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Argentina: Three Out of Four People Have Witnessed UFOs in San Luis

Source: Planeta UFO and MDZ
Date: 05.24.2017

Argentina: Three Out of Four People Have Witnessed UFOs in San Luis

The Province of San Luis is among Argentina's ten "hot-spots" as far as UFO sightings are concerned.

According to a report by ufologists who visited the Comechingones Mountains and adjacent areas during the last days of the April 2017, three out of every four residents have witnessed UFOs in the area.

During an initial telephone survey conducted by San Luis 24 with a sample of 370 respondents, 73% (270 people) claim having seen an anomalous phenomenon at least once.

The remaining 103 believe the event could surely be explained by some kind of natural phenomenon or terrestrial technology they were unable to identify. The 167 remaining responses indicate no hesitation in explaining the anomalous event as a sighting of alien spacecraft in the region.

After the initial stage, experts will devote coming months to the study of photographic and video information provided by local residents. The Province of San Luis is among Argentina's ten "hot-spots", where unidentified phenomena are reported most frequently.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: A Forgotten Enigma - Mystery Enshrouds the 1995 Salta UFO Crash

Source: Planeta UFO and El Tribuno
Date: 05.27.2017
An Article by Daniel Díaz, El Tribuno

Argentina: A Forgotten Enigma - Mystery Enshrouds the 1995 Salta UFO Crash

The event occurred in 1995 in the Serranía Colorada, community of Joaquin V. González. Details were never officially disclosed.

Ufologists still remember one of the most widely known UFO events to have occurred in the country, known as the Argentinean Roswell. It was given that name by its similarities with the 1947 incident in New Mexico, U.S.A.

In the early hours of August 18, 1995, the domestic press reported the collision of an allegedly alien spacecraft in the department of Anta.

At the time, private pilot Antonio Galvagno witnessed a "confusing plot", as he would describe it, which kept the event from ever being solved. He said that he was having lunch on the day that the object fell and heard a loud explosion around 13:50 hours, which caused the entire community of Joaquin V. Gonzalez to shake. His initial sensation was one of fear, he told El Tribuno, thinking it was an earthquake, which cause the province to shake every so often. To his surprise, he took to the streets a few minutes later and saw a large column of smoke that made him think that an airplane or meteorite had crashed. The dense white trail was seen by dozens of local residence.

Curiosity motivated Galvagno to fly over the area in his two-seat aircraft. He concentrated on the area where the crash had apparently occurred, known as Serranía Colorada. The flyer saw a column of smoke which he described as "a cloud of soot with metallic particles. The search turned up nothing new. I found nothing."

Galvagno devoted the next two weeks to finding clues as to what could have happened, but without any positive results. According to his story, he met with a group from the Gendarmería Nacional (national police) who forbid him to continue the search, pursue the investigation or fly over the area.

However, the pilot decided to continue along with a group of locals motivated by curiosity. The news also reached the national television, print and radio media. It was brought up on programs such as the one by Susana Giménez and the late Jorge Guinzburg. Telenoche, Cronica and magazines like Gente dispatched correspondents to the area. There was never any official word as to what occurred and all that remained was a burned area measuring some 500 meters wide by five kilometers long.

The hypothesis by the pilot from Anta is that a craft - regardless of its origin - slid along the path. "Vegetation never grew in the site again and the area was closed off. Gendarmería and the Air Force invoked reasons of national security," Galvagno said. He and many other residents of Anta always believed it had been a UFO.

On November 27, 2009, a considerable part of the Department of Anta was left in the dark after midnight following a blackout which occurred at the same time dozens of witnesses reported seeing a UFO over the city of Joaquin V. Gonzalez.

In that instance, Daniel Barbosa, director of Radio Uno, told El Tribuno "that according to eyewitness accounts, the craft was gigantic, sausage-shaped and fully illuminated."

Citizens stated that the object flew over the power station for some minutes. "We were surprised that people from all over the city coincided in the description. Even stranger is that a blackout occurred."

The event occurred in 1995 at Serranía Colorada in the municipality of Joaquin V. Gonzalez. The details were never officially disclosed. Vegetation never again grew at the location and it remained closed off. The national police and the Argentinean Air Force invoked "reasons of national security."

[Translation (c) 2017, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Daniel Díaz]

NOTE: The Salta UFO crash was one of the first major events covered by INEXPLICATA in its original incarnation (the Samizdat newsletter) at the time. It was reprinted in 2009 at and appears in the book Inexplicata: UFOs in Latin America and Spain available at ( For details on the 2009 Salta UFO flap, please visit -- Scott Corrales.

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Honduras: Drones or Saucers?

Source: Planeta UFO and Tiempo Digital
Date: 05.24.17

Honduras: Drones or Saucers?

In recent hours, residents of Valle in southern Honduras claimed seeing objects similar to flying saucers. Commotion gripped the southerners, as this is the first time they have seen such a large object flying over the area. According to local residents, the alleged saucer flew as though "monitoring" the area. The unusual event occurred between 8:00 and 9:00 in the evening in southern Honduras on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

Information from Aeronáutica Civil de Honduras suggests that El Salvador has a large drone, which was seen by the southerners.

