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Venezuela: UFOs Shed No Light on Mysteries

Source: El Tiempo (Venezuela)
Date: 06.22.2014

UFOs Shed No Light on Mysteries
By Ragdeli Peraza Mobilio

***Research on unidentified flying objects is known to have commenced in the middle of World War 2. There is currently no irrefutable evidence for them ***
*** A direct relationship is incorrectly made between UFOs and aliens ***

She doesn't remember the date exactly, but believes the strange event to have occurred in late November 2009. Marjorie Buloz was in her apartment that evening around approximately 8:00 p.m., and the windows of one of her rooms in the Pascal District of Puerto La Cruz faces the El Maguey Lagoon. There had been a blackout and she saw something flying near the lagoon.

"What I saw was a large oval object suspended over the lagoon. It projected a very bright white light (...) the UFO began moving up and down, spinning on its own axis and executing many movements before remaining static. It then took off at an impressive speed, losing itself in the sky." Buloz, a 25-year-old journalist, saw what could be catalogued as an unidentified flying object, source of the acronym UFO. Its origin, however, may or may not be extraterrestrial, according to Buloz. "It could be human technology with or without extraterrestrial assistance. Who knows?"

Her sighting does not go unnoticed by others who tell similar stories while remaining anonymous.

According to research by volunteer members of the UFO Venezuela group, members of a family claimed having witnessed a strange event in October 2008 in the Puerto Nuevo District of Puerto La Cruz. Around 20 white lights appeared aligned in the sky, moving slowly, getting closer and separating, traveling in different directions.

Witnesses to the phenomenon say that the "craft" made turns but vanished quickly in a matter of seconds. According to the report, no one else in that community managed to see the nocturnal "spectacle" in the sky, or have otherwise not wanted to discuss it. Other isolated cases have occurred in the state of Anzoátegui with such common elements as brilliant lights, generally white in color, the movement of the flying objects and their swift, immediate disappearance.

Between the years 2008 and 2012, witnesses report having seen strange white lights or silvery objects flying over Cerro Venezuela, Lechería and also over the mountain located in the vicinity of the Universidad de Oriente's Anzoátegui Campus.

A direct relationship is incorrectly made between UFOs and aliens. They are, in fact, flying objects whose origin remains unknown. Some theories hold that the infamous flying saucers are extraterrestrial in origin, while other investigations state that many sighting reports are in fact military aircraft being tested in the sky.

UFO research has become widespread since the middle of World War II, mainly based on reports by pilots claiming to see strange flying entities that were not aircraft. Since then, a number of adepts of the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFOs have arisen, researching strange events on their own without finding any irrefutable evidence as of yet.

In February of this year, a group of astronomers held a series of lectures at the David Dunlop Observatory in Ontario, Canada to discuss the UFO phenomenon from a scientific perspective. Astronomers Ian Shelton and Tuba Koktay explained that unidentified flying objects do exist, but that there are many unanswered questions regarding extraterrestrial life. Koktay is an astronomer and researcher and Shelton teaches astronomy at the University of Toronto. Both have worked for the observatory. "We are learning something new every day. Fifteen years ago we weren't sure about the existence of planets outside our solar system. Now we've found over 1000." El Tiempo contacted the Centro de Investigaciones Astronomicas (CIDA) in the state of Merida to obtain a scientific opinion. However, interviews were refused since "they lacked personnel specialized in the subject."

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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The Paso Lovera CE-3: A High Strangeness Event

The Paso Lovera CE-3: A High Strangeness Event
By Pablo Omastott – Investigadores de Campo OVNI Unidos

Within the framework of encounters with unknown entities recorded within the Province of Corrientes, some of which have been investigated by Ufology as close encounters of the third kind, we find some which are of interest to the researcher without being directly related to the UFO phenomenon. This is the case with the Paso Lovera incident (San Luis del Palmar – Corrientes), an event with an elevated quotient of high strangeness and which would not be considered, in of itself, within the case histories of ufology, had it not been that the events occurred in an area that has been surveyed before and after the incident within the local case histories. We shall briefly explain this later on.

