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Mexico: Alleged “Luminous Entities” Photographed in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo)

Mexico: Alleged “Luminous Entities” Photographed in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo)
By Arq. Salvador Mora – Director of La Esfera Azul with D.G. Hernán Bado


On March 20, 2013, a highly interesting and controversial event occurred: photographs of 3 luminous entities at the place known as Plaza Fundadores in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
These images were taken by Ernesto Z. Ortiz, a known professional with a master’s degree in Regional Development and Sustainable Tourism, a Nicaraguan national who has lived in our country for a long time, residing at Playa del Carmen. He is also the leader and founder of an NGO that supports the ecology. His probity and honesty are therefore assured.

Upon hearing of his photographs we took it upon ourselves to contact Ernesto, who very kindly spoke to us, agreeing to an interview to explain the images. It should be mentioned at this point that the main goal in taking these photographs to obtain night photographs of the impressive archway that represents two intertwined mermaids that are found in Plaza Fundadores itself. However, much more than that was obtained: it should be noted that those strange luminous beings were not visible at the time the photos were taken. They only became apparent after the images were inspected.
Thus, we also performed an in-depth analysis of the photographs we are including in this special report.

The Interview with Ernesto Z. Ortiz

Salvador Mora: It is a pleasure to speak with Ernesto Z. Ortiz in this special interview about some extraordinary photographs taken recently, showing strange beings that put forth light from their bodies, and who better than Ernesto who discusses them with us. First of all, many thanks for your willingness to participate in this interview, Ernesto. How are you?
Ernesto Z. Ortiz: Fine, thank you. Startled by what we were able to see in these photos.
Salvador Mora: Absolutely. Where were these photos taken and where?
Ernesto Z. Ortiz: These photos were all taken on March 20 of this year, 2013.
SM: Where were they taken and at what time?
EZO: At Plaza Fundadores in Playa del Carmen, around 9 at night near the beach.
SM: We are interested in the sculpture there. What does it symbolize?
EZO: Two intertwined mermaids.
SM: Very good. On a personal level, did any unusual events occur before or after these photos were taken at the site, or something similar to be remarked upon?
EZO: The monument was dedicated on December 21 [2012]. Well, some strange things happened to us around that time.
SM: OK, very interesting. What happened?
EZO; Well, in subsequent days, one of our co-workers claimed to be possessed by a supernatural being that wasn’t him. In fact, when he was possessed, he would act entirely different. He would speak as though he was just learning to speak and walked in the same way. Days later, a young lady drowned in the beach, and in the photograph we saw something like blankets hanging in the air, in the shape of the Grim Reaper. The girl was found at the only spot where the sun shines on the beach.
SM: Extremely interesting. Had similar events occurred at this site, or had any video or photograph been taken of anything like the image?
EZO: The girl was found at the only spot where the sun shines on the beach. Not to my knowledge. A holistic event took place near that beach – meditations, cleansings of various kinds, vibrational music using hompax and crystals.
SM: Very interesting. How distant from the edge of the beach is the place where the light beings were photographed?
EZO: Barely 3 meters (40 feet)

Photo Analysis

In the following analyses we could ascertain the complete authenticity of the photos. No hoaxing or anything similar was noticed, and it should even be mentioned that we shared these images with Hernán Bado for analysis and opinion. He is one of the best and internationally renowned analysts of images with out-of-the-ordinary beings. He reached the conclusion that the luminosity put forth by the entities is such that no further information could be obtained about their details or features, as has occurred in earlier occasion. But let Hernán Bado himself discuss this matter in detail so we may show the images in depth.

Testimony of Hernán Bado Regarding His Photo Analysis

Hernán Bado: Hello Salvador, always a pleasure. I’m writing to tell you that I have worked on the “entities” in the photo and have unfortunately been unable to obtain results. The whiteness or luminosity is too intense and there is no way of penetrating it to decode the reality of who or what is there. At a given moment I thought that there might be something there…but in fact, I wasn’t able to confirm anything. I regret the delay and the outcome. Regards.
Salvador Mora: OK, Hernán, don’t worry about it, many thanks. Let me ask you – was this possibly due to the fact that the luminosity was so intense that it was hard to see what was behind it in any detail?
Hernán Bado: Yes, that’s exactly what’s going on. All of the figures have a very intense luminosity. This light also has a characteristic that is worth discussing, which is a slightly more yellow border, appearing to function as an aura of the figure it surrounds. The upper part, or whatever corresponds to what would be the head, is subtly darker than the lower part corresponding to the clothing, which is decidedly whiter. The three figures are standing on one of the small pedestals surrounding the fountain and this strikes me, because there appears to be an effort to imitate something like statues. In short, that’s all I can say about it. Regards.
SM: OK, thanks Hernán. We can then say these could be beings of light of a highly intense luminosity, so intense that seeing their features becomes very hard. Conversely, we are faced by a very interesting case. Thanks again, Hernán. We’ll keep in touch.


A very good observation, which at first may be a mere curiosity, but there could also be some symbolism in this case: the fact that one night after Ernesto Z. Ortiz visited Plaza Fundadores with the purpose of taking comparative shots, since he was still amazed by the originals, he noticed that the Mayan number six (6) was forming between the Moon and the clouds. A coincidence? Symbolism? We do not know. We can only provide a photo of this, taken by Ernesto himself, right next to a comparable image.


A highly interesting case which we are sure will draw the attention of many, prompting consideration. Based on the investigation performed, we can say that it could well be one of the most cogent pieces of evidence attesting to the existence of these strange luminous entities.

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[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) with thanks to Arq. Salvador Mora and La Esfera Azul

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Mexico: Alleged UFO over Guanajuato

Source: Planeta UFO and
Date: 14 November 2013

Mexico: Alleged UFO over Guanajuato
By Carlos Fredo

Mexicans witnessed an alleged triangular UFO flying over the skies of León, Guanajuato.

The alleged UFO was recorded on video on 14 November in León in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. The recording is from the [YouTube] channel belonging to “jmhz71” and it displays a triangular object flying across Mexican skies at high speed.

León is Mexico’s seventh metropolitan area with slightly more than 1,650,000 residents and it has been a site for unidentified flying object sightings in recent years.

Despite the fact that many suggest that it could be an unidentified flying object, skeptics point out that it could also be an unmanned aircraft (drone) employed in the struggle against drug-trafficking in the region.


[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Carlos Fredo, StarMedia newsroom]

Mexico: New UFO Reports from Homún and Tecoh (Yucatan)

Source: HOY and Planeta UFO
Date: 21 November 2013

Mexico: New UFO Reports from Homún and Tecoh (Yucatan)
By Jorge Moreno – SIPSE

MERIDA, Yucatan – In recent days I received reports about alleged UFO sightings in the bordering municipalities of Homún and Tecoh, and according to the time and description given, it could be the very same object.

Mario Poot, from Homún, and Ermilo Maas, from Tecoh (not known to one another) reported that on Saturday 16 November they saw an object similar to the traditional flying saucers, emitting a blue light, making no noise, and flying at low altitude at slow speed. Poot was standing at the door to his house when he saw this, and it was even seen by two of his neighbors. The object vanished in a southerly direction; the time at which the sighting occurred was approximately 23:00 hours.