According to an officer in charge of state safety, Salvadorans pilot the drone with the aim of interdiciting drug traffic in their area. That is to say, our Salvadoran brothers use this drone to provide security to their country.

The drone they use is immense, according to photographs taken. What was seen in Valle is indeed the Salvadoran device.

Some time ago, an unidentified flying object was recorded by residents of the village of Las Planchas in Patuca, Olancho. The alleged UFO alarmed locals, who immediately tried to record the event. The photograph shows an oval object flying among the trees. It is up to the reader to decide whether this is a fraud or a UFO.

Drones are UAVs - unmanned aerial vehicles. These are reusable, crewless devices capable of maintaining controlled and sustained flight autonomously. The drone is propelled by an electrical or jet engine. Their design covers a wide range of shapes, sizes, configurations and characteristics. Historically, they emerged as remotely piloted vehicles.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: The Hernandarias Event - UFO Teleportation or Abduction?

Source: Planeta UFO and CN Digital
Date: 05.24.2017

Argentina: The Hernandarias Event - UFO Teleportation or Abduction?
By Gustavo Fernández

Last Monday night, a 13-year-old was somewhere in his home. He suddenly vanished when his father went after him. As hours elapsed, he was found elsewhere, a kilometer and a half away from his house. This paranormal event is currently under investigation.

The incident occurred on Monday, 22 May, around 22:30 hours in the small and pleasant town of Hernandarias, Province of Entre Rios, Argentina. The situation: a family gathered together for dinner. A 13-year-old had been sent to another part of the property to fetch certain elements. An adult gave him a hand in opening a door that presented certain difficulties and was in fact stuck, causing the boy to be delayed. The man struggled with the stuck door for two or three minutes, and upon turning around to look, he noticed that the teen was no longer there. Supposing he'd returned to the rest of the family, the man did the same. Confusion reigned: no one had seen the boy.

Concerned, they took to the street as a group to find him, something that took them less than ten minutes when a cellphone rang. It was the teenager, saying he had no idea how he suddenly found himself at a "taxi stand". He described the location. Meanwhile, the police - which had already been alerted - identified the location and went to collect him. The youth did not understand what had happened. All he knows is that he was standing behind he was "blinded by a powerful light" and heard "a snapping noise", finding himself next at the place where he was ultimately found.

The event occurred over a course of hours. The first theory set in motion by those who believed his story (it is best to say nothing about those who could only proffer insults and verbal aggression toward the family, finding it humorous, without stopping to think about the negative effect it could have) is that it was a "UFO kidnapping", a phenomenon known as "abduction". In our personal chaos, as members of the local organizations known as the Instituto Planificador de ENcuentros Cercanos (IPEC) and Club del OVNI, we took measures aimed at gathering more information and investigating the case. At this very moment, our correspondent Emanuel Giudice is gathering elements aimed at interviewing the family in an earnest and respectful manner, as they are averse to becoming immersed in scandal. We also know that the teenager's father wanted to say nothing about the events, but the fact that the boy was taken for questioning by either police authorities or medical personal, has already leaked out.

We know the youth is terrified by the event.

This then is the description of the facts - accepting its likelihood, ratified by Diego Wasinger, the local police chief - allows us to suppose the existence of another phenomenon, a parapsychological one with considerable background: teleportation. This is the name given to a spectacular but documented phenomenon consisting in the dematerialization of a person from a given location and their reappearance at another. Why speculate about an intervention by alien craft? This would be so if the protagonist had described having been taken into a spacecraft, or if other witnesses had seen this. But here, the youth only sees "a light" and this does not suffice to tag it as a UFO.

In fact, as I often say: we say a shining light behaving abnormally in the sky and we say: "Oh! a UFO!". We see a bright light behaving strangely at a graveyard and we say: "Oh! It's a ghost!". The only certainty in both cases is that we have seen a light behaving oddly. The "explanation" is simply our own speculation.

In this case, the youth saw a light. I repeat: The youth claims having seen a light, not the adult who accompanied him. Had there been a "craft" in the area, the light would have been seen by both. But no. This claim is made only by the protagonist of the incident.

What is teleportation? How does it come about? There are two theories. One of them invokes the customary time-space anomalies of the universe that surrounds and states that "vortexes" or "portals" open at random through which a person may inadvertently step through, appearing elsewhere...or elsewhen. History is full of examples. People entering a "fairy ring" in the forest and return to their village only to find thirty or forty years have elapsed. Drivers entering a "cloud bank" only to reappear in another country. We have a wealth of examples.

In this event, the expert report concluded that the teen is in perfect health. In abduction incidents - with very few exceptions, there are signs of physical intrusion: puncture marks, bruises, dilation of the body's natural orifices. Furthermore, we know nothing about the time elapsed between disappearance and appearance, but this is argument is not enough to suppose an abduction.

