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Mexico: UFO Phenomenon Remains Highly Active in Los Cabos

Source: PLANETA UFO and
Date: 09.23.2018

Mexico: UFO Phenomenon Remains Highly Active in Los Cabos

Adolfo Sánchez Rendiz could not believe what he was seeing on the horizon while driving from San José del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas on the tourist road just around nine o'clock at night.

He was able to see two lights over the sea at the Kilometer 19 marker, issuing green flashes. One of them larger than the other in a clear item of UFO evidence captured on video and visible at "Cazador de Ovnis BCS".

The witness says that luminous objects were flying parallel to the highway, stopping a few times to aim a powerful light downward "to scan, as if looking for something." He never lost them from sight and continued to record them on his cellphone.

He describes them as having a well defined trajectory. The larger of the two objects was shaped like a rhombus.

Adolfo Sánchez Reséndiz adds the event took place between Punta Ballena and the Cabo Mil radio station. Both objects flew over the highway, heading toward the famous "Cerro de las Antenas" (Antenna Hill) and then vanished into the horizon over the Pacific Ocean.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: Resident of Salta Photographs Strange Phenomenon

Sources: El Tribuno, Planeta UFO & Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 09.27.2018
An article by Daniel Sagárnaga

Argentina: Resident of Salta Photographs Strange Phenomenon

Last Friday, only minutes away from 20:00 hours, architect Ignacio Pancetti was strolling with his family through the town square of the El Prado district in the city's southwestern reaches when he witnessed an unusual event. A shape-changing light was visible in the clear sky, right beside the moon.

"It was traveling from the southwest and heading northeast. I thought it was an airplane flying at high altitude. Then I thought it was a satellite. Suddenly, well above me, it remained still and began to oscillate, coming and going. Was it an airplane maneuvering to lose altitude? It was insane. So I took out my cellphone (a Samsung G7, set the recorder to the maximum zoom position (x8), but only a point of light was visible without greater detail. So I thought to switch to photo mode and leave it at the maximum film exposure, magnifying the zoom to 8. When I opened it, I began to see how it transformed. First it was only a light, and then something like an explosion, a ring like a washer with a light in its middle that vanished, regenerated, and would explode after a while. I took some 200 photos. This went on until ten minutes past eight, but I had to go. The phenomenon continued. When I uploaded the photos, many people told me they had seen it, too," says Ignacio.

Truly, people like N. Avellaneda and Cuqui Salas on Facebook also claim to have seen the phenomenon. "What strikes me is that it didn't fall like a meteorite, but rather followed a trajectory first, and then it stopped, oscillated and remained fixed in the sky. These are things that make you think, as it was not an element in free fall, but something that cannot be recorded. It could be the manifestation of some sort of energy, due to the explosions. The photos do not show a well-defined, exact object. I suppose that it was at a relatively low altitude, since I was able to capture details with the cellphone's zoom," explains the architect, saying it's the first time he has had such an experience.

The fact is that we could speak of a small "UFO flap" Salta, where sightings have been going on since January, when a tourist on the Tren a las Nubes captured a metallic object that flew in the sky over Quebrada del Toro. Later, in Rosario de la Frontera, local fire chief José Exequiel Alvarez claimed to have made contact with the operators of these vehicles, recording them twice in the sky by way of confirmation. A fleet of lights that shook eyewitnesses was also seen in Oran. Then in Salta, in mid-August. What's going on?

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO) and Luis Burgos (FAO / ICOU)]

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Argentina: The Day a UFO Left Us Stunned (1968)

Date: 09.25.2018
An Article by Carlos Campana for Los Andes

Argentina: The Day a UFO Left Us Stunned (1968)

**In 1968, a large number of residents of Mendoza reported seeing UFOs. One of the most disquieting cases occurred in Luján.**

Fifty years ago, our province was shaken by sightings of UFO crossing the skies. Not only that, some Mendoza residents were supposedly abducted by beings from other worlds.

These events took place in the month of June and had their greatest repercussions in late August 1968, when two employees of the Provincial Casino - Juan Carlos Pecinetti and Fernando Villegas, claimed having come across small extraterrestrial beings in the 6th Section of the city. Their story transcended borders, as they were interviewed by national and foreign media.

Aside from the Peccinetti and Villegas Case, others were also widespread, such as the one involving the Luján de Cuyo refinery, covered by a reporter from Los Andes with an amusing interview. Sometime later, the alleged abduction experienced by the two casino workers in the heart of the city proved to be a fraud. There are several ufologists, however, who still believe the contrary.

The Little Green Men of Luján

Around that time, the so-called "flying saucers" caused a veritable psychosis in Mendoza. Let us take a look at the interview by Los Andes with some of the witnesses at the Luján de Cuyo refinery.

The article is dated 2 September 1968 and bears the title: "Coincidences Exist Between Strange Creature Apparition Accounts"

"The strange events described by Juan Carlos Peccinetti and Fernando Villegas are acquiring peers: people who refused to disclose their alleged experiences, fearing ridicule, are now emboldened and have disconcerting things to talk about.

"Enrique Serdoch, a chemical technician employed in the laboratories of the YPF Luján Refinery, was the spokesman for what occurred to one of his co-workers. According to his testimony, José Paulino Núñez, 33, a resident of Luján, kept silent for over a month about his encounter with alien beings who showed him a sphere that projected images, much as occurred in the case involving the casino workers.

"The lab employees (Serdoch himself, Alberto González, Roberto Micelutti, Carlos Wengorra, Hugo Torres, Enrique Aporta and Ricardo Schmid) were aware of the events as from the date on which they took place, but respected their co-worker's discretion.

"Núñez is currently hospitalized at the Hospital Español, recovering from a surgery entirely unrelated to his experience, which Serdoch described thus:

"At 1:15 in the morning on the last Sunday in June, José was at the tank farm conducting an assay. The area is very dark and the only people around are watchmen. My friend ran into two people he believed to be watchmen when he came down from a fuel oil tank.

"This was not the case. The strangers showed him a circular object measuring 30 centimeters in diameter that showed colored figures. As he told me, he could see people walking around 'as though filmed with a hidden camera at any street'. The background was clear, and the clothing and activities of the figures were not striking.

"The creatures asked: "Do you know them? They were like you. Many more shall be like them. Many people in your world will see the same that you have. We shall speak of this again. If you discuss this, do it with people amenable [to the subject]."

"Nuñez, according to Serdoch, has no idea how he reached his pickup truck and drove the kilometer distance that separated him from the lab, where he was quizzed by his co-worker Alberto González:

"What's wrong? What's a matter?" to which Nunez asked "What do I look like?" You're as white as a sheet of paper, said Gonzalez. Nuñez broke into tears and both men returned to the tank farm, but they found nothing remarkable.

The similarity of this experience with the one involving the casino workers moved Núñez to authorize his friend to discuss it.

We asked Serdoch about the visitors' traits: "Núñez told me," he answered, "that their voices were metallic, as though coming from the inside of a milk churn. Their outfits were one-piece, similar to those worn by frogmen. There was nothing abnormal about their stature, but his position at the time - at a higher level, on the access ladder to the tanks - kept him from seeing them properly."

"Our source added that Núñez is a straight arrow, not considered impressionable, and that his state of excitement was evident.

"Furthermore," he said, "another co-worker dispelled any doubts we may have had. His last name is Giampetri and he worked as a technician at the refinery. He told us that on that very same day, somewhat earlier, he was on his way back from San Juan in the company of his wife and children and saw a flying saucer. He kept quiet out of a fear of ridicule."

