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Argentina: Unknown Flashing Object Astonishes Onlookers

Source: La Gaceta (Salta) and Planeta UFO
Date: 06.25.2017

Argentina: Unknown Flashing Object Astonishes Onlookers

Something out of the ordinary startled residents of Barrio El Carmen yesterday at noon.

It sparkled and moved, but it was unknown to those looking at it. Local residents were astounded by the object that appeared in the skies of Salta at noon yesterday.

In Barrio El Carmen, anyone looking up at that time would have been surprised to see an unusual shiny object. Some locals who beheld the circular shining object spoke with La Gaceta about the unanswered riddle: what could it have been?

"We were unable to identify the object," says one local in the video. "It was silvery and flashing, and it let us to belive it was a UFO reflecting sunlight."

"It was like a spinning sphere," says another, "giving off a light, an incandescence. My brother phoned me to tell me about it, but I didn't see it until he told me exactly where to look. I was able to locate it and see it."


[Translation (c) 2017, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

Argentina: Alleged UFO Over Quequén

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 06.26.2017

Argentina: Alleged UFO Over Quequén

Guillermo Giménez writes: "Today I received a message from Dolores Bernskov telling me '...that while she was writing in a WhatsApp group, I turned on the cellphone camera to show them what the weather was like. When I looked up, cellphone in hand, I saw this before my eyes. I pressed the button. The first thing I did was check the time - 8:56 a.m. on 25 June. [The object] was located over 521 corner with 554 in Quequén, bordering Necochea (Buenos Aires). It had staggered motion and vanished in the clouds. I was using a Samsung phone. This was about two blocks from where I live. They appeared to be high up. They suddenly zig-zagged and lost themselves in the clouds. It all happened very quickly.'

"It should be noted," Giménez continues, "that this would not be a meteorite, as these objects do not engage in zig-zag movements, nor is space junk, for the same reason, and cannot be an airplane. Therefore: What is it we are seeing in the picture? Two strange lights suspended in the air, playing with each other before vanishing? For the time being we are identifying these objects as UFOs in the strict sense of the term - unidentified flying objects captured by this resident of Necochea, a sighting that in her own words, 'gave me chills'.

Unidentified objects are visiting Argentina's Atlantic Coast once more.

[Translation (c) 2017, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO. Photo credit: Dolores Bernskov]

Argentina: ICOU's UFO "Time Capsule"

Argentina: ICOU's UFO "Time Capsule"

As we approach the anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947 and the alleged crash at Roswell that same year, UFO research can be faulted for paying excessive attention to the past and sparing little thought for what is yet to come.

Argentina's ICOU group has taken a step in the right direction by placing photographic evidence, videos, and a variety of material aimed a posterity within a time capsule to be opened in the year 2117, when the mystery of UFOs will have either been solved or still bedevil humanity.

The message to coming generations was placed in the community of Máximo Paz, Department of Constitución, Province of Santa Fe.

The initiative was spearheaded by Luis Burgos of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) who is also a founding member of ICOU. In an interview with Más Allá del Misterio, he reminded readers that Argentina also played a significant role during the summer of 1947, when the presence of a "mysterious red ball" was seen flying over San Martín Park in the city of La Plata on July 10 that year.

In the same interview, Burgos stated that "not all UFOs are alien" and was confident that "the mystery will be solved someday, although estimating a possible date for such an occurrence is flippant."

This nocturnal photo shows the time capsule at its resting place in the city of La Plata. Sleep tight, time traveler:

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The Riddle of Teleportation

The Riddle of Teleportation
By Scott Corrales - © 2017 Inexplicata

An interesting news item passed unnoticed among the never-ending news about terrorism, celebrity outrage or virtue-signaling. A Chinese satellite, the Micius, broke the 100 kilometer quantum teleportation record set two years ago.

Micius - launched in 2016 as part of the QUESS program - was designed as an initial step at establishing a "global quantum communication network", sending photons at a distance of 1200 kilometers. A small step for a satellite, a giant leap for a new era in communications.

