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Argentina: Operación Patagonia Sets Its Sights on Trelew

Date: 03.30.2018

Argentina: Operación Patagonia Sets Its Sights on Trelew
By Luis Burgos (FAO-ICOU)

Since the dawn of the UFO phenomenon in our country, this lovely Patagonian city has been the locale for notable incursions by unidentified objects. Its proximity to Rawson and the mysterious Atlantic littoral area, known for repeated reports on USOs in the gulfs of the Valdes Peninsula, have turned it into a special area. The first major news item was recorded on the evening of 21 October 1954 (the year of the Argentinean saucer flap) when a large number of local residents noticed a large white luminous object, looking like a fluorescent tube, flying over the area. A few months later, on the evening of 25 February 1955, a bizarre round object, red in color, was seen from the local airport. Surprisingly, the object morphed into a "flying cigar"-shaped object, leaving a white wake as it passed. The surprises did not end there: a few minutes later, several eyewitnesses reported seeing a strange black aircraft flying overhead.

Over the course of the years, the phenomenon relocated to nearby marine areas, where the gulfs became the showpiece in matters related to USOs, although reports continued to come in from these areas on saucer visitations. Perhaps the best known was the one which took place on 20 August 1985 when an enormous vehicle flew over the local geography for nearly two hours, exactly from 14:55 to 16:40 hours. This was one of two objects that had been engaged in a tour of South American lands since Saturday, August 17 in Chile and later over several Argentinean provinces, leading up to the sighting on 17 September practically over the Federal Capital (Buenos Aires) before the eyes of millions of citizens. The fact is that this gigantic Patagonian object was seen by hundreds of residents and by the staff of the Almirante Zar Airport, although its radars did not "pick it up."

Since then, Trelew has come to be known not only for its landscape and the Welsh tradition in Dolavon and Gaiman, its wind power farms, the splendid Florentino Ameghino Dam and Mesozoic remains of dinosaurs, but also for the periodic presence of UFOs in its land and skies.

A sign on one of its roads has been warning drivers and pedestrians - since decades past - of the risk of being abducted or having a close encounter with the unknown. Hard to believe, but nonetheless true. Somewhat exaggerated, when examined objectively and statistically, since Trelew isn't a "hot spot" in Argentinean ufology. In any case, we were able to ascertain some of this during our 4400 kilometer journey around Patagonia in October 2017, taking advantage of a trip to ICOU's 10th Federal Event held in El Bolsón (Rio Negro) by the RIO Group of the Andean District of the 42nd Parallel.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Spain: UFO Phenomena Over Los Rodeos

Source: PLANETA UFO and
Date: 03.25.18
An Article by Juanca Romero Hasmen - Crónicas Atlantes
Newsroom 06:56-03.25.18

Spain: UFO Phenomena Over Los Rodeos

Like a giant snowball that grows exponentially, stories linked to the unknown and attributed to the runways of the airport at Tenerife (Canary Islands) tend to multiply, pulled along by the fine thread of collective memory, polluted by the small and large details of confabulation.

Among this hoard of tales we find those that have to do with unidentified objects, the strange lights that make themselves known in the heavens over La Laguna, and more specifically, directly over the airport. It has always been a challenge to find solid information to confirm the presence of a UFO - something that goes beyond "a friend told me" or "I was alone, but it was there."

If we add to the complexity of securing one or more eyewitness accounts the indisputable fact that we are talking about an area crisscrossed by airplanes, private planes and helicopters, it becomes an odious task that I personally find complicated, tedious and a pain in the neck. I have come across the odd note in this regard:

"A young photographer managed to take a long exposure UFO photo on June 11, 1975 while an aircraft landed at Los Rodeos airport (Tenerife, Canary Islands). Next to the airliner was a half-moon shaped object no one had noticed before. There is no radar information available for the aircraft." (

However, and to keep from coming across as obnoxious, there are other stories related to alleged UFO that have not left me unmoved, or at least have not caused my attention to wander off when I first hear them. So, among this hodgepodge of stories, I come across David O. Rodriguez, an amateur photographer, but whose work causes many self-proclaimed professionals to shudder.

