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Spain: Eyewitness Accounts of Sightings in Castille and León

Source: El Norte de Castilla (newspaper-Spain)
Date: 09.25.2015

Spain: Eyewitness Accounts of Sightings in Castille and León

El Norte de Castilla and other newspapers have carried in their pages some of the unexplained phenomena that have occurred in the community.


To speak of UFOs is highly complex from the prism of a serious means of communication, whose work is based on physical evidence and eyewitness statements, and both lacking in the texts discussing such phenomena, where accusations of madness, hoaxing or confabulation are on the tips of the readers’ tongues.

But taking a softer approach to the phenomenon, it isn’t necessarily about aliens visiting naïve humans, or stories of celestial emissaries. A UFO is merely an unidentified flying object to the onlooker. It could be of military origin, a natural phenomenon, an aerial artifact or an atmospheric observation balloon that gives rise to error. Beyond sightings of this kind, which can be explained, there is a small group whose provenance is unknown. There are a few of this kind in Castille and León.

Aside from one that is probably the best-known (which occurred on 16 September 1965) there are other cases which, in recent years, have peppered the pages of El Norte de Castilla and other newspapers.

A segment of the “Radamantis” video program, created by El Norte, tells of the encounter which took place in Matapozuelos in 1974. During this event, several 12-year-old boys claimed having seen some red lights around eleven o’clock at night, flying over the town at low altitude. One of the boys, identified as Fidel, found a 10-meter wide flying saucer behind a wall which reflected the lights.

Behind the object were three silhouettes of a whitish cast. According to the witness, he engaged in “telepathic communication” with the three beings. Fidel asked them about their origin, and they told him something that sounded like “Sim or Simi” to the boy.

In November 2000, a UFO conference was held in Tordesillas by Nacho Ares with the participation of expert Iker Jimenez, among others. At the bottom of the page, beside the information that concentrated mainly on the 1965 case, there is an unequivocal statement by poet Alan Pipo: “I saw an extraterrestrial with antennae in 1975.” In the small text that accompanied the eye-catching headline, journalist Elena García de Castro states that the extraordinary event took place in the month of May, near the town of Renedo. Pipo describes what he encountered: “It was a being standing between 1.85 or 1.90 tall, bulky, leaden-grey in color. It walked for a few meters without putting its feet on the ground, and then it vanished.”

In 1976, specifically on 3 September, El Diario de Castilla newspaper – in its Segovia edition – reported a sighting of an unidentified flying object by four college students on the road linking Segovia proper and Madrona, close to this latter community. The phenomenon was witnessed days later by some of other townspeople and according to Amelia Ayuso, one of the witnesses, it was “a deflated balloon, orange in color, with an opaque light that did not harm the eyes or gave off flashes. I can’t describe its outline. It was undefined. It was less than one meter. At a given moment, the object made a right angle in the air and descended toward our Seat 600 at breakneck speed.”

There are those who come across these unexplained phenomena, and there are others who go out to find them. This is the case of the so-called ‘UFO Skywatches’ – that is, gatherings at which casual fans and students of the subject devote the entire night to looking at the sky and learning more about the phenomenon during such events. For example, during the Primer Encuentro OVNI (First UFO Encounter) held in Villabáñez in July 2003, in spite of there not having been any sightings, there were accounts by some people who claimed having had such experiences.

Miguel Asensio, the event’s organizer, claimed in the pages of the next day’s paper that he had firsthand experience with unexplained phenomena. “On several occasions I’ve seen lights that left a vast wake of light. I’m not sure if they were UFOs, but it was clear that they were neither cars nor airplanes. They were very strange lights.” Likewise, researcher Jose Luis Camacho retold his own experience in 1980 when he saw a device flying over his house on Miguel Iscar Street for approximately an hour and a half. “When I was small, I would look out the window to see the lights of my city.
But something shocking occurred that day. I saw an immense light, with impossible movements and twists, leaving a vast luminous trail in its wake.”

A year later, Camacho himself would say that “Valle del Esqueva is a UFO runway” in an interview as President of AIFEX (Asociacion Para Investigar Fenomenos Extraterrestres – Association for the Research of Extraterrestrial Phenomena). The researcher claims that “there is a theory which places these communities along an “ortothenic line” – that is, a sort of track that crosses the valley, turning it into a highway for UFOs.”

[Translation © 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to J.A. Pardal (El Norte de Castilla) and Guillermo Gimenez (Planeta UFO)]

Spain: A UFO Over Valladolid (1965)

Source: El Norte de Castilla (Spain)
Date: 09.25.2015

Spain: A UFO Over Valladolid (1965)

The object appeared in the evening of 16 September 1965 and vanished at high speed after floating around for four hours. Its true nature is still a matter of debate.
“My dear Father Machado, I was able to see a flying saucer for the first time in my life. We saw it last night at 18:45 in the evening, when the brother orderly came to notify me that there was a flying saucer over the school.”

The letter, dated Valladolid, 18 September 1965, two days after the incredible event, was signed by Father Antonio Felices, one of the most renowned figures in the research of UFO-related phenomena. What happened 50 years ago is still a matter of debate and controversy in numerous forums devoted to the subject. It was the lead in El Norte de Castilla on 17 September 1965, telling how thousands of residents of Valladolid were able to witness – for 4 hours, no less – the manifestation of a luminous object that remained fixed in the sky. While some took the streets and ascended terraces to view it, others did not have the least doubt that it was “an unequivocal flying saucer sighing.”

