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Argentina: UFOs in the “Western Corridor”

Source: Vivi el Oeste
Date: 08.23.2017

UFOs in the Western Corridor: Experts explain the reason behind sightings in Greater Buenos Aires.

In an interview with Viví el Oeste, Luis Burgos, president of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogía, stated that the “Western Corridor”, as he terms the area covering La Matanza, Morón, Hurlingham, Merlo, Moreno, San Miguel, Ituzaingó and Luján, is an area that repeatedly features sightings of unidentified flying objects.
Luis Burgos is a UFO researcher whose interest in the phenomenon was awakened at age thirteen by the arrival of man on the Moon. His work – and that of his team around the country, which numbers over 150 researchers – consists in visiting areas from which calls are received.

The “hotspots” are Olavarria, Punto Indio and the Western Corridor, which includes areas ranging from Ramos to Luján, predominantly La Reja, Morón and Castelar, which have witnessed sightings since 2008, captured on video, photographs and eyewitness testimony.

According to the FAO’s statistics, one out of every ten Argentineans has had UFO experience in which “something was seen in the sky.” One of the better known cases involves the father of astrologer Ludovica Squirru who saw one of these objects “erupted” from the back of her home in Castelar. Another significant case involved a resident of Luján who saw a black triangle over his house. [Burgos] is one of the most important researchers in the country today.

While saying that he does not know why the western area has been singled out by these objects – perhaps on account of numerous air bases – “We get many calls due to lights, sightings during daytime hours and not only at night. Sometimes they are mistaken for insects, birds, but there are recordings and photographs in which [the objects] are clearly seen,” he explains.

While there are no cases in which occupants have seen descending from them, eyewitness accounts go back to the 1950s. It is for this reason that the researchers says it is an error to concentrate, for example, on such areas as Mount Uritorco when it comes to wanting to have an experience of this nature, as they are closer to home than one would think.

Not all calls merit a visit from the Fundación, but the most significant do. They bring with them the technology needed to measure radiation and face masks, should they have to deal with mutilated animals. They furthermore keep an eye out for fake information received, such as doctored videos, although they admit that when it comes to sightings, it is likely that people are confused due to a lack of knowledge.

Luis also explains that UFOs may not be extraterrestrial, and that time travelers could be involved, according to the theory that posits humans returning to our time from the future, beings from other dimensions or objects employed to conduct research, such as drones from other countries or military bases, among other speculations.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Argentina: The Argentinean X-Files - An Interview with Ruben Lianza

Source: Planeta UFO and
Date: 08.16.2017
Article by Enrique Garabeytan

Argentina: The Argentinean X-Files - An Interview with Ruben Lianza

A debate arose 70 years ago that is still ongoing: In 1947, the sighting of a "fleet of flying saucers" and the "Roswell incident" in the New Mexico desert became the kickoff points for the UFO (unidentified flying object) phenomenon. There are two factions today: one claims that extraterrestrials are flying over the Earth and another, which would sooner engage in a detailed analysis, avoiding extremist positions, of every claim, photograph and video on the subject before passing judgment.

This task has been carried out since 2011 by the Comisión de Estudio de Fenómenos Aeroespaciales (CEFAE), a branch of the Argentinean Air Force. Its current director is Ruben Lianza, an experienced air force test pilot, now retired, who was the commandant of the Marambio Base, as well as being an amateur astronomer and a student of the UFO field for over forty years.

"During 2016 we investigated - and explained - forty reports submitted to us from nearly all of [Argentina's] provinces," Lianza told PERFIL from his office in the Condor Building. "Last year we were able to satisfactorily explain all the reported incidents following an analysis of images using specialized software, an evaluation of eyewitness reports, a search for background data and the application of astronomy, meteorology and optical techniques." All of this is done without any specific budget allocation to his office, "as the air force has other greater and more pressing operational needs."

Reports usually reach CEFAE through a contact form found at "Most of them are eyewitness reports and taken with digital cameras and some videos. All of them show various objects in flight, some of them saucer-shaped. The photographer says that no plane, helicopter or bird was visible when the photo was taken. They are sometimes nocturnal shots in which one or several lights are seen in the sky."