To the extent that our correspondent in Hernandaria's efforts yield results (I fear that the family's true stress will begin now, and our recommendation is to allow the case to "cool off" for a while, perhaps leaving the community for a few weeks if possible) we propose the following steps: hypnotic regression on the subject. In he describes an abduction experience in this state, we must then reassess our opinion. Until then, we strongly suspect the extemporaneous and involuntary occurrence of a teleportation.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Gustavo Fernández]

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Mexico: Ground Traces Left By Unknown Lights, Cerro del Quinceo, Mexico (1997)

Mexico: Ground Traces Left By Unknown Lights, Cerro del Quinceo, Mexico (1997)

Claudio Mora of La Esfera Azul writes: "Back in 1997 there was a wave of unknown lights in the sky in the general vicinity of Cerro del Quinceo, Morelia, in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Some reports suggested that these lights had landed. We had the opportunity to visit the area in person several years later and were able to find the exact spot where ground traces of unknown origin could be located."

At minute 6:39 in the video, the speaker points out that 'between six and seven impressions' are to be found where grass will not grow, having roughly the same shape (discarded plastic bottles are removed to give a better view). "What is most striking is the circular shape of these impressions," going on to note that the surrounding grass is completely dry.

The video can be seen at

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Argentina: A UFO Abduction in Hernandarias?

Source: ICOU and Luis Burgos
Date: 05.23.2017

Argentina: A UFO Abduction in Hernandarias?
By Luis Burgos, FAO-ICOU (Argentine UFO Foundation - United Field Researchers)

Hernandarias is a community in Entre Rios located some 75 kilometers in a straight line to the north of the provincial capital, the lovely city of Paraná. It is not an area known for frequent UFO reports, but on the evening of Monday, 22 May 2017, shortly after 21:00 hours, a relevant incident occurred that merits objective investigation, taking several factors into account:

A 13-year-old boy MAY have been the victim of a UFO abduction for several minutes. The boy had left his home to pick up some things and headed toward another dwelling some 50 meters away. Several minutes later, a 25-year-old relative noticed there was a problem with the door of this structure and went out to assist him. Thus, while trying to solve the problem, the young man, standing a scant three meters from his relative, heard a noise followed by a bright light and remembers nothing more. He "reappeared" several blocks distant at a taxi stand, looking confused and stunned.

At this point, the person closest to him thought he must have returned home, as he could not see him. The astonishment of the rest of the family is readily imaginable when they noticed the boy was no longer there, neither inside nor outside his home. A search began. They tried to contact him by cellphone to no avail. Ten minutes later, they managed to reach him [by phone] and learned of his whereabouts. Relatives went to collect him and take him to a hospital, where he was subjected to blood and urine analyses, after which he was found to be in fit condition, that is to say, not presenting any anomalous symptoms. The local police became involved through Commissioner Diego Wasinger and the corresponding sealed proceedings commenced.

During the early hours of the morning, Marcelo Martinich got in touch with me to apprise me of the situation, and we hammered out the following steps together. First, I contacted Commissioner Wasinger, who kindly answered the questions posed to him. The official, who had just returned from the teenager's place of residence, said the young witness is being "contained" by his relatives, that he knows where he is in time and space, and that he did not make any statements to the press. He considers the boy to be a normal person. The matter of his having been "teleported" is another matter entirely. It is interesting to note that we have a 10 minute window as the young boy's disappearance period, a stretch of time one could consider very brief when dealing with abductions, although not impossible. Moreover, Wasinger confirmed that the cellphone had been confiscated and that the taxi stand where the boy was found is a kilometer away from the dwelling. Finally, he added that the relative heard no noises and did not see the brightness perceived by the main witness. We would like to thank the commissioner for having answered our questions, and among other things, he was startled to learn about the famous case involving policeman Sergio Pucheta, who was abducted in Dorila, La Pampa, many years ago (see Inexplicata: The Argentinean Police Officer Tells His Story at

Obviously, this bizarre incident has just started and it is all a matter of time. This is a complicated case that could have all manner of pathways. Research is ongoing.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos)

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UFOs in Andalucia: Lights, Vessels and Humanoids Since the Spanish Civil War

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario ABC Andalucia
Date: 05/20/2017
Article by Leo Rama Granada

UFOs in Andalucia: Lights, Vessels and Humanoids Since the Spanish Civil War

It would seem that UFOs are a forgotten subject, stunted in the 20th century, buried by its own controversial and absurd narrative. Despite the disbelief it continues to produce, it is also true that the UFO phenomenon remains alive and is real, at least to thousands of witnesses of the unexplained, ranging from uneducated peasants to airline pilots with thousands of hours of flying time, rank and much prestige to lose, whose stories in the few existing unclassified reports are of extraordinary value. The phenomenon's nature is an entirely different thing, and cannot be reduced to a single source: outbreaks of schizophrenia? weather phenomena? military maneuvers? Or could aliens be behind it all.