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO

Argentina: Livestock Farmer Experiences Strange and "Inexplicable" Phenomena

Source: EL ONCE (Argentina) and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: September 24, 2018

Argentina: Livestock Farmer Experiences Strange and "Inexplicable" Phenomena

**Events took place in the department of Diamante**
**A livestock farmer from Costa Grave reported the "birth of a calf shaped like a baby", the absence of 120,000 liters of water from his water storage tanks, circular burn marks and mutilated cows**

A rural livestock farmer from Costa Grande published a sequence of photographs on social media accompanied by a story of strange and "inexplicable" phenomena on his property in the department of Diamante.

Jorge Menón reported on the strange events that took place in his fields on five separate occasions.

Bearing the title "It looks like they visited me a few days ago - one more time, for the 5th time", he said that the first of the strange events recorded was the birth of a "calf shaped like a baby."

On a second and third instance, he noted the absence of 60,000 liters of water from a water storage tank - events he qualified as "inexplicable."

The fourth event involved "round burn marks on the premises, burned in a circle" plus a loss of power to his television set, air conditioning unit and computer. "It was necessary to reprogram everything," he claims.

The fifth time involved the discovery of dead animals showing strange signs of mutilation.

In his publication, the man stated that he feels "exhausted and harassed" by the situation.

Photos are credited to Jorge Alberto Menón (C) 2018

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO]

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Argentina: Telepathic Humanoid in Mendoza? (1979)

Source: Misterios del Cosmos
Date: 09.20.2018

Argentina: Telepathic Humanoid in Mendoza? (1979)

By Pablo Omastott

Mendoza, Wednesday 19 September 1979. Around 19:00 hours, Hector Daniel Lara, 11, invited his friend Ricardo Jose Morón to play on a swing near a large tract of empty land in the Santa Ines district, where both boys lived.

While they played, Hector observed something in the sky and said so to his friend Ricardo. It was a red light that approached them at an altitude of 20 meters from the southeast, turning on and off.
After a few seconds, the light came to rest in the empty tract, some 70 meters from the witnesses. After a few moments, it"bounced" approximately 2 meters before coming to rest on the ground again.
Startled, the boys ran off to tell other friends (Adrián and Ulises Sepúlveda and Omar Barranca) who at first did not believe them, but then decided to accompany the first two witnesses back to the empty lot.

The object was still there when they reached the sighting location. After a few minutes, they noticed some strange luminous manifestations, described by the witnesses as "blue and white flashes." Seconds later, the object turned off and they heard a strange noise they compared to "the crack of a whip." Once the sound had faded away, no further manifestations were visible. The object had disappeared.

None of those present witnessed the object rise into the air. When they approached the landing site later on, they could see a circle traced on the ground within which five small perforations were evident - four on the sides and one in the middle. The witnesses reported the event to the police authorities of the city of Luján. They were questioned and later examined by members of the Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA).

That very same day, but in the early morning hours, Cpl. Anibal Raul Petracini of the Argentinean Army observed a circular object from the kitchen window of his home in La Gloria, Dept. of Godoy Cruz in the same province. It landed in an empty lot some 20-25 meters distant, and was approximately 2 meters in diameter and half a meter tall.

A few seconds after seeing the bizarre object, a human-like figure measuring some 40-50 centimeters appeared in front of him and to the right of the object, wearing extremely white clothing that bore the only detail of a green fringe or visor around the eyes.

The soldier had the sensation of having received a message. "I never knew what the message was," he said later. "I do not know it; it felt like something telepathic, without hearing voices, tones or anything. I simply felt it."

The protagonist does not have a clear notion of the time elapsed, but ventures to say that the entire strange encounter lasted some 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, he does not remember the circumstances under which the sighting concluded. At 7 a.m. on Thursday the 20th, he was awakened as usual by the alarm clock, lying down and covered by the sheets, beside his family.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Misterios del Cosmos, Pablo Omastott and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía]

Argentina: An "Invisible UFO" Over Tucumán

Source: GIOT and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
Date: 09.20.2018

Argentina: An "Invisible UFO" Over Tucumán

Photographs taken by Francisco Leal in Amaicha Del Valle, Tucumán (Argentina), Paraje El Remate. The photographer was supervising a project for the provincial authority involving creation of a potable water facility on 09.06.2018 at 17:41 hours. He decided to take some photos of the project. In the second of these, an unidentified flying object appeared (UFO). He was using Samsung Galaxy S8 cellphone, a fine camera with a good sensor that offers high definition photographs - Javier Lopez Posse, G.I.O.T. (Grupo de Investigación Ovni Tucumán).

Our thanks to Javier Lopez Posse of GIOT and Luis Burgos of FAO/ICOU for this information. The term "invisible UFO" refers to anomalous objects that were not apparent to the photographer at the time the photo was taken.

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Argentina's 2018 UFO Flap - So Far

Source: Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
Date: 09.18.2018

Argentina's 2018 UFO Flap - So Far

Luis Burgos states
: According to our Decimal Hypothesis, which we have been developing since 1985 with great efficacy. It is very likely that an increase in UFO sightings will occur in Argentina and neighboring countries during 2018. Despite the fact that 2016 and 2017 were considerably lacking in sightings, using the TWO LARGEST UFO WAVES - 1968 and 1978 - would suggest a renewed saucer effect over Argentina. We must be mindful, because a "UFO Flap" brings with it a swarm of additional situations of all kinds in the heavens, waters and land.

Statistics for the phenomenon point out that all manner of events occur during each instance of a UFO Flap: Sightings, ground marks on fields, humanoid sightings, video and photographic evidence, mysterious skyfalls, atmospheric explosions, undersea objects, etc. In 2018 we also have cattle mutilations, which go hand in hand with saucer reports. For the time being, our Decimal Hypothesis remains strong.

Moreover - as a separate entry - the journalistic media, particularly in the interior, is offering a constant treatment of the subject, reporting everything that people are seeing in their respective regions. We would like to thank FAO and ICOU's members, consultants and collaborators. At the end of the year, of course, there will be an evaluation of cases and HIGH STRANGENESS events will be extracted.

[Translation (c) 2018, S. Corrales, IHU]

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Argentina: Strange Luminous Object in Saldungaray

Argentina: Strange Luminous Object in Saldungaray
Date: 09.17.2018
By Luis Burgos, FAO

Once again our contributor Felipe Flores, the protagonist of the event that took place on August 1st, has informed us of a remarkable sighting that occurred on Wednesday, September 12 in Saldungaray, a locality in southern Buenos Aires province. That night, he went out hunting with his stepson, 17, and traveled some twelve kilometers to a hill in the region.

At 21:30 hours both were able to see a strange, yellowish light toward the south. This light was static and only a few degrees over the horizon. Over the course of several minutes, it changed to a reddish color until it vanished altogether, not without giving off a few flashes before doing so.

While the witnesses were unable to specify the distance, the night, covered in a fine layer of fog, helped them tell the aerial body was only a few kilometers distant from their location.

Astronomy software packages were consulted and the only star visible at 21:30 hours on the southern horizon was Canopus, but with a magnitude only -0.9, added to the prevailing fog, made it unlikely as the possible cause of some confusion. At that same time, but in the region of Puerto Madero, in Capital Federal (Federal District), Walter Ruiz Diaz and his girlfriend were witnessing a similar phenomenon toward the Río de la Plata.

Argentina: Anomalous Object Over Corrientes

Source: Misterios del Cosmos and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)

Argentina: Anomalous Object Recorded Over Corrientes

From the Misterios del Cosmos Facebook page: "ENHANCED IMAGE. Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) recorded today, 09.15.2018 at 17:30 hours over the city of Corrientes. The sphere-shaped vehicle traveled at high speed toward the East-Northeast. Our thanks to subscribers to our pae who keep sending us material to share!"


High Strangeness: A "Witch" Frightens Residents of Soledad, Colombia

Date: 07.06.2018

Colombia: "Witch" Frightens Residents of Soledad

Some local residents have allegedly been chased by a "diabolical" hag that climbs trees.

