñez informs us of a *hoax* that is making the rounds of the internet today. The Ecuadoran soccer team has blamed its defeat on the inopportune presence of UFOs over the stadium -- alien intruders who, according to the paper, caused the ball to move 40 centimeters away from the goal.

This is the text as it appears at

"Ecuador left the Barranquilla Metropolitan stadium soaking wet. Not only because they walked away with a 1-0 defeat, but because of the torrential rain that fell moments prior to the match with Colombia. The storm flooded the football pitch and caused the game's opening to be postponed by 90 minutes.

Even so, the rain kept falling while the match was underway and the Ecuadorans believe it was caused by some UFOs that flew over the Metropolitano Stadium. This belief was due to a photograph circulated on social media.

It appeared as part of the cover of Ecuador's El Universo newspaper on Saturday, 7 September. But it turned out to he a hoax, since the first page of this paper makes no mention of any UFOs.

The bogus cover shows two strange extraterrestrial ships gliding over the vicinity of the Barranquilla stadium as the rain fell with most force. Its shape is circular like a flying saucer and one is near the other."

(Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to La Cara Oculta de los Ovnis ( and

Argentina: Anomalous Objects Over Firmat, Santa Fe Province (Argentina)

Inexplicata Contributing Editor Guillermo Gimenez has sent us the following image with the corresponding text: "This impressive image was submitted by Lilian Marzano, a Sky-Watcher and student of the UFO phenomenon. She was present at the festivities of the town of Firmat, General López Department, Province of Sante Fé, conmemorating the community's 125th anniversary. Amid a parade of ultralight aircraft, she took a photo with her Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ8 camera. She was not aware that she was about to capture not only the airshow, but a UFO parade. The original image displays the unidentified flying objects - based on comparisons and studies of their morphology, they do not match known terrestrial aircraft.[Photo wording: Lilian Marzano, Firmat, Locality of Gral. Lopez. Prov of Santa Fe - 09.01.2013 - 17.09 Hs. P.M.]

(Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU - thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO, ATIFO (Asociacion Tucumana de Informacion Ovni) and Luis Burgos (FAO)

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Spain: A Dimensional Doorway in the Vicinity of Aznalcóllar? (1998)

Spain: A Dimensional Doorway in the Vicinity of Aznalcóllar?
By José Manuel Garcia Bautista

In the early morning hours of 25 April 1998, near the locality of Aznalcollar in Seville, one of the greatest ecological disasters to ever affect our country took place. The toxic waste containment pond owned by the Swedish-Canadian firm Boliden-Apirsa, overwhelmed by its hazardous contents, cracked and sent froth a “toxic wave” that covered the region, halting at the border of the Doñana Natural Park. The damage caused to this wildlife sanctuary was minimal, although all local residents are aware of the lethal effects of the toxic leaching into irrigation wells and riverine water supply into Doñana.

The contents of the containment were, in theory, heavy industrial wastes consisting of mercury, lead, iron and derivatives of iron pyrite washing, although the possibility that it also contained toxic chemical wastes from the Huelva Chemical Industrial Park was also considered. In short, a highly dangerous content.

Around that time, in the area known as the “Magnetic Triangle” and whose vertexes are formed by the localities of Gerena, Aznalcollar and El Garrobo, there had been intense UFO activity (CE-1) in the area. On the very same night that the containment broke, a witness driving along N-433 toward a farm in Aracena was able to see an unidentified flying object flying over the property occupied by the containment well in Aznalcollar. Later that night, the containment broke. On the 30th of the same month (April 1998) four witnesses driving along N-433 toward Higuera de la Sierra were nocturnal witnesses to the mysterious flight of a formation of aircraft of unknown origin toward El Garrobo. The sighting was so precise and detailed that they were even able to make out the “holes” in the portholes.

All of these sightings, of course, were ratified by ufologists of the stature of Ignacio Darnaude and Joaquin Mateos Nogales, who have devoted their lives and available free time to researching the UFO phenomenon.

