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Venezuela: Couple Startled by UFO in La Guaira


Date: April 30, 2022

Venezuela: Couple Startled by UFO in La Guaira
By Héctor Escalante

Antonio Viera and his wife, Yanira Zambrano, were startled after witnessing a fly-by involving a large luminous object on the coastal state of La Guaira (formerly Vargas) in north-central Venezuela. The event occurred on February 20, 2022 after seven in the evening.

Yanira tells me that they had decided to go out to dinner that evening and went from their home in Caracas to a well-known beachfront eatery in Catia La Mar just to break the routine. They got more than they bargained for.

"We had finished dinner when suddenly, my husband saw a light in the sky. It startled him and he immediately took out his smartphone to take pictures of it. The waiter arrived at the same moment with the bill and began telling us strange stories, distracting my husband."
According to her account, the device made no noise whatsoever and was static, at least while Antonio took the photos. It vanished in a matter of seconds because, "when he looked that way again, [the object] was no longer there."

While air traffic is very common in this locality, given that Venezuela's most important airport is located there, Yanira Zambrano insists that what her husband recorded that night is unknown. "What you can see there [in the photos] does not look like a plane," she concluded.

[Translation (c) 2022 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Héctor Escalante]

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OVNI-RADIO ICOU: The Punta Lara Humanoid

Source: FAO / ICOU

Date: 04.22.22

 OVNI-RADIO ICOU: The Punta Lara Humanoid

Los Invasores - Humanoid Case Histories

By Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos

01. The Punta Lara Humanoid

 Nelson Polanco (NP): "Good evening, dear listeners. Well, today we're bringing you a close encounter of the third kind that took place on January 21, 2019. It was the night of the eclipse - a major lunar eclipse which was visible from many parts of the country - and on that night, several cases occurred, not only the Christian Llano incident, but also various other sightings involving a green-hued UFO over districts of the city of La Plata, where we were told about these sightings involving the green light in the skies over the city. Well, we are here with Christian Llano, who had a truly wrenching experience near the island, a place known as La isla del rio Santiago (Santiago River Island), a coastal area some eight kilometers distant from downtown La Plata. Well, good evening to you Christian."

Christian Llano (CL): "Good evening, Nelson, and good evening all. Well, this occurred on the twenty-first of January, the night of the eclipse. We chose the location because it is quiet and not overly illuminated. We got our mate tea equipment ready, which is essential, something to eat, and we left home at 9 p.m. toward that location, looking forward to seeing the eclipse. It was a lovely, clear evening, and well, we headed for the location."

Nelson Polanco: "Christian, when you say, 'we went' - who were going? What did you go in, and who were involved?"

Christian Llano: "We went in my own car, a Volkswagen 1500. It was my family - my wife and two year old daughter."

NP: "Very good. In other words, you'd chosen that location to watch the eclipse."

CL: "Yes, it was a summer evening, clear skies, and we chose the site due to the low amount of light pollution and how quiet it was."

NP: "It's true. There's not much light pollution there and the skies are more clearly visible there than elsewhere. So what happened, Christian? You reached the site..."

CL: "We reached the site an hour later, around 10 p.m., had something to drink, the girl was playing, the location is so safe she can be allowed to wander at will, mindful that we were at the edge of the intake canal to the Santiago River. While we waited for the eclipse, which was going to be after midnight, we were able to see a lot of air traffic over the area coming in from Colonia in Uruguay, and...traffic departing from Aeroparque and Saiz."

NP: "A question, Christian. I know the place. It's frequented by fishermen who use the canal; it has a few boats that have run aground, abandoned there decades ago. Also, Christian, only a few meters away from where you were with your family, there's a major naval station."

CL: "Yes, there's the Escuela Naval Militar (Military Naval School) where ships are at harbor, the ones that used to belong to the merchant marine, which no longer exists and are mothballed, just anchored at the site."

NP: "Going back to the sighting you witnessed with your wife and little girl. Was this before or after the eclipse?"

CL: "No. It was before the eclipse, because when it turned midnight, the fact was that I'd misunderstood the timing of the event. The eclipse occurred later, at about two o'clock in the morning, and the baby was getting restless, so we decided to head for home. The time was 12:20 a.m. more or less."

NP: "So you missed the eclipse due to a miscalculation on your part, shall we say."