Residents of 10 de Mayo district of Soledad have been harassed by the alleged appartion of a 'witch' in the area. Some claim having been pursued by this figure, others claim seeing her up in the treetops and even flying. A curfew has been set in the community to keep people from leaving their homes at night.

Some of the people who claim having seen the supposed 'witch' described her to the Al Dia newspaper as an elederly woman with pale and wrinkled skin, standing a meter and a half tall, long black hair covering her face, fangs and fingernails so long as to resemble claws. They have seen her flying among the trees from backyard to backyard, leaving a wake of smoke in her path.

According to Andres Fuentes Dañer, a 22-year-old man known as 'Indio': "I was walking alone through the neighborhood when I heard people screaming. That was last Thursday (June 28) around eight o'clock in the evening. When I asked what was going on, they told me it was a witch. I had a white thread and a bow in in my hands. I wanted to tie her up. That's how you catch a witch. That's how my grandfather told me it was done."

Dañer was given money by his neighbors to go after the putative 'witch' and force her to leave the area.

"Since there are so many trees in the area, this has attracted the witch. The first time we saw her she was hiding in the medlar trees in our home. She was dressed in black, had boots on, and moved surrounded in smoke," said Ikin Dario Ortiz, another local resident.

Thre are many skeptics in the neighborhood. Some declared a curfew to keep anyone from leaving their houses at night. Furthermore, they have placed slippers in the shape of a cross at the foot of each bed, rosaries behind the doors, and are burning candles to the Blessed Virgin.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Al Dia and INFOBAE]

Costa Rica: Luminous Object Over San José

Source: Enigma-Tico (Costa Rica)
Date: 09.15.2018

Costa Rica: Luminous Object Over San José

Independence Day morning was different in the skies over San José's Coronado District, when security guard Ingrid Herrera noticed an object flying over the area.

At 7:14 on 15 September 2018, Ingrid saw the disc-shaped object from her home, as can be attested by the photograph's EXIF information and the GPS data of the Samsung cellphone. The image was left intact.

Ingrid managed to take three photographs of an object which according to her eyewitness account did not move. It remained stationary without making any noise. After taking the third photograph, the object simply vanished.

[NOTE: The EXIF information and photos can be seen at]

[Translation (c) 2018, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Enigma-Tico]

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Argentina: "This Could Be A Paranormal Case"

Source: Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
Date: 09.13.2018

Breaking News - Startling New Mutilations in Ojo de Agua, Santiago del Estero.
By Luis Burgos, FAO

The situation is reaching historic proportions. The Justice department intervenes in an Argentinean cattle mutilation case. Statements made by Dr. Renzo Capellini of SENASA (National Food Safety and Quality Service).

Full text of the complaint filed with the police:

"I hereby make you aware that on this day at 10:30 hours, a formal complaint was made before the police department by citizen BAEZ, RAUL GUSTAVO, age 73, retired, ID Card xxxxxxxx, having residence in the Palermo district of the city of Villa Ojo de Agua, against PERSONS UNKNOWN, stating in his report that he is the owner of a property in Paraje La Totorilla, Dept. of Ojo de Agua, with a total of one hundred fifty-two head of cattle. Approximately fifteen days ago, it so happened that ten of these animals were found dead - eight cows, a heifer, a calf - and three of these were mutilated, missing their tongues and eyes and part of their reproductive system, the causes of their death being unknown. Along with his son MAURO BAEZ, a veterinarian, they performed surgery to examine and try to ascertain the causes of death, noting that no other animal such as crows, foxes, ants and/or any other carrion animal came close to the deceased; no blood was evident, no footprints or tire tracks were evident in the area either. Prosecutor Dr. Julio Vidal was advised of the situation, ordering a summary investigation aimed at determining the causes of death of the animals reported in this instance, asking SENASA be appraised in order that it may present a detailed report on the alleged causes of death. An administrative record and visual inspection is to be carried. At 17:00 Commissioner Guzman Baez and personnel from the Criminalistics section, along with veterinarian Renzo Capellini, headed to the site to comply with the order issued by the office of the prosecutor. They interviewed Mr. ROQUE MENDOZA, of legal age, domiciled at Paraje La Totorilla, Dept. of Ojo de Agua, who said that approximately fifteen days ago, when rounding up the animals in the wilderness, he found that ten of them were dead and four were missing their tongues and had incisions in their genital area (anus) and had no blood. Citizen Baez, owner of the bovines, was apprised of this. He also learned that his neighbors, ACOSTA TOMAS FIDEL and VILLARRUEL FLORENCIO had also suffered the loss of bovines, some of which were mutilated. It is noted that veterinarian Capellini of SENASA was unable to extract specimens for lab analysis due to the level of decomposition of the animals. He stated having never seen mutilations of that sort and that this could be a paranormal case (textual), noting that incisions of this sort are only made with a laser scalpel, and that he would draft a report as soon as possible."

[Note: This is the first time that an officer of SENASA acknowledges the possibility of a "paranormal" explanation to a cattle mutilation.]

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos of Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)]

Argentina: Another Fireball - This Time in Constitución

Source: and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO)
Date: 09.05.2018

Argentina: Another Fireball - This Time in Constitución

Pedestrians walking past the vicinity of the train station locaed in the Buenos Aires district of Constitución were stunned at the sight of an impressive "fireball" that fell from the sky. One witness submitted the images to Crónica and detailed the incredible event.

"I was waiting for a bus near the train station this Wednesday at noon. Wehn I looked at the sky, I saw [the object] fall. It was a very strange object. It was ball shaped and changed colors," said Aldo, 42.

He added: "It turned orange and then bright red. The ball left a wake of smoke as it fell. I didn't hear any noise because you could tell it was far away. However, I was stunned. I'd never seen anything like it.

Acting quickly, the witness pulled out his cellphone and took photos of the artifact to provide evidence to his statements.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía]

Argentina: Facebook User Claims Seeing UFO at El Sosneado

Source: Diario San Rafael (Argentina) and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 09.13.2018

Argentina: Facebook User Claims Seeing UFO at El Sosneado

Social media is a space in which users are able to share any opinion, or share experiences with persons they do not know and are never likely to know.

This was the case with Pablo Pierre, who appealed to a Facebook pace to publish two photographs in which a dark horizontal line is shown in the sky. He and his friend believe the artifact appearing in the photo to be a possible unidentified flying object (UFO).

The sighting, according to Pierre, occured in the skies over El Sosneado on National Route 40. No sooner had Pierre posted the item than hundreds and hundres of comments from other users gave rise to a broad debate about the nature of what could be seen in the photo.

Many took the published images to be a joke. They mocked Pierre and even asked him to "clean his windshield". Others made political barbs about the subject, but a sizeable portion of internauts agreed that El Sosneado and its vicinity are UFO sighting area, adducing examples of their own experiences or those of others.

The myth surrounding flying saucers from elsewhere in the universe is once again under scrutiny, this time on Facebook, where the publication did not take long to become viral.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO) and Diario San Rafael]

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Argentina: Strange Light Visible in Skies Over La Pampa

Source: En Boca de Todos HD (Argentina) and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 09.08.2018

Argentina: Strange Light Visible in Skies Over La Pampa

From Quemú Quemú, Agustoni, Trenel it was possible to see a strange light that colored the sky a hue that oscilated between sky blue and green. It was possible to see the phenomenon for some five seconds. It could be a meteorite or even space junk, which cause this kind of luminosity when entering the atmosphere.

A family from General Pico driving in their car along provincial route 1 between [the towns] of Miguel Cané and Quemú Quemú said that around 20:209 hours, they saw a "blue light" that lit up the entire road and surrounding fields.

Elisabet Gallo, 34, her husband Cristian Albornoz,34, and their children, ages 14 and 3 respectively, were driving from Cané to Pico in a Ford Fiesta. "We were heading back to Pico when on the approach to Quemú, in a wide curve, everything lit up all of a sudden," said Elisabet.