David is what is commonly known as a "spotter" - a person whose pastime it is to spend hours and hours taking photos of airliners at airports or special areas during their delicate takeoff and landing maneuvers. For a few years, he would visit a well-known esplanade near the airport's Runway 30, an esplanade beyond the perimeter and which has been famous as one of the city's three major lovers' lanes...I mean, one of the three lovely places where couples can give in to their purest love.

Aside from the instinctive use given to the area, "spotters" gather here to tell interesting stories related to specific activity in the sky from that location. So let's go to what David was telling me one morning during a chat that dealt specifically with photography and applied technology, one of my great passions.

When I told him I was working on this this book, he remarked that nothing ever happened over the airport, he had seen a UFO over El Socorro - a populated area near the airport.

"On one occasion I was right under the tower (referring to a small tracking tower near Runway 30 and is in the aforementioned esplanade) waiting for the Air Europa flight to come in from Madrid. It must have been 9:15 at night when at the level of the horizon, looking toward El Socorro, we were able to see a bright light, white and blue in color, that struck me, because at times there are planes coming in through 12 and 30 at that time. With the exception of Air Europa and Iberia, no large aircraft should approach, much less at that location. I waited a while to see if the plane approached the airport, but the damned thing didn't move. It appeared to be over the sea, by Valle de Guerra, with a light that seemed increasingly bluer. It stayed there for about 10 minutes, motionless, until it was gone in a blink before I realized it. My companion said the object had vanished in place, but I didn't see it. It wasn't an airplane, I'm certain of that. I thought it could have been a helicopter on maneuvers, but...where did it go?"

Listening to David's story I was reminded of the popular Chinese lanterns that have become so popular in recent years, and which have become commonplace along the northern area of the island, particularly Puerto de la Cruz, 30 kilometers from the airport. Could it be one of these paper lamps? Is it possible that witnesses could see it at such a distance that it could be mistaken for the lights on a Boeing?

I supposed David had photos of the event. "I took some six or seven, but they're all black and the light source appears as a tiny dot of light and so far away, it's a miracle."

As I write this, I am holding one of those images and I can state that all you can see is that. Nothing. However, I have no doubts about the eyewitness account, which I am sure is based on his considerable knowledge of aviation and above all, the knowledge of the area surrounding North Tenerife Airport. As long as one can be certain about what was seen over the area, it shall forevermore remain a UFO.

An additional note. In February 1995, a group of replacement soldiers from the artillery platoon of the San Francisco Base in La Laguna were engaged in maneuvers at that Los Rodeos military area, specifically on the premises nearest to the GAAL (Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group) hangars when two soldiers on a ground topography mission saw two yellow lights "the size of a foosball ball" fly swiftly to the right of their position in the dark, about a meter and a half over the surface and event cutting through an area of high vegetation.

These lights vanished toward the airport’s passenger terminal on the other side of the runways, but they were never seen to emerge from the high vegetation area. Hallucinations, lightning bugs, or a prank pulled by fellow soldiers?

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Peru: Anomaly Over Barranca Captured on Security Camera

Source: Planeta UFO (Arg.) and TROME (Perú)
Date: 03/13/2018

Peru: Anomaly Over Barranca Captured on Security Camera

Security cameras recorded a strange object in a Barranca waterfront. Some claim it was a UFO.

An unidentified flying object crossing the skies of Barranca was picked up by security cameras yesterday morning (03.12.2018) around 3:00 a.m. Images disseminated over social media show a radiant, zig-zagging luminous phenomenon over the Malecón de Chorrillos of this northern city.

The security cameras were engaged in their routine task of filming the waterfront area from the last block on Avenida Grau when they suddenly picked up this object, which could have been a UFO. The camera managed to focus on the object's oval shape before vanishing completely.

This is the first time that such a phenomenon has been recorded. According to the website of the regional newspaper "El Libertador", this video, with a duration of two minutes and fifteen seconds, has already elicited a variety of opinions. However, it has been confirmed that the image is real.

Social media users claimed it was a UFO. Others suggested that it was a psycho-social phenomenon using fake imagery and that the cameras were best used in catching criminals up to no good.

Another cybernaut stated that this phenomenon occasionally takes place in the stratosphere and that no strange object is involved. Was it a UFO? You be the judge.


[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to G. Giménez and the TROME newsroom]

Argentina: A UFO Over Rivadavia?

Date: 03.16.2018

Argentina: A UFO Over Rivadavia?