Consultations were made with the Weather Bureau, the Seville Airport Tower, INTA, etc. in an effort to find a logical and rational explanation to the sightings. These turned up negative. It was concluded at the time that what was seen that night by the witnesses was truly “something” that did not obey traditional, rational explanations. They were simply inexplicable from a scientific perspective and the only other possibility was to explain it as an unidentified flying object or objects.

Over a year has elapsed since the event and the facilities at Boliden-Apirsa have renewed their activities. The uncertainty experienced the workers in these facilities has been allayed and their work lives have resumed, but the renewal of all this mining activity appears to have “triggered” UFO activity in the area once again. Since April of this year (1999) the localities of Gerena, Aznalcollar and El Castillo de las Guardas have been at the receiving end of the customary, frantic activity of unidentified objects.

At sundown on April 18, 1999 (a Sunday), flight attendants Maria Angeles Rubio and Esther Marín were driving toward Seville along the N-431 from the community of Palma del Condado. Upon reaching the town of Sanlucar la Mayor, they were surprised to see the mysterious flight of a vehicle with three powerful lights on each of its corners, its fuselage constituting a triangular structure. The sighting took place over a seemingly long 20 second span and the witnesses were astonished. Parallel to this sighting, ufologist Ignacio Darnaude confirmed another sighting on the same date and with the same characteristics. The protagonists of the event are related to the renowned sensitive Malena Martínez. Joaquin Mateos Nogales, a resident of Gerena, confirmed that sightings had indeed occurred in the vicinity and were ongoing.

On the night of 22 April 1999 (a Thursday), Antonio Garrido, an agent for a well-known brand of soft drinks, was returning to Seville from Huelva along N-433. He was able to see a light following his automobile over the “Magnetic Triangle”. The light became smaller and broke into three new lights that alternated their colors from red to green. The three lights “seemed to want to tell me something” and after switching their colors to bright blue, “that thing, UFO or whatever it was, vanished in the dark in a sort of “Z’ configuration. It was startling.” The witness was so overwhelmed that he had to pull over on the shoulder and take in some fresh air after the sighting.

On 24 April, several people were able to see a mysterious luminous formation heading slowly from the locality of Chipiona toward Sanlucar de Barrameda (practically at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River). The García family happened to be at that location with the purpose of closing a rental deal on a home for the summer months. They remarked: “that cloud had a very odd shape and glowed in a very strange way. I don’t think there was anything natural about it. its shape was just too weird!” This curious sighting took place at 19:30 hours and it lasted so long that the witnesses stopped paying it attention, occasionally checking on it to see if “it was still there.”

On 10 May at 2:30 in the morning, truck drivers and a watchman made a new sighting the Aznalcollar mines. The sighting lasted approximately 30 minutes and its shape was similar to that of a “circular electric heater,” according to Joaquin Mateos Nogales. The object was blue in color and with an approximate diameter of 50 meters.

On 15 May of this year (1999) a new UFO sighting took place near the “Magnetic Triangle”. Maria del Pilar Vargas, driving from Nerva to Seville on N-421 at 21:15 hours, saw a strange light in the sky that approached its vehicle gradually until it came “within 500 to 600 meters distant, flying parallel to my car and at the same speed while it changed colors from white to orange. It followed me and made me feel very nervous. Just when I was about to pull over and entrust myself to fate, “that thing” turned blue and vanished like when a light is turned off.” Furthermore, her vehicle did not operate normally during the event, displaying reduced performance and increasing the stress to the pursued witness. Unquestionably, a strange persecution and experience.

On 20 May, a businessman heading to Seville at 19:00 hours after having gone to El Ronquillo witnessed a quick and mysterious flash in the sky, resembling “the streak left by a lightning bolt in the sky. It was like a ball of light maneuvering wildly.”

On 22 May at 22:35 hours, and from the locality of Gerena (specifically from the location known as Torre Mocha), an unidentified flying object was reported. At first it was believed to be an airliner due to it its straight-line flight path (NW to W) and whitish-red coloring. But the device slowed its speed until it became completely still, “hanging” in the sky before spinning toward the southwest. So strange was the maneuver that it led some to believe it might be a mothership. The sighting lasted some 20 minutes and was witnessed by Joaquín Mateos Nogales, José Mateos Nogales, Antonio Vidal and José Ramírez Mora. Ignacio Darnaude reported a UFO sighting over the Seville Airport (Aeropuerto de San Pablo).

