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2004: Hunter Allegedly Shoots "Amphibian Alien"

By Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOS-La Pampa

Location: Rural area west of Toay, La Pampa (Argentina)
Witnesses: Two
Date: December 2004

While stalking animals in a hunting preserve, two hunters witnessed a light described as “a full moon” engaging in ascent and descent movements on a hillside, subsequently coming close to the ground. The larger light – orange in color – was static while smaller multicolored lights danced around it.

It is worth noting that at the time of the sighting, there was a moment of confusion, since two “full moons” were suddenly visible: the first being Earth’s satellite and the other the unidentified flying object. It should also be mentioned that smaller lights were seen during the late afternoon, engaged in strange maneuvers.

In the light of this, one of the hunters decided to leave the location, full of fear. He drove off in his pickup truck. The remaining hunter stayed back, accompanied by his powerful .30 caliber rifle with telescopic sight.

In the wee hours of the morning he was stirred from his sleep by noises similar to those of wild boar, coming from the location where they had previously found a dead cow (dead of natural causes) which they employed as bait. A distance of 80 meters separated the cow from the hunter.

Hearing these growls, he focused his telescopic sight on the dead cows’ carcass, startled by the sight of a figure he identified as “an animal”, surprised by its bulk and height. It was then that he decided to take the shot, hearing the characteristic noise of the impact on the body.

At that moment, the entire region became illuminated by a “very powerful light” that produced whirlwinds and dirt devils with a permanent, buzzing sound. Through his rifle’s sight, the hunter was able to see the creature again, noticing that its posterior had a tail “similar to that of an amphibian reptile”.

The hunter chose to wait a prudent amount of time and kept a constant watch on the location. Later on, overcoming his initial fear, and the total silence that predominated, he approached the carcass certain that he had killed the creature he had witnessed through the scope. With astonishment, he saw that the creature he had hit with the high-caliber bullet had vanished and that the cow had been moved 90 degrees from its original position, giving the appearance of having been mutilated. No traces of blood were found in the vicinity, nor tracks or any evidence corrborating the event.

The witness comes from a line of professional hunters living in Santa Rosa, la Pampa, accustomed to the wilderness and spending nights waiting for their prey. The hunter is convinced, in his own words, that “…he had shot an extraterrestrial in disguise.”

NOTE: The charcteristics described above cause us to reflect on the absence of eyewitnesses to the mutilations, the places where said mutilations take place and the circumstances employed. This is where we can see that the UFO phenomenon goes beyond the limits of both reason and our reality.

The electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye exists in a wavelength of between 10.6 and 10.7 meters with a frequency between 1014 and 1015 Hz. Above these frequencies, which are lower in wavelength, we find UV, X and Gamma Rays; below these frequencies and with a longer wavelength we have infrared, microwave, shortwave, TV and FM radio waves, AM waves and longwave radio.

There are investigations aimed at an effort to collect and present a variety of manifestations which could take place in a level other than the visible and which could be employed by these intelligences to go unnoticed; some of these have already been recorded.

[Translation (c) 2004 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves]

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Perú: Father Christmas or a UFO? Mysterious Light Shines Over Several Districts of Lima

Source: PLANETA UFO and Radio Santiago
Date: December 25, 2016

Perú: Father Christmas or a UFO? Mysterious Light Shines Over Several Districts of Lima

At approximately 00:10 hours on Thursday, December 25 - Christmas Day - A glow illuminated various districts of Lima and El Callao. This cause great consternation in social media. Facebook and YouTube users recorded videos of this hitherto inexplicable phenomenon.

The images show the manner in which the light appears from one minute to the next in the sky. At the same time, public and domestic lighting ceases to work in part. The aforementioned light has a bluish color and is more like a flash, but scene from various districts of the capital.

No authority has commented on this up to now.

Below: The light as seen from Chorrillos, a district of Lima. "The light was in San Miguel or El Callao," according to Giancarlo Origgi, the author of the photo, who shared it on Twitter.
Phenomena of this sort can be explained in a number of logical ways, but there is also the possibility that it cannot be explained.