CL: "Ah, we missed it at that location. Later on, my wife and I would see it from home, from our own yard."

NP: "So what did you do? You picked up your things --"

CL: "We picked up our things and headed for home."

NP: "Not very many people around, Christian?"

CL: "It surprised me. It's a place that's popular for fishing, and there were no people there, no one around. The few people around were there to view the eclipse. I was later reminded of a myth, or a saying, about not fishing during the full moon because fish tends to spoil faster. So that's the reason I believe there weren't any fishermen at the scene.

NP: "Good. So then you started to make your way back home. I've visited the site on three or four separate occasions, and I believe I even went there on a bicycle. I think there's only one point of access to the island.

CL: "Yes, yes. There's only one way in to the naval station and Santiago Island."

NP: "I agree with you that that area, particularly that street, leading to the naval station, is very dark. It has very little lighting.

CL: "It's paved road in very good condition. It has light posts, but for some reason there's no electric supply to them, and therefore there's no light. In other words, you have the light posts, but they don't work.

NP: "So what happened on your way back? You left the naval station --

CL: "First we left Santiago Island, went past the naval station, and at roughly one kilometer from the naval station, my wife said, "Can you see that thing up ahead?" and well, I set my eyes on something I found strange. It was on the right-hand curb, on the passenger's side. Beings I estimated as standing taller than two meters (6.5 ft), lusterless silver in color, rather thin, standing on the side of the road.

NP: "How far away were you...what made you say it was a being? Was it something about their height, did something strike you?"

CL: "What struck me was their height, and their very slender physique. Very slender limbs, long, elongated."

NP: "So what caught your attention was that this wasn't a normal person?"

CL: "No, not [normal] at all."

NP: "And what was this guy doing? Was he standing facing you, sideways --?"

CL: "No, he was sideways, as if he were about to cross the street, with his head turned, as if bothered by the car's headlights."

NP: "Good."

CL: "I was driving with my low lights on."

NP: "So when you saw him, it was approximately how far away?"

CL: "Seventy or eighty meters" (230-260 ft.)

NP: "Which is about the range of the car's lights."

CL: "At that moment I checked the car's speedometer and I was driving some forty or forty-five kmh."

NP: "And what did your wife want to do?"

CL: "She wanted to stop."

NP: "Seriously? Wait, did she want to stop to have a better look, or stop to avoid going past the creature?"

CL: "First, she wanted me to stop. Then, at that moment, I turned off the car's lights to see if I could make it out better. I have a problem with my eyes that was caused by electric arc welding, which causes me to have not a distortion, but more like a reflection at night. So I turned off the lights, and I was seeing the same thing I could view with the lights on. It was a being. And when I turned off the lights, it crossed [the street]."

NP: "Right. It crossed the street?

CL: "It crossed the street. Then my wife said, go, go!"

NP: [Illegible] there was no one behind you, in the distance?"

CL: "No, not at all. Not at the moment."

NP: "So let's recap this. You were driving along in your car, on a road in perfect condition, not very well lit, and at a distance of seventy or eighty meters, you saw a being. A being of humanoid appearance, anthropomorphic, who at a given moment decided to cross the street, and who did so when you slowed down and turned off your lights."

CL: "He crossed the street."

NP: "And what did this being do?"

CL: "Crossed the street, and when he reached the opposite curb, he began penetrating the vegetation. As I drove past, I lost him from sight. Lost him at that time. And my wife said: 'don't stop' at that time. She said don't stop and I kept on going. My wife then leaned out the window and saw it peeking from the vegetation. It hid itself again and we lost sight of it.

NP: "There was a single [creature]?"

CL: "A single one."

NP: "So when the being crossed the street, it went into the tall bushes, into the cane field that's there, yet it peeked out after you'd driven by?"

CL: "Yes."

NP: "Did you both see the same thing?"

CL: "Yes, yes."

NP: "So...what happened later? Did you see anything else?"

CL: "No, we didn't see anything else."

NP: "So what else was your wife saying? Tell me, because she was very brave in putting her head out the window."

CL: "At first, she was scared. We wondered what it might have been, but no, she wasn't frightened later on. She has no problem in talking about the matter. We've returned to the site several times on later occasions, but without any luck. We were always left with the doubt about what it was we saw at that place."