The light lasted some five seconds, by her calculations. "It didn't give us time to take photos or record it with our cellphones," she said. "It was impressive, we were stunned."

She is certain that it wasn't a lightning bolt. There were neither clouds nor storms in the area at the time. "I don't know what it was, but we are sure that it wasn't a lightning bolt. It lit us up and everything went blue. I don't know if it was a UFO or a meteorite, but I'm sure it wasn't lightning," said the woman.

They weren't alone: their parents claimed seeing a similar light between Trilí and Quemú.

The same phenomenon was also witnessed by former councilman Guillermo García, who was between Quemú and Agustoni. "It was like a lightning bolt. The heavens went sky blue," he said. Yolanda Mora of Quemú offered a similar report, as did Griselda Cuadrado, who saw the same from the town of Agustoni.

Residents of Trenque Lauquen, Province of Buenos Aires, also saw an intense sky-blue light.

[A follow-up to the compelling newspaper article appeared days later with the following heading:
PARANORMAL PHENOMENON: The story of a family from Pico with the strange blue light. "I couldn't steer my car. It malfunctioned 70 kilometers after the light appeared. The article included an interview with the protagonists of this experience which later appeared on YouTube. INEXPLICATA offers an English transcription of their experience below:

Interviewer: So you were driving toward [the town of] Ingeniero Luigi when you saw the light the crossed the pampa?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, on Saturday around seven thirty or quarter to eight, before reaching School #85. I was at the wheel, and a blue light came out on the passenger side of the car.
Interviewer: On the passenger side. So what did you think?
Liliana Lemos: So far, we had been driving all right, then we said 'wow, the light!' it lit everything up. When the light fell, it hit the back of my car.
Interviewer: Everything lit up; it lit up your car? It became like daylight?
Liliana Lemos: Everything lit up, the road, the countryside, everything turned sky blue.
Interviewer: It all went sky blue...and the light got behind you?
Liliana Lemos: When the light descended, it struck the back of my car. I then saw a shape emerge from the countryside. It came out of nowhere and climbed to the middle of the road.
Interviewer: Middle of the road? So what happened to you and your car at that moment?
Liliana Lemos: It started to fail. I couldn't go forward.
Interviewer: So how long were you unable to move forward?
Liliana Lemos: Until I reached the Luigi intersection.
Interviewer: How many kilometers more or less?
Liliana Lemos: Seventy, eighty kilometers...
Interviewr: Seventy or eighty kilometers without being able to...
Liliana Lemos: Tugging and pulling, hesitating
Interviewer: Was it the battery?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, the battery, spark plugs...but it was failing.
Interviewer: You had lights in the car?

Liliana Lemos: Yes, yes.
Interviewer: So what were you feeling? Fear, I imagine.
Liliana Lemos: Yes, shock...when I saw the bundle I slowed down or I would've hit it. When I looked again, there was nothing in the road.
Interviewer: There was nothing on the road?
Liliana Lemos: There was nothing, nothing.
Interviewer: What a moment - the car lit up, everything went blue
Liliana Lemos: Everything, the car, the pavement, the countryside - everything went blue.
Interviewer: So you were able to see a number of kilometers ahead?
Liliana Lemos: Yes
Interviewer: How scary.
Liliana Lemos: At and the same time, drenched in light.
Interviewer: And you were with your husband? (camera turns to other person) You were with her?
Miguel Lezcano: Yes.
Interviewer: What did you see from the passenger seat/
Miguel Lezcano: I saw something coming out of the middle of the field and it got on the road. It lasted a second or two before it vanished.
Interviwer: Two seconds and it vanished...
Miguel Lezcano: Yes.
Interviewer: And how long did the blue light take to...?
Liliana Lemos: Four or five seconds, a second, but it lit everything up
Interviwer: Everything lit up. Like a flash, say...
Liliana Lemos: yes. And the light behind me hit the car. When that thing fell, it hit my car.
Interviewer: And you drove seventy miles with a car that was tugging along...
Liliana Lemos: Almost stalling out. It didn't work on fourth or fifth gear.
Interviewer: And I can imagine you were quite afraid.
Liliana Lemos: At that very moment it stayed, but on Sunday moment I logged on to Facebook and saw I wasn't the only witness.
Interviewer: Yes, half the province saw it.
Liliana Lemos: Yes.
Interviewer: But it gave you a headache, you say.
Liliana Lemos: Yes, a headache, a discomfort, it stayed with me.
Interviewer: And you have it until now?
Liliana Lemos: Until this very moment
Interviewer (to husband): And you as well?
Miguel Lezcano (shrugs): No, I don't, I don't have that so much. She was more frightened
Liliana Lemos: I lost control of the car, it was drifting to the middle of the road...
Interviewer: You couldn't control the car?
Liliana Lemos: I couldn't control it, no.
Interviewer: And the car's running well? This one right here?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, yes, yes.
Interviewer: So, do you think it was a paranormal phenomenon?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, I think it was (laughs)
Interviewer: Do you think it was a flying saucer, something weird...
Liliana Lemos: No, it was a light that bathed me with light and struck the back of the car. It was a yellow-type light that hit the back of my car. When everything went dark, a bundle appeared out of the countryside.
Interview: So you're not driving at night anymore?
Liliana Lemos: No.
Interviewer: You're not going out to...?
Liliana Lemos: Not at night, only by day.
Interviewer: This happened by School #85? Heading for Trenel?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, right before reaching School #85
Interviewer: That's where it got you.
Liliana Lemos: That's where it got me.
Interviewer: What was the time?
Liliana Lemos: Seven thirty, quarter to eight.
Interviewer: And the phenomenon that appeared, did it have a shape?
Liliana Lemos: I saw a little bundle, nothing else.
Interviewer: It was small then?
Liliana Lemos: Yes. With a light in front, there was nothing behind.
Miguel Lezcano: It was more or less this size (gestures with hands)
Interviewer: And it appeared in front of the car with a little light. What color was it?
Miguel Lezcano: Yellow.
Interviewer: Yellow?
Liliana Lemos: In front. There was nothing in back.

[Translation and transcription (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía and En Boca de Todos HD]

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Venezuela: UFOs Visitations in Venezuela

Source: Planeta Azul - Origen y Evolución (Venezuela)
Date: March 19, 2018
Article by Ing.Reynaldo Pérez Monagas

Venezuela: UFOs Visitations in Venezuela

Planeta Azul appears once more, this time in Venezuela, a South American region rich in hydrocarbons, potable water and minerals. Throughout time, Venezuela has been visited by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and there are countless examples of sightings and even people who claim having experienced encounters with beings from other planets. There are few who can remain indifferent and not take sides in this subject, either roundly denying these theories or supporting them vehemently.

Regarding the phenomenology of UFOs in the skies of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, it is said that "numerous sightings" have been recorded in this Latin American nations. "The first of them goes back to 1900. However, due to the lack of dissemination of scientific information about these subjects, people tend to mistake natural and meteorological phenomena, or even airplanes, for UFOs.

Alleged UFO sightings have occurred in nearly all of Venezuelan territory, but eight states are considered "hot spots" due to the appearance of this phenomenon: Amazonas, Bolivar, Distrito Capital, Carabobo, Falcón, Mérida, Vargas and Zulia. "All of these sites have two common elements: an abundance of vegetation and water," although the state of Barinas gives us an interesting case of abduction and human-alien hybridization: When she tried to ascertain the source of the noise that had awakened her, Cecilia (who would rather not be identified by her real name) realized she could not move. She had not covered herself up with bed sheets because of the intense heat that night in 2005 in the city of Barinas, in southwestern Venezuela.

She was unable to see anything. Before her, there appeared a very bright green light that forced her to shut her eyes. Motionless and unable to see what was happening around her, she felt herself being sexually penetrated and unable to do anything to stop it.