Ermilo and his family, on the other hand, were returning home from a party (they say it was shortly before 12 midnight) when suddenly, upon looking upward, they saw an object with a description that is similar to the one seen in Homún. The object was flying from north to south, that is to say, if the positions are analyzed, they possibly saw what was flying in from Homún, and reinforcing the possibility that it might be the same object.

“It was flying at low speed. In fact, we tried recording it with a cellphone, but it couldn’t be seen due to the poor quality of my cellphone. We saw the blue light it emitted vanish after a while, as though dimming, which made it even harder to record,” he said.

An Older Case

It should be noted that in the 1970s the so-called “Homún UFO Flap” took place at that location, a case that reached even Mexico City. The impact caused by the daily sightings (they occurred for over a month) was such that even news programs from the center of the country came to this municipality in Yucatan to report from the site and learn about the events firsthand.

The epicenter of this case was the Yalahau Lagoon, located less than 14 kilometers from downtown Homún (and relatively near Tecoh), and it all started when some farmers claimed having seen “strange lights” rising and falling at the site. Other locals also saw this phenomenon in the sky and did not hesitate to associate it with UFOs, a subject that was basically unpublished in Yucatan, as there was no serious background information on the subject.

Sightings were occurring nearly daily and rumors spread like wildfire. People were startled to see that what looked like a spacecraft with white lights was indeed approaching slowly and remained stationary some 300 meters in the air over Yalahau Lagoon. It was also reported that a smaller craft also descended into the lagoon’s waters, plunging into it. It was also seen leaving the lagoon.
Apparently, the vehicle that “parked” over the lagoon every day was a “mothership”, since witnesses claimed seeing at least five spheres emerging from it to go on journeys, subsequently returning to the craft’s interior.

Following a month of daily sightings, they became less frequent until they stopped altogether. All of this is important because both Mario and Ermilio were witnesses to these cases, and they believe that what they saw only a few days ago could result in another similar flap like the one in the Seventies. Two days later, some neighbors told them that they saw the same craft at the same time.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Jorge Moreno, SIPSE]

Argentina: Humanoids at Pampa de Agnia, Chubut (1978)

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 11.25.2013

Dr. Roberto Banchs: Humanoids at Pampa de Agnia, Chubut (1978)

Driving two F-100 pickup trucks, Alfredo Giannoni and Jorge Castillo were faced with the prospect of a 634 kilometer drive along National Route 25, linking the communities of Trelew and Esquel, communities located in the Province of Chubut.

They had departed at 19:00 hours on 12 October 1978, driving at an average speed of 80 Kmh. Upon reaching the Las Chapas Wilderness, Castillo overtook his companion and remained at a close distance. Around 22:00, and some 10-15 Km after Las Plumas, in the Los Altares Valley, Castillo was startled to see a small light in the sky through the windshield: it increased in magnitude, toward the right and running distantly to the left.

As the source of silvery light grew in intensity, Castillo’s disquiet toward the phenomenon also rose. He decided to stop and consult with Giannoni about the observation, who unhesitatingly tells him it is a “flying saucer”

The shocking presence of the UFO: After filling up, the headed to the restaurant of the Automovil Club hostelry, where they state having eaten fish and consumed some cold sodas. Feeling considerably more tranquil, they discussed their experience with the person running the location – which we have been able to confirm – and renewed their journey at 02:15 in the morning. They would stop every so often along the road, chatting a while to keep from falling asleep and staying close to each other at a 30 meter distance. Giannoni was up ahead until he stopped at a given point, complaining of a headache, and saying he could go no further. Castillo replied that he would go ahead, as they were very near their destination. At that time, he was about to get down from the pickup truck when both men witnessed an object measuring 3 meters in diameter with an intense white, phosphorescent light that appeared to emit a sound similar to that of a teletype machine (“beep-beep-beep”). The object was suspended one meter above the ground and some 10 meters from the startled witnesses. Upon seeing this portent, Jorge Castillo entered the pickup truck while Alfredo Gianonni – still drowsy and feeling the headache – managed to quickly pull away from the site.

It was then that UFO rose into the air, making itself plainly visible in a matter of seconds. Castillo, stepping on the gas, managed to catch up with his traveling companion.
The strange occupants: In these conditions, a startled Jorge Castillo looked through his rear view mirror and saw “a thing with many lights and two square things in the rear of the pickup truck” where he carried four drums of ink for the Esquel newspaper in the city of the same name.

After having driven some 10 kilometers and around 3 in the morning, near Pampa de Agnia – a locality that only appears on the map – Castillo looked through the mirror again and saw four “square” figures in the payload that appeared to be “looking” at the drums. He continued driving nervously, glancing at the figures without stopping. According to one version of the story (2), upon delivering the ink, operators found it to be much more fluid than previous deliveries from the same factory and lot number.

They had covered another 15 kilometers prior to going up a long, steep rise when Giannoni, who was following closely but without seeing anything odd, said he was going to stay behind, as he was fatigued. Curiously enough, Castillo said that he could still see the humanoid figures through the mirror as well as an oval grey cloud that appeared to follow him on the side. Nonetheless, the witness gave the impression of contradicting himself when he points out Giannoni’s location with regard to his own. It is necessary to add here that at no point did Giannoni see or become aware of the presence of the alleged occupants, despite the fact that they shouted to each other from within the cabs of their pickup trucks, driving close together along the road.

When he saw those figures, Castillo was driving at some 70 Kmh (bear in mind that the vehicles were in a break-in period) and when he turned on the cabin lights to see if the beings were still behind him, since the sight couldn’t be clear, he noticed to his surprise that there was nothing there, just the four ink drums. However, when he turned off the light, he could see them once more.
View of the mountains: Alfredo Giannoni could go no further and decided to stop a while to sleep. Castillo, on the other hand, chose to continue the trip with great fear. Upon reaching a steep rise, he noticed that “the mountains on the side of the road joined as if they were made of rubber – they joined together and shut the road before me. Perhaps I was ill and grabbing my head, I stopped and thought: do I go through or not go through, will they take me away or not take me away…” However, moments after turning off his lights, the mountains returned to their rightful places. Suddenly, he sees two humanoids approaching him swiftly, walking along the desolate Patagonian road. They were a meter and a half tall, looking like astronauts in white outfits. Upon seeing them, he turned on the lights again and the disquieting vision vanished. He figures that it lasted barely a second.

Facing this circumstance, he tried in vain to go and find Giannoni, as he was exhausted and with a pounding headache, and pain in his arm. His pickup truck was diagonally across the road, with all of its lights on. He tumbled onto the seat, covering himself with some rugs he carried as samples, allowing an indefinite period of time to go by. Giannoni appeared out of nowhere, urging him to continue the trip. Traveling at 80 kmh, Castillo was some 10 to 20 meters behind, all the time seeing the mysterious cloudy object through his rear view mirror.