1. A likely cause would be a short-circuit in the city's power grid. It has been noted that the power supply was interrupted for a few brief seconds.
2. The presence of a meteorite exploding in the atmosphere above the Peruvian capital. This is also a highly probably hypothesis.
3. Although less likely, it could be something manmade, that is to say some sort of pyrotechnic or explosive device flying at high altitude. Let us remember that fireworks are abundant in the sky on the night of December 24th and the early hours of December 25th.

It is important - before stating that UFOs or aliens are involved - is to consider all logical alternatives. Once these have been exhausted, and when no convincing answers are forthcoming from the authorities, we can then classify this case as unexplained. It cannot be denied that this is strange in plain sight, and it is for this reason that we are writing, analyzing and disclosing this news item.

UPDATES (Source: Diario La República)

José Mesía, a forecaster with Senamhi, reports that the source of the light being an electrical discharge has been discarded. According to satellite images at the time in question, there were only "low clouds and some middle clouds" in the skies over the capital, which do not produce discharges. he also says that when looking at the video uploaded to Facebook, the light appears to come from the surface, rising skyward from it.

After phoning EDELNOR customer service, we were told that they had no information on any blackouts whatsoever during the time period in question. They promised to contact us should there be any information on the occurrence.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Radio Santiago]

Argentina: Air Force Debunks Nearly 40 UFO Sightings

Source: Planeta UFO, TELAM and Diario de Cuyo
Date: 12.26.2016

Argentina: Air Force Debunks Nearly 40 UFO Sightings

Nearly 40 sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) reported in Argentina during 2016 were explained away as some natural phenomenon by those who took the photo or witnessed the event reported, according to a commission of the Argentinean Air Force (FAA).

The Comisión de Estudio de Fenómenos Aeroespaciales (CEFAE) is an agency attached to the Argentinean Air Force. It has operated since 2011 in an office shared by monitors that follow satellites in real time, along with the debris of the Soviet space station Salyut 7, which crashed in the Province of Entre Rios in February 1991.

Ruben Lianza, who is in charge of CEFAE, explained that they provide "an open public service that enables citizens to clarify UFO sightings they may have recorded. “We employ all the tools at our disposal to identify each case as precisely as possible. It isn't that we're looking for alien life in the photographs."

With 40 years' experience in his favor, the specialist explained that "many people manage to take photos when they see something in the heavens that they can't explain, and others notice objects they did not expect to see, seemingly in flight, in photos they've taken. In such cases, many get in touch with us in the hope that we will identify these flying objects."

"There are thousands of other objects having a commonplace origin that cause people to become confused. For that reason, this commission employs the term 'aerospace phenomena' rather than the ill-used acronym UFO."

Lianza pointed out that "at least seven different kinds of explanations can be identified. Some are of an optical nature, being external or internal lens flares, particles or drops on the lens or sensor errors. Others are biological, birds or insects flying across the camera or creating optical illusions by having been taken at very low shutter speeds. There are also astronomical causes, such as the moon in broad daylight, for instance, or a star, planet or even the occasional shooting star, the sun reflecting off communication satellite mirrors, aircraft flying during daytime or nighttime hours or experimental balloons," he added.

For the moment, 40 per cent of the cases present in the report are attributable to biological causes, 37.1 per cent to causes linked to camera effects, while 5.7 per cent corresponds to astronomical causes and 2.9 per cent are attributable to satellites.

The commission makes use of three satellite and astronomical tracking software programs - Orbitron, Satflare and Stellarium - in analyzing cases. These record the exact orbit in real time with the possibility of delayed mode simulation for satellites and heavenly bodies. This allows reproduction of the conditions existing in the skies at the exact time and date at which the phenomenon was reported.

"When people see things at the edge of their visual field, the brain completes the missing information by resorting to the imagination. This can happen to a person with no aeronautical experience as well as to the most experienced pilot. It is for this reason that all the cases we receive must be accompanied perforce by photo, video or material evidence."

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Diario de Cuyo]

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mexico: UFOs Reported Over the Mérida-Tixkokob Highway

Date: 12.22.2016
An article by Jorge Moreno for SIPSE

Mexico: UFOs Reported Over the Mérida-Tixkokob Highway

MERIDA, Yucatan - With two new UFO sighting reports along the Mérida-Tixkokob Highway, this stretch of road is becoming known due to sightings of this sort. Localities such as Ticul and the Muna and Homún roads are also UFO hotspots.