She woke up around noon, unable to remember what happened later. In subsequent weeks she would find out she was pregnant.

Cecilia explained the event to one of her neighbors. She had been 'abducted' that night, and she claims that her daughter, who is now twelve years old, presents 'particular characteristics' that she refused to elaborate upon, but which caused her to remove her from school due to the harassment she suffered at the hands of other students.

It is precisely because her daughter has undergone so many bad experiences that Cecilia refused to subject her to medical tests. Her case has not be scientifically studied.

Alleged Venezuelan sightings have occurred at different times, both day and night, with clear or cloudy skies.

The data compiled shows that circular, triangular and elongated shapes - cigar type - have been seen.

The vast majority of cases received in our newsroom are classified as "chance UFO sightings" because the person was unable to see the UFO with his/her own eyes, but rather were picked up their camera lenses. In other words, the witness finds out upon downloading the image.

Planeta Azul believes that no one is qualified to state whether UFOs of an extraterrestrial origin truly exist. In fact, a UFO is not necessarily a spacecraft. Someone can toss a shoe in the air and if someone sees it, but cannot make it out, that person will have seen an unidentified flying object. UFO is not synonymous with extraterrestrial. In recent years, there have been sighting reports over nearly all social and political demonstrations that have taken place since the start of the Bolivarian Revolution," giving rise to the theory that some kind of man-made artifact is involved - one that is unknown or about which little information exists.

I believe that many things have happened in Venezuela from the political standpoint, and that this country has been beleaguered and harassed. For example, we have photos and videos of people attending the demonstrations and who manage to capture some object in the sky. Is it possible that these are objects that are still unknown to us? Are they used to spy or photograph? This is possible, particularly in the awareness that the Pentagon has developed micro drones with very powerful microphones and cameras. When delving into the UFO phenomenon, one has to look closely to sort information from hoaxes that may be taken as real. We would never dare to say that it was an alien spacecraft. We always speak in terms of alleged flying objects."

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Ing. Reynaldo Pérez Monagas]

Cryptozoology: Cyclist Photographs a "Giant Worm"

Source: Grupo NLPZ (Mexico) and Claudio Mora

Cryptozoology: Cyclist Photographs a "Giant Worm"

Young Erick Ivan went out for a bicycle ride as he normally does. However, last night, an extra-normal event befell him on the scenic highway near the vicinity of the summit known as Cerro de la Calavera" (Skull Hill). The photograph shows a sort of "giant worm" that appears to be walking erect.

The young sportsman acknowledged that strange things like this always happen when one goes out at night. Oddly enough, al Residents of La Paz are aware of this. It rained in the state's capital that evening - an event that could have prompted this species to emerge from the scene.

We are providing the photograph taken. You be the judge.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales (IHU) with thanks to Claudio Mora, La Esfera Azul]

Monday, September 10, 2018

Ecuador: The Declassified Story of the Manabí "UFO Base"

Source: La República (Ecuador)
Date: February 9, 2018

Ecuador: The Declassified Story of the Manabí "UFO Base"

Peñón de Chirije is a hill located near Chirije in the Bay of Caráquez. According to the eyewitness statement from a local resident, Francisco Paladines, while he was on guard duty one night in 2007, he saw a red laser beam come out of the sky, striking the summit of the hill in a straight line. It retracted and struck the summit three more times in a synchronized manner. A rock broke off and rolled downhill.

The mystery is present in the town of Crucita, following the disclosure of an "alien base" offshore and constant sightings in the Chirije sector of the Province of Manabí.

The existence of an alleged alien base located off the coast of Crucita in the Portoviejo Canton was disclosed in early 2000. According to ufologist Jaime Rodriguez, the armed forces and government are aware of this.

The ufologist has noted that the first UFO cases in Ecuador were recorded in 1979, and that the first letters were submitted to the Ministry of Defense in 1982, requesting an official investigation into the phenomenon in that country.

Twenty-three years later, in 2005, the creation of CEIFO (Comisión Ecuatoriana para la Investigación del Fenómeno OVNI) was authorized. The first 44 cases were investigated, involving personnel from the three branches of the Armed Forces in various cities of Ecuador.

On June 25, 2007, according to Rodríguez, the military was authorized by then president Rafael Correa to proceed with declassification. One of the cases narrated by military men, among them Admiral Luis Jaramillo, former Commander General of the Navy, involved the existence of the alleged base at Crucita, says Rodriguez. According to the document, Jaramillo stated that "while in command of the SS-101 Shyri submarine, submerged off the Manabí coast, 50 nautical miles from the Crucita beach, he detected the existence of a vast 'undersea hangar'.

The discovery was confirmed via sonar, thus ratifying the base's existence, which has been reported on various occasions by pilots of the Ecuadoran Air Force.

From time to time, pilots claim having chased unidentified flying objects to Crucita Beach, at which point they 'vanished'. The document points out that 'these experiences have also been shared by many members of the U.S. Air Force when operating out of the Manta Air Base.' However, all of these experiences were classified by USAF personnel as 'sensitive' and concealed from ordinary citizens.

To date, there are 44 known cases related to the UFO phenomenon in Ecuador.

Declassification supposedly came about due to the insistence of ufologist Jaime Rodriguez.

He claims having obtained 44 documents and recordings about extraterrestrial manifestations in the hands of the Ecuadoran Armed Forces, placing them on YouTube for dissemination. The 44 cases took place in various cities of the country. One of the videos presents the eyewitness account of Major Leonidas Enriquez, who claims having seen two bright objects that hid near the mountains of Crucita.

"I followed them, but they disappeared very quickly. We have heard that lights are seen in this sector. It isn't the first time," he notes.

Military man Fernando Lapuerta provided another account, dated March 24, 2008: "I saw a bright light. I contacted the tower to see whether it was indeed an airplane and we were told it was not. The object was heading toward us. We checked the area and it left no traces. Its movements ere sharp and swift. It even remained motionless in the air and dropped quickly, something no airplane can do."

Carlos Rojas, another military man, notes that one morning around 1100 hours he saw "an irregular, rhomboidal, shining object" in the sky. "It was a clear day and the object was very striking due to its light. I spoke to the leader in the tower and asked permission to break formation. I followed it and it was over the sea across from Manta. It later took off at incredible speed and disappeared."

Osirys Luna, a military radar operator, said in his statement that strange movement was detected on the screens. The object travelled between Quito and Guayaquil in a matter of seconds. "It was a matter of seconds, too quick. There is no aircraft in Ecuador that can move at that speed. We checked and there were no military aircraft flying in those areas. We concluded that it was an unidentified flying object. It was a speed that no aircraft here could attain."

Chirije is located in the northwestern Ecuadoran coast, 15 kilometers south of the Bay of Caráquez in Manabí. It is 90 kilometers south of the Equator, a location considered by some as a "dimensional portal" - a perfect place for UFO encounters. This archaeological site is surrounded by 238 hectares of dry tropical forest and kilometers of unspoiled beaches. Chirije was an ancient seaport of the Bahía culture (500 BC - 500 AD).

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU]

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"Just Passing Through": UFOs and Water

By Scott Corrales (c) 2003

"Vast, wheel-like super-constructions," wrote Charles Fort in his landmark The Book of the Damned, "they enter this earth's atmosphere, and, threatened with disintegration, plunge for relief into an ocean or into a denser medium."

A number of books by authors of renown have explored this curious affinity between unidentified flying objects (both "wheel-like" and not so) for Planet Earth's oceans and lakes. Speculation has ranged from the existence of underwater bases manned by exotic space aliens to entire civilizations of aquamen and women--the possible heirs of Atlantis--endowed with the power of spaceflight, allowing humans only furtive glimpses of their undersea existence when their craft break the water's surface.

Less is said, however, of cases in which unidentified craft, regardless of their hypothetical origin, make use of water for purposes that have been associated with either sustenance or propulsion...

