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Argentina: High Strangeness - The Little Men of Villa Montoro


 The Little Men of Villa Montoro


 [Intro Voiceover]

 A compilation of anecdotes of fifty years of travels and skywatches in fields, mountains, rivers, lagoons, hills, ranches, chapels and graveyards. An interesting diary of UFOs and the paranormal, between reality and fiction, the credible and the incredible...Astonishing Tales...a visual compilation you must listen to...if you are a skeptic.

 [Luis Burgos speaks]

 "It was around 1983, a year rich in humanoid cases, with a lot of reports of strange characters all over the Republic of Argentina, we had the opportunity to research a very well-known case. Very well-known not only in La Plata, but also widely known throughout the country. It acquired national notoriety. It was case of the "Little Men of Villa Montoro".

 "Villa Montoro is a community in southern La Plata, mainly consisting of modest homes, and in 1983, since November of that year, the story went around about sightings in an abandoned house surrounded by a cane field on Calle 600 between 2 and 2 (streets), again, in the city of La Plata's Villa Montoro district. Some strange small beings had been reported, little midgets glimpsed between the trees late at night.

 "Well, the story was picked up by the local news. I remember that La Gaceta and El Dia (local newspapers) ran the story and journalists visited the location, where night after night people would hoping to see something, nosing around. The case achieved such prominence that we set in motion. It was our group at the time, CIFA, since FAO wasn't around yet. We started visiting the area by day in order to survey the abandoned house in the middle of the cane field, surrounded by wilderness - there was also an abandoned mill nearby. Calle 600 was an unpaved road at the time, but what struck us the most, what was most curious, occurred after dark.

 "I can assure you that on those first nights, I don't know, there must have been 20 or 30 people present. On subsequent nights there would be 200 or 300. The minute the streetlights came on, people would gather for a glimpse of the little men. What's more, there would always be a 'nutjob' - as we call them - willing to fire gunshots into the air, targeting the boughs of the eucalyptus trees in hopes of dislodging any little man up there. Madness. Well, the situation gave rise to all manner of remarks, conjectures, madcap ideas, hoaxes, people saying it's here, it's there, it ran off, I saw the midget between the canes, I saw it between the trees...anyway, it was a madhouse of stories that left us mired in confusion. And we were a group of six or seven people engaged in research. As an anecdote, let me add that Carlos Omar Rodriguez was with us at the time, when he liked engaging in field research at the time, before he set off down another road and became known as "Clomro", right? Well, he died a few years ago in Mexico, unfortunately, and it was after this time that he joined Valentina de Andrade's LUZ cult, a very dangerous cult that operated in the city of La Plata at the time. But Claudio started doing on-site research with us.

 "There are many more anecdotes to be told. One night, around 2 a.m. - because we were going to the place every night at one point, staying there from afternoon to evening and overnight. At one point we saw a group of twenty or thirty all dressed in black, carrying candles, even children dancing in circles, very bizarre, something straight out of the pages of an American horror film. So, when we saw all those people we ran off, because either they were going to tamper with what we were doing, or we were going to tamper with what they were doing. But two very strange things occurred on subsequent nights.

 "One night, the six or seven members of CIFA were there, researching, standing quietly at different locations, with photo cameras, the old kind, obviously, when suddenly we heard a sound - it was like a burst of machine gun fire, well and truly impressive. So we hit the deck. We thought "we're being gunned down!" or something like that, all very sudden.

 "Minutes later, when it had all stopped, the entire area was flooded with a very penetrating reek of sulfur. It penetrated the abandoned house, the cane field, and the trees. This would always be brought up at meetings, this peculiarity. And we kept researching by night and day. People would come up to us saying they'd seen the little men here and there. One night - and this would be the epilogue, as the case had lasted nearly two months - November and December 1983, we were sitting around talking, some were drinking soft drinks, holding a watch in pairs. Then we saw two characters coming down the street.

 "The approached us slowly without saying a single word. We exchanged glances. The twosome looked like they had stepped out of a Hitchcock movie. We dubbed one of them "Toothless", as he essentially had none, and the other "The Stranger", because he was very, very strange - he looked like a mixture of vampire and gargoyle, something like that. And these two people just babbled. We would ask them something and they would reply incoherently. They stuck around for half an hour or 40 minutes the first night, they looked at the house, this and that, and then left without a word, heading toward Calle 1, toward our left, and by the light of the streetlamp, watched them go the same way they'd come.