It happened in the afternoon, around five thirty in the afternoon, and was visible in other localities of the province of Valladolid and Palencia, until “little by little, the mysterious object reduced its size and luminosity until it became indistinguishable from the first stars of the evening,” according to the dean of the national press, who immediately began receiving calls from readers “requesting information on the possible nature of the device.”

Its nature remains a mystery to this very day. It is for this reason that the Valladolid event appears in all chronicles of UFO events in Spain. In fact, several publications have provided in depth information on the specifics surrounding the manifestation of that flying object over our city, ranging from magazines like Semana and Año/Cero to monographs and journalistic collaborations by personalities with considerable media access, such as Nacho Ares or Iker Jimenez.

All agree in describing the apparition in the sky as a gigantic, triangular device, which was also visible in other corners of Castille, and mention the no less relevant detail that renowned aviator Heliodor Carrión, who was flying over Torresillas in his private plane at the time, heard the nervous chatter originating at the Villanubla air base: “We have spotted a shining triangular object between the communities of Villanueva de los Infantes and Tudela de Duero.”

Carrión took down the information, remained at the prescribed altitude of 22.3 kilometers, and headed toward the mysterious flying object. His story, which appears in Iker Jiménez’s book Encuentros, cannot be missed: “I placed myself under the object. It was whitish and appeared to oscillate slowly, like a pendulum, sometimes spinning on its own axis. I subsequently noticed the presence of a DC-8, possibly flying the Lisbon to Paris route, flying quite close to the triangle. It was incredible (…). That thing was three times the size of an airliner.”

There were other important witnesses, such as Teófilo Alvarez and Francisco Rodríguez, instructors at the Seminary, who saw it while the traveled toward La Trapa (Dueñas) on their motorbikes, along with numerous residents of Duero and Boecillo, and above all, the aforementioned Antonio Felices, a Dominican friar who had been with the Arcas Reales school of Valladolid since 1959. Along with this companion, Severino Machado, he was well-known for his interest in the subject.
Felices, an internationally known figure in UFO studies, described the situation to Father Machado in the aforementioned letter – the characteristics of the object sighted: “I was able to ascertain that there was a flying saucer over the School, with the [apparent] size of a desktop telephone. It was very bright tone of white. In the meantime, the other religious came out and were able to see it clearly.”

The first thing he did was to head for the laboratory along with another young priest to set up the four-inch telescope. “We managed to set up the telescope at 7:20. What a show awaited us. After setting up the telescope and focusing it, we were able to see an enormous object, possibly one kilometer in length, having a triangular shape, with a large elongated dome in its middle. It had fins on the tips of the base of the triangle and it shook slightly (…). It was evident that it was a metallic object that was at a considerable height over the school. It is quite possible that it was at an altitude of some 50 kilometers (164,000 feet).”

Felices, who attached a “hasty sketch” of the drawing to his letter, returned to the subject in an interview granted to the ABC newspaper in January 1969, and again in 1999, this time on a local radio program: “It was a relatively enormous thing. It was the color of metal, of weaponry, and had an enormous underbelly. It oscillated a little bit, as if floating in mid-air,” he recalled.

According to what was said in the letter addressed to Father Machado, the object remained floating in the sky until eight o’clock and five minutes in the evening, when it “began to gain altitude and vanished completely from sight.” The most curious fact is that according to the Dominican friar, “tiny points of light would occasionally emerge from the object, going off in all directions.”
Speculations about this event did not delay. While El Norte de Castilla suggested the possibility that it could be “an artificial satellite of unknown characteristics” or “a large stratospheric balloon of the kind normally covered in aluminum sheeting”, meteorologist Vicente Oliver Narbona was inclined to believe, in this very same newspaper, in a “very small mother of pearl cloud,” the name given to clouds appearing in the Ozone Layer and which are seldom seen in our latitudes.” The metallic sheen of these clouds would be due to reflected sunlight, according to Oliver Narbona.

This hypothesis has been dismissed in several forums. Others, such as the Misterios del Aire forum administered by Juan Carlos Victorio, speak in terms of a weather balloon that was dragged by the wind from France to Valladolid. Support for this theory is based on the fact that a weather balloon was found in the community of Sierra de la Atalaya (Almería) with instructions in French, preceded by sightings in Sabiñánigo (Huesca), Baza and Elche.

There is no dearth of hypotheses and theories. If Antonio Felices admitted in 1969 to the ABC newspaper that they thought at the time about “the automated Proton IV space station, with a weight of 30 tons, which had just been put into orbit by Russia,” others spoke of a Northrop space prototype that would later be used by NASA. Not to mention, of course, those who directly believed the object was an extraterrestrial vehicle.

