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Peru: Alleged UFO Recorded Over Peasant Community

Source: (Peru)
Date: 04.13.2016

Peru: Alleged UFO Recorded Over Peasant Community
Text: Juan Sequeiros, Photos: Raul Puma

Early this morning, common tenants of the locality of Pucyura in Vilcabamba (Cusco, Peru) saw a UFO. Reporter Raul Puma managed to record it on video, claiming nothing like this has ever been seen before in the area.

"I managed to record it at approximately 07:30 hours, but the object was flying over the vicinity of Habaspata since much earlier. At times it would approach and withdraw from where we were. It made no noise whatsoever and suddenly vanished into the clouds," he said.

What exactly was caught on video remains hitherto unknown. However, weather balloons employed for meteorological testing are sometimes mistaken for flying saucers.

The authorities have not made any statement about such a device being launched in the area in question.


[Translation (c) 2016, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Thoughts on the October 1974 Fighter-UFO Events

Thoughts on the October 1974 Fighter-UFO Events
By Scott Corrales

Like many readers of Inexplicata, I had not read of the unusual events involving Lt. Van Deer and Capt. Isern until I translated them yesterday. Our thanks to Silvia Pérez Simondini for making this information available to the UFO community.

Reports involving pilots – whether civilian or military – and aerial anomalies have always been of interest to me, and we have tried to showcase them whenever possible. They bring to mind the excellent articles of Martin Caidin, Emil Schumacher Richard Haines and other authors of yesteryear who first brought such experiences to our attention.

There is another aspect that is as perplexing as Captain Isern’s disappearance before hitting the waters of the Paraná River: the order given to dive into the cloud formation and ferret out whatever was inside. It brings to mind a WW 2 – era incident that I wrote about for Timothy Green Beckley’s UFO Universe in the early 1990s, reproduced below:

“During World War II, both Allied and German aviators had close encounters with unknown aircraft. The following incident appeared in La Nature, a French scientific magazine:

"It took place in Le Mans at the start of the summer of 1941...The Luftwaffe had occupied the old Le Mans airfield at the La Sarthe circuit and was stationing many Messerschmitt 109 fighters--not very fast vehicles, but highly maneuverable ones. The German pilots were kept in constant state of readiness, and I had the opportunity to witness a number of Messerschmitt flight squadron maneuvers in broad daylight.

"The weather was splendid, and as far as I can recall, it was a Sunday. At around 1300 hours, the skies were clear and only a few large cumuli could be seen at quite a distance from each other. Toward that time, the entire city heard the roar of the airplanes flying at full speed, and I was able to ascertain at the time that the cause for alarm appeared to be within one of the large cumulus clouds, which at the time was slowly passing over the airfield. One could see the Messerschmitts flying around the cloud, diving into it, shooting up out of it, or emerging from it sideways before engaging in the same maneuver again. It was a spectacular performance to watch, but it must have been terribly dangerous for the pilots. Was this an exercise ordered by the base commandant or an alert? I never found out, but it was interesting to see the looks of terror on the faces of the German soldiers and officers that comprised the city garrison as they followed the spectacle from the windows of their homes.

"I was then able to observe how the cloud, whose base upon its arrival was 900 feet high to a maximum height of 3000 feet, began to grow, and when it cleared the airport to move away from the city, had acquired the shape of a very tall pyramid with perfectly clear outlines. Its sharp apex must have been at an altitude of some 10000 feet, judging by its visible height over the horizon and its probable location over the terrain. My vantage point was some 2 miles away from the airfield, and the cloud was some 3 miles away while I watched its apex."

The phenomenon of anomalous objects concealed behind clouds did not remain safely consigned to the chronicles of a war that took place over seventy years ago. As recently as 2015, videos were posted to the Internet showing enigmatic solid forms emerging from clouds over Santiago de Cali, Colombia ( Photos taken in the late 1990s showed similar structures at the leading edge of storms, photos of which appeared in the United Kingdom’s UFO Reality magazine. Other videos have gone as far as to suggest that the objects create clouds around themselves a sort of camouflage ( of the legendary Fort Belvoir UFO of September 1957, photographed by an Army private. The black, annular object became "engulfed in white smoke", but not before a series of photos could be taken of it with a trusty Brownie camera. The Fort Belvoir incident became one of the key items of the Condon Commission's report.

