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Argentina: A Cigar-Shaped UFO in 1948 – a Corroboration of the Chiles-Whitted Case?



Argentina: A Cigar-Shaped UFO in 1948 – a Corroboration of the Chiles-Whitted Case?

Letter from Roberto A. Consentino appearing in Crónica del Fenómeno OVNI (1990s)

 “Today I have decided to tell about what I saw nearly 52 years ago. But first a little background so that you may know where I was when it occurred. I did my military service at the Tandil air force base in the Province of Buenos Aires in 1948. The base was still under construction and the runway was yet to be paved. The government had purchased 100 Gloster Meteor fighters from England, used at the end of World War Two to intercept V-1 and V-2 rockets the Germans were firing against England. It was unlikely that these planes would ever be used here, but our government wanted to show them off in the annual 9th of July parade in Buenos Aires. Thus, some 20 airplanes were sent to Ezeiza Airport, which was also under construction, but had a 3000-meter long runway, with the purpose of performing formation flight exercises, as the only experience the pilots had had was in England, where they were trained in their use, and it should be noted that they were congratulated for their skill and daring. Among others, I remember Captain Soto, Lt. Martínez Zuviría and Ensign Giménez.

“But back to me. Once the 3 month training program was completed, I was sent to the recruitment and discharge office, but in the month of May, tasks pursuant to the recruitment of conscripts had drawn to a close. Preparations were being made at the time for transferring troops and equipment to Ezeiza and I managed to get them to send me. I was living in Temperley at the time, only a few minutes distant. In early June, we were transferred to the airport where the training took place, and I served as an assistant mechanic with another six or seven recruits.

 “Once the 9th of July parade was over, the assistants were given a few days leave and when we returned around July 20, we were made to stand guard, as the conscripts detailed to that assignment were going off on their leave.

 “It was during one of those nights on sentry duty, standing next to those airplanes with my back to them, at around one o’clock in the morning and looking north, I saw a very bright white light that became longer as it grew closer, as it was a “flying cigar” – the name given to them later on. I passed quite close to me; I figure some 500 meters distant and 30 degrees over the horizon. It was a clear night and I was able to see its outline clearly. It was truly a flying cigar. The illuminated part was approximately 1/4th of its height and 3/4th of its length. It appeared as a single luminous band, whose intensity did not allow for a view of its several possible segments. It was some 50 meters long and some 10 meters tall, which I calculated by comparing it to aircraft at a similar estimated distance. The sighting lasted some 30 seconds, during which it covered about 15 to 20 kilometers. Its speed, therefore, would have been some 2000 kmh, twice the speed achieved by the aircraft I was guarding at the time with a 1914 Mauser rifle.

 “The craft made no noise whatsoever, nor did it leave a wake. I was at the right place for making comparisons between our planet’s aircraft and those visiting us. The fastest passenger plane at the time was the COMET 4, which attained a speed similar to the Gloster Meteor, and both made a hellish racket with their turbines. I spoke of this experience only with relatives and friends. I did not alert the guard because at that time I would have been punished for lying, even if they knew I wasn’t.

“Some 15 years ago I attended a theater in the city of Junín where Fabio Zerpa was lecturing about UFOs. I sat in the front row and then stood beside him when I considered the time to be right. I wanted to tell him about by experience, but he gestured me to sit down and went on with his show.

“In another instance, when Antonio Las Heras was giving a lecture at an ATC office, I wanted to tell my story to a lady who works with him. She asked me if I had any corroborating witnesses. When I said that I didn’t, that I was alone, she replied: “Then it’s no good.”

 “Luis Burgos did hear me out when he had his office on Carlos Calvo street in Buenos Aires. Those who didn’t listen to me could ascertain that the witnesses were in the United States, and were Captain C.S. Chiles and his co-pilot J.B. Whitted, who were flying a DC-3 over Alabama on July 23 1948 – a date that coincides exactly with my sighting. They had an experience involving a craft that must have been the same I had the privilege to see. For further details, please see the report by Asdrubal Acosta on page 10 of No. 25 of this supplement.