Toward the second half of January 2002, on a Sunday night, we were doing a radio show on the subject of UFOs with journalist Francisco Villagrán. We had been on air for two seasons at the time, and our broadcast enjoyed a measure of popularity. It was during the show that we received a call from photojournalist Omar Vallejos, who frequently remarked on new UFO events from the interior of the province. Within the customary accounts involving strange lights – very common near the Route 5 area – there was one that became the center of attention that evening.

“We have here some girls who had a creature appear before them…standing over three meters tall,” he told us. We exchanged startled looks at the station, as it was the first time we’d heard anything like it, at least in our area, even for Villagrán, who had several decades of experience in the subject under his belt. So the communication ended with two stunned researchers arranging a visit with our correspondent so we could learn more details about this one-of-a-kind event.

We adjusted details mid-week and set off the following Saturday toward San Luis del Palmar, some 25 kilometers distant from the city of Corrientes. The travelers included Eduardo Lopez, of the Federación Corrientina de Ovnilogia, Francisco Villagrán and this author, who at the time was also a member of the aforementioned group.

Our first stop was in the town of San Luis, where we collected Omar Vallejos and his wife, who would act as our contact with the female protagonists of the case. We took the road again, following a long dirt trail that eventually led us to the young ladies’ place of residence. Along a side-street of the trail we found a typical rural house surrounded with trees, where we first spoke with their father. After a brief introduction, we were finally able to speak to the witnesses.

Gabriela Lencinas, age 15 at the time, was the first witness we interviewed. She told us that every weekend it was their custom to visit the town some 8 kilometers distant from their farm. That Saturday, January 12, as they headed back around 20:00 hours, they were able to see – in their own words – how “something like a cloud formed in their path, and a gigantic image appeared.” Before this, they said, a car used as a taxicab had passed them, and it too had stopped upon seeing the phenomenon. When asked about what happened to the driver, she said: “We saw him get out, see it, then get back into his vehicle and take off quickly.”

At the time, the girls were a little more than 10 meters distant from the apparition, but even then Gabriela was unable to be more specific or provide details about the sighting. She only said that “its shape was visible.”

After this, the figure began to rise and vanish, and the car drove directly under it, after which the girls proceeded forward. When asked if it seemed like something solid or vaporous, and if they managed to see its features, she told us that it was “real”, highlighting that it had frizzy, “sharp” hair, and at the moment of its manifestation, the apparition seemed to approach them with open hands “as though trying to scare us.” They were little more than 2 kilometers from their home, and upon arriving, they told their parents what happened, and subsequently told friends who remarked about sightings of strange lights in the area.

Later – and always separately – we interviewed the second witness, Griselda Olivera, 19. She was much more consistent in her story and gave us much more interesting details. She said that as they came down the road, they saw something dark that swiftly turned into a figure resembling “a giant ape” with “unruly” hair. At that moment she asked her companion if she was seeing the same thing, to which she replied in the affirmative. She also mentioned the fact that the driver got out of his car to look at the figure before taking off in a hurry, after which they were able to see [the figure] turn into “black smoke rising into the air.” When asked about the being’s aspect, she coincided in the description of “longish, unruly hair” and “full of static”. However, she was unable to make out the presence of eyes or a nose. According to her, its arms were outstretched, and when asked about its hands and whether it wore any gloves, she replied that its fingers were visible, but not its feet, which she was unable to see. As to her feelings at the time, she was somewhat frightened, and when asked about the height of what she had seen, using a mango tree (5 meters tall) as reference, she replied in the negative, pointing instead to a eucalyptus tree standing 10 meters tall).

The girls were separately shown images of humanoid entities corresponding to various morphologies. Both pointed out the one commonly known as Type 3: tall, slender and with long hair. After the interview was over, we asked them to take us to where the events occurred, heading there for a brief analysis of the location and to take a few photographs, some of which are shown here.
While the facts reported herein have not occurred simultaneously with the UFO phenomenon in this small section of the Province of Corrientes, both the manifestations of lights and high-strangeness incidents such as entity sightings appear to take place with a certain parallelism or temporality.