Reports came from employees working on the construction of a highway exit toward Tixkokob: "We were heading home in late December was it was getting dark. My co-work grabbed his motorcycle and we took off toward Tipéxhual. We had progressed a few kilometers past the Villas de Oriente checkpoint when a sort of UFO or spaceship with a powerful blue light crossed right in front of us, at an altitude of some 20 meters. It was so close that there was no way we could be mistaken. My companion even pulled over to look at it more closely. In fact, it made no noise whatsoever," explained one worker.

It is worth noting that although no further information was forthcoming in this regard, a worker had seen a similar object only a few days ago, just one kilometer before reaching this community.

"We're certain that it was a UFO. The time was around nine o'clock at night. The light was very bright, like a sort of sphere, making erratic moves. It suddenly took off, vanishing at high speed. I think it went upward," he concluded.

A few years ago, Carlos Benitez Novelo, a vendor who customarily covers the Tixkokob route and encircling municipalities, informed Enigmas of the following case: "I let my house in Merida very early to start my collections in Tixho. I normally travel along the road that leads straight to that town, but on one instance I became distracted and went straight to Tipéxhual. Since it's the same distance, I didn't see a problem with it, and kept going. Within a few minutes after leaving Tipéxhual, going over the train tracks, I witnessed an object flying at low altitude, perhaps five meters. It was a black circular object, shaped like a spacecraft and metallic-looking, since the sunlight caused to have a slight glow. I slowed down but didn't stop, and then suddenly realize that it was matching my speed. I was very startled, it occurred in a matter of seconds, and then out the corner of my eye, I saw it take off and vanish into the sky. That's when I pulled over to calm down and see where it had gone off to, but I didn't see it again.

Such stories have become commonplace in recent years. All agree on the UFO's characteristics: it flies at high speed and a short distance from the road. However, the reason behind these sightings is unknown.

[Translation (c) 2016, Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Jorge Moreno, SIPSE]

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Argentina: Animal Mutilations and Two Strange Beings in La Pampa

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Popular
Date: 12.19.2016
Article by Pachi LaFata for Diario Popular

Argentina: Animal Mutilations and Two Strange Beings in La Pampa

The event took place 35 kilometers from Rio Colorado. Witnesses opened fire but the creatures fled. The following are the facts of this chilling episode.

Ufologists referred to it as a "perfect cattle mutilation case", involving 13 specimens. It took place weeks ago in the Pampan locality of Rio Colorado, but that was not all. Making the rounds of the fields, farmhands came across two strange beings - one smaller, the other taller. As a result of the panic, the witnesses opened fire against them, but rounds had no effect on the creatures, which fled.

The area has been a land of mystery when it comes to the subject of dissected animals. In 2002, during the heyday of the cattle mutilation epidemic, the case involving the city of La Adela broke the mold with an episode involving over 40 dead and mutilated animals in a single field.

According to reports arising from an investigation by the VISION OVNI group, the event took place in this instance at a field near Route 154, a little more than 35 kilometers from Rio Colorado, the gateway to Patagonia, and 35 kilometers distant from La Adela in La Pampa. "Around August 9 [2016] during the night, the farmhands of the property witnessed a series of lights in the fields. Thinking cattle rustlers were involved, they headed in that direction with their weapons in an effort to catch the prowlers in the act. Upon reaching the site, they didn't find the lights, but instead came across a number of dead and mutilated animals, with perfect incisions in their jaws and hindquarters. They had already seen similar cases in 2002, and were surprised that no answer had ever been found for these incidents," reads the group's report.

Just as they thought the strange events were over, one of the farmhands -- according to sources -- came face to face with two beings, one smaller and another taller. The farmhands opened fire out of fear, not sure if they had struck their intended targets. "According to our sources, the witnesses remarked: 'the fellows say the saw a small creature and then a taller one and fired at them. They had scaly backs and ugly grey faces."

The following morning, one of the employees went out to survey the fields to see the place where the events occurred in closer detail. He found the smaller of the two beings around 9 a.m. He abandoned the field and went to town, refusing to return to work. He even asked to have his belongings brought to him because he doesn't want to return to the estate for anything in the world. The livestock property's owner (whose identity is being kept confidential) is being tight-lipped about these occurrences and has installed security cameras all over the farm's perimeter with the aim of securing evidence of who or what is behind these deaths."