 “Before this experience I firmly believed there must be intelligent life on other planets…or were the millions of stars just there to adorn our night skies? After my experience that night, I had no doubt that the craft was not of our world and was crewed by beings that had developed a technology much more advanced than our own. Behind me sat those little airplanes, and before me was that swift and marvelous extraterrestrial craft.”

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Argentina: The "Teleporting Woman" Mystery Continues


Source: Maraco Digital and Marcelo Metayer

Date: November 17 2021

 Argentina: The "Teleporting Woman" Mystery Continues

  Jacinto Araúz - La Pampa

November 17, 2021

  •  - Phone calls were made from the Araúz woman's phone; a mechanical buzzing sound could be heard.
  • - The woman vanished for 24 hours.

 The woman, whose 24 hour long disappearance was made known by her partner, appeared some 60 kilometers distant without showing any signs of having covered the distance on foot, according to reports.

The mystery deepened when it was ascertained that on Tuesday afternoon, phone calls were made from her phone to several relatives. However, all that could be heard was a sound some compared to the wind and others with a mechanical buzzing sound.

 The protagonist of the event 'awoke' seated on a rural road near the 5th Meridian, the geographic border between the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires. After getting her bearings, she walked several meters until she was able to get a signal on her cellphone, sending out photos of the landscape to help people find her. This was successful, as she located by a police patrol. Residents of  Jacinto Araúz highlighted the heavy movement of police forces and volunteer firefighters from neighboring communities, the police dog section and the forensic police.

 The woman was in a deep state of shock that kept her from uttering a single word. She was transferred to the Guatraché Hospital, where she wrote about "having heard a loud noise in the back yard" and "having been enveloped in a bright light like that of an operating room", remembering nothing else.

 At this point, the narrative becomes confused, since it was not possible to determine if she was aware when the phone calls to relatives were placed, and the circumstances under which she made them.

 Another detail is that the woman reported having a headache, presenting a slash injury on one of her temples. The decision was made to send her to the General Acha Hospital for a series of tests.

 It was also learned that at the site she had made reference to 'lights' which she drew, and which almost surely will be available to the authorities investigating this strange case.

 Some investigation sources determined that the woman had experienced strange incident years ago - one in which she witnessed an odd, low-flying object in the year 2002, a time when many similar events were reported.

 To researchers, this is one of the 'hot spots' of regional ufology, due to the memorable "Dorado Incident" having taken place there 19 years ago. In 1980, a witness reported numerous strange ground markings had been left behind by a giant 'bucket' shaped object.

 The presence of a red-eyed creature was also reported in the area, after which two mutilated cows were found on a property. A number of cattle mutilations took place in the area during the pandemic, exhibiting a new behavior on the part of its perpetrators: they would "return on the following night' to remove soft tissue from their victims.

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Argentina: Woman Claims Light Carried Her 60 Kilometers Away


Source: La Arena (Argentina)

Date: 11.18.2021

 Argentina: Woman Claims Light Carried Her 60 Kilometers Away

 (Jacinto Arauz) - An intense search was carried out all Tuesday afternoon and evening in southern Jacinto Arauz. When she vanished from her customary place of residence, she was found yesterday morning by a patrol of Colonia Santa Teresa in Quinto Meridiano, not far from the police station at that location, which is 65 kilometers distant from where she was last seen. The District Attorney's office of General Acha is looking into the case.

 The woman was taken to the Guatraché Hospital and then sent to the facility at General Acha in order to conduct more precise studies, since she could only communicate via writing, seemingly as a result of being in a state of shock.

 At the hospital in Guatraché the woman told physicians - in written form - that she was in her country house when she heard a noise and stepped out into the back yard, where she was blinded by a light and then appeared where she was found, at Meridiano QUinto, 5 kilometers south of the Guatraché police station, unable to remember a thing. Due to her condition, she was sent to General Acha in order to carry out tests that may discard any existing health condition, as she was physically in good shape.