Joining the Atom

Decades ago it was speculated that extraterrestrial spacecraft visiting our world were able to engage in faster-than-light (FTL) travel thanks to the incredibly sophisticated nuclear fusion reactors to be found aboard them. In layman's terms, fusion is the thermonuclear reaction that is obtained when the nuclei of light atoms join with those of heavier atoms, resulting in a prodigious release of energy (the process through which stars emit their light and heat). Controlled fusion therefore represents a power source far greater than what we can obtain through our own fission nuclear reactors. Despite claims of "cold fusion" achieved in our laboratories, human technology appears to be no closer to achieving this than it was in the 1970s.

Subsequent UFO theorists posited other means of UFO propulsion, involving ion drives, plasma drives, photon drives and even anti-matter propulsion. But proponents of the fusion-powered saucer theory were able to base themselves upon certain UFO cases to bolster their belief: cases in which unidentified objects were seen drawing water from our lakes and reservoirs, possibly to fuel their power plants. Fusionable material and water would be the bare bones elements needed for this to work.

In a 1980 paper entitled "Flying Saucer Technology", researcher and lecturer Stanton Friedman expanded on the use of nuclear fusion as the power source for UFO driveshafts, suggesting that there were numerous effects and means that could be employed with fusion engines. "One of the most attractive for an interstellar fusion propulsion system," writes Friedman, "would be to cause the reaction of just those particles which, when made to fuse, produce only charged rather than neutral particles." This, he explains, would enable particles to be guided by electromagnetic fields, something which seemingly cannot be done with the more scattershot neutral particles. Another positive in the direction of a fusion engine would be the availability of "isotopes of hydrogen and helium" which would be light and available throughout the universe. Any hypothetical star vessel would be able to obtain propellant virtually anywhere...and what better place than Earth's lakes and seas?

Jacques Scornaux and Christine Piens, writing in A la Recherche de OVNIS (Paris: Aura, 1977) also mention the obvious advantages of nuclear fission given the low yield of radioactive waste, but caution that the propulsion methods employ by the huge "motherships" and their smaller scouts may be completely different. These French authors, while espousing the cause of fusion as a means of propulsion, say that controlled nuclear fusion would be a rather weak source of power to account for the sudden stops and starts that UFOs have reportedly made.

Other theorists suggested that the density of water would serve as a highly effective barrier against harmful radiation emanating from a putative UFO power source, hence the need for replenishment as seen by startled witnesses: buried in the pages of Charles Berlitz's The Bermuda Triangle (NY: Doubleday, 1974) is an interview with Dr. Manson Valentine regarding the presence of UFOs in the Atlantic Ocean. Valentine notes that rangers and visitors to Florida's Okeefenokee swamp had seen UFOs flying over the area, and he himself had seen an unidentified object firing a blue beam into the waters of lake. The date given is August 21, 1963 in the vicinity of Ashton, Florida. The object "appeared to be taking on water from a lake", according to the caption accompanying a sketch of the anomalous activity. "Perhaps they were taking on water, or even samples of local fauna for study," speculates Valentine.

The Syphoning Crew

Sometimes the saucer occupants are seen employing less exotic methods to obtain water.

Writing in UFO Experiences in Canada (GSPH, 1995), Vicky Cameron mentions a case dating back to the summer of 1960 in which a schoolteacher in Atikokan, Ontario managed to speak to a local "character" whose reputation had been ruined by an unfortunate chance encounter with the unexplained. The man, known as Old Hank, claimed to have gone picnicking with his wife near Duckbill Lake. A humming noise filled the air, prompting the man and woman to take a look. Looking down on the lake from a height, the saw a circular object -- green in color -- resting on the lake's edge while its occupants, "four tiny creatures in green outfits" were engaged in drawing water from the lake. Hank's wife screamed and the creatures scampered for the safety of their vehicle, which lifted off and vanished into the air.

Is there something about the lakes of the province of Ontario that attracts ufonauts? Researcher John Robert Colombo mentions a letter received from an employee of the Atikokan mine--same location as in Cameron's account -- who after enjoying a day of floodwater fishing in Sawbill Bay, saw a strange object a quarter of a mile away along the rocky coastline. The object, described as "hoop-shaped" and rotating, was being serviced by four-foot tall figures wearing dark blue skullcaps, except for a figure that seemed to be in command, who wore a red one. One of these entities carried a bright green hose and seemed to be "drawing in water and discharging just as much." The date for this event is given as July 2, 1950.

If a vehicle allegedly capable of interstellar flight is forced to resort to hoses to flush its inner workings, or to replenish the water neede for its hypothetical fusion-powered engine, we may well expect to read of a case in which a bucket brigade of ufonauts was reported. Still another case involving unusual craft and hoses employed to retreive lake water was witnessed by Kathy and Gary Malcolm on Lake Champlain: the couple saw a saucer-shaped object-- with what appeared to be a large propeller sticking out of it--land on the lake's surface. Four green-capped creatures put an plastic into the water and pumped it into their vessel (True Flying Saucers and UFO Quarterly, Winter 1978).

Caught in the Act

During the UFO waves of the 1950s there were reports of large quantities of water disappearing in the states of Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota, but one of the best-known cases involving UFOs and water took place in the mid-1960s in the state of New Jersey's Wanaque Reservoir, where local residents and police officers had encounters with the unknown. The events started in October 1966, when officers from the Pompton Park, NJ police department began receiving calls--and having their own experiences--with bright lights that showed a particular affinity with the reservoir, a ninety billion gallon body of water located in a rather desolate area. Sergeant Ben Thompson, one of the law enforcement officers, witnessed an object resembling a brilliant "football shaped-dome" directly over the reservoir's waters at 9:15 p.m. on the 11th of the month. The object appeared to exert a curious influence upon the reservoir's contents, causing water to be "pulled up...sucked upward" in the policeman's own words to interviewer Lloyd Mallan. "The flying object would raise a whole big area of water...for maybe two hundred and fifty feet. The object would pull at the water and I could plainly see the water rising."

Although the unknown objects operating in the vicinity of Wanaque at the time may have been a purely natural manifestation, but it manifested an ability that would have plainly been useful to a craft requiring water for unguessed-at purposes. Another incident at the reservoir involved a bright, funnel-shaped beam over the reservoir "as powerful as a beam from the headlight of a locomotive," according to Chief of Police John Casazza. The light seemed to come out an object that was not immediately visible, perhaps due to the painful and nearly blinding quality of the funnel-shaped beam. Casazza was adamant that the light could not have come from any known aircraft.

Was the object projecting the beam drawing water from the lake as the objects seen in Florida by Dr. Manson Valentine appeared to be doing? This association between missing water and the phenomenon
has continued right down to our times, as can be seen from these cases from recent years.

In March 1988, researchers Richard Dell'Aquila and Dale Wedge looked into reports of UFO activity in the waters of Lake Erie--the shallowest of the Great Lakes and the only one to freeze completely in winter--and involving a nuclear power station and a coal-fired station as well. A woman had reported seeing an object shaped like blimp and with a light on either end balancing itself over the lake and engaged in the classic balancing motion that is characteristic of UFOs. The grey object, whose size was estimated as exceeding the dimensions of a football field, caused the ice on the frozen lake to reverberate and crack. Once the object vanished from sight, it was assumed to have vanished under the frozen surface and "unusually huge pieces of ice were observed in the area of the landing." A mystery object looking for a place to hide, or perhaps retrieving water in its solid form? For the record, the official explanation issued by the Coast Guard was that "the planets Jupiter and Venus" were in conjunction that evening).