An unusual turn of events? : With less than 60 km to reach Esquel, in the vicinity of the Tecka River, Giannoni’s pickup truck “slid on the shoulder and went up in the air, landing in a very deep ditch,” according to the description given by Castillo, who did not hesitate in ascribing it to the strange phenomenon he was seeing, adding that the vehicle “was lifted from the front, without overturning any cement barriers, passing over them as though lifted. Furthermore, there’s nothing broken on it. Just a dented roof, as if they’d lifted it and turned it around.” Giannoni rested against the steering wheel, and while somewhat bruised and with a clamped leg, he exclaimed that he was okay. Castillo then got down rendering assistance and getting the motor going again with the lights on. He brought his companion back to his own pickup and they arrived in that vehicle, reaching Esquel after 6 in the morning.

An Analysis of the Case

Upon performing our investigation, approximately one year after the event had taken place, we covered the 634 kilometers that Alfredo Giannoni and Jorge Castillo covered between 12-13 October 1978, passing through the localities of Trelew, Las Plumas, Paso de Indios, Pampa de Agnia, Rio Tecka and Esquel. With the exception of areas near the communities that were the origin and destination of the journey, the vast Patagonian region crossed by the witnesses has desert-like, desolate characteristics – an obligatory crossing between both southern communities and a nexus between the Atlantic coast and the Andean Range.

A cursory review of the report shows that the alleged anomalous events described by the witnesses are the following:

a. Sighting of an unusual aerial phenomenon.
b. Sighting of humanoids that vanish swiftly before Castillo’s eyes.
c. A vision of mountains that close the road before him.
d. Unsual overturning of Gianonni’s pickup truck.
e. Story involving a suggestive change in the density of the ink being transported.

In order to properly answer these riddles, we collected valuable eyewitness reports and background information that enabled us to make an accurate reconstruction of what happened that morning and put forth a few thoughts.

The aerial phenomenon: The UFO apparently presents three discernible phases that correspond to various situations of the journey. It begins as a dot of increasing luminous magnitude, followed by an aeroform with an arc of circumference, and ends as a small oval cloud that gives the impression of following the experiencers. It has not been formally established whether it was the same phenomenon, with the identification of the final phase as an “unusual phenomenon” being highly questionable due to its resemblance with a cloudy formation of natural origin and by the emotional circumstances under which said aerial element was observed. On the other hand, the second image of the object, being closer and better defined, suggests another effort at an explanation. In this regard, the Moon was in its 11th waxing phase, with 89.32% of its face illuminated at 3 in the morning toward the south (where the alleged UFO was seen, as we assume), azimuth 190 86’, declination of -5 1 min 4 sec., that is to say, barely rising over the horizon (source: C. Demaría), which would coincide with the location of the “intensely white luminous object” (it should also be noted that the Moon, close to the horizon, appears large due to the fact that the atmosphere acts as a giant lens).

We cannot provide, at the moment an adequate interpretation for the distant initial light source. All told, this is the phase that causes true motivation among the witnesses, arising as the doubt as to what they were seeing (“Giannoni, what do you see up there? “It’s a flying saucer, he told me” – J. Castillo). The second and eloquent phase causes them profound shock, which manifests as a feeling of terror, causing inhibition is the one, and a flight response in the other (“I asked Giannoni, what we should do? Without saying a word, he took off first at high speed.” – J. Castillo). The third image seen, only by Castillo, is very ambiguous (“Looking off to the side, I was always escorted by a little oval shape, a cloud…” – J. Castillo). It is essential to add that this phase of the sighting – and others mentioned later on – take place after a truly traumatic situation and as the byproduct of seeing a phenomenon that they found disturbing.
Beings in the dark: It is possible to agree that the above induced phantasmagoria, that is to say, the representation of figures through an optical illusion or the deformation of reality, believing that he could see – in the darkness, and always through the rear-view mirror – four humanoid entities on his pickup truck’s payload, where there are precisely four drums of ink, denoting a similar ambiguity.

When the 31-year-old witness turned on the light “to see if those things were there, and could see nothing,” it is unquestionable that the fear of the dark also played an overwhelming road, erupting into his unconscious fantasies. It isn’t sheer chance that despite the lack of ambient light, the sense of being chased or spied upon is what he noticed in the alleged entities’ eyes, “as though they were looking at me.” Castillo appears sincere in his statements, but is prone to contradictions when he recalls the location of his companion, who never gets to see the alleged humanoids, not even when they were allegedly still on the payload, and Giannoni stopped beside the vehicle driven by Castillo. Further reinforcing our thesis, it should be noted that he did not witness any of the extraordinary phenomena Castillo claims occurred after the abrupt and shocking approach of the UFO. This, then, is significant. Equally suspicious is the sighting of the figures “walking along the road”, taking what has been stated into consideration and its brief duration, barely a second.

The major obstacles: Another event that can cause astonishment takes place after Castillo drove through the hazardous part of the road (straight road, zig-zag and steep slope). He notices with terror that “both parts of the mountain join together as though made of rubber…they join and block the way ahead...” The sensation of being pinned by the mountains reminds of the fear of major obstacles that keep him from moving forward and cause him to join up with his companion once more. This visionary experience is interesting, and it seems obvious to add that the mountains did not move from their places. However, one can be lead to think, with a certain flight of the imagination that this visual illusion could have been brought upon Castillo by the UFO occupants. In such a case, one would have to suppose that the four figures were also illusions caused by…four drums of ink.

The overturned vehicle: We received ample cooperation from Salim Bestene, manager of the Ford dealership in Esquel, who advised us that both pickup trucks were being brought to his dealership from Buenos Aires, with Giannoni and Castillo being responsible for driving them from Trelew to their destination. This information, arising from questioning, are uniquely important, since some strange aspects of the case were still pending explanation, such as the unusual overturning described by Castillo and the alleged invulnerability of the pickup truck after the accident. Dispelling any doubts in this regard, he contradicts all of Castillo’s statements, indicating that the vehicle had significant damage: the cab roof, the entire left side and the front wheels. Since the pickup was swiftly repaired, he provided us with the only photographs resulting from the accident, in which the vehicle shows significant dents on the indicated places. We must note that the investigation performed by the insurance company points out that it was a “common overturn”. While Bestene believes in the existence of UFOs and the likelihood that Giannoni and Castillo truly witnessed one such phenomenon, he believes this to have been “an ordinary accident caused by a sideways movement of the pickup truck on the shoulder when its driver fell asleep at the wheel.” This unequivocal explanation reminds us of the driver’s constant fatigue and sleepiness throughout the long journey.

Bestene also confirms the rumors that Giannoni had not driven for a long time, and how this could have been a factor in causing the accident. However, in one of the interviews we held with Giannoni, he states – to the contrary – that he was driving during the three years he remained in Esquel, having moved shortly after to Buenos Aires to work as a provisioning manager for an airline company. Alfredo Giannoni tried to postpone the interview on several occasions, being somewhat reticent about discussing the matter in depth. He acknowledged that the pickup truck was seriously damaged, remarking on the vivid impression caused by the tumble and referring constantly to Castillo’s description in explaining the characteristics of the overturn (“According to Castillo, my vehicle literally flew through the air at 2 meters over the pavement.”) However, what he found most inexplicable about the event is how he emerged uninjured from the accident, which occurred suddenly and without realizing what had taken place.