 Matías Alvarez, the chief of police in Jacinto Arauz, told LA ARENA about the mobilization of local and area firefighters, police personnel, search and rescue personnel with trained dogs, and admitted that the search was a desperate one. The dogs would follow her trail up to 150 meters of the house before turning away, as if having lost the scent.

 Finally, yesterday morning it was learned that she had been found at the described location and questions soon followed, among them, given her physical condition, it was impossible for her to walk 65 kilometers, especially as relatives said a thousand meter walk was enough to tire her out.

 For the time being, the situation experienced by the woman is in the hands of the district attorney's office in General Acha, as a missing persons file was opened there at the time.

 It all happened Tuesday morning, when the woman's partner returned home after a visit to another rural property, only to find her gone. Being unable to find her, he contacted relatives and made the proper notifications. Police and firefighters were added to the search, as well as search-and-rescue personnel with trained dogs.

A frantic search was conducted all night in the premises and neighboring properties in the area known as Cuatro Esquinas, approximately 25 kilometers southeast of locality of Jacinto Arauz. Early yesterday morning, a photo was received from the woman's cellphone, identifying a street that could not be identified as a local one. Minutes later, it was learned that she had been found by police at Colonia Santa Teresa.

[Translation (c) 2021 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Marcelo Metayer]


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Mexico: The Ciudad Pemex UFO Revisited 47 Years Later

 Source: El Heraldo de Tabasco (Mexico)

Date: 10.14.2020

Author: Angel Vega - Heraldo de Tabasco


Mexico: The Ciudad Pemex UFO Revisited 47 Years Later

 The lightning bolts had strange colors, such as he had never seen before. Don Armando, a 67-year-old local, told his hitherto undisclosed story of what happened when he was 20 years old.

 The story Armando N tells us, age 67, resident of Macuspana, Tabasco, regarding an event that was recorded in the archives of events related to the "UFO phenomenon" as one of the most important on the national level, was recorded by several newspapers of the time, including Diario La Prensa.

 "It was June 1973. I remember it well. How could I forget?! I was 20 years old and a newlywed. I went to live in Ciudad Pemex because I found a job at the petrochemical complex and made a more or less decent living. I dreamed of saving enough to buy a little home, although I wouldn't achieve this goal for many, many years, when I no longer needed it or wanted it. Such is life.

 "Marisela, my wife at the time (I was widowed in 2005) had no friends in the neighborhood and balked at living there. She wanted to move back to Villahermosa with her parents, but she had no job and we only had my salary from the complex. Moving was unthinkable - the distance from the capital to Ciudad Pemex was considerable. These were difficult years.

 "There was a huge thunderstorm the night it all happened. I was barely getting home when the gusts of wind and lightning were unleashed, and people locked themselves in because it was frightening to see. The lightning had strange colors; I'd never seen anything like it. My wife was very scared - she prayed and lit votive candles, but nothing calmed the raging storm. It rained from around 8 or 9 at night and did not stop until morning. There was even a blackout that lasted a few hours...

 "At around ten or ten thirty, Marisela - who couldn't sleep - decided to look out the window. She screamed. I got up and looked. I turned out that lights moving back and forth were moving between the lightning bolts, but they weren't airplanes. They were like fireballs of different colors dancing between the lightning bolts.

 "The strangest thing is that as the storm raged on, and these lights were visible, something like bombs and explosions could be heard from Military Air Base Number 16 of the Mexican Navy. The explosions shook the ground, barnyard animals and dogs were frightened, and it was later said that the explosions came from the air base's artillery, shooting at the lights.

 "What I'm going to tell you next could be hard to believe, but it's the truth: the next day, all of us local residents were alarmed, because there was talk that an object had landed in the pastures of the El Limón ranch. At first, I didn't understand what they meant by 'object', but I found out later - they meant a flying saucer or UFO, as they call them now.