UFOs had shown a preference for frozen lakes in earlier cases, such as the Boshkung Lake (Minden, Ontario) incidents reported by author Curt Sutherly in his book UFO Mysteries (Llewellyn, 2002). Witnesses to these 1973 landings of strange craft on the icy lake surface noted that the objects would either land on the surface, hover over high-voltage lines, or even more intriguing, "hover above holes in the ice that remained after fishermen had removed their huts." Since it is unlikely that the objects wanted to indulge in a spot of ice fishing, retrieval of H2O for some purpose appears to be the likelier alternative.

On March 19, 1993, an enormous circular UFO was seen by three children standing outside the gate of the Bosque Seco State Park at 9:40 PM. The boys, identified as Héctor, José and Raúl, summoned other area residents to witness the massive vehicle as it bathed the region in multicolored lights and hovered over a large water storage tank within the forest itself. The craft was described as circular in shape and emitting powerful white light. Its underside was grey and black and produced no noise whatsoever. Beams of colored light allegedly lit up the forest to the amazement of the locals. The police was called to the scene, but it is unknown if a formal report was filed at the Guánica police station.

In writing about the 1995 UFO sightings in Votorantim, Brazil, UFO researcher Encarnación Zapata García mentions the phenomenon's inclination for appearing near the water of a local reservoir. Zapata interviewed Marcos Lara, 28, who at the time frequented the banks of the Itupararanga Reservoir with his friends, sometimes staying overnight in the hopes of seeing strange obejcts. On one occasion, Marcos recalled seeing the strange objects skimming over the water's surface, but distance kept him from telling if they were engaged in any activity.

During the 1995-1996 UFO wave in northeastern Spain, a report involving a UFO off the coast of Gijón, "suspended over the ocean, lighting the water with multicolored lights" came to the attention of the UFO community. Was it drawing water for its power supply, or recovering some sort of "away team"?

More recently, some interesting reports have been circulated concerning the emergence of UFOs from "cenotes", the ceremonial wells employed by Mayan priests, and which are common throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. In 2003, Ing. David Triay Lucatero of the CAFE research organization states that witnesses have seen colored lights emerging from the Homún cenote, located only 45 kilometers from Mérida, the state capital. These occurrences are so frequent, states Triay, that they have ceased to be a source of amazement to the locals. Almost as if following a straight line, the Cusama and Tecóh cenotes, have also achieved notoriety for the manifestations seen to emerge from these cold, fresh water holes.

"Mr. Roque López Cabañas," writes Triay in his report, "was a scoutmaster who took his scouts camping near the Teba cenote, and on several nights was able to see lights making very strange movements, and was able to tell that they were neither satellites nor aircraft. One evening, camped between the Teba and Umán cenotes, the scoutmaster and his pack heard a strange noise and saw a ligth emerging from the wilderness, swiftly vanishing into the darkness above. Upon reaching its supposed point of departure, López found a burned circumference on the stone slabs surrounding the water hole. The scoutmaster was adamant that it could not have been the remains of a campfire, as there were neither traces of ash nor of a fire to be found.

Draining them Dry

The summer of 2002 will be best remembered in the annals of South American ufology as the biggest cattle mutilation wave in that country's history, as well the most pitiful explanation that officialdom has ever offered for an unexplained event (blame for the mutilations was placed on the tiny teeth of oxymycterus rufus, the red-muzzled mouse).

Another mystery was also taking place in concatenation with the mutilation epidemic: the disappearance of thousands of liters of water from huge water tanks on different farmsteads. Journalist Rodolfo Borrego inerviewed some of the parties affected by the inexplicable water loss, verifying that in three separate incidents none of the huge cisterns had fissures or leaks through which these prodigious amounts of water could have vanished. "One of the cases," wrote Borrego," goes back to the month of April, when the owner found his cisterns completely empty on two occasions. There is a third case that is only 20 days old." Similar losses were reported in the vicinity of La Adela and Santa Rosa, where ufologist Oscar "Quique" Mario had looked into cases involving swimming pools being relieved of their contents.

Incidents of water rustling, for want of a better name, have been common in Argentina since the 1950s. Researcher Antonio Las Heras mentioned similar cases occurring in Capilla del Monte, Salta, Trelew and Tres Arroyos--locations scattered far and wide across Argentina. Even more intriguing is that the water losses appear to occur in the proximity of high-voltage wires, leading some ufologists to suggest the likelihood that UFOs draw power and water as part of some type of electrolytic process aimed at propulsion. In other parts of the country plagued by mutilations, casual observers remarked that the enigmatic lights appeared to be following the high-voltage towers and the new potable water aqueducts installed only recently.

At 9:00 p.m. on June 20, 2002, personnel at the Puente Dique bridge over the Rio Colorado saw an object "giving off a powerful red light" whose intensity waxed and waned as it moved in bursts. Jorge Martinez, an operator at the bridge, added: "some say the lights are connected to the dead animals."

When asked about the possible connection between UFOs and reservoir, Argentinean researcher Fabio Zerpa stated that "their spacecraft place themselves wherever high-voltage lines exists, and create events of this sort in places in which water towers or reservoirs can be found."

Whether or not the respected ufologist was right, water continued to vanish mysteriously from the enormous agricultural tanks. On July 28, 2002, Gustavo Dimuro, owner of the Buenavista ranch, was shocked not only to find his cattle mutilated but two of his water tanks completely drained. Dimuro told reporters from the newspaper of nearby Balcarce that he had been surprised by the missing water but thought nothing of it, and replenished both containers. He was utterly bewildered to find his tanks drained clean not once but twice, causing him to conduct a detailed examination of the tank for any hidden leaks in their structure or the concrete slab upon which they rested. To give the reader a better idea of the magnitude of these tanks, they hold an average of twenty to thirty thousand liters of water. Emptying them by conventional means would have involved the use of two or more tanker trucks, which would have left deep and clearly tire marks in the muddy terrain.

On July 9, 2002, a grislier event took place during the Argentinean cattle mutilations that brought missing water and missing cows together in the strangest possible way. The case was brought to the attention of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) Argentinean researcher Alicia Rossi.

In the town of Suco, a cattle ranching community belonging to the department of Rio Cuarto and bordering the province of San Luis, a cattleman known to all for his probity was stunned to find nineteen of his cows floating in the icy cold water of one of his "Australian-type" tanks (water tanks with a hat-like cover). Nine of the bovines were dead from asphyxiation due to immersion in cold water--in the equally frigid language of the veterinarian's report--while the remainder was still alive but in shock from having spent an entire winter's evening inside the tank.

The amazing story was confirmed by police officers belonging to Regional Unit 9, headquartered in Rio Cuarto, and personnel from the Sheriff's Office of the Sampacho District. Yet all the king's horses and all the king's men, so to speak, could not answer the burning question of how nineteen cows had gotten into the giant water tank after crossing a 1.50 meter tall barbed wire fence and then "jumping" into the tank.

The newspaper article boldly states: "Those who have devoted themselves to studying the possible existence of other life forms, of unidentified flying objects and their consequences, offered the challenging possibility that [the even] was the result of what they called "teleportation" and which would somehow "explain" how nineteen animals of great weight and size could have been transported from their common and customary place (a pasture) to a strange place (inside a water tank); an action which in any event, is illogical both in method and objective."

The newspaper article's conclusion reminds us of the UFO theories posited by UFO researcher and author Salvador Freixedo regarding the "illogical and often hostile" aspect of UFO sightings and encounters. There has been discussion in UFO circles since the early years of the phenomenon of acts of outright malice that can be attributed to these unknown objects. Was the alleged teleportation of the cows into the water tank proof that putative space aliens are capable of blunders like ordinary humans? In a humorous vein, one can picture an alien transporteer being chewed out by a superior officer for improperly returning the bovines to their pasture.