However, before we start conjuring up visions of alien scout ships distracting human onlookers with smokescreens, the natural world also gives us creatures like the octopus, who employs a jet of ink to distract pursuers. The “critters” put forth by Trevor James Constable in the ‘60s (the concept of UFOs as “sky animals”) might not be so off-base after all, or the notion of “atmospheric fish” in Vincent H. Gaddis’s Mysterious Fires and Lights. “I suggest, therefore, that at least some of the UFOs are atmospheric fish or ‘electro-animals’ as I prefer to call them.” (Gaddis, p.94)

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Argentina: Pilots vs. UFOs – Rosario, Santa Fe, October 1974

Source: VISION OVNI and Planeta UFO
Date: 04.08.2016

Argentina: Pilots vs. UFOs – Rosario, Santa Fe, October 1974
By Silvia Pérez Simondini

The First Accident – 23 October 1974 – Lt. Van Deer

Two accidents, which remained unexplained to this day, took place on two different days during the month of October 1974, during test flights commemorating the 26th Aeronautics and Space Week.
On Wednesday the 23rd of that month, a Douglas A-4B “Skyhawk” fighter bomber, manned by Lt. Jose Van Deer, crashed in the vicinity of Maria Teresa to the south of Santa Fe Province. The pilot managed to activate his ejection seat, thus saving his life.

According to information provided by a “duly identified person living in the city of Venado Tuerto”, a group of isolated witnesses claimed seeing a large object only moments before the accident. Even farmers herding their animals confirmed the presence of an airplane – a military one – that appeared to be escorted by an enormous ** metallic disk ** that vanished in a matter of seconds. In the light of this situation, military authorities commenced the pertinent investigations in order to ascertain what the witnesses had seen, and to the greatest extent possible, identify the “strange vehicle” that local residents had connected to the airplane accident.

The unusual attitude taken by Lt. Van Deer is also curious. In his nervous phone conversation from the María Teresa train station, he employed such expressions as “mechanical difficulties brought about by magnetic phenomena.” There was talk among train station employees – based on information given by Van Deer himself, that within the cockpit, the entire airplane was magnetized.

Some of the fragmented parts of the phone conversation between the pilot and members of the Argentinean Air Force was picked up by a yard control dispatcher at the Belgrano “Rosario Norte” Train Station. Utmost secrecy surrounded the event. However, as the witness had been ordered, he took great care not to disclose what he knew, yet weeks later, he was removed from service, abruptly and inexplicably.

The Second Accident – 24 October 1974 – Capt. Eduardo Isern

Next I shall describe the investigations of researcher Nicolás Ojeda, who donated all his files to our team. His painstaking work should not go unacknowledged.

Linking a series of events are not enough to prove that tragedy did not play a role. Rather, there appears to have been an unknown factor that served as the cause and source of the victim’s physical disappearance.

According to reliable witnesses, the pilot’s body vanished before it hit the waters of the Paraná River.

The source of this information (which I wish to keep anonymous, for safety reasons) refused to identify himself publicly, but he is very well known to the author of this investigation.

At his place of residence, he disclosed other key details which he promise to retell in a manuscript, which he did the other day, and which is in the possession of Nicolás Ojeda. Through family friends, it later became known that after the accident, the stepmother received a letter in the pilot’s own writing, telling her, among other things, that he was doing fine and would soon return. As can be imagined, the fact was reported to the aeronautical authorities. An investigation was undertaken, and by means of an expert graphologist, it was ascertained that the letter had been written by none other than Captain Isern himself.

The accident occurred as a result of a turbine failure on the Douglas A-4B Isern was flying during tests before the Argentinean Air Force Day parade, which would take place in the vicinity of the Monument to the Flag.

Aware of the failure, and hoping to avoid a catastrophe, such as would have occurred if the fighter fell over the city, Captain Isern pointed his vehicle toward the river, heading for the island area. He ejected from the cockpit before the fighter reached the coast.
His parachute deployed immediately, but did not unfurl completely. The pilot apparently fell into the river ensnared by the chute.
Official reports said he was dragged by the waters, from which he never emerged in spite of the intense searches conducted. He was seen to fall in the vicinity of Espinillo and some 300 meters from the shore. An imprint measuring 7 meters long, 0.80 meters wide and half a meter deep ending in a deep crater, showed the place where the fighter, now unmanned, had hit the ground, sliding to explosion.

