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Honduras: Alleged UFO Over San Pedro Sula






Source: Primicia Honduras
Date: 11.13.2017

Honduras: Alleged UFO Over San Pedro Sula

SAN PEDRO SULA. A video of an alleged Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the city of San Pedro Sula has gone viral in social media.
The recording has a 1 minute and thirty second duration and was shared by a citizen who became aware of a light moving in the sky.
Oddly enough, the alleged UFO has the exact shape that has been used to describe them for decades - that of a flying saucer.
The video and photograph attest to this, thanks to the bright light that causes it to stand out amid the clouds.
The publication has brought about a variety of reactions for and against the likelihood of alien visitation.
A similar situation was reported on May 22 in southern area of the country, where residents claimed having witnessed flying saucers.

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Guatemala: The 1970s – A Decade of Extraterrestrial Events in Guatemala and South America












Source: Prensa Libre

Date: 05.01.2022

Article by Alejandro Ortiz

Guatemala: The 1970s – A Decade of Extraterrestrial Events in Guatemala and South America

During the 1970s there were several news items about such events in Guatemala and South American nations such as Perú, Venezuela and Argentina. A survey of periodicals collections has yielded several accounts and news events from those days.

One such news story from 50 years ago, in September 1972, dealt with Eduardo Mendoza, an electronics expert who claimed to be the only person authorized by APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) to investigate the UFO phenomenon and to cover the Guatemala region in all matters concerning unidentified flying objects.

Mendoza told Prensa Libre that there were traces of the alien presence in such places as Salamá, Flores, Escuintla, Quetzaltenango and the race track in the capital city’s northern area.

Mendoza also said that a resident of Atitlán had seen and photographed a flying saucer in that locality. According to the story in Prensa Libre, the Amatitlán resident had advised APRO of the alleged abduction of a Guatemalan woman by “beings from another world.” He added that there were photographs in existence which showed flying saucers over the Pacaya and San José Pinula volcanoes.

 In another article published in January 1972 by Prensa Libre, the story of a young man named Rolando Castillo Valenzuela, a resident of Zone 1 in the capital area, became known. He had witnessed flying saucers from his own terrace while in the company of his children.

The story goes on to add that by then, Castillo had already experienced “unusual communication with alleged beings from other worlds” who advised him of their visits to Guatemala and “their peaceful intentions toward beings on Earth.”

The young man explained that the aliens told him that they could not land on Earth very often “or for an indefinite period of time, as there was a microorganism in Earth’s atmosphere” which had been developed and put their lives in jeopardy. For this reason, “they could only land for a few minutes to insure their own safety”.

In the 1970s, much the same as in Guatemala, but more “explicitly”, unusual events became known in South America.

Most notable among these is an article from July 1971 saying how the remains of a UFO had fallen on the slopes of a mountain in Perú, producing “a tremendous report in a seventy kilometer radius.”

There was also a story from Perú saying that a couple had “witnessed the descent of two crewmen from a UFO”. According to this story from 1976, the Peruvians were patted on the back by the beings, who later disappeared.

“They were human-looking. They had two powerful lanterns which they used to blind us and curtail our vision,” said Leoncio Jara Torres, 55 years old at the time, to an international news agency.

Venezuela has also recorded similar happenings by peasants who claimed having seen extraterrestrial beings standing “two meters tall, wearing a sort of dark belt and blue goggles.”

Moreover, Argentina also yielded stories related to this phenomenon. A 28-year-old railroad worker told international news agencies that he had been “paralyzed by a beam” that had kept him from screaming but still “allowed him to see.” At that moment, he felt as though he was being absorbed into “a sphere without furniture and with walls seemingly made of plastic.”

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1965: UFOs Over Popocatépetl and an Interesting Map











1965: UFOs Over Popocatépetl and an Interesting Map

September 23, 1965

Mexico's El Universal Gráfico goes to press with the banner headline - "Saucers Prowling Around our Mountains" with a map showing the 'saucer route' followed by unidentified objects. The map caption reads "This is the UFO (unidentified flying object) route fixed by the World Astrophysical Investigation Association. Flying saucers remain oddly frequent in the skies over Mexico and later head north."