Provincial Route No. 5, links the city of Corrientes with San Luis del Palmar and other towns of the interior. During this first phase of the journey, we collected reports from people who have seen everything from incandescent spheres (1 and 2) ) hanging on the side of the road and “flying fluorescent tubes” (3) to helmeted figures (4) and very tall figures leaping through the undergrowth, as was told to us during this same visit, where “field laborers of that property” had seen very tall figures moving “in leaps and bounds” several nights earlier.

The details gleaned from a survey of this case at the time, shortly after it occurred, do not allow us reach a thorough conclusion as to the type of phenomenon faced by these young women, and whether it is indirectly related to the presence of lights in the area. Furthermore, alternative analyses have been put forward, such as the one proposed by Scott Corrales and the holographic theory (5), which could explain the sudden apparition in part, but the fact is that this incident has added new veins that create even further questions on the true nature of the manifestations, which occur in this location recurrently at given periods of time.


(1) On the evening of August 21, 1997, a group of journalists traveling along Route 5 to the locality of San Luis del Palmar before the town’s religious festivities saw an “antenna light” in the distance before reaching the police check point (some 6-7 kilometers distant from the city). A little bit further along, they could see the light was beyond the police checkpoint by 100 meters and at a height of 20 meters, over what must have been a lagoon in the area. The light did not blink and remained static. However, upon returning in the early morning hours, the light was no longer there - Federación Correntina de Ovnilogía (1997): Case: Red Sphere. Corrientes, 21 August (unpublished).
(2) Eyewitness G. Acevedo, 35, a policeman, was in the back yard of his home in the Parque Cadenas neighborhood outside Corrientes , 500 meters from Route No. 5. At 21:35 hours he saw three luminous spheres forming a static triangle in the sky, which later took off at speed toward the NE and turned off – in his own words – like a TV set. López, Eduardo (2001) Case: Acevedo. Own research., Red Mensajero, Corrientes, 06 January (unpublished).
(3) At 06:30 a.m., witness J.C.R., a policeman, was in the back of a pickup truck with a colleague, driving along Route 5 toward Corrientes, when in the vicinity of Sapucay, his colleague was startled by an antenna light some 200 meters distant from the road. It suddenly turned into something resembling a fluorescent tube that accompanied them for the following 2 km before vanishing. López, Eduardo (2001) Case: Flying fluorescent tube. Own research., Red Mensajero, Corrientes, 29 May (unpublished).
(4) A renowned doctor at the San Juan Clinic of the city of Corrientes, who requested anonymity, told researcher Francisco Villagrán that toward 1982 or 1983 she was returning home at sunset, driving her car from San Luis del Plamar along Route 5, when she was able to see – at an unspecified point on the road, along the side of the road and in the wilderness – a towering, 2 meter tall figure that appeared to be dressed in an astronaut’s helmet and suit. This captured her attention, but what surprised her more so was that the being moved quickly some meters sideways, but not walking, but rather in a way suggestive of sliding in the air. Frightened by the unusual sighting, she sped away from the site. Villagrán, Francisco (1983) Case: Dra. G. I. Own research. Corrientes (unpublished).
(5) Analyzing the Paso Lovera case within the context of the numerous animals found in 2002 in Argentina with strange mutilation marks, Scott Corrales proposes in his article Holograms and High Strangeness, published in the U.S.A.’s Fate Magazine that the events surrounding the mutilations and sightings could have been related to the use of sophisticated holographic projectors.