But such thoughts of levity vanish immediately upon realizing that cows have been the victims of such misplacement before. In The Dyfed Enigma (London: Faber and Faber,1979) researchers Randall Jones Pugh and F.W. Holiday mention the 1977 happenings at Ripperston Farm in Wales, where UFOs and entities had been reported by the property's owners. One of the events concerned the manner in which a hundred cows had managed to make it past a well-locked gate, marched past the house in silent procession, to wind up at another pasture half a mile away. This transportation of cows from one pasture to another occurred twice in one evening and once in the early morning hours while the dairyman and his son were busy milking the animals. Although Pugh and Holiday wonder if a "poltergeist" force could have been at work, they concluded that "it hardly seemed to explain how several tons of live beef had apparently been spirited away in broad daylight" and wondered if the UFO manifestations could have been responsible. More recently, similar cattle teleportations have been reported in the United States at the Meyer Ranch in Fort Duquesne, Utah.

# # # #

Mexico: A Traffic Reporter’s UFO Experiences

Source: Alfonso Salazar
Date: 09.05.2018
A Report by Alfonso Salazar

Mexico: A Traffic Reporter’s UFO Experiences

The late Jorge Olea was a pioneer in traffic reporting from helicopters and a chronicler of police information for thirty-four years in Mexico City. He was a senior collaborator with the Grupo Monitor, becoming the guiding voice of drivers in the valley of Mexico. On his Facebook page, his family posted that his transition had occurred on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 22:30 hours.

I am sharing this article I published in April 2009 in the Enigmas column of the Sunday edition of the EL GRAFICO newspaper about this man who was so important to journalistic life in Mexico, as well as man I was able to interview about his UFO encounters in the skies of the Federal District. An extraordinary experience I now share with you.

Jorge Olea – “A UFO Changed My Life” – Mexico’s First Reporter in the Air.

Jorge Olea was Mexico’s first reporter in the air, sending his reports to the Monitor news broadcasts regarding traffic conditions in the Federal District. In an interview with EL GRAFICO, he claimed having run into a variety of anomalous objects of varying shapes, colors and sizes throughout his forty years of flying over the nation’s capital. One of them even changed his life.

Spheres That Suddenly Vanished

One of these experiences, according to our interviewee, took place in the 1960s near Los Indios Verdes, where he came across“dull silver” orb, very large, that hovered above them and made no sound whatsoever. The object was very smooth.

Years later, he was alerted by the Monitor broadcasting booth around 8 in the morning of a car accident that occurred in the Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway. Upon reaching the scene, two silver spheres appeared over his helicopter, not too distant, remaining in view for a few minutes before disappearing. When Olea was asked whether UFOs frightened him, he replied that “what always happened is that they were treated with much confidentiality and respect, since it was not known if these were remotely-guided objects or in fact objects from another part of the universe.” However, what was made clear to both he and his crew is that the [objects] would sometimes tail them, or sometimes turn around and go to another part of the city. When the crew was busy, they would simply ignore them.

A UFO Changed His Life

Olea stated that one of the experiences that truly affected him took place in 1970 over the México-Toluca highway when a cylinder-shaped object – looking like a drainpipe – appeared with its ends completely flat, as if sliced off by a knife. Our interviewee said this object was larger than two Boeing 727 aircraft. They tried to reach it but were never able to get close enough to really find out what was flying before their eyes. What did strike the reporter was that “the object had no windows, no exhaust, or anything that would make of it a machine having the required characteristics to remain aloft.”

Finally, Mexico’s first air traffic reporter told us about the varied shapes of the UFOs he witnessed in his forty years of flying over the Federal District, something he did from Monday to Friday, four hours in the morning, two in the afternoon and two hours more in the evening.

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Argentina: Water Tank Mysteriously Drained in Cattle Mutilation Area

Source: En Boca de Todos (Argentina -, INFOTEC and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
Date: 09.05.2018

Argentina: Water Tank Mysteriously Drained in Cattle Mutilation Area

*** Days ago we reported an unexplained cattle mutilation event in Lot 6, but this would not be the only mystery ***

We visited the area for a closer look at the events with the affected livestock farmer. He not only confirmed the event, but added information as to the events that transpired on the mysterious evening of Sunday, September 2.

Both the owner and the farmhand were on the property on Saturday the 1st in the afternoon, ascertaining that all was in good order. Upon returning to the property on Monday at three o'clock in the morning, they found the cattle thirsty and the 30,000 liter water tank completely drained.

What was striking was the absence of puddles in the surrounding, and the tank was found to be perfectly sound, to the extent that it was promptly refilled and no further losses have occurred.

The mystery is heightened by the coincidence in time with the cattle mutilation event that occurred on the same field. All points to the event occurring that same night.

On Tuesday, September 4, a mutilated head of cattle was found in Parera, some 10 kilometers northwest of our town.

According to the livestock farmer, who owns the property at Lot 6, the animal was standing and in good health as of Sunday the 2nd in the afternoon.

This leads us to suppose that the unfortunate animal's demise took place between Sunday night and the early hours of Tuesday.

Oddly, the signs of "mutilation" on this animal are only on its jaw and tongue. The remainder of the carcass is intact.

The jawbones are denuded of all flesh and blood, as if a long time had elapsed from the phenomenon's occurrence. This is not the first case to take place in our area. Quite the contrary, similarly inexplicable situations abound.

Note: Water-draining incidents were commonplace during the 2002 cattle mutilation wave in Argentina and even earlier. Drainage of tanks has been associated with UFO activity, as these objects have been seen drawing water from tanks, lakes and rivers (Australia's Gosford Lake incident of 1994 is a good example). For more info:

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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Argentina: Another Cattle Mutilation in La Pampa

Source: Misterios del Cosmos and Pablo Omastott
Date: 09.5.2018

Argentina: Another Cattle Mutilation in La Pampa

***The Mystery Continues: Another cow found mutilated in La Pampa***

Yet again, an animal has been found dead with strange incisions to its jaw and tongue. The animal was in peak condition only yesterday.

In a field located 10 kilometers northwest of Parera, Department of Rancul, a bovine was found dead - mutilated - in the early hours of Tuesday, September 4.

According to the livestock farmer who owns the establishment located in Lot 6, the animal was standing and in godd health until the afternoon hours of Sunday, September 2.

This leads to the belief that the unfortunate animal's death took place between Sunday night and Tuesday morning, according to Realicó's InfoTec web portal.

Strangest of all is that the bovine displays signs of mutilation only in its jawbone and tongue. The rest of the animal is intact. Furthermore, the jawbone shows no trace of flesh or blood, as though a long time had transpired since the phenomenon occurred. This does not appear to be compatible with the action of creatures that cause decomposition or carrion animals, as these would have eaten other parts of the bovine as well.

It is not the first case that has occurred in our area. To the contrary, there are other events that are equally unexplained.

Only a few days ago, an event of similar characteristics had occurred, reported by the owner of a farm located to the east of Realicó. In this case, the animal was found mutilated inside a drainage ditch.

[Translation (c) 2018, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Pablo Omastott]

Colombia: UFOs Ahoy? Aliens Fly Over Bogota, Causing Amazement

Source: HSBnoticias (Colombia)
Date: 07.24.2018

Colombia: UFOs Ahoy? Aliens Fly Over Bogota, Causing Amazement

A curious event took place in the early hours of this morning at Puente Aranda. Around 2 a.m., a man recorded the exact moment in which two lights flew over the skies of Bogota. Suddenly, one of the strange lights passes in front of the camera, causing an entirely unexpected development: a local transformer exploded. The man who recorded the video supposes that [the lights] were unidentified flying objects. Were curious aliens touring the skies of Bogotá? This would not be the first time that such a thing has occurred.

A similar occurrence was recorded a few years ago when four blue lights, perfectly aligned, paraded across the firmament, amazing everyone who saw them, as this event was taken to signify the presence of otherworlding beings on Earth.


Note - despite the objects in question being marked with a red circle, nothing is readily apparent. The transformer explodes at 0:13 seconds.

[Translation (c) 2018, S. Corrales, IHU]