UFO sightings over the Popocatepetl volcano were no less frequent than they are today. The article written by Angel Marín reads:

Flying saucers over Popocatepetl!

The news was reported to EL UNIVERSAL GRAFICO by a group of hikers, who witnessed three strange luminous forms while on the slopes of El Popo. In a coordinated fashion, they rocked in the heavens over La Malinche, another between this mountain and the Iztaccihuatl, and the third above the three crosses (Las Tres Cruces) on Popocatepetl.

These luminous forms, which went up and down, gathered together and finally vanished in a northerly heading. This maneuver by these three 'mobile stars', flying saucers or UFOs, lasted over half an hour, according to our informers.

Stunned by what they had seen, our informers told us that they are ready to return to the slopes of El Popo, but this time with all elements necessary to capture 'what they saw with their own eyes' on photographic media. It is likely they will not be believed without proof, which is why they are readying themselves for a UFO hunt."

The UFO Route

"The presence of so-called UFOs in Mexican skies is the result of a systematic exploration program by other worlds." This was the statement made by astrologer Aharón Aray Amalia to a reporter from El Universal Gráfico.

Out of a study conducted by stargazers organized as the World Astrophysical Investigation Association, it has been possible to fix a "route' followed by UFOs, and all points to a marked straight line northward.

On September 21st - two days ago - a flying saucer was reported around 1800 hours over Mexico City. It was seen by many people and described as a UFO - much larger than any star - and having the characteristics of a multi-colored star, dashing quickly from left to right and playing in space."


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Mexico: UFO Sightings at Mount Popocatepetl








Source: Diario de Morelos (Mexico)
Date: 01.25.2023

Mexico: UFO Sightings at Mount Popocatepetl

Social media has become one of the means for sharing sightings of unidentified flying objects, although they also turn out to be hoaxes, and Internet users no longer take them at face value.

Recently, the Webcams de México page shows the famous "Don Goyo" [name affectionately given to the volcano - Ed.] and several lights entering and leaving the volcano are in evidence. Theories on this matter have been put foward by experts.


According to some experts, several videos have served as evidence that alien bases exist in Mexico, and are occupied by beings from other planets.

Scientists have analyzed the UFO phenomenon and offered explanations that are far from the paranormal, saying they are satellites having their origin on Earth.

"The disapearing effect is possible because satellites enter the earth's shadow and cease to be illuminated by the sun. At the time the video was taken, it is exactly when this takes place, shortly after nightfall. The ISS can also disappear in a similar fashion," said Frontera Espacial on Twitter.

A Sighting in 2023

A user named Karla GC shared an immage in which a flying object is supposedly visible at the Popocatepetl Volcano. She entitled her photograph "Popocatepetl, the Moon and Possibly a UFO." 

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UFOs Traveling Between Parallel Worlds











Source: Mario Felix Lopez

Date: 01.22.2023

 UFOs Traveling Between Parallel Worlds

By Fabio Zerpa

6 March 1975

Punta del Este – Uruguay

 The following is a very common narrative among UFO witness, which can be multiplied by a thousand. On March 6, 1975, I was walking along Imarangatu Beach in Punta del Este (Uruguay) at around 20:40 hours when I saw a noiseless UFO with a very bright, reddish light, facing Gorriti Island. After a while it moved farther south, and once it reached the port, some 15 kilometers distant from our position, it began to engage in broad circles near the coastline at low altitude, changing colors intermittently.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a second UFO appeared, motionless, near the spot where the first one was executing its maneuvers. This new arrival blinked its light as if using it as a means to communicate with the UFO engaged in circular motions. The motionless UFO had a white light; similar to that of a mercury vapor lamp, so intense that it lit the water surrounding it. This light later changed to red before making its own circles over the water.