So in February 1981, during a round table gathering held in Palencia about the UFO phenomenon, Mariano Fernández, a member of the Seminario de Astronomía, also a witness to the event, claimed having seen the flying object “in the sky, fixed over the hillside” and that it returned three days later over Villajimena, a community of the municipality of Monzón de Campos. According to subsequent studies, there was no question: they were two vehicles measuring one kilometer in length, at an altitude of 70 kilometers, accompanied by other smaller objects that entered and exited them, which could have been support craft. “Two of these ships, fireballs, flew between the hills and the river,” noted Fernandez, to whom the most rational interpretation of the sighting involves”residents from other galaxies, who were studying our farmlands.”

Note: Padre Felices mentions a Proton booster launching a 30-ton platform into orbit for the USSR, the two launches of the UR-500 8K82 - 16 July and 2 November 1965. The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, however, states: "On July 16, 1965 took place the first launch of the rocket UR-500 in two-level version with the scientific space station “Proton-1” the name of which later became the name of the carrier rocket."

Note: Readers of INEXPLICATA may find this case familiar, as it was featured in an extract from Antonio Ribera's El Gran Enigma de los Platillos Voladores on March 2015 at

[Translation © 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Enrique Berzal (Norte de Castilla) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)]

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Spain: Four Curious Sightings and a Tall Humanoid

Source: Diario ABC (newspaper-Spain)
Date: 09.22.2015

Spain: Four Curious Sightings and a Tall Humanoid

Robledo de Chavela is a municipality located in the western mountains of Madrid. Many ufologists have identified this area as one of the best spots for seeing unidentified flying objects (UFOS). The proximity of the NASA deep space tracking facility and the mysterious tower of the parish church, they say, are points that contribute to the creation of all kind of legends.

It was at the start of the 1980s when significant sightings began to occur. Two of them, specifically: the first took place when four silent lights began spinning rapidly over the church belfry for several minutes. Shortly after, these lights aligned to head toward the space tracking station, where they proceeded to vanish.

But these stories do not end with saucer sightings. Around this time, a very tall humanoid was seen as it emerged from what some witnesses described as "a sort of egg" in a forest located between Robledo de Chavela and Valdequemada.

Moreover, around the year 2000, a projectile-shaped UFO was also reported over Robledo. It crossed the entire country and was shown on many domestic news broadcasts. Other local stories suggest that numerous flying saucers have been seen exiting and entering the Valmayor Reservoir in San Lorenzo del Escorial and San Juan, very close to this "mysterious" municipality.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Uruguay: Fascinating Event During Spain-Uruguay Flight, 1983

Source: Uruguay Ovni and Planeta UFO
Date: September 15, 2015

Uruguay: Fascinating Event During Spain-Uruguay Flight, 1983

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - I have wanted to put down my experience in writing for a long time. I don't recall the date, but it would have been April, when I usually took my vacations. The most shocking feature was the way it traveled, its size, comparable to a Boeing airplane, motionless and cross-shaped. Its appearance, while not shiny, resembled an aluminum pot. Thanks for taking the time to read about my encounter. Regards, M.L.

Personal information: On file
Witness age: 70 years old
Sighting date: 07/11/1983 [Note - this contradicts what was asserted earlier]
Opinion of the UFO phenomenon: An undeniable reality. We are children of the cosmos without denying God...
What were you doing at the time of the sighting? : Watching the aircraft's descent through the window. I'm used to flying, and I like it a lot.
Other experiences: No. This is the only experience, and I have had others, but it stands out for having shown me its movement and it is inside a magnetic field caused - among other things - by counterclockwise rotary movement toward the right and the left. Furthermore, I think to have seen something tangible and defined in this case, a single type of UFO.


Since I was employed by IBERIA Airlines - Montevideo at the time, I was flying on standby, a bit of information that proves suggestive, given the experience I was about to have.

Start: Barajas Airport, Madrid. Boarding time around midnight, approximately, aircraft full of passengers, heading for Montevideo (Uruguay) with stops at Rio de Janeiro and Asuncion (Paraguay).

Boarding started and I sat in coach, left side of the cabin, halfway in the middle of the plane. I was already comfortable in this fully booked flight when I heard my name on the loudspeaker. I identified myself and was told that it was a full flight; I would have to yield my seat to a paying passenger. The passenger sits down, I exit the plane and stay on a platform near the plane with other standby colleagues who were waiting to board (jetways did not exist back then).

The aircraft hatch opened once more. A lady came out, saying "I won't travel without my husband", and without further ado, a stewardess took me by the hand and led me back into the plane, saying the commander approved an extra passenger, placing me in a business-class seat next to a gentleman. The airliner had a long takeoff, burdened as it was with passengers, cargo, mail, short, I couldn't believe that I was aboard again and seated next to a window on the starboard side of the plane. I was overjoyed. A fine takeoff and the 8 hours between Madrid and Rio to look forward to. It was very pleasant, dinner and chatting with the engineer beside me (I wish I'd known his name). We didn't sleep, chatting away about all possible subjects...until we came to the matter of UFOs.

This gentleman worked in Asunción and openly denied the existence of UFOs. The subject is real to me, I always felt UFOs were real, but it causes me concern, fear and curiosity and I like to know more. I'm not fantasy-prone.