But the concept of "teleportation" evokes unfortunate memories, such as the haunting 1950's film The Fly and the hideous commingling of scientist and insect. Even Star Trek's transporter room - one of the crown jewels of that beloved franchise - wasn't free of awful moments, such as the transporter accident in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) early on in the feature. Fantasy has taught us that moving objects through space, and sometimes through time, is fraught with peril. Random teleportation is even more frightening: who would want to take a casual step forward on a city street, a country field, or in the safety of a school or office building, only to find themselves transported to a remote jungle, desert or the middle of the ocean? Suddenly appearing in medieval times wouldn't be a picnic, either. In an earlier article on the subject of bizarre relocations in space, we mentioned Isaac Asimov's "Pebble in the Sky", whose protagonist, Joseph Schwartz, suddenly finds himself on a future planet Earth where people are condemned to die at the age of sixty. The retired tailor avoids "stepping over a Raggedy Ann" doll to find himself in an empty field, looking nowhere like his native Chicago.

In more recent times, the U.S. Air Force has commissioned the Teleportation Research Study (AFRL-PR-ED-TR-2003-0034) that includes a very interesting paragraph. "Very early investigations of, and experiments on, p-Teleportation occurred during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Many cases that were studied, and the experiments that were performed, were undoubtedly due to fraud, and few experiments have occurred under controlled conditions during that period [...] Psychics Uri Geller (1975) and Ray Stanford (1974) claimed to have been teleported on several occasions. Most claimed instances of human teleportation of the body from one place to another have been unwitnessed. There are also a small number of credible reports of individuals who reported being teleported to/from UFOs during a UFO close encounter, which were scientifically investigated (Vallée, 1988, 1990, 1997). But a larger number of such reports are anecdotal, whereby the witness data tends to be unreliable." It is nonetheless fascinating to look back at some of these early accounts of teleportation.

The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology gives us the intriguing case of Ofelia Corrales (no relation) and her siblings, who were seen to suddenly vanish from the living room of their early 20th century home in San Jose, Costa Rica only to reappear in the back yard. To their delight, without a scrap of fear, they were returned to the living room in the same manner. The bizarre claims were investigated by law professor Alberto Brenes, who wrote that children had been placed the greenhouse as part of a test. A loud report was heard, and when the living room doors were unlocked, they found the youngsters, whose ages ranged from seven to ten - standing single-file inside, laughing and discussing the experience. When Brenes asked them the manner in which they had been spirited away, the children described feeling a kind of "pressure under their arms" and then finding themselves in the place to which they had been taken. "Spirits" were deemed to be responsible for this activity, and researchers interacted with them.

These were the years of spiritualism and the investigation of forces unseen to humans, conducted earnestly by persons of unimpeachable reputation. Frauds were unmasked, as could be expected, but other cases presented a challenge, such as the 1901 case involving Italy's Pansini family, where the teleportation phenomenon appeared to center around their son Alfredo. The youngster was possessed by "angelic forces" who instilled with mediumistic abilities and the less desirable attribute of being able to vanish suddenly from his home in Ruvo di Puglia, reappearing elsewhere in the town or in adjacent communities - in one instance, the boy found himself aboard a fishing vessel at sea. The case was the subject of research by Dr. Joseph Lapponi, a physician with ties to the Vatican, who included it in his book L'Hypnotisme et le spiritisme, étude médico-critique (Perrin, 1907). Teleportation bedeviled not only poor Alfredo, but his sibling as well. "Very often in a few minutes and in various ways, writes Lapponi, "the boys have found themselves successively at Biscelglie, Giovinazzo, Mariotta, and Terlizzi, from whence they returned to Ruvo either by the help of friends of the family or the public Authorities. One day the two boys were in the Piazza di Ruvo at 1:35 in the afternoon and at 1:45 were at Trani, before the door of the house of one of their uncles, Signor Girolamo Maggiore." The author adds: "It was concluded to useless to fight against the supernatural forces" and the boys were allowed to remain paranormal shuttlecocks, at the mercy of the unknown "angels." (The reader will allow a brief note at this point - the Alfredo Pansini of this disturbing paranormal case is not the Alfredo Panzini who went on to write the screenplay for the 1926 version of The Last Days of Pompeii, and who was a distinguished lexicographer as well).