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology with thanks to Pablo Omastott, Guillermo Gimenez and Investigadores de Campo Unidos]

UPDATE: Humanoid Presence in Necochea, Argentina

UPDATE: Humanoid Presence in Necochea, Argentina

Contributing editor Guillermo Giménez has sent us an update on the investigations surrounding the presence of an alleged humanoid in the beaches of Necochea: "We have located four (4) witnesses who have spoken of the strange presence of a humanoid-type being in Necochea on Tuesday, May 20, at approximately 22:15 hours. It appeared to float, had a normal stature and took long strides. It was seen from an apartment in the coastal area of the beach resort [readers are advised to remember that it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere - Ed.]. It moved along the beach, near the sea, before vanishing abruptly. It appeared to fade away, as parts of its body were vanishing. It should also be noted that it was a very cold night and there was no one on the shore. On Sunday, May 18, 2014, two (2) other people also reported seeing a strange, man-like figure heading to the sea from their vantage point in the balcony of an apartment facing the shore. The site was lit up at the very edge of the shore. After 22:00 hours on that odd, rainy night, whatever headed into the sea vanished like the white lights at its edge. It was neither a motorcycle nor a vehicle on the beach, since it was raining. The "being" vanished along with the lights upon reaching them."

The investigation is in progress - a full report will appear soon.

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Mexico: Unknown Object Captured on Camera

This just in from Ana Luisa Cid: "Video from May 3, 2014 (Cocoyoc, Morelos, Mexico) taken by Héctor Ramirez Villanueva. The witness states tha t a special sensation caused him to turn and look exactly at the sighting location. He has recorded UFOs on many occasions."

UPDATE: Analyst Leopoldo Zambrano Enriquez notes that this object is in fact "an airplane with its wings obscured, the shadows being an effect of distance and the angle of incidence of the light." The unknown object is in fact an IFO.

Video at: http://youtu.be/lVWzhXC1gFw

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The Pereyra Case: Humans or Humanoids?

Source: Planeta UFO and F.A.O. (Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia)
Date: 06.12.2014

The Pereyra Case: Humans or Humanoids?
By Luis Burgos

The following case occurred in a major year for Argentinean ufology, as was the 1965 flap. The coherence of the eyewitness report and the details of the event place it among the classic cases of close encounters of the third kind (CE3K) to the extent that Pereyra insists to this day that he came across "a Russian" on that occasion.

Years ago, Ing. José Marengo, deceased, told me that this case had been among the most impressive of all his investigations. At the time, Marengo was an advisor to ONIFE, the institute led by Fabio Zerpa, and in later years I had the pleasure of including him in my group and in my field research. In 1999, Paco Martinez, a researcher with the CEFU-Hemisferios group, based in Buenos Aires, told me that he was able to gain access to Pereyra, and despite the 34 year span separating him from the case, was able to retell the entire experience in detail. Something similar occurred with Daniel Lopez of our FAO organization when he interviewed Maria Elodia Pretzel in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, regarding a "visit" by a strange entity in 1968.

The case took place in Monte de los Curas, where a monastery stood many years ago. It is located in Villa La Florida, locality of San Francisco Solano, 18 kilometers from Capital Federal. In order to get there, it is necessary to cross a stream that runs under the General Belgrano railroad lines. We can already see the three "standards of behavior" or "poles of attraction": wilderness, water and train tracks.

The witness, Ramón E. Pereyra, 38 years old at the time, enjoyed a good reputation in the area. A hard-working businessman all of his life, married with two children and above all, a reliable man when it came to a such a significant story as this, which contains no traces of sensationalism or promotional goals. At no time was the word "extraterrestrial" mentioned. According to Pereyra, he had come across "a Russian" that day.

At 8:30 a.m., 20 July 1965: the day had turned out to be overcast and with drizzle. The witness made his rounds delivering milk and bread, as was his custom. Suddenly, he saw "a sort of luminous parachute" fall from the sky. He got out of the delivery vehicle, walked some 500 meters (1600 feet), crossed the stream and reached Monte de los Curas. He then realized that what he saw descending from the sky was not a parachute.

A being - dressed in a grey, hooded coverall - was seated within an oval-shaped object with a transparent dome, its back turned to Pereyra. However, 30 meters (100 feet) into the woods, stood another being, dressed in the same manner but with the hood removed, allowing him to see its face clearly.