SENASA is taking part in the investigation with the police, which is also being secretive about the case. However, it emerged that they found prints on the ground that were retrieved for investigation. These prints were found at 10-meter intervals, suggesting that the creature was able to hop or jump this distance.

While official versions of the event maintain that 13 animals were found mutilated in the Rio Colorado property, unofficial estimates place the deaths at 40. This would place the case at the top of the records for this year. VISION OVNI began its research activities in 1991 in Victoria, Entre Rios, Argentina. "Our goal is to disseminate case histories and research on the UFO phenomenon with the utmost seriousness and only with the truth about the countless cases that have occurred," noted the researchers.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez (Planeta UFO) and Pachi LaFata (Diario Popular)]

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Argentina: Seven Friends Break Pact of Silence to Disclose Alien Contact

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Popular
Date: 12.09.2016
Article by Pachi La Fata

Argentina: Seven Friends Break Pact of Silence to Disclose Alien Contact

**They rented a farm on the outskirts of Neuquen and experienced a weekend of horrors***

The history was kept secret by an agreement between the witnesses. Seven people went through the most unbelievable - and terrifying - ordeal of their lives. They are speaking openly about it today, while concealing their identities. It happened in Neuquen last July during the course of a friendly weekend get-together, as they had not seen each other for a long time. Between them all they rented a quinta (farm) to enjoy unending food and conversation. But this was all changed as a result of mysterious events that included lights that invaded the premises, impressive noises and unexplained, illogical situations.

Alberto is one of the friends. He is 45, a professor at a school in the locality of Ciudad Evita. He doesn't believe in UFOS, aliens, or anything similar. Now he does. "We were stunned. We discussed it amongst ourselves, by phone or Facebook. We're a group of friends yearning to get together, having known each other since childhood. We attended school together or shared activities. Life led us along different paths later on. But a chain was formed, it grew, and one day we decided to get together and do something. That's where we got the idea to rent a farm for a weekend in Neuquén. The idea was to catch up with our life stories and eat a lot. We never imagined what would happen. I am telling you this with their permission," the witness told Mas Alla del Misterio.

The plan was solidified after much ado. "It was in July. I got there by plane, and we all met up. We chose a dwelling with several rooms and a big yard. Obviously, we purchased a lot of roasts and bottles of wine. We started out with a huge dinner, many hugs, anecdotes, laughter, some sad stories involving those who were no longer with us. A wonderful day as it went along. In the afternoon we drank mate and we even set up a foosball table. Night fell. We discussed what to eat and settled on beer and pizza. We ordered, it came, and everything was perfect, just as we'd planned," Alberto said.

Around 23:00 hours, some of the friends went to their rooms to sleep. Others stayed in bed, talking. "We were tired but happy. That's when all this stuff we cannot explain started to occur. The first thing that happened was the arrival of a massive light that flooded absolutely everything. The house had large windows with thick glass and curtains. Light was filtering in everywhere, even under the main door. We couldn't understand it," says the man.

Astonishment seized the group. The powerful light was soon joined by a tremendous noise none of them had ever heard before. "The noise was extremely odd. Like a whistling, a buzzing. We think it may have been a machine, but nothing we had ever experienced before. This was the situation. We were inside, with a light outside that flooded absolutely everything, and the strange unending noise. We tried looking out, but the brightness didn't allow us to see anything. We grew nervous, and fear soon manifested itself. But we didn't know what to do. No one was willing to go out," Alberto explained.

"Everything became very strange. I'm not sure how long this situation lasted, ten minutes perhaps. Suddenly, the noise began to disappear until everything became quiet. But the light remained steady. I think this was precisely to keep us from going outside. We exchanged glances. Suddenly other sounds began drifting in from the outside. Truly inexplicable. I cannot describe them. A mixture of metallic sounds, but that doesn't explain the either. Almost simultaneously, a wind whipped up inside the house, with no reason, shaking the curtains, the lights. The door starting to make a noise, squeaking. The windows too," added the witness.

Amid this chilling scenario, one of the friends suggested they leave the habitation's main room. "Let's go to the largest bedroom," he said. All agreed. "We felt we shouldn't be where we were, that we could not remain there. We locked ourselves into that room and spent the entire night inside. Every so often we'd hear noises. Finally, at dawn, we went outside with trepidation. The house curtains were slashed in two, almost neatly. So were the plates on the table. Only their circumference was left," he said.