It's a likelihood. More than a few scientists consider the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) to be a valid one based on their latest research, as Jose Manuel Nieves has been telling us in the most empirical pages of this newspaper. It was precisely Diario ABC de Sevilla that decided to publish a series of UFO sightings a few decades ago. Those stories told by Manuel Ramirez, preserved in the ever-helpful newspaper library, have provided the inspiration for the recently published book Ovnis en Andalucia by José Manuel García Bautista, the journalist from Seville.

A hundred of these cases, arranged by chronological order, comprise Garcia Bautista's research. He is convinced that there is life out there, that we have always been visited, even though some of the artifacts may prove to be terrestrial. "The universe is so large that it is hard not to imagine that some distant star has planets with life on them," says the enthusiastic researcher from Seville, trying to lend dignity to the the scorned subject of UFOs, as if the eyewitness accounts of those who sincerely discuss what they saw had no value whatsoever.

Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War

Although the UFO phenomenon as such did not emerge until 1947 in the United States, it is possible to find stories in Spain that describe strange lights in the southern skies since Medieval times. But it is necessary to go back to the Spanish Civil War to find the first reliable accounts of UFOs over Andalucia.

It occurred at the front, and this is what Diario ABC had to say about it: "The sun was already out that morning of 5 February 1938 as the soldiers defending the position at Peñón de la Mata (north of the province of Granada) endured the cold as best they could while keeping a watch over their position. The sky was completely clear and our witness - a fighter with the 76th Brigade - soon noticed something odd in the heavens.

The soldier defined it as something resembling "a Mexican hat" in the distance, flat aluminum in color. The slow-flying metal artifact placed itself over the witness, who was able to see the craft's underside, resembling "a cartwheel" with a lens similar to a camera at its core, giving a sense of depth." It rotated counterclockwise and vanished from the field of vision of the troops without further incident.

Dionisio, The Entities and The Star

One of the best-known cases involves the first-person experience of Dionisio Avila, an elderly and respected resident of Los Villares in Jaen. It was 1996 and Dionisio was walking his dog through the endless olive groves when a shining device appeared before him. After surveying their device, two slender beings, clad in tight-fitting silver suits, tossed him what he described as a star. As he picked it up, it proved to be a spherical stone. "It summarizes the entire absurd nature of the UFO phenomenon," writes García Bautista.

The nut-sized stone bore a curious inscription, similar to the symbols appearing in on the craft: IOI - the famous "stick zero stick" that prompted pioneering UFO researcher Juan José Benítez to launch his investigation on "El anillo de plata" (The Silver Ring), presented on Spanish television's "Planeta Encantado" broadcast.

Dionisio never again made contact with the humanoids who, according to him, healed him of his maladies, as testified by the residents of his small municipality. Other witnesses fared less well in similar incidents, such as the attack experienced by a Seville resident on the cold night of 28 January 1976.

Once more, it was the Andalusian issue of the ABC newspaper - with the byline of Benigno Gonzalez - that collected the mind-bending account of Miguel Fernandez Carrasco, who was returning to Benacazón after having spent time with his girlfriend in Sanlucar la Mayor. Feeling blessed, he saw a pair of shooting stars as he returned home. Shortly after, a "flying telephone booth" shooting red and white lights landed before him. Two tall humanoids emerged. Fear gripped the witness, who broke into a frantic run down the train tracks.

The vehicle took off and chased the witnessed, terrified by the prospect of being hunted down before he could cover the 1.5 kilometers remaining before he could reach his home. He wasn't wrong. The device fired what Garcia Bautista defines as a nearly lethal "beam of light, a luminous weapon" at Miguel Fernandez. The man was badly injured on the ground, practically unconscious, "bereft of breath and strength, burned, singed and toasted" by something unknown to him.

Taken to the San Lázaro Hospital, the farmer gave his testimony and the 6th Court of Instruction in Seville initiated transactions to look into an alleged UFO attack on a human for the first time ever in Spain. The case was dismissed two weeks later due to inability to find a culprit for the crime reported by Fernandez Carrasco.

These are only some of the cases compiled by José Manuel García Bautista. Ovnis en Andalucía compiles many other stories regarding an apparently senseless phenomenon, one that has changed over the years: humanoids in Fuengirola, in Algeciras, the harrassing UFO of La Antilla, the one of Benaldmaádena, the one of Morón...even USOs - unidentified submarine objects - seen in the Bay of Cádiz!

"If we published all of the UFO incidents in Spain that resulted in intercept missions, we would be providing a sense of tremendous insecurity," a military friend told García Bautista. The military has much material to declassify, contained in boxes in damp basements, waiting to see the much needed light of day.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

NOTE: José Manuel García Bautista is a good friend of INEXPLICATA and his work has been featured in many of our articles, including translations of his ghost and paranormal stories for FATE Magazine in the 2000's. For more information on humanoids, please consult INEXPLICATA's The Humanoid Agenda at]

Spain: Government Dossier on the Villalón de Campos UFO (1968)

Source: Planeta UFO and ORBITA CERO
Date: 05.21.2017
An article by Víctor Vela

Spain: Government Dossier on the Villalón de Campos UFO (1968)

Phones were ringing off the hook that Saturday in 1968: I've seen something strange, there's a strange thing in the sky, it's not an airplane, it has orange lights, it appears to be rising skyward, it suddenly vanished, and it was over in three minutes.