Once it had finished performing these maneuvers, it paused near the first UFO. Both began moving northward before vanishing like magic. The sighting lasted some three quarters of an hour, and it all happened in complete and utter silence.

Several witnesses: Javier Goldsman and his family. These witnesses can be endlessly multiplied, always repeating the classic “they vanished from sight” or also “they appeared out of nowhere”. We have eliminated, of course, the likelihood of mass hysteria, hallucinations, and all of the psychological phenomena put forward by SKEPTICS and NAYSAYERS, given that the condition of the events and witnesses point to a certainty of statement as well as a seriousness of investigation.

It is through cases like these that we concept of PARALLEL WORLDS, INTERDIMENSIONAL WORLDS comes about; worlds located beyond our own universe, both earthly and in the stars.

Fabio Zerpa.

[Translation (c) 2023 INEXPLICATA with thanks to Mario Felix López and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]


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Panama: The Man Who Traveled Aboard a UFO



Source: (Panama)
Date: 11.19.2019
Article by Alexis Sánchez

Panama: The Man Who Traveled Aboard a UFO

It was the year 1996. I was walking along Las Americas avenue, near the Panama West bar, in the La Chorrera district, when I saw Máximo Camargo standing outside. He stared at me. I knew about him because he'd become front-page news when the President sent agents of the Institutional Protection Service (SPI) to fetch him in this city. I don't remember why, but I think it had to do with some information that Camargo had provided.

"You had contact with a UFO?"

He replied with his customary smile, "Yes! Did you see the report or the news item?"

Of course I'd seen it or read about it, and the way in which he described the event was striking.

That day I would listen to the description of how he had been lifted by a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and had been taken to the presence of three characters he described as gold-colored, and who would visit him on several occasions. On others, he would go with them.

He spoke with such conviction about the subject that he was even visited by Spanish author J.J. Benítez, the author of several books like 'El Caballo de Troya' (The Trojan Horse). Benítez visited him on several occasions to see if the story stayed the same and without any changes.

He lived in Tulihueca de La Chorrera, and traveled with the creatures nearly 57 times. He said: "I went along to be shown a world not far from our own in the Tilo solar system. They put me in a transparent capsule," he recalled.

Then he told me about the devices placed all over his body, items resembling electrodes. "I saw three standing up. Identical like a drop of water. All of them looked alike. Golden hair, small noses, small mouths. Perfect facial features." He told me that after 2020 there will be a major famine and a giant asteroid will arrive in 2023, more powerful than all solar systems (sic) and would displace Earth from its orbit. His mission, he told me, was to prepare people for the coming rapture. People will have to be ready for the rapture, and must be cautioned to be ready. They will come en masse so humanity will not be afraid. Humanity should be advised of the danger ahead.

At the end of his story, he asked me: "Do you believe me?" To which I replied: "I'm listening." Then the final blow: "If you want, I can take you with them to see that world," followed by "Do you accept?". I replied with a resounding "no".

But I asked him: "Did the aliens talk to you about Armstrong reaching [the moon] on July 16, 1969?" He looked at me, saying he would ask them "the next time he saw them."

I also asked him if the planet Venus was exclusively for women, and he laughed. "Stop teasing."

On subsequent occasions I'd come across him and ask about his next trip, but Camargo said he was waiting for the aliens to contact him, and was awaiting their signal. Another day we ran into each other and he told me about having visited Spain, Bolivia, Venezuela and the United States.

What always caught my attention is that he repeated everything verbatim to anyone willing to listen to him. As we can see, J.J. Benítez heard him out several times.

Today I've been informed that he's died. But since there are people in need of being listened to, I did so whenever I could. Perhaps on account of Max Ehrmann's Desiderata: Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

Journey in peace, my dear friend. Perhaps now that you are with the aliens you'll keep traveling your world. Meanwhile I'll be on the lookout, waiting for 2023 and that giant asteroid you predicted. "Dust you were and dust you will be," says the Bible. Mission accomplished and safe travels, Maximo.