The entity, standing between 1.75 and 1.80 meters tall, had binoculars hanging around its neck and a holster on its right leg. [Pereyra] was also able to make out a belt with a silver buckle and boots made out "what looked like leather." With short, blond, backswept hair, the entity looked like an average person, perhaps a foreign one.

As occurs in 90% of CE-3s, the attitude of indifference toward witnesses or sudden flight occurred again. The occupant standing outside the UFO was looking skyward with a piece of paper in its hand, becoming aware of Pereyra's presence, walked hurriedly back to the object, crossing the human's path. Pereyra asked the visitor "if he needed anything", as he thought the device was a small aircraft.

The being did not reply, placing a hand on the vessel's dome, which lifted up, allowing the stranger to sit down and then closing behind him. There was a slight sound, similar to that of autogenous welding, coming out of the exhausts and the UFO rose vertically, halting 30 meters over the treetops before talking off at high speed "like an elongated light..."
Several days would go by before Pereyra told his story to anyone.

The basic points arise from the details of the case itself. The first lies in the "mission" of the UFO and its occupants. Without a doubt, the skyward glance at the sky by the standing entity, paper and binoculars in its hand, while his companion "waited" aboard the craft, suggest that something was going to fly overhead - something that was unquestionably the ufonauts' goal. Another one of their vehicles? Perhaps a mothership? Or an urgent place to hide? Everything indicates that we are not witnessing a "spontaneous repair" as occurs in other cases.
The second associates the humanoid landing with the old monastery that stood in the vicinity long ago, upholding the validity of the interest displayed by these intelligences in places where abbeys, convents, churches, religious orders, etc. are located.

The final major hypothesis would have been the worldwide commotion that would have occurred if -- instead of Ramón Pereyra, a man of passive demeanor -- Eugenio Douglas had occupied his place. In 1963, Douglas took out a gun to "defend" himself against the humanoids in Monte Maíz, Córdoba...or the three policemen (or soldiers?) who opened machine gun fire against the entities of Arroyo Tapalqué, Buenos Aires, in 1968...or just someone opening fire against the characters with a gun. Would it have been another Roswell? Another Varghina? Or a street brawl between earthlings and aliens with an unpredictable outcome? More and more questions about a case that was exceptional for its time.

[Translation (c) 2014, Scott Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Luis Burgos, FAO]

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Mexico: Strange Object in the Vicinity of the Popocatepetl Volcano

Source: Diario 26 (Argentina) and Planeta UFO
Date: 06.11.2014

Mexico: Strange Object in the Vicinity of the Popocatepetl Volcano

Users of Twitter reported having seen a UFO in the vicinity of Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano on Monday morning. In recent days, the government of that country has reported an increase in the stratovolcano's activity, recording up to 430 emanations in 24 hours with outbursts of incandescent material.

Following a photograph of volcanic activity this morning by @webcamsdemexico, taken from the popular SkyAlert, Twitter users higlighted the presence of an unusual dark spot in the images.

The video displays the strange phenomenon over the volcano.

VIDEO AT: http://youtu.be/jraHYQNofik

{Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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Chile: Unidentified Light Videotaped Over La Serena

Source: El Observador (Chile)
Date: 05.31.2014

Chile: Unidentified Light Videotaped Over La Serena

Everyone knows that the region has a record of unidentified flying object manifestations in different locations, particularly the local valleys. However, the UFO captured on video by local youths was recorded from La Serena's Avenida del Mar.

It is possible to see a small yellow light maneuvering in the sky in these images, moving in different directions in a matter of seconds. During nearly three minutes of recording, the youths exchange opinions about the phenomenon that has appeared before their eyes.

[Three or four boys express admiration - in colorful and profane language - at the beginning of the video. At one point (1:18) one voice remarks that the light "has landed on an empty lot on the beach". It can then be seen rising up into the air again - SC]

To see the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Jd_KtRYMAU

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and El Observador]