There were several witnesses to that phenomenon around 19:15 hours as it disrupted the peace of the skies over Tierra de Campos. The first to call was a trucker from Mazariegos, followed by four more truckers. Then residents from the environs of Villalón and even from Palencia, claiming to have seen something in the sky. That very same night, around 0:50 hours, and due to the insistent nature of the calls, the base's commandant sent a telegram to the Air Force Minister advising him of the phenomenon occurring over that corner of Castile. "Nothing to report elsewhere in the region," it ended.

All of these calls from residents of Villalón gave rise to an investigation that ended up in an official report: Document 681207 on sightings of strange phenomena. The High Command called them "expedientes OVNI" (UFO files) and they are still called as such years later.

The Ministry of Defense has recently declassified and published up to 80 documents concerning unidentified flying object sightings in Spain. The one in Villalón is one of them, and like most others, it was closed without having ever ascertained the exact nature of what so many people had seen in the sky.

A veritable UFO fever raged in 1968. The government investigated up to 21 cases. Furthermore, the Air Force Ministry was forced to issue a communiqué that appeared on the headline of the El Norte de Castilla newspaper. "In regard to the statements published with certain frequency in the press regarding sightings of unidentified flying objects in Spanish airspace, the Air Force Ministry asks persons who seem, and believe them to be so-called UFOs, to please advise the nearest Air Force or local authorities in order to submit the news to the competent agencies." It was December 6, 1968. A flood of calls from Tierra de Campos arrived the next day.

The public notice went on to say: "The Air Force Ministry has a radar network that is able to detect any echo producing source in the air space. It has been ascertained that objects considered unidentified by the public turned out to be weather balloons or airplanes in flight."

It was a way of tempering the rise in sightings from Soria, Cádiz, Almería, Bilbao o Valencia. The most famous of these occurred in Madrid on September 5. The next day's newspaper read: "A UFO over Madrid - Seen But Not Picked Up On Radar." The news item included testimony from dozens of witnesses who claimed having seen a bright spot in the sky "the size of a 25 Peseta coin" - it appears to have been, in fact, a French aerostat (launched from Aire-sur-Adour) dragged by the winds, only to crash somewhere between Aspe and Santa Pola (Alicante) on Saturday the 7th.

UFO fever was now raging. "An Alarming Rise in Eyewitnesses", said El Norte on 13 October 1968, noting that "despite the number of scientists convinced of their existence", what was believed to be an alien invasion was most likely "an error of perception." They could be - it said - comets, shooting stars, a car headlight reflected in the clouds, an electrostatic reflection, meteorites...or the planet Venus, which was highly visible in the afternoon between November 1968 and February 1969.

The Air Force Ministry had to issue regular statements to correct possible mistakes. For example, the calibration of a station in Robledo de Chavela (Madrid) had required a flyover by an airplane with a powerful strobe light "to enable locating the station when tests require nocturnal flights."

The press hopped on the UFO bandwagon. El Norte published an article entitled "Los invasores" (The Invaders) divided into chapters and offered on successive days. It was authored by Larry Cohen and provided by the Europa Press agency. It was fictitious, but the climate was right.

[Translation (c) 2017 by S. Corrales, IHU. Our thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Victor Vela and Luis Emilio Annino]

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Argentina: Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO Over Necochea

Source: PLANETA UFO and 4 Vientos (Necochea, Argentina)
Date: May 9, 2017

Argentina: Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO over Necochea

The Argentinean Navy published a series of documents pertaining to a UFO sighting in Necochea in 1962. The documents present the eyewitness account of a truck driver pursued by a flying saucer in the vicinity of La Dulce.

CEFORA (Commission for the Study of the UFO Phenomenon in the Republic of Argentina) recently published an Argentinean Navy file disclosing the details of an important UFO sighting event that took place in our city some 55 years ago.

On August 29, 1962, Osman Alberto Simonini told his story of a UFO encounter in the vicinity of Km 28 of Route 86. Simonini was in his truck, driving out of La Dulce from the "Malabrigo" mink farm, property of Ernesto Arias. The case become widely known through an article in Ecos Diarios: the Navy commission launched its investigation through Capt. Omar Pagani and the files now form part of the private archive of researcher Roberto Banchs.

The incident took place at around 20:10 hours as Simonini drove at slow speed and noticed - to his left and following a parallel trajectory, at a distance of 3 meters and an elevation of 2 meters - an "artifact" resembling two plates linked by their widest sides, the color of gunmetal, having an approximate diameter of 5 meters.

The object projected red-and-blue beams similar to headlights from its lower section. The beams had a diameter of two meters, according to the description.