[Translator's note: The Tilo solar system possibly refers to the giant sun Tilar and the planet Hercolubus - fixtures of Latin American contactee lore since the 1970s. A collision between Earth and Hercolubus has been the mainstay of many contactee prophecies.]

Salvador Freixedo: UFOs and Mutilations


 Salvador Freixedo: UFOs and Mutilations

Allow me to quote from an unpublished book of mine, entitled Sesenta casos de ovnis ("Sixty UFO Cases") which has never been published thanks to the carelessness of a certain publisher. The reader will bear in mind that when I wrote what I am transcribing below, I had not yet come to the conclusions that I would reach years later as a result of my intense research into the UFO phenomenon in its entirety:

I have no doubt that some sort of so-called «extraterrestrials» are the cause of the thousands of deaths and disappearances of all manner of domestic and wild animals. I am unsure as to why they do it, but I am sure that they are the butchers.
Some will wonder how I can be so sure  about wild animals being slain by Ufonauts, and they have every right to wonder.
The dead coyote in a field outside the Mexican city of Querétaro didn't tell me, to be sure. But there exist many reasons that lead me to this conclusion.

Querétaro, some 200 kilometers northeast of Mexico City, is a place where strange things have occurred, both in the past and in our own times, related in some degree to UFOs. One day in 1975, a young man from a humble background told me how, two months before, at night, he had witnessed a UFO flying very slowly and at low altitude over his house (at the outskirts of town). Excited by what he had seen, he ran after the UFO, following its trajectory into a deep gully outside the city, not far from his home. When he reached the gully's edge, he saw a large lens- shaped object on the ground, emitting a fantastic white light. Fearful at the sight, he crouched amid some shrubs. From his hiding place he was able to see several "midgets" with flashlight-like objects in their hands. These flashlights emitted thin, concentrated beams of light and the "midgets" were having a good time hacking down plants with them, enthusiastically cutting one after the other.

After a while, my friend, who had remained concealed and motionless behind the shrubs, saw the object change colors and moments later, begin to ascend very slowly, balancing itself repeatedly some five meters over the ground until it shot off heavenward. During its balancing motions, it struck a large cactus and toppled it.

Months later, when I accompanied the young man to the site, I asked him to show me where the cactus had been felled. We headed in that direction, and sure enough, there lay a large, half-desiccated cactus. In spite of the time that had gone by, we were able to see without any difficulty the large rounded imprints of more than one landing on the gully floor. Later on, at his home, the young man gave me fused rocks that he had collected from the landing marks while they were still hot; he had placed them in a jar, and after a while, the inside of the jar had been covered in a yellowish dust that resembled sulfur.

All these details are more or less common to many other UFO landings, but what was new to me here was the half-desiccated coyote I discovered not far from one of the landing sites. What attracted my curiosity were certain strange characteristics that could be made out along the animal's carcass. Strangest of all was the fact that the entire body had been wrung, much like a rag is wrung to extract water from it. In spite of this, its bones were unbroken.

It was also interesting to see that no ants or any insects whatsoever could be found beneath or around the carcass, while there was a good amount of the animal's flesh still stuck to the bones. It had dried up in an unusual manner, without rotting and disintegrating as is usual with animals that have died in the field.

Confirming my suspicions about the cause of the coyote's death, my friend said that at another site on the mountain there was the skeleton of a “tlacuache" (a  variety  of  opossum)  that  betrayed  the  same characteristics and which, curiously, was in the vicinity of the landing marks of another UFO landing site.

As far as the death of domestic animals by Ufonauts is concerned, we had many cases in 1974-75 which were investigated by me and by many others interested in these matters.

During the month of September 1974, there was a true UFO flap in progress over the entire island, but especially in the southwestern and western regions. One morning, I heard on the radio that some animals had been found mysteriously dead in a small farm. If I remember correctly, they were two pigs, two geese, one or two calves and several goats. I got in my car and drove there immediately, discovering that the animals featured the customary wounds, and there was something else that had astounded their hapless owner: there was not a single trace of blood in any of them in spite of their wounds, which were quite deep, and that the two dead geese were white as snow, so any trace of blood would have been evident immediately.

