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Mexico: A Solar Halo in Mexico...with UFOs?

Mexico: A Solar Halo in Mexico...with UFOs? May 21, 2015

Contributing editor Ana Luisa Cid has sent us a link to her latest video on YouTube, a collaboration with Captain Antonio Herce, an airline pilot. The sequence of photos is followed by a video of the solar halo by Rodney Steve, a Swedish singer-songwriter currently residing in Mexico. A group of spheres - gyrating like a merry-go-round can be seen in this cellphone video. The objects subsequently take off at high speed.

See the video at:

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In the Shadow of the Shapeshifters

In the Shadow of the Shapeshifters
By Scott Corrales © 2015

“Myths are, in fact...neither primitive nor untrue,” writes the Rev. Stephen Furrer. “They are, rather, a kind of poetry that helps us make sense of the world and our place in it.” A charming thought if we are dealing with the myths that give us undines and fairies, sylphs and other creatures of a benign or positive disposition. Most of our myths, however, are cast in a different mold: giant hairy creatures, sea and lake serpents, and more disturbing: humans who become monsters, whether as the result of a curse, as was often seen in Greek legends, or warriors of the Norse tradition turning into bears and other powerful creatures.

The oldest and most popular of these transformations is without a doubt lycanthropy, the state in which a human turns into a wolf by art or chance. Entire library shelves can be filled with testimonies, means of execution, and remedies for such a condition, as well as endless means by which to identify a human under such an animal guise. While generally assumed to be a Nordic tradition, lycanthropy was greatly feared among the Romans and their Mediterranean neighbors, who dubbed such individuals versipellis--literally, "skin-changers"--out of the belief that they wore their hairy wolf skins on the inside of the body, changing themselves inside out to go on their nocturnal forays. Titus Petronius Arbiter, author of the Satyricon, mentions in this book a character who turns into a wolf as soon as he removes his clothing. As in all shapeshifting legends, the character receives a knife wound while in wolf-shape, that translates into a similar wound upon his body when reverting to human form. The very term "lycanthropy" can be traced to the Greek cult of Zeus Lycaeus, whose worshippers wore wolf-masks during their rituals.

While European cultures lived in fear of these amazing transformations, the Eastern cultures were equally frightened by metamorphoses into other animal shapes. Werefoxes and werevixens play a prominent role in Chinese and Japanese legends with the common motif of a fox taking on the guise of a human female in order to marry a human. Upon her death, all that remains is the carcass of a fox. India is rife with tales of raksashas and tiger-men, just as Africa teems with were-leopards, were-hyenas and other man-beasts.

On the other side of the world, at the bottom of the Americas, the Selk’nam culture of Tierra del Fuego had a very elaborate form of magical thought. Tribal sorcerers were responsible for an initiation ceremony that included men dressed in costumes resembling the Shoort – underworld entities able of appearing in their midst as animals. Researchers who were able to witness the “hain”, name given to this sacred tradition, also noted that participants assumed clearly animal behavior, to the extent that “it becomes difficult to recognize a shred of humanity in them.” So deep was this possession or identification with the channeled animal force that the human could remain in this state for an unspecified period of time.

Northern Argentina also had its share of these beliefs. The Jaguar Lords of the valley of Ambato in Catamarca dominated their region for several centuries, following a belief centered on Uturunco, the great jaguar, a manifestation of the sun-god Punchao. Consumption of hallucinogens enabled them to achieve heightened states of awareness that enabled communion with the divine feline. Centuries later, is not uncommon to find rural beliefs in this part of the country which hold that witch doctors can readily assume the form of a power animal. An unexpected howl in the night might lead some to whisper among themselves: “salió de perro” – he went out as a dog – and the veracity of such a metamorphosis is unquestioned.

Argentinean researcher Christian Quintero had the following to say to me in an exchange of letters: “We shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that these beliefs represent some sort of cultural backwardness, as our parameters cannot be used to measure their social reality. A few years ago – in the early 1990 – a sociologist from the University of Berlin decided to conduct a study on the life of the mariscadores of Iberá in the province of Corrientes. For this purpose, she spent a number of months with one of these families in the middle of the coastal wetlands. This woman, extremely learned and with considerable scientific background, claimed having witnessed a man transforming into a “lobizón”. Despite the mockery of her colleagues, she never retracted her statement. The question, however, is whether this woman actually see the transformation, or was she influenced by the savage and mysterious landscape to the point where her perception of reality was altered? Or should we perhaps consider the possibility that the proper environment can generate the necessary conditions to bring about an alternate reality, which is otherwise inaccessible to us?”