NP: "Christian, I really want to thank you for talking with us about this case, which is enthralling and incredible for those of us who follow close encounters of the third kind. They're not a novelty in this location. As I told you, there have been incidents in the past. Thank you so much and good night."

[Transcription and Translation (c) 2022 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos]


Costa Rica: Object "Materializes" in the Zurquí Area

 Source: Cial Observación OVNI Costa Rica
Date: 04.22.2022

Costa Rica: Object "Materializes" in the Zurquí Area


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The "Abominable Puna Man" Engima - Salta's Version of the Yeti



Source: El Tribuno

Date: March 28, 2022

An article by Daniel Díaz

 The "Abominable Puna Man" Engima - Salta's Version of the Yeti

 It became known in 1956 that enormous humanoid footprints had been found in Cerro Macón. A group of researchers disclosed: "We found evidence of enormous footprints heading toward the mountain."

 In the 1950s, a news item published by El Tribuno regarding the discovery of giant footprints in Cerro Macón, Tolar Grande, drew the attention of scientists and adventurers from all around the globe. It further cemented the legend of the "Abominable Puna Man", a creole version of the Yeti.

 According to descriptions offered by eyewitnesses, these were tracks in the ice and sand similar to those of the Himalayan Snowman, or its cousins, the Canadian Sasquatch, the Tibetan Mi-Go, the Rocky Mountains' own Bigfoot, the Almasty of the Caucasus and the Sumatran Orang Pendek.

 On Tuesday, July 17, 1956, Claudio Level Spitch, an engineer responsible for a team or researchers working on Cerro Macón at an elevation greater than 5.500 meters (18,200 ft) stated: "We found prints of tremendous size that zig-zagged toward the majestic summit of the mountain, and which by logical reasoning, did not correspond to any human or animal of the region."

 He went on to add: "The tracks were some 40 centimeters in diameter, very similar to the ones found in the Himalayas and which gave rise to the legend of the Yeti." Around that time, there were multiple witness accounts from locals claiming to hear hideous howls in the night, filling them with terror.

 Among the stories having the greatest public impact was the one told by a muleteer and carrier surnamed Taritolay, who claimed having had a face-to-face meeting with a strange being. "It was tall, muscular, hairy and with large feet," the man recalled. Taritolay had a firearm with him and tried to shoot it, but the giant nimbly disappeared among the mountain's giant boulders.

 Cerro Macón, towering at 5611 meters (18,214 ft) above sea level, is some 30 kilometers away from Tolar Grande. The summit offers a stunning visual field from which the enormity of Salar de Arizaro, Argentina's largest salt desert, can be seen, as well as the summits of Llullaillaco, Socompa and Aracar, all the way to the Cachí Palermo chain. This mountain's summit represents a typical high-altitude sanctuary, representing a valuable source of archaeological study on Pre-Hispanic cultures.

 Ricardo Alonso, a Geology PhD, told El Tribuno at the time that reports from various parts of the world had been received, discussing the existence of a strange being, mainly known for its large feet, leaving tracks in remote locations such as large mountains and snow-capped summits. At that time, local mountaineers such as Milenko Jurcich, Yosko Sutainich (of the Northern Andean Club - School of Natural Sciences) and Dr. Apolo Ortiz, spoke of these events. They had found giant human tracks on the Macón.

 Alonso went on to explain: "The fact is that this region is unpopulated by animals and the only things that leave prints in the Macón's area are donkeys, llamas or a puma, but the latter would be very unusual in this case. None of these specimens would be responsible for prints matching the ones described by witnesses."

 At the same time that the news arose in Salta, there were similar cases in the United States involving Bigfoot.

 There were also local stories in the southern reaches of the country which spoke of the existence of a saurian creature christened Cuero or Nahuelito in Lake Nahuel Huapi. The story came from Liborio Justo (son of former president Agustín Pedro Justo), who was also known by his aliases Quebracho and Lobodón Garra.

 Liborio published the story of [Nahuelito] in his book "La Tierra Maldita" (The Accursed Land), a collection of stories set in Patagonia, describing the discovery of giant footprints in the area.

