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Argentina: Residents of Victorica Abducted at the La Pampa/San Luis Border?

Source: Infohuella.com.ar and Luis Burgos

Date: 02.06.2022

Argentina: Residents of Victorica Abducted at the La Pampa/San Luis Border?

In a matter of minutes, their pickup truck covered the 26 kilometer distance that separates Victorica from the archway located on the border between [the provinces] of La Pampa and San Luis. But when they arrived, they found through their GPS that they still had not covered that distance. So what happened?

There are as many abductions as there are conjectures about whether they are true or not. But what remains unchanged, in many cases – when the protagonist is on hand to tell the story in the first person – are the similarities in the experiences.

It took place some days back. Three residents of Victorica returning from a trip experienced an episode that left them with many questions and few answers.

“It was around midnight. We were returning to Victorica and barely went through the border archway with La Pampa, and we saw many lights,” they told Infohuella.

The pickup truck, driving along Provincial Route 105, carried a couple and the grown child of one of them. All of them were adults.

“When we saw the lights, the first thing we wondered was if it had to do with Victorica Agricultural School being lit up. We then realized this could not be the case, as we were far away,” they said.

Talking with Infohuella, the protagonists of the incident tried to piece together the events. It was all so brief that they have no idea what happened to them. “It was a minute. After that question, we were entering Agustín Bothiry avenue in Victorica.”

The other strange situation that drew their attention was the GPS. In spite of having reached their destination, the GPS indicated that they still had 26 kilometers to go: the approximate distance from their address to the archway located on the border between La Pampa and [San Luis].

“We arrived, and the GPS said we still had 26 kilometers to go. As we traveled the first few blocks of Bothiry Avenue – entering downtown Victorica – it zeroed out.”

The other curious item is that the three residents of Victorica who experienced the odd situation remained silent. They did not look for explanations at the time.

“It was only on the following day that we began to wonder and recall what had happened to us. It was then that we realized how confusing everything was. But we don’t know what it was, or what took place.”

The story given to Infohuella comes from a rural landowning family in the Victorica area. They shared their experience under the condition of strict anonymity.

In ufology and science fiction, an abduction an event in which one or more alien beings take a human being against his/her will and taking them to a given location.

[Translation (c) 2022 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO/ICOU]