Captain Isern was a native of Rosario and was 30 years old at the time of the accident. He was married to Maria del Carmen Alvarez Conde. A considerable number of witnesses were at hand, and I have their names, but cannot release them without their consent. Each of them provided a statement claiming to have observed what happened clearly, but one of these accounts prompted Nicolás Ojeda to look more thoroughly into all the details.

Mr. HHR, a resident of Rosario, was on a balcony in his building as did everyone who lived in tall buildings at that time. His account reads as follows:
“The incredible took place there. Suddenly, a dim but compact light began to cover the pilot’s feet, creating the sensation that he was entering into it. While this occurred, his body partially vanished, until it disappeared altogether. When everything seemed to be over, the parachute that kept him aloft jerked upward, then began descending in a smooth, spiral, and bobbing manner.”
Following this incredible scene, the last thing he was able to see was the parachute sinking into the river’s waters, and nothing more.
The witness, in spite of finding himself in a stressful state, declared:

1) I have not been the victim of an optical illusion. I know what I saw and what I witnessed.
2) I have no idea what might have occurred. All I know, and am fully certain, is that hapless pilot **never hit the water**
3) To observe this, I made use of binoculars of the same type employed by the military.

I decided to file away Captain Isern’s case for a while until I could obtain some element that would provide further proof.

It is hard for me to understand that at the moment when the tragedy unfolded (according to a local radio station) a group of Douglas A4B’s from the Fifth Air Brigade at Villa Reynolds in San Luis – a total of 6 – flew straight toward a cloud formation.

When the fighters reached the cloud, they began flying around it as though trying to find something inside it. After a few minutes, they finally decided to penetrate it, engaging in very risky maneuvers.

Moments later, they gave up on these maneuvers and headed for the Paraná River in a single file. All that was in the sky at that moment was the cloud formation.
I can assure that there are many more elements to be investigated. I have decided not to disclose them now, as they are sensitive and could compromise certain individuals. This is one of the cases that moved me deeply, and was of little interest to researchers.

All I know is that I will follow up on some compelling clues, tracking down the addresses and names in my possession. May this case be remembered as a tribute to an Argentinean pilot, lest he be forgotten.

[Translation © 2016, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Silvia & Andrea Pérez Simondini, Nicolas Ojeda and Guillermo Giménez]

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Chile: Pilots Discuss UFO Sightings at FIDAE

Source: Publimetro and PLANETA UFO!K2kyT3m6pUL0E/
Date: April 5, 2016

Chile: Pilots Discuss UFO Sightings at FIDAE

The eyewitness accounts formed part of a seminar organized by the Comité de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos (CEFAA) of the Chilean Air Force during the international aeronautical gathering.

Professional pilots delivered impressive testimony on the maneuvers of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in Peru and Argentina as part of a seminar organized by the Chilean Air Force (FaCH)'s CEFAA, a sort of Chilean Blue Book that compiles background information on these elusive sightings.

Among the cases discussed was one by Oscar Santa Maria, Commander (Ret.) of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), who retold an encounter with a mysterious flying object that even included gunfire.

The former officer said he received the order to intercept and bring down a strange vehicle flying in the vicinity of the sensitive La Joya air force base in southern Peru on 11 April 1980, due to a concern that it could be an espionage drone. Closing in on the object, the pilot opened fire with the guns of his Sukhoi SU-22 fighter-bomber.

"The object - which should have exploded or taken damage - showed no apparent damage, and pulled away at very high speed instead," he explained.

Santa Maria calculated that the UFO climbed to an 11,000 meter altitude at a speed of some 900 kmh.

"The object, which was standing still, climbed rapidly and left me behind," he described in a statement to the 24 horas TV channel.

Another encounter was the one described by Capt. Jorge Polanco, a civil aviator who observed a mysterious object measuring 30 meters in diameter 21 years ago while at the throttle of a Boeing 727.

"We saw the object first near the airport. I asked the tower to identify if it was some airliner, because we were on a collision course," he noted. "The tower replied that it had no aircraft in that sector. Then the UFO came and set itself on our right, little more than 30 meters from the Boeing 727's wing."