 [Translation (c) 2022, Scott Corrales, IHU]


ARGENTINA: Backwoodsman Encounters the Ucumar (Andean Bigfoot) in Metán



Source: El Tribuno

Date: 04.13.2022

An article by Adrián Quiroga

ARGENTINA: Backwoodsman Encounters the Ucumar (Andean Bigfoot) in Metán

[This is the first report of the Ucumar Zupai to reach our desk in many years. Perhaps the climate disruptions experienced in the southern cone over recent months have served to flush out the elusive cousins of the North American Sasquatch - SC]

"It was like a large, hairy, dark gorilla. It jumped a fence when I lit it with my torch," he said.

The chilling story was told in the aftermath of a shock experienced by a backwoodsman from Pasteadero, a wilderness area located to the north of Metán, where he claimed having clearly seen the Ucumar.

"I'd just finished watching a football match when I heard the dogs barking. They were very restless. I then went outside with my flashlight and when I lit it up, I saw something incredible with my own eyes, something I'd never suspected: That horrible thing walked slowly and crossed the fence," said the man, who lives alone in an area farm.

"I didn't try to follow it because I was very scared. I went back inside the house and locked myself in. Couldn't sleep all night," said the gaucho.

The backwoodsman says he was raised in the country and had never seen anything like it. "The dogs went after that animal but pulled back and returned home. Furthermore, the horses wanted to jump the fence and leave the area. It was awful," he added.

He described it as a gorilla or large, hairy animal, standing some 1.70 meters tall (5.57 ft). "That thing was neither human nor a common animal," he affirmed.

[Translation (c) 2022 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Jorge Salinas]

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Venezuela: Suspiciously Well-Defined "Lenticular Cloud" in Valles del Tuy

Date: 04.16.2022

Venezuela: Suspiciously Well-Defined "Lenticular Cloud" in Valles del Tuy

Héctor Escalante writes: "This unusual photograph of a bizarre "cloud" - taken by chance on 12 August 2019 near the electric power plant in the area - has reached me from Valles del Tuy, State of Miranda.

"The photographer - who asked me to keep her identity confidential - told me that she'd taken several photos that day of the open sky to test the capabilities of a smartphone she'd recently purchased.

"However, upon reviewing the files stored in the device's memory, she found a strange formation that is "too perfect to be a cloud" among the files stored.

"But beyond the suggestive shape, what is strangest of all is that the remaining images - taken with only minutes of difference between them - no longer show the oval 'cloud', while the remaining clouds remained intact and in place.

"Another suggestive detail are the small dark spots beside the cloud, which do not appear to be bird or insects.

"I know that some will complain about the image's lack of clarity. I'm always asked why UFO photos are always blurry, but I tell you that the smartphone employed is of the highest quality, and the photographs are the highest resolution.

"Furthermore, the photographer was crafty and avoided moving to avoid distortions. So in this case, the quality of the photo goes beyond the technique and technology employed." 

[Translation (c) 2022 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Héctor Escalante]

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Venezuela: Luminous Mothman Over Caracas?

Source: Héctor Escalante - Ovnis_en_Venezuela
Date: 04/12/2022

Venezuela: Luminous Mothman Over Caracas?

Héctor Escalante writes:

"Photo taken on January 4, 2004 in the vicinity of the Panteón Nacional (national cemetery) in downtown Caracas, the Venezuelan capital. The person taking the photo did not notice any anomalies at the moment the shutter wa pressed, but upon reviewing their camera files, came across this."

[I mentioned to Mr. Escalante that the object or being is reminiscent of the entities mentioned in Chilean author Osvaldo Murray's "Los Seres de Luz" (the beings of light), and which were mentioned in Inexplicata in 2013: - SC]

[Translation (c) 2022 S. Corrales with thanks to Héctor Escalante]

Venezuela: Unidentified Flying Object over Menca de Leoni

Source: Hector Escalante Ovnis_en_Venezuela
Date: 04.12.2022

Unidentified Flying Object Over Menca de Leoni

Hector Escalante writes:

"This photo was sent to me by Yorgieh Cabriles. It was taken on March 24, 2022 after 6:00 p.m. from her apartment's balcony, located in the 27 de Febrero urbanization, formerly know as Menca de Leoni in the city of Guarenas, State of Miranda.