Finally, regarding the story that the ink conveyed in twenty-liter tanks was found to be more liquid than usual in subsequent days – which would add a new strangeness factor to the episode – we consulted Oreste Massacese, secretary of the Esquel newspaper’s newsroom, and several operators, who stated that “no change was noted” in the ink with regard to other batches received.

Final Considerations

Ultimately, the fatigue caused by the trip, the pronounced sleepiness and headache, the strong and constant nervous tension to which the men were subjected – Castillo in particular – and the perception of a variety of external stimuli, caused a set of extraordinary visions in a personality seemingly vulnerable to events of this sort, which on this occasion have not been the direct manifestation of an anomalous phenomenon, and perhaps more aptly what someone called “the great fear of the unknown.” Jorge Castillo knows this. At least the peaceful transit of time has allowed him to question the events and reflect: “Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me…”


Zerpa Fabio, Los hombres de negro y los ovnis, Plaza & Janes, E. de Llobregat, Barcelona, España, 1979, pages 113/123.
[1] This article originally appeared in Los Identificados. Casuística ovni con ocupantes en Argentina, N° III, Buenos Aires, July 1993, pages 17-22.
[2] Cuarta Dimensión, Buenos Aires, No. 66 (August 1979), Pgs. 36/42.

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO; The NetCentinell and VISIÓN OVNI]

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Argentina: The First UFO Encounter (El Maitén, Chubut – 20 Feb 1949)

Argentina: The First UFO Encounter (El Maitén, Chubut – 20 Feb 1949)
By Dr. Roberto Banchs

The oldest incident available – from the Arnold Era – regarding the landing of a UFO and the presence of its occupants on Argentinean soil, is the one that occurred on 20 February 1949 at El Maitén, a small town near the border with Rio Negro in the northwestern corner of Chubut Province. A location with an arid, mountainous landscape, owing its name to the hispanized indigenous term meaning a tree with its branches hanging down in bunches.

The information was restored to memory by the Clarin newspaper in 1970 (1), using information provided in a letter by Eulogio Pereyra, addressed to a radio station in Buenos Aires (Radio Belgrano), describing the descent and landing of a UFO, which burned the alleged landing site. It also described the emergence of three men of peculiar aspect from the craft.

Radio announcer Carlos Iglesias was responsible for informing the country of the historic event, resulting in challenges from younger journalists and the need to visit the site to confirm the episode. It took a night and a day by train, over twelve hours by jeep, to get there. Journalistic investigation ratified, in part, the information supplied by Pereyra through another witness – Antonio de la Iglesia – who said that a group of local residents were able to see from the rail station (which linked the towns of Ingeniero Jaccobacci and Esquel for freight purposes in more prosperous times) how the UFO descended to some 500 meters, flashing its lights within the town itself, which at the time barely had a police brigade, a guard station, a railroad shed beside the narrow platform and a half-finished house. Some small farms were in the distance.

Against the article appearing in the newspaper, our researcher Ricardo M. Dobelli requested further details (2), managing to nail down the exact date of the event, correcting the old information which set it in 1948. It was also noted that subsequent investigation has managed to establish that Eulogio Pereyra did not live at that location. However, two or three witnesses appear to have confirmed the existence of the alleged landing from stories collected from people living some 20 kilometers distant. Securing further information was impossible, says the article.

Drawn by the interest created by these articles, we visited the area in 1978 – nearly thirty years later – with the goal of learning details on the encounter. Reaching the town was not free from difficulties, as the place had not yet been turned into a tourist attraction by the railway’s presence. Without much hope of finding the witnesses, and even less material evidence of the events discussed, we found out that both E. Pereyra and A. de la Iglesia had died several years earlier. In spite of this, the latter’s relatives were able to confirm the UFO landing.

Continuing with the research into the old case, we found Edmundo C. Sánchez, who was also a UFO witness and a fuel station manager, but who at the time was a member of the Gendermerie. He was able to confirm the sighting of the strange phenomenon that crossed the sky from west to east, touching the ground in the direction of the police post’s location and before the eyes of three or four witnesses. One of them recalls following the UFO in his car.

Sánchez told us that while he was on duty, an overexcited and stunned traveling salesman, saying that at 0445 hours he had been near the outskirts in town, driving in his car, when an unusual object suddenly appeared from which three figures of human appearance emerged, dressed in striking outfits and with flashes of light emerging from the helmets on their heads. The characters were linked to the object by means of wires or cords, and urged the traveler to slow down and stop.

The witness’s identity fell into oblivion, but some fragments of his eyewitness account survived as a defaced reality wearing a halo of legend.


(1) Clarín, Buenos Aires, 13 marzo 1970, p. 52.

(2) Ibíd., 29 March 1970.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO) and Silvia & Andrea Pérez Simondini (Visión OVNI)]

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Argentina: April 1950 - Unidentified Flying Object over Corrientes and Resistencia

Source: Ovnisencorrientes and Planeta UFO
Date: 11.13.13

Argentina: April 1950 - Unidentified Flying Object over Corrientes and Resistencia
By Andrés Salvador

The following sighting of a UFO over the cities of Corrientes and Resistencia in the early morning hours of Monday, 17 April 1950, constitutes the oldest case we have documented in the territory of the province of Corrientes, and is also the oldest we have on record for the Province of Chaco. The article we are presenting here was published by the El Nacional newspaper of Corrientes on Tuesday, 18 April 1950 (Archivo General de la Provincia de Corrientes - El Nacional / 16 / Corrientes/ 1-III-1950 / 7-V-1950).

"A Flying Saucer Was Seen From Avenida Costanera"
It Was Also Seen Over El Chaco

It has been said once again that one of the extensively discussed "flying saucers" appeared over our city. According to the statements of responsible persons who appeared in our newsroom, this occurred yesterday morning and its variable luminosity drew the attention of those who happened to be in places where it was readily possible to see it.

According to our sources, which include certain magistrates who do not want to their names known for obvious reasons, the phenomenon was seen with great clarity and its swift movement confirms all that has been said elsewhere about this strange and mysterious device. The place from where it was seen - Avenida Costanera - enabled its characteristics to be seen with certainty and it is easy to imagine the commotion that ensued, with conjectures as to its real meaning becoming renewed, whether as a secret weapon or a means of supersonic travel.

Moreover, news received from the neighboring Chaco territory state that the same thing was seen there, ratifying the truth of the statement. Unquestionably, the "ducks" [sic] or whatever they are, truly exist. The only mystery is their origin..and their destination. Other information received from another source, an astronomer of this community, advises us that the strange silvery object seen over Corrientes and El Chaco by multiple witnesses was nothing more than the planet Venus, whose intense luminosity makes it visible due to extreme proximity to the Earth. It should be kept in mind that the latter took place only briefly over Capital Federal, where commotion over the "flying saucer" had sensationalistic features. The sighting was subsequently debunked by meteorological observatories.
Let us hope that time, in its inexorable march forward, confirms or denies so much information and theories over this intriguing matter.

