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Argentina: Corroboration for the 1984 UFO Flotilla Sighting

Argentina: Corroboration for the 1984 UFO Flotilla Sighting


Swift Transit of UFO Flotilla Observed

The transit of a flotilla of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over Capital Federal and Greater Buenos Aires was witnessed at 0250 hours yesterday by several people in various locations, despite the fact that the radar units at Ezeiza International Airport did not record any variation in their detection systems.

Journalist Gustavo Fernandez, who was at the Retiro Bus Station broadcasting alternatives to the long-distance transportation strike for Radio Splendid, noticed the strange formation, which consisted of eight flying objects flying over the skies of Buenos Aires from East to West, leaving a large luminous streak in its wake. The chronicler reported the phenomenon immediately, noting that "the UFOs are traveling at a speed greater than any aircraft flying over the area, whether about to land or take off from the Jorge Newberry Airfield."

Two witnesses informed Clarín that they had witnessed the UFOs from Parque Patricios, advising that these were "parallel and horizontal trails of yellow light - two of them in the lead, and the remaining six following a short distance away - and which lasted in the sky approximately half a minute before vanishing from sight.

In Córdoba

Sources at the Córdoba International Airport denied claims that their radar screens detected the passage of a UFO flotilla at around 0240 hours.

An Interpretation

Space experts estimated yesterday that a series of luminous phenomena seen during the early morning hours in the skies over Capital Federal and other cities could correspond to debris particles from the Westar VI satellite which was lost in space following a launch from the space shuttle Challenger. [The satellite] allegedly disintegrated.

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Argentina: The First Live Broadcast of a UFO Fleet

Argentina: The First Live Broadcast of a UFO Fleet
By Gustavo Fernández, Al Filo de la Realidad
December 11, 2018
Translation by Scott Corrales, IHU

It is quite possible that many readers will consider this article to be merely anecdotal, and they could be entirely right. But if one (the author) believes that one has gained any right, it would be the one to right freely about a subject and when and why to do so, in the warm hope that the readers’ kindness will keep them from being peevish. This and the fact that the subject is unavoidably self-referential. It is a small literary gratification that I allow myself, perhaps without any further value than serving as a footnote in a third party work.

This is an anecdote I have mentioned on other occasions, but have never given it its own space. The reason for this, if one is required, is a certain degree of perfectionism: the event occurred so long ago that any documented proof I might have been able to adduce has been lost in many moves and changes that mark one’s life. This would cause readers to rely solely on my word, but if I am to be prolix and careful in stating the facts, there would be no trace whatsoever. I can only rely on the memory of any possible listener from those bygone years, and nothing more.

This is when our esteemed friend Marcelo Metayer (*), whom you will remember for his analytical contributions, such as the one cited here, entered the scene. An indefatigable researcher able to pursue a source unhurriedly and ceaselessly until the information is secured, Marcelo was willing to undertake the search for this information and it is thanks to his efforts that I can write more fully here, when I was the protagonist of the first – and to my knowledge, the only “live” radio broadcast of the passing of a UFO fleet over the City of Buenos Aires.

In late 1983, almost coinciding with the arrival of democracy in Argentina, I had gone to work for the old and renowned Radio Splendid broadcasting company in my hometown. I was there for a few years until late 1984 as the “on-the-spot” reporter for the Definitivamente Radio program, hosted by journalist Horacio Frega from Monday to Friday from midnight to 6:00 a.m. I continued to be responsible for live broadcasts and was also a columnist during that time slot. It’s interesting that the subject of UFOs led me there: Frega had summoned me to do a spot on the phenomenon, but as days past, offered to add me to his staff with more general journalistic duties. At the time I worked as a contributor for well-known “yellow journalism” magazines like Flash and Antena, aside from running the newsroom for a “house organ” of the music business.