Algonquin legend traces this uncanny skill to the days "when animals and men were one"; the Inuit of the Arctic Circle retell the legend of the bachelor who returned to his hut only to find a woman tending the fire, and marrying her, only to learn that she is a shapeshifter; one of Mexico's most powerful legends from pre-Conquest times, that of La Llorona, "The Weeping One", a spectral figure that emits banshee-like wails in the night, is held to have been a woman endowed with the power of nagualismo who devoured her two children while in a bestial state, doomed to mourn her loss forever.
The study of shapeshifting has been relegated to anthropologists and sociologists, who explain the phenomenon away as memories of tribal totemic rituals, archetypal fears, the use of hallucinogens in cultic activity, and autosuggestion. These explanations, while convincing and, in some cases, even satisfying, do not take into account cases which have occurred in recent history.

Egyptian author Rollo Ahmed, whose The Black Art was among the very first modern books on the subject of black magic, mentions that his wife, during a visit to German village in her childhood, was warned by local girls about a young washerwoman who was suspected of being a werewolf. When bringing laundry back to the house, the washerwoman tried to ingratiate herself with the children, who were repelled by "her glassy eyes, cruel mouth, and abnormally long fingernails, in spite of her profession."

The author adds that the community appeared to shun her instinctively. In 1930, a farmer from the French village of Bourg-la-Reine, known as a sorcerer to his frightened neighbors, was widely accused of taking on the shape of a wolf at night. After his death, a search of his farmhouse revealed all the paraphernalia associated with black magic. In the mid-1940's a Navaho Indian reservation was alarmed by rumors of a werewolf attacking herds of sheep, despoiling graves, and killing and eating women.

Also in the 1940's, a woman in Havana, Cuba who suspected her husband of marital infidelity on account of his secretive behavior followed him in secret to a desolate point far beyond the city limits. To her surprise and horror, the man took a running leap forward and changed into a four-legged, panther-like creature before disappearing into the tall tropical grasses. She later discovered that her husband was a high priest in a secret magic sect.

Haiti's secret black magic societies allegedly carry shapeshifting one step further by having the ability to change their hapless victims into animals, preferably beasts on the way to the slaughterhouse. It is often said among the operators of these places that many human beings have been slain under such conditions. A slaughterhouse in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince allegedly took precautions by administering injections to all cattle. Allegedly, one such "changed" beast cried out: "Now I am here, I remember my children!"

Can it be that shapeshifters are not human at all, but rather another form of intelligent life capable of imitating not only humans, but animals as well? This theory of "mimics", proposed by renowned UFO and Fortean researcher John A. Keel, postulated that just as there are creatures in nature that mimic other species of animals, there may be creatures that mimic human life. This theory could be extended to account for bizarre sightings in which the witness or witnesses are uncertain if what they have seen is an animal or a human being.

Maryland-based researcher Mark Opsasnick has collected a number of such sightings which span the history of that state from the 1900's onward. The bulk of these sightings center around "half man/half..." creatures, whose other half has been described as feline, ape-like, goat-like, and in some cases utterly beyond description. Could these be considered cases of "imperfect" shapeshifting? More to the point, could the ease of travel exhibited by big hairy monsters and other creatures, who move unnoticed through the highly populated areas in which sightings often occur, be a result of their shapeshifting into an unremarkable form, human or otherwise? Author Brad Steiger points out a case in which a shocked witness looked out of his patio door to see an enormous vulpine figure drinking out of his swimming pool, with the remains of a pair of pants around one of its legs. Items of clothing were reported by witnesses in three distinct cases from different parts of the country involving Bigfoot-like creatures: checkered jackets and frayed trousers, many sizes too small for the dimensions of the beings involved. Are we dealing with humans who, like TV's The Incredible Hulk, are caught in mid-metamorphosis with shirts and pants that won't stretch? This jocose notion aside, it must be observed that Bigfoot and his kin are not the only ones who have been spotted in human haberdashery. In 1972, a Californian hiking around mysterious Mt. Shasta claimed to have seen a "reptile man" wearing a shirt and trousers making its way up the slopes.

Another interesting possibility arises in this discussion: could the animal shapes reported as naguales, skinwalkers or other metamorphs be "tulpas" - images created by a concentration of thought, having limited volition but enough to be sent on tasks by its creator? Alexandra David Neel, the indefatigable 19th century traveler, made western audiences aware of the Tibetan "tulpas" and how Himalayan monks brought them into being. These creations often assume the shape of their creators, being the easiest image to manifest. More complex creations can even be touched and their movements heard by others.

