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Argentina: More Curious Humanoid Incidents

Argentina: More Curious Humanoid Incidents
By Scott Corrales (c) 2016

To a generation raised on the ubiquitous image of the "Greys" and their penchant for abductions, cases involving non-human entities of unknown origin (aliens, time travelers, visitors from a parallel universe, a secretive parahuman race that has been on this planet since before our own species appeared, etc.)in previous decades had a distinct flavor of their own. While researching old publications, I came across the October-November 1975 issue of Ovnis - Un Desafio a la Ciencia (UFOs - A Challenge to Science) that was published in Argentina in the mid 1970s, with contributions from some of the luminaries of the time. It was published by Dr. Oscar A. Galíndez with artwork by Jorge Vallejos. Some of the samples shown below bear the signature of "B.O.C.", whom I believe to be Benjamín Galíndez - the publisher's father.

One article, penned by Prof. Oscar A. Uriondo, describes the August 31, 1968 case of Mrs. Susanna Larroude de Salazar, a resident of the UFO-prone city of Bahia Blanca, who at the time was in her kitchen with two small children. The young wife and mother heard someone banging against the door to her house, and upon lifting the shutter that covered the peephole, she was startled to see "a strange, opaque being" outside. She reportedly felt paralyzed as the entity withdrew, emitting a sound reminiscent of "echoing peals of laughter". The entity suddenly disappeared upon reaching the fence that marked the entrance.

On June 24, 1967 Mrs. Dora Egger de Torres was resting beside her husband at one clock in the morning. Her slumber was abruptly interrupted by a loud buzzing sound that hurt her ears. Wehn she turned to look, she was taken aback to see an oval light in the corner of the bedroom. Two human-looking entities were contained within it- one of them was tall, standing about 2 meters, and the other was smaller, no more than 50 or 60 cm in height. Both wore metallic outfits and helmets with clear visors (she said they were "plastic") covering their faces.As in the previous case, the witness was completely paralized and unable to utter a single word. The oval light and its humanoid occupants became gradually smaller as the light faded against the background, a shuttered window. They ultimately vanished.

On June 27 1968 in Cerro de las Rosas, Province of Cordoba, three boys were riding their bicycles when they noticed an oval object hanging over the trees. The object had a structure described by the boys as a "propeller" which spun at considerable speed, issuing white and blue lights. Suspended above the object were two people - a man and a woman - floating in the air. The boys described them as being "extraordinarily tall" and wearing luminous clothing. They took each others hand and descended slowly into the object with the "propeller". They vanished into the machine - if machine it was - without making a sound, or without any door opening to allow their entry.

On March 23, 1973 Roberto Herrera, a twenty-three-year-old engineering student, was on his way to the city of Salta from San Salvador de Jujuy when he witnessed an object described as "two superimposed plates, 5 meters in diameter" landing on the roadside. It was aluminum colored asnd was suspended on ground with what appeared to be struts. The witness suddenly noticed that a manlike entity standing 1.60 meters had emerged from the object (although at no point did he see how this was accomplished - no hatches or doorways were opened). The student was able to retain enough presence of mind to provide a thorough description of the humanoid: it lacked hands, had stubby arms, legs ending in very large, shoeless feet. When Herrera approached, the entity also moved without ever making use of its legs. It then stopped and "was gone", as the onlooker would later tell researchers.

An even stranger case occurred on June 25, 1974. The "El Diario" newspaper from Montevideo, Urugay reported that a security guard at a train station in Tandil, some 350 km from Buenos Aires (and a frequent UFO and cattle mutilation scenario, as Inexplicata readers will be aware) had seen a "short, strange figure with deep-set eyes" and passed out shortly after the experiences. Other witnesess at the station reported that an odd little man had descended from a vehicle so strange they thought it had to be a UFO, as it emitted a very powerful light. The object and its occupant vanished as soon as the light was extinguished. As chance would have, there was a police barracks across from the train depot, and policemen allegedly also saw the small figure, describing it in detail. "A creature with a fixed gaze, wearing a lead-colored helmet and dark goggles, a "Fu Manchu" mustache and a goatee. His arms appeared to stem directly from his body, and the position of the window (at the police barracks) kept us from being able to make out anything below his chest." When asked to explain the entity's sudden disappearance, one of the officers replied, "Well...I don't know. Perhaps he rose into the air." The law enforcement officer further added that newspapers and radio programs were often discussing sightings of 'flying saucers' and 'Martians' ocurring regularly in Tres Arroyos and Bahía Blanca.