Of course, the fact that we see something in the skies that does not match our mental framework does not mean that the object was a UFO. On many occasions, the phenomena observed can be explained from a physical, astronomical, meteorological or psychological standpoint. Field researchers must concern themselves with covering all of the possible explanations to a sighting before cataloguing it as “unidentified”. This is a hard and complicated task that involves driving many kilometers, interviewing many people, getting in touch with various agencies with a view toward discarding possible logical options (the National Weather Institute, Air Traffic Control, the National Aerospace Technology Institute, the State Police, Observatories, etc.) and taking the witness factor into account. Many times, after all this is done, the work yields little more than two lines in a report, but doing this reflects a commitment to rigor.
The Garcia family’s sighting in Chipiona can be explained from a meteorological perspective. On that day, the Weather Bureau confirmed that large cloud formations were reported throughout the Atlantic littoral of Andalusia due to the aftermath of a storm system over the Straits of Gibraltar. This family’s sighting could have easily been a “noctilucent cloud” (high-altitude cumulus clouds often mistaken for UFOS). The winds make it impossible to determine the direction of the cloud, although in the upper layers of the atmosphere it seems to have an East-West heading, from Chipiona to Sanlucar de Barrameda. Furthermore, solar refraction on the layers that make up these cloud formations endows them with a particular beauty and luminosity.
But what about the other sightings? The Aznalcollar area, according to Seville flight control, has been overflown by units belonging to various television networks. However, on the days of the sightings – 18 April, 22 April, 10 May, 15 May and 22 May – no air traffic was recorded during the respective time periods. The Weather Bureau confirmed good weather and excellent conditions of visibility and temperature (the fact is that the weather was positively summery) at the time, without cloudy formations or any other atmospheric phenomenon worthy of note. The possibility of weather balloons was not recorded at the time. We are awaiting a reply from INTA regarding tests, but these possibilities are remote. Therefore, these sightings that cannot be explained from such a perspective. From the astronomical perspective, it should be noted that the planet Venus is particularly visible to witnesses at these latitudes, but what they saw bore no relation to the planet. Those lights were chasing our witnesses and the planet Venus, of course, lacks such mobility. Aside from this, chases by strange and mysterious lights have become notorious in the region, such as the one that occurred near Aznalcollar when a mysterious luminous sphere chased Mr. Adrian Sanchez for 30 kilometers, all the way to Castillo de las Guardas. A Guardia Civil officer made a report of this after lending assistance to Adrian, who was about to have a heart attack.

What did our witnesses see near the “Magnetic Triangle” on those dates? What were those strange spherical and triangular lights in the skies over Seville? Why were they pursuing our witnesses? What are they trying to tell us?

There is no question that a UFO flap is taking place over Aznalcollar…a year after the breakage of the containment pond at Boliden-Apirsa. One year ago, “THEY” were trying to warn us over the potential danger of the dumping in the area and in the proximity of the beautiful natural landmark that is Doñana. Today they may be warning us about the even more dangerous leakage and the deficiencies of the containment pond, which persist in the waters of the Guadiamar and the Guadalquivir. Today, according to the Environmental Board of Andalusia, Doñana is highly contaminated with arsenic and zinc. The removal of toxic mud has not been useful and dredging the riverbed at its most affected area would be necessary. The area, currently polluted with arsenic, is one of the most hazardous surfaces in Europe due to that type of poison (concentrations of over 40 mg/kg, which is enormous when we consider that the tolerable maximum is only 5%). There is no way to control wild bird movements and it is possible that many of them have been affected by toxic wastes due to the contamination of their food source. Over a year has elapsed since the disaster at Aznalcollar, and “THEY”, from their dimensional doorway in the “Magnetic Triangle”, keep trying to tell us that things still haven’t been put to rights.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU]

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Mysteries of the Sea: Whither St. Elmo?