In Resistencia

The information furnished by EL NACIONAL's correspondent in Resistencia states the following:

RESISTENCIA, 17 (C.) - Around noon today, the people of Resistencia, without exception, looked to the sky to see a "flying saucer" that according to some, vanished toward the southwest in the horizon, after tracing a curve in the sky. According to others, however, it was nothing more than Venus, which was a great cause for conversation in Paraguay a few days ago. The fact is that the widest variety of conjectures and theories was put forth about this subject. The comments were the talk of the day in every meeting.

Not few people awaited the landing of the famous disk after what was reported by EL NACIONAL regarding the event that occurred in Patagonia. But the "disk" went away, leaving doubts in its wake and a knowing smile on the mouths of incipient local astronomers.


El Nacional 1950:
Desde la Avenida Costanera fue visto un Plato Volador.
in El Nacional, Corrientes, 18 de Abril de 1950, Año del Libertador General San Martín, p. 6.

Argentina: UFO Sightings are Ongoing in Victoria

Date: 11.14.13

Argentina: UFO Sightings are Ongoing in Victoria

Victoria is a city in [the province of Entre Rios] that stands out for its single-storey houses, its artistic grillwork and their narrow streets laid out in the classic Spanish style.

It is also famous for another reason: UFO sightings. This is how Silvia Perez Simondini "discovered" it after seeing an article published in the Clarin newspaper, which made her feel Victoria was her rightful place in the world. "I was living very well in a petit hotell in Villa Devoto, Capital Federal [Buenos Aires] but I felt that I should be here," says the creator and curator of the Museo del OVNI (UFO Museum), an institution that survives under her enthusiasm and strong dedication. "Seeing lights here is commonplace, and not only at night, but at any time of day. UFOs appear wherever you find elevations and water," she explains.

On 3 November 2013, we went with Melina Arena and her boyfriend Gastón to Cerro de la Matanza in Victoria. Once more, water displayed the wonderful spectacle that emerges from the water in the middle of the island. At first there were three bright lights looking like diamonds in the night, then violet, blue and green lights appeared and disappeared constantly," Silvia Perez Simondini told Diario Victoria.

"There was no moonlight, and that made them stand out sharply. Hugo and Silvia - a married couple, friends of ours - were also there. They come in from Rosario every weekend, and they stopped at the site where the lights were on their way back. They told me [the lights] were gigantic, and that they aligned themselves in a 300-meter-long straight line before the third bridge leading to Laguna Grande," stressed the researcher.

By chance, we received information about a sighting at Rosario's La Florida beach facility that same day.

We are showing you the same images that Silvia Perez Simondini submitted to our newsroom.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Silvia Perez Simondini]

Peru: UFO Visible in the Sky over Ica for Two Hours

Source: ASTROUFO and Planeta UFO
Date: 11.14.13

PERU: UFO Visible in the Sky over Ica for Two Hours

An unidentified flying object remained visible in the skies over Ica (Peru) for at least two hours on Sunday afternoon, 10 November 2013. The first sighting of the object took place at 12:45 pm from the San Juan Bautista sector, where it was seen moving for a few minutes while making changes in its shape, following a constant pattern: sphere, tube, diagonal shape and "old telephone receiver" shape. The white-colored object displayed an intense glow at all times, perhaps a result of the bright sunlight that shone in an completely blue sky.

The unidentified object then moved eastward toward the Mina Kansas area in the La Tinguina district, where it remained a small bright dot for at least one hour, engaging in slow maneuvers. At that time, the moon was a good point of reference, visible over the horizon.

Around 2:25 pm, the object was seen once more from the center of the city, which it had approached after remaining for some time in the hills of the area known as Kansas. From another observation site, it was possible to see that it was accompanied by two other objects, which flashed brightly for a brief moment. Fortunately, the main object and its two "companions" were recorded for a few seconds, securing evidence of what happened that afternoon over Ica.

Video at:
Video Closeup at:

[Translation (c) 2013 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and AstroUFO-Peru]

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Quiver of Ghosts

A Quiver of Ghosts
By Scott Corrales
[From the upcoming monograph INEXPLICATA - The Paranormal]

The ghostly traditions of Latin America have not received much attention in the English language media. Perhaps the stereotypes of fun in the sun and Carmen Miranda-type dancers make it hard to believe that hauntings form an integral part of the traditions of countries from Mexico to Argentina, with some apparitions dating back centuries. In Mexico alone we find La Llorona – the ancient Aztec goddess known a Cihuacoatl, the serpent woman, worshipped in the darkness of the temple known as Tillán by a secretive priesthood who approached her statue on their knees – whose banshee-like wails filled the streets of Tenochtitlan at night, foreshadowing the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores.

During the Colonial period of Mexican history, the creole population of viceregal Mexico City quailed in terror at the same nocturnal wailing, saying that it was the revenant of La Malinche, the late lover of the conquistador Hernán Cortés, bemoaning her betrayal of her own people. Dressed in white, her features covered by an impenetrable veil, the figure would wander the streets of the old city. According to the scholar José María Marroquí, the lateness of the hour would be broken by “the clothing, the air, the slow and steady stride of that mysterious woman and her penetrating, shrill and prolonged moan, terrifying those who saw and heard her. Some brave hearts would try to follow her, availing themselves of the moonlight, only to see her vanish upon reaching the lake, vanishing into the waters. Unable to glean more information about her, or whence she came from, she became known as La Llorona.”

Yolotl Gonzales Torres, the noted Mexican ethnographer and religious scholar, notes the following in her Diccionario de mitologia y religión de mesoamerica (Larousse,1991): Cihuacoatl displays “three characteristic aspects: screams and lamentations in the night, the presence of water, since both Aztlan (the place of origin of the Aztecs) and Great Tenochtitlan were encircled by water, and by being the patroness of the cihuateteo, who scream in the night, being women who died during childbirth and come to earth on certain days appointed to them in the calendar, haunting the crossroads, being fatal to children."

Artemio del Valle-Arizpe mentions another ghostly woman during the colonial period – one that we would classify today as a “shadow person” – wandering the streets as a dark cloud, but emitting small streams of multicolored light. A colonial gentleman decided to put an end to the mystery, boldly facing the apparition and challenging it to uncloak itself. When the dark figure moved forward, unimpressed by his challenge, he stabbed it with his sword, only to see the darkness advance along the length of the blade – streaming multicolored lights as it did so – and eventually engulfing his hand and forearm. The terrified caballero issued a scream and fell to the ground in a dead faint.

In more recent times, video evidence has emerged of a ghostly presence in the Casa de los Azulejos (House of Blue Tiles) on Calle Madero in downtown Mexico – in La Llorona’s old neighborhood. During construction work in the early years of this century, workers reported seeing a shadow descending the stairs, vanishing on one of the landings. Another presence was seen entering the building’s courtyard, which is occupied by the popular Sanborns restaurant.