A reader of Tiempo de San Juan recorded the moment from the back of her house in the ATSA IV district. See the video and draw your own conclusions.

A constantly moving light - purportedly a UFO - can be seen in a video recorded by a reader of Tiempo de San Juan from the rear of her property in the ATSA IV district.

According to the woman, the light, which looks white in the video, was orange in color, sometimes changing to yellow.

She also noted that as she recorded, her cellphone was overcome by interference. An earth tremor took place no sooner than she'd finished recording. This fact was corroborated by the INPRES website (the 4.7 tremor took place at 21:00 hours).

Could this be a UFO? See the video and draw your own conclusions.


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Luis Burgos: A Fire on the Ground

Source: FAO-ICOU
Date: 03.15.2018

A Fire on the Ground
By Luis Burgos (FAO-ICOU)

Buenos Aires Provincial Route 36 is in the news again. The experiences recorded over so many decades by drivers, country people, tourists, residents, hunters and fishermen are innumerable. The region’s geography, much of it lonely, is peppered with all manner of encounters as we traverse the very heart of EL NIDO (The Nest). Small probes (diminutive luminous spheres) chasing car drivers, dozens of imprints found in its fields, frequent sightings of unidentified flying objects, lights emerging from streams, hills or cattle troughs, and an abundance of photographs serve to make up a considerable case history. And as a nod to the movie “A FIRE IN THE SKY”, which tells the abduction experience of Travis Walton in 1975 in Arizona (USA), we now move on to the specifics.

On this occasion, it was the turn for three FAO members to become direct witnesses to a strange phenomenon. Returning to the coast of Buenos Aires along Route 36 on a Sunday evening, after spending a weekend at the shore, is often tiresome, especially when we factor in exhaustion and the monotony of the trip, which can also become tense when facing a rush of drivers eager to reach their destination. A surprise, however, awaited us on the night of Sunday, March 11, 2018.

With Juan at the wheel and Lucia in the passenger’s seat, I was resting on the right side of the rear seat looking at the starry sky looking for something, as I always do when I’m not driving.

So it was that I was tracking “constant blinks” toward the shores of Rio de la Plata. One of them was an airliner following the route from Ezeiza Airport or Aeroparque, and the other – which flashed every ten to twelve seconds. It caught my attention and I looked at it fixedly, this time searching for LUCI (*), although this one was rather low to be our common friend, as it was between 15 and 20 degrees. Lucía’s voice suddenly rang out in the car compartment: “What was that?!” followed by Juan replying: “A light fell down!”

My eyes changed direction, but it was too late, since what they had seen was already over for me. My wristwatch said the time was 20:30 hours.

Lucia’s Testimony:

“We were driving along Route 36 after spending weekend fishing at Punta Rasa, right on the day before the start of high school classes. We know that many people wait until the last minute to return to their duties, so there was heavy traffic on the road to La Plata, something that always makes me concentrate fully on the road, even if I’m not at the wheel. After curve covered in dense trees and passing the entrance to Ferrari, I saw a bluish-green light that lit up slowly…like a dichromatic lamp. No sooner had it lit up did it go down, turning off before reaching the ground. The darkness and our speed kept me from ascertaining its size, but I can say that it wasn’t more than two meters overhead, some three meters from the edge of the road and between 200-300 meters away. All of this lasted between five and ten seconds. The left side of the road was covered in trees and I looked in that direction, hoping to find an explanation to what we just saw. Suddenly I saw the white light of a private home. I sought a mile marker to find out exactly where we were.”

Seconds later, I noticed a “little flame” burning near a light post in the area where the greenish blue light had been seen. I use this diminutive because it was a small fire on the grass. I instinctively thought it was an offering to the Gauchito Gil of the highways, but it wasn’t. (Note: Gauchito Gil is not officially recognized as a Christian saint, but many Catholics here do regard him as a reliable intercessor. Prayers and homages to him at his shrines regularly ask his protection, and he is regarded as a kind of Robin Hood figure who protects the poor and vulnerable. CR: On the other hand, with the grass as dry as it was, who would dare light a fire at night lest they cause a conflagration? Unless it was deliberate. Juan also saw this fleetingly, but Lucia did not. The rest of the strip was spent on questions and associations: What had they seen? Was the little fire associated with the mysterious light? All of this had happened in this 500 meter stretch separating the sighting of the enigmatic light from the little fire. The first thing that came to my mind was the incredible pursuit of the Labaronnie family in 2002 during the Gobernador Ugarte events: they were chased cross-country by a little flame! Perhaps there is no connection whatsoever, but that’s what instinct is like. Sometimes it plays tricks on us and sometimes it’s right on the mark. [Note: For more on the Gobernador Ugarte events, please visit and]