Spanish researcher Marcelino Requejo looked into a high-strangeness event that took place in Galicia, Spain’s northwestern corner. On May 7, 2007, Juan M.L. and Bernardo D.G. became the protagonists of a bizarre incident in the vicinity of Lugo. The events took place around 15:00 hours as they traveled in their car toward a saw mill located near the city. Apparently they were barely one kilometer from their destination at a location known as Piugos da Pena, and had just left behind a well-known automotive dealership, when the witnesses noticed a dense fog that appeared to emerge from their vehicle.

They pulled over on the shoulder to see what was going on. The smoke vanished. Only seconds after continuing their journey, they realized that they were in a completely different location from the one they had been before.

"We had no idea where we were," said Juan. "We were only meters away from the sawmill and we suddenly found ourselves next to a road sign that read: "Santa Eulalia de Bóveda". So, completely astonished, we decided to continue driving to Santa Eulalia to see if we could get to the saw mill from there."

In the wink of an eye, they had traversed the 6 kilometers that separate the environs of the saw mill and the detour to Santa Eulalia de Bóveda. While they looked for the way back, both men witnessed an odd phenomenon: the Sun appeared to be right in the middle of a gigantic, smoky triangle.

Aside from the notorious “Vidal Case” and its fictional trappings, one of the most interesting teleportation experiences on record is that of Carlos Acevedo and Miguel Angel Moya which occurred in Argentina in 1978. Both men were participating in the first stage of the Rally de America del Sur, an event involving a number of drivers and sponsored by major organizations. Much like the better known Paris-Dakar competition, the rally sought to test the limits of both man and machine by asking drivers to go from the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, to Buenos Aires.
By the time Acevedo’s vehicle – a Citroen GS – reached the Andean resort city of Bariloche, he had lost his co-pilot, Hugo Prambs, and replaced him with Miguel Angel Moya. During the last leg of the rally, the drivers stopped for fuel in Viedma, Province of Rio Negro, and much needed coffee. At 2 o’clock in the morning on September 23rd, the race car was on the road again, heading toward Bahía Blanca (notorious in UFO and teleportation chronicles). At around 3 in the morning, Acevedo and Moya had reached the salt flats located to the north of Carmen de Patagones with Acevedo at the wheel.

They were about to enter the pages of the history of the unknown.

An overwhelmingly bright light became visible in the car’s rear view mirror. It was subsequently described as a “dense yellow light” which appeared at first as small dot, yet increased in size at it approached.

The Citroen’s crew was not in the least bit alarmed, thinking the light represented the headlights of one of the other vehicles involved in the rally. Acevedo slowed down and moved over to the shoulder to allow the competitor to “pass”. The light had other intentions.

According to the driver, the passenger compartment was bathed in light, blinding the occupants. Acevedo felt he had lost control of the Citroen, which was now six feet above the ground. In a split second of confusion, the driver thought the vehicle must have hit a bump on the road and become airborne, waiting for the inevitable crash as the car hit the paved road again. But the car kept rising into the air.

In subsequent interviews, the racer would say that it took him a number of seconds to realize he was caught in an abnormal situation, unable to see his dashboard or even the car’s hood on account of the dense yellow light with a “slightly violet cast” to it. Turning to his co-pilot, he was stunned to see that Moya was “no longer there” or had become invisible.
Moya, on his part, would later say that Acevedo looked rigid, with outstretched arms clutching the steering wheel, staring straight ahead. The driver appeared to be screaming, but nothing was coming out. The overpowering yellow fog had them in its clutches, causing enough fear in the co-pilot that Moya thought to bail, reaching for the car door handle. The door appeared to be welded shut as the temperature inside the passenger compartment increased. “Suddenly,” he told interviewers, “the light enveloped everything and I could see nothing whatsoever. I don’t think I could even see my own hands.”