Learning about the existence of ghosts in Puerto Rico is perhaps even more disconcerting for the casual reader, as one would think the sunshine and tropical breezes would serve as a barrier against the repetitive activity of restless spirits. Quite the contrary, according to folklorist Calixta Vélez, author of a number of books on children’s games. In a statement to the island’s El Nuevo Día newspaper (29 Oct 2010) Ms. Vélez observed that ghosts have always been seen in Puerto Rico, adding: “This all forms part of our oral tradition. Ghosts have always been seen in various parts, although whether this is true or not is an entirely different matter. The human mind is extremely powerful, and since we are not merely flesh, but incarnated spirits, many situations can come about. Paranormal phenomena are defined as events that are hard to explain both by science and religion.

Spirits, notes the expert, remain on the terrestrial plane after bodily death. “Spirit transcends matter and remains on Earth for a few days after death, especially those who die suddenly. They remain where they are because they have not realized that they are no longer supposed to be there. Some remain longer, others less so. This is why they are seen so often on highways, because their deaths were so sudden.

Religion, she believes, is charged to making sure that the spirit goes to where it is supposed to, hence the Catholic tradition of praying the Rosary for nine days after a person’s death, as it is necessary to tell the person that it is time to go. Far from being afraid, says the folklorist, if confronted by a “wandering spirit”, we should tell it that it no longer belongs to this plane and must depart.

In 1901, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle published a remarkable account of ghostly activity in Puerto Rico only a few years after the U.S. invasion of the island. Bearing the title “He Drives Up To The Castle and Cares Nothing for Sentries”, the newspaper article is centered on St. Gerónimo Castle, a 17th century Spanish fort built on the Ensenada de Boquerón, a body of water that separates the Condado Lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean. The contemporary tourist trade has come to know it as the ancient structure almost on the grounds of the Caribe Hilton hotel, or visible from the sands of the beach on the property of the Condado Plaza hotel.

Things were different in 1901, however: “Major Seldon A. Day, with two orderlies, is the sole occupant of the picturesque spot,” notes the article “and he has been quartered there since General Miles first entered San Juan. He and his dogs, cats, ponies and a Brazilian mountain lion seem to be under some sort of influence which pervades the place. For the last two winters the Major has had a houseful of guests. nearly all or more or less literary fame, who came to this secluded spot to commune with nature and take notes and weave weird stories of love and war, underground passages, haunted fortresses and the like.

Every night, promptly at midnight,” the article goes on, “or so Major Day tells his guests, a team of white horses attached to a coach dashes up the driveway and into the court. From the coach alights a transparent figure attired in the uniform of a Spanish officer of 150 years ago. He enters the fort noiselessly and the coach drives clattering down the lane. The sight is such a familiar one to the old artillery chief, that he no longer, so he claims, cares a rap whether the antiquated Spanish captain visits him or not, but whenever a new guest arrives the host insists that he remain until the ghost appears. At first, two years ago, one of the sentries fired point blank at the driver, who had refused to halt on command. The ball passed through his breast, according to the soldier's tale, but the coach did not even tremble. The guard did, however, and afterward served a term in the guard house for deserting his post.

The article adds the intriguing note about a tunnel connecting San Gerónimo to the great fortress of San Cristobal on the walls of Old San Juan – a distance of two miles. “These underground passages are a part of the general defense system of San Juan built by Spain years ago. They have not been explored. As the evacuating army destroyed the records October 17, 1898, and their exact location has been lost. But in the minds of army officers these passages do exist, the entrance to nearly all are known and are pointed out to visitors al Fort Cristobal and Morro—stone built holes in the fortifications through which one may pass for a certain distance until further progress is prevented by heaps of fallen masonry and rubbish. In one of the entrances in plain view, back of the Executive Mansion, near the water's edge, the visitor may go forward about fifteen feet, when a massive iron door, rusted on its huge hand wrought hinges, is encountered.

Frequent visitors to the military structures of the ancient city may find this hard to believe, although a tunnel – shown to visitors every day – exists within the structure known as the Casa Blanca, the masonry home of Juan Ponce de León, built as a shelter for the population of San Juan against raids by pirates and Carib Indians. The tunnel links this structure with La Fortaleza, the white colonial structure that has served as the residence of the governors of Puerto Rico from 1822 to the present.

The final paragraph of the article is no less tantalizing. “Only a few weeks ago one of a gang of workmen repairing the foundation of a building on the Plaza, was surprised to find himself suddenly precipitated twenty feet below the level of the ground. He had sunk through a thin crust roofing of an underground room. Examination disclosed well-built concrete arches, subterranean galleries and hallways. Members of the older families still relate stories to their children about these passages, and it is claimed by some that the recently disclosed room was used as a dungeon in the seventeen century. The proprietor of the building was so besieged by curiosity seekers that he closed up the place without thoroughly examining it. Governor Allen and dozens of others visited the spot, but were only rewarded with a glance of a dark opening and whiffs of most foul air. Some people claim to believe that dozens of skeletons of old time martyrs or kegs of treasure may yet repose in this walled up underground room.

Do the ghosts of these “old-time martyrs” haunt the city? Quite likely. The existence of these tunnels, moreover, is corroborated by the discovery of similar networks of tunnels on the other side of the island, under the Porta Coeli church in San Germán, which was attacked by French corsairs so often that the town was relocated several times until it reached its present location.

Among the mysterious locations of the ancient walled city of San Juan we find the Devil’s Sentry Box – La garita del diablo, in Spanish –whose legend was made popular by the 19th century author and educator Cayetano Coll y Toste. In the writer’s romantic late colonial story, Dina, a young woman given to taking her evening strolls along the fortifications attracted the attentions of an Andalusian soldier surnamed Sánchez, who took to playing love songs on his guitar under the girl’s balcony.

There is within San Cristobal Castle a sentry box, far from the fortress itself, that faces the north and appears to plunge into the sea,” Coll y Toste tells us. “It is a strategic place for watching the coast toward Escambrón and the ever-suspect marine horizon. One evening, when it was Sánchez’s turn at guard duty, Dina felt an irresistible urge to speak to him, as he had become the mainstay of her fancy…waiting for her aunt to fall asleep, the girl opened the door to the street and slid away, behind the city wall, to the sentry box, its black basalt standing against the foggy outline of the sea coast.” The lovers met, and the author coyly ends by saying “let us leave the sweet mystery of life to the sweet mystery of the night!

Daybreak and the changing of the guard, however, showed that the sentry was gone, leaving behind only his rifle and bandoliers. Superstition held that the Devil had taken him for breaking his sacred oath to watch the city walls, yet others – perhaps more wisely – noticed that Dina had also inexplicably vanished, so the legend must have a more terrestrial explanation. But popular tradition prevailed, and the Devil’s Sentry Box still stands for all to see.

Interviewed by the EFE news agency on 31 October 2008, paranormalist Virginia Gómez stated that three centuries of military actions against San Juan from French, Dutch and English armies had created “ideal conditions for spirits or specters to remain among its structures and subterranean tunnels.” These bombardments caused the deaths of thousands of people who are now wandering the through the ancient city."