Neel attempted to create her own "tulpa" and discovered what many adepts have found: once brought into being, they are hard to undo, unless certain "programming elements" - for want of a better word - have been created for the copy's reabsorption into the original.

A South American mystic created a fierce, gigantic dog-tulpa to help him with his duties on a remote farm. The creature was terrible to any intruder, but loyal to its creator, and would appear from sundown to sunrise. The imaginary hound had other plans: it denied the farm's foreman access to the site, and the tulpa's creator had to send it away to a barn, where the imaginary hound chased flesh-and-blood dogs away in terror. Soon it began to disobey, trapping farm workers in their barracks, its glistening fangs leaving no doubt as to its intentions. The mystic decided to undo his creations before returning to Brazil, but was in for a further, more physical shock: he had not taken into consideration the amount of energy he would be reabsorbing into his body, and the shock was akin to a blast of electricity. While he emerged otherwise unscathed, he admitted to experiencing slight convulsions for many days after the event.

A story appeared in the November 2, 2013 edition of Mexico's El Universal de Veracruz suggesting that popular belief in naguales remains as strong as ever. Don Gilberto (no surname given), a grave digger at the Panteón Jardín Cemetery in Veracruz, had a chilling experience while performing maintenance chores at a plot known as "the accursed tomb", where he allegedly saw a nagual. A large yellow cat, he said, appeared a few feet away from the tomb, making strange noises and glaring at him with glowing eyes. Fearful of an attack, the laborer tried to chase it away, pursuing it into the treeline. "When a feline sees you in the wild, it takes off running, but when I saw that thing, I chased it. I was in hot pursuit when it disappeared before my eyes."

Odds are the four-legged visitor to the Panteón Jardín was a wise old feral cat, but Gilberto and his co-workers were adamant. "It was a strong animal. My friend believes it wasn't a cat, but a nagual."

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Spain: The Springtime Siege of Malaga (1974)

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 05.10.2015

Spain: The Springtime Siege of Malaga (1974)

On March 29, 1974, SUR offered a worldwide exclusive when it photographed a fleet of UFOS for the first time ever. The photographs were disseminated worldwide and television networks from many countries headed for Malaga. Salvador Salas Andrade and Fernando Gonzalez Perez were the ones who secured the snapshots that shook public opinion.

On March 29, 1974, SUR presented a worldwide exclusive that shook public opinion both in Spain and worldwide. A series of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) had been photographed for the first time ever and after a three hour wait in the Ciudad Jardin area of the city by Salvador Salas Andrade and Fernando Gonzalez Perez, reporters for this paper. The news had unprecedented international repercussions as never before in the history of the Malaga press. The SUR newsroom, located at the time in Alameda de Colon, was visited by television crews from such countries as France, Germany, Portugal and Italy, as well as correspondents from U.S. networks and of course, Television Espanola, presenting comprehensive reports and special programs featuring interviews with eyewitnesses to the phenomena that kept citizens of Malaga awake for several nights, as well as this paper's photographers. The impact was also reflected as an exceptional print run of SUR, which ran out only a few hours after it hit the streets, amid unheard-of expectation. News writers who were protagonists of Malaga's contemporary journalistic scene, such as Joaquin Marin and the late Julian Sesmero, very young at the time, were responsible for reporting the story that went around the world. Malaga besieged by UFOS? The question, which may seem humorous today, was an important one in an age where the subject of UFOs and "flying saucers" were a very serious and urgent matter, occupying both television and radio space along with many pages of newsprint. Well-known experts in ufology, as we shall see in this commemorative report, met in Malaga to study what was a unique phenomenon as well as a tremendous journalistic success. Today, 52 years later, many citizens of Malaga recall how the city streets, particularly in the Ciudad Jardin district, were filled by thousands of curiosity seekers night after night, hoping for new sightings and "contact" experiences with "creatures from beyond."

On March 27, 1974, SUR published this information in an article by Joaquin Marin, interviewing residents of Ciudad Jardin who claimed having seen a UFO in the skies over Malaga. The story bore the headline "a UFO over Ciudad Jardin" accompanied by a subtitle presenting an eyewitness statement: "It was like a large shining disk from which another emerged." The body of the article presented the event thus:

"It was around eleven o'clock in the morning. We were at the Ciudad Jardin football pitch, enjoying a match between the Felix Saenz and Gallo Rojo teams. I suddenly saw an object in the sky, near the horizon. At first I paid it no importance and kept watching the game. A few minutes later, I looked again and that "thing" remained there, shining, like a disk, and with a sort of smoke around it. All of a sudden, another smaller disk broke away from it, approximately ten per cent smaller. I told Jose Garcia Olea about it. He was also able to see it, as did Jose Luis Moreno and Antonio Martin.