Simonini said that the artifact accompanied his truck for some 200 meters. As it did so, the driver noticed that the grass moved as well, proof of its low altitude and some sort of "air or energy" expelled from its lower section.

The object overtook the truck after the 200 hundred meters, racing ahead some 600 meters along the shoulder at low altitude. Upon reaching Km 26, it made a sharp right-angle turn into a seedbed. Simonini followed it and saw the object had stopped at an altitude lower than one meter. He stopped his truck and got up, and tried to approach the fence separating the field from the road, placing his hands on the wire only to find that the material was hot. He removed his hands, set them down again, only to find that [the wire] was even hotter. He moved some meters along, ascertaining that the wire there was completely cold.

Two minutes later, the object took up at high speed and vanished into the sky.

The witness stated his case to the border superintendent, the head of the federal police delegation, and Air Force officers in Mar del Plata with the support of notary Juan José La Terza, who stated that the following verbatim response was received when the incident was brought up [with these authorities]:

"The officers specializing in these studies told me there was nothing extraordinary about the event, as this kind of phenomenon was already accepted as real, and that the scientific world was waiting for the next stage: making contact with these artifacts."

At the time, Guillermo Gimenez (a member of CEFORA [and INEXPLICATA's contributing editor for Argentina]) conducted an exhaustive on-site investigation in the area, after Juan José La Terza got in touch with him. The article can be found at the following link (in Spanish).

The documentation contains the report by notary La Terza, who acted as a sort of attorney-in-fact for witness Simonini.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Attack of the "Michelin Men"

Attack of the Michelin Men
By Scott Corrales © 2017

Some twenty years ago I found myself writing an article for Tim Beckley’s late, lamented UFO UNIVERSE about the curious case of the Michelin Men – bizarre, space-suited ufonauts who were reported in the 1970s in some far-flung locations: Spain, Argentina and even the mainland United States. Large and seemingly encased in ringed outfits that made onlookers identify them at once with Bibendum, the mascot for French tire manufacturer Michelin, these entities waddled their way into a number of UFO cases that remain little known to this day. They even merited an entry in Ronald Story’s The UFO Encyclopedia in the early 2000s.

To give readers a better idea, I’m taking the liberty of cribbing some of the original article for this one by way of setting the scene:

On Sunday, March 14, 1976, the last thing on the minds of Vicente Corell and his wife Carmen was an encounter with beings from another world. Their son had just been drafted in Spain's compulsory military service and tearful goodbyes had been exchanged at the Draftee Induction Center (CIR-7) located in the town of Marines. After spending the day in the local, the Corells began the long trip home to the town of Almenara, driving along small roads of Spain's Castellon region.

At around 10:00 p.m., the couple found itself facing a strange phenomenon in the night skies -- a brilliant white oval that floated lazily to the left of their own car. Believing at first that it might be the headlights of a car on a nearby hill, the Corells steered their Renault 4L toward their ultimate destination. No sooner had the vehicle gone a few hundred feet did they become aware of the fact that all was not well.

The alarmed couple thought that they were driving into a "luminous tornado" of sorts as a very curious object appeared to rise out of the ground. Bathing the object with his car's high beams, Mr. Corell was startled to see that it was a person.

"I suppose that it had two legs," he would tell distinguished Spanish investigator Juan José Benítez, who investigated the case. "because it reminded me of a human profile. However, since they [the legs] were so close together, it looked more like a column than a human being. The thing was tall, good-looking [sic] and wore a close fitting, one-piece outfit..."

The outlandish entity stood on the ground in what Vicente Corell described as a military "ten-hut" position --arms stiffly at its side and ramrod straight, looking at the oncoming vehicle.

The couple's initial fascination changed to fear as the Renault's lights suddenly went out, leaving them in pitch blackness. The smell of burning wires soon filled the passenger compartment and Corell was forced to pull over. While all this happened, the entity vanished into the darkness. Vicente and Carmen Corell, their car's electrical system ruined, were left to wonder what had happened.
According to researcher Benítez, Mrs. Corell proved to have a much better recall of the situation than her husband, adding the interesting detail that the entity's outfit was made of "narrow, slightly inflated bands" from its neck down to its waist. She went as far as to describe the entity as similar to Bibendum, the world-famous Michelin Man, "only less so."

A distinguished friend and colleague, Bruno Cardeñosa, had the following to add on the case in his recent book El Misterio OVNI: Un Alto Secreto Al Descubierto: "Ufologist Manuel Audije revisited the case. His conclusions, which I list below, seem very interesting to me and show that the "thing" (the "Michelin Man"), aside from having a notorious physical existence, issued some sort of energy charge that caused Mr. Corell's car to short-circuit. The fact that the figure grew in size as the car approached indicated that it was acquiring an electrostatic charge until it reached a saturation point, ionizing the air until it produced light. Composed by negative ions as it was, the body never touched the ground. One can suppose that upon coming up to the figure, the vehicle could have brushed against, or come into contact with, the container's electrostatic charge, which would have discharged itself against the vehicle with two specific outcomes: first, the humanoid would have lost its luminosity, as its potential would have been reduced down to a value insufficient to produce ionization; second, the car would become negatively charged, causing its lighting system to fail."