There was a shudder and Acevedo realized the car was on the road surface once more. The light dimmed and normal visibility was restored as the “object” – a cone of yellowish light – departed in a westward direction. Driver and co-pilot exchanged stunned looks, remaining silent. What unknown force had overtaken their car, and what was it after?
Realizing that his first duty was to the car, Acevedo stepped outside to inspect the vehicle before getting back in and resuming the drive. Upon reaching a filling station in the town of Pedro Luro, north of Carmen de Patagones, they had a shocking realization: the distance between these communities was seventy-eight miles (127 km) and the odometer showed they had only covered thirty-two miles (52 km). However, the clock showed that it had taken them a little under two and half hours to cover a journey that should have taken an hour and fifteen minutes. Worse yet: the Citroen’s fuel tank – filled to capacity during their stop in Viedma – was now completely empty.

An article appeared at in 2010 featuring corroborating testimony by two other drivers:

“Race car drivers Edmundo Carvajal and German-born Lothar Ranft were the only Ecuadoran team to participate in the Rally Sudamericano held in September 1978.

“Carvajal and Ranft finished the race, which was an accomplishment in itself for an unserviced vehicle. But aside from participating in the race, both shared an experience involving an alleged UFO witnessed by a pair of Chilean drivers. The unusual situation took place in the penultimate lap of the Rally, organized by the Automovil Club de Argentina.

“We were leaving the Comodoro Rivadavia to Bahía Blanca leg,” explains the former tricolor driver, stating that the incident occurred during a normal stage of the competition. “A Citroen vehicle belonging to a Chilean businessman by the surname of Acevedo passed us before a curve, and this was followed by a very long straight segment, typical of the Pampas, some 80 to 100 kilometers long. I never saw him again after the curve. This drew our attention, because the vehicle wasn’t going that fast, to point that we couldn’t even see its lights.”

“In the early morning hours, Carvajal and Ranft reached a filling station. They found Carlos Acevedo standing outside his car; co-pilot Miguel Angel Moya sitting inside, and many people surrounding them.

“When we got there, we asked them what had happened, because we noticed they were extremely nervous. He told us that after the long straight segment, they saw a very bright light come up behind them; they thought it was one of the Mercedes Benz units that were winning the rally. They were about to pull aside to allow them to pass, but the light became more intense and didn’t pass them by – it placed itself above them.”

“The light lifted our car,” Acevedo allegedly told Carvajal.

“The light carried the car through the air for a few seconds, and at the end, they were deposited without a drop of gasoline in their tank near a filling station. Acevedo recovered from the fright, but his co-pilot was pale and in shock.

“Skeptically, Carvajal noted that “it could have been a well-contrived ruse” but three things impressed him: “[Acevedo and Moya] arrived at the filling station nearly an hour and fifteen minutes before we did. This means an average speed of 4000 kilometers per hour. This was confirmed, because they took time to report the case to the local police. Their odometer showed that the vehicle had covered less than 70 kilometers. Add to that the co-pilot’s state of shock. One can make up stories, but it must be very hard to get into such a state on purpose.”

“Once they reached Buenos Aires, the drivers of the Rally Sudamericano received their awards from Juan Manuel Fangio, the five-time World Formula One champion. There was a celebration later that evening. “We were in a group of friends talking to Acevedo. A lady approached and jokingly asked why they had made up the story about the UFO. They became annoyed with this person and decided to leave the party. Acevedo said that he was a serious businessman in his country and that discussing his experience could be harmful. But what they had experienced was indeed true.” (INEXPLICATA, March 10, 2010).