Gómez agrees that San Cristobal Castle – mentioned earlier – is perhaps the greatest source of paranormal activity, with a number of ghostly stories being told about it. The El Convento Hotel in the heart of the city had been a monastery that took in the widows of soldiers and their children following the attacks. Guests and employees, she says, claim having felt, seen or heard nuns walking through the corridors, rooms and surroundings. Other notable buildings in the city, such as the Tapia Theater, dating back to 1832, also offer hauntings of their own.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Uruguay: CRIDOVNI to Analyze UFO Photos

Source: Planeta UFO and CRIFAT

Date: 11.11.2012

Uruguay: CRIDOVNI to Analyze UFO Photos

The issues raised by extraterrestrial life are as ancient as the story of civilization.
Various sightings have already been reported in Punta del Este and its vicinity time and again. One of them took place on 9 October, when Fernanda Romero had the chance to photograph an unidentified flying object in the sky over Punta del Este – an image that could perhaps be evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Starting with the photos taken by Maria Fernanda Romero -- an outstanding figure in this city whose qualities allow the elimination of any possibility of manipulation -- as a direct witness of the sighting, and as a function of the dissemination they had through this space, we were visited by Lt. Enrique Gonzales and Col. Ariel Sanchez-Rios, of Uruguay’s Comision Receptora e Investigadora de Ovnis, (CRIDOVNI) attached to the Uruguayan Air Force.

During an interesting conversation, they made us aware of the creation, functions and goals of this Agency at the national level, representing a true source of pride to the Uruguayan Air Force. Created on 7 August 1979, it maintains close ties to civilian organizations engaged in similar activities, with is main goal being to receive, study and evaluate all UFO reports over the national air space, which falls under the competence of the Uruguayan Air Force as per Law 14.747, supporting activities aimed at controlling airspace and aeronautical safety.

Within this framework, the compile and classify all matters pursuant to UFO reports, creating a database and establishing technical and scientific cooperation programs at the national and international level, establishing the characteristics and behavior guidelines of unidentified flying objects that engage in unconventional aerial maneuvers.

During their visit, they explained that the methodology employed in studying the sightings follows protocols that are stringently followed. The final conclusions seek to address five basic issues: the possibility that it could be fraud by the eyewitness, or else a third party causing an unreal belief, or a conventional phenomenon, or perhaps an optical illusion, or that we are definitely facing an unconventional phenomenon. These questions are dispelled through an analysis of documents (photos or videos), technical examinations performed on these items, time, weather and meteorological conditions, place and means, and the statements of witnesses who have perceived the alleged phenomenon through their senses.

During the course of the interview, and among other cases, they told us about one that most stirred the researchers’ curiosity: At midnight on 25 September 1975, the time being 19:30 hours, an FH-227 of the Uruguayan Air Force in service to PLUNA, heading from Asunción, Paraguay, toward Montevideo, was at a flight altitude of 14,000 feet (4300 meters) and at a cruising speed of 250 knots (450 kph).

After flying over Monte Caseros and in the dark of the night, the pilot was able to see a yellowish, nearly white, glowing light over to the left and under this aircraft, toward the city of Artigas and very near the ground. The light began to rise to the same altitude as the aircraft within five minutes, keeping a distance of 3 to 5 miles, after which it accompanied the Uruguayan aircraft, matching its movements evenly.

Seeking to test a change in direction or attitude on the part of the unidentified object, the pilot turned on the left landing light, immediately noticing a reaction, as the unknown light began to approach the plane significantly. This movement ended when the landing light was turned off, causing the object to return to its previous position or to its original size. During the brief period of proximity, a strong scent of burned wiring was perceived in the cabin, as if originating from an electrical connection, but any problems in this regard were dismissed after checking. The odor was gone in a matter of minutes.

The captain made the corresponding calls to the control area, advising that he had traffic on his left and at his level, but he was told that no aerial traffic was reported on the route, level or even in the area of the incident.

Upon reaching the vicinity of [the town of] Florida, the airliner began to descend, crossing the cloud level for the first time during the flight. The light continued to escort them, but without descending. Entering the cloud layer at 6000 feet, visual contact with the object was finally lost.

They stressed throughout the interview that during the entire procedure they were in the cabin, observing the phenomenon with the two flight officers as direct witnesses. Also present was the captain’s nephew (who happened to be on the flight, and was called over to take photos of the phenomenon; these were subsequently analyzed by officials) and many passengers corroborated the sighting from their respective seats.

Many stories could be told over sightings here and around the world. There are many mysteries to be revealed, but there is no doubt that we will someday have the necessary evidence to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life. A photo of Mars is commonplace today; perhaps in the future we will have images that reveal the mysteries of the Cosmos.

All of this material has created such interest among our readers that we will be addressing other aspects – legal and technical – which have not been widely reported. Furthermore, we undertake to provide you with timely information on the conclusions reached by CRIDOVNI’s official authorities regarding the sighting that recently took place in our beloved Punta del Este.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Chile: An Invisible Being Photographed in Angol

Source: Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo (Chile)
Date: 11 November 2013

Chile: An Invisible Being Photographed in Angol
By Raul Gajardo Lepold

** Curious photo submitted to the NOUFA Newsroom **

Mrs. Janette Villa Torres, married, with a high school degree and considered a trustworthy person at her place of employment, since she works as a municipal official in downtown Angol (9th Region), never imagined she would manage to photograph what we are showing to our readers.

Her intention was to take a photo of the Moon and the planet Venus, which shone in the heavens on 7 November at 21:30 hours. Mrs. Janette was in the back yard of her home and used her 16.7 pixel Samsung digital camera for this purpose. There was nothing particularly unusual about her surroundings. She even remarked to researcher Raul Gajardo Lepold that there is neither public nor private lighting in this part of her house. She did, however, noticed a sort of spark or noise in the flash at the moment the photo was taken, which we mention for purposes of subsequent analyses. The distance separating her from the shrubs appearing in the photo is some four meters, and their height is also close to four meters.

Upon seeing the image recovered from the device, she rightly astonished to see a transparent entity with light sources in its body over to the right hand side of the photograph. There was no doubt about it: the silhouette of a person with a very clearly defined outline (arms, head and back) could be seen at first sight. All indications are that the being had its back toward the camera and in a diagonal direction (45 degrees)

At this moment we are conducting some inquiries about whether it could be smoke from the other side of the wall that can be seen in the photo, or if a highly peculiar light effect caused this silhouette. It is only logical that there should be a variety of opinions, more so when the effects of digital photography are still little known.

We customarily received a significant number of photos from our readers and we know that photos of "UFOs" and similar subjects are controversial overall. For this reason we have chosen to publish a few that seem curious to us and have a distinct provenance.

We are still following the trail of this story. In the meantime, we attach the photo for our readers' consideration, as they will surely have their own opinions about it.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Raul Gajardo and NOUFA]

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Argentina: Possible Boomerang-Shaped UFO and Explosion?

Date: 11.08.13

An Intruder in the Night
By Luis Burgos

On the evening of Monday, November 3 of this year, five members of the Villamea family, members of the FAO in Quilmes, observed from different positions the transit of a boomerang-shaped object from north to south, making no noise whatsoever and with three lights arranged in its lower section. The time was 22:15 hours.