Cardeñosa adds that Julio Martí, the mechanic who repaired the Renault 4-L, remembered the case and the repairs he performed as late as 1987.

While such a simile may inspire some to smile and others to shake their heads, it was not the first time that such a creature would had been seen on the Spanish peninsula.

In the summer of 1960, Miguel Timermans, a schoolteacher from Prado del Rey (Cadiz) in southern Spain, decided to go on a weekend run on his Lambretta motorcycle to the city of Jerez. It was a clear, beautiful morning and visibility was unlimited. As he drove uphill at some point between Prado del Rey and the town of Arcos, a colossal figure appeared out of nowhere along the roadside. Timermans described it as well over two meters (6.5 ft.) and encased in a "swollen" red one-piece suit. Shocked, the teacher brought his motorcycle to a halt right in the middle of the highway as an overpowering sense of fear washed over him: the giant entity was slowly walking toward him along the edge of the highway.

Recalling the event, Timermans remarked that the creature's pressure suit or outfit was composed of "concentric rings" which also reminded him of the Michelin Man. The improbable figure lurched forward robotically and measuring its steps.

With the high-strangeness quotient overflowing at this point, Timermans was doubly startled to see another creature walking behind the giant! The second entity was barely over a meter tall and had what appeared to be a glossy black "boot" covering one of the legs of its red outfit. It, too, walked awkwardly as it brought up the rear.

The enigmatic figures crossed Timerman's path diagonally and vanished from sight after an encounter that lasted no more than 30 seconds. Kick-starting the Lambretta, the teacher headed for the place where the creatures had last been seen and was unable to find a trace of their presence. The astonishing case was reported in Stendek magazine.

But these strange "Michelin Men" apparently did not limit their roadside walks to the Iberian Peninsula: characters in inflated doughnut-suits also made visits to the United States (Goodland, Kansas, 1976) and Argentina (1972). The latter incident, better known due to the fact that its protagonist, Ventura Maceiras, a septuagenarian Argentinean night watchman, grew a new set of teeth after his encounter and found his intelligence "boosted" by a tremendous rate.

It turned out that other incidents had been recorded, but due to linguistic barriers, had remained locked away from U.S. based saucer research publications.

According to researcher J. Cresson, a man referred to only as Monsieur Droguet was returning home from the movies one night in May 1955, in the French city of Dinan. He was startled by a beam of blue-green light coming from a strange object floating above the ground, and if that wasn’t strange enough, there were two creatures standing beside the object, clad in metallic coveralls “similar to those worn by the Michelin Man”. Their heads were covered by large helmets and both figures were gloved, engaged in what appeared to be an effort to collect soil samples. One of the entities paused to look into the craft through a “porthole”, causing the terrified human to believe that more similarly clad occupants were inside. Droguet reported feeling a symptom familiar to other witnesses of close encounters of the third kind – he wanted to flee the scene desperately, but was riveted in place by an unknown force, conscious that the entities were aware of his presence. Perhaps, he thought, they may switch from collecting soil samples to harvesting a human or two.

His fears were allayed somewhat when the “Michelin Men” returned to their craft, gingerly walking up a ladder. The human was intrigued by the halting movement of these putative space visitors, reminding him of how deep-sea divers conduct themselves at the bottom of the ocean, their “shoes” making a metallic ring as they walked on the ground. The craft lit up and rose slowly into the air, spinning at high speed. Only then was Monsieur Droguet able to move, as though freed from an invisible force. He ran back to his dwelling, overcome by fear. The man remained silent about the event for fifteen years, having been asked to do so by the authorities who learned of the case. The case appeared in the June 1970 issue of Lumieres dans la Nuit, the prestigious French UFO publication.

The “Michelin Men” would reappear years later in another distant location: the island of Madagascar off the east coast of Africa. A farmer looking for fodder for his animals in an acacia forest clearing in 1968 had an amazing encounter with an oval object with a transparent windshield “like the windshield of a Peugeot 404”. Within the confines of the shiny object, the farmer reportedly saw two small figures “wearing outfits like the ones in the Michelin advertisements.” Realizing they were being spied upon, the figures decided to make a retreat: the farmer found himself engulfed in a white flash of light, accompanied by a gust of heated air. The oval shaped “craft” had vanished in place – not taken off into the skies back to a distant star, but simply vanished. The farmer –a man of impeccable reputation – did not hesitate to tell his story to the local constabulary. Officers of the law visited the site, finding traces of radiation in the soil and more alarmingly, on the farmer’s clothing.