Four decades separate us from these events, which were largely anecdotal despite the presence of multiple witnesses and the involvement of the authorities. However, they remain a disquieting reminder of a fascinating period in UFO history.

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Cuba: Fidel Castro's Government Censored UFO Information

Source: (Spain)
Date: 11/28/2016

Cuba: Fidel Castro's Government Censored UFO Information

[Editor's note: INEXPLICATA has provided information on the fascinating history of the UFO phenomenon in Cuba for many years, showcasing the efforts of researchers such as Orestes Girbau. We would like to take this opportunity to mark the passing of Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo, the Cuban-born researcher whose work appeared in MUFON Journal, Flying Saucer Review and other publications. His contributions to making the mysteries of the largest island in the Caribbean are far too numerous to mention in this space.]

CADIZDIRECTO - The UFO Phenomenon has always drawn the attention of those who have consecrated part of the life and time to study its origin and strangeness. There have been UFO sightings all over the world, but perhaps the hardest to follow were those which took place in the Eastern European nations, the ones behind the so-called "Iron Curtain", or in Cuba, due to the secretive nature of its regime.

The recent death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro opens new doors to any UFO information that may have come about on the island. It has been learned that Cuba censored all matters related to the UFO phenomenon for over 37 years.

One of these cases involves the peasant Adolfo Zarate, who was pursued by a "wave" of UFO reports throughout the island of Cuba in October 1995, at which time the Cuban government was forced to admit the existence of UFO documentation in this regard.

This documentation acquires special meaning after Castro's death, particularly on a subject whose censorship was mandated on the island.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales with thanks to Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista]

For any reader interested in the subject of the UFO phenomenon in Cuba:

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Peru: Alleged UFO Causes Commotion in Alonso de Alvarado

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and Diario Voces (Perú)
Date: 11.22.2016
An article by Franclin Lavan for Diario Voces

Peru: Alleged UFO Causes Commotion in Alonso de Alvarado

A UFO sighting was a cause for commotion among residents of the Alonso de Alvarado-Roque district, Provicne of Lamas. The object remained visible in the skies over this locality for several minutes, visible to a considerable number of townsfolk who had no idea what they were looking at.

The event took place around 5:30 in the afternoon. At times the object resembled a satellite; at others, it resembled a triangular object that generated a radiant light from within.

The UFO's manifestation became a source of diverse opinions in the community, even causing some citizens to say that the coming of Christ was at hand, while others stated that the object was part of the modern technology used by developed countries to monitor Peruvians.

[Translator's note: the following paragraph is unclear] Following investigations, it is believed to be a satellite called the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, which began making its first monitoring tests on the planet Mars [sic], coinciding with information disclosed by the European Space Agency (ESA), saying that the likelihood of such observations will be more forceful and exact in coming days.

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Spain: Cáceres Remembers Its UFO Flap (1974-1975)

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and Diario HOY (Spain)
Date: 20 November 2016
Article by Sergio Lorenzo

Spain: Cáceres Remembers Its UFO Flap (1974-1975)

Yes, I admit it. I was among the 4000 people who took part in the Alerta Ovni Nacional (National UFO Skywatch) in the early hours of 8 April 1990, held at Los Barruecos in Malpartida de Cáceres. I still remember the cold, the frozen people lighting bonfires on the endless hillside. The darkness, the hundreds of parked cars, people with flashlights, the more far-sighted ones having brought blankets and food, the coming and going from food carts that must have run out of snacks, beer and mixed drinks. I remember the enthusiasts looking at the heavens through binoculars and telescopes, awaiting the arrival of visitors from Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter. I still can still feel the pain in the neck from scanning the firmament for so long, seeking flashes of flying saucers among the stars. The National UFO Skywatch was organized by a vibrant association of restless youths from Cáceres that dubbed itself the Centro Extremeño de Investigación Parapsicologica y Ufologica ZENE. One of them told the journalist:

"All has been made ready for their arrival. We have it all figured out. What we want is to avoid panic. It must be clear that They are not coming to start a war, as they are far more civilized than us."