In the early days of February 1984 (I had been the spot reporter for little over a month), Buenos Aires experienced a strike of long-distance transportation sector employees. It was mid-summer and the interruption of these services was positively chaotic. It was news”. So on Thursday, February 2nd, I took my crew and the mobile radio unit – a journalist named José María Dominguez and a technician whose name I honestly cannot recall. I won’t go into the hassles of that first evening beyond saying that tempers were frayed and there were physical encounters between passengers and employees – one in which we ourselves almost became embroiled.

On the next day – Friday – unabated chaos endured, but the atmosphere was more composed. It was barely past midnight when we found ourselves once again at the core of the events – the Retiro Bus Station – interviewing frustrated tourists, employees and union reps. We were fully engaged in this when it all happened at around 2:50 a.m. Saturday morning.

I left the microphone in the hands of the union representative, who kept talking, opened the rear door of the mobile unit and looked out and upward.

There they were.

There was a perfect “V” formation of eight lenticular objects – clearly biconvex – of a yellowish-green hue, with bright wakes, directly over my head, flying in a North-South direction, crossing the night sky at an average speed. I spun around and swiped the microphone out of the union rep’s hand (I can still remember his stunned expression), jumped out to the street taking care not to become entangled in the mess of wires on the ground, and began shouting out a description of what I was seeing.

It was an outburst, clearly. Dismissal would’ve been the unavoidable consequence, but I was transmitting – unbeknownst to me – the first live sighting of a mass UFO sighting, and what its consequences would be.

The UFO fleet continued traveling southward (even today the area is rather free of structures to allow the line of sight to extend to the horizon) and suddenly one of the objects, the one on the left wing, broke away from the formation and went off to the southeast. I pointed this out, remarking that it was “heading toward Montevideo” (Republic of Uruguay)

There was no Cable TV at the time, and obviously no Internet, and very few FM stations. So insomniacs, night workers and those who didn’t have to rise to go to work had only one option to amuse themselves, and that was to listen to the radio. Splendid was a powerful station, and in fact, had major listenership in Uruguay. My on-air warning caused many people not only in Buenos Aires, but some in Montevideo as well, to go out to their balconies, patios, terraces to witness the objects’ transit.

There were hundreds of people around us who had also been witnesses to this. When the phenomenon and the excitement had simmered down, we tried to compose ourselves and return to the interviewer with the union rep, who remained somewhat frightened and seated where I left him. But that “report” had been irredeemably deflated and we wrapped it up in a few minutes. We were then ordered back to the station.

Days later, Horacio told me people thought I had gone crazy (bear in mind – I had been taken on by radio due to my activities as a UFO researcher) and were going to fire me summarily. But in the time it took us to return to the station, the switchboard had been flooded by euphoric callers, saying they had witnessed the event, which gave me full credibility. No sooner did we arrive, I sat down with the microphone and spent the rest of the early morning hours describing the event over and over.
Given that it was Saturday morning – when newspapers were already rolling off the presses – the local press did not mention the event until Sunday the 5th. I remember that Clarin, La Razón, Crónica and others. La Nacion did too, but in step with its conservative and blue-nosed style, focused on the “astronautical” angle of the event.

Because there was one. Like I see today, there was more of an effort at “intoxication” than “concealment”.

As I said earlier, I mislaid the journalist quotes over the course of years and didn’t have the time – or gave priority – to tracking them down at some distinguished library. Being unable to present them, there was no sense in going into this details of this case, until Marcelo (Metayer) took the time to find two clippings – sufficient for the moment, I will look to securing others – and to reflect upon them. These reflections are obviously mine, not those of my colleague.

I wasn’t alone. All of those who were in Retiro with me agreed on the description: Eight objects in a “V” shape, yellow-green, with phosphorescent wakes, in a North-South direction. One broke away from the group in a N-SE direction. Constant speed and a clearly parallel trajectory (excepting the isolated object).