Mysteries of the Sea: Whither St. Elmo?
By Angel Carretero Olmedo, Andalucía Misteriosa

St. Elmo’s fire or “Santelmo” (named after Saint Erasmus of Formiae, patron of navigators – Ed.) is a meteorological phenomenon that consists in an electroluminescent, coronal-type discharge caused by the ionization of air within the powerful electric field created by thunderstorms. It was considered a sign of good omen by Spanish mariners during the age of the conquest of the Americas. It also happens to be the name of a warship that sailed out of the port of Cádiz.

Following the disaster of the Battle of Trafalgar, with the Spanish fleet destroyed and owing sailors over thirty months in back pay, secessionist movements in the Americas, etc., King Ferdinand VII reached an agreement with Tsar Alexander of Russia to form what would become known as the División del Sur (“Southern Division”).

Thanks to these transactions, a fleet consisting of the vessels Alejandro, San Telmo, Primorosa Mariana and Prueba assembled in the port of Cádiz with the goal of sailing to the Americas to force the rebellious Spanish colonies into submission – Perú being foremost among them.

Poorly equipped and in worse repair, the fleet sailed out of Cádiz on May 11, 1819 under the command of Brigadier Rosendo Porlier. At a location known to the British Navy as the “Horse Latitudes”, the Alejandro began to take on water and eventually sank. The other three vessels continued sailing together to Drake’s Passage, where they became separated by the weather conditions. The Prueba reached the port of El Callao on October 2 of that year, and seven days later, La Primorosa Mariana did the same, reporting that at 62 degrees South and 70 degrees west it lost sight of the San Telmo. Nothing more was ever heard of the ship.

Word was sent to Spain immediately and on May 6, 1822, the vessel was considered officially lost with all hands. Some theories suggest that there could have been survivors who kept alive by eating seal meat, but the fact remains that nothing is known about where it sank, how many died, etc.

The San Telmo forms part of the numerous legends of Cádiz related to the sea. I hope to follow up on these stories in coming months, some of which have become part of the city’s folklore.

The illustration shows the site where the vessel was officially seen for the last time.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Angel Carretero]


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Spain: UFO Sighting at La Calera and Monte del Borracho (1981)

Spain: UFO Sighting at La Calera and Monte del Borracho (1981)
A Report by Joaquín Mateos Nogales

Gerena is once more the protagonist of events that defy all reason. This community in the environs of Seville (Spain) has become a frequent backdrop for sightings in the region for nearly twenty years. Events have occurred to a greater or lesser extent practically ever since one man took an interest in researching them: Joaquin Mateos Nogales, a TV technician and native of the aforesaid town. There is perhaps some truth to the hypothesis put forth by researcher Ignacio Darnaude, concerning the possibility that wherever there is a researcher, a concentration of sightings is sure to follow. But let us set theory aside and move on to fact.

On Tuesday, 25 November of this year [1981], at 21 hours and 45 minutes, at the farm in question, located some ten kilometers from Gerena, Josefa Acuña, the owner’s wife, and her son Diego Vidal, 18, were witnesses to an object shaped like an inverted bucket with lights of many colors and two larger lights located on the object’s sides. The sighting lasted 2 ¼ hours and the object was some 30 meters over the surface. The object never changed position during the sighting.

The day after the sighting, they found a dead bull and another with serious injuries. This second animal, according to the attending veterinarian, with whom we were able to speak, had its spinal column broken in three places, as well as several fractured ribs. The bull showed no signs of having been in a fight with another animal. Originally a stud, the bull was unfit for the purpose after the incident.

The veterinarian classified the event as an anomalous one. It is interesting to highlight his astonishment when faced with the UFO incident. The other bull was buried quickly and showed signs of having been gored multiple times. The dogs on the property had been unresponsive and sleepy despite the UFOs intense luminosity.

Another phenomenon took place at 20:30 on Wednesday the 25th. José María Llama Guillemin and Maria González Vidal, a couple living in a small isolated house in a place called “Monte del Borracho”, not far from the previous location, heard a noise similar to the one that precedes an earthquake. They ran out of the house alarmed, and were able to see an object moving at low speed and at an 80 meter altitude, emitting a blinding light. According to the couple, the object’s shape was practically identical to that of the one seen 24 hours earlier at “La Calera”.