On-Site Research

Like any ufologist who prides him/herself as a FIELD RESEARCHER and not as a long-distant OPINION-MAKER or COMPILER of cases and interviews, we returned to the site of the event with Lucia barely 17 hours after it occurred, at 13:30 hours on Monday on Route 36 to find the exact location of the incident. The 92 Kilometer marker near the detour to the town of Ferrari. This was the area in question. After some back and forth, we found the “little flame” from the previous evening turned into an ELLIPSOIDAL burn mark measuring 3 meters in diameter! In other words, the little fire kept burning and singed and considerable segment of dry grass close to the barbed wire fencing, at the foot of a light post. How it didn’t run up the pole and burn it, too, remains a mystery, as well as why it didn’t burn deeper beyond the wire fence. The compass pointed toward true north without any variations. The Geiger counter shed no anomalies, but the ERD detector yielded anomalous values, almost surely produced by the electric lines overhead. The neodymium magnet yielded no positive results in the search for IRON FILINGS in the charred soil. The area had several poles of attraction – wiring, nearby mills, antennae, cattle troughs and tree lines.


As a working hypothesis, our initial association was “luminous phenomenon – fire on the ground”, but we cannot be certain of this. Seeing this luminous source near a fire on the ground would not be the wisest relationship, unless one thing (the fire) had been caused by the other (the bluish green light). There is a coincidence of times and distances. The BURN MARK is not the kind left behind by a UFO when it lands or flies over a surface, but there are indeed cases of burns caused by the approach of such objects. We are reminded of the Londres (Catamarca) incident of 1982, in which a UFO caused a wind storm that set fire to several structures in the town, and why not? The strange and controversial oval “burn mark” of El Pajarillo in 1986.

As a consequence of this, it is important to highlight that there was no interruption in the electrical supply to the farm that occupied the space between when the light was seen, the car continued on its journey and the little fire was noticed.


AN UNSOLVED MYSTERY. Just another in the complex world of ufology. Just in the same way that Demetrio had finished listening to The Beatles’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds as we walked along a beach, only to be confronted by LUCI (*). On this occasion, a kilometer ahead of the sighting of the “little fire”, the sign outside an evangelical church on the roadside proclaimed: FIRE FROM ON HIGH….

(*) LUCI is the name given by FAO-ICOU to a small point of light traveling at considerable altitude and following a satellite trajectory noticed in 1994 by researchers Alcides and Nelson Rocha Polanco, but also by Fabio Zerpa in 1986. Also described as a Luciérnaga ("Firefly"). THE FAO database places the first reliable sighting of this object as 17 February 1973, when it was seen by residents of La Matanza, Buenos Aires.

[Translation © 2018 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Luis Burgos]

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Argentina: Anomalous Objects Over Villa Ventana

Source: 103.7 FM Reflejos (Argentina)
Date: 03.10.2018

Argentina: Anomalous Objects Over Villa Ventana

Municipal inspectors have photographed flying objects hovering next to telephone antennae.

Claudio Heredia is the Municipal Inspector of Tornquist. During his outine assignment - surveying communications and telephone towers - something unusual drew his attention.

A cellular telephone tower sits atop a summit near Villa Ventana. Heredia and another employee were tasked with photographing and surveying the towers throughout the entire district.

When Heredia took the photo and saw it in his cellphone, he noticed two objects that caught his attention and which he did not see when pressing the shutter. At first he thought the lens might be dirty.

The faint objects can be made out despite the distance, which he estimates at some 1500 meters (4900 feet).

Villa Ventana, Sierra de la Ventana and Tornquist have been in the news repeatedly due to maniestations of unidentified flying objects.

The photos will be submitted to UFO experts for their analysis, to see whether or not UFOs are involved.

(Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Peru: Rooftop Sighting of Strange Object in Trujillo

Source: and PLANETA UFO
Date: 03.12.2018

Peru: Rooftop Sighting of Strange Object in Trujillo

A disquieting YouTube video has been a source of comments on social media. This time it is a something recorded by a resident of Trujillo in the north of Peru. Thanks to the Internet, especially sites such as YouTube, we are able to form aprt of some of the most striking events, which we would hardly find credible were it not for the existence of a visual record.

Thus, it is thanks to YouTube that we can see how a strange light peers over the city's skies, possibly to explore it. This has given rise to all kinds of reactions and opinions, and in turn, to a considerable number of theories about it.

On the one hand there are those who state it is a drone or some similar device. On the other, we have those who are certain that it is a UFO.

You will notice that in spite of being daytime, the object is readily identifiable. Furthermore, it has an intense reddish glow.

Look at these images taken from You Tube and tell us: Do you think we're looking at a genuine UFO?

VIDEO AT: (PLEASE NOTE: The incident dates back to May 2017, a fact not mentioned in the text)

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Mexico: "UFO" Hauled Around the City

Date: 12.27.2017
Article by Luis Baylón

Mexico: "UFO" Hauled Around the City

It is well known that the Mexican capital city's airspace is highly complex. The Benito Juarez International Airport (MCIA)'s operations in the metropolitan area of valley of Mexico are a source of complication for all flying objects.

An unidentified flying object was seen hauled around the city streets of the Roma Norte district, along the Durango Diagonal at the Cibeles Roundabout.

The video circulating on social media has gone viral this weekend.

There is still no official statement about this object.

It is possible that this "interstellar object" decided to make its way along the lightly occupied roadways this Christmas weekend. However, it doesn't seem to have found a "shortcut" to get out of Mexico City and was towed away by a wrecker.

Other stories suggest the UFO is a prop connected to the shooting of the next season of the popular X-Files TV show in Mexico.


(Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU)

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Peru: Driver Records Video on Dashcam

Source: PLANETA UFO and
Date: 03.05.2018

Peru: Driver Records UFO On Dashcam

The video was uploaded by a user of the Facebook social network driving down a highway in Perú, using what appears to have been a dashcam.

Strange apparitions are often recorded and the debate over whether there are real or fake begins to rage between believers and skeptics.

This situation played itself out once more on Facebook when a subscriber decided to upload a video of what he claims to have witnessed.

As it turns out, he was driving along a road in Perú and suddenly became aware of the presence of "an immense spaceship" in the sky. To his astonishment, and aware that his dashcam was plugged in and operating, he decided to chase the object. The images depict the UFO moving from one side of the road to another.

Look at the footage and draw your own conclusions.

[INEXPLICATA has no way of ascertaining the veracity of these photographs or recordings]


[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and www.24con]

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Mexico: Unusual Phenomenon Over Jalisco Dubbed "Giant UFO"

Source: Planeta UFO, EXTRANORMAL and LaNeta Noticias
Date: 02.21.2018
A Report by Iván Gómez

Mexico: Unusual Phenomenon Over Jalisco Dubbed "Giant UFO'

Beings from other worlds seem to be on the lookout for developments on planet Earth and it is therefore quite common to see them in the sky. The most recent of these was a UFO seen over Mexico - an event that has gone completely viral on the Internet. According to the Perú portal, a startling viral video on YouTube has been the source of much comment among cybernauts, and no explanation has been found for the phenomenon in the heavens.

It all started with a recording that showed the west of Mexico City.

According to statements made by the La República website, events of this sort are commonplace on YouTube. However, this manifestation had something unusual. Unlike most cases, the alleged UFO engaged in unusual maneuvers in the sky, causing fear among the citizenry.

Some locals said that that it wasn't a spacecraft, but rather a colossal being, since upon using their zoom lenses, they could see something looking like legs, arms and even a head that moved strangely as the object remained aloft.

Users stated that this recording was among the strangest in relation with alleged UFO sightings.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Planeta UFO]

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Argentina: The Dique La Florida CE-3 (1978)

Source: Planeta UFO, Cuarta Dimensión and Realidad OVNI
Date: 03.02.2018
An Article by Julio Gonzalez

Argentina: The Dique La Florida CE-3

One of the most significant UFO events of the Republic of Argentina took place on 4 February 1978, when several competent witnesses witness the descent of a strange craft and the presence of a tall humanoid who left his prints on the ground. The research undertaken after this event determined its reality, and corroborated the footprints left behind by the occupant.