I'm speaking with Don Juan Manuel Rey Bautista, and this has taken some effort, as he was unwilling to discuss the subject, at first, and much less be photographed. "You know what it's like...I'm sure of what I saw, as are my companions, whose attention I directed [to the sighting]. But then people start saying this and that."

"Something else I'm sure about," says Jose Garcia Olea," is that it wasn't a plane or anything like it. I could see it for half a minute, approximately. It vanished after a while, but without moving. That is, it became invisible. it was like a disk, not completely round, with a strong reddish glow, on the horizon, above the hills."

The sighting occurred on Sunday the 17th. The reason that we have not learned of this until today stems from our protagonists' unwillingness to step forward.

Messrs. Rey and Garcia Olea work at department stores in our city's downtown area. They went to watch their store's football team, as they do whenever it plays on a Sunday. "It's a shame that we didn't have the camera we usually have on us to watch part of the game. We could've taken a photo, as it was a very clear day."

I asked Mr. Rey: "Have you told many people about what you saw? What was their reaction?"

"Only what we told our co-workers. Some took it seriously and others in jest, as is always the case. Although the fact that four of us saw it has bolstered our story."

"When you used to hear people talking about UFOs, how did you take it?"

"Truly, I've never taken the subject lightly. It's a subject that interests me and I've read several books about it. ¿What makes us think we're the only ones in the Universe?"

UFOs are a matter of current interest. A subject that causes passion and interest, and of which not much is known as of yet. But every so often, the news arises: someone has seen a UFO. This time it's been in Malaga. Four people have seen it. And their stories agree..."

The next day - Thursday, March 28 - SUR printed a sharp photograph of a strange object shining in the night sky on its front page. 'Alien Beings?' asked a headline which read, in uppercase, 'AN OUTSTANDING DOCUMENT'

The text on the first page read thus:

"Our newsroom received last night, for the second time, news concerning the strange luminous phenomena seen over the skies of Malaga. A totally dark sky, devoid of stars. Due to the insistence of phone calls coming in from the Ciudad Jardin district, our photographer headed out to secure this visual document which we do not hesitate to describe as outstanding. The photo was taken with a Nikon camera and a 25 cm zoom lens, without a tripod and using Tri-X film. The object was fixed in the distance. Notice to unbelievers: the negative is available at our newsroom to anyone wishing to see it, Alameda de Colon 2. The photo was taken by Salas (details on Page 15)."

On Page 15, Julián Sesmero said the following:

"We have already offered our readers an interview with Juan Manuel Rey Bautista and Jose Garcia Otero, the gentlemen who saw a strange object over Ciudad Jardin on Sunday the 17th of this month in the company of other friends. An object which, furthermore, stopped abruptly in space and remained suspended for minutes before moving again. UFOs? the interview was conducted with great restraint, both on the part of our informants as well as the journalistic treatment we gave this information."

SOS: More UFOs

Last night, at ten fourteen, there was a call to our newsroom. It was a very alarmed young woman. She said something along these lines: "Listen, we've been watching a strange flying object in the sky for over 20 minutes. It's very large and bright. It shoots lights and is moving from side to another, very slowly."

We asked where she was.

"I'm with some friends in Ciudad Jardin, near Instituto Sierra Bermeja. This is no joke. There are several of us together and we're all watching the strange object. Antonio Barceló, the reporter from Radio Peninsular, is here with us."

Ten minutes later we were at the greyhound racetrack. Minutes of impatient waiting. We spoke to some kids who hadn't seen or observed anything unusual. We got in the car and went back to Cristo Rey Street. Another stop. Suddenly toward the north east, a very pale, purplish luminous form appeared at a considerable distance. It was like a brief gaseous mass that moved very slowly. We couldn't see it very long because it vanished gradually. We headed back to the greyhound track looking for the darkest area of CIudad Jardin in order to better see the object hidden from our glances. At the time there were many boys watching the skies; several adults in some balconies and windows. The sky was completely dark. The clouds would not allow the least trace of light to come through. We watched the sky for another twenty minutes. Nothing. Fifteen minutes later, we saw a bluish purple light hovering over the hills. It hid itself away, only to reappear. It vanished minutes later. At midnight, after a lengthy wait throughout the area, we returned to the newspaper. Salas took several photos with his zoom lens. A UFO? Whatever it was, we can assure you that we have reported things as we saw them, without any fantasy or contagion from anyone else."