This constitutes just another incident. The community has significant archaeological wealth, and it is commonplace to see [the objects] in areas covered in eucalyptus trees. There are iron pyrite deposits nearby. Could any of this suggest a motive?

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU]

Argentina: More on the Colonia Las Achiras CE-1

Argentina: More on the Colonia Las Achiras CE-1

[Yesterday we presented the photograph uploaded by Daniel Ubaldo Padilla to his Facebook feed and
today we give you the newspaper article from local daily "El Observador" describing the
interesting sighting in Colón, Argentina -- SC

A UFO was reported in the area of Colonia Las Achiras on Sunday, August 25 [2013] during a heated
match between Achirense and Campito for the local football league. Gabriel "Gato" Felix, a sports
photographer and current trainer for the local team, as well as an renowned physical education
instructor in Colón, discussed the event on the Dimensión Infinita radio program, broadcast on FM
Inolvidable on Monday. He said that while taking a variety of shots during the game, his
assistant Humberto Diaz drew his attention to an object in the sky, toward the East, apparently
over Route 14 heading to the south of Colón. The strange object was oval-shaped and apparently
spun on its axis and in place, changing from lustrous to duller shades of white and grey.

Felix's sighting lasted some five minutes, but the object is beleived to have been in that
position for a while until the photographer was alerted, and was able to document it in a series
of photos. These were given to the FUOAColón Group (Fenomenos Universales de Opinion y Analsis)
who digitized the images, concluding that it was a self-luminous, unidentified flying obejct,
solid with some protuberances and depressions on its surface, and seemingly oval in shape.

Daniel Padilla, the show's host, said the object looked much like the one documented by Prof.
Santiago RIvero, who retold his experience on the program's "El Visitante" section. Padilla went
on to describe Gabriel Felix as "a qualified witness" due to his seriousness and personal and
professional trajectory in the city of Colón, as well as his background as a football player and
following retirement, as a trainer for our area's various teams.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Daniel U. Padilla

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Transition: Pedro Ferriz Santacruz (1921-2013)

We have received word from our friends and colleagues at Mexico's C.I.F.E.E.E.A.C research organization that Pedro Ferriz Santacruz (1921-2013), the "Father of Mexican Ufology", has passed away at age 92. Known throughout the Spanish-speaking world for his UFO television program "Un Mundo Nos Vigila" (A World is Watching)in the 1960s and 1970s, Ferriz approached the mystery of UFOs with a sense of awe and respect, although with an undeniable sense of humor that came across in his written work: "The enormity of the universe, and the infinity of time, constitute challenges to the brief life span of man. But if our lives are small, our imagination is so great that we can scour the farthest reaches of the universe with even better tools. Man's fantasy is surpassed only by the infinity of time and the scope of the universe."

Argentina: Possible Anomalous Object Over Colón (Entre Rios)

UFO researcher Daniel Ubaldo Padilla posted this image to his Facebook feed with the following caption: "The Visitor" - Along with other onlookers, a qualified local witness saw an object in the skies over Colón, photographing it in three separate intervals during a football match in the Las Achiras district.
Inexplicata readers are cordially invited to check out his podcast (in Spanish) at

Argentina: UFOs in Victoria – There’s Something Going On (1998)

Argentina: UFOs in Victoria – There’s Something Going On (1998)
[From Carlos A. Iurchuk’s “El Fuego del Dragon”, No.1, Vol.1]
By Andrea and Silvia Pérez Simondini – VISION OVNI

Throughout the year 1991, a story dominated the first pages of the country’s major newspapers: UFOs were invading the small and little-known locality of Victoria, located in Entre Rios, in the Republic of Argentina.

Witnesses everywhere discussed the lights they would see flying over Laguna del Pescado, in single units, twos and threes, in an incredible itinerary that made it a show not to be missed by anyone.

But it wasn’t until the mayor (who was Juan Carlos Stratta at the time) saw the maneuvers of these objects while in the company of his daughter that the story spread rapidly throughout all the news agencies. What had become a show exclusive to the area was now a nationwide one.

It was around this time that our research group (my mother Silvia and I) reached the spot and quickly learned about the experiences of the local residents.

Upon reaching the area, we installed ourselves and our gear, at the Victoria campgrounds, since it was one of the best observation spots facing the lagoon, dominating every detail in the island sector, from which the maneuvers of these objects could be witnessed constantly.

At the edge of one of the canals bordering the campgrounds, we saw a mustard-yellow light toward the north, rising over the horizon and remaining stationary for some 8 minutes, as if hanging from the sky. The possibility that it was an antenna we hadn’t noticed earlier was discussed, or had it really been an object? Momentarily, faced with disbelief, I stared at the light, which after a few minutes began traveling toward the northeast, that is to say, toward the center of the city.

I began signaling it with a flashlight, and it suddenly changed its trajectory toward me. I quickly went to where the others were watching, as they had also noticed the change in movement.

When the object crossed a row of trees that runs along the edge of the camping, we noticed that it had lights facing forward. As it flew overhead, those lights cast their beams over us as though looking downward. In a matter of seconds, the object turned off and vanished as if it had never been there.

Our astonishment lasted for hours – we could not believe such a thing could have happened to us. I think the story conveys the sensation that engulfed all those who were witnesses to this incredible experience.

I recall that there were many people present, mostly casual campers. Around that time there was a team from Colombian television on hand. The Caracol Network, as I remember.

This event impacted us greatly and resulted in the need to inform ourselves with facts and data that would allow us to find an answer to something that clearly has none. We purchased all of the basic elements for an investigation: a good photo camera, a video camera, testers, compasses. We were ready to kick off our research. We got in touch with those who we thought the most scientifically-minded researchers in Argentina – but we soon understood that the answers to our questions would only be found in the place where the evidence was being generated. We had already found it: Victoria.
We interviewed direct witnesses to the objects’ maneuvers, those who had found possible evidence of them, those who claimed having seen entities or beings emerging from craft that landed on the fields. A wealth of information allowed us to establish some significant statistics.

But the substantial element was that these objects – contrary to what was believed – did not emerge from Laguna del Pescado. Rather, they emerged from one of the branches of the Victoria River, a brook with a strong current. This brook was the deepest area, and eyewitness accounts not only described the lights that emerged or came out of there, but also the noises that could be heard under the water. We stationed ourselves there several times and on several occasions were auditory witnesses to the sounds that caused great fear among the locals.

Regarding the objects, they said that their luminosity was so great that many of their homes had dark drapes over the windows, since the objects could bathe the ranches in light. It is somewhat humorous to see all these little houses with black curtains.

This is where we came across stories from fishermen whose experiences occurred in 1912, 1920, 1940- when “UFO culture” did not yet exist, and they interpreted it as legends of the “evil light” and wandering spirits, according to local tradition.

Our research led us to a book of life in the islands, written by a Benedictine father, Gregorio Spiazzi, who had a mission in the islands around the 1950s. His book, “El País de los Chajás” (the land of the Chajás) contains a chapter called “Linterneando”, in which Martín del Pos Pos (pseudonym) retells the experiences of local fishermen with the lights that came upon them. Even more important is the fact that one of these experiences dates back to 1912.

He gave us the key to find places where fishermen seldom visit with their small motorboats. The written accounts are spellbinding, but the sightings even more so.

During the nights on which we held our vigils, we observed the maneuvers of intelligent lights in twos and threes, as if playing a crazy game during their motions, one we could hardly understand. We concluded that they were exploring the area in some way. Interesting photos were taken of these maneuvers, leading us to understand that these objects were not the product of our drowsiness during the long sky watches, but a physical fact, capable of being captured on a photographic emulsion – a great incentive in itself.

However, the best result of those photos was that people who in decades past thought they had seen the “evil light”, or wandering spirits, had in fact been witnesses to a technology that humankind cannot explain even today. Fishermen also told us that the lights flew at low altitude, causing them to open fire against them with shotguns, out of the fear the phenomenon instilled in them. All stated that bullets always bounced off, as the objects had something that caused them to bounce off. The only evidence of these stories can be found in the pellets embedded in the vessels following one such encounter.

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Carlos Iurchuk and Andrea Pérez Simondini]