The pilot described the UFO as "an inverted soup bowl measuring 30 meters in diameter, solidly built, with intense green lights that dimmed at times. An orange light sat on the upper section, with a rhythm suggesting there was something alive, something that could breathe."

(Note: The FIDAE International Air and Space Fair was held this year from 03.31.16 to 04.03.16 at the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport of the city of Santiago de Chile - SC)

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Peru: Former Head of State Openly Discusses UFOs? and Planeta UFO
Date: 04.02.2016

Peru: Former Head of State Openly Discusses UFOs?

MEXICO CITY - Former president and current presidential candidate Alejandro Toledo shook his country's news media in a press conference when he confessed to discussing UFOs with the international media.

"I was interviewed by CNN on a subject that would be considered outlandish, seemingly proper of the realm of science fiction, but it isn't: extraterrestrials."

As of the end of this edition, this interview has not been made public, and some have described it as an attention-getter in the midst of the country's political season.

When UFO researchers in Peru were asked about these statements, they admitted to not having more information on the subject, but are certain that a number of UFO sightings took place during the term of President Alberto Fujimori from 1990 to 2000.

One of the most memorable ones took place on 7 December 1991 at 21:00 hours, when the presence of a UFO was reported over Laguna de Charo, located in the city of Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon. The military staff accompanying the president looked on in bemusement.

"Fujimori as well as the military watched as an enormous object flew over the lagoon before fleeing the area, passing over the witnesses' heads," according to Julio Chamorro, former commander of the Peruvian Air Force.

The retired military man said that following the sighting, Fujimori asked his officers to keep quiet about it, telling them that what they had just seen had never happened.

It was nevertheless a source of much conversation within the Peruvian armed forces, and led to the creation of the first phase of OIFA, the Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research Office attached to the Peruvian Air Force, which has currently been elevated to departmental status with a well-defined structure, featuring both military and civilian advisors.

Several Latin American presidents have discussed their sightings. It should be remembered that Mexican presidents Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Luis Echeverría and Miguel de la Madrid were very aware of the activities of these strange unidentified flying objects.

It seems that this secret, kept by the political class, is slowly coming to light, giving way to a new era of general openness.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

Spain: The Unexpected Visitors - UFOs in Valle del Guadalhorce

Source: (Spain)
Date: 04.03.2016

Spain: The Unexpected Visitors - UFOs in Valle del Guadalhorce

By Pablo Bujalance

The closing of the Caminito del Rey without a reopening date has caused consternation (and anger) among area hoteliers, hardened explorers, restless German tourists and run-of-the-mill enthusiasts. Few people know this, because such things seldom receive coverage in the media, but it turns out that ever since the hazardous trail was reopened, with the inevitable boom in tourism, UFO sightings have been on the rise in Valle del Guadalhorce. It's not a joke, as far as such a thing cannot be taken as a joke.

There are ufologists studying the matter and videos on the subject can be found in YouTube, recorded in broad daylight. Some of them are dastardly fakes, but others are a source of curiosity. Most of the sightings were concentrated between February and June of last year, and as always, eyewitness accounts vary: some define the objects seen as disk-shaped and others describe them as white lights. Add to this the stories put forth by bloggers who go on about some "white brotherhood" with underground bases in the province, who sometimes come out for a breath of fresh air and to take a peek. Anyone who wants their daily dose of madness can serve him/herself (it's advisable, for sure, but be careful). Remarks from those who can be described as 'normal folks' can also be found. These appear not to be on the hunt for notoriety and restrict themselves to say that they've seen something, without added interpretations.

These things are of great interest to this writer, who is a lover of science-fiction and unsolved mysteries, but even more so a lover of Western Civilization as a powerful mechanism for contrasts. The reasons that lead someone to make up such stories, or describe something flying in the sky as a UFO, are always worthy of analysis. When speaking of these things, I always recommend "Azul y pálido" (Blue and Pale), a graphic novel by Pablo Rios, a fascinating immersion into the 20th century's most popular contactee episodes (featuring Carl Sagan as a master of ceremonies). It posits many questions and the reader is asked to put forth his/her own answers on the table.