It was the 90s and I have no idea what was going on then., but we had already spent 20 years gathering eyewitness accounts from people who claimed having seen UFOs and even those who claimed having been abducted by them, discussing beings enveloped in light in wonderful terms. Extremadura was one of the regions with the highest number of flying saucer sightings, according to more than one expert, alleging that the craft hid in the bottoms of reservoirs. Iker Jiménez was among the most ardent proponents of extraterrestrial visitation.

Looking for UFO sightings in this province in the Diario HOY news service is curious experience, when one sees the considerable number of people who claimed having run into them.

It was reported in the late 1960s, Florencio Moreno Moreno, a resident of Yuste, had set out on mule back to pick olives at a farm close to the famous Yuste Monastary, when he saw three flying saucers moving without making a sounds. The principal of the Marques de Canales school group, accompanied by his wife, three instructors and an 11-year-old girl, also saw a UFO in Santa Marta de Magasca.

On September 20, 1974 it was reported that an "iron-shaped light" had been reported in La Madrila. A month later, on 28 November, an entire newspaper described how Miguel Luis Lancho, son of the mayor of Malpartida de Cáceres, ran into a UFO at 11 o'clock at night after exchanging farewells with his girlfriend at the Arroyo-Malpartida train station. The girl's entire family and a neighbor also witnessed the saucer. Enrique Holguin, the young woman's father, hopped on his motorcycle and took off to get a better look at the flying saucer, but when it turned toward him, he grew frightened and returned home. The object was described as resembling "una gran mesa camilla" (a small round table used for heaters) projecting a beam of light toward the ground and festooned with lights. "It looked like something that happens in modern discotheques."

Toward the end of 1974, two couples traveling to Madrid from Cáceres by car witnessed a UFO as they left the town of Trujillo; the children riding with them thought it was the Star of the Three Kings.

In May 1975, two students from Cáceres - Juan Jesus Collado Jimenez, 19, a native of Almoharín and Francisco Javier Hernández de Cáceres, 18, from Pinofranqueado, reportedly saw a UFO shaped like "a huge custard, entirely red, burning like an ember."

In August 1975, six children and the family of Antonio Garcia Pablo saw another UFO over Plaza de Italia, described by the children as resembling "a globe of the world split in half" with three antennae protruding from its wider base. It had intermittent white, blue and red lights, coming from La Madrila.

On November 6, 1975, communications officer Victoriano Garcia Marin claimed that he and two police officers had seen a UFO while he worked at the communications office near Caceres, next to the road to Salamanca. A bluish-white object was visible for 38 minutes, and he had the impression that the object was "photographing the terrain with an enormous flash."

In January 1975 it was reported that a customer of the Monaco Bar in Aldea Moret was startled by an enormous red ball in the sky upon leaving the establishment. He went back inside to assure other parishioners, who also witnessed the sight. Further witnesses emerged in the Pinilla district.

So how did the UFO skywatch at Los Barruecos come to an end? At one in the morning, some people clasped hands to form a large circle, concentrating and mentally asking the aliens to land, trying to convince them that those present, some with more than a few drinks in them, had no intentions of harming them. Well after three in the morning, people began to leave when no alien dared to land. The only strange phenomenon I recall witnessing was photographer Salvador Guinea taking out a metal flask from his backpack in the presence of those of us at La Madrila. He'd brought it along thinking there'd be nowhere to drink at Los Barruecos. The hip flask had once been flat, but had become an impressive metal orb, a perfect sphere.