This incident – known around the world as the Dique La Florida Case, in San Luis, Argentina, was supported by the investigative facilities of the Provincial Police of San Luis, headed at the time by Lt. Col. Raul Benjamin Lopez, who signed off on the first official report on a “walkabout” by a UFO occupant, representing both the Provincial Police and the Argentinean Army.

The Dique La Florida Case – A Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Location: La Florida Nautical and Fishing Club, Lake La Florida , 38 km from the city of San Luis, Province of San Luis, Argentina.
Date: 4 February 1978
Time: 04:45 approximately

Witnesses: Manuel Maria Alvarez, Paraguayan, naturalized Argentinean with 5 years residence, single, age 32, employed with Aerolineas Argentinas; Regino Salvador Perroni, Argentinean, 26, married, employed by Banco San Luis; Pedro Raul Sosa, Argentinean, 32, married, employed by the Government House of the Province of San Luis; Ramon Armando Sosa (brother of the preceding), Argentinean, married, 39, employed at the San José ceramic works; Genaro Luis Sosa (brother of the preceding), Argentinean, married, 34, employed by Banco Provincia de San Luis; Jacinto Eduardo Lucero, Argentinean, married, 24, employed by Banco Provincia de San Luis.

Researchers: CAEFA Team, including Betina Allen (psychoanalyst), Hugo Quiroga (CAEFA, San Luis), Beatriz Balboni (biorhythms expert), Alberto Radaelli (identikit of the object and entity), Prof. Fabio Zerpa (research, interrogation, psychological analysis and supervision).

Investigative Support: Police Headquarters of the Province of San Luis (Lt. Col Raul Benjamin Lopez). Senior delegation of the Argentinean Federal Police (Deputy Sheriff Oscar Guillermo Rosello, Senior Officer Jose Luis Bonaventura, Chief Inspector Hugo Ricardo Cremonte)

Analysis: Members of the Municipal Botany Institute (Instituto Municipal de Botanica)

On the night of the event, Genaro and Pedro Sosa, along with Regino Perroni and Jacinto Lucero, had gone to buy meat for a cookout. They went to the Mede butcher shop in the city of San Luis, where they purchased 3.5 kilos of meat and sausages (chorizo and morcilla), enough for the six friends who wanted to go fishing at Lake La Florida. They always fish together at various locations in the region. The six men are “fishing buddies” even though their families do not socialize.

Perroni and Lucero are in-laws (the second is married to Perroni’s sister). They live together in the Cantisan district near Genaro and Pedro Sosa’s home. The four men boarded Genaro Sosa’s Fiat 125 and went off to find Ramón Sosa, who lives at 105 Calle Mitre, and finally picked up Manuel Maria Alvarez around 11:00 pm.

They drove along Route 20, exchanging very few words. They looked at the lovely starlit sky and the landscape of the area, darkened by decorated by the lights in the sky. They reached the La Florida Nautical and Fishing Club, 38 kilomters distant from the city.

When they arrived, the fire prepared by Rodriguez, the club stewart, was nearly ready, as he had done some empanadas earlier. Alvarez, the Paraguayan, stared to prepare the roast, having learned to do so in his adopted country, as he came from Paraguay to Argentina when he was 5 years old, becoming a naturalized citizen.

The other five men helped their friend, talking, swapping remarks, telling jokes. The roast was ready within an hour and a half. The six men consume a scant liter of wine between them. None of them likes alcohol.

Between 12:30 and one in the morning on Saturday, 4 February 1978, the men were in the lake fishing. With Perroni’s boat holding the six protagonists and their fishing tackle, they headed into the lake’s waters. They wanted to go south, rowing with a northerly wind, at a depth of 50 meters. The waves are considerable, and when they reached an inlet on the other side of the Fishing Club, they decided to return to the lake to fish with “more peace”.