Interest in abrupt teleportation was rekindled in 2017 as a result of news stories concerning the “Hermandarias Event” – an incident during which a teenager vanished within his own home, only to reappear miles away at a taxi stand, having contacted his worried relatives from that location.

The incident occurred on Monday, 22 May, around 22:30 hours in the small and pleasant town of Hernandarias, Province of Entre Rios, Argentina. The situation: a family gathered together for dinner. A 13-year-old had been sent to another part of the property to fetch certain items. An adult gave him a hand in opening a door that presented certain difficulties and was in fact stuck, causing the boy to be delayed. The man struggled with the stuck door for two or three minutes, and upon turning around to look, he noticed that the teen was no longer there. Supposing he'd returned to the rest of the family, the man did the same. Confusion reigned: no one had seen the boy.

Concerned, they took to the street as a group to find him, something that took the family less than ten minutes to accomplish when a cellphone rang. It was the teenager, saying he had no idea how he suddenly found himself at a "taxi stand". He described the location. Meanwhile, the police - which had already been alerted - identified the location and went to collect him. The youth did not understand what had happened. All he knows is that he was standing behind he was "blinded by a powerful light" and heard "a snapping noise", finding himself next at the place where he was ultimately found.

Researcher Gustavo Fernández – whose investigative team has been granted exclusive access to the family – describes the main experiencer, identified only as “R.”, as a quiet, introverted fellow who interacts with a limited number of relatives and acquaintances, never leaving his home unless escorted by a family member, hardly the type of fellow who would pull a prank. Fernandez also dismissed suggestions that the experiencer “had run at top speed” from his home to the taxi stand in order to stage the deception.

“No satisfactory theory exists to explain the mechanism of such events,” wrote Stuart Gordon in his compilation The Paranormal-An Illustrated Encyclopedia (London: Headline, 1992). “If indeed it is possible to take apart the billions of constituent atoms in any one body, then somehow transport them, or the information as to their organisation, to a distant point, there to reassemble them exactly in their former arrangement, this is a science unknown…or forgotten.”

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Argentina: Bizarre Sounds in the Sky Over Cipolletti and Neuquén

Source: PLANETA UFO and
Date: 06.12.2017

Argentina: Bizarre Sounds in the Sky Over Cipolletti and Neuquén

* Loud Howling Sounds Heard in the Early Morning Hours *

Residents of Cipolletti and Neuquén were startled awake this morning when a loud, inexplicable sound could be heard over both cities. The sound appeared to emerge from an elephant's trunk, but clearly these animals native to Africa and India are not readily found in Alto Valle. No one dared offer reasonable explanations about the event. The "trumpet" is a mystery in the locality, one which shall be told to children in later years.

According to media and residents of the province using social media, "abysmal screams or howls that wound up dominating the night" could be heard around 2 o'clock int morning. The testimony of frightened witnesses soon became known.

Someone on Twitter said it was a garbage truck making its rounds of Cipolletti's various neighborhoods. According to this story, the truck must have been experiencing motor difficulties. Another possibility is that its brakes were not properly lubricated and that the "alien-flavored trumpet" made itself heard whenever it stopped.

The problem with this theory is that there are residents of Neuquén Capital and other cities of Alto Valle who also described hearing a similar phenomenon. Videos taken with cellphones are proof that this is not an urban legend.

Last July, area residents were frightened by explosions heard past midday outside General Roca, a city near Allen and Cipolletti. A local mining concern said that the sounds "had no relation to their quarry operations" so the mystery was never solved.

An astronomer from the Neuquén Observatory said days later that the explosions had been caused by a meteorite measuring 12 meters in diameter. This theory did not satisfy those who were disturbed by the noise.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

{NOTE: includes an eyewitness video taken by a citizen willing to brave the cold night to capture the strange howls on his cellphone. It can be seen (and heard) at "Extraños sonidos en Cipolletti" and the howls can be heard faintly at 0:11, 0:26, 0:42, 0:48, 0:58 and 1:13]

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Uruguay: Aliens in Northern Uruguay After Blackout?