Lianza is in charge of carrying out the detective-like work for identifying each flying object, based on various techniques and following a systematic methodology. "Biological causes are common, ranging from birds to bugs flying in front of the camera. This is studied with programs that enable a pixel-by-pixel analysis of the photo, including tools that can remove the blurry outline to reveal the solid image."

Optical phenomena or camera defects are another common explanation, Lianza explains. These range from lens scratches to a drop of moisture that creates a particular spectral dispersion. "In other cases, for example, when lights are seen in a given point in the sky, we search databases and use simulation programs to see if the cause could be attributed to the sun reflecting over a satellite in orbit above the specific geographical point. Or the Moon, seen by day, but an angle and location the photographer was not expecting.

According to Lianza, other causes are meteorological, such as certain clouds, which can be attested by analyzing satellite photographs against the place where the photo was taken, and reports of the National Weather Service (Servicio Meteorologico Nacional) breaking down the weather conditions. Finally, an aeronautical explanation can be found for other UFOs, ranging from military planes, drones or even high-altitude balloons such as Google's, which provide Internet access in isolated locations. After the proper scientific explanation is found, the UFO becomes an IFO - Identified Flying Object.

"So what happens if the UFOs cannot be explained?"
"Should this happen, it's still not proof of alien involvement. These files remain open for the following year while we look for new data and sources sometimes provided by colleagues in other countries such as France, Chile, Uruguay or Peru, with whom information is exchanged. Or we practice new techniques so that the report can reach the level of scientific expertise required by international standards."
"Do you personally believe extraterrestrial life exists?"
"There's already an accepted scientific discipline called astrobiology. It is focused on two things - on the one hand, it studies things like extremophile bacteria able to live on other planets. But other experts are engaged in analyzing the likelihood of other advanced civilizations that could perhaps be broadcasting electromagnetic signals. It is for this reason that there have been several SETI projects worldwide for years. CEFAE has a list of external advisors that includes scientists of all types, but none related to the paranormal. In fact, we added an Argentinean astrobiologist, but not to perform autopsies on alleged aliens, only to escort us in our educational endeavors.

One of the few times the USAF researched and published reports on UFOS was to clarify Roswell. According to Lianza, who compiled considerable information on the subject, this is a myth arising from an unfortunate mixture of events and secret military projects of the Cold War era and the space race. "On the one hand, the remains of a string of stratospheric balloons employed to determine whether it was feasible to detect Soviet nuclear explosions was indeed recovered. In 1956, launches involving human mannequins were carried out to determine free-fall speeds in designing parachutes for astronauts involved in flight tests in the space race against the USSR. Thirty years later, two UFO experts recycled both stories, embellished them and popularized them." Today, thanks to these stories, Roswell became a tourist destination.

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Costa Rica: Pilot Records UFO

Source: PLANETA UFO and
Date: 08.16.2017

Costa Rica: Pilot Records UFO

Impressive! A video recorded in Costa Rica has gone viral on YouTube. What is the reason for this? It turns out that an airline pilot captured the very moment at which the UFO flew in the distance.

The pilot, whose name is Jose Daniel Araya, wanted to record the sunset over Costa Rica on his cellphone without thinking he would capture a UFO. The images have gone around the world and have been seen millions of times on Youtube.

At first, the pilot did not clearly see the UFO and wanted to be certain. Upon going home to inspect the recorded images, he was startled to find the UFO was clearly visible.

Faced with this mystery, the pilot visited astronomer José Alberto Villalobos and UFO expert Alexis Astúa, who said it was in fact an 'extraterrestrial spacecraft'. As of this moment the video has over a millon views on YouTube and is a viral phenomenon. Do you think these images are true. Leave your comments and share them on all of your social networks.