 "Another very unusual fact was the prints. They appeared on Sánchez Mármol Street - prints that looked like those of a giant chicken, some 20 centimeters long, with three toes and a sort of spur in the back. They didn't come from anywhere, simply appeared and vanished even in the sewers, within homes and even between the bedsheets.

 "People said that strange, insectoid beings (others said reptilians) had fallen out of a grey colored vehicle that had landed behind the Air Force air strip, in the El Limón pastures. There were several witnesses and people were scared.

 "Since we Tabascans are a nosy lot, we went en masse to see if this was true. Upon arriving, we only found a circle of burned grass between 3 and 4 meters in diameter and with three round legs, also circular, which were smaller. Many said there were charred animal carcasses around the landing site, but I truly didn't see any.

 "Many things were said about this case. That 'Martians' were involved, that demons had been released from hell, that the military had cordoned off the area and secured the alleged landing area. Who knows? What I do know is that lights in the sky were seen for a long time in the vicinity of Ciudad Pemex. I find it strange, at first, that there should be an air base in that location. Why? No one has been able to tell me what it's good for.

 "Other events have occurred at that air base. I remember that a Pemex helicopter crashed around that time as it took off from the air base. Co-workers of mine died in that accident. Obviously, no one blamed aliens. When it comes to accidents, Pemex stands alone and doesn't need any help.

 "I'm not sure if I believe in UFOs or not. In spite of what I saw, I think it could've been an experiment of some kind, but I don't know...why would they come all the way here to Macuspana?

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Squadron of Nearly 10 Flying Saucers Witnessed Over Rural Area (1986)


Source: FAO / ICOU

Date: November 10, 2021

Argentina: UFOs Keep Wandering (02.26.1986)

 More UFOs Turn Up in Magdalena Region - A 10-saucer squadron engaged in uncanny maneuvers

Squadron of Nearly 10 Flying Saucers Witnessed Over Rural Area

LA PLATA - A squad of approximately 10 Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were seen in the early morning hours yesterday by rural dwellers of the locality of Atalaya in the district of Magdalena, where FAO has been investigating alleged alien craft landings, according to spokesmen for this organization.

The UFOs were seen as from 4:30 a.m. flying in a formation of about ten craft from North to South in a perfect row, landing in fields which - according to the research organization, which provided photos of the landing sites - the left burn marks on the grass and soil.

The control tower at the La Plata airport did not register any foreign objects on its radar screens, nor was anything unusual seen by pilots landing at the local airstrip at that time. They did not report seeing any UFOs.

However, elements of the Argentinean Army's Magdalena Tank Regiment, on guard at the time, claimed having seen 'strange lights' in the sky in a geometric formation resembling a triangle. These later disappeared at a speed which exceeded the original sighting's speed.


Early this month, in the Valley of Punilla, Córdoba Province, an event occurred which shocked the public: the manifestation of an alleged mothership that left traces of its passage over the earth on a mountain range 12 kilometers distant from the city of Capilla del Monte - an event which authorities and eyewitnesses were able to ascertain. "Yes, sir. I saw the odd glow coming from the sky and landed in the mountains. It was like a fireball. It isn't the first time it has appeared. I must admit that we were scared - we felt ourselves watched over by strange presences," said one of the mountain residents from the vicinity of El Pajarillo, the place where the UFO appeared. It left an enormous circumference measuring some 100 meters in diameter on the ground.

According to experts, this area has characteristics similar to those of the infamous Bermuda Triangle in the Caribbean.

The imaginary triangle would have Serranuela, near Cruz del Este, Cerro Colorado in the Valley of Tulumba and San Agustín, near the city of Altagracia, as its vertexes. It would constitute a sort of "black hole" whose intense magnetic power would cause veritable high-risk phenomena for lovers of aviation. Mt. Uritorco would be at the center of the triangle, being the highest summit in the area, representing the key spot. As a result of this, a number of stories coincided in that flying saucers had appeared over the area around that time. At the end, uncertainties prevailed over confirmed facts.

 [Translation (c) 2021 IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO / ICOU]