Well, around 5:30 hrs. we had nearly commenced our descent over Rio de Janeiro. The sun was rising on the left side of the plane, burning through the morning fog, it got lighter and the area's mountainous vegetation came into view. Me, sitting on the right hand side of the plane, noticed scattered cumulus nimbus type clouds. One of these clouds, however, was not grey but amber-colored. Slightly below our flight level and at a distance, with the mountains as a backdrop, the sunlight allowed me to see something through that cloud: An enormous, top-shaped vehicle, burnished grey in color, surrounded by a black belt at its broadest. It spun counterclockwise on its axis, which provided it support. It had a green light on its tip that blinked on and off. An indescribable experience. My companion was able to see everything clearly and we decided to alert the crew, but we were in full descent and could not stand up to make such a report (the landing took some 30 minutes).

In any event, once we were on land, I made my statement. Neither the airplane's radar nor the one at Rio detected anything beyond our own approach and descent.

My traveling companion was truly startled and said that this wonderful experience had showed him that [the object] was intelligently guided and was not of our making, since it lacked leading edges with which to fly. This means that on the ground, in order to achieve speed, it must have a tip (cars, ships, airplanes, trains) and a leading edge (airplane wings) to pierce through the air and climb.

I regret having not heard from this passenger again, as it is evident that both he and I had been destined - chosen - to see this wonder. In his case, to accept [the phenomenon's] existence and in mine to confirm that we are not alone. But it wasn't over yet.

[Paragraph removed at the witness's request]

I continue to accept the existence of extraterrestrials and their vessels, and I think that until humans overcome the barrier of insane competition and covet what belongs to others, cease to belittle our fellows and become aware that we are as nothing in this vast universe, only love in all of its manifestations will lift us to their same wavelength. I do not believe they will manifest themselves openly. We have progressed at the scientific level, but remain stagnant in our humanity.


- To confirm the dates, I looked among all of the airline tickets I used over the past thirty years, and the dates correspond to 7 November 1983. Oddly enough, reading other publications on-line, a woman claimed seeing something similar that very same day in England.

- I like to be as precise as possible, but I confused the information in this case.

- Thank you for the opportunity to share two truly remarkable situations. Thank you - M.L.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU. Published by Alexander Rottas, Uruguay OVNI. Our thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Note: The anonymous witness mentions a case in the U.K. having occurred on the same day. A cursory scan only reveals the classic 7 Nov '83 sighting of researcher Anthony Dodd, which forms part of the NICAP files:
7:55 PM. Between Bolton Abbey and Addingham near Skipton, North Yorkshire, whilst driving with his wife, PS Tony Dodd observed a large disc shaped UFO approaching the vehicle from their right. He estimated the size of the craft as being four times that of a car. It was at a low altitude and passed almost directly over the car roof before disappearing behind nearby trees. His wife described the craft as resembling a child’s spinning top. Moments later the same UFO reappeared and swept toward the car once again. PS Dodd pulled the car over to a stop and took a series of photographs of the object as it moved away into the distance. The photographs were later sent to a research facility called Ground Saucer Watch in Arizona that specialize in the analysis of reported UFO images. Their conclusion after analysis was that the photographs had recorded a genuine UFO on film, one of the few to meet their strict criteria. They estimated that the object was 30 feet in diameter and was near spherical in shape. This forms a series of sightings by the officer who later became one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of UFOs. UFO CLASSIFICATION ­ CE1 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1ST KIND) Off Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source - Alien Investigator by Tony Dodd. Headline Publishing Books. Pages 26-28 and PRUFOS. 22. February 1983. 2200 hours. Location: A51, Stonehill, Sta (Source: THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 HESELTINE British Transport Police (Our thanks to Francis Ridge, NICAP Sightings Coordinator)

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Argentina: Pilgrims Shadowed by UFO? - UPDATE

Source: La Gaceta (Salta, Argentina)
Date: 09.12.2015

Argentina: Pilgrims Shadowed by UFO?

The presence of a strange object was detected over the walkers of Mina Martillo.

Believe or bust? The fact is that the presence of an unidentified flying object (UFO) was detected in a photo of a group of pilgrims that was posted to the Facebook social network.

The workers of Mina Martillo appear in the surprising image; over their heads can be seen a strange obejct, which was "not apparent" to the person publishing the photo.

The employees of Mina Martillo undertook an exhausting 290 kilometer (180 mile) pilgrimage on Wednesday from their corner of the Puna, at an elevation of over 3000 meters (9800 feet) above sea level.

When the woman who published the image on her Facebook page was consulted by LA GACETA, she added there were no drones covering the pilgrim's march.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

UPDATE: The El Tribuno newspaper, which also covered the "pilgrimage" by the miners, has updated its story, saying that the "UFO" in the photo is a "snowball". The text accompanying their update of 09.11.2015 reads thus: "A team from El Tribuno that accompanied the miners throughout a considerable portion of their journey was able to ascertain - through a video taken by one of our reportrs - that the alleged UFO was nothing but a fistful of snow thrown into the air. The images accompanying the story clearly show the moment that the fistful of snow is hurled skyward by a miner, just as the photos were taken."
The newspaper now presents a video of the event:

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Argentina: Dead Cow in a Pasture is a Source of Mystery

Source: El Doce (Argentina)
Date: 09.09.2015

Argentina: Dead Cow in a Pasture is a Source of Mystery

The event took place in El Quebracho, near Rio Tercero. There are no signs of blood or decomposition in the wounds. Other animals panic when they approach the carcass.