 "I can assure you that ten or twenty seconds went by when one of our group members exclaimed: "Look at those two over there!" but they were coming from Calle 4, that is to say, in the completely opposite direction. We all exchanged looks of disbelief. It was these two characters - "Toothless" and "The Stranger". It was uncanny - how did they manage to appear when they had taken off in another direction twenty seconds early? Because these two had retreated in one direction only to show up at another. They practically covered a two hundred meter(650 ft) distance in 15-20 seconds. We didn't see them go past the alleyway, as it was facing us, but they couldn't have walked around the block, as that was a considerably longer distance. Nor could they have gone through the cane field, because that would've taken forever with all the growth.

 "[Laughs] What matters is that panic spread. How did those two guys pull it off? At the time I was writing articles, and there's one somewhere around about "The Stranger" and "Toothless". It was one of the oddest moments we faced while researching the Little Men of Villa Montoro.

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 [Translation and Transcription (c) 2021 S. Corrales, IHU]


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Argentina: Was a "Mothership" Seen in Mar del Sur?


Source: Luis Burgos (FAO/ICOU - Argentina)

Date: 05.11.2021

 Argentina: Was a "Mothership" Seen in Mar del Sur?

 Mar del Sur is a small community on the Atlantic coast, located between Miramar and Centinela de Mar (Province of Buenos Aires). Precisely last night, Tuesday, May 10 at 22:30 hours, a resident noticed a strange anomaly in the sky and remarked about it with relatives, who in turn gave notice to a UFO group.

The witness apparently returned home by car along Avenida 100 after going on an errand, when he noticed a vehicle "hanging" in the sky. He reduced speed, lowered the window, and saw a huge spindle shaped object, similar to a Zeppelin, according to his description, on which something like illuminated portholes could be seen. Without detecting any noise or sounds, the object was suspended over the countryside and behind the treeline.

The man continued driving to skirt the trees and get a better view, only to find the object was no longer there, not noticing any other object in flight in the vicinity. What struck the protagonist most was the sheer size of the object, to which he ascribes a 100 meter (328 ft) length and wondered if anyone from Miramar and its vicinity had seen it as well.

The man regrets not having had his cellphone on hand at the time. We are checking this information in case any report from nearby is received. Likewise, the only regional air traffic received was a flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires flying over Claromecó (Tres Arroyos), a locality far from the sighting area, at 22:50 hours. Nor was there any 'visible' record of the Starlink satellites at that time schedule, as it was recorded over southeastern Buenos Aires between 19:20 and 19:26 hours, but with a very low magnitude of 3.8.

Weather conditions indicated that it was raining in the area until 20:00 hours in the area, with few clouds in the sky between 21:00 and 23:00. It was a cool night with winds blowing at 15 km/h. Research is ongoing.


Information provided by Lucas Zubrzycki

Supervision: Luis Burgos, Luis Bianchi y Miguel Peralta (FAO La Plata)


[Translation (c) 2021 S. Corrales, IHU]


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"There Goes One" - Astonishing Tales


"There Goes One" - Astonishing Tales

[Intro Voiceover]

A compilation of anecdotes of fifty years of travels and skywatches in fields, mountains, rivers, lagoons, hills, ranches, chapels and graveyards. An interesting diary of UFOs and the paranormal, between reality and fiction, the credible and the incredible...Astonishing Tales...a visual compilation you must listen to...if you are a skeptic.

 [Voice of Luis Burgos]

Atalaya is a province in the Province of Buenos Aires on the shores of the River Plate, belonging to the Department of Magdalena, south of La Plata, the provincial capital, by some 50 kilometers. And it was there in Atalaya, that we lived through some of the most remarkable UFO and related experiences in the 1980s.

We lived on the beach, we went there nightly, weather permitting, because people would tell us that they were seeing not only lights, but also 'harebrained' tales, as one might call them, involving apparitions, mysterious lights, ghosts, and even a little boy who told me that he would ride his bicycle at night and came across a white coffin hovering in the air, over by a wire fence, a meter or meter and a half of the ground. The poor thing got home as pale as the coffin.