"What in blazes have you put in there?" asked a waiter at La Fontana.
"Gin and Coca-Cola."
"How could you do such a thing, dear boy? Don't you know how weird Coca-Cola is? No one knows what's in it, and it can even take the rust off metal."
I haven't had Coca-Cola since then...the beverage of aliens.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Sergio Lorenzo]

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Travelers from Alien Lands

Travelers from Alien Lands
By Scott Corrales
(c) 2016

October, 1973. An anonymous jack-of-all-trades in the Chilean city of Viña del Mar felt the sudden urge to look in on his repair shop at a quarter to one in the morning. A series of robberies had taken place in recent days -- the confusing and dangerous times shortly after the Pinochet coup d’état --and the man felt the paltry tools with which he eked out an existence could be taken from him. Walking in the darkness down the street, he was confronted with an unexpected and uncanny sight: an object he described a long, dark thing, "like a cylinder flying at low altitude" (an estimated two hundred meters, some six hundred feet) that flew out of the Andean foothills toward the sea.

He convinced himself that it must be some kind of helicopter, perhaps a tool the CIA had given the new regime, but something even more distressing was about to happen. The cylindrical form was approaching him, descending from the heights as it did so. The handyman thought to run and hide, but an inexplicable paralysis gripped his limbs, rendering him helpless, unable to do anything besides look at the exotic object as it came down to the height of the local buildings, moving down the avenue, passing in front of a bakery. It was then, he told researcher Jorge Anfruns, when it dawned on him that the object was one of the infamous UFOs that people had been discussing so much in the media, and as it came closer in complete silence, casting light on the darkened storefronts, he noticed the front of the object had a transparent bubble containing two "pilots" who exchanged animated gestures with each other.

In spite of his paralysis and obvious concern for his own fate at the hands of these creatures, the handyman was determined not to miss a thing. The pilots, he would later say, were dressed in what resembled dark colored skin diving suits with similarly hued gloves and transparent facemasks. Their build was average but slender, identical to that of human beings. The entities in the transparent bubble mentally ordered the handyman to enter into a crouching position ("it seems that they wanted to scan my head or my mind"). Upon looking up, he noticed that the occupants had resumed their seated positions and the object was pulling away in the same manner it had arrived.

Freed from the unnatural paralysis, the handyman felt a buoyant, pleasant sensation as he resumed his walk. It was a month before he felt could tell someone about his experience, and when he did so, he was met with the typical jeers suggesting he had imbibed too much of the country's fine wine.

Is it reasonable to speculate that the same diver-suited crew in the Chilean handyman's case was also at work across the Andes, in neighboring Argentina? In mid-October 1973, Carlos Baldivares and his son Manuel were surveying an ample rural property on horseback near the town of General Pinto. During the course of their inspection, they noticed the presence of three people whom they first thought were poachers, until closer inspection proved that the human-looking "beings " appeared to be suspended in the air, floating over the waters of a local lagoon. Baldivares described the entities as two males and a female, dressed in form-fitting black outfits. The males were of average height and build, while the female was slightly taller. When Baldivares called out to them, the three figures - whose backs had been turned to him - looked around and suddenly vanished, only to reappear at the opposite end of the lagoon, some three hundred meters distant (1000 ft.). The witness noted that they moved with their arms and legs close to their bodies, and not far from the unusual beings was a rectangular object that emitted considerable light and heat. Earlier that year - specifically on March 13, 1973 - engineer Jorge Herrera, a resident of saucer-prone Salta in Northwestern Argentina, witnessed the landing of an object shaped like "two superimposed dinner plates" (a boilerplate description in classic ufology) on the side of the highway linking Salta to Jujuy. The object, propped on three struts, disgorged a man-like being in what resembled a diving suit. Herrera approached, unable to contain his curiosity, but the occupant also moved, covering ground "without moving his legs" and then vanishing altogether. A number of marks on the ground bore silent witness to the presence of the unknown object. (both cases are from Roberto Banchs's La fenomenologia humanoide en la Argentina, 1977).

Accounts involving non-human entities had become commonplace during the 1975. While Chileans coped with the vicissitudes of social and political life (the 6.9 earthquake in the cities of Coquimbo and La Serena, the purge of ministers of the ousted Salvador Allende government and changes in the national currency), some of their fellow citizens continued having brushes with the unknown. An elderly married couple in town of Peumo, located the country's O'Higgins region (70 miles south of Santiago de Chile) was startled to see a bright, unknown object descending from the night skies onto the grounds of their rural estate. Bravely venturing out to face the unknown, they were confronted by two tall humanoid figures wearing face-concealing helmets. These figures, rather than asking to be taken to the country's leader as a bad flying saucer joke would suggest, simply advised the humans - in perfect Spanish - not to be alarmed, since all they wanted was to gather vegetable samples from the property. Stranger still, the man and his wife reported not feeling any kind of distress about the situation and gave their permission. The entities went ahead with their mission and the light of a summer day would reveal the presence of unusual marks on the soil, attesting to the reality of the entire experience.

The uncanny experience has an even more intriguing detail. The man's wife was a former officer for the embassy of a foreign power, and promptly advised the ambassador about the event. Whether this senior diplomatic official apprised his country of the event is unknown.

On April 17, 1975 Orlando Franceschi, an ambulance driver for a hospital in the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico, on the island's Caribbean shore, returned to his house after 8:00 p.m. that evening only to become aware of the fact that something unsual was going on in his backyard. Franceschi's could see his watchdog jumping into the air in a frantic effort to clear the fence get away from whatever it was.

The homeowner, tired after a long day's work, angrily set off for the backyard, taking the precaution to arm himself with a shovel which he kept against one of the house's exterior walls.
Nothing could have prepared the ambulance driver for what he found in his backyard: a bizarre entity with long, pointed ears, a long nose, lipless mouth and greyish, ashen skin. Franceschi would later describe it eyes as being "black spots", and having a jawline reminiscent of an ape's. The creature walked toward the homeowner with a jerky, stiff gait.

In a mixture of fear and anger, Franceschi struck the five foot tall intruder with the shovel, but was surprised to see that it was unharmed by the terrific blow. Oddly enough, the entity backed off, perhaps deliberately allowing Franceschi to deliver a second shovel-blow without any effect. But when the human was winding up to deliver a third strike, he began to feel his body becoming numb and paralyzed, leaving him at the mercy of whatever it was that could withstand such physical punishment without flinching. Helpless, expecting the worse from the non-human figure, the ambulance driver was shocked to see the entity (which he described as a "zombie") fade into thin air.

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Mexico: A Beam on the Tombstone

Mexico: A Beam on the Tombstone
By Scott Corrales (c) 2016

A few years ago I wrote an article discussing the unusual interest displayed by the UFO phenomenon,regardless of its nature or provenance, with cemeteries and burial sites of all kinds: A Touch of Darkness-Cemeteries and UFOs (

Today, I learned that Mexican author Oscar Zapién Jimeno had contributed another piece to this fascinating and creepy puzzle in an article for Reporte Ovni magazine: "Platillos Voladores en el Cementerio...en Puebla" (Flying Saucers over the Cemetery in Puebla).

Zapién's article discusses the documented UFO activity over the communities surrounding the Popocatepetl Volcano - Atlixco, Metepec, San Baltazar Altimeyaya and others, whose residents treat sightings with the same degree of acceptance - or resignation - we have come to see in the South American communities on the slopes of the Andes. He interviewed Paulino López, a restaurateur and former mayor of San Baltazar Altimeyaya, regarding the incident at the graveyard.

"Well, I've always been involved with the local political authorities," López told him, "and after a meeting at the town hall that ended around 12:30 in the morning, I left the building alone and as I walked past the cemetery I noticed an object hovering some 20 meters (65 feet) above the consecrated ground. The object projected an amber-hued light toward the graveyard, directly toward a particular grave. I tried to make out which burial site it was. The UFO made a noise similar to that of an electric transformer, a very intense noise. It was a quiet night, since everyone here goes to bed very early. My first impulse was to go and tell my mother what I had seen, but before that, I more or less managed to pinpoint the targeted grave and went home, which is some 5 minutes away from that location. I told my mother about the UFO hovering over the graveyard when we suddenly saw it [the UFO] heading toward the volcano. It went dark at a distance of 20 kilometers.

"The next day," López continued, "I went to the cemetery and tried to find the grave, but couldn't find anything unusual. No sign or trace of what the object could have done at that location."

How are we to interpret the intention behind these activities? Anyone approaching the subject from the abduction standpoint could well suggest that implants or genetic samples are being removed by the "Greys" as part of their genetic program. Others could put forth the notion that bona fide researchers from another planet are lifting tissue and bone samples from the dead. Or are these mysterious forces looking for some subtle energy that can only be found in cemeteries?

We thank Mr. Zapién for his valuable contribution to this disquieting aspect of the UFO phenomenon. His entire article (in Spanish) can be read at

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Argentina: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a UFO...No, Just a Bird

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario HOY (
Date: November 16, 2016

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a UFO...No, Just a Bird

Alejandro Blanco is a 36-year-old resident of La Plata who believes he has come across something much more shocking than one of the world's wonders during his trips to the Iguazú Waterfalls. According to his story, after being photographed with the spectacular natural marvel behind him, he discovered the presence of an object that he believes could be a UFO.

"It's incredible. It surpresied me because I'd been looking in that direction without seeing anything. I turned around so a girl could take my picture and then I found this, which I consider to be a flying saucer."

Convinced that he had witnessed a genuine event, Blanco added: "It reminded me of the movie Predator, in which the monster would appear and disappear. Something similar happened here. There was nothing at first, then this."

The man, who worked up to only recently as a sanitation engineer and who retired early due to physical issues, explained that he had journeyed to Misiones Province with his mother on a typical sightseeing trip. At some point he thought it was a prank. "Since you can now add things to photos in a cellphone, I thought it could've been a prank, but the fact is that there's no way it could've happened. It's a major mystery," he said.

This journal contacted Luis Burgos, the renowned ufologist from La Plata who has studied the UFO phenomenon for decades. Following the analysis of the photo through a variety of image filters, he stated that the image did not match what is normally thought to be a flying saucer. "Confusions of this sort are commonplace, but I'm 100% sure it's a bird," he said.

[Translation (c) 2016, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Spain: Fireball Passes Over Southern Spain.

Source: La and Pedro M. Fernandez
Date: 11/16/2016

Spain: Fireball Passes Over Southern Spain.

Fireball explodes some 108 kilometers north of Granada, caused by the reentry of a fragment of Comet Encke, at a speed of 110,000 kilometers per hour.

A fireball caused by the reentry of a fragment of Comet Encke flew over southern Spain yesterday morning, coinciding with the glowing November supermoon. The phenomenon was detected by equipment installed by the University of Huelva at the Complejo Astronómico de La Hita (Toledo) and observatories at Sierra Nevada (Granada), La Sagra (Granada) y Sevilla.

According to a press release from the Complejo Astronómico de La Hita, an analysis by professor Jose María Madiedo has determined that the fireball was indeed caused by the reentry of a fragment of Comet Encke into the atmosphere. The impact took palce at 0355 hours to the north of Granada near the locality of Algarinejo. The fireball moved rapidly in a northeasterly direction before extingushing itself sixty kilometers over southern Jaén province.


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Peru: La Joya AFB, The Perfect UFO Case (1980)

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 11.12.2016
Article by: Yohanan Diaz Vargas

Peru: La Joya, The Perfect UFO

New information has been released by Oscar Santa Maria Huertas, a commander of the Peruvian Air Force, regarding the incident that took place at 07:15 hours on 11 April, 1980, when he was orderd to fly his aircraft - a Sukhoi SU-22, the most technologically advanced fighter at the time - to knock a UFO out of the sky.

It was "a completely spherical object, it's upper section resembled a cream-colored porcelain, with a round, broad, metallic-grey base, like that of an ashtray." The anomalous flying object flew at "great speed and was 10 meters in diameter, making it a very easy target to bring down." This was recorded due to the fact that the flying object was passing over the La Joya military base in Arequipa, in the southern reaches of the Andean country, and the shooting it down was essential to keep it from gathering intelligence.

Within the geopolitical context, Peru had acquired the most advanced military technology from the Soviet Union, and keeping secret the nature of what they had acquired, and where it was kept, was essential. It is important to remember that the military governments of the time armed themselves to such a degree that it was said they were about to go to war against Chile at any moment to recover lost territory.

That morning, Santa María boarded a Sukhoi SU-22 loaded with 140 rounds to fire against the strange flying object. He pursued it and only fired 64 rounds, creating a huge wall of fire. He was startled to see that the object had not suffered any damage whatsoever.

Oscar Santa María said that the effect produced by this weaponry was devastating, and there was no chance of the object emerging unscathed, but the situation was completely different. Not only he had not damaged the intruder, but the object appeared to have acquired an intelligence that allowed it to move freely and escape.

At some point during the pursuit, which lasted around 25 minutes, he felt the UFO somehow "knew" the maneuvers the warplane would engage in.

"It was an odd sensation. When I reached a certain altitude to get it in my sights and fire, the object disrupted the operation and settled at the same altitude and right beside my pane." Upon being asked why he had been chosen, he said "he was the best among the combat pilots" and his superior, of course, wanted the object blown out of the sky as soon as possible and efficiently.

Oscar says came within 100 meters of the object. "I didn't notice that it was spinning. It didn't have windows or rivets, either. What startled me most is that it had no means of propulsion like any other aircraft."

While this went on, Santa María says the military radar units could pick up his jet, but not the UFO. However, ground personnel could see it from the ground, looking like a large luminous object in the sky.

Nearly 460 crewmen were ordered to their stations to repel the mysterious object. Nearly thirteen hundred people were on hand, all of them watching the maneuvers between the interceptor and the UFO. In other words, a total of 1800 people at the base witnessed the incident.

At the end of the incident, and lacking fuel to continue pursuit, Oscar returned to base. To date, it is known that the department in charge of investigating the subject of UFOs in Peru, a division of the Aerospace Interest Office, classified it as case 0007 in its new stage of investigation.

(Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Yohanan Diaz Vargas and Guillermo Giménez)

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Spain: Alcorcón - Defense Department Declassifies 80 UFO Files, Parque Lisboa Case Among Them

Source: Noticias Para Municipios (Spain) and Alberto Suárez
Date: 11.02.2016
Article by David G. Castillejo

Spain: Alcorcón - Defense Department Declassifies 80 UFO Files, Parque Lisboa Case Among Them

ALCORCON/27 October 2016 The Ministry of Defense has declassified 80 reports concerning "Sightings of Strange Phenomena (UFO Files)" running from 1962 to 1995, including the one recorded on March 19, 1978 in Alcorcón.

This file, catalogued under Number 780319 and to which Noticias Para Municipios has gained access, includes up to six photos of strange lights photographed by a citizen from Parque Lisboa. The snapshots were submitted to the Office of Information and Dissemination of the Military Secretariat of the Ministry of the Air.

Images of unidentified flying object were taken from a ninth story [building] in the direction of the Andalucía Highway, according to the file. Since the photographer could not be questioned, the Air Command "requested an analysis" of the photos for inclusion in the file.

The luminous wake of an object that appears to be flying at high speed can be seen in the declassified report, engaging in very tight turns in several directions.

Techniques such as GSW were employed "to improve the clarity of the photos considerably" and "reveal concealed details."

Throughout the process, specialists engaged in the analysis did not dismiss the possibility that the photos were hoaxed. This "rather plausible working hypothesis" was based on the possibility that photos of the area had been obtained initially and subsequently manipulated in the developing process.

In any event, the analysis showed that in the case of the photo marked with the number 1, the image was simply the "outline left by a jet airplane" and that it lacked volume, in other words, no physical and material object was present.

"Photos 2,3,4 and 5 - says the report - does not show the existence of any object with volume during the start or end of the outlines."

The sixth image submitted to the Ministry was enlarged and digitized, showing the existence of a physical flying object. But immediately following, the analysis shows that it was "an airplane engaged in an approach maneuver (or takeoff) toward a landing area.

The authorities concluded with absolute certainty that file 780319 - in spite of the lack of the original negatives - these would not contribute any "additional information worth mentioning, unless it was to fully expose the nature of the hoax," it says.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to David Castillejo and Alberto Suárez]