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Yo Fui Testigo: The Melchor Romero Boomerang.

 YO FUI TESTIGO (I Was a Witness)

01. The Melchor Romero Boomerang

A narration by Nelson Polanco

Greetings “Experiencias OVNI” friends. Today we are kicking off a new segment within the page on UFO experiences, entitled “Yo Fui Testigo” (I Was a Witness). And I am going to tell you about an experience that occurred in the year 1994. At that time, I lived in the town of Melchor Romero with my late brother, Alcides Polanco, who was also a member of FAO at the time. I remember that it was winter and the month was August. It was very cold. My brother and I had followed the subject of UFOs for many years and we always held backyard sky watches at our home. I recall a particular night that August in 1994 when I was watching television inside the house and my brother Alcides was looking up at the sky. He’d gone outside to smoke and was glancing up at the heavens. He suddenly ran inside, calling for me, telling me to come outside and witness what was going on up above at the time.

So I went out back and was confronted by an amazing sight. What I saw that night in the company of my brother Alcides was an enormous object, very, very large, although we were never able to ascertain the object’s flight altitude or its size.  I can assure you that this boomerang or delta wing object was flying very low and was enormous, very much so. And what I mean by enormous is that my brother and I calculated that it measured at least 100 meters from wing to wing, or tip to tip.

What was unusual about this gigantic delta wing was the way in which it traversed the silent skies over the city of La Plata, traveling from east to west. What made it unusual, as I was saying, was the object’s color: it was much darker than the night itself, so that many times, when looking at it, it was difficult to distinguish its contour, as it lost itself into the night, but it was a truly incredible sighting, to the extent that the next day, we began looking around for information, to see if any mention had been made on radio or in the press. And yes, in fact, it had appeared in La Plata’s El Día (newspaper): just a small inset from an astronomy fan from the locality of Gonet who had seen the very same object as us.

I remember the article said something like: “Astronomy Fan Sees Boomerang-Shaped Object Crossing the Skies of La Plata”, stating the name of the person who had seen the object at the same time, almost at the same time, and on the same date, the very same night we’d seen it at Melchor Romero. I even remember the amateur astronomer’s name, which was Dante Visciri. Oddly, only a few months ago I was able to find this man on Facebook, having sought him out for a long time, hoping to speak with him and ask what exactly had he seen that night, to see if it was exactly the same thing we’d witnessed – a giant boomerang or black flying wing. But it was a rather unpleasant surprise for me. When I introduced myself and remarked about what I’d seen, he asked if I was fishing for an answer as to whether the object was a UFO or alien spaceship. I said no. All I wanted to know was whether he’d seen the same thing as we had. At no point did I mention alien spacecraft or UFOs. He replied no, he did not remember how that article had appeared in the press, and that he did not believe it to have been an alien vessel or an object with that shape. He allegedly mistook it for a bird. You can imagine, having the man say something like that all these years later was sheer madness, but such things happen.

And that’s not all. In 1994, having seen this great boomerang or flying wing in the night skies over La Plata, something incredible happened only a few months later, which was the discovery of an incredible luminous anomaly that we found in that same locality, in the month of September, September or October 1994, more or less, which is “Luci” – the infamous “Luci” known to one at all. Well, at that time it was called La Luciérnaga (The Firefly). We used to call it “the light bug” or “the firefly”, and we were startled to learn that same year, probably around December, leafing through some issues of Cuarta Dimensión magazine, I found an article written by a talented researcher named Juan Sebastián Pagano, sadly deceased. He made reference to this luminous anomaly, known to all of us nowadays as “Luci” (*)

As early as 1986, in the city of Paraná, Juan Sebastián Pagano was already making reference to “Luci”, so in other words, it turns out that its discoverer had been our dear friend Juan Sebastián Pagano. In 1994, we were able to see it in Melchor Romero and we advised him of this fact. It was later that Luis Burgos carried out an in-depth investigation of the phenomenon which is visible to us.

I’m sending out fond regards to all of you as we embark upon this new segment of “Yo Fui Testigo” and I hope you like it. I’m also asking that you leave your comments so that we can exchange views on this and other matters.

  (*) LUCI is the name given by FAO-ICOU to a small point of light traveling at considerable altitude and following a satellite trajectory noticed in 1994 by researchers Alcides and Nelson Rocha Polanco, but also by Fabio Zerpa in 1986. Also described as a Luciérnaga ("Firefly"). THE FAO database places the first reliable sighting of this object as 17 February 1973, when it was seen by residents of La Matanza, Buenos Aires.

[Transcription & Translation ©2022 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos]