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Perú: UFOs Appearing by the Dozens and the Government Re-Opens Investigations

Source: LaRed21 (Peru)
Date: 31 October 2013

Perú: UFOs Appearing by the Dozens and the Government Re-Opens Investigations

The Peruvian government decided to re-open the Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research Department, which was closed for the past five years, in the light of the massive increase of UFO sightings over all of the nation’s territory – something that is being reflected in the media and for which no answer is found in nearly all cases.

The Department was created in 2001 but ceased operations after a few years. Now, astronomers, meteorologists, civil and military aviation personnel, archaeologists and sociologists will converge at the agency to identify each case and find an explanation for them, if they can indeed do so.

Nearly regular UFO sightings are occurring in some localities in Perú. There are even some where the natives no longer pay any attention to the luminous phenomena that astound visitors, considering it to be part of the natural phenomenology of their habitats.

The most recent sightings of magnitude, in the central region of Huánuco, in Maramba, were seen by dozens of spectators: balls of light in the sky that went on for several days without any explanation being found up to now. Another event took place at the beach of Chilca near Lima, were unidentified flying objects were reported.

Agency Official Believes “We are Not Alone in the Universe”

The colonel in charge of the re-opened Research Department stated that “on a personal basis, it is evident to me that we are not alone in this world or in the universe.” Julio Vucetich noted that all persons reporting sightings will be taken seriously and analyses and investigations will be conducted in each case.

“Many people do not report UFO sightings and fear being branded as insane, but nowadays, with the new technology, videos recorded on mobile phones, as well as Facebook and Twitter, an experience of this sort can be much more open, not making them feel that they are the only ones who have seen them,” explained the Air Force colonel in statements to Britain’s The Guardian newspaper.

[Translation (c) 2013 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Chile: Vicuña Object "Just a Solar Panel"? Debate is Ongoing

Source: El Observatodo
Date: 10.30.2013

Chile: Debate Over Fallen Object is Ongoing
By The El Observatodo Team

Many in Vicuña claim to have seen it, but El Observatodo reached the site of the alleged crash shown in eyewitness photos. This is what we found.
In Vicuña, out of 10 persons interviewed, 8 had heard about the alleged UFO and 5 claimed to have seen it. The photos circulating in the social networks are proliferating all over the web, so the only way to find out for sure was to organize an outing to the crash site itself. So we headed to the hill located in the Los Pimientos farm, which is the site indicated by those who took the first photos and the one associated with the crash that allegedly occurred last Sunday.

Unveiling the Mystery

The site located in the La Compaña Sector is south of the main access road to Vicuña and there are two ways of reaching it. We accomplished this through the Los Pimentos farm, where workers stated not having seen the object, but did see many people trying to reach the site in subsequent days, only able, however, to take photos at a distance.
Inside the farm, there is a single hill showing the poles that appear in the photo, and has an object shining at the same distance as in the original photo. From afar, and unaided, it is hard to tell what it really is, so we decided to climb.

After 30 minutes of climbing along trails, the object referenced in the photo is neither a weather balloon, nor space junk or even a meteorite, as was speculated. It is a repeating antenna with a solar panel that supplies it with power. There is a small brick structure beside it.
From the top of the hill, at a height of approximately 700 meters approximately, no other hill can be seen that presents the characteristics in the photo, or that displays any anomalies.

Patricio Alvarez, the farm’s administrator, also corroborates the fact. “It’s a solar panel, nothing more. Many people have come asking and many have tried to climb, but there’s nothing else. If you look at the photo intently, that’s all there is. Nothing more. The rest of the hill is bald.”

Alvarez does not dismiss the likelihood of a flying object having been seen last week, but rejects that it fell at the site indicated in the first photos. “What happened on Sunday was probably a [weather] probe, but it never fell there, because it would still be there or it could have been heard. We have people working and they would have come to tell me immediately,” he notes.

Alvarez also dismisses suggestions about alleged black pickup trucks having turned up, or vehicles or any other sort, as there is no other way to reach that site other than on foot.

“I Saw It”

But the UFO subject has not caused indifference among anyone in Vicuña. What is more, a quick survey at the center of the city revealed multiple accounts of people claiming to have seen it. People of all ages and professions.

This is the case of Juan Alfaro. “In the afternoon, it fell at the Los Pimientos Farm. It was like a balloon. I saw it, but what it contained within is unknown. What fell was like a balloon, and it tore to shreds. There was fire everywhere,” he says, fully convinced.

Many others have asked about the subject in the local communications media. Carolina Collado of Radio Montecarlo in Vicuña knows it well. Many have contacted [the station] to remark upon the subject. “Many people say they saw it, they took photos of it, but nothing specific. Furthermore, they’re not saying it is a flying saucer but a UFO, an unidentified flying object.”
Collado adds that in any event, this is not the first time it has happened in the area. “This is the second time its happened in the valley (making reference to the “Paihuano Case”). This is the second time. This region is always said to be a passageway from one world to another, it is said. Once even NASA turned up. It was quite a show,” she says.

There are those, of course, who deny the existence of the phenomenon, saying that it is all suggestion or mass hysteria. What we can conclude is that at the site where the alleged UFO crashed, all that stands is a solar panel. But in spite of this, many in Vicuña claim having seen an object over the La Compaña sector, all of them agreeing on the account, although we were unable to find photos or visual testimony of the object in the sky. In any event, the debate remains open.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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Chile: Ufologists Weigh In On The Vicuña Object

Source: El Observatodo (Chile)

Chile: Ufologists Weigh In On The Vicuña Object
By Claudio Rojas Araya

The case involving the strange object that fell on a hill in Vicuña is already being studied by ufologists. Cristián Riffo, one of the most respected in Chile, notes that the incident is reminiscent of the famous Paihuano UFO.

“For the time being, it’s a UFO,” Cristián Riffo says unequivocally, a journalist and one of the most experienced Chilean ufologists, regarding the strange sighting and crash of what remains, for the moment, an unidentified flying object, that is to say, a UFO. There are many people – not just one – in different parts of Vicuña who claim having seen an object zigzagging in the sky and losing altitude around 16:00 hours before crashing into a hilltop in Vicuña’s La Compañía sector. The researcher notes that the sighting is very interesting, because it meets characteristics such as the reports of several witnesses and some photos from people who tracked the trajectory of the fall and photographed the crash site, prompting the interest of the UFO research community at the national and even international level. “In terms of expectation, some researchers from Santiago have already begun to ask questions on the matter and look into the images. Unfortunately, the initial photographs are from very far away, but it is a case that deserves investigation. There is more than one witness and that is very interesting. There were people in Vicuña proper and others closer to the site,” Riffo points out.

The “Paihuano Case”

UFO sightings in Valle de Elqui are always associated with the “Paihuano Case”, in which an object fell on a mountaintop and remained visible from a great distance by the locals, who managed to take some photos of the shining object. Nothing further was ever known about the object, as it literally vanished from the place.

“I was immediately reminded of the Paihuano Case. One, because several witnesses claimed having seen something fall, and another, because the images are very similar to the first – or the only ones, I believe – that we have from the Paihuano Case,” adds Riffo.

The researcher further notes that Valle de Elqui is an area of constant UFO sightings. “It is taking place in a UFO hotspot, precisely where the Paihuano Case occurred.”

The Investigation

For the moment, investigations into the matter are aimed at discarding hypotheses, trying to tie the sighting to something that has an explanation, such as a meteorite impact or some weather balloon crash. Interviews with the eyewitnesses will be conducted first, and with those who allegedly climbed the hill yesterday. “The first thing is to survey the witnesses. The next thing is to confirm the exact time, since this we can confirm any weather balloon launches by a meteorological or astronomical agency, as these can often be mistaken for other phenomena.”

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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Chile: Strange Object Reportedly Crashes in Vicuña

Source:El Observatodo (Chile)
Date: 10.28.13

Chile: Strange Object Reportedly Crashes in Vicuña
By Claudio Rojas Ayara

Resident of Vicuña and Valle del Elqui say that the object fell in a hill after zig-zagging for a few minutes.

Several residents of Vicuña and vicinity have reported the collision of a hitherto unidentified flying object in a hill near Vicuña, in the interior of Valle del Elqui.

According to eyewitnesses, who took the photograph attached to this story, the event occurred around 16:00 hours on Sunday when an object - flying at considerable altitude - zig-zagged for a few minutes before plummeting into a hill in the sector known a La Compañía.

A worker at a Vicuña hostel (who requested confidentiality) stated that "[the object] made several turns in the sky until it began to lose altitude and fall on top of a hill. People began climbing the hill just to see it, but it's rather far away. It's about the size of a railcar."

The photograph shows an object that shines in the sunlight, suggesting that it could be a metallic object or some sort of weather balloon.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Valle de Elqui has reported UFO sightings. The most spectacular case was the alleged crash of a UFO in Paihuano, which has been studied by a number of ufologists, although there is no record of the object in question.

(Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Rodrigo Fuenzalida)

Argentina: Curious Light Photographed Over San Juan

Source: Tiempo de San Juan (Argentina)
Date: 10.24.2013

Argentina: Curious Light Photographed Over San Juan

A UFO flying over San Juan?

Luis Adolfo Tinto and Juan José Mulet, public utility inspectors, submitted the images of what they took to be a UFO to Tiempo de San Juan. They saw the object on Tuesday, October 22 while going about their duties.

According to the witnesses, “It happened on Tuesday the 22nd at 6:50 at Sarmiento Street before 25 de Mayo, facing the dovecote (El Palomar). We saw something like a fireball; we thought it was a meteorite, flying from west to east at impressive speed. It remained still for some 12 seconds in the air and that’s when we took a couple of photos when we got off our vehicle.”

“To us it wasn’t a meteorite. A meteorite falls. This one stopped or changed position until it vanished due to the curvature of the earth itself," they added.

Finally, they noted: “It all lasted some 25 seconds and we think the object was at an altitude of between 8000 and 10000 meters (26,000 to 32,000 feet) flying in excess of 10,000 kilometers per hour (6200 mph)

(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

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Argentina: The Possible Resemblance of Humanoids in the Torrent Case (1965) to Mythical Models in the Social Mindset of Corrientes

Argentina: The Possible Resemblance of Humanoids in the Torrent Case (1965) to Mythical Models in the Social Mindset of Corrientes
By Andrés Salvador

In January 1965, at Estación Torrent, located in the General Alvear Department of the Province of Corrientes (Argentina) a possible incident involving humanoid beings took place, which would have significant media impact and in the literature on the UFO phenomenon.

Subsequent investigation by Roberto Banchs permits establishing a major discrepancy between the experiences of the eyewitnesses and their information on the event. In order to contribute elements that contribute toward an explanation of this difference, what we propose to do here is examine the possible similarity between these humanoids and the mythic models that persist in the social mindset of Corrientes, and their influence in the construction of the encounter narrative.

The Incident at Torrent. There are several versions of the events at Torrent, two of which are found in Antonio Ribera’s book America y los Ovnis (1974) from which we take, for illustrative purposes, the one presented originally in the bulletin of the Comisión Observadora de Objetos Voladores No Identificados (CODOVNI) in Buenos Aires, whose correspondent in Corrientes – Rialto Flores – had spoken with Carlos Souriou, brother to one of the protagonists:

“This is Mr. Souriou’s account. That night, his older brother and some farm workers went out on a tatú (armadillo) hunt, and upon returning home they saw some shapes in the darkness. They were short, standing a meter and a half more or less, prompting one farm worker to tell the brother: “They’re midgets, boss – let’s hack them down with our machetes.” Drawing his machete, he tried to attack the “midgets” when something strange occurred at that very moment. The farm worker’s arm was rendered paralyzed and the “midgets” increased their size up to 2.50 meters, more or less. Then the brother fired his .22 caliber rifle at them, prompting another mystery to occur: no bullet left the barrel, despite the fact that the rifle had never failed him before. He says he tried to eject the bullet from the chamber and it wouldn’t come out.

Now defenseless, the men ran back to the farm house and locked themselves in. Another mystery still: A bright light came in from the outside through the wooden walls, lighting up the interior. The younger brother nearly went insane with fear, experiencing a nervous breakdown and causing the others to cover him with boxes so he wouldn’t see the light. After a while, thinking that the “critters” – as the farmhands called them -- had dispersed, the older brother went outside to start the pickup truck parked outside the house. He saw no one. Upon reaching the vehicle, he was surrounded by figures that appeared out of nowhere. The brother ran toward the house, pursued by the beings, and the farmhands, hearing the rush, and thinking it was the “critters”, shut the doors, leaving the older Souriou brother outside. He shouted and the workers opened the door, just as one of the beings reached him and ran a hand right through his abdomen and waist as he jumped inside and the door was again shut.

After a long time, they went out again. The farmhands lay down in the pickup truck and they drove to another farm that the family owned nearby. Since the farmhands no longer wanted to return to the property, it was necessary to transfer them to another farm, and to fire another because his fear was too great. While they were locked in, the farmhands promised myriads of candles to the saints for their deliverance. Souriou added that maybe the giants were lying down or seated at first, and then stood up. He says that their eyes, perhaps, could have been reflective. We must bear in mind that they mocked them mercilessly; he added that words cannot express the horrible moments they experienced. At no time did they see any vehicle. The hand that touched one of the men wasn’t like a human one. It seemed to be made of hair something similar. He can’t explain it.”
(Ribera, 1974: 85-87).

Roberto Banchs’s Inquest. In an article published with the title “Torrent, Cts: Estuvieron los Marcianos “ (Torrent, Corrientes: The Martians Were Here), Roberto Banchs (2012) presents the results of an investigation done in 1992, which took him to scene of the events, and to interview Luis Hector Soriou, witness in the case, and Carlos Soriou, alleged source of the information provided by Flores. There emerges a contrast between the information promoted about the matter and the eyewitness accounts: “The Torrent Incident also cautions us about the careless handling of information and the way in which rumors are spread. It is precisely from having seen some lights and shapes at a distance, and the remarks made about them in a distant rural community, gleaned by a local newspaper, without fact-checking or ascertaining the events. Having astonished their readership, the tendrils of this misinformation would spread throughout the world (…). The information recorded by the witnesses is so poor that we can barely support what was described: shapes and uncertain lights in the distance, in the dense thicket surround a lagoon. Inside the house, frightened people informed by the fact – at the time – that flying saucers turned up everywhere.” (Banchs, 2012).

A social construct of reality in the Torrent Case. The results of Banch’s investigation lead us to wonder if the discrepancy between the information conveyed and the eyewitness accounts obtained make it necessary – as a function of reality being a social construct – to heed the mythological theory of the cosmos (Berger and Luckmann, 2011: 216) that could serve as the matrix for the Torrent Case.

According to Julio Cesar Espinola and Luis G. Acosta Rivellini: “The society of Corrientes Province had (and still displays) all of the signs of a traditional society at the level of social stratification, the preservation of strong historical traditions and the traits of a culture with unmistakable, unique characteristics.” (Espinola-Acosta Rivellini, 1993: 190). It is possible that we may be facing a process that is characteristic of traditional societies, one through which – according to Mircea Eliade – the popular memory is hardly able to remember recent events and genuine figures, reduces events into categories and individuals into archetypes, so that “the historical figure is assimilated to his or her mythical model (the hero, etc.) while the event is included in the category of mythical events (struggle with the monster, enmity between brothers, etc.).” (Eliade, 1985:46).

Of course, the concept of assimilation in Eliade’s terms remains troublesome, since other factors were present in the Torrent Case, such as the incidence of the secularization process that characterizes the transition of a traditional society to a modern one (Germani, 1979:89-168) and the emergence of typical elements of modern life in a rural setting (Recasens Siches, 1958:442-450) and the ensuing resistance and conflict (Germani, 1979:144-149). A certain awareness of the UFO phenomenon is evident in the case (Ribera, 1974: 84).

Humanoids and Mythical Models. The mythological background of Corrientes, according to Alfredo Vara, follows a process of syncretism between the old animist traditions of the Guaraní peoples and Christian beliefs, one “with strong underlying animist components and a multitude of Medieval Christian beliefs, closely tied to daily life and nature,” which result in “an anonymous, collective spiritual structure that turned into the popular peasant religiosity of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries in a considerable portion of the River Plate Basin.” (Vara, 1985: 28).
We must be mindful of this background when analyzing the possible assimilation of the humanoids, identified as “Martians” (Ribera, 1974:84) in constructing the narrative of the case, in what can be understood as a masking of a mythical figure, mythical models that persist in the social mindset of Corrientes (Castoriadis, 2007) that informs that background.

For this reason, we will point out the following among the isomorphism that can be established between humanoids and mythical figures such as the Pombero, the Yasy Yateré, the Curupí, and the Pora. In doing this we will employ the trichotomies of classes of signs proposed by Charles S. Peirce, as used by Martha Blanche in her irreplaceable book Estructuras del Miedo – Narrativas Folkloricas Guanariticas (Structures of Fear – Guarani Folkloric Narratives, 1982:44):

1. Iconic Level – The manner in which the mythical figure is perceived: Torrent Case (CT): Humanoids initially perceived as “short bundles”, meter and a half tall “midgets” who subsequently expand to 2.50 meters more or less, their hands were not like “ours, seemed made of hair or something like it.” Folk Mythology (FM): The Pombero is generally small and hairy, but is sometimes described as tall, and at times perceived as a bundle (Blache, 1982:51). The Yasí Yateré is a small being (Blache, 1982:64); the Curupí is a tiny being (Blache, 1982:76); The Pora is described as a bundle (Blache, 1982;85)

2. Indicative Level – How it acts: Torrents Case (CT): In the presence of the humanoids, the arm of the farmhand who tries to accost them with a machete is paralyzed; the rifle fired against them jams; they are associated with a light that “lights everything through wooden walls”; they chase and try to catch one of the witnesses. Folk Mythology (FM): The Pombero may display an aggressive behavior (Blache, 1982: 53); The Yasy Yateré can implement destructive or annihilating force (Blache, 1982: 66), the aggressive conduct of the Pora is motivated because the recipient opens fire against it and among the responses to this, the Pora may pursue him and instill fear (Blache, 1982: 86).

3. Symbolic Level – How the interviewee assesses it: CT: The humanoids cause fear, are called “critters” by the farmhands, their hands “are not like ours”. FM: The Pombero presents human shapes and characteristics but is sometimes shown as an animal, described as a hairy being (Blache, 1982: 56); The Yasy Yateré can be very bad (Blache, 1982: 69).

Nighttime and the tatú hunt. In the CT, the events occurred at night. “They saw some shapes in the darkness”. This is precisely the actuating factor that contributes to perceiving the Pombero, also known as the Caraí Phujaré = Lord of Night (Blache, 1982: 51 and 52). In the dark: “shapes become confused and indefinite (…) has connotations of quiet and loneliness and provokes associations with hours and places that meet these characteristics, such as the wilderness, siesta, streams or tree hollows. The night is mystery, the right time for hearing strange noises (…) it is very odd to see the Pombero by day.” (Blache, 1982:52-53). The night is also the supporting moment for seeing the Pora (Blache, 1982: 85). Even when siesta time is an actuating factor in the case of the Yasy Yateré, it is a Guaraní term that means “fragment of the moon” (Blache, 1982: 63).

It is no less interesting that the protagonists were on their way back from a tatú hunt, and this is because it remands us to the tutelary role of the wild and its fauna with certain characteristics, such as the Caá Pora, which can appear as a woman or a man (Perkins Hidalgo, 1987: 18). Juan B. Ambrosetti writes: “In Goyaz (…) the Indians also have a legend about the Caá-Pora. When the find a swarm of wild pigs and exterminate them, the Caá Pora appears, riding on the very last pig, and upon seeing it, the slayers are rendered idiots for the rest of their lives, so they take great care against killing off the wild pigs, and always leave a few alive. This is a very wise legend, as it tries to put a halt to the complete destruction of an animal.” (Ambrosetti, 1947:46).

Conclusion. From the foregoing it emerges that in an initial approach to the subject, it becomes possible to establish in the Torrent Case (CT) a relative isomorphism at each of the analyzed levels between the humanoids identified as “Martians” and the mythical figures, probably shielded behind them, which subsist as models. Despite the problematic nature of the assimilation, the interest that this holds for the empirical investigation of a case, and the knowledge of the symbolic universe that lends it legitimacy, is significant. (Berger and Luckmann, 2011: 229).


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[Andrés Salvador is an Attorney and Professor of Law. He is interested in Symbolic Thought and in the context of its social loss and its consequences. He is likewise devoted to the study of the persistence of mythological thought and its relationship with the UFO phenomenon. He manages the OVNIS en Corrientes blog - - which presents articles and information on the phenomenon and its manifestations in that Province. He also runs the Café Ufológico de Corrientes and is also a member of the Acadèmie d'Ufologie in France.
Currently, he is compiling a catalogue of cases recorded in the Province of Corrientes between 1947 and 2001]

(Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology)

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INEXPLICATA: UFOs in History: Latin America and Spain.

We are pleased to present the final installment of the INEXPLICATA series of monographs: UFOs in History - Latin America and Spain, which rounds out the information we wanted to make available to the public in a more accessible form than random entries scattered across the Internet. UFOs in History is by no means exhaustive and is simply a quick reference guide, giving the reader an idea of the wealth of cases available to researchers in Spanish-speaking regions of the world, going back to Colonial times in the Americas, and prehistoric times in Spain. While it borrows sections from other works that are no longer in print (i.e. Flashpoint: High Strangeness in Puerto Rico) there is enough new material to make it a worthwhile read. We invite our readers to stop by for a look!

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Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed at Punta de Vacas

Source: Orbita Cero (
Date 17 October 2013

Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed at Punta de Vacas
By Luis Emilio Annino

The photos were taken by a youth who toured the area with some friends. He described the situation in which the photos were taken in a letter submitted to a U.S. agency specializing in these cases.

Julio Razquin, a young man who was on tour with some friends, managed to capture an image in which a strange object can be seen in the air. Razquin published a letter with details on the situation, addressed to a specialized UFO website in the United States.

Razquin was on a tour of the Andean Range with some British friends when they decided to stop at a truck weigh station in the locality of Punta de Vaca.

They got out of their vehicle to rest a little and play soccer. At that time, the young man says he took two photographs at that location, with a difference of one minute between one and the other. Nothing appears in the first one, but the object can be seen in the second.

"The weather was perfect, without a single cloud in the sky. Nothing was present at the time the photo was taken," he stated in his letter.

He added that his grandfather was a renowned astronomer and meteorologist in Argentina, and he was therefore knowledgeable about these phenomena, not hesitating to state that it was a UFO.

Razquin also provided details on what could be seen in the photo.

"Note a white horizontal line that can be seen on and over the object, interrupted by the mountains. Another detail is a thin "wake" over the object. Neither of these details was visually in evidence at the moment."

Finally, he stressed the importance of having the photos disseminated to dispel any doubts about them. “I am allowing this photograph to be exhibited with the purpose of inviting competent and reliable people to contact me, and therefore answering any questions about its physical presence and its nature," concluded Razquin.

(Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Annino, Orbita Cero)

Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed Over Small Aircraft that Crashed in Gdor. Martinez

Source: Corrientes Hoy
Date: Friday, 18 October 2013

Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed Over Small Aircraft that Crashed in Gdor. Martinez

An unidentified flying object - presumably a "flying saucer" - was photographed by a journalist from Santa Lucia while taking pictures of the crop duster that crashed in the locality of Gobernador Martinez for the second time in a 24 hour period. While uploading the images of the small plane's collision, he did not notice anything unsual. But a reader sent an e-mail to to say that he had seen a strange object in the upper right hand margin, where what could be a UFO appears over the shattered aircraft.

There is no question that what happened to the small aircraft is strange, as it fell to earth twice in a 24-hour period, the first due to an alleged fuel failure, even after the pilot had checked that no failures were present. The second event occurred when the aircraft plummeted to the ground some 4 kilometers away from Paraje San José.

[Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo D. Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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Argentina: The Punta Indio Aquatic Connection

Argentina: The Punta Indio Aquatic Connection
By Luis Burgos, Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)

Geographic Location: Punta Indio is a prospect of Buenos Aires located some 100 km. south of the city of La Plata, the provincial capital, on the eastern bank of the Río de la Plata (River Plate). It has small but peaceful bathing resorts. Fishing is one of the great attractions of the area, which also includes the famous Navy Air Base.

The Mysterious Coastal Area: It was precisely there, in 1965, when its headquarters were under the command of Hugo Frontoth that a series of UFO sightings kept the naval authorities on tenterhooks. The events occurred during the first three months of July, with mysterious echoes located by beans of the GCA approach radar, without any visibility, caused a latent sense of disquiet. Possibly the best-remembered event is the one involving Lt. Federico Machain, who pursued a UFO up to Magdalena in his aircraft. As a result of these events, a special commission and some U.S. experts reported to the facilities in order to supervise the electronic equipment, without detecting any failures or anomalies. The Argentinean Navy, therefore, formalized a UFO INFORMATION OFFICE, official in nature, which would collect everything concerning this subject through forms submitted to witnesses of the sightings. The same was done with radar operators and aviators. Lt. Cmdr. Carlos A. Molteni and his counterpart Hugo Morales, as chief and deputy chief of public relations, respectively, were in charge of the base’s “social aspects”.

While the area is not one of the most visited by UFOs, from a statistical perspective, we have recorded unique episodes over the past five decades throughout the regions, such as in Atalaya, Veronica, Magdalena, Pipinas and Punta Piedras. It was precisely from this last resort that the first reports of UFO landings would be received. In early November 1968, Miguel Angel Fountrier and Hugo Bustamante discovered a strange circle of nine mushrooms, one of them measuring an astounding 70 centimeters (27 in.) in diameter and 30 centimeters (11 in.) tall. But stories involving “evil lights” in those parts go back to midnight on April 3, 1961, according to our files, when a soldier at the base witnessed a luminous object flying past.
The following year, a renowned doctor from La Plata was the protagonist of a striking UFO incident as he was ready to enter his weekend house near Atalaya, only a few meters distant from Route 11. The brilliant light illuminated him from above for several minutes before going off inland. Cases occurred on and off, and we eventually arrive at the year 1983, when a spectacular encounter with a mini-UFO took place (known to researchers as probes or telecaptors or orbs). In the morning of April 5, businessman Jorge Semacendi and his companion Daniel Vera were chased by a small luminous sphere only a few meters away from their car during the drive from Villa Gesell-La Plata.

The bizarre object accompanied them for a few hours over 200 kilometers, finally causing the driver to drive off the road at high speed, jeopardizing their lives. But the most disconcerting event was yet to come. Minutes later they were overtaken by a pickup truck, covered by a cab but without any rear doors, allowing them to look into its interior: they saw a small device, shaped like a flying saucer, briefly illuminated by the headlights of Semacendi’s car. What strange forces were in motion in that area, with such impunity and in the vicinity of the Punta Indio Navy Air Base, the Magdalena C-8 Tank Regiment and the Atalaya Prefecture Detachment? We had collected reports of UFO sightings and landings, and even close encounters of the third kind, such as the one witnessed by a group of La Plata residents, who were returning from a hunting trip in the early 1970s and were able to see from their car a luminous structure some 200 meters from Route 11 in Punta Indio. Short entities beside the object moved around by “hopping like birds”. The witnesses pulled their vehicle to a halt, approached the phenomenon, and one of them, hoping to fire at it with his weapon, found that “something invisible in the environment made them sluggish.” Even so, the small beings were unaware of their presence and remained involved in their tasks, until the hunters finally withdrew from the area.

In the mid-1980s, and based on the reports we were getting, we started investigating the entire coastal area mentioned above. Typical stories emerging from regional folklore were in full bloom: a strange meteorite had fallen in the early years of the century and buried outside Atalaya, around the time when Comet Halley was visible (1910); an incandescent bolide had fallen on the beach in Punta Blanca, igniting a conflagration, but firefighters found nothing when they arrived; luminous formations emerged from the river waters and approached the coastline every so often; frightening manifestations of dwarfish, large-headed and mocking entities; a bicycle rider came across a “white coffin, floating a meter over the ground” one night, scaring to the extent that he dropped his cellphone and ran through barbed wire fences; a soldier from the Atalaya prefect witnessed a “luminous sphere” placing itself near the Detachment radio antenna, and when he approached it and touched it with his rifle, the sphere shattered like a light bulb; a truck driver heading toward the loading docks at Vieytes on Route 36 during early morning hours was approached by three strange, tall individuals, dressed in black and with blond hair, who asked him incoherent questions; a luminous orange portal appeared before a driver on an unimproved road in Magdalena; evil lights of all sizes and forms prowling the fields on the region…

Legends of the Deep

It is well-known to researchers of marine mysteries that the infamous Bermuda Triangle has eleven younger brothers, scattered all over the globe. One of these areas, where magnetic aberrations occur, accompanied by the disappearance of airplanes and surface ships, is located in the Atlantic region near Cape Polonio in the so-called Barra San Juan, facing the Uruguayan coast. Unusual events have taken place there over the years, involving smaller and larger ships as well. Perhaps the most famous of these cases involves the Tacuari, a vessel of Brazilian registry, which vanished during its maiden voyage in the 1970s. Other ships included the Don Guillermo, Juan Traverso, Ciudad de Salto, Australia, El Harino, Estrella de Dia, La Juanita, Yomour, etc. As the old salts might say, the entire area was suddenly accursed.

“I was born with a rudder in my hand and an anchor in the other. But I have not been to Cape Polonio since 1975, when the compass on my ship went crazy and the needle started spinning like a fan blade. I’ve seen large tonnage ships vanish into dense fog,” said Nelson Harley, an Uruguayan sailor.

“There is tremendous magnetic interference in Banco Solis. Compasses do not respond and ships seem to be attracted by forces of incredible power,” states Walter Valle, another Uruguayan mariner.
Ulises Fontanin, a warrant officer of the signal core of the Uruguayan Navy, makes the following observation: “I’m not sure of the exact number of shipwrecks in the area. They say it’s over 700 in over half a century. This must be the approximate figure. While most sailors can exaggerate, the area is very rough and the interference may be due to a breakdown between both poles.”

The fact is that in the years of the dictatorship, Barra San Juan was closed to navigation due to these events and reopened only recently in 1983, with a regatta from Buenos Aires to Polonio. What powers lie beneath these waters? Are they only geomagnetic?

It is believed in esoteric circles that the “Order of the Knights of Poseidon” is involved with these events, their name honoring the Greek sea-god. This group of the depths allegedly has bases in the Bay of Samborombón in the Province of Buenos Aires, “controlling” the waters of the South Atlantic from this location. Do apparitions of UFOs, USOs and vanishing vessels throughout the area justify the belief in the existence of a secret community here, only a few kilometers away?

The Enigma of the Fishermen

There would be no reason to associate this with any mystery, were it not for the fact that two years after its occurrence, there is still no news of their whereabouts. It is a police matter that remains open, despite having occurred on 23 March 1997. Walter Neves, Jose Luis Garci and Julio C. Bueno, all of them cab drivers from La Plata, were readying themselves to enjoy a fishing trip on the river, near the La Balandra beach resort. They boarded a Van-Dick fishing vessel, with an overall length of five meters and a 40 HP outboard motor. This was the last time they were seen alive. Over the hours, their relatives made a report to the authorities and a search began, like none other in the region. They entire coast was searched, up to Punta Piedras and upriver into Uruguay. Beaches, streams and riverside hills were combed without a trace being found. Nothing was found in the water that could float: bags, oars, tanks, ropes, etc. This went on over several weeks, as though the river had swallowed them in broad daylight. The commotion in the cities of La Plata, Berisso and Ensenada was overwhelming, with stories ranging from the serious to the bizarre, but with no explanation forthcoming to date.

A Beach Surrounded by Mysteries

By now, who can deny that the area from Atalaya to the Bay of Sanborombón is plagued by mysteries? The incidents speak for themselves, perhaps concealing a secret in those waters. Setting out from the admission that UFOs and USOs operate in those waters, and that only a few kilometers offshore we find one of the 12 “Accursed Triangles”, is the story about the Knights of Poseidon so far-fetched? Are these seemingly Aryan characters, whose symbol is the seahorse, somehow related with Nazi Germany? Historic sleuthing, and the local legends that suggest a Nazi landing in the area in the mid-1940s in the region, proves it wasn’t a matter of chance. After the 2nd World War, the Nazis put the Feuerland-Tierra del Fuego Operation in motion, consisting in several U-boats sent to our shores, conveying leaders (it is said that Martin Bormann was among them) and a fortune in gold and treasure. The submarines departed from Cadiz in Spain for secret bases on the Argentinean coast. The southermost of these facilities was in the Bay of San Sebastian, Tierra del Fuego, and more daring theories say that the submarines even visited a section of the Argentinean Antarctic where a German secret society supposedly lived with a high-technology civilization. The other bases are located in Puerto Coig, Santa Cruz, where one submarine allegedly foundered; another in Golfo San Matías, Rio Negro, where another submarine allegedly went down; in the Caleta de los Lares sector; in Miramar, right on the Buenos Aires coast and finally, to the north of the Bay of Sanborombón, in Punta Indio. As the reader can see, these are places where UFO sightings were and remain a constant. A considerable portion of Nazi treasure that reached our country arrived at Punta Indio, some 15 km distant from Veronica. There is a considerable German colony in the area, a fact that only bolsters these hypotheses.

UFO Pollution

As of 1990, the shore that joins Punta Indio with the Bay turned into a gathering place for curiosity seekers, researchers, journalists and artists interested in UFOs. Mystic groups, parapsychologists and cultists created a cosmic brotherhood where messages from beyond, UFO sightings, lights in the water, prayers and ET contacts all flowed together. Faced with all this, local residents, known for their mixture of serenity, coherence and skepticism, became used to seeing a parade of cars from Capital Federal and Greater Buenos Aires and soon found a breeding ground for interest in the unknown, as had occurred in “La Aurora”, Uruguay and Capilla del Monte in Córdoba. Stressed-out tourists, wanting to spend a weekend in the sun and fishing, were no longer surprised to see figures in the darkness, forming circles and holding hands, praying for the arrival of some light…if only just that.
Even if the lights were only: Airplanes flying majestically along the river enroute to Montevideo or Brazil; ships on the horizon, looking like flashing lights; meteorites in clear, star-studded skies, crossing the heavens in any direction; satellites, visible in great numbers and crossing various orbits; flashlights wielded by local fishermen.

Latest Research

In 1992, we commenced our investigations on the stretch between Punta Indio and the Bay of Sanborombón. Our first “observation session” was carried out jointly with the Hemisferios group and researcher Silvia and Andrea Simondini. Numerous comings and goings have taken place from those beaches. For the moment, the “mystical intoxication virus” has been isolated in a timely manner and did not contaminate serious researchers or the public at large. The Naval Air Base is in good health, although the UFO Information Office was dismantled over two decades ago. If the radar is alarmed, no one ever finds out. Fishing, from bathing resort No.3 down to the bay, has good and bad seasons. Its waters are no doubt cleaner than those of the metropolitan coastline at Quilmes or Punta Lara. UFO sightings will obviously be the same as in 1947, although the question of “what is hidden under the waters” will always be with us.

Our own research team had an experience at 01:45 hours on 15 December 1996: “We were camped at Punta Piedras, in a group consisting of eleven people, only some 20 meters from the beach. The night was clear and star-lit. The wind was strong but not intense. Suddenly Daniel Lopez shouted and made us look at the water. Instinctively, we all obeyed and saw a very strange phenomenon: a tiny light, yellow-white in color and flying irregularly, like a butterfly, was moving as though it had emerged from the water, some three meters in the air before stopping next to a tree. At that moment, the group ran to encounter the strange, tiny luminous body. Some tried to light it up with flashlights while other took photos with flash. Inexplicably, in the dark, we saw a person standing there, almost under the light. It was our friend Alcides, who had gotten ahead of the rest of the group, when only a few seconds earlier he’d been sleeping soundly.”

The mysterious presence left as it came. Following the same trajectory and taking the same time to return to the coast – 30 seconds. Opinions on its nature were divided: Alcides, who came closest to it, to the point of nearly holding it in his hand, described it as a “little sphere of light”. Others did not see a definite shape and compared it to a butterfly…or a fairy. Lightning bugs were everywhere, but this was different. At the end of the episode, two questions were left in the air. One was the fact that as soon as the intruder disappeared, we realized that the prevailing wind had not affected its flight, since its silent and oscillating movements were identical as when the wind was in its favor. Therefore, the maneuvers where natural to its body. The other question involves Alcides. If he was asleep, how did he get ten meters ahead of the group, heading toward the light? He was unable to explain this clearly. And the phenomenon was etched in the minds of the FAO members, to the point that Alcides himself wanted to go back to the area to make a new observation, and he did so last summer, to the south of the Bay of Sanborombón, bordering with Tuyú, with family and friends. Yet tragically, these hazardous waters claimed the life of Alcides Rocha Polanco on 2 February 1998.


What has been manifesting in this area for a long time now? Can we lend credence to the hypothesis about the Knights of Poseidon? Are they aliens? UFOs liked to the Germans? Do they have a pact? Does officialdom choose to overlook all this? These are, in short, questions that only the path of research can answer someday. The only certainty is that the aquatic connection of Punta Indio is a significant path in UFO research, one that is known to many.
It is disquieting to think about the number of lodges, orders or secret societies with dark goals are operating in our midst, handling a vast techno-psychical force. In the 1980s there was talk of one Archduke of Orth, a mysterious character that remained in Patagonia for several years, linked to UFOs and a subterranean occult world. Its members, of Nordic-Franco-Nazi heritage, travel by saucer, taking half an hour from somewhere in France to an underground base in the Andean Range. No less suggestive is the story about the enigmatic beings of Aryan extraction, living in the Islas Guaitecas of Chile, able to teleport themselves to a base in the Italian Alps and being responsible for the most relevant sightings in Chile and Argentina since 1985. In short, a mosaic of suspicious groups and conspiracies surrounded by a Hitlerian aura that always emerges when the UFO-mysticism connection emerges. Is there any connection between this information and the Punta Indio-Bay of Sanborombón affair? Are other “characters” involved?

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Perú: Peruvian Air Force Launches Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon Research Department

Perú: Peruvian Air Force Launches Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon Research Department

DINAE, the Office of Aerospace Interests, under the official sponsorship of CONIDA, the National Commission for Aerospace Investigation and Development and the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), in response to the significant increase in claims and reports on Anomalous Aerial Objects commonly referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the skies over Peruvian Territory, has decided to RE-LAUNCH and RE-ACTIVATE the office established in 2001 under the name of Office of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research (OIFAA) and which has been inactive in recent year.
Thus, Air Force Colonel Julio José Vucetich Abanto, current Director of DINAE, summons members of the High Military Command of the Peruvian Navy, Peruvian Army and Peruvian National Police, as well as the National and International Press in general and the public specialized in the subject to participate in today’s RE-LAUNCHING ceremony.
Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon Research Department of the Peruvian Air Force (DIFAA).

In an important event slated for October 18, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the DINAE site located on Av. Arequipa 5200 in the Miraflores District of Lima, Peru.


An agency made up entirely of civilian personnel, which in a historic event in the study of the phenomenon in Latin America and the world, concentrates in this official military department scientists and researchers specialized in the proper study and analysis of the UFO and/or extraterrestrial phenomenon, to be formed in its initial stage by:

1. FAP Commander (r) Julio Chamorro Flores, navigator, air defense specialist, radarman and former founder of OIFFA,
2. Barthelemy d´Ans Alleman, engineer, astronomer, aerospace high command
3. Enrique Álvares Vita, physicist and mathematician
4. Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera, researcher, sociologist and philosopher
5. Marco Barraza Camacho, researcher, communicator and specialized popularizer
6. Patricia Meseth Petruccelli, librarian, MIS specialist
7. Luis Enrique Alvizuri, publicist, communicator and philospher

In turn, DIFAA will have the assistance of specialized advisors and collaborators in specific academic branches for certain cases and scenarios within the competence of research.
DINAE will also provide the official presentation of the agenda of activities to be held in coming months with the institutional assistance of DIFAA and the Peruvian Air Force itself.
Finally, and as DIFAA’s first activity from DINAE, a symposium on the following subject will be held:

Las Lineas de Nazca y los Seres Extraterrestres (The Nazca Lines and Extraterrestrial Beings) by Professor Manuel Aguirre of the School of Archaeology of the University of San Marcos.
The Peruvian Air Force, the Office of Aerospace Interests and the Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon Research Department are thus taking a step forward in the region and in the world, providing a timely and adequate response to Peru’s urgent public need regarding the unidentified flying object phenomenon.
Facebook: DINAE FAP
Facebook: Fuerza Aérea del Perú

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Nuestro Pasado Extraterrestres ( and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO.

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Luis Burgos: The First Humanoids in Argentina


The First Humanoids in the Country
By Luis Burgos, Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía

Tres Arroyos, located over 600 km south of Buenos Aires, shall henceforth not only be known as the “national wheat capital”, as many of you will remember it as being the location in the province of Buenos Aires where the “first humanoid encounter in the country” took place.

In early 1971, in the full bloom of summer, I had the chance to spend the season in Orense, a lovely beach community which, along with Reta and Claromecó, constitute the main tourist attraction of the holiday season in Tres Arroyos. Logically, as I was only taking my first steps in field research, my conversation had mostly to do with the subject. So, between anecdotes and reminiscences, my mind was stirred. The agent was Mr. Vicente Pedone, my host at the time.

According to Don Vicente, in the early 1940s, he was serving as a sergeant with the Buenos Aires Provincial Police and performed his duties in this area: Orense, San Cayetano, Copetonas, Oriente, Cristiano Muerto, etc. – communities he came to know very well.

One night, while in the company of Officer Elias Gitani at a field depot, a local boy approached them hurriedly, claiming to have seen “an airplane in flames, deep in the fields”. Faced with this startling claim, Vicente and his subordinate reported to the crash site, accompanied by the young man (whom I will refer to as NN, given his anonymity). After covering a significant distance in the police car, their guide pointed out the possible impact site: There, some 200 meters away from the group, near a hill, was an exceedingly strange, glowing, disc-shaped object, which remained on the ground and in their sight. Surrounding the object was an undetermined number of figures that “came and went”.

At a distance, these being appeared to be very tall, clad in seemingly metallic and luminous outfits. They moved slowly and they carried in their hands what looked like “mugs”. We must imagine such a sight in the early 1940s.

This sight so startled the onlookers that they wisely retreated to a safer distance. But their surprise and nervousness increased when Don Vicente tried to start the vehicle. One, two, three attempts, with negative outcomes. Therefore, and rather than running across the field, they all agreed to remain within the police car. “We were left to our fates,” the protagonists of the incident remarked.

After several minutes, they saw that the false aircraft was moving backward in a slow, even movement, always level with the ground. This action caused Vicente to try and start the car again, as the passing minutes were becoming endless. The engine finally turned over and they were able to make a hasty escape, bring an end to the evening, which would endure in their memories. It is a shame that they were unable to see the final phase of the phenomenon.

The next morning, Don Vicente heard from NN that patches of burned grass were in evidence at the landing site in Orense. This, unfortunately, was not confirmed in situ by the policemen, thus leaving NN’s account as the sole, eloquent account of that physical evidence.

As the modern era of the UFO phenomenon starts with the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947, the word “flying saucer” had not yet been coined, and mysterious events in the countryside were described as “La Luz Mala” (the Evil Light) and with stories of ghosts, wandering spirits, etc. At least in Argentina there were no accurate accounts of UFO occupant encounters. It is for this reason, I classify this notable incident as Argentina’s First Close Encounter of the Third Kind, relegating the case of Wilfredo Arévalo and his son, which occurred on 18 March 1950 near Lago Argentino, Province of Santa Cruz, to second place. The case became widely known, but the witnesses…were never found!

As with all humanoid behavior, which looks absurd from a human perspective, there is no clear concept in this case as to why the craft landed. If we hold to the first words spoken by NN about “an aircraft in flames”, we would have no other interpretation but to imagine an accident or breakdown experienced by the object in flight as the real cause of the emergency. Given the time period, NN would have hardly thought to use another phrase to classify his sighting.

There is no doubt that he was confused by the magnitude of the light given off by the artifact as it descended. Proof of this could be the fact that no sooner had they come within an average distance of the landed craft, the police car suffered the effects produced by the magnetic field (EM effect). This would imply that the UFO was mostly intact or at least without any serious apparent consequences. But this definition would not explain the true causes of the landing and exit of its crew. Moreover, the backward motion of the vehicle, scant centimeters over the ground, is striking, since there aren’t many episodes of this nature that allow us to engage in “Comparative Ufology”, which is always valuable. Yet there is always a background incident, and I have remembered it as though it were yesterday, as I had the chance to speak personally with the witnesses.

It took place in the town of Las Juanitas, in western Buenos Aires province, in 1957. Several members of the Leali family were about to cross a field in the early hours of the morning, after having taken part of a meeting. At a distance of some 200 meters, they saw that the mill next to their house, which formed part of the train station itself, was surrounded by “strange people” dressed in white outfits, trying to enter a luminous vehicle located right on the train tracks! At that moment, they remembered a sort of “wave of warm air” reaching them. The object began to move backwards very slowly over the train tracks until it vanished from sight, without ever flying away.

These are, evidently, two events in Buenos Aires Province from a long time ago, with enticing accounts from trustworthy stories, although oddly enough, the coming years would offer no comparable situations. Are you aware of any similar incidents?

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Argentina: Anomaly Photographed over Córdoba, Argentina

Luis Burgos of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) submitted the following image to PLANETA UFO, showing a luminous anomaly described as a "variable UFO". The image was taken on the 30th of September of this year by Gaby Decall. Our thanks as ever to Guillermo Giménez!

Bolivia: 100 UFO Fly-Overs in Two Years?

Bolivia: 100 UFO Fly-Overs in Two Years?
By Dayana Flores, OPINION (

Pablo Santa Cruz claims the greatest number of sightings took place in Quillacollo and Tiquipaya (Cochabamba) and especially in the Altiplano o areas with remnants of ancient civilizations.

The studies of a Bolivian ufologist who is most involved in the subject – Pablo Santa Cruz – account for nearly 100 unknown objects reported in Bolivian skies in the past two years.
Santa Cruz heads “Proyecto Ovni”, a four-hour long documentary that discusses the phenomenon, as well as two books on the subject.
Throughout the research process, the UFO expert acquired knowledge that he now shares in an interview with OPINION.

Q: What are UFOs?

A: Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are entities or devices that can be of human and non-human provenance, that is to say, aliens. In the first case (human origin), the most numerous UFO sightings would be cigar or disc-shaped craft, created by an elite in Nazi Germany that contacted beings from another world from which they secured this prodigious technology. They could also be prototypes from the western powers (US & UK), built conventional yet advanced technology.
As far as the UFOs of alien origin are concerned, we have the tentacled ones and the ones shaped like tops or balls, hailing from “Chang Shamballa”, an enormous extraterrestrial base built by aliens who reached our universe in remote times and have governed us since then.

Q: According to your studies, how many UFO sightings occurred in the country?

A: While there is no official record, we know that there are thousands of UFO sightings in Bolivia. During the transmission of “Proyecto Ovni” in Bolivia, that is to say, since 2012, we have recorded at least one hundred confirmed sightings. Twenty of these have some sort of documented support. Furthermore, we find the cases involving UFO crashes in Tarija and Cochabamba in the 1970s. There is also the sighting recorded on the highway north of Santa Cruz in the 1980s, which had hundreds of thousands of witnesses.

Q: Which places in the country do sightings occur most frequently?

A: The Andean region, without question. Lake Titicaca and Mount Illimani, the Bolivian Altiplano and certain regions of Amazonia. We should also highlight that regions with megalithic and archaeological remains of ancestral cultures are UFO hotspots, not only in Bolivia but worldwide.

Q: In the specific case of Cochabamba, where do these UFOs manifest most frequently?

A: Most recently in the areas of Tiquipaya and Quillacollo. These have been properly documented UFO sighting areas with an abundance of witnesses.

Q: How do you make sure that a sighting is indeed a UFO and not a weather phenomenon?

A: Sightings involving vehicles are too notorious to be mistaken for meteorological phenomena. For example, sightings of weather balloons and satellites are unmistakable, since their movement is far too slow and conventional. Sightings of real UFOs are extraordinary due to their swiftness and irregular flight, which cannot be emulated by any man-made device.

Q: What is the purpose of UFO visits to Earth?

A: This is a troublesome subject, since the UFO phenomenon is the subject of tenacious concealment by the government, precisely because the truth on the alien purpose in this world is being covered up. In “Proyecto Ovni” we state, with the support of hundreds of documents, that aliens have been present since the very origins of mankind, directing the progress of this world over time, as this is a gigantic genoarchetypal (sic) experiment with dark intentions.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of INEXPLICATA or The Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Dayana Flores, Opinión]

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Osvaldo Murray: The Man-Birds of Chile

Osvaldo Murray: The Man-Birds of Chile
(From Revista Revelación, Santiago de Chile, May 1996 pages 10-13)

There are some incredible stories, and this is one of them. So incredible that not even I believe it, but the facts are there and I am not going to change them, no matter how skeptical one may be.

The start of this story kicked off – as a sort of byproduct of terror – of an equally incredible story: the death of a young woman in what the Catholic Church described as demonic possession.
And I believe it in the sum total of the fantastic, despite the fact that I myself have photographed beings of light, flying low over the mountains that enclose the northeastern section of Santiago de Chile. The scene of the events is the town of Juanita Aguirre, whose northern border is Huechuraba Street, running parallel to the Americo Vespucio Beltway, running along the edges of a string of hills in which the word fantasy is paltry when it comes to describing what goes on in those hills. Reporting on the case of the possessed girl, I heard the story about a man-bird, something I’d read about in stories from the last century in London and in the 1950s in the United States. I’d never heard about it in Chile. Perhaps one could find a certain, albeit distant, kinship with the Chupacabras, which we made known in our earlier edition.

But this matter of the flying man was something new to me, at least in the town of Juanita Aguirre. The fact is that I published the story and was about to forget all about it when a second person involved in the case of the possession victim told me a similar story several months later. That’s when the subject fluttered around in my head, but not going beyond that.

Things took a different turn in February of this year: a young bank employee was rendered speechless for 15 minutes after seeing a white, transparent and gleaming fly over his head at no more than ten meters in the air…this happened right beside my house.

It was then that I dusted off the previous stories, made some investigations and reached the conclusion that while the hills are the scenario for some unquestionably extraterrestrial reality, a mystery as old as UFOs surrounds Juanita Aguirre, one which I find deserving of in-depth research by a scientific organization and by some self-appointed “researchers” who only tarnish enigmas of this caliber, causing men of science to flee in the opposite direction, fearful of being mistaken with the clumsy tomfoolery that has surrounded the deepest mystery challenging humankind, due to the abundance of charlatans bestowing degrees upon themselves that no one conferred.

What is curious is that while no one publishes these stories in a serious manner, no one speaks out, no one recalls a thing. All it takes is for the event to come to light for people to lose their fear of ridicule and the journalist is literally smothered with new disclosures.

The first time I heard of the flying man in the town of Juanita Aguirre was during an interview with Luis.

From this interview I reproduce the section corresponding to the man-bird:

“When the Holy Father visited Chile, I was assigned by my work to the city of Puerto Montt, where I remained for fifteen days. During my stay, I got in touch with a friend of the Institution to which I belonged, asking him to check in on my family every so often, whenever he could, to see if they needed anything. I still didn’t have a phone at the time. One night, my friend came to my house and since my wife had already gone to bed, they spoke through the window. My eldest daughter was also present.”
“They discussed my posting to the south and my friend asked she needed anything or if she had any messages to give me. Should anything happen, my colleague told her, tell me immediately and I’ll relay to Lucho down in Puerto Montt.”

“Right in the middle of the conversation, my friend turned around suddenly, prompted by that sixth sense people have, and he saw something very strange on top of a tree in my back yard. He told my wife: ‘Nancy, look at the huge bird in the tree!’ A gigantic, black bird, so large that my friend told my wife: ‘Nancy, lock everything up and go to bed!’. He got in his car and went home immediately. Upon arriving, he told his wife everything that had happened, and then went to bed disturbed by what he’d seen.”
“He told me everything later, and my wife corroborated it. It was an immense creature, gigantic, black. When my wife told me the story, which my friend had already told me, I tried to calm her down and give her some courage, but she was never able to forget that terrifying sight.”

In Broad Daylight

Ms. Lucía, a tarot card reader, told me about a man-bird she’d seen in broad daylight while she was out with her husband. In this second account, which came up without any mention of the event of the previous day during the interview, she told me that man-bird situation went far beyond popular imagination. It is very hard to think that people confabulate to make up stories to ensnare unwary journalists, especially when the unwary journalist has taken hundreds of photos of the lights prowling the hills and which you can see as an accompaniment to this report.
Ms. Lucía’s story, textually transcribed from the recording, states”
“In November 1993 we were in the backyard of our home and there was something like a condor directly above us, its wings outstretched. It began to glide over us in circles. Then the bird flew up, very quickly. It’s the strangest thing that’s happened to us.”

Q: At what time did this happen?
A: Around 4:00 in the afternoon.
Q: Are you aware of condors, or have you at least seen them at the zoo?
A: Of course…I do know them!
Q: Was it the size of a condor or larger?
A: I would say larger. It looked enormous, despite the altitude. It caught our attention, because the bird did glide around for a long time, true, but it always kept its wings outstretched. Suddenly, it took off at an incredible speed.”
Q: Could it have been a condor, or could it not have been a condor?
A: No. I would say not. It was a black bird, one that was able to glide for a long time with outstretched wings, but at some point it has to make a certain movement to remain airborne. What we saw didn’t do that at any time.
Q: In other words, it might not have been a bird.
A: I sincerely think that it could have been anything but a bird. I didn’t think so for a minute and I discussed it with my husband. I told him: ‘Unless I’m mistaken, some extraterrestrials paid us a visit then took off.”
Q: Did anyone else see it.
A: Just us.
Q: How long was it over your house?
A: It was over us! We were standing in the middle of the back yard, toward the rear, where the grassy part is. The weather was clear and it was a weekend. My husband was home.
Q: It didn’t land on any trees?
A: Not at all. The only thing it did was fly circles up there.
Well, up that point it was a second story about man-birds and nothing more. But now I had two such stories.
One day I spoke to a local businessman who sells vegetables to the town. Showing me a copy of the magazine in which the story about the possessed girl was published, he told me: “That giant black bird is an old story here in Juanita Aguirre. Many have seen it. I myself have seen it on top of the tree facing my business.” I took the anecdote in stride and placed it in my box of unconfirmed oddities.

In Front of My House (a bit much, isn’t it?)

Two sisters – nubile young girls – live beside my house. And of course, one of them was someone’s girlfriend (now wife). One day I heard about something incredible, something along the lines of an exaggeration, as the reporter who collects stories about man-birds has had one of them walk across his roof. But more in step with the beings of light that haunt the nearby hills and not the black birds that frighten us by day and night (that’s a relief!).

The protagonist of the story is the lucky boyfriend of one of my neighbor girls. I barely know him. The following interview took place thanks to his “future father-in-law”:

Q: Do you have any objections to telling me the story and giving me your name?
A: My name is Mario, I’m 26 and I work at a bank.
Q: When and at what time did this event occur?
A: More or less in late January 1996, on a Friday, around ten o’clock in the evening. I was in my girlfriend’s house at Pasaje Ferrada, near Huechuraba, in the town of Juanita Aguirre. I was in the back yard with my girlfriend and my sister-in-law (to be).”
Q: Did they see the phenomenon?
A: No, they didn’t see it, because their backs were facing what happened. I was facing them, looking northward, and they were facing me. Therefore this happened behind them. “This thing” emerged as if from the rooftops of the houses across the street, crossed the entire sector and landed on the tree behind the house where I was.”
Q: What distance do you think this “thing” covered, in a straight line?
A: A good number of meters. I saw it fly between one hundred and two hundred meters, maximum.
Mario goes over his memories and with the journalist, calculates the segment covered by the extraordinary vision in the observer’s visual field. They agree that the flight of the glowing being was no more than 80 meters before vanishing.
Q: Now please describe it as best you can.
A: I’ll never forget it. From the start, it looked like a person, not a bird, no way. I suppose it was a bird, due to the size. It was dressed in white, like a sort of tunic. And it didn’t beat its wings, didn’t move anything at all.”
Q: You said “didn’t beat its wings.” Did it have wings?
A: No. But it was as though it had some…well, one supposes it had wings if it was flying, but a person doesn’t fly. And I’m sure it was a person.
Q: You think it wore a tunic?
A: One imagines it was a tunic.
Q: Could you see a face, a head?
A: Yes, it had a head. I couldn’t see it face, due to the distance separating us. But it had a body, legs, arms, everything.
Q: Did it wear pants?
A: The tunic covered it completely.
Q: Could you see its feet?
A: No, no, no. But it went by slowly, not quickly.
Q: At what height was it flying, do you think?
A: Five meters.
Q: The trees on the corner are around six or seven meters tall, let me remind you.
A: Then it was at ten meters, but very low. After seeing it, I was unable to speak for about fifteen minutes. I was so startled. I’d never seen or imagined anything like it.
Q: Did this being seem to look at you?
A: I don’t know. I don’t think so. I saw it heading straight toward the tree.”
Q: How was it flying, vertically (standing up) or on its side?
A: On its side.
Q: What color was it, aside from white? Was there a certain luminosity to its tunic?
A: Yes, it shined, as if glowing. There was a somewhat bluish glow.
Q: Did the edges of the suit or tunic have a different color?
A: Yes, it wasn’t completely white.
Q: Could you please explain that better.
A: It looked white in the middle, but not white on the sides. It’s so hard to explain what one saw.
Q: What color was it?
A: I don’t know, I can’t explain.
Q: Is there a chance that you mistook it for something else, for example – though it sounds silly – a large kite?
A: No, not at all. I’m entirely certain about what I saw, and what I saw was nothing known.
Q: Did it make any noise?
A: Nothing, no noise, nothing at all. That it could have been a plane or anything like it…no chance.
Q: Did it fly like Superman?
A: Exactly the same.
Q: With its arms outstretched?
A: No, with its arms alongside the body. It made no movement.
Q: Could it have lacked hands and arms?
A: It could have not had them, but one imagines it would.
Q: But, did it have a head?
A: Yes, it had a head.
Q: What was its head like? Like a human being’s?
A: Like a human being’s. And I say it was a human being.
Q: Was it covered by a hat or something?
A: No, it looked black. The only thing that looked black was the head. It was entirely white everywhere else. There was nothing noticeable about the head, except that it was black.
Q: But was there something there instead of a head?
A: Of course, there was a head.
Q: Where did it stop?
A: On the tree. (The witness makes reference to a poplar tree some 80 meters distant from his back yard, more or less, located at the corner of Independencia and Pasaje Quito streets).
Q: Where did it cross?
A: From the front, as it from the top of that house on Pasaje Ferrada, passing over my girlfriend’s house to the poplar tree (the witness explains that it appears to have emerged from a tall cherry tree in front of the house, glancing over the rooftop and flying overhead).
Q: You saw it take off from the tree?
A: No, that’s why I’m telling you that it must have emerged from one of the two houses in the front. It came straight toward us and headed over there, toward the poplar.
Q: The girls who were with you…did they notice anything about what was happening?
A: They only realized when they saw I was speechless.
Q: What was your reaction?
A: Completely blank. Unable to make a move. I couldn’t speak. That’s when my girlfriend shook me to make me react, to see what was going on.
Q: Did they ever know what was happening to you?
A: They never knew, because it all happened behind their backs.
Q: And when you were able to react, what did you tell them?
A: I began to speak in spurts; I told them what had happened, gathered them and we went into the house immediately.
Q: How long do you think you witnessed the transit of this extraordinary being?
A: Some ten seconds, flying slowly.
Q: If you could imagine it standing up, how tall would it be?
A: Standing up? One meter seventy. Of course, it was at a distance. But having it close at hand, it must have been much taller.
Q: You saw it land on the tree?
A: It lost itself in the tree. It got into the tree and never reappeared.

This interview was carried out with the top of the poplar tree in full view. I asked the witness to change positions, with the poplar now entirely in view. Then I asked him:

Q: Could it have gone past the tree, or did it stay there?
A: It vanished as it reached the tree. I stared at it, hoping for another glimpse, but I didn’t see it again. It was only later that I regained speech.
Q: Over three months have transpired since that extraordinary event. Have you drawn any conclusions from it?
A: It frightened me. Frightened me to see it. I think it is looking for something. No idea what it might be, but it’s after something.

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Argentina: Woman Claims Seeing UFO Over Rooftop

Source: Diario La Región (Loreto, Argentina)
Date: 10.07.13

Argentina: Woman Claims Seeing UFO Over Rooftop

“I know you won’t believe me, but what happened in the small hours yesterday morning is true. I’m used to getting up around 4 o’clock in the morning to collect water, because that’s the time it’s usually supplied around here. Suddenly, I looked toward the roof of my home and saw it was shaking. I called out to my husband, telling him there was an earthquake in progress, and to wake up the children and bring them outside. When I took a few steps further to see what was really going on, I was startled to see that there was a round thing floating over my roof, emitting a really sharp sound. I began to tremble, was left speechless for a few seconds and ran away. My husband also witnessed this. It later went off, flying far away and losing itself in the sky. I have no way of proving this, because my shock kept me from reaching to for my cellphone and taking a video or photo. I’m still frightened today by what I saw yesterday.”

This is the eyewitness testimony given by Besy Marilu Saboya Romaina, 25, who claims having seen a strange object floating over her rooftop, causing the corrugated roof to tremble. This event took place at AH Cardozo before the disbelieving eyes of some residents who could not believe what was happening at the time. “I thought it was cats running over the neighbor lady’s roof, as is often the case, but when we went outside, we saw it wasn’t that. Nearly everyone in the neighborhood heard the strange sound emitted by the vehicle and the sound made by the corrugated roof. It’s truly unbelievable, but it’s true,” said another local resident.

All of this has caused panic among the inhabitants of this sector, who hope it may only become part of an anecdote.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to C. Ampuero of La Región and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Friday, October 04, 2013

Argentina: UFO or Chupacabras? Mutilated Cows Reappear in Tabossi

Source: Planeta UFO and Micrófono Digital (
Date: 10.03.2013

Argentina: UFO or Chupacabras? Mutilated Cows Reappear in Tabossi

More or less a month ago, in a rural area 5 km from Tabossi and 10 from Viale, a family was
looking for one of their cows, which was about to give birth, and found it in a remote area where
they thought the birth was taking place. They were shocked to find her dead, but with her udders
clearly cut away, without a drop of blood. The cow's tongue had been sectioned off as well as the
eyes; the hide was entirely burned and hard. No traces of footsteps were in evidence around it.

A local resident told this media that neither the police nor a veterinarian took the time to
question or aid these people. "It is understandable that they are unable to do anything about it,
but the fear experienced by these folks deserves attention...and solidarity, in my opinion," she

There is no question that the subject of mutilated cows is controversial. Who doesn't remember
the strange cattle mutilations that took place years ago in the area, where residents filed
complaints with the police about mutilation cases involving their cattle.

The dead cows display the very same signs as their peers slaughtered years ago, when the entire
nation was shaken by the mystery that caused the unexplained deaths in the pastures. There was
speculation at the time about some bloodthirsty "chupacabras", but there was also speculation
about extraterrestrial involvement in the mutilations.

A local who claimed to find his cows in the same condition at the time, missing their tongues,
eyes, udders and blood. Police reports also provide the detail of the presence of a strange
light from the sky moments before the attacks. Beings from beyond, or a sadist from hereabouts?

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Micrófono Digital]

Argentina: Residents of Tucumán Videotape a UFO over Río Nío

Source: ATIFO and Planeta UFO
Date: October 2, 2013

Argentina: Residents of Tucumán Videotape a UFO over Río Nío

Members of the Agrupacion Tucumana Investigacion Fenomeno OVNI (ATIFO) recorded a strange flying object in broad daylight. The recording was made at the end of a meeting held on 23 June 12:05 pm at the ATIFO headquarters. The members were exchanging farewells without noticing the white object that emerged in the backdrop, they said.

"Its shape appeares to be disk-like, a white object with an average size of 3 to 4 meters, traveling at average speed, enough to be seen clearly. It was not identified with any known object during analysis," they noted in the video's description, which was uploaded to YouTube.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]