Source: Planeta UFO and Seguridad Uruguay
Date: June 1, 2017

Uruguay: Aliens in Northern Uruguay After Blackout?

Several lights were seen in the skies over Salto during the massive blackout that affected - and affects - a considerable part of northern Uruguay's territory, according to statements made by residents of Salto, Constitución, Belén, and part of Bella Unión as well as Paysandú.

Strange lights were seen forming the shape of a triangle, holding their position for far longer than a helicopter or aircraft would, adding to this the fact that the lights were considerably bright and were separated from each other by a broad distance, according to eyewitness statements.

The Uruguayan Air Force was the first in Latin America to create a UFO research commission 32 years ago. Several factors must be discounted when confirming an object as a UFO. The Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) created the Comisión Receptora e Investigadora de Denuncias de Objetos Voladores No Identificados (CRIDOVNI), making it the first in Latin America to have an office devoted to investigating this phenomenon. Its creation stemmed from the number of sighting reports received during the 1970s. Currently, with new technologies, the commission receives images and reports such as the one that recently occurred in Durazno.

To learn more about how an unidentified flying object report is handled in Uruguay, El Observador consulted Col. Ariel Sanchez, CRIDOVNI's president, whose agency handles tasks similar to those performed by the legendary "Area 51" in the U.S.A. in a sweeping comparison.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: A New Cattle Mutilation in Concordia

Source: Planeta UFO and VISION OVNI and EL ONCE
Date: 06.01.2017

Argentina: A New Cattle Mutilation in Concordia
By Andrea Perez Simondini with thanks to Sebastian Balbi

El learned that a cattleman found one of his cows dead and showing signs of a mysterious mutilation. The animal displayed unusual incisions and some parts of the body were missing. The event caused amazement among the residents of Colonia Los Sauces, Department of Concordia. The cows displayed perfect, cauterized incisions on their heads and bodies, with their tongue and salivary glands extracted along with udders, rectum, part of the large intestine and reproductive tract.

The cattleman explained that the grass had become blackened at those sites where parts had been extracted.

Cattleman and owner Gustavo Rocka spoke to El regarding the experiences on his property, which he had been unable to access for several days due to the recent rains. "We found a dead animal and upon inspection, found it was missing its tongue and jaw, as well as the animal's rear and udders." He added that "all the grass was black around where the parts were removed."

Based on his experience, the livestock rancher noted the animal had been dead since Sunday. Despite the presence of vultures, these birds of prey "would not eat it." Rocka told El Once that his farm is some two thousand meters distant from a local road, thus dismissing the likelihood that other persons could have been involved, adding that "the rains made it impossible to reach the road."

The cattle rancher believes that the events on his field are related to the mysterious mutilations recorded in different areas of the province. "In have seen other cases in Nueva Escocia and in Puerto Yeruá, but I've never seen one so close and so fresh," adding: "We've taken photographs and informed Abigeato (the cattle rustling authorities) of the event."

"The incisions are very precise and I've never seen anything like it. They say it’s a mouse that eats those parts, but I've not seen it, and since there's mud, there are no prints suggesting it could be a mouse or any other animal," stressed the rancher from Colonia Los Sauces in the Department of Concorida, referring to the his cow, found dead with strange incisions. "I still wonder about what happened. I've witnessed other cases and now it was my turn, in my own field. I asked some cousins of mine who live nearby and they saw nothing. Furthermore, it's a clean field and no one could have entered it due to the weather conditions.

The rancher also discussed another mysterious situation surround this Tuesday's discovery. "This animal was in another field of mine, 700 meters distant from where we found it," Rocka informed El, clearly bemused by the strange event.

[NOTE: Due to the negative response by viewers to photos of mutilated animals, we are only providing a link to the photographs. They can be seen at]

Translation (c) 2017, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Andrea Perez Simondini