But anyway, we went there because people advised us of the existence of strange luminous phenomena, and the skywatches back then - 1985, 1986 - were held in some local field between Atalaya and Magdalena, on the outskirts of the town of Atalaya, at the public beach, which is a lovely, very quiet place, or on the old wooden bridge - a wooden bridge used by local fishermen to spend the day.

Between one skywatch and another, events would occur, and they would fill our heads with more and more cases. Not only current ones but older ones too, which often happens when one goes out to conduct field research or nocturnal observations. Juicy anecdotes, some incidents very thoroughly retold by the witnesses, some sketchy, others unreliable...much like occurs with the folklore in any community in Argentina.

But let me repeat - we have had very deep experiences in Atalaya regarding the UFO phenomenon, when compared with the town of Ugarte, Gobernador Ugarte, over by Chivicoy in western Buenos Aires. So to these skywatches we always brought something to drink, something to eat, sandwiches, and I remember that one evening we went to a local night club around nine o'clock in the evening. Then we went off to the countryside, stayed until dawn, and headed back to La Plata.

And what I'm going to tell you now pre-dates the landing phenomenon, the ground marks, the famous one hundred and fifty marks which became a world record in UFO landings, unmatched anywhere in the world, a field with 150 landing traces. We still hadn't made this discovery. We were still in diapers - this all happened much later. We discovered that field weeks later, and then devoted all our resources to investigating it, which is adjacent to the El Espinillo creek. And that's when we had the experience on March 4, 1986, involving the UFOs that approached us.

We reached the town one night - we were six or seven members of FAO-La Plata - and we were waiting for a young fellow who would act as our guide to take us here and there. We ordered some beer, soda, peanuts, and sandwiches, and in the meantime got our photo equipment ready, decided whether to return to the same spot or try a new one, etcetera. A quiet evening, as there was other locals there, drinking gin, wine, and suddenly a little local fellow turned up. We saw him there with a wild look in his eyes, very odd. He scanned all the tables and then focused on our own, and we were all sitting together. With a local accent, he said "You're the UFO guys, right?"

We looked at him, he looked back. One of our number said: "Yeah, that's right"

To which he replied: "There goes one!"

Well. When he said that, beer spilled all over the floor, soda poured freely, peanuts scattered everywhere, chairs fell over, and we ran outside to see who'd be the first to spot the object, because the local fellow was telling us it was happening at that very moment.

We ran outside, rubbed our eyes and asked where, where is it?

"There it goes!"

When we saw it, it was an airplane. An airliner that flies every so often over Atalaya, and makes a turn over the River Plate on its way to Montevideo and Brazil. Some wanted to kill the poor little guy, but he wasn't to blame - he was just excited to tell us that a UFO was present, having heard all the stories circulating in town, the vox populi. He wanted to help, to be a witness to the phenomenon.

And we always look back upon the moment, because we spilled everything onto the nightclub floor. We straightened things out, paid the waiter, but this took its place among the list of anecdotes..."There goes one."

Well, stories like these will be broadcast week after week in "Astonishing Tales"

[Translation and transcription (c) 2021 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO/ICOU]


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Argentina: Mysterious CE-3s in San Juan


Source: PLANETA UFO and Canal 13 San Juan (Argentina)

Date: 05.02.2021

An article by Martin Gomez

 Argentina: Mysterious CE-3s in San Juan

 Jorge Pérez is one of the founders of Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano (Guardians of the Skies of Cuyo) and he made shocking disclosures. "There are things you don't want to say or they might think you're crazy."

 Discussing the UFO phenomenon has gone from being a taboo to a more habitual subject. With the development of technology it is easier to find eyewitness accounts, images, photos, videos or news of sightings or even mysterious encounters.

 San Juan is no stranger to this phenomenon, and there is a group that pursues these unidentified flying objects. They are the Guardians of the Skies of Cuyo.

 Jorge Pérez, one of the founding members of this group, disclosed some shocking statements concerning close encounters of the third kind in San Juan. One of them occurred in 1978 in the locality of El Ramblón in the Department of Sarmiento. They are seeking the declassification of records from this time period to produce a documentary.