Alberto finally stated: "None of us can explain this, whether aliens or something else was involved. Nothing." He added that "we all want to tell the story, but it is likely that we'll be taken for madmen, even though we're coming forward now, because we're sure that we aren't the only ones who went through a similar experience."

A CE-3K?

During conversations following the event, the friends put forth a number of theories. Overall, they believe it was a close encounter of the third kind with some sort of alien craft, which manifested at the site to do something they're unsure of. "They were around several hours. We know something came inside while we were locked in the room. We spoke about the curtains the plates. They took the circles from the base of the plates, leaving only their circumference. These were perfect circles. No noise, nothing. A mystery." Alberto further added: "Some of us haven't even told what happened to our relatives. This isn't my case - I have sufficient trust in my loved ones, and I did so with considerable detail. In fact, they supported me when started to consider the possibility of sharing the story with Diario Popular." In this regard "we hope to understand a little more; we're all a bit obsessed."

Like in the Movies, But Without Signs

The descriptions of the event in the Neuquén farm have points of similarity with entire scenes from the movie "Signs", especially at the start, when a family goes through a moment of panic before aliens arrive at their home. "We discussed it, it matches the movie. The only thing is that there was nothing outside. We toured the premises to make sure and no trace whatsoever was to be found. It's all so strange. Local residents say they saw nothing at all."

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Pachi La Fata (Diario Popular)

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Nicaragua: More UFOs in El Sauce

Source: PLANETA UFO (Argentina) and TN8 (Nicaragua)
Date: 12.09.2016

Article by Milenia Lopez Palacios, TN8 newsroom

Nicaragua: More UFOs in El Sauce?

Residents of El Sauce, León, reported in on social media claiming to have been stunned after seeing a strange light in the sky last night (December 6).

Several Facebook users claimed seeing a bright light crossing the sky very slowly from East to West, and it vanished suddenly after being detected. It is worth mentioning that many people had the chance to see this UFO, as it cruised across the sky for approximately 20 minutes. Onlookers also noted that the unidentified flying object (UFO) was constantly changing colors from silver to red.

One of three photographs of the El Sauce object taken by Hugo Sánchez.

Mrs. Francis Reyes, a resident of this municipality, said: "First, the phenomenon looked like multiple colored lights, and it traveled at a higher speed." Her version of the event dovetails with statements made by others who were astonished by the bright light in the sky.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that such a sighting has been reported by residents of El Sauce, who have no qualms about making such phenomena known.

As an added note, residents of Comunidad Los Limones 2 in El Sauce reported that a UFO had been seen during morning hours on 18 December 2015. They also said the alleged UFO was heading toward Cerro La Horqueta. But in the final analysis, it may be you who has the answer as to whether or not to believe in the so-called UFOs.

(Translation (c) 2016, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

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Argentina: An Interview with Ventura Maceiras in 1971?

Argentina: An Interview with Ventura Maceiras in 1971?

Background Information: "On Saturday, December 30, 1972, Ventura Maceiras, the 73-year-old watchman of a property located in the Angel Cabañas Municipal Park of Tres Arroyos, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), was calmly sipping tea one evening when a brilliantly illuminated object appeared out of nowhere in a nearby clearing. He could make out the forms of two beings clearly within the glowing object, and with the rustic courtesy of the gaucho, Maceiras proffered his cup of "mate" – the traditional Argentinean infusion – to the new arrivals. His cat, having just given birth to litter of kittens, ran away from the unnatural light, forsaking her young. Events following the apparition of the alien craft proceeded quickly. Maceiras saw the beings depart in a flash of light, and immediately began to feel ill, with slight vomiting and incontinence. Strange tendrils of fine, thread-like material (a form of Morgellon’s Disease?) streamed from his eyes and his blood cell count dropped precipitously. Researchers were startled to find that fish in an adjacent pond had died of unknown causes. Maceiras's cat returned, displaying patches of burnt fur as if from extreme heat, and would later die mysteriously, along with Maceiras’s dog, who is seldom mentioned in the numerous retellings of the case. But a totally unforeseen event began to transpire: Maceiras began to acquire thoughts foreign to his experience and meager education. He was able to discuss the finer points of history, philosophy, medicine and astronomy with experts come from the capital to see him. To the amazement of his attending physicians, Maceiras was growing a new set of teeth. It should be noted, however, that subsequent investigations called into question the dental development and the alleged improvement to his eyesight."