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Monday, August 14, 2017

Argentina: Remembering the 1968 UFO Fly-By over José Marmol

Date: 08.14.2017
A news item by Juan José Alarcón y Figueroa

Argentina: Remembering the 1968 UFO Fly-By Over José Mármol

It was over fifty years ago that UFOs were seen in the airspace over the district of Alte. Brown.

The UFO phenomenon exists in our region and is well-documented. We ascertained that many of our fellow resideents had sightings. They do not speak of them, as these are matters considered private and the source of much derision. Silence is therefore the rule.

An event ocurred in Almirante Brown well over forty years ago and it involved the presence of a UFO fleet seen by the townspeople of José Mármol one summer night in 1968. According to reports, a group noticed the presence of white spots in the sky, appearing among the clouds and moving swiftly, but still retaining a boomerang-like formation. Townspeople took to the streets pointing at the sky, feeling a collective shiver at being in the presence of the unknown.

Concepción Vitulano, now elderly, says the following: "I couldn't believe it. My children jumped for joy, shouting: 'The Martians are coming!' but I had my misgivings. It was the only time I ever saw something like it."

Nowadays, the locals do not discuss the subject much, and the few whor remain recall it as something very strange that happened one summer night, and which they will never forget.

Mass sightings are neither common nor frequent. This incident in José Mármol was among few in the locality, and even the entire region.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Spain: UFO Reported Over Brenes (Seville)

Source: PLANETA UFO and José Manuel García Bautista
El Correo Web -
Date: August 2, 2017

Spain: UFO Reported Over Brenes (Seville)

Several witnesses saw an oval-shaped object that put forth considerable light with bright flashes, moving parallel with the horizon.

The summer of 2017 has been particularly active as regards aerial mysteries and unknown phenomena. The UFOs of yesterday remain as current as ever and materialize yet again to fill us with wonder and disbelief.

This is precisely how the protagonist of a UFO encounter in the locality of Brenes felt on the morning of August 2nd. It was something so incredible and unknown that she could hardly credit what he was seeing. Her name is Sandra and she witnessed something astonishing at 8:30 a.m.: "I was on my way to work and took my daughter over to my mother. It was then when I saw a light-emitting source in the sky. I can almost tell you that it was oval; issuing bright flashes even though it was daylight. The light was irregular and was in view for nearly a minute. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I watched it carefully and saw how its size decreased and became smaller until it disappeared."

Sandra, visibly excited, recalls every second of this sighting. "I'm not easily shocked. My partner and I love these subjects, and a while ago, we spent some time in Gibraltar and saw three lights that left our jaws hanging. But this morning's event has been truly impressive." The witness called another person - Jesús, a worker at a nearby bar, who jokingly said: "They're here!" but when he saw the luminous form, realized they were both looking at a truly extraordinary phenomenon.

Fernando Romero, driving from Tocina to Seville around the same time, also saw the mysterious object: "It was a large luminous form, a point of light that stood out in the sky, having the apparent size of a large marble. The object, or whatever it was, flew parallel to the horizon, slowly. I thought it was an airplane approaching Seville with its lights on, but when I looked more closely, I saw this wasn't the case. The light grew and shrank intermittently and stopped. It was very odd. Then, some thirty seconds later, it disappeared and left me stunned. I don't believe in this UFO and alien stuff, but I can tell you that was something very strange."

Confirmation of the nature of the sighting was sought with Seville Flight Control, which confirmed having no air traffic matching what was seen by the witnesses. The same happened with military flight controllers. No astronomical phenomenon matches the nature of this UFO sighting. Nor is the passage of International Space Station (ISS) a valid explanation. By strict definition, these witnesses saw a UFO.

The astronomical phenomena for the month of August will be the traditional "Lágrimas de San Lorenzo" (St. Lawrence's Tears) around the 12th (Perseids), also bearing in mind the partial lunar eclipse on the 7th of this month. The UFO phenomenon remains present in the heavens over Seville. It is a timeless phenomenon that appears before witnesses at any time of day and which can shatter preconceived notions about "things seen in the sky whose real nature we do not know". The Brenes UFO almost surely marks the start of other sightings in Seville.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and José Manuel García Bautista]