"This is her story:

"My children and I looked out the balcony because they were recording a video clip on the street, right across from us. Upon seeing the color of the sky, I hurried to find my [camera] to capture the landscape. I took the photos straight into the sky. The sliding windows were open. At that time there was nothing visible beyond the sunset.Later on, while scanning the image gallery, we became aware of those lights."

[Translation (c) 2022 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Héctor Escalante and Yorgieh Cabriles]

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OVNIRADIO - ICOU The Arroyo Zapata Humanoids (1983)


Los Invasores - Humanoid Case Histories

By Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos

01. The Arroyo Zapata Humanoids

Nelson Polanco: "Good afternoon, dear listeners. I'm here with Christian Llano, a witness to a close encounter of the third kind in the year 1983, at a location not very far from the city of La Plata, in the vicinity of the El Pino wilderness, much before the entrance to Babio. It was here that he had a CE3K with the particular characteristic of having been only eight years old at the time of the sighting. Good afternoon, Christian. How are you doing?

Christian Llano: Good afternoon to you, Nelson. My name is Christian Llano, currently age 44, a resident of La Plata, and well...from that moment on, I became interested in the subject of UFOs, although for a long time I didn't speak of it or make my interest known out of a sense of fear, it was later on that I embarked on investigation, look deeper into the subject.

NP: So, Christian, how old are you now, what's your family like? Where do you live? Tell me about it.

CL: Well, I live in the Alto de San Lorenzo district of La Plata, I'm 44, I have a partner and a daughter who'll be turning three in August, and I work as a freight expediter, I'm involved with logistics and distribution, and my hobby is UFO research.

NP: Very good. I was telling our dear listeners that a peculiarity of your case is that you lived the experience when you were quite young.

CL: Yes, at that time I was eight years old. September 1983. I don't remember the date well, but I know it was September.

NP: So should we travel into the past and you call the story?

CL: Yes, of course.

NP: How did you reach that place?

CL: We reached the spot in a pickup truck, a Citroen 13V. It belonged to Carlos, a neighbor who took us there. Unfortunately, he has since passed away. We went there with his son, Sebastián, and Fernando, another neighbor, also deceased, a minor at the time, and me.

NP: In other words, there was you, another boy...

CL: Two more boys. They took us fishing.

NP: You'd gone fishing?

CL: Uh-huh. To that stream.

NP: Do you remember the name of the stream?

CL: It's known to me as Zapata. Arroyo Zapata. You cross the road from the interior, that is, from Route 11 by the river, to give you an idea...

NP:'s much before the town of Magdalena...

CL: Yes, yes. Halfway between La Plata and Magdalena.

NP: Perfect. So you arrived in the month of September '83, you don't remember the exact date, but at what time did you get there?

CL: It was seven in the evening, more or less.

NP: So it was still light.

CL: Yes, it was still light. It was getting dusky.

NP: Perfect. So were you going to be staying overnight at that location? Or were you fishing for a while and then heading back?

CL: The plan was to stay fishing until dark and then, when we got sleepy, head home.

NP: Perfect. So you were at the edge of the stream, or beside the stream?

CL: We left the vehicle at the side of a road, having made a turn to the left on a municipal road, we left the vehicle on the curb, unloaded the boxes and the fishing tackle, and walked inland, following the stream.

NP: So how far were you from the road? How far did you walk, more or less?

CL: We must've walked three or four minutes between the meadow and...figure that we were some 200 meters from the municipal road, understand? Not the main road. Route 11.

NP: So this was more or less before eight o'clock in the evening?

CL: Yes, around eight. It was already dark.

NP: And...and, what happened? What did you see?

CL: [The event] happened much later. We were busy fishing; we had an improvised dinner we'd brought along with us, sandwiches with cold cuts...

NP: So you did a sort of camping?

CL: Yes, yes, a picnic. We fished, chatted and so forth.

NP: And you remember what you were talking about? Because you hadn't seen anything before...

CL: No, never.

NP: And the people with you discussed the subject? [of UFOs]

CL: No, these were people completely foreign to the subject. The person who took us, an older man, had been the director of the La Plata microbus terminal, and no, we didn't discuss that subject in particular. We spoke about neighborhood stuff, but not the phenomenon.

NP: So then, you had dinner, and by now you'd set aside the rods?