The cow's remains were a cause for stupefaction in the vicinity of El Quebracho. Photos arrived at the FM Sol Radio station in Rio Tercero via Whatsapp and were a cause for bemusement. "This happened in a field owned by my parents, near El Quebracho. In the early morning hours of Friday (09.04.15) the cows and horses ran nervously back to the barn. Dogs belonging to the watchman who looks after the property started barking until daybreak," said one listener's message.

"In the morning, the watchman surveyed the property, saw that one animal was missing, got on his horse and went after it," the story continues. "Just 300 meters from the dead animal's location, the horse refused to go any further, became very nervous and returned to the homestead."

"The farmhand went over to the animal and found that it was missing all of its tongue, jaw, an eye and an ear. There were no traces of blood or signs of decomposition, there was no odor and the carrion birds will not eat it," he explained."Three days have elapsed and the carcass is intact. Many think it's the work of the Chupacabras. Can it be true? Does it bite? or does it use a scalpel to make such exact incisions? I'm bringing this up in case there are more cases in the area."

It didn't take long for other similar stories to appear. Dozens of radio listeners joined the debate. The fact is that beyond the questions raised by such cases, the photographs are hair-raising.

[photos can be seen at]

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: "Cattle Mutilations are Caused by UFOs"

Source: Nuevo Diario Web & Planeta UFO
Date: 09.09.2015

Argentina: "Cattle Mutilations Are Caused by UFOs"

Expert rejects "red muzzled mouse" explanation put forth by SENASA in 2002

Mario Zain Pinto has a lot of information on UFOs.

After the events that shook the interior of Santiago, resulting from the discovery of mutilated animals, Mario Zain Pinto, a scholar of quantum physics and a UFO enthusiast, explained to Nuevo Diario that "it has been proven all over the world that animal mutilations are caused by these flying objects. Everything else (The Almamula, Chupacabras, etc.) are old tales. The problem is that no one wants to talk because they're scared."

He stated that mutilations have particular characteristics that allow them to be determined as UFOs. "They drill an hole (on the animals),draw all of their blood, and that's why they say it’s the Chupacabras, but the fact is not a single trace is left. For a winged creature to be able to absorb so many animals, it would have to be an enormous creature, and no one has seen that. It's all stories."

"We have to start by acknowledging that this is real, that animal mutilations are occurring more frequently all over the world, and that the sightings and experiences that aviators have had with such objects occur everywhere," Pinto explained.

Furthermore, he maintains that behind the cover-up of this information "there are many vested interests coming from such countries as Russia and the United States," adding: "The fact is that there are many mutilations in Santiago with the same characteristics."

He recalls that the greatest proof of the existence of UFOs occurred during 2002, due to the discovery of mutilated animals through the country, and sightings by some people also substantiated this. It was then that UBA [University of Buenos Aires] and the SENASA reported that the red muzzled mouse was responsible for it all, a rodent able to terminate entire herds of cows.

In this regard, Pinto says: "It was a mockery," adding that "no one saw or knows about the red muzzled mouse, and mutilation cases were studied very responsibly in Santiago del Estero. Heat and magnetic readings of the ground were taken, determining that alterations were tremendous in a circle surrounding the mutilated carcasses. They also ascertained that 'rigor mortis' -- a logical thing in any dead creature - was not present. No traces were found, not even birds of prey animals would come close." Finally, he asked: "There are so many galaxies. Don't you find it foolish to think the Chupacabras or the Almamula is responsible?"

To remedy the harm these flying objects cause to rural residents of our province, Pinto proposes creating a civil agency jointly with the National University of Santiago del Estero, and with military support as much as possible, "much like those that have existed for a long time now in other countries like Brazil and Chile, and like we have to a certain degree in the Argentinean provinces, like CEFORA (Comisión de Estudios OVNI Republica Argentina)."

This is necessary - he says - not only to follow-up and research these phenomena, but also "to hold chats, evaluate and certify the damage done, and see in what ways we can set the affected parties at ease."

The researcher stated that in the context of his presentation, and in order to bring this about, the most important thing "is financial assistance throughout the country, a subsidy law for verified cases (of UFO-related cattle mutilation)." Finally, he observed that these phenomena occur in rural areas and the facts are not scrutinized in detail.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Nuevo Diario Web and Planeta UFO]

Mexico: UFOs Reported in Three Central Region Municipalities

Source: and Planeta UFO
Date: 09.09.2015

Mexico: UFOs Reported in Three Central Region Municipalities
Zona Centro - 2015-09-07 14:36:03 - Jorge Galindo / AGENCIA IMAGEN DEL GOLFO

At least half a dozen unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were seen Monday morning by citizens from three of the region's municipalities. The objects plowed the skies from western Nogales northward. No one has offered an explanation for this phenomenon.

Quickly, by means of social networking, UFO researchers contacted their followers to find out if anyone had recorded a video or taken photos of six circular objects resembling silver spheres.

Police stations in Ciudad Mendoza, Nogales and Acultzingo have no reports on this event. However, in Nogales, Police Chief Jose Antonio Lezama pointed out that reports have been received from citizen eyewitnesses regarding sightings in the mountainous part of this municipality.

A family descending from Cerro del Borrego last August, between eight and eight thirty in the evening, claimed seeing an object similar to a flying disk. It was large, with gyrating colored lights, and flew over Cerro La Perla.

Biologist Jair Peña explained from his Facebook account that on Monday morning, after leaving his home, he saw three circular objects in the sky to the north of the municipality. They were engaged in maneuvers that neither an airplane nor a helicopter could perform. He even went as far as to say that it wasn't a satellite, either.

Recently, similar rumors were circulated among peasants from the community of Ojo Zarco de Nogales, bordering the municipality of Acultzingo, where it was suggested that farmers had found crop circles in the year 1999.

Over 20 people testified Monday morning to have seen this phenomenon. Their number includes two taxi drivers, a student of the school of medicine of the Universidad Veracruzana, housewives and professionals who are used to waking up early to start their activities.

The phenomenon caused expectation in a sector of the population of these municipalities, as it is not the first time that it has been discussed. There are records of sightings at Cerro de las Antenas in Nogales, Rincón de las Doncellas, Congregacion Vaquería de Alcultzingo and in the municipality of La Perla itself.

[Translation (c) S. Corrales, 2015 with thanks to Jorge Galindo, Imagen del Golfo and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Under the Gaze of the Mighty: Humanity's Unwelcome Watchers

Under the Gaze of the Mighty: Humanity's Unwelcome Watchers
By Scott Corrales

Music video enthusiasts might fondly remember a 1987 clip by British rocker David Bowie which portrayed angels filming all details of human existence--even the most sordid ones--with suitably "angelic" white-painted cameras. The concept of God's minions looking upon our every act is central to many religions, along with a belief in the existence of angels.

In the 1960's and '70s, a number of researchers and theorists began to examine the possibility that the UFO and attendant phenomena were merely a new or "retooled" version of the same old story mankind had been living since the caves. Although their findings were initially well received, the field became increasingly polarized between advocates of extraterrestrial technological intervention and believers in mundane solutions to the riddle. Suggestions that angels or non-physical beings could be involved in the UFO question were brushed aside by more material-minded investigators.

But when we put our own religious (and scientific) beliefs aside and consider the question dispassionately, we begin to consider if such beings could actually exist, their motivations, and the reason for their outright interference in human affairs, whether as mediators between humans and the Deity or merely invisible entities who have influenced humanity since the beginning of time.

From Ancient Persia to Modern Times

The Persian Empire under the Achaemenid Dynasty was one of the largest land empires of antiquity. Stretching from Macedonia to the Punjab and from Uzbekistan to Egypt, the Persians managed a far-flung realm that included most of the civilized world of its time. Between 486 and 465 B.C.E., one of its rulers, Xerxes--better known to posterity as biblical King Ahasuerus in Ezra 4:6 and in the book of Esther--contended with a number of wars and uprisings throughout his kingship and left detailed records of his response to each of these crises. One of them is particularly interesting:

"Speaks Xerxes the king: When I became king there were among these lands which are written above [some which rebelled] Ahuramazda's will such lands I defeated, and to their place I restored them. And among those lands were some where previously the Daivas were worshipped. Then by Ahuramazda's will of such temples of the Daivas I sapped the foundations, and I ordained: the Daivas shall not be worshipped. Where the Daivas had been worshipped before, there I worshipped Ahuramazda with Arta the exalted..."

If the Persian Daivas can be identified with the Indian Devas, perhaps the words of Xerxes predate the angel's admonition to Saint John about not worshipping such divine messengers: "I am thy fellowservant...and of thy brethren," which appears in the book of Revelation and has been quoted by other researchers on the subject.

Vedic mythology gives us the supernatural and beneficent Devas, whose existence is invisible to humans yet share the human characteristics of being doomed to an endless cycle of birth, maturation, death and reincarnation. The word to describe these entities comes from the Sanskrit term which means "beings of light" or "glowing ones". Living in a dimension adjacent to our own, the purpose of these etheric presences is to keep the physical universe which we inhabit running smoothly--roughly akin to a maintenance department, out of sight but ever present. The Devas are assigned to three distinct environments: the heavens, the upper atmosphere and the earth, and have control over the lesser nature spirits which exist in everything from clouds to trees to rocks.

Persian Zoroastrianism did not share such a sanguine view of these entities. The Devas became known as Daivas and were associated with the forces of evil--the semi-divine creatures who chose the path of druj (untruth) over the path of asha (truth). Zoroastrian teachings and the Vedas agree that this order of non-human creatures is often at war with another order of beings, and that their struggles often spill over into the mortal world.

These clearly non-human yet humanoid-looking entities have appeared before startled onlookers in guise of sylphs, undines and dozens of creatures of medieval and ancient legend. While trolling through folklore for evidence is hazardous work at best, we can readily find a number of traditions (Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian) in which a human mates with one of these "more than human" quantities and has offspring, or like the unfortunate hunter who spied on the goddess Artemis as she bathed, meets his or her doom.

Where Desire Holds Sway

Salvador Freixedo's La Granja Humana (Posada, 1989) presents the high-strangeness story of a young Mexican named Jose Luis and his bizarre friendship with a small child/man known only as "Fair" due to his blond hair.

Jose Luis told Freixedo that he had first encountered his odd friend during a camping trip: a group of schoolboys had pitched their tents in the woods and encountered another boy their age (or so they thought) who led them to his own "tent" -- a rectangular, shiny affair resembling an excursion bus. From that moment on, "Fair"became a fixture in the lives of Jose Luis and his friends, visiting them at school to fill their heads with tales of space travel and the future, and making it a point of visiting Jose Luis at home on his birthday year after year. The strange little visitor earned the affection of Jose Luis' parents "because of the good advice he always imparted" to their son and his companions. In a manner worthy of an Outer Limits episode, people noticed that "Fair" never seemed to age with each subsequent birthday visit, but said nothing either out of fear or due to a belief that the small figure may be suffering from a glandular disorder. But his enigmatic visitor's apparent lack of development was the least of Jose Luis's problems.

"Fair"'s role in the Mexican youngster's life seemed to be, suggests Freixedo, to groom him for future greatness (whether this greatness has been achieved remains unclear) by clearing any and all obstacles. When Jose Luis took a humble job in an important corporation, a number of managers supposedly died of a variety of symptoms until Jose Luis found himself in a powerful position--all of this after consultation with "Fair". Something similar occurred when Jose Luis remarked that he was in love with a married woman:

The fact is that one day, when Jose Luis was feeling particularly depressed, "Fair" told him: "You're sad and I know why."

Jose Luis tried to deny that he was particularly sad about anything...but "Fair" insisted: "You're in love with a young woman who can't correspond your affections because she's married. You're saddened to see that achieving your wishes seems impossible [...] Don't worry. Within a year, when I come back to visit you, you'll not only be married to the young lady, but you'll also have a child by her--no matter how impossible it may seem." (Freixedo, p.210)

And so it was. The method used to remove Jose Luis' "rival" from the picture isn't mentioned.

Freixedo elaborates further about the experiences of Jose Luis and his mysterious friend, but the above will suffice for our purposes. Did the diminutive and ageless "Fair" belong, as the author suggests, to the order of intermediary beings between humans and angels known in the Islamic world as the Djinn? Citing Gordon Creighton's work on this order of non-humans, whose reality is accepted in religious courts throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Freixedo discusses their capricious behavior toward humans, often selecting one of us as a protegé or even as a pet, and manifesting a fascination for human reproduction and human affairs (much like the abducting "Greys" our own time).

How far does this interest extend on the part of these powerful yet far from divine order of beings? Anthony Roberts suggests that the large-eyed, black-haired and pointed-faced Mesopotamian love goddess Ishtar was of their number (said physical traits being common to ultraterrestrials, in his opinion) along with other similar entities. Ancient myth had it that no mortal--understandably--was immune to the goddess of love. But what about today?

Some twenty years ago, a curious little book entitled UFO Encounters of the Fourth Kind (Zebra Books, 1978) explored the carnal obsessions evinced throughout history by these beings who appeared to us now in as "space people". Author Art Gatti made reference to a 1969 epidemic in Morocco having to do with "Aycha Kenaycha", described as a "dark demoness" or succubus who appeared to drug users undergoing astral experiences by summoning each of them in their mothers' voice. The drugged-out astral traveler would find himself facing an astral form capable of stealing their souls, not just their astral selves. Gatti states that the nationwide epidemic which filled insane asylums and jails to capacity ended in the 1970's, and that its end was brought about by the Islamic equivalent of exorcism rites...or a drastic reduction in hashish consumption.

War Games of the Gods?

That the Gods choose sides in mortal conflicts is hardly a new idea. A quick glance at the Iliad shows us the Olympian deities backing human contestants much like a human might favor a sports team, and even lending assistance to support their favorites. But when examples of supernatural intervention appear in our own wars, both in antiquity and in the recent past, this gives us reason to pause. Are warring human factions supported by non-human parties, or is this just a belief fostered by belligerent to hearten their own troops with the notion that "God is on our side"?

During the second Egyptian campaign lead by the Syrian monarch Antiochus, his troops were encouraged by an aerial display of "armed horsemen in golden armor" who charged at each other in the sky. Almost a thousand years later, beleaguered Spanish knights would be equally heartened by the apparition of the Virgin of Covadonga, spurring them on to win a major battle which marks the beginning of the reconquest of the Iberian peninsula from the Moors. The entities in this particular conflict didn't mind playing both ends against the middle--during the battle of Alarcos in 1195, the forces of Alfonso VIII claimed seeing a fully armed St.James on a white steed flying overhead, leading them into the melee, while Muslim chronicles tell us that the Moorish forces, who eventually won the encounter, saw above their numbers none other than Mohammed himself, astride his magical steed al-Borak.

The reader can dismiss all of the foregoing as little more than charming folklore that has percolated down to our times. But supernatural forces continued aiding and abetting different factions in conflict, especially during the European conquest of the Americas. Chronicler Pedro Cieza de León, whose writings describe the conquest of Peru and the Pacific coast of South America in general, mentions an odd situation experienced by conquistadores: when the Incas turned against Pizarro's invaders in the mountain city of Cuzco, the European forces numbered little over 180 horse and foot, while Manco Inca (sic) had more than two hundred thousand warriors at his command. But native sources told Cieza that the Inca defeat was attributable to a "heavenly figure" who appeared during battles and "caused the natives great harm" (Cieza, Ch.119).