Our colleagues Guillermo Giménez of Planeta UFO and researcher Carlos Sainz have provided a fascinating document: a news report by Bahia Blanca’s Channel 9 showing an interview allegedly from 1971 by Jose Roman Cachero, a respected TV journalist from with an older man who goes unidentified in the video, but who could well be Ventura Maceiras one year prior to his history-making UFO Experience. If it is indeed Maceiras? Does it suggest that he had an earlier encounter with the unknown?

The video can be seen at
The transcription is from 00:50 minutes to 01:59 minutes of the original. The remainder of the video is a tribute to the Dionisio Llanca abduction case.

Maceiras: It came down from the sky, softly, with a buzzing sound. A strange soft buzzing, very perceptible, and it came down, and it slid its feet, didn't lift them too much, almost dragging them.
Interviewer: So he sat beside you and spoke to you? To show you stuff?
Maceiras: Yes. I offered him a little footstool, but he refused it. He chose a taller stool, and that's when I realized that he had a very long pistol at his side.
Interviewer: what was the man like, physically?
Maceiras: He was taller than me, slightly more elongated face --
Interviewer: Did he have hair?
Maceiras: Yes, yes he had hair.
Interviewer: So a normal being, then.
Maceiras: Yes, his hair looked like silky wood.
Interviewer: What were his eyes like?
Maceiras: Elongated, really slanted. I don't know, I've never seen that sort of person before. I’ve seen that in Turkish women (*) I'd seen it before.
Interviewer: And what language did he speak?
Maceiras: Castilian, a rough sort of Castillian. There were many words I was unable to understand. Out of every twenty words there were a few I found hard.
Interviewer: Did you shake hands?
Maceiras: Yes, he held out his hand when he showed up.
Interviewer: What did it feel like?
Maceiras: Like a sort of "kick"
Interviewer: A hot hand?
Maceiras: No, no - the hand wasn't hot. It was a very smooth hand, very soft, but it gave me a sort of "kick".

(*) It is interesting to note that Antonio Villas Boas made a similar remark during the interviews regarding his sexual experiences aboard an unknown craft. He stated the following during the interview conducted by Dr. Olavo T. Fontes on February 22, 1958 and witnessed by journalist Joao Martins: Her eyes were blue and large, more narrow than round and slanted outward--like the pencil-painted eyes of those girls who fancy themselves Arabian princesses and make their eyes look slanted; that's what they were like. Only it was a completely natural effect, since there was no paint at all involved."

Carlos Sainz had the following to say about this remarkable recording: “[Maceiras] goes unnamed in the video. In fact, the date provided is 1971. In my opinion, this is an oversight of the tape, of the news program itself, considering that their intention was to “recover old file material”. The TV channel is from Bahía Blanca, near Tres Arroyos, where the Maceiras case occurred. If you contrast it with other photos of Maceiras, the image on the tape is practically identical, as well as the way in which he expresses himself. Part of what he is telling the journalist matches what was described in other articles and told to other reporters at the time. Personally, I’m sure it’s him.”

Monday, December 05, 2016

Argentina: Was a UFO Photographed over Jáchal?

Source: PLANETA UFO and Orbita Cero
Date: 12.05.2016

Argentina: Was a UFO Photographed over Jáchal?

** This isn't the first time that Roberto Ruiz has an experience like the one on Thursday, when he went out to photograph a storm. Watch the video**

Photographer Roberto Ruiz from Jáchal (San Juan Province) witnessed a luminous object in the skies over his hometown on Thursday night, when he went out with his colleague Nito Martín to photograph the storm.

Their lenses were aimed at Cerro Los Blanquitos around ten o'clock at night, when a powerful greenish light became visible at the mountain's crest. According the eyewitnesses, the object moved and later vanished behind the summit.

This is not the first time that the photojournalist has had a similar experience. In August 1984, Ruiz alleedly saw a UFO from the window of a plane on which he was flying.


[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez (Planeta UFO) and Luis Emilio Annino (Orbita Cero)]