CL: Yes we had. We returned to where we'd set up an improvised camp. We weren't into lighting fires, so we'd brought along a camping stove with a lighter, and the older man was boiling water to make mate tea. We had finished eating, and at that time, Fernando - one of the boys - said: "Look at that light over there." We turned around and saw a light. It was a sphere moving in the sky at a height of 300-400 meters, by current estimates. It emitted a light that didn't harm the eyes, two beams, not at all hard to watch. It made a sound that I would associate nowadays with an electric transformer, the kind you find at neighborhood corners.

NP: A buzzing sound.

CL: Yes, a buzzing sound.

NP: Christian, do remember the color of this sphere?

CL: Bluish-white. How can I say? An electric bluish white. The color one sees during lightning storms, something like that. That color.

NP: And the approximate size of this light? I know it's hard...

CL: It is hard, but by my current reckoning, it measured about 10 meters in diameter.

NP: Good, it was big.

CL: Yes, rather big.

NP: So what happened then? Were you frightened, what did you do? Did all of you witness it?

CL: All four people saw it. The funniest thing is that the older man was the one who was most scared by it. My friend, the late Fernando, was the first to take off running toward it, some two to three hundred meters from where we were.

NP: Ah, and what was the reason...?

CL: It descended. We saw it descending, until we figured out that it had landed. We ran and walked as much as the terrain permitted, given the nature of the meadow...

NP: All three of you ran to meet it?

CL: All four. The older man brought up the rear. When we came into some fifty meters of the object, we were paralyzed, because it hadn't landed. Rather, it was levitating, so to speak, some twenty or thirty centimeters from the ground. It wasn't resting directly on the ground.

NP: Christian, do you remember what it looked like? Was it exactly like what you'd seen earlier?

CL: Yes, yes, the very same thing we'd seen traveling in the sky. That's what we saw. It was in a corner of the stream, where it made slight bend, on the edge facing us.

NP: And that thing was over the water, over land?

CL: Ah, over land.

NP: Over land.

CL: Half a meter to a meter from the water's edge.

NP: And can you remember any details about this light? Was it a light or an object? Could you see...?

CL: That's a good question, Nelson. That's a good question.

NP: You've watched the typical movies that show us landing gear, ladders...

CL: No, all I could see - as I continue with the story - was that a rectangular section of the sphere, dead center, became more opaque, as if dimmed, and what seemed to be a doorway opened. Ah, that section was like a door opening, and three beings emerged. Their height was about a meter, a meter twenty, I'd say.

NP: What you're telling me is astounding. So you're telling me that a section of the object parted vertically...

CL: Yes, a doorway, vertical.

NP: It changed colors from that white you were seeing...

CL: It turned grey.

NP: A little bit darker, shall we say.

CL: Yes, darker. It never became black, so to speak, among the shades of the color wheel, but it did become dark.

NP: And how did these people get down, descended...

CL: They walked. They came out walking.

NP: Walking on what?

CL: That's another good question.

NP: Of course, because you're telling me the object was...

CL: They came out taking a step between the [vertical] door and the ground, because the sphere was not resting on the ground.

NP: Perfect. Good. In any event, let's overlook the details, because we're hearing the narration the events, and then we'll subject them to analysis. But, in other words, you saw these three beings stepping out onto the grass, the countryside.

CL: Yes, yes.

NP: So tell me, what were they like?

CL: Well, they stood one meter twenty more or less, their heads were distinguishable from the rest of the body, which made me believe they were wearing suits...

NP: Let's see, you were eight years old, were they as tall as you?

CL: Yes, I figure they were. I was standing some fifty or sixty meters away from the stream.

NP: Were they anthropomorphic, two arms, and two legs?

CL: Yes, yes. Their suits were silver grey...

NP: They were wearing clothes or what?

CL: I figure they did. It was clothing, yes. Wearing suits. They reached up to their necks and their heads were a dark green, no ears, black oval-shaped eyes, couldn't quite make out their noses, couldn't make out their mouths...two of them were standing face to face...

NP: In other words...

CL: ...and the third had his back toward me, looking at the sphere, as if inspecting something on the sphere.

NP: Christian, were these three beings identical? Or did you notice if any one of them was different from the others?

CL: No, the three were identical.

NP: The three were wearing identical outfits?

CL: The same features and everything.

NP: Could you see if they had fingers on their hands?

