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Argentina: The Inevitable Conclusion of the Irma Rick Case

 The Inevitable Conclusion of the Irma Rick Case

 Source: La Arena and FAO / ICOU

Date: 08.19.2022

 Alleged Abduction: No Crime Committed

 (Jacinto Araúz) - Irma Rick and her partner finally recovered their cellphones after these had been held over for expert analysis, and no elements were discovered for further investigation.

 The investigation began on 16 November last year when the woman suddenly vanished in the morning without leaving a trace from a field located some 25 kilometers from [the town] of Jacinto Araúz. She was found the next day near Santa Teresa.

 Judicial sources confirmed that "none of the crimes under investigation were found upon opening the devices, and the case was dismissed, as there is no crime to prosecute."

 The missing woman was found some 18 hours later by a patrol in Santa Teresa, one kilometer from the Guatraché Checkpoint on the 5th Meridian. According to members of the police, she was in shock. The case was originally assigned to the Court of the Third Judicial Circuit, based in General Acha and presided by Virginia Antón, who ordered a series of expert valuations. The result of these shows there were no third parties involved.

 The case was then handed to prosecutor Juan Bautista Méndez, who explained that "this investigation was closed without the causes for which this woman disappeared from a field, and her subsequent appearance in a distant location, having been established."

 Interviewed by LA ARENA, he added that "the causes could not be determined, and the authorship or participation of another party in the disappearance could not be established. The situations brought up by this lady, linked with a supposed alien abduction, were not investigated beyond journalistic sources".

 Finally, he ratified that the analysis of the phones "did not yield any information of interest, according to the report issued by the Telecommunications Analysis Division of the provincial police. This is a very strange case," he concluded.

 Thus, Irma Rick's alleged disappearance is reduced to an anomalous situation - one which the law will not investigate beyond insuring that no crime was committed.

 [Translation (c) 2022 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO / ICOU]