Lumieres Dans la Nuit had another intriguing case that had transpired on Madagascar, although not involving the oddly suited characters. The December 1976 issue included a story told by a member of the French Foreign Legion whose unit was engaged in a reconnaissance operation in the island’s wilderness. On a sunny, cloudless day, the witness plus twenty-three other Legionnaires beheld a glowing object, described as having “the color of a new coin shining in the sunlight” descending from the sky in a falling leaf motion – a classic behavior of exhibited by unidentified flying objects in the early years. It made a rapid descent, hitting the ground suddenly and sending out a shockwave. The soldiers were paralyzed, much like Droguet in 1955 and the nameless farmer in the late 1960s. “All of us saw the machine land and depart, but none of us perceived the passage of time.”

The Legionnaire sharing his story with the French UFO publication went on to add: “We were freed from the paralysis upon the objects departure, and we had been in the same place throughout the event. When we checked the time, however, we realized that nearly three hours had elapsed without becoming aware of it.” This missing time, so common to the abductee era of the 1990s, had serious consequences for the military detachment, which had failed to radio back to its base despite repeated requests. The Legionnaire stressed that the object was smooth, bore no markings, and was oval in shape

Gordon Creighton of Flying Saucer Review reported a further visit by the “Michelin Men” in 1975, this time on Reunión Island, adjacent to Madagascar. The event took place sometime in February of that year, when a man found a hat-shaped machine making a buzzing sound on the property surrounding his hut. Much like Monsieur Droguet twenty years earlier, the anonymous citizen was frozen in place, unable to make a break for safety.

“A little man emerged from the machine,” he said. “He wore a strange outfit, like the one in the Michelin advertisement. He moved nimbly down the ladder, but as he touched the ground, his movements became awkward, causing him to walk with its feet close together.”

To the witness’s consternation, two more similarly outfitted creatures descended from the machine, engaging in the oft-repeated soil collection routine and then re-entering their craft, which took off with a loud, whistling sound. The witness fell to the ground, released from the unnatural paralysis. He rose and made a run for his parents’ cottage. Investigators would subsequently find strange marks on the ground forming a triangle.

Brazil - a UFO hotspot if there ever was one - has its own stories to tell about these outlandish humanoids.

In 1962, the community of Itabirito entered the annals of ufology on the August 30 that year. A group of friends had gone to a local movie theater and left the last show short of midnight. They gathered for a spot of friendly conversation on a street corner and their conversation was interrupted by a sharp whistling sound. All three looked up to see an object floating in the night sky some 100 feet in the air over a eucalyptus grove some two hundred feet distant.

According to Luiz Gonzaga, one of the three friends, a diminutive creature was walking toward them, bearing a strong resemblance to "the figure used by the Michelin tire factory". The onlookers agreed that the diminutive figure seemed obese, large-headed and with short arms, which it swung rhythmically as it walked. Its legs were similarly short and bulky. The disconcerting entity was clad in a uniform made of a material resembling leather.

What happened next was as uncanny as the sighting itself. Two of the three young men ran off, screaming in fright, leaving Luiz Gonzaga alone on the corner, unable to move as if riveted in place for an entire minute. The squat ufonaut had disappeared and the object became gradually brighter until its glow seemed to encompass the entire area. The putative UFO's light diminished and Gonzaga was able to move again. He would later find himself plagued with migraine headaches for an entire month. The paralysis in this case was similar to what was experienced by Monsieur Droguet in France seven years earlier.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Argentina: UFO Over Merlo

Source: Planeta UFO and El Corredor (Argentina)
Date: 05.04.2017

Argentina: UFO Over Merlo

The San Luis Planetarium reported that a tourist from Mendoza who pays frequent visits to Villa de Merlo, presented this unknown image for identification upon becoming aware of research on unidentified flying objects in the Sierras Comechingones region.

On the evening of Wednesday, April 3 (2017), Romelí Rodriguez, a native of Mendoza, phoned the staff of the San Luis Planetarium to make known the photo of a lovely sunset in Valle de Conlara that was made unusual by the strange object hanging in the sky on the upper right hand corner of the image.

According to the tourist, she was on her way to Pasos Malos in the company of Hugo Rodriguez, who currently lives in Piedra Blanca. After spending a while in the area of the stream where the paved road ends, they began their descent on foot, taking several photos of the sunset in Valle del Conlara. The next day, upon looking at the images on a large TV set, they were startled to see an unexplained object in the sky.

Romelí also told planetarium staff that Hugo Rodriguez had been able to witness, on an earlier occasion and from a residence in Villa de Merlo, the zig-zagging motion of a light in the skies that he and the other witnesses present are still unable to explain.

Julian Akira - a member of the planetarium staff - advised those who may be in possession of photos or images of unidentified object seen in the region to submit their material for research purposes by experts. Contact information appears at

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Mexico: UFO Over Culhuacán

Source: Planeta UFO and Ana Luisa Cid
Date: 05.05.2017

Mexico: UFO Over Culhuacán

Prof. Ana Luisa Cid writes: "A UFO over Culhuacán - an extraordinary video by the Cruz Molina family. Coincidence? A police helicopter and military helicopters flew over the area. Please read the description in the video, which contains interviews:"

As always, our thanks to Prof. Cid and Guillermo Giménez for bringing us this information/