 The other incident occurred in 2016 during a skywatch at Cerro Plateado in the Department of Pocito. "We managed to record it and everything. We have hitherto been unable to find an answer to it. It was definitely a UFO," says the enthusiast.

 "We have seen many things. While this situation shocked me greatly, we had a UFO come very near us once. It descended to 1000 or 1200 meters from our position, went by slowly and continued on its way," he said.

 Pérez described the mysterious object: "It was 10 times larger than the International Space Station. That's what it looked like as it flew overhead. There is nothing that large, of human manufacture, that can be seen like that from Earth, he said. “It looked like a tiny dot to us. But it became larger and larger, assuming the shape of a circular plate. When recorded with our equipment, you see a very bright light, but in plain sight, it looked like a fluctuating, round thing with a haze that gave it the impression of bobbing," he recalled.

 The video was displayed on the Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano website on September 21st that year. "In the video you're able to hear when we get a phone call telling us there was a very bright light on the mountain and we had it directly above us. It was shocking. But there are many things that I find striking, and that was foremost among them," Pérez remarked.

 The man says he wasn't frightened by the event. "I didn't have the time. I was amazed by the lovely light we were seeing. We always see them at a distance; this time it was very close and I had no time for fear. You can even hear in the video that I say to Ramón (among those present at the skywatch): "They're descending" and he says: "Yes, yes, they're coming for us", he recalls amid laughter.

 "It didn't give us time for anything. I was stunned, bewildered. I had no time for fear. It was shocking," says Jorge Pérez.

 While this sighting was documented, he says "there are always things that one doesn't want to say, lest one be accused of being insane. We have always spoken about what can be shown, and remain quiet about that which cannot. There are strange displays that take place at certain locations, and we can't understand them. Very strange things."

 In this regard, Jorge described an experience they had during a Skywatch. "Out of ten people at a skywatch, all ten fall asleep without explanation and upon waking find that part of their videos and records are missing. These are things that cannot be said openly, because they cannot be proved," he disclosed. "You feel strange sensations in your body, like electric current, etc. We should have some other kind of technology that can capture it at the moment. Unfortunately we still [don't] have it. Perhaps someday we will, and it will allow us to investigate it thoroughly."

 One of the reasons that compel this group to keep some secrets about unexplained phenomena has to do with its reputation. "Not only in San Juan, but around the world. Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano has thousands of followers. It also means a lot in other countries: Mexico, Spain, the United States...we have followers who are very interested in what we do," he explained.

 The Ramblón Case of 1978 was another matter altogether. A close encounter of the third kind (CE-3) made the stationmaster of that community in the Department of Sarmiento "go mad"

 The event occurred in the evening of July 12, when a flying saucer hovered over Felipe Onofre Onozco. "It was one of the first CE-3's in Argentina," Pérez notes.

 Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano is currently seeking the declassification of police records of that time to make a documentary. Regardless, he has priceless eyewitness testimony from others involved in the situation.

 Newspaper items of that time say that the stationmaster was startled by an impressive white light issued by a red flying object. Faced with this situation, the man was blinded, paralyzed and rendered unconscious for some 3 hours, until he recovered and notified the Mendoza Central Police of what he was seeing.

 Many local residents also reported having seen the light at a distance, indicating that radio and television transmissions had been disrupted while the phenomenon lasted.

 The San Juan Police confirmed that the event had lasted at least 5 hours. Aside from the accounts of neighbors, they reported that the enigmatic object had not landed, as no physical traces had been found.

 Jorge Pérez, meanwhile, added that many years later, Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano had managed to gather eyewitness accounts on the event which yielded shocking coincidences. "The San Juan Police played a role in the event. After Orozco informed Mendoza, they relayed the information to San Juan and Sheriff Felix Alfredo Balmaceda, his deputy Castillo and officer Varas of criminalistics visited the area to investigate the occurence. They arrived around 23:00 hours and found the man locked in the station. He had lost control of his bowels and was bleeding from his nose and ears, in state of total shock. An ambulance was summoned. They also called Sergio Soso, Orozco's relief, to replace him, due to the problem," Pérez remarked.

 "We are following up on these files, which must be kept somewhere. We want to declassify them and we're also working on a movie-style documentary on the Ramblón Case," advised the Guardianes member.

[Translation (c) 2021 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]