CL: Yes, yes. A bit longer than our own, don't remember at this moment if they were five, but the arrangement was the same, with a thumb, and the remaining fingers longer than ours.

NP: Could you notice any distinguishing features on their outfits?

CL: No, nothing. I couldn't see any buttons, fasteners; whether they were two-piece outfits...I didn't notice it.

NP: So what did you do?

CL: We were frozen.

NP: The same happened to all four of you?

CL: Yes. At one moment, what struck me the most, is that one of them - the one in the middle - did not speak to me, but...issued something along the lines of telepathy, telling me to rest easy, that they came in peace, and he projected images into my head out of which only one could I associate with something terrestrial: a nuclear fireball following an atomic explosion. The rest of the images, over the course of the years, I tried to research on the internet but was unable to find any similarities.

NP: There's something I must ask you. You told me they spoke to you...or allegedly the one in the middle did. How did he speak to you? Did he move his mouth, did he use the same language?

CL: He made a gesture with this hand, his right hand, looking at me, which he raised, but as if saying stop or calm down, and at that time the images were projected into my head, with the thought 'rest easy, we come in peace'.

NP: Good, perfect, but did you see him move his lips at any time?

CL: No.

NP: So the being raised his right hand as if to calm you, and there, in your head, in your mind, you received these images. And the voice?

CL: No, I didn't hear a voice.

NP: No voice, just the pictures?

CL: Just the pictures.

NP: Good. And he was the only one conveying these images?

CL: Yes. I figure it was him.

NP: So what happened next, Christian?

CL: The being standing on the right, at the other end, knelt beside the stream and made a gesture - I don't believe he touched the water - as if washing his hands and face.

NP: How? I...I don't understand. He wet his hands?

CL: He made a gesture, as if crouching beside the water, sticking his hands in the water and washing his face, but without ever touching the water.

NP: And you understood this at the time?

CL: No, I remember the image, but at the time I did not associate that he was doing that.

NP: And your companions, those who were with you, how did they react?

CL: They took off. At the moment when the being knelt, they took off.

NP: And the older man who was there with you?

CL: He called my name. I could hear him calling my name, and I paid him no mind. I was bemused, petrified. They took off.

NP: And what did these beings do? How did it play out, Christian?

CL: The kneeling one stood up, the one facing the object turned around, they re-entered the sphere at the very place they'd descended from, the sphere regained its normal color entirely and began to rise into the air to a point I estimated at 100 meters in the air, after which it flew way at an amazing speed, vertically.

NP: And your companions, your friends?

CL: They saw it from where they were, the camp site, our improvised camp site, they saw it rise and heard the same sound as me, because we discussed it later. They heard the same as me, and saw it rise into the air just like me.

NP: Good. And it didn't reappear again? How long did you remain at the site?

CL: No, we picked up our things and went home.

NP: Ah. You were frightened by what happened?

CL: Yes, yes.

NP: Good. Do you remember the time, roughly?

CL: We got back to La Plata, to my home at around one in the morning. It took us between 40 minutes to an hour.

NP: So afterwards, you discussed the events, what you'd seen...I can imagine that since you were eight years old, how did you process all of this? All of these years, with this memory?

CL: A lot of uncertainty, fear...fear of discussing it...and I spoke about it with other friends, and people mocked me, they thought it was a lie, a game...

NP: Of course, when you're eight years old...

CL: It's not very credible. They say this boy's not credible, he makes things up.

NP: You're the neighborhood nutjob.

CL: Exactly. This led me not to speak about it with the other boys who were present in public, but we did discuss it privately. And today, the only one of these friends who's still alive, the other witness, asked me to please never bring up the matter again, at least not in public, and that he's not interested in remarking upon it.

NP: It's also a very personal, very intimate matter. One should respect that. Christian, I want to thank you ever so much for having been willing to discuss it, because talking about these subjects isn't easy at all when dealing with an eight year old witness, a child. We're grateful that you've chosen to share such deep-seated memories with us, which have moved the people who will surely be listening to your words. Your case is very important to Argentina's case histories, as you know, FAO's archives contain a dossier on CE-3K events. There's something remarkable about your case that doesn't come up very often, which is your age at the time of the experience.

CL: Thank you, Nelson, for your interest and the seriousness with which you've handled the matter.

 [Transcription and translation (c) 2022 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos and Nelson Polanco]