Forty-five minutes later, a bizarre explosion made itself heard over various districts of the city of La Plata, covering a broad area with hundreds of witnesses. The local newspaper EL DIA picked up all local remarks. Most people claimed to have heard a loud detonation...others saw flashes...and still others reported the sudden appearance of a strong wind.

The Civil Defense, the Naval Prefecture and the Police claim to ignore the causes. The Astronomical Observatory also dismissed the possibility of a meteorite impact, while any connection with the phenomenon was dismissed by the YPF refinery and ENARSA, which is building an electric plant in Ensenada. CEAMSE, which is on the way to the Punta Lara beach, also dismissed the possibility of an explosion caused by an accumulation of gas. In short, "they all washed their hands." The fact is that the mystery is ongoing.

It is evident that little more than 30 kilometers link the cities of Quilmes and La Plata, and the difference in minutes between the boomerang-shaped object and the explosion make both episodes related in one way or another. If we discard the launching of a missile, a fall of space junk, and a meteorite, this would lend credence to the passing or disintegration of an unknown body as the cause of the loud report. If it was a UFO, regardless of its origin, whether manmade or ET...did it disintegrate at high altitude? Or did its passing over the skies of Buenos Aires shatter the sound barrier and caused what everyone heard? Similar events have already occurred in our country and nothing is strange in the light of these events. For that reason, we are still investigating. If you are aware of any similar episode last Monday night, we are grateful for your input. This is a hard task and it is done between us all, like any UFO investigation. The Air Force and Los Piñones? They're doing fine, thanks.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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The UFO Phenomenon in Argentina: Believe or Bust

Date: 11.03.2013

The UFO Phenomenon in Argentina: Believe or Bust

The first sighting of a strange flying object recorded in the country was in La Plata. An intriguing episode took place in Tolosa. A story enshrouded in mystery and fascination.

On June 29, 1947, a U.S. pilot claimed having run into nine saucer-shaped shiny objects in the air. Ever since then, the term UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) became official and it was recorded in the various similar, inexplicable episodes that took place all over the world.

Nearly 1500 cases have been recorded in the country, evaluated through a complex method of qualification that measures the reliability of the data. Our city is not alien to the phenomenon, which became a passion to many: a year ago, the Centro de Estudios de Fenomenos Aeroespaciales was formed. Carlos Ferguson is a participant in this forum, with over 40 years’ experience in the subject, as well as being the director of the Red Argentina de Ovnilogía.

La Plata, The Pioneer

“The first official case recorded in Argentina occurred in La Plata,” Ferguson told Hoy. It was in July 1947, shortly after the flying saucer boom in North America. “It was a simple sighting. But on the next day, another case occurred in Mar del Plata,” says the expert.

Reports from City Bell and the [capital] city appeared later on, but one of the most distinctive was the Tolosa incident. “It occurred on 26 November 1974 at 10:00 at night. A family began to experience trouble with their television sets, hearing a buzzing sound. When they stepped outside their home, they saw a UFO rising from the garden of the house next to their own. The object took off at high speed. Burn marks were found on the ground the next day, as well as dead birds. “This is impressive because there is an object that nearly touches the ground in a densely populated area, and the witnesses were several. All were interviewed. The house still stands.”

Extraterrestrial Argentina

There were 1470 UFO reports nationwide since 1947, of which some 150 display a high reliability score. “Generally, there is an 80% of confusion with meteorological phenomena,” Ferguson observes. But the in the remaining 20% the data becomes intriguing. “Out of this total, the vast majority are high altitude sightings without much weight. But there is a 15% of incidents in which physical effects were left, making the case interesting.” In this case, marks on the soil or electrical disturbances are counted, as well as photographs or radar evidence, among others. These are followed by a small percentage of “close encounters of the 3rd kind”, in which witnesses see a humanoid figure, and on scarce occasions there are “abduction” incidents. These are less reliable as they generally involve the testimony of a single individual.

Argentina is abundant in examples, but one particular case that struck the researcher was the 2007 Tres Arroyos incident. It all started when two police cruisers were alerted by residents of the community of Irene about the sighting of a strange object. When the first patrol car arrived, the officers came across a UFO. And as if this wasn’t enough, one of the police officers (surnamed Bracamonte, age 60) saw a humanoid figure. “The squad cars were died, and the officers suffered physical effects,” says Ferguson. In fact, Bracamonte complained of not having received enough psychological care following his experience.

Pilots and UFOs

We have 51 cases involving encounters between pilots and UFOs. The expert has just published “Pilotos y Ovnis en Argentina”. Out of these episodes the Bariloche Incident (31 July 1995) is among the most disquieting. The pilot described the UFO as a metallic craft measuring 30 meters in diameter that placed itself some 40 meters from the aircraft during its descent. At the same time, a blackout engulfed the city of Bariloche. “Pilot Jorge Polanco remained extraordinarily calm, and managed to get out of the situation.” The object turned, accelerated and went away. “They saw it make a right angle and vanish. There is no human aircraft able to make such maneuvers,” says Ferguson.

These phenomena are startling. If someone from another planet wants to contact us, why can they do so in a more straightforward manner? “No one can say for sure that a UFO comes from this place or that. What is clear is that sightings by pilots since the 1950s ratify what ordinary witnesses have been saying. The challenge consists in unraveling, once and for all, what this is, why it is coming here, and what are its intentions.”

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: Strange Light Formation in the Atlantic Ocean

Andrea Pérez Simondini at VISION OVNI has posted a photograph of a strange light formation (captured during the month of April, 2012) that has been explained away as "maneuvers by fishing boats trying to attract fish with lights". What makes it truly intriguing is that the light formation appears to exist in the "vile vortex" area described in Luis Burgos' The Punta Indio Aquatic Connection ( but this is what our friends at VISION OVNI have written on the matter:

"A NASA satellite detected a large and strange concentration of lights in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 300 km from the coast and along the southern edge of America, parallel to the Patagonian shoreline to be exact. The concentration lasted only a few days, leading to much speculation about its origin by the team of scientists monitoring the events, given the full awareness taht tehre was nothing in the area identified that could justify the lights, such as oil rigs.

"The agency tendered a possible explanation: a formation of fishing vessels, grouped in mid-ocean, with lights so powerful they could be seen from space. However, it is difficult to explain that their light emissions, as shown in the photo, exceed those of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, with a population of 137,000.

"The lights were seen using the Visible Infrared Image Radiometer Suite Suomi NPP satellite. According to NASA, night fishermen are after Ilex Argentinus, a short-finned squid. The squid is found hundreds of kilometers away from the shore near Tierra del Fuego."

Video link: (courtesy of Revista UFO, Brazil)

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Andrea & Silvia Pérez Simondini, VISION OVNI]

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Transition: Liliana Flotta

Transition: Liliana Flotta

The Argentinean UFO community is saddened by the passing of researcher Liliana Flotta on Saturday, November 2. INEXPLICATA readers came to know her through her sterling work in the research of the Orlando Ferraudi contactee experience( earlier works we had the pleasure of making known to English-reading audiences. She is survived by her husband Eduardo Grosso, who was also her companion in research. Our deepest sympathy to her friends and family.