They began fishing at around 2:10 am. The men had boarded another boat belonging to a friend. The fish were not biting, so bored and tired from a long week’s work, Genaro and Ramón Sosa, along with Jacinto Lucero, went to sleep some 5 meters from the boat’s deck at 3:30 a.m., leaving Alvarez and Pedro Sosa leaning against the railings. These two are avid fishermen, long-time friends, and always fish together. Perroni was somewhat farther behind the other two, standing next to the boat’s engine, speaking softly “so as not to scare the fish”. He sees the three friends getting ready to sleep, covering themselves with coats, as it was a cold evening (14-16 degrees C). The three fishermen who remained awake struggled against the denizens of the water, retrieving two Silversides and eight carp.

At 4:15 am, Perroni saw “something” flying in front of the moon. Genaro woke up at his friend’s exclamation. Both thought it was a shooting star, like countless ones they had seen so often, but nonetheless striking. After exchanging a few words, Genaro Sosa went back to sleep, covering himself well, as he felt very cold. Alvarez and Pedro Sosa remained at their stations, fishing.

At 4:45 am, an intense light appeared behind the vessel, emanating from a small hill some 20 meters distant. It was strong enough to make Perroni cover his face, and make the three sleeping men wake up.
Alvarez and Pedro Sosa turned around to face an unusual event: They were illuminated by a powerful light, seeing it was an unidentified flying object – a metallic, solid device shaped like an upside-down saucer, projecting white light from its undersection and emerald green and red lights from its upper fuselage. It was suspended in mid-air over the sloping terrain leading to the water, some 3 meters over the ground, measuring some 15 meters in diameter.

The object let down a small ladder (similar to that on a Fokker aircraft) and a humanoid form descended. It stood between 2-2.10 meters, wore a shiny, silvery, form-fitting uniform. The “man” wore a transparent helmet over his head, making visible his blonde hair and fine features. At no time did the witnesses see the entity’s feet, and were unsure as to any footgear. The entity’s identikit photo matches all descriptions provided.

After descending the ladder, the entity walked over the terrain (or glided over it, not sure), which sloped downward and approached the edge of the lake, a scant 15 meters away from the fishermen. With as mile, the stranger placed his gloved hands (encased in what appeared to be mittens) in front of him, palms upward, in a characteristic friendship gesture and a yoga position (lotus flower). A universal gesture of giving. Following this gesture, the being turned on a heel and headed for the ladder. He climbed and re-entered the craft.

The ladder retracted, and the opening that allowed it to descend to earth closed up.

After 20-30 seconds, the vehicle rose into the air and vanished into the mountains of San Luis toward the northeast.

Pedro Sosa, shocked by what he was seeing, saw much less of the humanoid than did Alvarez, who is the most descriptive of the witnesses.

Regarding the object, the witnesses differ on its luminous characteristics, but all agree on the powerful light behind them. To Genaro Sosa, the object had a yellowish aura. Ramon Sosa believes it was a fluorescent light. Pedro Sosa thinks it had various colors rotating around it. Jacinto Lucero remembers it as a very bright white light. To Alvarez and Sosa, the object left a luminous wake in its path.
All agree on the circular shape. The three sleeping fishermen were shaken out of their slumber by the event. The other three described it as an inverted soup bowl with a sort of aileron or ring in the middle, which left a luminous wake in its path as it sped away, forming a white halo around it as it vanished toward the San Luis mountains.

All six men agree that the UFO, at a 45 degree angle to the horizon, made a half-loop before vanishing. It did not vanish from sight; rather it disappeared altogether, leaving behind a luminous white circle that widened gradually before going away.
This remark gave us pause. Was it a time-travel opening? An opening to other dimensions? A sudden intrusion into the mountains of the area? Questions that were to be meditated upon.

It was all over. The six men on the boat exchanged startled looks. All thought it was a flying saucer. When we suggested it might be a secret terrestrial craft, flown by an unknown astronaut, they looked at us quizzically. All of them firmly believe they saw the anomalous event we come to describe as "UFO".

[Translation (c) 2017 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology with thanks to Julio González and Guillermo Giménez]

Friday, March 02, 2018

Cuba: A UFO Over Matanzas?

Cuban UFO researcher Orestes Girbau shared this photograph with Planeta UFO along with an accompanying message: "A photo of an alleged UFO seen to the NNE over the Cuban city of Matanzas by my son Lester Girbau on 14 August 2011. He was using a Kodak Easyshare C813 digital camera. The possible UFO was not visible in plain sight neither before nor after the photo was taken."

Our thanks to Mr. Girbau and Guillermo Giménez for sharing this image.