But La Nación
had an interesting tale to tell. It said that NASA, despite being required to do so, had not issued any press release. Contradicting the statements made by Clarín, where NASA “supposedly” reported that the objects were debris from the Westar VI satellite, transported by the space shuttle Challenger (yes, that Challenger) and which had “putatively” disintegrated.

La Nación
also mentions sightings in the far-off cities of Santa Fe and Córdoba which were unable to corroborate: an “enormous glow and halo” that had preceded the objects (had this been so, I would not have been able to see it from my initial location, but my colleague was apparently able to, without a word from the circumstantial witnesses). He writes about some “50 objects” although “his” witness – an anonymous writer for that newspaper and his wife – reduced the number to sixteen. This witness notes an “intelligent behavior” in the orderly travel in a group, four in the front as an “arrowhead” and two or three bringing up the rear, the finally another nine, and finally, at some distance, three more – bringing the count to almost 20.

He speaks of a reddish-golden hue with a whitish trail, citing a NW-SSE trajectory.

Clarin also “modified” the information. I use the word “modified” because my statements were changed in spite of being quoted. I had my “fifteen minutes of fame”, if I may say so, and it is all a memory. As I said, I never dwelt on the matter due to the lack of evidence, which I can now present.

¿So what did we see? I am convinced that these were literally unidentified flying objects. The skeptical explanations seem concocted and confusing, and I do not think this is accidental. The formation was precise and the “breakaway” mentioned precludes a group of meteoritic objects or space junk burning up in the atmosphere. As we know, in the case of meteorites in particular, there is a “radiating point” in the sky. If one projects these trajectories retroactively, they disperse form a common point. That was not the case here. Their long trajectory was flown parallel to one another. And that was all. The rest is history: the first live radio broadcast of a UFO fleet.

(*)Marcelo Metayer is a UFO researcher, photographer, and contributor to INEXPLICATA.

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Mexico: Three UFOs Reported Over Tijuana

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and El Universal (Mexico)
Date: 15 December 2018

Mexico: Three UFOs Reported Over Tijuana

Since December 1st there have been more reports of UFOs in the northern and central regions of our country. These are strange spherical flying objects with a silvery, metallic appearance - if seen by daylight - or highly luminous with hues ranging from white to orange, if at night. In both cases the number of eyewitnesses who reach for their mobile devices and start taking photographs or make videos is startling.

On the evening of December 9th, Christian Jaramillo, traveling along Tijuana, baja California's Bulevar 2000, came across three highly luminous flying objects, of considerable dimensions, flying at low altitude. He was surprised by the scene, and did not hear the objects issue any noise whatsoever.

"The witness pulled over to the side of the road, turned on his blinking lights, got out of the vehicle and started taking photos of the mysterious objects. There are two videos and three photographs altogether," said researcher Dino de Labra, who shared these image. The objects are above the public street lighting and were in the same place for nearly 15 minutes, according to the witness, prior to disappearing.

De Labra stated that this location is one of the hot spots - since April 2016 - where a considerable number of people claim having been abducted by aliens, who have told them about the vast planetary changes our world will be facing, and have supplied them with a series of symbols that lack any meaning for the moment. This is also the area where some people have claimed seeing strange lights descending and apparently reconnoitering the surface.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO, Cadena Noticias and El Universal]

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Argentina: 2018 UFO Wave Records 207th Case

Argentina: 2018 UFO Wave Records 207th Case
By Luis Burgos - FAO / ICOU

The 207th report of the 2018 UFO Flap has been recieved from no less than the locality where the world record of UFO landing imprints occurred in 1985 (150 ground marks of all sorts): the town of Atalaya, at the very heart of "The Nest".

"My UFO experience took place on Sunday, 9 December [2018] in the locality of Atalaya, district of Magdalena (Buenos Aires). The time was 21:15 hours and I was heading toward the town's gazebo. As I headed back on my bike, distracted and enjoying the silence and peace of the evening, I noticed a white light at the level of the countryside, near the Buringo Creek. It struck me on account of the way it moved. When I came within a block without losing it from sight, I saw an object suspended in the air, with two orange lights and one white one, moving side by side. At that very moment, the object rose a few meters and headed for the opposite side of the Río de la Plata, heading inland, without making any noise whatsoever. I never saw something so close and so clearly, truly." (Report provided by Lucas.G)

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos and Lucas G.)

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Argentina: Strange New UFO Recorded Over San Juan (Argentina)

Source: Planeta UFO and Canal 13 San Juan (Argentina)
Date: December 21, 2018

Argentina: Strange New UFO Recorded over San Juan (Argentina)

Once again, the Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano, a group whose members describe themselves as amateur UFO hunters, detected a strange object once again in the skies over San Juan. The incident occurred on December 17.

It happened at 22:57 hours in the locality of Pocito, which also happens to be the group's headquarters. The object's transit was recorded in a vídeo that was uploaded to their Facebook account for users to see the phenomenon for themselves.


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Happy Holidays!

Best wishes from Inexplicata!

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Alien Blood Lust

November brought us an unexpected gift in the form of ALIEN BLOOD LUST from Inner Light Publications. This anthology consists of the collected efforts of Timothy Green Beckley, Sean Casteel, Nigel Watson, Hercules Invictus and Scott Corrales in delving into the grisly world of non-human (ultraterrestrial, paraterrestrial, metaterrestrial) entities often associated with the UFO phenomenon since its earliest days. The volume includes some interesting photographs that to the best of my knowledge have never been widely circulated, such as the "bloomobile" that played a prominent role in a Mothman-era attempted abduction by an unknown artifact boasting large "waldoes" - which it purportedly used in an abortive effort to spirit the Red Cross vehicle and its passengers away. ALIEN BLOOD LUST revisits the 1995 Chupacabras wave in Puerto Rico (indeed, it contains a reprinted version of The Chupacabras Diaries).

With the holiday season fast approaching, why not keep it in mind as a last-minute gift for the saucer buffs in your life? It can be ordered from ( or directly from the publisher (

Thank you for your consideration and Happy Holidays!

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Argentina: A "Triangle" in the Western Corridor

Argentina: A "Triangle" in the Western Corridor
By Luis Burgos - Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía


Report No. 204 of the spectacular and forecasted 2018 UFO Wave emanates from the section of Argentina that has the **most apparitions of triangular flying objects** - The Western Buenos Aires Corridor, the name I bestowed upon that virtual strip of land around 2008 due to the constant cloud of reports received, some of which go back to the early days of ufology in the 1950s and 1960s.

In this instance, the witnesses were two sisters surnamed Alvarez, ages 13 and 17 respectively. They were in the backyard of their home in San Antonio de Padua, between the Morón and Merlo air bases. At 22:30 hours last Friday, 14 December, they were startled by the sight of a "TRIANGULAR object, with grey-colored tips on its vertexes, but not illuminated." The mysterious object flew in a Northwest-Southwest direction without making any noise whatsoever. It was flying at standard speed and at a significant elevation, meaning that its size must have been considerable. They discussed it immediately with their father, who contacted us several hours later.

(NOTE: The triangular object photo is for illustrative purposes only. Witnesses took no photographs)

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Cuba: A UFO in 1952

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 12.02.2018

Cuba: A UFO in 1952

Veteran Cuban UFO researcher Orestes Girbau has shared the image of an article from the El IMPARCIAL newspaper with the first known photo of a UFO over Cuba.

In a note for Planeta UFO he writes: "First photo of a UFO in Cuba, taken in the city of Matanzas on 17 July 1952 while the worldwide UFO flap was in full swing. It was taken by young Guillermo Zincke with his professional-quality camera and personal telescope when the object remained motionless for an entire minute. Provincial daily EL IMPARCIAL covered the story on its front page. The Cuban military confiscated Zincke's negatives within twenty four hours."