But back to the story: if the dates agree as they appear to, we may conclude that residents of some distant world have been seduced by the incomparable natural beauty of El Chorro and have come to take a look. If you've ever seen a strange-looking tourist along Caminito del Rey, you know what's going on. Always smile at tourism.

Much benefit could be obtained from this UFO stuff. I don't know whether such a thing as UFO tourism exists, but a pioneering endeavor could be developed by the authorities. This would perhaps fit into the whole Sabor a Málaga thing, I say. There must be some building in downtown Malaga that can be used to create a museum to distinguished aliens, ranging from Emperor Ming to Commander Spock. The El Chorro station could feature a detailed interpretation center devoted to Stanislaw Lem or Frederick Pohl. If the UFO situation is real, perhaps the closure of Caminito del Rey is due to the construction of a landing platform for our hitherto unsuspected visitors. When it comes to promoting Malaga, the atmosphere shouldn't be the limit.

VIDEOS of UFO activity in the area by Grupo OVNI Malaga: and

[Translation (c) 2016, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

Chile: Ghosts on a Bus?

Source: La Red (Chile) and Liliana Nuñez Orellana
Date: 04.04.2016

Chile: Ghosts on a Bus?

The driver who took the photo claims they're angels, but others have found a darker side to the photo.

A forceful debate has taken place on social media regarding a photo on the Transatiago 210 bus, after some users reported the existence of a ghostly presence in the photo.

Others say the image isn't real, while believers opine there is more than one spirit present.

However, the person responsible for the photo explained that "the photo was taken by the driver, who happens to be my father. Notice that the two bodies in the back appear to be floating. My dad took the photo and left, he was sent home. For more information, it was taken at the Manuel Mujica bus garage. My father is devout, and says they're little angels," according to a report appearing in Publimetro.

In spite of this, skeptics insist the photo is fake and claim that it could have been retouched with Photoshop. Other argue that [the photo] is real, given the fact that "strange things happen on the 210 route."

[Translation (c) 2016, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Liliana Núñez and Guillermo Giménez]

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Argentina: A First-Person UFO Sighting

Argentina: A First-Person UFO Sighting
By Quique Mario, CEUFO

A UFO of striking characteristics was seen today, Thursday, April 1, at 12:36 hours in the vicinity of the intersection of Routes 7 and 10 in the Province of La Pampa. Other potential witnesses are asked to contact CEUFO ( in order to determine a possible landing site.

The title of this report implies that as a researcher and student of the phenomenon, I was the privileged witness to an event of extraordinary characteristics and in spite of my experience [in the field], I understand what an eyewitness means when he or she claims having observed “something hard to describe.”

Today, at the indicated time, we were driving along Route 7 in a North-South direction and at 100 meters from the intersection with Route 10, while the driver paid attention to the crossing in the event other vehicles were in transit. I traveled as a passenger in the front seat and I was startled by something descending from the sky in a South-North direction, flying slowly and changing direction, giving the impression that it was about to land. It continued its maneuvers and disappeared behind a curtain of trees.


The skies were overcast with slight drizzle, meaning that the “ceiling” did not exceed 200 meters. A slight wind displaced the lower cloud mass westward, while “the object” broke away from within the clouds to begin a rhythmic descent in a direction contrary to the cloud displacement. Its size was greater than a conventional passenger airliner, which gives an idea as to the magnitude of the observation and the spectacle I was able to witness for a brief period of time, which I believe did not exceed 3 seconds.

The object in question was round and of a greyish color similar to that of the clouds themselves, with a round dome in its middle of a darker grey hue. Its rounded shape was perfectly silhouetted against the cloud and it gave the sensation of breaking away from the clouds with a cadenced descent, assuming a 45 degree position with regard to the horizontal line of the ground. Upon commencing its descent, it executed the maneuver smoothly, always descending, as if choosing where it would land.

When I reacted and alerted my traveling companions, they regretted not having witnessed the spectacle because Chango, the driver, was mindful of the intersection and Mauro, in the back seat, saw nothing abnormal. When we approached the tree line behind which the object would have descended, we readied our photographic cameras but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The rain and flooded terrain kept us from doing anything more than watching.

Experience brought to mind a series of cases that occurred years ago in the region to which I shall make reference in subsequent reports. In my next communication I shall attach a drawing of the UFO I witnessed.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Quique Mario]