This then, was the information received on Thursday the 28th, before the great news "bombshell", as it was last night when Fernando and Bori took the extraordinary photos. Given the technological hindrances of the time and the slow process of putting the paper together, they were saved like for the Friday, March 29, 1974 edition.

SUR's Great Exclusive

Because that's when the "bombshell" went off, that day, when the first page of SUR was devoted to some exceptional UFO photos that appeared to fly in perfect formation. Beneath two full-page photos, the headlines read: A WORLD EXCLUSIVE - PHOTOS OF UFO FORMATION with the following lead:

"The visual material published by SUR yesterday, which is being confirmed by many people in our city, has caused an exceptional reaction throughout Spain. There were calls to our newsroom the entire day. More information was requested on the subject from all parts of the country. Other national papers wanted photos of the UFO at all costs, and even foreign publications were interesting in securing them. Television Espanola has also shown its interest and has reported on this genuine worldwide exclusive. Yesterday, we presented photographs that showed a UFO perfectly. The time at which they were taken - around midnight - kept us from seeing the importance of the negative immediately, as we wanted to bring the photo to our readers as soon as possible at a time when the printing plates must be created as soon as possible. But yesterday morning, with more time, it was possible to see something completely unusual and extraordinary in the negatives: the union or separation - we are not sure which - of two new UFOs, as shown in the photographs. The upper one shows the distance at which the two smaller objects were from the larger one. The next four photos show close-ups of each phenomenon. The SUR newspaper validates all that has been set forth and unhesitatingly declares that no trickery has been involved. The negatives remain at the disposal of the most demanding analyst, if challenged to present them. Above all, SUR respects its readers. Seriousness has been our foremost characteristic, and our newspaper has never needed hoaxed photographs or sensationalist stories to boost its sales." This was the lead that accompanied two truly startling photos, appearing on the front page. Information on the event began on SUR's front page, reading thus:

"The can be no doubt that the visual information that appeared yesterday in our paper must be qualified in such a way, and today it acquires a sensational level. New strange objects are visible in the photo negative obtained by Salas. They resemble small disks, located at the side of the oval-shaped one, which we published in two different photos in our preceding number, at an unspecified distance. What does this suggest? Are they indeed flying saucers? Of course, the notion that the object presented yesterday is a weather balloon must be discarded due to the appearance of these two disks which constitute, apparently, a small fleet of UFOS. It is therefore not possible for the object photographed by Salas to be a weather balloon or anything similar, unless such object, launched frequently by weather stations, are in the habit of having offspring."

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Pedro Luis Gómez - Diario Sur and Guillermo Giménez - Planeta UFO]

Mexico: Maussán’s Alleged “Alien Truth” is Refuted

Source: Planeta UFO &
Date: 05.12.2013

Mexico: Maussán’s Alleged “Alien Truth” is Refuted

MEXICO – Less than a week after having gathered seven thousand followers at the National Auditorium, a renowned British physician has refuted Jaime Maussán, ascertaining the provenance of one of his main items of evidence adduced during the event: the “alien” photograph was pure theater.
The host of the Tercer Milenio television show affirmed that the corpse corresponded to one of the alleged aliens that crashed in Roswell, U.S.A. in 1947.

Pure Theater

British daily The Mirror published an article refuting the UFO researcher, stating that the image presented on May 5th was the photograph of a mummified native child from the southwestern United States. The fact had been classified by leading researchers as a “smoking gun” regarding the fact that “aliens” had reached Earth.

Tony Braglia, one of the “leading researchers” who analyzed the body, admitted that “a serious error of identification” had occurred, and apologized to the Native American community: “I must offer my sincere and deep apologies to the Native American Community of the Southwestern United Statas. One of their children, a child who died a century ago, was turned into a spectacle. Whoever he was, he deserved great respect and dignity,” he remarked.

He added that a series of “extraordinary coincidences” were involved in this case.

According to The Mirror, Maussán said the affair is “far from over”. When asked whether the “alien” was a dead child, he replied: “This may be true. But there are too many anomalies pointing toward the unlikely chance of its being human.”

The Event

Jaime Maussán, UFO researcher and journalist, was accompanied by U.S. and Canadian experts on the subject.