Over the course of the following days, the newspapers continued to report on more dead animals in the same area. I went to the countryside on several occasions to investigate the facts and discovered that the farmers were as intrigued by the deaths of their livestock as they were by the lights that could be seen at night in the sky. Some of them told me that they looked like the revolving "gumball" lights that patrol cars have on their roofs.

On one of my journeys I was able to see a black and white cow lying in the middle of a field. I got out of the car and headed toward her, although getting there was far from easy. The cow had the typical wounds on her head and neck; the skin on one side of her head had been removed as if with a scalpel; the outside of one of her nasal passages was missing but there was no tearing whatsoever. Despite the fact that part of the head was white, there wasn't a drop of blood to be found anywhere. The peasant who had accompanied me could not begin to think what could have killed that cow. He began to tell me how that very same night he had
heard the dogs barking furiously, and a blind old woman who lived on the edge of that field told me that the cattle--which are usually left outdoors at night--had been running in a crazed state from one end of the field to another

It is worth noting that there were many other strange phenomena taking place in Puerto Rico at that time, such as the appearance of large unknown animals, mysterious explosions, apparitions of Virgins and saints in different towns, religious images that either wept or bled, bizarre human disappearances, etc. In my opinion, all these apparently unrelated things are very much related--in fact, even more than merely related, they can be said to proceed from the same source.

Thus concludes the lengthy quote from my unpublished manuscript.

I'm not sure if the reader has realized, in reading the earlier biblical quotes, that there are organs like the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the intestines, or members like the head and the legs, which are hardly ever mentioned at all (bear in mind that I have only included a sampling of the texts devoted to this subject), and when they are mentioned, it is often ordered that they be "burnt outside the encampment." However, the kidneys and the lining of the liver and the kidneys are constantly mentioned without any exceptions in the texts, and the same can be said for fat or gristle and above all, blood: "Eat neither the blood nor the fat, for they are of the LORD."

As a curious anecdote, we will have to point out that there have been UFO cases in which, apart from taking the blood, which they never fail to do, they have taken precisely these very same entrails which are so emphasized in Leviticus. One of these cases, which I have mentioned elsewhere, is that of a Bolivian peasant woman, back in the 1950s. While approaching her fold of sheep on a remote mountain pasture, she saw with amazement how a short being with a sort of box on its back was killing her sheep one by one, extracting part of their kidneys through a small incision and placing them into a sort of plastic bag. Frightened by the sight, but ready to defend what was hers, the woman began pelting the strange visitor with stones. Caught in the act, the being ceased its task immediately and began to move upward, apparently impelled by a jet that extended downward from the box on its back.

While it is true that a few cases cannot prove anything, there is nevertheless no doubt that Ufonauts, much like the gods of antiquity, have a strange predilection for animal entrails, and more importantly, cannot disguise their interest in the blood of both animals and humans. John Keel mentions a case in which a bloodmobile in Ohio was repeatedly assaulted by a UFO which was trying to lift it into the air by means of large, pincer-like appendages. Amid the hysterical cries of a terrified nurse, the driver evaded it as best he could until the presence of other vehicles along the road caused the UFO to cease and desist.

As a summary to all of this I will say that in ages past, it would seem that both Yahweh and the rest of the Elohim managed to convince those primitive tribes to offer them animal sacrifices. In our own times, faced with the impossibility of telling civilized societies to continue to offer them sacrifices (out of which they probably obtained some sort of benefit), it would appear that they are handling the sacrifices themselves, finding the victims in farms on their own and taking, as they did in days of yore, certain entrails and blood, out of which they apparently extract some vital substance, some pleasant drug and some energy which they need to maintain the physical form that they adopt to speak to us or to materialize in our dimension.

[Translation (c) 1996, 2023 S. Corrales, IHU/Inexplicata. This material appeared in the monograph "Nemesis-The Chupacabras at Large" released by Arcturus Books]