Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Argentina: Bariloche Resident Claims Seeing a UFO




Source: and Planeta UFO
An article by Diego Llorente

Argentina: Bariloche Resident  Claims Seeing a UFO

This case involves a man who saw a strange object from his home. He even saw something quite similar a few weeks earlier. The alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) moved in an irregular manner and was highly luminous.

El Cordillerano spoke with Fabio Crusizio, who claimed having seen an "odd" object moving across the sky from the back yard of his house on Km. 13 of Exequiel Bustillo avenue.

"I figure that it was over the airport, because it looked far away. What struck me the most was its movement and brightness. It moved in a linear fashion, with a regular trajectory, like satellite, which it clearly wasn't. Furthermore, it was far too low. Nor was it an airplane. It was very odd," he explained.

Fabio was home alone and couldn't share the experience with anyone. But since the phenomenon lasted a few minutes, he was able to take a cellphone photo, which he later shared with friends and relatives, but hadn't thought to make public until this newspaper became aware of ti.

"Another striking feature is how calmly it moved. It was astonishing, but I'm not surprised, since I've had the chance to see [such things] several times since age 20. This is the first time that I was able to take a photo," admits the biologist from Bariloche, who has studied science and physics and is convinced that "it is only logical that something else should exist."

He admitted a passion for the UFO phenomenon and that always gazes skyward for that reason. Nearly a month ago, he saw something similar at the same location he was able to photograph.

"It was similar to this recent one, but moved a lot more, up and down, even side to side, or suddenly stopping and becoming brighter. It even gave the impression of turning off and on. In both cases, the movements were wayward, very odd."

[Translation (c) 2020, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimémez amd Diego Llorente]