At 7:30 p.m. on the dot, attendees listened to the conversation directed by Maussán, who summoned each of his guests one by one to substantiate his cosmic spectacle, called Be Witness: The Change of History. Accompanied by experts James J. Hurtak, Paul T. Hellyer, Thomas J. Carey, Donald R. Schmitt, Edgar Mitchell and doctors José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, Luis Antonio De Alba and Richard Dolan, they gradually wove the elements of the extraterrestrial phenomenon since 1945 and their connection to the Roswell incident in the New Mexico desert, where a crashed UFO was discovered.

“This will be a historic night, awaited by so many of us, and we have the evidence to influence popular opinion regarding the extraterrestrial phenomenon. There are thousands and millions of galaxies, and we continue to believe that we are the only ones and the most intelligent, but this is not so,” said the host.

The researcher of this phenomenon said the key to the paradigm shift is found in two slides, showing two extraterrestrials.
And no one does anything…

“They are proof of extraordinary life, and the dream of flying among the stars will soon be achieved. We are not holding this meeting for money or fame, but to share knowledge for the betterment of mankind,” he remarked.

Jaime Maussán’s studies and statements, presented last Tuesday night, in regard to the evidence of two slides showing extraterrestrial images were backed by the invited experts. Up to now, no one was demanded to have their money refunded.


[Translation © 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Argentina: Residents of Bahía Blanca and Córdoba Witnessed UFOs in Flight

Source: Planeta UFO and
Date: May 7 2015

Argentina: Residents of Bahía Blanca and Córdoba Witnessed UFOs in Flight

The unidentified flying objects were recorded by two men last Sunday and Monday. The videos can be seen on Youtube.

With barely 24 hours difference between them, but separated by a distance of over 800 kilometers, residents of the cities of Córdoba and Bahía Blanca claimed haing seen and recorded unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs.

In both cases, the recordings, which were made between last Sunday and Monday, show luminous objects moving in an atypical manner.

The objects - which have a neighbor's banana tree as a point of reference and the restless barking of Teddy the dog in the background, were taken in the Puerredón district by Jorge David Lazarte, who uploaded the recording to YouTube. The video shows a shining object that appears to split into three spheres, subsequently vanishing in seconds of what could be an explosion. The other video, also uploaded to YouTube, was taken by Alejandro Suárez from Bahía Blanca during the afternoon-evening of last Monday. Ti is a brilliant object that appears in the skies of this major city in Buenos Aires, from south to west.

According to UFO researcher Luis Burgos, the object "has the typical movement of a UFO" in statements made to the La Brujula 24 website.

Link to the Córdoba Video:

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Chile: UFO Expert Explains Strange Events Following Natural Disasters

Source: and Planeta UFO
Date: April 28, 2015

Chile: UFO Expert Explains Strange Events Following Natural Disasters

There is a government agency in Chile in which Air Force officers play a role, exclusively devoted to verifying and stating whether certain strange phenomena recorded in the skies are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or not. It is called CEFAA (Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos). An advisor to this organization, Major Rodrigo Bravo, granted an exclusive to Publimetro to dispel some doubts regarding the situation that occurred during the eruption of the Calbuco Volcano, where people saw a luminous object that supposedly could not be explained.

"We must part from a very simple assumption: whenever natural phenomena occur, people see an anomalous situation in the sky, lights or a star moving oddly, and it is immediately associated with UFOS," states Major Bravo. "In fact, when this occurs, we can speak of UFOs, as strictly speaking the definition of this acronym is Unidentified Flying Object. However, in these times the word has become so devalued that whenever we speak of a UFO, people associate it with some kind of extraterrestrial life."

In this regard, the major says that this notion is error and "has brought great harm to the term." In fact, he says that when an object cannot be identified and is declared to be a UFO, this does not imply that "we are speaking about some sort of intelligent life from beyond our planet. All we are saying is that it is an object that cannot be identified. That is all."

The specialist adds: "There are many people who say extraterrestrial beings are behind every natural disaster. During the eruption of the Villarica Volcano, they said a UFO had appeared. The same occurred with the Norte disaster. Many people claimed seeing extraterrestrials emerging from the Calbuco region during the 2010 earthquake. There is considerable disinformation about this."

Therefore, he explains that one of his functions is to deny all of this. "We are clear that this will always occur. But I want to make it clear that whenever UFOs are mentioned, you should not picture extraterrestrials. This is harmful and only results in disinformation," says the major.

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Jaime Liencura M. (Publimetro) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)]