Pedro de Valdivia, who conquered modern day Chile, wrote a letter to Charles V of Spain informing him of a strange event which occurred during a conflict with the natives in 1541, while Araucanian warriors besieged his makeshift fort: "[...] the native Indians say that the day they came to our fort, at the very same time that our horsemen rushed forth against them, an old man riding a white horse fell among their numbers, urging them: Flee, for these Christians shall slay thee! Such was their fright that they turned about and fled."
Valdivia's letter notes that three days earlier, a "beautiful lady clad in white" had appeared among the natives and given them as similar warning.

The Spanish conquistadores were bold, brutal and vain. While attributing their success to divine intervention might ingratiate them with Church authorities, it also showed the direness of their predicament--something they would have normally been loath to admit. Again, the reader might chalk all of this up to the rantings of a soldier far from home, trying to make a good impression on his superiors. But what can we say when this "divine intervention", for want of a better term, occurs during our own century?

On August 26, 1914, the survivors of the British Expeditionary Force were retreating from the battle of Mons with the German cavalry in hot pursuit. Unable to make it to safety, the bedraggled force turned around to face the attackers and make a last stand. To the astonishment of the British "Tommies", a line of ghostly cavalry stood as a buffer between their position and the onrushing Germans. Contenders on both sides insisted that the spectral army had indeed been an angelic host, although official reports only indicate that the Germans refused to attack the retreating British due to the presence of a large body of troops in the area.

Celestial Conflicts

It has long been suggested that our earthly conflicts mirror the struggles of our planet's unseen "overlords". "It looks as if a long war has been fought in the immediate vicinity of this planet, and that this war is far from over," observes Anthony Roberts in his book The Dark Gods, further cautioning that "the purpose now must bee to see this long war in its more universal reconcile the cosmic connection with the cosmic battleground in which the whole saga of existence takes place."

Roberts posits that these battles rage on the physical and spiritual levels much like a human war might take place on land and sea simultaneously. The spiritual dimension of the conflict, as suggested by Roberts, bears a resemblance to the premises of certain works of heroic fantasy in which the opposing sides are the forces of Law and Chaos, always striving to overcome each other.

The author cites the beliefs of certain religious traditions concerning Man's role as a tool or plaything in the hands of these vast forces, going as far as to cite the Theosophical belief that the lost continent of Atlantis was destroyed by the excesses of its black magicians (another idea brilliantly portrayed in fictional form by J.R.R. Tolkien, whose villainous Sauron corrupts the Numenoreans, leading to their downfall). At this point a slight digression may be in order: While scholars may be outraged by this notion, epigraphers working on deciphering Brazil's controversial Ingá Stone -- an intricately carved structure of dark stone located in northeastern Brazil -- claim to have deciphered a curious name. Epigrapher Francis Schauspelier has suggested that the word su-me which appears repeatedly on the Ingá Stone translates as "black hand" in certain Indo European languages. Could the Sume have been one of these Atlantean black magicians?

Leaving Atlantis to rest in its watery grave, let us retake the thrust of our argument.

In the early 20th century, Charles Fort turned his keen intellect to the concept of struggles taking place at a level far beyond mortal ken. In his inimitable prose style, he suggested that a "vast, black, brooding vampire" large enough to "obscure a star or shove a comet" held sway over this world and perhaps others; perhaps even defending its fiefdom against other entities--space-scavengers who may have picked off entire terrestrial civilizations like that of the Mayas. "Something now has a legal right to us," wrote Fort. "by force or by having paid out analogues of beads to the former, more primitive owners of us..."

Decades later, his line of thought would be expanded by those who saw a similar relationship arising in the Scriptures. Was the biblical "war in heaven" merely the retelling of an event in which mighty non-humans fought for possession of our world, perhaps even our universe? Were the figures of Yahweh and Azazel mentioned in the Pentateuch simply the names of each ultraterrestrial or semi-divine faction? Which one was in control first? Again, Salvador Freixedo explores this issue in his book Defendámonos de los Dioses
(Quintá, 1985), suggesting that these ethereal forces struggled for the Earth with one party defeating the other, which has ever since struggled to reassert itself. While for all our external differences, notes Freixedo, we are all equally human. The same cannot be said for these non-human creatures, who do not appear to belong to a common order of beings, and are not even aware of other non-humans they may have encountered during incursions into our own reality. "The struggle which according to theology erupted between the angels before the creation of the ongoing and the rivalry among spirits is not over, given their jealousy of rank and prerogatives." (Freixedo, p.21).

This is all well and good, the reader may think, but what are they fighting over?

A number of authors have dared to suggest that these improbable beings are fighting over us -- lowly humans who are largely at their whim. But much like an actor needs an audience or a politician needs voters, these beings need the energy we appear to feed them through human wars, suffering, mass worship and other group activities. Freixedo, Keel, Creighton, Roberts and David Tansley all seem to be in agreement on this point, which echoes Charles Fort's only partially humorous assertion that these superbeings wanted us for "our greasy,shiny brains."

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